Rebecca Long-Bailey

Labours shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey ( sounds very working class, that doesn’t it? ) has been on the telly, once again demonstrating why anyone even contemplating voting labour needs their head looking at. Regarding the collapse of construction company Carillion ( what kind of name is that? Sounds like a science fiction film ) she first criticised the government for awarding them contracts and then with the next breath criticised the government for not bailing them out before going on to say the company should be nationalised. When asked how the government was going to make a profit with a failing company she waffled some shit about the profitable parts of the company supporting the loss making parts. Fucking genius or what? Why didn’t any one else think of that?

It takes a seriously arrogant cunt to think they can take a loss making business and with no experience of the trade what so ever make it into a going concern. More double speak, fantasy economics, arrogance and fanatical belief in a long dead, failed and murderous ideology. Cunts!

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81 thoughts on “Rebecca Long-Bailey

  1. What a doolally fucking joke this woman is.

    Don’t think I’ll be laughing much once she’s in Government.

  2. All the commercial acumen one would expect of a sociology and politics graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University (a.k.a Manchester Poly).

    Corbyn really does have a shallow pool of talent behind him doesn’t he?

    • Ditto that awful Angela Rayner – the only woman who drives me to put a foot through my radio every time I hear that faux Mancunian workin’ class poly educated cunt.

  3. Just heard that Izzard has failed to be elected on to Labour’s National Executive Committee.
    Dirty fucking tranny poof cunt.

    • Never mind – as long as he remains a high profile, in the voter’s face campaigner for Labour…

    • He’s just a fucking attention seeking loser ! If he was so keen on being a woman why doesn’t he go and have his cock lobbed off.

    • Holy shit, I was only watching some Cranberries videos and some of her interviews on Youtube on Saturday……….. freaky. Although she was looking pale and pastie in recent years………. maybe aids?

  4. Why in fuck did they put her forward to comment on the collapse of Carillion.

    Group 4, Serco, Carillion and Blackwater are all intermeshed to capitalise on all matters of financial interest globally. It will not take long for any one of these to replace Carillion on the public tit to suck it dry.

    This fuckwit Long Bailey’s Cream or whatever she’s called understands fuck all about the Dark Side of business, and never fucking will. Yet she pops up to exercise her useless fucking gob . Useless twat, and certainly not worth a poke.

    • Fugly bitch probably wonders why nobody gave her a grope in the corridors of Westminster. Lol. A bit like that Jasmine Alabai-Brown, she said one night in Sly News she has never been sexually harassed. I fucking know exactly why !

  5. This monotoned, pointy nosed, know–fuck-all socialist twerp has a funny effect on me when I see her on the box. She invokes more ire in me than I could have ever thought possible. I saw her on QT several weeks ago and all she did was screech and interrupt. Fucking alligator – all mouth and no ears. How the telly mad it through that night in one piece, I’ll never know.

    Here we have the ultimate faux-socialist career politician who knows absolutely fuck all about the real world having made the seamless transition from school to uni student to gob-on-a-stick Labour politician.

    She speaks bollocks so confidently, suggesting she actually believes in the horseshite that dribbles from her socialist mouth. It should be a pre-requisite that no politicians are allowed to be recruited straight from school or uni or a public service job. They should cut their teeth in the private sector first and get a taste of what the real world is about.

    Not worth a poke, no definitely not.

  6. Correction, according to Wiki she first worked in a pawn shop and worked in a firm of solicitors before becoming an MP. Clearly her private sector experience was too short and/or she wasn’t in a sufficiently senior position to understand the challenges of good judgement and decision making.


  7. She’s a fucking solicitor. How can that make her an expert in running a massive multi-national construction company, one that has incredibly complex financial affairs that, even me as an accountant, wouldn’t have a clue to understand.

    • Many solicitors I have met, C&R, are fucking useless. I have met a few great ones with pin sharp minds, but being a solicitor per se does not automatically make you eminently suitable for a shadow cabinet position, despite Labour Party thoughts to the contrary..

      Also see Chuka Umunna and David Lammy for further examples.

      • I wouldn’t allow any legal cunt to be MPs or Lords because it just smacks of “knowing what you can get away with” and the slimey ability to “avoid straight answers”.

        Solicitors and QC’s strike me as some of the most untrustworthy cunts on earth. Take the B.Liars for example.

        Then you have the Law Lords, or the unofficial lobbyist toadies as I like to call them.

