Yanks [3]

I’d like to cunt americans aka americunts/ameritards!

Self obsessed, self absorbed, arrogant, uninteresting, retarded, gun obsessed, diabetes riddled, toothless, simple, superficial, fat cunts who think the world revolves around them. They also have a creepy little obsession with the jap cunts and slopes in general too.

The shallow gene pool in america could do with being cleansed with a few nuclear ICBMs. Fuck the lot of them.

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95 thoughts on “Yanks [3]

  1. I’d cunt Hollywood war films especially WW2, ‘Merica’ won it all by itself with a bit part for the other Allies with every cunt a gum chewing Audi Murphy Captain America.

    • Even American veterans (including one ex president) walked out of “Battle of the Bulge” because of the amount of inaccuracies and mistakes.
      Only worth watching for Robert Shaw and the old german bloke who plays his driver…

      • There’s a great episode of It Ain’t Half Hot Mum called ‘The Stars Look Down’… It really takes the piss out of Hollywood war films and the idea of the Yank as the one and only hero….

        • I know it’s not meant to be factual, but ‘Inglourious Basterds’ is an insult to the intelligence.

          • And all Septic remakes of Brit classics are total shite… Life On Mars, The Prisoner, Steptoe & Son etc… Mind you, that Elementary is better than that Sherlock crap….

          • The overbearing yank film director was good old Ed Bishop from UFO.

            “Get this communist outa my hair!”

  2. Well I think Audie Murphy deserves a free pass, but I quite agree US “history” movies have become unmitigated crap. Even the highly rated “Band of Brothers” brought in the Cockney sterotype. Individually, there are some intelligent and well educated Septics and they are generally friendly (not in Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia et al). Chicago’s score to date, 587 shot and killed, 2804 shot and wounded and a total of 636 homicides, the place is downright dangerous.

  3. A Bridge Too Far……go-getter gung-ho Yank heroes held up and frustrated by dumb British cunts stopping every ten minutes for a cup of tea.


    • I never could tolerate those kind of insults they always deal us….. bloody Johnny come lately glory hogging gits!

  4. Despite some colossal cuntishness, I used to be able to tolerate Americunts – until I started working with them.

    One bastard in particular makes my shit hang sideways to such an extent that it defies Newtonian physics. This fuck-faced fucker is always booming by the christing tea station, painfully analysing the minutiae of every fucking moment in his working life at intolerable volume.

    And not that I work in a middle-manager type atmosphere (I’m in scientific fields), but no-one uses management speak quite like an Americunt. I audibly scoff on the reg whenever I hear another slogan from the middle manager handbook quoted at a review or a meeting. No-one else seems to do this where I work; not even the robotic American-sounding Chinese.

    So yes, I’ll go with Americunts. Actually, it was an Americunt that convinced me to try eating plantain. Never in my life have I tasted such a flavourless ordeal of pointlessness; no wonder the enrichers in Peckham Rye and environs riot so often if that is really all they can afford for dinner.

  5. Welp, Big Don has gone and pissed off a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls – he’s saying it’s time to officially recognise Jerusalem at Israel’s capital. Ocamelbummer would never have done that!

    • My guess is Big Don has done this ‘Jerusalem’ thing in order to provoke the soapdodging sandspade camelbuggerers and, when they act up, he’ll declare war on them and bomb the shit out of the entire Middle East….




      • Is it coincidence that he does this so close after his peaceful travel ban kicked in?

          • In the year 2000,there were only 7 countries without a Rothschild owned central bank.

            North Korea.

            Dangerous business for a country,not being under the control of the Rothschilds.

          • The UK should be on that list as well. The Bank of England was nationalised in 1946 although they have autonomy over setting interest rates. Rothschilds have served on the bank’s Court of Directors over the years but that is far from being the same thing as owning it.

    • Sky News was having a cow over this Jerusalem thing. I don’t get it. Who gives a fuck what the capital is, the cunts will still keep killing each other. Another sand pit of terrorists. Now, there’s a surprise.

