Young people are cunts….
The youth of today (and students) are all immature entitled pricks and as thick as pigshit….

They think that piece of commie toe-jam in charge of the Labour Party is fucking Santa Claus…

These clueless spotty snowflake turds still believe that the white haired, bearded, jolly old bloke is going to give them loads of free shit that’s going to magically appear and never have to be paid for…. Anyone who voted for – and believed – Jeremy Corbyn is a complete and utter cunt…

Nominated by Norman

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  1. These cunts will inherit not only £2Trillion+ in National Debt but also the challenge of Brexit and making Britain Great again. We are doomed.

    • And let’s not forget that these are the cunts who are going to have to deal with a “peaceful” majority in a generation or so.

      I wonder how their Facebook status and Twitter profiles will deal with a nasty looking beardy cunt waving a machete around shouting “Ali’s Snackbar!” – or summat.

      Yep, doomed!

      • You guys are brilliant! My life was meaningless before I came across ‘Is A Cunt’

        Admittedly, it’s still FUCKING meaningless, but knowing I’m surrounded by so many CUNTS makes me feel a little better!

      • Pathetic snowflake cunts who think they know it all, but all they know is fuck all.
        Rebel is bang on, these twats are in for a shock when real life comes calling and smacks them in the face.
        Cunts who think Twitter and Facebook are reality, places where apparently nobody gives fuck but strangely everyone’s offended at the same time…
        Cunts one ‘n’ all…

    • I’m glad that we’ll leave them nothing but a bankrupt country governed by Sharia Law. They are soft,pathetic wankers in the main. I’ve had my fun, but have no intention of picking up the tab. Fuck that. I only hope that I’m still around to see the perverts,god-botherers,spongers and “celebs” getting chucked off a high building…Hell,I might even give the sandwogs a hand…..I’ll certainly be giving them names,my list is already 4 pages long. I like a bit of ropeless bungee-jumping, I do.
      Fuck them.

      • “I’ve had my fun but have no intention of picking up the tab!!”
        Fucking love it DF I could barely reply for laughing!! Bravo!! 😂😂😂😂

      • Seriously DF I would sack laughing boy David Davis and send you over to Brussels with that exact message!!
        The look on drunker, Tusk and French cretin barniers face would be a beautiful thing!!
        Only changing the word i to the UK,s ……

        • I was thinking that all of those currently posting on IAC should get together and form a political party of our own making.

          As JC (the other tall curly haired one) so often says “How hard can it be?” We would give the the current soft as shite liberal parties a good run for their money.

          Straight talking, no bullshit, tell the EU simply to fuck off now. Let everyone know where we stand and the penalties for any disobedience.

          For starters I would suggest the following:

          Abolish Political Correctness. Stop all benefits especially for those not prepared to work. Deport all foreign criminals. Do away with the third strike rule, lock up first time offenders. More prisons (absolutely no fucking luxuries at all) where life means life. Solitary confinement for all of the fuckers for the entire duration of their stay. Replace our judges with hard nosed bastards. Immigration reduced to zero unless the country needs them. Stop overseas aid. Ensure politicians only have one job, with no conflicts of interest. Abolish completely the House of Lords. Stop HS2. No more fucking mosques, any protesters to be deported immediately. Increase defence budget and strengthen our border defences. Bring back national service. More police on the street. Fine heavily any individual or corporation not paying their correct tax and ban if necessary. Put British people before immigrants. Abolish or rework the human rights act. More money into schools, free university for those bright enough. Start making stuff that the rest of the world needs. Fucking sort out the NHS once and for all from top to bottom. For essential operations/treatment ONLY. Stop immediately all the gender fluid bollocks. Overhaul the justice system and ensure everyone can access legal aid at no cost. Get rid of the BBC news channels, just let them make dramas and documentaries etc.

          Had a spare half an hour, best I could come up with. Gotta go.

          • That’s a good half hours work!

            Such a pity every prime minister spends years in No10 and can’t come up with a plan filled with successful objectives to make Britain a better place in their duration.

            Think what you could come up with if you had that time and power to change things!

      • We will have the letterboxers tending to us in the old folks home.

        Left wing will be for the peacefuls, waited for like royalty, fed and watered on the finest produce, ABBC & Sly TV™ 24/7.
        (Just like HM prisons now).

        Right wing will be for the rest of us, the minority who will be left sitting in our own piss & shit till we’ve got nappy rash, fed all the unwanted slops from the left wing residents after being spat on & shat on. Sitting demented wishing we could walk far enough to the river for a drink of water and escape the punishment beatings. All our houses sold, savings and pensions confiscated.

        All thanks to a cunt like Owen Jones sitting in No10 and the yoof of today.

    • Labour knew they fucked it when they betrayed all the older working class Labour Brexit voters who had a very valid reason for voting Brexit. Labour then cynically turned there attention to the young and dare I say it the very gullible naive and stupid. A clever tactical move but for one reason only a power grab. This left Labours insincerity wide open for all to see by abandoning their core voters. The bastard cunts.

      • Labour have no principles apart from ‘gain power by whatever means’. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, one day they’re in the Single Market, next day out but with all the same rules as in.

        Bit like the Liberals back in days when they used to be at all. Labour’s latest policy on Freedom of Movement? They’re going to negotiate with EU something called ‘Easy Movement’ instead!

        Bit like Brexit means Remain…


    • Considering most of these Cunts can’t pay their Mobile phone bill
      What chance has the country got?
      “ put it on the slate Dave ” as Arthur Daley would say……..

  2. For an old cunt like me there is a bright side. It is these gormless snowflake cunts who will have to pay for the magic money tree and integrate into a peaceful society. Fuck em.

  3. Would certainly not blame any graduate for voting for JC if they believed if elected he would wipe their debt of many thousands of pounds.

    They would not know that it was complete bollocks, that he had no intention of honouring his words, and that the committment was not even contained in the official Labour manifesto.

    Labours intention to engage young voters in the election by openly lying to them and sending the sad leftist smelly old cunt to young people’s music gigs was sadly pathetic to see however as despicable as it was probably no worse than other parties were doing.

    Politicians are not restricted to state only factual information but can say whatever they want or what they want you to hear without any seeming reprimand. You are left to vote on half truths or pledges that they are not obligated to enforce.

    In my opinion the problem lays with the corrupt and fucking shambolic electoral process currently in force, not with the voters, who after all were only voting on what they were being told (albeit misleadingly).

    Surely Brexit is just an enhanced example of the above, and using the same logic would the same not also apply to the 17.4m people who voted for Brexit believing what the politicians promised by expecting for us to leave the EU?

    • The thing that really dries my shit is that 99% of Snowflakes think it was the Tories who imposed tuition fees on them for doing their Beyonce Studies Degree.

      They also think it was the Connies who started to privatise parts of the (Labour Chariot) NHS.

      They think that Tony Blair was this benevolent God who had their interests at heart.

      A brief history lesson on that it was under Blair’s tenure (and literally after 5 minutes of being in power) that the cunt dumped tuition fees on folk and also began trialing privatising parts of the (sacrosanct) NHS.

      As most snowflakes glaze over facts more than 1 tweet old you have to explain it to them in cunt terms they understand:

      “So, snowflake cunt. Do you like Star Wars?”

      “Oh, yeah gosh, coolio, yeah!”

      “You know the first 3 films where Senator Palpatine became Chancellor Palpatine and eventually was outed as Darts Siddious and became the Evil Empire Emporer?”

      “Yeah, sure, totally bad dude!”

