Gap Years

The Gap year!.. Someone please tell me why in fucks name, some air headed fuckwit blond with big tits needs to fuck off for a full year to some camel shagging country all by her fuckingself, taking no fucking phone, maps or fucking plans, and then whinges because she gets fucking raped?

This gap year shite is just an excuse for workshy thick as shit students to “explore” the world believing that the “world is at one, and we are the world” These retarded fuckwits know absolutely fuck all about anything. They have attended a fucking university straight from mammas tit, and with fuck all in the way of education in between. They have been indoctrinated by liberal arseholes and live in a fucking haze of cuckoo shit. It is often up to the taxpayer to fund their fucking rescue to extricate then from the real world where their ignorance and stupidity are lethal. And the cost to Mamma an Daddy!!! Having created a massive mountain of debt by going to fuckwit university, to get a degree in “How to tie my shoes” ( BSc ) They embark on reckless abandon into the void for a ” life experience”

Can you imagine in our day, telling your parents that you can’t be arsed to get a job, and you were going at their expense for a year long holiday.?!!!!

And for now, they are even wanting to gap between leaving 6th form and Uni, and taking a second gap in year 2 or 3.. Jeez. Vacuous retarded self indulgNment cockwombles! Cunts, every fucking one of them!

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48 thoughts on “Gap Years

  1. This government ought to take a gap year. Take a bit of time out……AND DON’T FUCKING COME BACK YOU USELESS SACKS OF SHIT!!!

  2. Haven’t got a problem with youngsters wanting to see a bit of the world before being tied down with commitments, its the cunts who take from the Bank of Mumuh and Daduh to go to some famine ridden African shithole to dig wells, build schools or teach English because it ticks the right boxes of being a virtuous cunt.

  3. What about all the “students” who take a gap year over here and NEVER FUCKING GO HOME!


  4. It’s basically bragging rights.

    They all turn up at their chosen poly and go on about how virtuous they’ve been. Dopey fucking twats could do with a year in the real world learning how to say please and thank you, not walking round transfixed to their phone and not wearing those ridiculous skinny bastard jeans.

  5. The old ‘Gap Yah’, an excuse to piss around helping cunts whilst trying to ‘find yourself’. Fuck off.

    • You may be disappointed CMC, not sure the ladies still do business down Portman Road these days.

      Dunno where they went – too old to give a fuck if I’m honest.

  6. My youngest daughter is 26 and has given up a good job in London to take a few months out to travel to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and finally Australia (where she has obtained a work visa).

    She wanted to go after finishing university however I was able to persuade her to establish her chosen career and to finish her professional qualifications.

    To be honest not the life choice I would have made however she has my blessing as it is something she has always wanted to do and is using her own funds to finance the entire trip.

    • Good on her WS…..
      Best thing I ever did was to travel, did the Thailand Australia New Zealand trip but also India, Israel Egypt and a few others..
      Travel gave me a different perspective on things…..
      Like your daughter all self funded…….

      • I would add to these two posts that all the countries you’ve mentioned – still the most popular gap year destinations – are outside the EU, and yet it’s cunty little snowflake kids who bleated like fuck about us voting for Brexit and how it would make it impossible for them to travel.

    • Brilliant, good to l hear some common sense.

      When she gets back she can pickup her career again piece of piss.

  7. Off topic, in case anyone missed it, at last someone in Government is talking some common sense:

    Apparently defence secretary Gavin Williamson has said British citizens who fight for Islamic State should not be allowed back into the UK and were being “hunted down. A dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain.”

    Previously the terror laws watchdog said that Britain should “reintegrate” jihadis who had fought in war zones. Stupid fucking Cunts!

    But Williamson now says armed forces are working “right across the globe” to ensure jihadis are never able to return.

    “I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country,” he said. Phew!

    Full story:

    • Yes, an outbreak of common sense and anger at these vile cunts. Will probably get him sacked.

    • That’s brilliant news and about time , but SB you have to wonder if they will backslide on that, dilute it here and there?
      Let’s hope not……

      • Agree – all a bit unbelievable considering the spineless nature of current administration. If they rub out even one cunt under this policy I’ll be surprised.

        Maybe Williamson is preparing the ground, positioning himself for the inevitable Tory leadership contest next year…

  8. My daughter took a gap year to take a course in cooking, then went on to get a first class degree in nutrition. She says the gap year was a great decision.

    My son spunked his A levels playing computer games and the only gap is between his fucking ears.

  9. My cousin took one on his 30s……
    And he is most certainly a cunt of giant proportions
    He is now 51 and decides to become a father ….!!!!!!!!
    That is the mentality of these supposedly educated fuck knuckles……..

  10. I don’t mind the ones who admit that they’re just having a year bumming around overseas. Good luck to them,particularly if their parents are soft enough to fund their travelling. I’d have loved to do it.
    What fucks me off is the ones who claim to be doing good deeds. Fuck off,you soft wankers. I remember listening to one young girl telling me about how her and her friends had helped to build a schoolroom in some Bongo-Bongo land. What a load of bollocks, I’d known the lassy for years and she was not the practical type. I wouldn’t have felt too safe sitting in any construction her and her equally vacuous friends had had a hand in building.
    Let them go on their Gap year,but at least admit that it’s nothing more than a fucking good blow-out before they have to join the rest of us miserable bastards grafting to pay into a system which treats us with utter contempt.

