Theresa May [10]

Theresa May is the most incompetent cunt ever to hold the position of PM.

Leaving aside the budget before last, the election campaign and the clueless weak minded negotiations with the EU and ‘how much money do you want’, we have the latest fuck up. Making NI different to the rest of the UK was the stupidest fucking cave -in of all time.

Does she not think of consequences? Apart from the DUP obviously (to all but May) not wearing it what did she think the response would be from Scotland and probably Wales? The Krankies would be all over it like a fucking rash with cries of ‘me too’. This is what they were asking for all along. The sheepshaggers would also chance their arm, although the Welsh population might think differently.

We have a choice between incompetent Tories and incompetent Marxists. Both parties headed up by incompetent cunts. Is it beyond the wit of this woman to get someone to think things through for her?
Theresa May. Useless, humourless, incompetent cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(London, Scotland and Wales have already said they want the same concession)

74 thoughts on “Theresa May [10]

  1. Every decision she has made since becoming prime minister has been the wrong decision.

    Had the opportunity to stop the rapid decline of this once great nation but has well and truly fucked it.

    No backbone, no integrity, no conscience, no intelligence and no idea.

    Useless bitch.

  2. I’ve lived under more cuntish governments ( ie Thatcher and Blair) but for sheer bloody uselessness the hunchback stick insect takes the biscuit.
    Surely this must be all part of some dastardly plan? Nobody can be genuinely that fucking stupid. Can they?

    • A genuine conundrum Freddie …Thatcher was a cunt, but at least she was a cunt who knew what she wanted and took few prisoners in pursuance of her goal.

      How could Mrs May’s close colleagues not have recognised her for the useless cunt she is, long before becoming PM? I give up.

      • They DID realise what an utter cuntrag she is- that’s precisely why she got the job. So all of those other useless cunts who wouldn’t stand a cunt in hell’s chance of becoming TopCunt could pull her strings.
        My cat would make a better PM than this frigid cunt.

        • May is the scapegoat, the Tories know what there doing and will get rid of the useless cow when they want to. Right now she’s usefull, once the negotiations get to a certain point she be told to fuck off and enjoy her pension or get some pointless job in the party.

          • BWC, that would be ok if she didn’t keep going rogue and sucking off Cunt Juncker whilst simultaneously sticking her middle finger up to all us English cunts.

          • Ok, I get it.

            They need Brexit to fail big time, so they leave May in charge knowing that would be the inevitable outcome, and when the whole thing goes belly-up in 2019 May can be blamed for EVERYTHING and some Remainiac Tory cunt will take over and lead us back to the promised land where Barnier & Druncker are waiting open armed to embrace their prodigal son, or more importantly the €10 billion a year net membership payments in his back pocket.


          • She can go back to reducing immigration by tens of thousands again. She will fail miserably as previously.

  3. This country in a nutshell: they are now telling us that the piece of muslamist human filth who murdered so many innocent people at the Manchester Arena was ‘known’ to security and intelligence services… But, of course, nothing was done… Their excuse? ‘We have to decide which ones we may need to watch’… How about deporting or arresting the fucking lot of them? What a bunch of spineless and appeasing cunts…

    • It’s May’s fault again – as Home Secretary she accused Plod and the Security Services of “crying wolf” when they told her that any further cuts to their budgets would impede their ability to fight terrorism.

      Seems they weren’t crying wolf after all, and May is an even bigger cunt than first thought.

  4. May is indeed the most useless cunt ever to be put in charge of anything. I wouldn’t trust her to watch an electric kettle. She is an embarrassment to her country and to herself.

    At least Arlene Foster stood strong and resolute and steadfast. And more importantly, her people stood united behind her.

    How the fuck do you get useless cunt May out of office without getting Corbcunt instead though?

    A cuntish situation if ever there was one.

    • Most definitely a cuntish situation, the thought of Corbyn, that other cunt and Abbot and Thornberry running the country is a sad possibiltiy.

  5. In the words of Neil in the Young Ones….’you think that’s bad’. Yeh Brexit’s bad and appears to be conducted by lazy cunts who only meet once a month to discuss it and who fucking knows where it’s going end, the lazy bastards but then I read today that the Croydon Cat Killer has killed up to 400 cats since circa 2014 and then I thought, now that really is one lazy cunt, 400 cats in 3 years lazy fucker. Come on cat man pull your finger out.
    Im not really a fan of cats and can’t help but think if the fuckers had the vote they’d vote Green and Remain, cunts the lot of em.

  6. If you told me a couple of years ago we would have a PM who was even more shit than Gordon Brown, I would have laughed and called anyone who said that a stupid daft cunt.

    Then Saggie May happened.