      “Ok, that’s 1997 and that’s Tony fucking Blair!”

      • And wasn’t PPFI one of Blair’s absurd scams, also a total waste of taxpayers’ money, with centuries of interest to be paid to his cronies ?

        Years ago, I was referred to the brand spanking new Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, built according to this set-up. Having waited aeons for an appointment, was naturally pleased when I got a call from the admissions office.
        I was asked if I was mobile…
        Well, I told the guy I wasn’t in a wheelchair, or on a mobility scooter or anything.
        Oh no, it’s not that, came the reply.
        You’d be seen a lot quicker if you could get over to the W Suffolk at Bury St. Edmunds.
        I did it by local train.
        I deserved some sort of fucking John Betjeman gold medal; should’ve worn an iffy plastic mac and trailed my teddy along with me…

  4. Fucking clueless assholes every last one.
    Funnily enough things change when one says to another “I’m pregnant”.
    Invariably their horseshit morality gets dumped after learning to choose between shit choice 1 and shit choice 2 a few times.
    Personally, I fucking love the fall from grace stage. Getting to witness the dawn of realizing that they are no better than everyone else. Laughing and laughing at them learning that polishing a turd is the best they can hope for.
    And finally watching them sink lower than me as they realise their prissy metrosexuality has prevented them learning any useful skills along the way that could help.
    Who’s laughing now you fucking twats?
    And whilst we’re at it. NO! That is not music you tit. Making a simple noise does not constitute composition.That is just another fairy spaz on their way down….
    It’s like the world is raining diarrhoea and yoofs are the raindrops…

    • Yeah, but at least they’ll have a ready made someone and something to blame for their well deserved plight: BREXIT!

  5. If you mix the human capacity to believe what you want, the piety of the middle classes, and.the arrogance of youth you get socialist bullshit.

    Of course mix that with social media and you get the coming virtue totalitarianism.

    • Excellent cunting and sadly true.
      I’ve got two sons in their twenties and despite my efforts and…er slightly right of centre blindingly righteous opinions, they’re still way left of centre and total snowflakes.
      I despair….

      • My niece likewise. University educated but swallowed Corbyn’s student debt jizz completely. Never even heard of the IRA! And the sweet old cunt must be a nice man cos he wants to get rid of our nuclear deterrent… Lovely girl but thick as two planks, despite supposedly superior education.

        • Hey I’ve worked with cunts with more degrees than a compass and not an ounce of common sense between them!

          These are the same cunts who (try to) lord it over folk intellectually but who nary come in without some tale of woe of how they nearly got run over that day (cos none of the cunts seem to drive either – how very Corbynesque of them).

          And then you see what they’re done up in: a retro parka jacket with the hood done up like Kenny off South Park, a “Spin Doctors” twat hat with tassels down the sides with a bobble at the end, sunglasses (cos of the “snow glare” – I shit you not), and –
          after unravelling themselves like a human pass-the-parcel – they’ve got their iMong “ear pods” stuck in.

          So they have the sensory deprivation of Helen Keller and it’s the attentive driver who’s to blame!?!

          And not one of the cunts can string a sentence together in the written form which doesn’t degrade into text-speak, smilies or emojis!

          When I’m stuck behind the cunts in the canteen they can have complete conversations in what I can only fathom as being modern Latin. It sounds like English but the terms used have yet to make it into any dictionary I’m familiar with??

          3wks ago one of the doss cunts came in with a pot on her ankle. She’s a “tech” at work, not long from Uni and a pleasant enough lass.

          How – pray heaven – did she bust her ankle?

          Well the day before Halloween (I know this exactly cos generation snowflake treat that cunt with as much importance as Xmas or Easter) she was banging on about this thing called “Roomba”.

          This is an “intelligent” automatic robot thing that floats about your room allegedly hoovering it.

          “It’s sooooooo clever it even returns back to it’s pod to recharge itself!”

          And a snip at £250 brick! 😲

          “Clever” however does not extend to being able to negotiate her boyfriends boxers cast off in said path of “Roomba’s” charge point.

          Needless to say she walked through the front door, lights off, CRACK! Yep tripped straight over the fucking thing and bust her ankle (badly).

          Now you tell me how much of a fucking snowflake fucking injury is that!?!

          And then, AND THEN…! Starts to bleat on about it not being its fault, just an accident like the fucking thing was a pet dog or summat, and with all the other snowflake cunts nodding along in agreement that it wasn’t the inanimate objects fault.

          Yes we’re fucked as a nation and a race if this is the best we can muster!

        • Haven’t seen my niece for years, if she takes after her grannie, there’s not much hope.

          And she looks like King Kong in drag.

        • But *their* kids will rebel back again, and become good Nazis…

          Also –
          “I never dared be radical when young
          For fear I would be conservative when old”
          (Robert Frost)

          All may not be permanently lost.

  6. Upon reflection I feel I may have been a tad harsh.
    Sorry what was that?
    What exactly is “massive”?
    “Safe” !? Sorry, what?
    Hold on, no I fucking haven’t!!!!!
    Fuck off you cum gargling cock jockeys – let jeremy lead you away from the light of the world….you deserve it you cunts.

  7. Workshy Cunts !!!!!
    Woke up today to learn ill be paying more income tax than the rest of my fellow cunters on ISAC !!!!!
    Why ?
    Because i live in Scotland and the SNP driven by Jimmy Krankie are useless cunts
    To put it in perspective for you guys down south , this ” thing” is even more reviled than ever Soapy Salmond was seriously shes like a home grown thatcher totally hell bent on achieveing an aura of cuntitude that mere mortals couldn’t begin to comprehend !!!

    • Commiserations, but you do live in Scotland. And how are you to pay for the benefits and methadone prescriptions without giving more? Fandabidosi.
      This reply was not intended to be racist in any way.
      From a miserablewelshbastard.

      • Unfortunately, us Welsh cunts under the Assembly of cunts have this shit in the post. I can’t understand people who vote yes to having MORE politicians, just because they live a bit closer. You only have to look at the cunts who run the local councils to see local cunts troughing it, so who thought giving some local cunts more money and power would benefit the poor of the parish? Cunts, that’s who, and dopey idealistic cunts at that.

        • I am an expat welsh cunt so can look at the misfits and weirdos who make up the Welsh assembly with smug satisfaction.
          I remember when growing up some Plaid cunts or whatever using the slogan ‘they stealing all our water’ referring to the Elan reservoirs. Come to think of it we may have made the slogan up, but not the sentiment, to ridicule the cunts.

          • Ah, yes, the Cardiff Bay Home for Drivelling Incurables.
            I fear Wetminster could even learn from these people…

          • @Cumnock Cunt,

            Wee Jimmy Krankie not fit to lick Thatcher’s shit smeared shoes! And I speak as someone who despised most of Snatcher’s policies back in the day (whilst admiring her clarity of vision and undoubted courage).

    • Just imagine what Mother Nicola & Co will be able to do with this extra income?

      I will tell you, she will add it to the extra from this years and next years council tax increases, add that to the booze increase money and any other hidden Scottish austerity measures like cancelling fireworks and other unnecessary festivities and there we have a big pot…

      A big pot of money ripped off from working Scots that can be used to fund the next referendum and the surplus can help reduce an independent Scotland’s debt towards a figure worthy of being eligible to rejoin the EU.

      I still don’t believe Scotland’s EU referendum figures to be true of the way voted and smell foul play that doesn’t smell of caviar.