        They must be sat there praying for a nice inquiry such as a Levinson or Taylor report, to go on for year after year, as a tidy pension fund.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca Long-Bailey charges £50 just to answer the most simple of questions (in the House of Commons) like most cunt solicitors charge!

        I would have skipped burning witches in the 17th century and gone straight onto solicitors! Cunts!

        • My mate is a lawyer, he said law school was a cunt but the rest is easy.
          How many positions do you know, where you have days, weeks, months or years to think about what you are going to say, write or do…

  8. And there was me thinking I’d been moderated, but no! Plucked from the normal thread and moved to the top of the cunting queue. I feel all gooey now….Nah, not really.

  9. South Africa; H&M stores have been trashed by groups of outraged citizens protesting about a black kid wearing a hoody in an advert. So violent was one “protest” that the police had to deploy rubber bullets to subdue the angry crowd.

    The angry citizens, who were quite justified in their violent reaction to such vile racism and who were not at all acting like a scene from “Planet of the Apes” had nothing what so ever to do with the EFF, ( Economic Freedom Fighters ) a Marxist political party run by one Julius Malema, who was expelled from the ANC after leading a rousing sing along version of “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer” and whose slogan is “1 bullet, 1 Boer”.

    Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, an EFF spokesperson tweeted “The time of apologies for racism are over; there must be consequences to anti-black racism, period!” Who could argue against that?

    In other news from South Africa, 638 attacks and 74 murders were recorded last year against non black, non coloured farmers and small holders. The attacks have been described as “extremely violent and often accompanied by brutal torturing in the most barbaric way.”

    • What the fuck is it about fucking Africa? Is there anywhere stable and economically viable? Maybe Morrocco?

      Does any cunter know the net aid given to Africa? I bet the number is mind boggling.

      • According to the ALBBC – (seriously) – up until 2007 the previous 40 years saw £500BILLION in aid to Africunts. More money leaves per year than goes in. Give a white man a fish and he will feed his family for a day – give a jiga boo a fishing rod and he will sell it.

      • Nah, Cuntflap. I have lived and worked all over Africa and Africa’s problems are very much of their own making. I could go on all night but basically it boils down to tribalism and corruption, although in a lot of cases it is one and the same thing. We are not stealing their natural resources, they get a fair international price for their oil for example. Big companies like Shell, BP, Chevron have pumped billions into the community for schools, hospitals and infrastructure but it all goes missing, into some tribal chiefs Swiss bank account. I worked for about 2 years in a certain West African nation whose president took $20 for each barrel of oil produced, not in tax you understand, that was just his bit. And considering they were producing almost 2 million barrels a day that is a huge fucking stash. All the while the people of this country lived in poverty with no education and no hope for anything better. Africa is basically a black hole, no mater how much money you pump into it they will always want more. It will never change.

        • I also lived and worked there. There is no hope for the fuckers. Savage, stupid, superstitious, corrupt. Does not matter what you set up for them, they will fuck it up or steal it. Some sugar plantations in KwazuluNatal were given back to the locals. Stripped bare and back to bush within a year. Zimbabwe the same. Only functioning highway in Congo is for aid shipments. Nigeria should be rich but is a corrupt, violent shithole. The only country which isn’t completely fucked is Botswana.
          The continent needs re-colonising. Unfortunately for them it is the Chinese that are doing it.

  10. Carillion going under? I blame the Brexit vote.

    Furthermore my tap is dripping and I forgot to buy some milk. When will this Brexit madness stop? 🗿

    • I’m not surprised, Kayleigh was their only hit really.

      Worst fans ever! The adoration they give to that – mediocre at best – band gets on my tits and the way the cunts lord on about Fish!

      2nd only in cuntishness to Morrisey & Smiths fans!

      • Rush fans are total cunts…. Usually utter musical snobs who have the need to point out the ‘spectacular musicianship’ of Rush and the ‘intelligence’ and ‘complexity’ of their lyrics… These cunts also cannot go without sneering ‘Neil Peart is/was better!’ whenever a drummer (any drummer from any band) is praised or mentioned… Smug twats…

      • “Do you remember….dancing in stilettoes in the snow…?”

        Fish. God’s tits, that man looked like he smelt like he’d pissed himself in a Scottish bus shelter on a cold February night.

  11. Anybody have that Cranberries woman in the pool?…
    One of the worst named (and worst musically) groups ever…

    • I thought you’d be into a bit of “cat strangling” vocals Norman?