      • Exactly dick fiddler iran is and has always been truthful on who are enemies, also syria didn’t bomb their own people and assad didn’t gas little babies it was a aggravated war by saudi/Kurd/Israel alliance

        Like it or not cunters donalds official declaration of jerusalem will set off more terrorist attacks worldwide everywhere this is very careless on big dumb dumbs part btw maggie may herself almost got bombed today well if anyone deserves it its her just saying she could of actually enforced this like fucking 5 terrorists attacks ago…

        “Ocamelbummer would never have done that”

        Not true obama has constantly shilled for israel also obama is a cuck george bush is screwing michelle obama https://imgur.com/gallery/grlfi

  6. I went to America once. I won’t make that mistake again. The Cunts wouldn’t believe that I was English. I have quite a strong accent and they all seemed to think that I was German or Dutch. You try explaining to some thick Yank that not all Brits are either Hugh Grant or Alan Rickman.
    I found them over-familiar, ignorant and brash,but I must admit their self-belief was something to be admired,although I suspect that it was just sheer ignorance that made them so self-confident.
    Their beer is piss-water,but I must admit they know how to trough. I’d be like them too if I lived there…fat as a pork-pig.

    • In the 60s the Septics thought that all Brits talked like Scousers, because of The Beatles… Now they think all Brits talk like those Harry Potter cunts and that all Brit birds speak like Emma Twatson…

      • How come the Beatles never sounded like Brookside? Were the Beatles an upper class class of scouser?
        This has bugged me for years.

        • John Lennon was very much middle class, Macca and George were normal working class, and Ringo was from the shithole that was the Dingle (Toxteth)… George and Ringo had the strongest Pool accents out of the band, and Macca sounded like a more sophisticated Eddie Yeats…. Pete Best, however, has a really strong Scouse accent…

        • Know what you mean,Birdman. It’s like that dead (thankfully), old bitch Cilla Black. I’ve never heard a Scouser with an accent anything like Cilla’s. Of course I must say that all Scousers are thieving,self-pitying, dole-scrounging, compo-chasing Wankers.

    • Tell me about the accent thing….. some of the daft buggers thought I was Australian! I have a very obvious English accent yet they thought I was a goddamn Australian!

      • I’m an Englishman brought up in Dumbarton and cunts of all nationalities think I’m Irish. Apart from the scotch, they always had me marked as an English cunt.

          • Yep, and hating every minute of it. When I return to blighty, any Spanish or Gibraltarian will get the same shite they gave me. They explain the Latino life no matter what you’re talking about. I mention say, buttons, they’ll start every answer with ‘een Espana/Gibraltar’
            Maybe they’ve got me marked as a thick cunt, I don’t know. 🙂

    • Maybe You should have visited Virginia you limey bastard we still have colonial Williamsburg here hell I pulled a 1773 Virginia half penny out of the ground not to long ago that was issued as the first colonies of the colonies by that dick licking faggit King George you twats had. As for beer, well FUCK BEER! Why drink that horse piss when you could be drinking 190 proof whiskey AKA moonshine we southern boys down here in Dixie distill our own you know fuck all about Dixie and if you haven’t figured it out by now we Americans don’t give a fuck with wings as to whether you like us or not.

      • Perhaps I will visit Virginia. I have always fancied going to Alabama……however you must promise me that you and your Colonial friends will learn some manners. Don’t forget that we are the Mother Country,and still capable,on our day,of kicking your rebellious arses.

        Jim Beam is alright,but most Yanks would do better laying off the hard stuff. It just makes them even more insufferable than normal.

        Have a nice day Y’All.

      • Forgot to mention…Is punctuation something else about which “don’t give a fuck with wings”? You really must promise to learn English if I’m going to grace you with a visit.

        • “…Americans don’t give a fuck with wings…”? In my experience Yanks are the biggest approval seekers in the entire fucking New World!

          Pleesed t’knowya, Mister Painter sir…

  7. Totally agree about the Americans and the war films they made. Unfortunately history and truth doesn’t always come into it. The films were made with the American public in mind.

  8. I will have to abstain. I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and loved it. The people were nice, if a tad overweight.

    • I have to agree C & R.
      I’ve been to America a good few times and love it for all it’s faults.
      They sure know how to live and yes they may be brash and full of their own self importance, but at least they put themselves and their own country first….shame we don’t.