      Just as Nicola’s Westminster gang all say as they are told and vote as they are told. I believe most SNP controlled local authorities could easily switch a few ballot boxes in a lay by on route to the counting hall as they could easily have been told.

    • Forgot to add Cumnock, I recall it was Salmond’s dream to be able to empower local governments in Scotland to set their own level of an additional income tax for their council area.

      For example, you pay 20% to Westminster, you pay 2% to Scottish government and then Ayrshire orders you to pay them another 4% ( to cover the local methadone mob) where as Dumfries may only charge an additional 1% to its residents.

      Is having your local council full of internal corruption, that provides a shit service and rub your nose in it forcing you to pay in more for the privilege not a bit cuntish?

      SNP, Inland Revenue and DWP should never merge under Holyrood control.

  8. In other news.
    It seems that an Anglican bishop (Chichester?) was possibly not a paedophile. This has rocked the church to it’s foundations. If the bishop may not have been a paedo, then steps must be taken to keep the C of E abreast of it’s Catholic competition. An influx of small boys is urgently needed.

  9. Lunchtime News. Looks like the Prime Twat of the United Kingdom has fucked us over big time. The “yoof” of today remain in a stuperous unawareness, as their brain power is equal to that of Amoeba . Membership of the EU, is a desperate need to these morons who are unable to grasp the enormity of anything beyond twatter. These feckless rodents are unable to construct a decent argument on anything other than ROBLOX or the latest Sleb soundbite. The indoctrination received at school has obviously been effective , and their brains ( if any ) are moribund .Im so pissed off, that so many have been left dead on the battlefields who died to protect the freedom so easily discarded by the shit for brains idle feckless verbally incontinenet fuckwits of today.

    Yoof. Fuck em all. Arsewipes.

  10. Quoting Willie Stroker:
    “Labours intention to engage young voters in the election by openly lying to them and sending the sad leftist smelly old cunt to young people’s music gigs was sadly pathetic to see however as despicable as it was probably no worse than other parties were doing.”

    Not the first time of course that Labour have lied to impressionable minds during elections and manifesto pledges.

    Tony B. Liar of course – you may have heard of the cunt – promised the then prospective student classes of the late 90s and early 00s a ‘miraculous time where 50% of the yoof would be packed away to University and highly-paid jobs would be available for all. Who needs shitheel apprenticeships and trasdespersons – do you want to be a cunt holding a spanner or a cunt holding a gilt-edged fountain-pen, signing cheques in the city on a daily basis for sums comparable to the GDP of a small country?’

    And, duly assisted by the educational establishments, the undergraduates fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    It’s a pity no-one did a rudimentary analysis of this Blairite promise, because here is what actually transpired, in rough order:

    1) Many yoofs did go to University, and Blair’s pledge coincided with the birth of various quangos and administrative bodies expanding to cope with the numbers.

    2) Said 50% target meant universities, roughly taking in 15% of all 18+ going to their institutions pre-Blair, suddenly needed a big rethink on fees and grants. Come 1998, All students had to be means-tested and only the most poverty-hit kids could get their fees fully paid and maximum (still shit) loan.

    3) A possible combination of over-subscription and greed from the increasingly business-orientated universites meant that, for such a large influx of students, new courses had to be offered. Not everyone can cope with the rigour of Engineering’s partial differential equations nor Astrophysics’ string theory. Thus, new courses were born, aiming to entice anybody and everybody they could for extra moolah and admissions – David Beckham Studies, Life Studies, Transport, and Underwater Applied Basketweaving (note – only one of those is made-up)

    4) Meanwhile, over at trade associations and guilds of master craftsmen HQs, apprenticeships dropped sharply and government incentives/support became meagre at best. Practical trade disciplines took a hit.

    5) By great fortune – or conspiracy – when the effects of 4) were evident, we were in the mid-2000s and suddenly we could accomodate swathes of Polskis to fill in the tradesperson void. And to boot, these chaps could work at an uncompetitive wage and STILL be left with plenty of money for Borscht, Beer and funding young Pawel and Jakub back home.

    6) By this time, the first pressings of Bliar’s university machine had graduated and were finding the jobs market far from the career utopia Bliar had promised. Lashings of liberal indoctrination and a side order of self-entitlement from an overtly PC state had turned these graduates into whining, demanding socialists blaming employers, parents and anyone (except the root cause) because their 2:2 in Cow-Tipping wasn’t allowing them to walk through the door of KPMG or CitiBank.

    7) British trades and contracting firms began to rely on cheap immigrant labour and it is now ingrained.

    8) Universities, now accustomed to being business models, ‘needed’ more cash and Cameron/Clegg took over Blair’s sterling work in upping the fees substantially. In addition, measures taken to lure the lucrative overseas students – who use the facilities then piss off back to China to apply the gained knowledge – included shameless marketing strategies, like Universities of Liverpool and Edinburgh opening campuses in London for its enhanced ‘metropolitan appeal’.

    And Fast-forward to 2017, and it’s like no-one took any notice of all this when Compo Corbyn Cuntfuck promised to start the cycle anew.

    As with so many things askew in our society, Bliar single-handledly wrecked an education system which, for any faults, was at least giving proportionate levels of trade and higher education. Of all the things that snakecunt fuckhead has done, his ruination of the British higher education system is, IMHO, second only to his illegal wars and the ensuing terrorism that we get on a seemingly weekly basis.

    • Never has there been a sadder but more accurate description of the education system in the last twenty years The Empire Cunts Back.
      Written beautifully with such eloquence.
      Seriously well done Sir.

    • Interesting that despite all of that (awe-inspiring accuracy btw) the yoof would still vote labour. Despite having never been near a miner’s strike all cumserfatives are bad mmkay.
      Way to go thinking for yourselves wankstains.

      • Labour, SNP & the Greens have a veritable forrest of magic money trees at the disposal of yoof, whereas the Tories only have one.

    • @Empire…
      Gotta be honest, half way through started panicking that there might be a comprehension test at the end of it.
      On further reading, excellent.
      Makes the podium for post of the day.
      Nice one. Gold star.

    • Spot on TECB. They have built a brand new university campus near me, but I don’t think many local cunts go there. Every time I pass the bus stop there, the queue reminds me of seventies wallpaper, all browns and yellows….

      • Correct. Foreign governments pay well to send their more privileged sons and daughters to do the equivalent of the Grand Tour and learn the language in which the returning management graduates will be selling sweatshop tat to the West. Also to pinch any interesting commercial ideas. The Chinese are very big on this. The uni beancounters approve, and the cashflow is used to build new facilities for foreign students rather than any of the traditional functions of a university.

    • Of all the things that snakecunt fuckhead has done, his ruination of the British higher education system is, IMHO, second only to his illegal wars and the ensuing terrorism that we get on a seemingly weekly basis.

      Couldn’t agree more, and won’t even try. You’ve said it all as far as I can see. In detail, it’s worse than that, of course, because uni courses are subject to the preferences of the fifteen tiers of managers and beancounters who now run everything, so Underwater Applied Basketweaving, which is student-friendly, gets priority while hard and unpopular disciplines don’t.

        • Interesting arcticle Komodo and correct too. Another reason to vote UKIP next time.
          My two snowflake children went to University.
          One has a degree in ‘uttter bollocks’ and the other a masters degree in ‘fucking worthless.’
          My third son is not going to university but iscurrently at college studying for some crap qualification in ‘ total shite ‘.

        • Fixed the first paragraph for them;

          I learned, many years ago, that if my girlfriend put my balls in her mouth and hummed, I would cum.