    Fuck them.

      • I read on the internet that Lenny Henry actually fucked Dawn French. Now I might think that he’s a total Cunt ,but even I don’t believe that of him.

      • Scameron took a gap year to watch someone build him a shed.

        No doubt he will write some shite in it for the cunt at the Evening Standard to print off.

  11. What happened yesterday was quite astonishing. A few months ago David Davies said the government was undertaking 52 separate ‘impact assessments’ on the repercussions of brexit. Questioned in committee yesterday about their progress, he said they weren’t actually happening, WTF !? Incredible. So has he been lying to us all along? i’m Amazed there hasn’t been a bigger stink about this.also I have a confession to make, I voted for brexit but am now having second thoughts.

    • I know what you mean, Richard 1. I too voted for Brexit,and would again,but I certainly wouldn’t vote for the “Brexit” which it appears we are going to get.
      We are going to end up still tied into their laws and rules,paying in billions,but will have lost any influence that we may have had. Perhaps if the right people (Fuck knows who) had been in charge of the negotiations,we may have come out of it well,but we haven’t and we won’t.
      Sometimes it’s better to be pragmatic and accept that a Pyrrhic victory will be all that we will have achieved if we continue.

  12. I actually spent a year travelling America in my early 20’s though I’d saved up for it since school and I actually spent 3 months working in Los Angeles while I was over there.

    • As I did in Australia working on farms picking fruit and doing furniture removals in the city, this was all pre Brexit and Trump and Iraq was being peacefully liberated by Bush and his poodle cunt Blair at the time.

      Today I’m guessing there would be a lot of pre/post university snowflake cunts out there, with chips on their shoulders brimming with outrage if you were a bit right wing and expressed an opinion they didn’t like over a few beers after work. End up under the combi in a ‘farming incident’.

  13. Don’t worry, it ain’t happening anyway. Yesterday was proof if ever you needed it….even the so called brexiteer is in on the scam.
    The Tories will have to pay for this betrayal but they obviously think it’s worth it. Cunts.

  14. I got to see the world joining the military at 18. It’s much more intuitive than a fucking gap year.

  15. I finished school at 15 and decided to take a prolonged gap year before college. I’m 35 now and still at it as I’m kind of used to it now. Although I’ve funded my prolonged gap year myself by working in shit jobs and also a stint in the army.

    • I’m waiting for one of the robotic ones. By the time I’ve pumped the present one up, I’m past porking it.

      • Those breasts have been artificially enlarged imo. Still prefer the more boyish figure me…

    • And a lifetime of peace n quiet, no nagging and no having to fix all the things that they seem to break. Women are vandals, big time. Think money grows on trees as well.

  16. My gap year was in the early nineties when I lost my job and spent fifteen months on the dole subsidised by my savings before finally getting an even shittier job. And I didn’t manage to do anything virtuous at all. In fact it never entered my mind.

  17. Fuckin gap year
    We are needing a 2 year gap year for every person at age 18 its called ……..

    • That’s what this country needs, some heartbreak ridge / full metal jacket style national service.

      Any cunt doesn’t complete it gets sent to New Cumnock for life. Also barred for life from getting served booze at the Spar.

    • Small problem: you’d have to put the NCO’s who’d be doing the training in fear of their lives to make them supervise the entitled cunts. And – horror- actually increase the defence budget to pay for it. Fine idea though it is.
      However, our cut-price Romanian/Polish/Albanian agricultural workforce may soon have to go home (given one moment of accidental competence from May) and there will certainly be vacancies in the cabbage-cutting and peaplucking industries. Forced labour in these areas,for 17-20- year olds, under ex-forces gangmasters, at rates commensurate with the North Korean living wage, would prepare our youth for the real world, and indeed, those still wanting degrees would be motivated to do them in, say, a year, rather than three (England) or four (Scotland, ffs)

      • BTW, I claim no credit for the proposal. Mao Zhedong aka Mao-Tse-Tung wanted school leavers to do two years hard in the fields before even considering a career.

  18. I left school and spent my gap year in my bedroom playing records, wanking, and smoking myself to death, before my parents managed to break down the door. Simpler, happier times.

    • I went through a similar period in my youth, only it was the other way round, smoking and wanking myself to death.

  19. Fucking gap year people have nearly ruined several trips for me. I used to save up my leave and bugger of to Asia for months at a time. Chiang Mai in Thailand sticks out in my mind, two cunts from Cambridge Uni (do not know which college,) just moaned and bitched for 7 solid days and nights on a jungle walking trek, they thought there £100 for a whole 7 days included a hotel and not a tent, they were a tad miffed when dinner came flapping directly from the Mekong on the end of a fishing line,”what’s the vegetarian option?” enquired one of the mongs, The Thai guide just looked at him and blurted out”You go hungry,” the cunt started crying! after 2 days he was no longer a vegetarian – funny that.

  20. Typical middle classes. While normal people through the ages have to oearn independance by, I don’t know, getting a job and learning some fucking responsibility, of course these spoiled little shits have to do it in a way that somehow makes them better than everyone else. The mundane is just for the proles for these cunts, they are fucking special.

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