      And they did predict the gormless, air pod wearing, snowflake generation with Zombie!

      • Aye… Associating fictional flesh eating undead with the Troubles in Ulster… ‘With their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns’… And as for ‘Linger’/ ‘I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong…’ and ‘You’ve got me wrapped around your finger, did you have to let it linger?’…. They sound like the plays wot Little Ern wrote…

        • And cue the griefmonkeying and over the top ‘acclaim’ in the wake of Dolores O’Riordan’s passing… Everyone from Fatcunt Corden (is he a griefjacker for hire?) to the Oirish President and PM… But stuff like The Cranberries “had an immense influence on rock and pop music in Ireland and internationally” is just arse, and “Limerick’s greatest rock star”? Well, that’s not saying much… And anyway, thought that was Richard Harris when he did ‘MacArthur Park’…

          • The Cranberries were fucking awful. Depressing, Oirish political dirges sung by a pointy-faced witch who sang like she had hysterical hiccups.

  12. Here is a piss boiler, UK has sent a team of medics plus £2million to a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh to vaccinate against an outbreak of diphtheria. But wait a just a minute Jose, isn’t the NHS supposed to be in crisis? Lack of beds, patients left in corridors and car parks, Flu epidemic, exhausted staff and no extra funding?

    • Virtue signalling cunts Doctors and nurses who probably whinge and whine about their daily workload and underpay. Well if they actually nursed or doctored for their so called 70 hour shifts, one thing the NHS would be a lot better off and two they wouldn’t have the energy or inclination to fuck off to some shithole to help ungrateful cunts. Oh and it’s all paid for by us taxpaying mugs..

      • If those Doctors and Nurses want to go to some shitehole and virtue signal then do it on your annual leave and pay for it yourself. CUNTS !!!

      • Doctors are selfish, money grubbing cunts. But no-one dares speak out (including me) cos the cunts have our welfare and that of our loved ones in their hands.

        Both my parents were treated like shit in hospital toward the end of their lives, but implored me to say nothing for fear of retribution.

    • The muslims there brought it on themselves for butchering and raping people there for decades. I’d tell them to enjoy retribution.

      • Quite right Bob Stokely. The cunts camped out in someone else’s country, and decided everyone had to believe what they believed , had to worship what they worshipped, and behave in the way of Islam. Any Bhuddist saying “jog on ” was either raped ( if female ) or killed.

        The indigenous population quite rightly said “Piss Off “

        • No. The aid budget pays an excellent salary to the participants, who in turn are the actors in a propaganda movie. The money for drugs, goes to the Pharmaceutical Companies to boost their profits and any unsold equipment is bought with aid cash to clear the shelves. You would be surprised who invests in companies that make “rescue and aid equipment”, and supplies and services. There is a lot of scim involved and profiteering. Whole aid business is totally corrupt.

          PS. I volunteered for a holiday decades ago as a young medic. Never ever again.!!

          • Thanks for clearing that up Asim – thought for a minute I’d slipped into the twilight zone…

          • The Tony Blair Institute for Tony Blair does something in this field. Tony has just attended a very expensive corporate bash in San Diego promoting someone’s hearing aids…they can be found in Kenya, too. You can ask Jim Murphy for the details…

  13. It sounds like something you’d buy in an American gun store. Jeb, pass me the Long-Bailey. I’m gonna blow the mother fuckers brains out!!

  14. Just read the singer out of The Cranberries has died. How sad is that? I remember buying their single “Linger” many moons ago. This dying lark seriously needs to shit off. How is it that someone who gave pleasure and entertainment to thousands if not millions of people is being laid to rest, yet Blair continues to live and breathe. Further proof there is no god. RIP Dolores O’Riordan.

    • Used to be a cranberries fan but by the fourth album I knew that they were done.
      I also used to fancy her. But it was the nineties and I was even more fucked then than I am now.

      My main fanciable pop tart back then was Sarah Cracknell. Probably the most beautiful woman ever…….. then I Googled her last year. Jeezus wept pish!!!
      Ruff as houses she is.
      I’m probably not ageing that well either but for her to transform from what she was to what she is now……. ruff man, absolutely ruff, and I’m glad I never married her.