    • Not to mention the irreparable damage the cunt did to:

      The House of Lords
      The office of Lord Chancellor
      The settlement between the constituent countries of the UK
      The general conduct of politics in this country.

      • Imagine when the yoof fill the house of lords and they start putting graffiti on the seats…”Dave the pig skull shagger was ere”, “Mohammed the goats ring piece destroyer was ere” etc?

        I suspect the house of lords will be allocated to the higher peacefuls, like the ones currently heading up the dens for the peaceful religion worshipers just now.

    • Bang on the money Empire.

      I think BLiar wanted apprenticeships shunned as manufacturing was flooding out of GB eastwards to cheaper labour countries and BLiar would have been left with a mass of unemployed tradesmen / women which would make the figures look bad.

      There had already been much abuse of apprenticeships by employers not having a full time job for the apprentice on serving of time, but could accommodate another apprentice weeks after the other one left.

      The government oversaw / encouraged this, choosing to supplement the companies for taking on each new apprentice.

      If Britain needs to return to manufacturing, they will struggle as today’s engineers retire with nobody back filling / learning the skills gaining experience on the job. I’ve worked with degree qualified engineers that I wouldn’t be confident letting them put a plug on a toaster..

      Brown to Neutral, Blew to fuck.

      • Thatcher had already set the agenda for the deindustrialisation of Britain, though Bliar and Brown speeded up proceedings: In the Thatcher years, manufacturing industry shrank from 26% of the economy to around 22% . Under Labour, it fell from 18.4% in 1997 to 10.6% in 2010.

    • I have to take issue with only one minor point regarding KPMG.
      A little trumpeted fact is that 80% of the graduate output of the 80’s into the 90’s became Chartered Accountants, thus ensuring a bunch of cunts with no experience of either real life or business walked straight into management roles to which their training made them fundamentally unsuitable.

      I’m a Chartered Accountant. I admit it. When I set up my own IT business, I made my wife the sole director and the only person allowed to sign a contract on behalf of the company. No accountant should EVER be allowed to run a company. I put my money where my mouth is on that point and retired aged 52…

      • That is a very noble admission, Dioclese, and no blame whatever. Honest, grounded, accountants have a valuable function. The emphasis on service industries post-Thatcher, and the enthusiastic printing of funny money which followed created a market for uncritical and undisciplined dodge-devisers and other species of financial cunt the likes of which we had not seen before. Or so it seems to me.

  11. My local Co-op put up pictures of cunts caught shoplifting on video. Every single one is a fucking teenager. Interestingly, over half were female.

    • Just out of curiosity, how were the multitudinous ethnicities of the world represented by said photographed crimelords?

      • Life is a funny old thing. I am now on the Isle of Wight for the medium term. Every cunt in my street is white English. Every cunt in the shops is white English. Every cunt in the resteraunts is white English (apart from the Indians in the indian). It’s so refreshing. I believe there is only one mosque here and its 10 miles from where I am.

          • I must visit Cornwall whilst I’m comparatively close.
            Caught an episode of Touch of Frost today, none other than the gorgeous female much famed for playing DI Lucy Lane put in an appearance – she even managed to make a barrister’s wig look erotic (odd, really, as most of them resemble a pile of dead ferrets).

        • The Isle of Wight is lovely C&R and I;m really glad it’s now relatively peaceful free agiain.
          I was over there for a week’s holiday in August and it was crawling with them. Couldn’t move on the car ferry for them either. Must have been some sort of smelly event occuring over there.
          Still had a good holiday though. The IOW itself is a step back in time. Maarvellous.

          • Get it on wheels like that lighthouse they retrieved from the eroding cliff face.

            Interested to see what happens when you go towards the sea instead. Wait until the tides out and burst their inflatable dolphins & armchairs.

            Most have experience on the high seas.

  12. “Education, education, education “ the man said. I shall lead this country to the forefront of the world where Britain will dominate the technological revolution.
    The trouble is how do you do that overnight when you’ve got an election on the horizon? Simple! You make the exams easier so every fucker passes with flying colours.
    And there you have it….. the exam results improve year after year because of hard working teachers and their hard working students. Vote for Tony, the man who delivers !
    The real result is a generation of dumb cunts clutching their glittering prizes, easily manipulated, with a burning sense of entitlement and the belief that they can do anything whereas in reality they can’t cross the road and be confident of reaching the other side.
    Ask them a question about something you learned at school and they won’t have a clue but, not to worry out comes the phone and there’s the right answer. Well , at least they assume it’s the right answer.
    Poor dumb cunts. They’ve been robbed, conned, done up like a kipper and they don’t even know it. They have no critical faculties, no knowledge of anything outside of the screens they stare at all day….. they will always be followers and never the leaders and innovators as Tony promised.
    Looking at that header photo I am reminded of some words from 40 years ago:

    We’re so pretty
    Oh so pretty
    Pretty vacant.

    Meant to be ironic then but could well be the Yoof anthem now.

    • Do you know how many percent a nurse needs to qualify their exam and have peoples lives in their hands?

      Do you know how many attempts they get at passing?

      Compare NHS England & NHS Scotland if you can find the figures disclosed on line.

      Hospitals need to return to days of old where what the Ward Sister says, goes.

      She has authority over her ward domestic cleaners and not some contract cleaning company who report to bean counters.

      Maybe then wards would smell as clean and he as clean as they were back then. Was never MRSA back then, now its a given if you don’t have it, you will likely after your first in patient experience.

      The ward sister also overseas the training & discipline of her students on the job. Not down to crazy classroom based training by local health trust politicians and their appointed colleges attached to a university campus miles away churning out muppets who scraped by in their low pass threshold exams.

      NHS and politicians are only interested in covering up investigations of failures which would otherwise unveil outcomes of incompetence, failure of procedures & standards not met, fraud & other wrong doing.

      Stories of people failing to get surgery due to someone eBaying the surgical tools as they intercept their return from sterilising and going to B&Q for surgical tools should be fiction…



      I’m going to make short films about incidents like this, maybe a Holby City type series. Do you think the BBC will fund me or should I approach Amazon TV?

      I’m betting there will be enough material to run for more years than Coronation Street has.

      • My mum was a Nursing Sister in the 1940s/’50s and she was appalled in the 1990s at the nurse’s attitudes and their lack of basic nursing qualities when she was an inpatient toward the end of her life. Nursing used to be a ‘calling’, not just another degree fuelled career option. I’ll stop here cos my neck is already beginning to throb dangerously…

  13. Well cunted Norman.

    The yoof of today are cunts. They’re such pussies these days .

    They support the crusty old men at the eu. Why?
    Because their teachers told them to.

    Fuckin dweebs.

    They moan about the “patriarchy”, then do it’s bidding. Even the “anarchists” support the establishment these days.

    The yoof are supposed to rebel against the establishment, not jam their tongues up the establishments bum hole.

    Just give up on the human race now.
    Might as well do the world a favour and cause some more global warming.

    • They support EU in the hope it’ll bring about 50%+ yoof unemployment their teachers have assured them is their birthright, feckless fuckwits.

    • Spot on Deploy, School has really done a brainwash number on the yoof of today.

      I was always led to believe school provided the basic fundamentals for life, allowing you to go out and challenge and question things in the big wide world in order to make your own educated decisions.

      Current youth was programmed how things are and how they should be and not to question or speak out against programming received.

      You try playing journeyman to one of these yoofs who becomes your apprentice… Its a long fucking day, never mind the four years.