    She calls an election when she didn’t need to.
    She then runs the most eye wateringly crap election campaign I can ever remember to scrape defeat from the jaws of success.
    She was shitted up Brexit so badly I fear the whole damn thing is not going to happen at all.
    She has rolled over to the EU demands in a way that even Tony fucking Blair would be envious.
    She has simultaneously pissed off the DUP with a deal they do not want and at the same time have noted cunts Cuntwyn Jones, the SNP cunts and Suckdick Khunt all demand what they she tried to foist on Northern Ireland.

    My dear fellow cunters, I present to you Theresa May, the surely undisputed COTY 2017!

    • Perplexing. Like most people, I thought Zelda would have gone by Christmas but here we are and the sight of her dismal, uncomfortable sneer is still ongoing. It’s like someone’s smeared a bit of lipstick on a gargoyle and hung some Oxfam beads round its neck.

      • The worst thing about that statement of yours Fred is that I can’t disprove it, May is that useless!

        At this rate she will soon be hitting Ted Heath level crapness!

  7. May should,with hindsight,never been made Tory leader,and without the Brexit vote,she never would have become P.M. We’d have had Gideon after Cameron,probably with a large majority because Project Fear would never have happened. Although we all knew that Cameron and Osborne held the plebs’view in contempt,they’d have continued in charge.

    Brexit changed everything and the unexpected result left the Tory party the choice of the backstabbing Gove,the opportunistic blowhard Johnson or the “Safe pair of hands” Mrs May. Hence we ended up with a woman uncommitted to delivering what was always going to be a massively difficult task..Brexit. May had never shown herself to be an exceptionable or inspirational leader while Home Secretary,so it was always unlikely that she was suddenly going to become a truly “difficult woman”…She just doesn’t have the mettle or obstinance needed to deliver a result in something that she didn’t even fully support to begin with.

    I don’t think that May is a terrible politician. I think that she is just a pretty limited politician trying to fudge a result which she believes is the best that we can hope for. She isn’t committed to Brexit,the EU negotiators know this.

    We are going to end up with a Brexit which gives us the worst of both worlds…we will continue to be bound to them,while having lost our voice. I voted for Brexit,and would again,but I wouldn’t vote for Brexit again if it means we end up with the result that it looks like we are going to get. We are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater…agree to anything to achieve an illusionary Brexit.

    May may be a Cunt,but I fear that she’s no worse than any other politician who might have been faced with the task of delivering Brxit. The money men don’t want Brexit and the “voice of the people” won’t change that. May never had a chance,and her own shortcomings merely obscure the fact that the public vote is superfluous. We are not masters of our own destiny. It’s too late for that.

    Fuck them.

    • Well said Dick Fiddler. I am hoping May ends up saying no deal to prove herself a ‘Difficult Woman’ I doubt it though, I cant believe the amount of cunt remainer politicitians openly acting like cunts over Brexit. The fact that the result was so close has given them the excuse to be all defiant.

    • Dick Fiddler –
      That was a damn good analysis. Now can we please cunt and continue cunting, ‘the money men’ whose interests are always put before the citizens’? Most of the time the clueless politicians don’t know who’s pulling their strings. That makes them cunts, sure, but they’re not the real cunts.

  8. If they made a movie, no-one would believe it. Her disasters are a weekly occurrence. To unilaterally declare Northern Ireland independent without telling anyone. It’s laughable, but it’s not.

    • I refer the Rt. Honourable gentleman to my previous post, e.g.
      They want Brexit to fail big time, so they leave May in charge knowing that would be the inevitable outcome, and when the whole thing goes belly-up in 2019 May can be blamed for EVERYTHING and some Remainiac Tory cunt will take over and lead us back to the promised land where Barnier & Druncker are waiting open armed to embrace their prodigal son, or more importantly the €10 billion a year net membership payments in his back pocket.

      Hollywood will no doubt change a few details, but that’ll be the movie in a nutshell, probably…

  9. Yeah the money men don’t want Brexit…..but they don’t want Catweazle either. I wonder……it wouldn’t be the first time a hard line lefty has turned his coat.
    Think Kinnock….lifelong trade unionist, unilateralist and CND member who sold his soul for an Armani suit, a ride on the EU gravy train and a seat in the Lords.
    Ladies and gentlemen I give you…..Lord Corbyn, the saviour of Brussels!!!
    Stranger things have happened.

    • The principled lifelong anti EU campaigner suddenly campaigns for Remain in the Referendum. His mentor Tony Benn would have been proud. Not!

      Think you’re right. He’s smartened up his image, played down Unilateral disarmament and pro terrorist stance…another Kinnock in the making? Or something far more dangerous – a wolf lying low in sheep’s clothing…

        • Any old wolf?

          It’s always possible Comrade Corbyn & his ludicrous crew might prove to be the first Commie Libtard administration not to destroy their country’s respective economy and hard fought for freedoms, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  10. i think cats would definitely pursue a career in the ‘arts’ so they could ponce of all the fuckers with proper jobs.
    Viva Croydon Catman! Oh and May can get to France too!