    • Agree. Have been to the US of A many times. Fantastic and extremely beautiful country, Americans on their home soil are great hosts. Food dodgy and portions enormous. If you have money a great place to live.

  9. Trump is a cunt. Sucking the Jewish cock for aipac support. Egged on by his kike son in law all to bolster his dwindling domestic political support. All in the hope of of getting in his daughters pants.

  10. Well my personal favourite was pearl harbour where affleck and co single handedly stopped the japs when in fact the japs tore the americans a brand new bleeding arsehole.
    We laugh, but all those with a poor history education take this shit as read.
    I work in a physics related capacity and a co worker recently inadvertently revealed they did notvknow what auschwitz was or what happened.
    Fucking incredible. Thank you yank cunts for disrespecting everything.
    As for trump, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. He has been put in power to take one for the team and take responsibility for something really really fucking nuts.
    He’s just getting started…..

    • What’s incredible is the blind accepted narrative about the so called Holocaust and how it’s exploited today by those always on the want and take. Read some revisionism.

      • Indeed, an exceptionally interesting period of both history and diplomacy. Hitler could easily have been seen as a freedom fighter at one stage, before he “got a bit carried away”…

        • Yes Adolf got carried away. But Jews have historically caused trouble wherever they’ve been. Maybe the questions should be aimed at them and why?.

      • The Jewish people have my utmost respect because they know how to deal with “peaceful” cunts!

        I wish Mi5/Mi6 would take a leaf out of Mossad’s book!

    • I can’t take Ben Affleck seriously in anything after that South Park episode.
      Or indeed, that other South Park episode…

  11. And American coffee shop culture is a related (yet standalone) cunt. Specifically cunts saying “Can I get”, instead of “May I have”. Makes me fucking wince.

    • An interesting side effect of capitalism is the decision of schools to purchase the american versions of books because they are cheaper.
      Thus, poor grammar and semantics enter OUR children’s minds without us even knowing.
      Our superior language is therefore being eroded over time.
      Once again, thank you yank CUNTS for deliberately ruining and disrespecting everything.
      On a lighter note, they do contain most of the world’s genetic material that relates to the pioneer spirit.
      Therefore, once permanent off world settlements are established we can kiss goodbye to the cunts.
      Go on yanks, fuck off to some dustbowl light years away and get eaten by as yet undiscovered but terrifyingly rabid carnivores whilst we re-construct paradise on earth.

    • Americanisms seem like a bugbear for quite a lot of British people and Australians when I have visited there, influenced through TV/ film and social media. ‘My bad’ for an error, ‘doing the math’ and ‘reaching out to’ are some of the more cuntish examples from across the pond.

    • No mate that’s the expression used in Milton Keynes as well. Ignorant bastards!

      In fact when I said to a lady on the kiosk in Waitrose (so not some f’kin mini-mart): “May I have these please.”

      I got back: “YOU WOT!?!”

      It took me 3 attempts, and no she wasn’t a foreign lady, until she said: “Sorry, I didn’t understand you the first time, it’s not often you get asked politely.”

      Next cunt behind me: “CAN NAH GET!”


  12. When two relatives, who are clinging on by their fingertips, finally die, Mrs CnR and me were thinking of moving to somewhere not polluted by Friday call for prayers. Easier said than done, we cant think of anywhere, except Australia, but I am scared of spiders.

    • Poland.

      Those cunts hate “peacefuls” more than we do, the difference being that their Govt has the balls to back up *their* people’s wishes instead of letting the cunts in, allowing them to annex great swathes of towns & cities (turning them into replicas of Islamabad/Karachi), letting them spout hate about “Death to the Infidel!” (while being protected by the police), blow fuck out of, run over, maim and stab ordinary folk, and then – the cherry – appeasing the fuckers if anyone dare intimate that they’re a murderous, backwards group of scumbags who should be deported to any Shariah shithole of their choosing! And that includes any “Peaceful” cunt who was born here and wishes non-“peacefuls” harm or wants a Shariah UK!

      If we crowd-funded the air fares for that I reckon we’d raise 10 times Pudsey’s takings in 24hrs!

    • Try Orania in South Africa – Whites only – nuff said – that’s my Nirvana right there. No wogs, sand wogs, peacefuls, pakis, or any other type of goat bothering sheep herders – bliss!!!