  14. The Lloyds Bank cunting is unavailable did it lock up or mods put it in private mode? actually it doesn’t matter causes theres been so many cuntings lately almost 3 a day now its hard to keep up

    • I thought the authorities were on to us folks for not being able to comment on the ‘Lloyds Wank’ post?

      ‘By Your Side’, more like ‘Up Your Japs Eye’. FUCKING ROBBING CUNTS!

    • What about them RBS cunts we bailed out? The SNP Westminster spokesman going on about branch closures & wanting May to get them told?

      Let the cunts close the branches, let them fuck off to EU too if they want, just move your account to another bank remaining in your town, preferably one keeping head offices in GB.

      If everyone did that, they would pitch up in frog/kraut land skint and having to steal their countries banks customers. Will go down well I’m sure.

    • Probably just finger trouble. I seem to remember there’s a tick box to allow comments or not. Doubt it’s anything sinister and expect it’ll get altered now you’ve pointed if out…

  15. Sure yoofs are cunts but this mess didn’t happen overnight kids need a firm hand,proper care, and advice I blame chavs those greasy cunts ruin it for the goods ones and they ruin them with their bad influences from hanging out with these louts

    • Correct TS – things really began to move in the wrong direction as far back as the 1980s, coinciding with the loosening of credit regulations and the rise of rampant materialism.

  16. Cheers, Deploy… The young cunts of today don’t even know how to have a good time… When I was that age it was birds, booze, gigs, discos, and football on Saturdays… And when I was at college I filled my boots – fanny wise – more than at any other time… But these yoof knobheads today are just pricks… They would rather get Facebook and Twitter ‘likes’ than go out on the pull or on the piss… The twats don’t even speak to each other… These student cunts get on the tram, sit down, get their precious phones out, and it’s tweet tweet fucking tweet… I’m so glad my youth was when it was… Because I would have hated being young now….

    • Yea fuck being young these days norm.

      Safe spaces and libtards everywhere.

      Besides my bollocks wouldn’t handle those jeans. Skinny jeans…bollocks poppers more like.

      • And they dress like cunts and all… When I was a young’un it was the 80s casual look… Top trainers (always preferred Adidas and Dunlop Green Flash, myself), top strides (Lee or Wrangler cords), actual pride in appearance and not wearing any shit or being a scruffy cunt… Now one sees these student bellends with (actually ready made and paid for!) rips and holes all over their keks, stupid coloured gonk hair, gaytard beards, piercings etc, and that’s just the lads…Not only are the yoof of today cunts, they look like cunts too…

        • “distressed” jeans they are called. I remember when my jeans ripped years ago and it was a sad day. Now cunts with money are buying them like that.
          Ain’t it strange that all the fashions that posers wear is the same clothes poor people wore thirty years before.
          All these “cool” cunts love to dress edgy but were dressed like choir boys when they were younger.

          The missus bought me a pair of faded jeans with four tiny tears in them. The one on the knee is getting bigger and I can’t help thinking everytime I wear them, why didn’t she just buy me normal jeans.
          Before these ones she bought me skintight fuckers that were basically leggings. They went straight back after I released my bollock. Her excuse is that it’s hard to find 30″ waist jeans. We went shopping last week and the first pair I picked up was a 30″waist.
          I think she’s just trying to make me look like the cunt I am.
          And maybe I should start buying my own clothes.

    • The cunts are only gagging with curiosity of filling the wrong boots, after all a trip on the wrong bus or a quick bat for the other team is the in / done thing.

      Nobody’s going to mock or bully them for doing it, are they?

      In my day, nobody thought like that, in fact I remember a cunt got a damn good kicking for getting a boner in the showers after rugby one morning at P.E. and he wasn’t an identified woofter but the fact he was aroused earned it for him.

  17. Michael Hesslecunt is on the news again moaning about brexit. Worst decision ever, the rebels are heroes, brexiteers got what they wanted when the commons shit on brexit, what is brexit anyway, no one knows, drone, drone, fuckin drone.

    When will god just the put old cunt out of his misery? Moan moan moan moan …… cunt.

    • He really is long overdue for dieing. He was about 90 when the cunt shit on Thatch so he has to be in his mid 130’s. Dennis Skinner the fucking same. Maybe they are like that bloke in the Green Mile.

      • Yea I’ve had Dennis Skinner in the pool for months now and just thinking anytime now.
        No doubt the inconsiderate old cunt pops it before I get my post in on a new pool.
        Never won the pool before but Hesslecunt is probably a good pick.

    • I had to laugh at that Norman!.. Remember all the accessories that used to go with action man. You could make a fortune supplying Corbyns accessories. just imagine. A Flabbot with a realistic expanding gut! Corby and Flabs love nest! ( yuk, maybe a step too far that ) The opportunities are enormous.

      • I remember action man! My parents took out a second mortgage to buy me two and extra rifles. I think last payment is in 2019

        • I had the SS Stormtrooper Action Man… Imagine the snowfalke cunt meltdown if they sold them now?…

          The series could be revived though, with a more PC slant… How about Action Jihadi for the peaceful appeasing cunts? Or Action Dyke or Transbender with eagle eyes for the equality obsessed wankers?… Talking Action Jihadi could be a winner… Pull the chord and it says ‘Allan’s Snackbar!’ ‘Me want white woman!’ ‘Me want money! Give me money and house!’

          • Fucking awesome.
            Would that come with a special edition water torture facility?
            Or how about the 75th anniversary gold pack of eduard wirths, aribert heim and carl vaernet action figures complete with age 5 and above vintage stainless steel scalpel sets?

      • Corbyn & Flabbott dolls would be the perfect update for Ken & Barbie!

        Complete with fully unfunctional flaccid giblet and fully functional ‘scratch n’ sniff’ black hole.

        Proceeds should easily pay for £100bn student debt cancellation policy following next election. Everyone’s a winner, baby!

      • Great one Norman!

        Wondering if the cunt has the eagle eyes (lever on back of head) like the one I had to help look for Flabott.

        I also had a Six million dollar man version which had roll up skin on his arm that revealed implanted removable circuit boards.

        A lot of shit, but paid off as early practice for putting on protection at “the weekend” in years that followed.

      • Fucking hell Norman, that is excellent. Almost wish my facebook account wasn’t closed so I could post it and savour the squeals of outrage from my “friends”

  18. I’m off to my solicitors to swear an afadavit “ to the best of my knowledge all of the above is true”
    Seriously Cunters you’ve outdone yourselves here!!
    love this site!
    Long live ISAC……..👍👍👍

  19. This week I have just had to sack a lazy, lying, cocky little bum-fluff bearded cunt from our work. A complete Arsebook-phile. His sick record is atrocious. Fathead decides to go off sick for the latter part of last week.

    He then miraculously recovers and tells us he flew to Amsterdam on the Saturday last week before telling us he couldn’t get back to the UK until Wednesday this week due to the weather. He has used all of his leave quota up for this year. The really rum and pig-shit-stupid thing is that he e-mails us a (doctored) copy of his flight ticket with the date of the outgoing flight deliberately erased, but not the time. We look up flight times with Easyjet and find that from the time on his ticket, it could have only been a weekday flight (when he was off sick) and not the Saturday. Easyjet’s customer services dept kindly confirmed this.

    Little fucktard swaggered in on Wednesday. After tiring at hearing the mountain of evidence against him he smugly pulled out a bit of paper (which was a job offer from another company), declared his job with our company was shit, and said he was submitting his notice and he would be leaving the company. The cunt didn’t bank on me rejecting his resignation and sacking him on the spot instead for fraud (gross misconduct) against the company.