      • Was never a fan… The words weren’t very good and her vocal histrionics grated…. I think they tried to be like a rock version of Clannad (and the original Clannad are bad enough!)… Not nice that the lady is dead, but like anyone in the public eye who dies these days (Jade Goody, Amy Winehouse, Ugo Ehiogu, St. Caroline Aherne Of The Blessed Merton etc) most of the ‘tributes’ will be well out of proportion and by people who don’t even know who she is…

        • nothing more cuntish than a bunch of fucking fenian cunts from de sout of oireland singing about the troubles in the north whilst letting the murdering provo scum waltz back and forth across their fucking borders as they please
          46 no age rip but i was never a fan

  15. Today’s papers at work were a total cunt…. Who the fuck wants to read about Conehead Cunt Ant’s divorce (or his minging missus), or the self serving libfuck ramblings of , Tom Wanks, Devil Streep, and Stephen Spielcunt?… What a load of cunt….

    • Haven’t read a paper today but I’m willing to put a fiver on that the pic of Ant was of him in the street. Probably just left his house.
      Bet I’m right.

      • Dead right, birdman… With his mum and his dog, and looking like shit… The Easter Island headed cunt…

        New one for yer, birdman… Nia Nacci…

        • “The Easter Island headed cunt” – love one liners and that was one for my little black book of the best – top post Norm 😉

        • “Easter Island headed cunt…”. Norman, that is superb. I laughed so loud I frightened my dog who probably thought I was having a heart attack. Keep it up, you Manchester cunt.

  16. Wow – will the cunts never stop coming?!

    Just seen Momentum super-cunt Jon Lansman on the telly. Looks like an obese, deeply sinister garden gnome. Two-faced Commie oozing with duplicity and insincerity – well ripe for a cunting if he’s not been done already.

    Evil fucker – coming to a nomination near you – watch this space…

  17. i’d hazard a guess the name ‘Carillion ‘ was dreamt up by a firm of ‘Brand consultants’ at a cost £400.000..

    • There’s a shopping precinct in Broughton (near Manchester) called ‘Mocha Parade’…. The name screams ‘late 80s shite’ and the sign now looks as dated and crappy as the name on it… It was thought up by some daft bitch on the council in 1989: to try and ‘yuppify’ Broughton… Which is like trying to teach Jim Davidson about feminism…

      • I used to live in Weaste and sometimes popped into Mocha Parade to buy a few things and I can confirm that yes, it is a shit hole.

    • Yes, but this is not important. Suckdick has helped bring about the cancellation of Trump’s UK visit and he feels triumphant for his great little campaign, as he Tweeted this week.

      You can’t accuse our beloved Mayor of not knowing what his voters really want.

  18. Carillion… Blairites are pretty well obliged to look on the bright side of this steaming pile, since Tony was the main begetter of PFI. But not spotting the share price had plummetted to 30% in about 5 minutes last July and *then* awarding Carillion more contracts can’t be blamed on Labour, sadly.

    Only slightly earlier, what was Philip Green (not that one, another one) doing advising the Cameron government at the same time as being chairman of Carillion?

    This one’s a can of worms, cunters, and very far from being the only one.

    • Typical government incompetence.

      Far too fucking slow in spotting Carillions problem, however no problem, will just piss away hundreds of millions more of taxpayers hard earned pounds bailing Carillion, the pension pot and themselves out. Nice to see that as per usual the directors of the company will be handsomely rewarded for their failings in all respects.

      A huge pension deficit? Where have we heard that before? Cannot imagine a deficit of this size accrues overnight and surely not beyond the realms of possibility for the pension regulator (useless cunts) or the government (more useless cunts) to check regularly that payments are fully up to date before awarding major contracts?

      Now would be a great time to finally pull the plug on HS2 however with the government risking ridicule, potential loss of face and not to mention those in government who may have vested financial interests in the project being completed cannot see this happening.

      Unfortunately absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the current government to do anything fucking thing right, and the critical shadow cabinet waiting in the wings to take over are the biggest bunch of pathetic hypocritical hopeless cunts I can remember.

      What a complete fucking shambles Westminster is, in more ways than one. With a bit of luck Carillion were the cunts who were in line to refurbish the Houses of Parliament. More taxpayers billions well spent?

      • And no Justice System fit or even interested in prosecuting those responsible.

        Poppi Worthington?
        Liam Allan?
        John Worboys?

        With Alison Saunders (and previously Sir Kier Starmer at the helm) what hope is there for anyone, except the criminals…

        • And let’s not even start on them still mollycoddling and protecting that sick murdering sadistic n@nce turd, Jon Venables…

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