  13. I am appalled at the negative rating of American Historical Movies on this site! Custer at Trafalgar was an outstanding movie true to the core in authenticity!

      • Wasn’t that: “Henry the 8Ball and his Six Ho’s!”?

        Unless that was the Kanye one on Netflix?

  14. Re Geoffrey Hughes and the Scouse accent. Geoffrey Hughes provided the voice of Paul McCartney in the animated film Yellow Submarine.

    Not a lot of people know that!

  15. I quite liked Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.
    Holy dog shit! Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy, and you don’t look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down. Do you suck dicks?
    Now he was a cunt.

    • I found it highly amusing when he said your the kinda guy that would fuck a guy in the arse and not have the common decency to give him a hand around.

      • The first scene of FMJ with Gunnery Sgt Hartman is brutal as it is funny.

        Cunt deserved his lungs being peppered in the shithouse by Pyle’s rifle. He was a mean bully of a cunt to poor Pyle.

        • Sergeant Hartman could have been talking about Lily Mong when he said ‘I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!’

  16. I don’t think Hollywood has made a film about the 9th USAAF and the role it played in WW2. Unfortunately for the allies this bunch of airborne turkeys had a nasty habit of bombing and strafing their own side … ‘ friendly fire ‘ to give it its unfortunate title.
    In fact, so prolific were they in this deadly habit that allied troops would open fire on the trigger happy cretins as soon as they appeared in the sky.
    Their shenanagans earned them the title ‘ The American Luftwaffe ‘ and one can imagine them receiving hundreds of cuntings every day of the week, the daft cunts.

  17. Off point…..
    The not so are running a story that arch wanker Hammond has said the UK would pay £45 million without any guarantee of a trade deal?? Apparently the maybot has slapped the undertaker down!, unbelievable stuff! If true she should have dismissed the useless Cunt on the spot!! May has absolutely no control over her cabinet ! TAXI….

    • Breaking news…..
      Labours chief whip in House of Lords (lord bassam ) quits after fiddling £260,00 in expenses over 7 years!! Nice one Cunt!

      Tony Blair found dead in brothel!! ( wishful thinking)

      • Tony Blair found running a brothel is far more likely.

        A lot of money in that fucking game and……thanks to Tony….plenty of Iron Curtain slags to earn it for him.

          • Or being a rent boy.
            Tony Blair was a rent boy.
            Rent boy, rent boy, rent boy and the case files are there to prove it.
            A socialist charging for blow job’s. I wonder if he was in a union.

          • He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street Magistrates Court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man; little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them. He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street Magistrates Court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man; little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

      • Apparently he was making Secondary expenses claim of £41000 at the same time which he wasn’t entitled to …….
        for my money he’s still a dodgy Cunt…….

        • Gentlemen, come now, you would only ever find his skin at the scene….
          I.e. The whole suit……r

      • Good cunting – apart from the fact that the Standards Committee found he’d technically broken no rules and that the sum in question was seven years’ worth of annual travel costs (approx £6,400 per annum)!

        What’s your source – the Daily Mail…??

        • Actually Fred it’s was on sky news and the independent have covered it too…….
          apparently he’s resigned

          • So he has resigned and offered to pay back the £41,000 travel expenses but apparently there’s questions about a £260,000 allowance for a property outside of London…….
            interesting to see how this plays out…….

    • Hell on Earth is living in Malmo.

      Between excessive liberal leaning and over-aggressive third-wave feminism, Sweden has been ruined beyond repair. They make the UK look postively glorious in comparison. But if the Tories continue to fuck up royally, a Swedish libtard state is what we will be getting.

      I’m sure I read about a Swedish white paper proposing that unwanted stares given to women by men could constitute a sexual harassment offence. Or something along those lines.

      Does no fucker left in Sweden have any balls?

    • mmm wonder if that would work in the UK?
      Mr quisling you’ve shot 6 people!! “ sorry I didn’t realise that all the chambers had bullets in them”
      ah! Okay don’t worry about it…
      FFS!! Sweden is fucked…..

  18. Their is a very good reason why YANK…… Rhymes …… With PLANK and WANK

    But Quite clearly Cunts …. The lot of them….

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