    Now, a few items that the pigshit thick little snowflake didn’t bank on:

    1. It is now marked on his employment record that he has been dismissed for gross misconduct.
    2. If his new employer approach us, I will confirm that our company is not able to provide him a reference due to his dismissal.
    3. He has worked (hmm?) for 3 days in December, despite dismissal on 13th December. He will get no money as he has taken 7 days excess annual leave. He therefore owes the company 4 days backpay.
    4. His equally retarded girlfriend announced his new job on Arsebook whilst he was still employed by us. DUH!
    4. He is Terry Fuckwitt’s long lost brother.

    May the Lord fucking help us all – there are far two many arsewipes like our man above infesting our once good country.

    • I had to sack someone who was a touch odd. His timekeeping became atrocious. So we went through the process of eleventy verbal and written warnings. So, I at last reach the stage of final final final warning and I told him if he is late again, I will fire him.

      The next morning, he turns up 20 minute late with a Mac sandwich and coffee, and he sits down in the canteen area to eat his breakfast.

      When I sacked him, he looked confused, thanked me and walked out.

      He was definitely a touch odd.

      • That kind of behaviour is standard where I work. Useless cunts, all early twenties, still living like fourteen year olds.

  20. Oh the excitement… 19th May…The FA Cup final AND the Royal wedding. Do I watch a bunch of mercenary Coons kicking a ball about,or do I watch a lone mercenary Coon leading a dullard by the ball-sack? I know, I’ll sit and hope for a Friendly van getting past the stewards and on to the hallowed Wembley turf, handbrake turns,doughnutting, leaving overpaid,slack-jawed,and rather flatter,simpletons in it’s wake. Then it’s on to the Royal Wedding to see the look on Phil the Greeks face when the senile old Cunter realises that he’s actually at a wedding and,not a charabanc trip to South Lakes Safari Zoo. Hopefully age hasn’t deprived him of his unerring aim with a Remington and he can bag a couple of specimens for future taxidermy projects. I believe Prince Edward has an interest in stuffing red-arsed,hairy subjects
    Fuck them.

    • Is she still allowed to be an actress?
      If not, I’d like to hear some whinging from the feminazis.

      • I’d like to think that she made a lesbian porno with Gemma Arterton in the past. I await it’s release with a throbbing excitement.

          • Instead of watching the football and wedding you could count the number of yellow cars that pass your window, but only the ones going down the hill. If you count the ones going up, that’s cheating.

        • Just Googled the Gemma. Pretty plain. Nice boobs tho.

          Harry’s tart, to me anyway, is the spit of pippa. Two plain dogs.
          If I was a Prince, I’d shock them all by marrying Ava Devine. That’d put a pussy among the pigeons.

          (if there’s a dirtier tart out there than Ava Devine, I’d like to know)

          • Noooooooo way BM!!
            Ava Devine ? Over Gemma?
            Bigger tits granted but! Really?
            DF are you gonna stand for that? 😂😂

          • I like my wimmin to have character.
            Anal, double Anal, two in the arse one in the cunt and one in the mouth, licking pussy and ass, gets pissed on, licks pussy and ass, squirts, screams, enjoys, licks pussy and ass, and wears any class of hosiery. That sort of character.

            If Gemma ticks they boxes, then sign her up.

          • Gemma…Plain? I’ve read some shocking statements on here,but you’ve just swept into a commanding lead in the gob-smacking stakes…you heathen….comparing Gemma to some auld slapper.
            I rather suspect that if you were a Prince you’d have shocked them all long before you got to the age of marrying your “princess”….and probably caused a guillotine style outcome for you and your Royal relatives.

          • I’ve watched the st trinians remake 15 times just to see her in hold ups!
            The films utter shite! but?
            “ nurse!! Fetch me some ice! It’s all swollen and it won’t go down! “
            Imagine her, our beloved Isobel and JHB all naked on a bearskin rug? By Candlelight and a crackling log fire! ……..

          • When I saw that she was in St Trinians and instantly thought there may be some stocking pics to be had here.
            Just the way I’m wired.

          • WS …. I haven’t watched the film in years, and had even forgotten that titanic cunt Russell brand was in it, I do however remember it was fuckn rubbish but had more than enough young eye candy to keep any pathetic old middle aged wanker like myself more than happy!
            Gemma was far better in Byzantium, again not the greatest film ever but she knows her place in the market, fluffing up older men……

          • Gabrielle drake in ufo……
            I would have loved to have parked my

            Unidentified Fuckin Object
            Up her…..

      • She won’t be declaring any Weinsteining until after the big day that’s for sure.

        Is it not strangely on a weekend?

        Why no big Royal wedding with public holiday for all?

        Not much Royal tradition about it, I wonder why?

    • DF, this makes for interesting reading, although Auntie Belinda may well have misunderstood…

      Is a Remington an old typewriter, or an electric shaver ?
      Perhaps if Phil lobbed the former at Harry, and the latter at Miss Merkal’s minge, that would liven things up…

      I look forward to the photos.

  21. I’ve change my will and testament…….
    originally I was going to be buried with a DO not disturb sign on my headstone!! But due to the impropriety of the indebted snowflake generation have changed that to cremation!! “ sorry I can’t hear you!” ………. fuckin useless Cunts!!

    • If I ever make any money I’m gonna have a cheque made out to myself and set into a glass insert in my headstone.
      I think I’ll settle for a simple “get fucked” as my headstone message.
      Grabbing cunts.

    • The peacefuls will have all cemeteries dug up to make way for houses for their overflowing population, so might as well get torched.

      Just hope none of my organs live on within one of them. Thinking of some “I love bacon” tattoos, maybe a pork chop on every limb and my eyelids and a 12 rasher pack of smoked back in my jacket pocket at all times, just to make sure they know how much I loved it.

      Won’t want my “dirty organs” so much then, will they?

      • On principle I gave opted out of organ donation until they put tick boxes allowing me to refuse particular groups of people.
        I asked the donor register about it too.
        They did not take me seriously at all the cunts.

    • I fucking hope theres not a pardon, or 3 months and send her home. Fucking hell. Can any cunter with kids ever imagine they would do something like this? You have to look at the parents. Fuck!

  22. It’s not all nurture. My two. Daughter, 23, took a chef’s course and graduated top of her class, got a first class degree and lives with her boyfriend in Hove. Both have excellent jobs to the point where they drove a 2017 Porsche.

    My son, 19, got three U’s in his A levels. In case you don’t know, a U means it was so shit it wasn’t even marked properly. He has a part time job in Asda and is sponging off us, probably until he inherits half our house.

    We raised them both the same

    • CNR

      I have two daughters, one 26, the other 29.

      One has tried hard all of her life, first class degree at university and a good job in London (although now on a 6 month to a year self funded break). Reliable, honest, hardworking and has never relied on me financially.

      Her elder sister is lazy, failed university twice, is unreliable, dishonest and is always after financial help (which I refused two years ago). She said she would be homeless if I did not help her. Told her tough, sort it out yourself.

      Like you both daughters were brought up the same.

      The Japanese Mrs Stroker is by far the most disciplined hardworking down to earth person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Even with the 50% of British blood my wife has high expectations of him.

    • Therein lies the problem “Both have excellent jobs to the point where they drove a 2017 Porsche.”

      I am sure you are proud of the achievement, but why on earth be proud of spunking all that cash on a completely unnecessary item? Yes it is their money however they are also lining themselves up for a lifetime of hard working. Unless they are truly coining it in, in that I mean earning 150k between them and spending less than 40k a year on living.