  11. I wish she would just fuck off and give some other cunt, any cunt (apart from that Sour-berries EU shill cunt) a go in charge for a bit and to hopefully right the ship before the next general election rolls around.

    She is without doubt the only candidate who would guarantee Comrade Corbyn a resounding victory in the commons (in a reversal of Maggie Vs Foot) and then we are truly fucked, because then not only would we be hemorrhaging monies to the EU – while accepting all those massive benefits of free movement of people, etc. – but we get the double-whammy of pissing even more money at the workshy and gifting it to lazy idle “peaceful” & African immos (who will all be granted citizenship on entry – but hey – what’s a few bombs between friends)!

    She has to fucking go, and go now before the full scrotum gets all the way in her mouth to go with the EU cock she’s being forced to swallow!


    There now follows a party political broadcast for COTY.

    VOTE MAY!!!
    VOTE MAY!!!
    VOTE MAY!!!

    It’s to be sure that it’ll be the most votes that cunt gets in any subsequent election!

    And before some smart cunt cheeses off about your voting for a “party” not a “person”, yeah I know, so please feel free to fuck off!

  12. If this all goes belly up there is zero chance we could stay in on the current terms. No way Hose A or B for that matter. Even if we just flushed article 50 down the pan that would have Drunker, Tuthsk, Verpeadostadt and Barnyay having a game of jizz on the biscuit with the biscuit being replaced by a map of the UK. They’d think they had died and gone to the great corrupt club in the sky. Oh you can come back in as a new member, here’s your new terms!!!!!!! Imagine going on holday to EU countries there would be a chicken noise played every time a UK citezen walked through security. A master stroke would be to get Mavis jettisoned through the waste port then elect Priti Patel as leader. She’d be untouchable. Any cunt what disagreed with her would get accused of racism. And she’s a true Brexiter. Two birds one stone.

    • Macron stated a few weeks ago that article 50 can be reversed. On balance think they’d rather have us stay as before than risk losing us (€10 billion a year) altogether. Also can’t really see Parliament voting to Remain on less favourable terms anyway, unless it’s dressed up as Brexit.

  13. Theresa May is an English cunt. Typical English cunt.
    It’s the typical Sassenach approach to everything, being a cunt.

    Fuckin Morris dancing, full breakfast eating, articulate, southern English, Scottish hating cunt.

    • You horrible bigot. How dare you come on a site called “…is a Cunt” and be rude? Cut it out or I’ll scream and scream until I make myself sick.

      I like everyone,I do. They’re all really nice. 🙂 .

      • Here, here DF. Better get some kip, your up early tomorrow to go over to Calais and hand out soup and blankets, Lily Allen fucking poser, Fiddler Towers has loads of rooms I bet.

      • Fuck ’em, Dick Fiddler.
        They drink tea ffs and eat HP, Yorkshire puddings, bakewell tarts, gave us cheddar, Blackpool rock, pasties and pies, Man/d-chester, Alicia Rhodes and much more.
        Oh, and and qualify for major football tournaments, so fuck’ em.

    • Don’t forget by her own admission, a corn field invading, vandalising, trespassing cunt.

  14. Saw a book in WH Smiths on my dinner hour… ‘How To Be A Woman’ by Caitlin Moran… Well, from what I could see on the cover, she hasn’t mastered it yet… One of the most colossal, gigantic, and monumental cunts in Britain today….

    • How to be a woman step 1.
      Go fuckin’ apeshite when yer man puts back a fallen bauble in the wrong place.

      • How to be a woman step 2.
        Watch a load of crap on the telly (like Strictly or a shite film like The Danish Girl): and when some cunt starts blubbing go ‘Awww’ without bothering to open your mouth… So it sounds like a fucking cow going ‘Mmmmmurrrr!’

        Irritating as fucking fuck…

        • How to be a woman step 3.
          Think Lily Allen is a cool, edgy, and compassionate role model for young women and girls…

          • Step 6

            Think money grows on trees.

            Step 7

            Never stop talking, nag your unfortunate “other half” to cut the grass every 5 minutes and fix all the things you’ve broken around the house, before you possibly allow him to rape you.

  15. Step 5.
    Fill up the TV recorder hard drive with more hours of TV per day than you can possibly watch.

    When at near full capacity, delete his programs to make room for Xmas specials from cunts like Jamie Oliver, James Martin doing festive shit food and working wonders with left overs.

    Topped off by cunts like Schofield & Kirstie Allsop telling you how Christmas should be in “your home”. Cunts.

    • Step 6.

      Nag the hell out of him so he posts a new comment instead of a reply to continue the saga.

    • That’s why me and the wife have separate HDD recorders – in fact the wife has two, always filled to bursting! I still have 130 hours left on mine…
      All three WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  16. At least with them the cuntry goes straight down the toilet and doesn’t cling on to the rim as it is at the moment.

  17. Interesting thing about May is that whether you are a Tory, a Labour, Lib Dem or another political party, or of no political persuasion, she is still a cunt

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