      Frankly if you pay rent or have a mortgage you cannot afford a Porsche, in fact anything other than the most basic of cars (if you actually need one at all, move closer to work and bike it?).

      Sorry for the bee in my bonnet about it, because when the next downturn in the economy inevitably comes a Porsche is not very helpful when both are laid off.

  23. My Nephew is a cunt – He offered his “advice” to his Grandparents (my parents) on the EU Referendum. I should’ve throttled the little cunt for that alone. Then on Farcebook he proceeds to virtue-signal how us Baby Boomers have stolen his future and are considerably less well-educated than he.
    I spent at least 2 hours each night, for 6 months leading up to the Referendum, looking for a good argument to stay in the EU, or a good argument to leave, considering both sides.
    Tell me, fellow cunters, between his Uni homework, endless wittering on Faceache, downloading mp3s on YouTubeConvertor for Fuck All, watching Game Of Thrones on Putlocker for fucking free, when exactly has this entitled little wanker had the time to do a similar amount of research into the subject as his Shit-For-Brains Uncle ? (7 O Levels and 3 A Levels, incidentally).
    Notwithstanding the fact that the little cunt is set for a huge inheritance off the same Grandparents he so wantonly disparages.

    • Wow, I have exactly the same situation.

      I genuinely cannot stand my nephew, proper Owen Jones tribute act.

      Born to ‘modern parents’, think Viz, in the early 90’s he’s an overweight big mouthed cunt that still lives at home with his similarly overweight and massively over remunerated civil servant parents.

      At a family event earlier this year Brexit was being discussed, His Grandmother openly admitted she voted Brexit and the bile he directed towards her, a genuinely lovely person who has put a huge amount into the cunts life in terms of love, gifts and financial gifts was disgraceful.

      I made it very clear what a complete cunt I thought he was and that I genuinely couldn’t believe that a cunt in his mid 20’s could be so utterly disrespectful and intolerant but then pointed out there’s nothing more intolerant than a leftie that preaches tolerance, on their terms.

    • Outrage doesn’t begin to describe how I feel after reading that. I too spent hours each day (6 O levels, 2 A levels) for weeks researching the ‘evidence’ before deciding last minute which way I would go.

      The wife, on the other hand, university educated, knowing nothing about the EU before the referendum, and doing nothing to educate herself during the debate, automatically followed government advice, ticking the Remain box without a moment’s hesitation.

      • Oh and I forgot to say the cunt said that at least his vote cancelled out mine but I took great pleasure in informing him that a few months before after moving my old man into a home and electing postal voting for him my Dad asked my advice, actually saying, which way are you voting son I’ll go with you, it was a short conversation and I took great pleasure in informing the fat snowflake cunt that 2 is 1 more than 1. Cunt

  24. Completely off point….
    Don’t know if any of you Cunts following boxing??
    On sky now is Alexander povetkin ( Russian) fighting Christian hammer ( Eastern European?) to become mandatory challenger to Anthony Joshua? It’s pretty funny ! The rusky is small and the only thing the hammer appears to have been hitting is the Ben and Gerry’s…..
    Sky are Cunts!! Trying to build a PPV event with either of these two bob wankers fighting Joshua!! £19.99 ?? Oh fuckin pleeeeeeeease!!

    • I like Joshua but would love to see Fury bash the fuck out of him just for a laugh.
      People like the underdog, I like the “couldn’t give a fuck cunts”.

    • I refuse to pay per view on boxing after many fights in the early days lasting a couple of rounds. It was the boozer then and I hunt down the odd live stream nowadays.

      • True BB….
        yesterday’s fiasco was not PPV just a sky fight ( mind you that’s already PPV) I’ve followed boxing all my life but seldom do PPV and only if a few mates are interested and it’s a proper match up……

  25. Fortunately I don’t have any sprog and will be dead soon – so it’s the snowflake cunt millennials who’ll be reaping what’s currently being sown. They’ve made it abundantly clear how important Membership of the terminally corrupt European Union is to them, particularly with its ‘Free Movement of Cunts’ rule. Make no mistake, these PC snowflakes are cut from pretty stern cloth. They are not in the slightest deterred by the high levels of EU youth unemployment – over 50% in some countries. More important to them is the ban on roaming mobile phone charges, which they assure me they’ll lose if Brexit goes ahead. Don’t ask me.

    They also want an end to any sort of responsible Public Fiscal Administration, or what Labour call ‘austerity’. But for some reason they don’t want to know about the £80billion+ projected cost of HS2 or Garden Bridges or not charging ineligible foreigners for using our NHS (something like £500million uncollected), and other bonkers public spending white elephants. Fine by me: that means I will no longer have to waste my breath arguing against saddling the idle virtue signalling wimps with yet more eye-watering National Debt, not to mention the £48billion (!) currently being pissed down the shitter annually in interest rate charges alone. God what fun they’ll have when the inevitable happens and interest rates start returning to normal, haw-haw! Of course it all pails into insignificance compared to the astronomical levels of private debt…

    Double, treble, quadruple, QUIN-FUCKING-TRUPLE the National Debt for all I care, if that’s what they want. After all it’s only money. Fuck the consequences – what consequences? Can’t we kick the can down the road forever? Besides, Gorgon Brown abolished boom & bust years ago, so there is no problem really anyway. Unbridled, instant gratification and imbecilic personal money management is the rule nowadays, so suck it up motherfuckers!

    Hopefully, by the time McDonnell’s bailiffs come to steal our home to pay for their snowflake supporter’s ‘free’ tattoo removals and ‘free’ comedy breast enlargements and ‘free’ IVF treatments, I’ll be joyously pushing up the daisies alongside Monty Python’s parrot.

    Actually I’m a burner, not a burier…

    • Btw, “dead soon” means anytime in the next 20 years or so (longevity in the genes) unless I take the coward’s way out, which considering the current state of the nation is becoming a more and more attractive option every day!

      • Suicide by nitrogen asphyxia is a painless way of doing it, or so I’ve heard? As opposed to carbon monoxide!

        • True.
          It is nitrogen I considered in Vienna, in my dark hours.
          Michael Portillo deserves a knighthood for this info on his tv series.
          Lay a can in before the bastards make it impossible to buy; it’s best obtained via wine-preservation kits.
          I mention this cos not too long ago, someone offed themselves with a particular “gas”, but coroners / reporters deliberately withheld (IMHO) info to avoid “copycats”.
          If the NHS is totally fucked, I should like to decide when my end comes (if realistically possible); no rotting away in some piss-stinking home, with tea and banana sarnies at 6 in the porning.
          If no luscious female arses available for accidentally-fatal face-sitting (just think what The Flabbot could achieve – a death factory…), then nitrogen it is.

          • A quick search reveals most using argon. Found some 8g capsules on amazon which are like the size of capsules used for soda siphons but are NO2.

            God knows how many would be required at 9 quid for a box of 10.

          • I fear with small caps, you’d need engineering skills to build some automatic manifold, so that caps are all opened up sequentially: keeping up a constant flow is necessary.
            Loss of consciousness will occur v v quickly, but (brain death) requires min 4 minutes of oxygen deprivation.
            Hence one bigger container that’ll keep going for, say, 20 mins would be a pretty good idea.
            No-one wants to “wake up”(if that would be an appropriate term) in a seriously wrecked position

          • Have thought about this myself. Happily, 2.2 litre 100bar cans of welding argon (it’s pretty pure, but don’t get the CO2-argon mix) are freely available on t’interweb. You’ll need a regulator, and preferably a diver’s demand valve. You’ll be gone well before the 220 litres are finished.

            It’s nice here in heaven, but not a sign of those 72 virgins…

    • Got no offspring myself SB. Can’t help thinking that my worst regret in life will be that I didn’t have children? But on reflection I’d be gutted if they turned out to be snowflake CUNTS!

      • Look on the bright side A R Sole – by having no kids you will be saving them from a lifetime of PC, Libtard, peaceful oppression.

        My fear now is, if I snuff it in the near future I might be reincarnated back into this basket case society at the worst time possible!

  26. as a relative newcomer to this site I have to say it’s so cathartic to actually realise there’s so many people who think like I do.

    Perhaps we could form a political party, just imagine…….

    ‘Thank you for joining us live from the ABBC studios in London for the results of the 2022 General Election I’m David Dimbleby, the votes are all in and I can confirm the Right of Centre Is A Cunt Party have pulled off the political shock of the Century winning 342 seats and will be forming the next Government. Party Leader, The Empire Cunts Back with his Chairman Dioclese and Secretary Fred West will visit the Queen in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday to seek permission to form Her Majesties next Government.

    Just imagine………

    Anyway, even though I don’t listen to the cunt anymore just knowing that Cunt O’Brien is still on the airwaves makes my piss boil as you just know the cunt will be preaching from his make believe Place next to God so I’d like to propose we all try to get through to the Cunt on the same day, that way they’d struggle to screen the calls, I reckon there’s a lot of cunters on here that could really have him over, he’s really not that clever, just recycles the same old shite lefty arguments. We could pick a day and all have a unique ID phrase?

    I’m sure most of you will be familiar with Ben Shapiro but if not just watch his YouTube clip on the ’10 rules for fighting the Left’.

    well worth 20 mins or so if your life

    • “as a relative newcomer to this site I have to say it’s so cathartic to actually realise there’s so many people who think like I do.”

      Great isn’t it? It’s like a masonic lodge for cunting. We should make our own emblem and develop a secret cunter handshake.

      I find my stress levels in everyday life are greatly reduced since participating and venting hard on ISAC. There were so many frustrations in life which I couldn’t pinpoint, until I saw like-minded cunters describe issues, topics or cunts that resonated strongly and so often make me realise “Yes! That does boil my piss!”

      At some point over the season’s drawn out excesses, I will cheer up enough to raise a glass to my fellow cunters.

      • Keep the faith TECB, your incisive and brilliantly written prose are becoming part of my daily bread.

        I’d definitely second a motion for a secret handshake so to speak, that could make life very interesting.

    • Endorse all that, but have to confess, I’ve never thought of myself as a rightwinger (all right, I thought Enoch Powell was the dog’s bollocks when he was around and still maintain we lost an honest politician there). I disagree with a lot of the stuff here, but I respect a valid point of view, and I agree with a lot too. Independent thinkers, I think we are, and wonder if the “—winger” tag even means anything any more.

      Thanks ISAC. Happiness is a well-received rant.

  27. If we were the party in power Article 50 would have been renamed ‘Fuck Off’ and sent in an envelope wrapped around a dog turd.

  28. The world runs on debt and bribes paid to furnish that debt. Bugger me but ever since WW1 Blighty has been racking up limitless debt. Now it is stratospheric and finally large enough to offer protection against against total annihilation. We no longer need nukes and a large standing army. We owe the world so much money that nobody is going to attack us and loose all their assets. So help protect Blighty, do your bit and max oit your credit cards, borrow borrow borrow me hearties. You know it makes sense.

    • Henry Ford would have been delighted !

      As he once said, “You can have any colour you like as long as it’s black.”

      Lucy Lane would be banging in the blue onesy…

  29. Anyone else finding Christmas a real cunt?

    This year more than ever, I’m right fucking fed up already. Four Christmas ads on TV in succession as I type.

    Forced myself to Christmas drinks this evening with some former work colleagues and Jesus wept, what an ordeal. Had to make my excuses and leave early.

    The whole prolonged ‘festive’ period is draining my will to live. Fucking roll on armageddon.

    • You’re right Empire, why the fuck would I want to have a festive drink with cunts I’ve been avoiding all year. Ain’t sent 1 Christmas card or bought fuck all presents. The most insincere time of the year.

    • Oddly enough I’ve been too busy cunting to pay much heed to it this year. Yet another priceless IsAC benefit!

      But thanks for the heads up – still got to find something acceptable for the little lady…

    • Absofuckinglutley.

      I’ve hated Christmas since about the age of 21 when all of a sudden I had to start going for Xmas lunch at my Girlfriends parents.

      Her brother/ sister and partners were all fucking Veggies, this was 1991 when those cunts were as rare as themselves.

      Seriously my Xmas dinner was a bastard nut roast, I can’t tell you how fucked off I was.

      My biggest regret is that I didn’t bail out then and left it another 25 years before I found the wall and bruised and battered managed to climb over it, but then who could have imagined that the yoghurt knitting social workers and Green Peace supporters sat around that table would end up being massively over remunerated superannuated ID badge wearing struggling with their weight cunting civil servants who currently control the agenda on what we can or can’t say and what views are/aren’t acceptable.

      Fortunately last Xmas was the last one I’ll ever have to spend with them!

      cunts and I need to take a bomb to Xmas music because that is pissing right off and it’s only 15th

      • Think I may get away with the inevitable Xmas lunch bore-athon this year, the mother-in-law is in hospital. Every little cloud…

    • Be estranged from your family. I am, and it’s great! Throw away your television (ditto). Order online and stay away from festive lights, festive muzak and pissed driver cunts. Select your favourite music on whatever device will play it, on no account use the radio, and stock up on non-festive food. Burn cards and charity appeals landing on your mat, unopened. A case of whatever rare vintage takes your fancy, as long as it is rich in ethanol, completes your preparations. I shall raise a glass to you, my sole acknowledgement of the season of utter cunt.

  30. By the way I’ve been informed by a reliable source that little Timmy Farmong threw the towel in coz he couldn’t hack being COTY.

    • I’d love that to be true.

      He’s a proper cunt and from my part of the world and similar age, I’m pissed that I never came across him in my ‘yoof’ ‘cus unlike the ‘yoof of today’ I wasn’t in the least bit liberal and would have enjoyed a raucous debate wth the cunt.

  31. My children have bought me a large bottle of Remy Martin Champagne Cognac for the festive season.

    I am currently destroying a fine Calvados that my BIL bought me for my birthday. These two fine libations will get me through Christmas and beyond without too much anxiety.👍

  32. Now this looks interesting:


    Some charity fundraiser where Guardian readers can call tomorrow and speak to the Graun’s actual journalists; including seismic cunts like Toynbee and Jonathan Freedland. Is this for real?

    ”Our team of writers and editors will be answering your calls between 10am and 6pm to take credit card donations for the three amazing charities we are supporting this year.

    This is your chance to talk about the future of the Labour party with Owen Jones, discuss Westminster with John Crace or social policy with Hugh Muir and get beauty tips from Sali Hughes while contributing to this urgent cause.”

    The number to call is printed within the article numerous times.

    I mean, the thought of being able to pick up the phone, whilst I’m taking a shit, and actually tell Owen Jones that he is a cunt of biblicial proportions… worth every penny of a police fine!

    • That Katharine Viber is a bit of a MILF.

      Granted she is a rank leftie. Perhaps she needs a bit of good, old fashioned, right-wing man sausage up her to cure her of this psychological aberration.

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