I want to Cunt Stonewall, Sly News have been promoting this self righteous virtue signaling organisation who demand how we should speak and think about about Gay Lesbian LGBGT persons. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less about gays or Lesbians or even if a bloke wants to cut his dick off and wear a skirt but I take great exception to being told how I should speak and think. Don’t these fucking Nazis Stonewall understand that by controlling our thoughts and opinions they are making matters worse for the people they are supposed to represent ?.

That’s why this highly esteemed site ISACUNT exists. It’s a backlash against all the absurd leftist liberal cuntitude that is being dictated to us every day. ISACUNT is one of the last bastions where common sense still prevails. Hopefully we are still the silent majority.

Nominated by Fenton Fistula.

99 thoughts on “Stonewall

  1. Until it was so endlessly forced down my fucking throat, I never gave a continental fuck what people did with regard sexual orientation, gender classification, dressing up etc. It honestly never bothered me – but that isn’t enough for the agressive liberal contingent is it?

    I seemingly have to acknowledge them whether I like it or not, according to bastards like Stonewall. It seems imperative to them that not only are the 400 types of gender and 57 varieties of bumfuckers/rugmunchers given top billing in social affairs, they are also to be given preferrential treatment; the recurring theme from the fucking left of course on their cunting lobbying. Arguments that these deviant fucks should be exempt from official sex classification on passports; that each and every sub-category of increasingly niche freak should be officially recognised as a legitimate gender; allowing them to select on a whim which male/female facilities apply to them (from toilets to fucking prisons)… even typing this stuff out makes me shake my fucking head at the total madness of it all.

    The aggressive promotion of this sort of tiny, tiny minority of individuals is now standard fare for the left and cunts like Stonewall railroad others into acceptance, using tactics ranging from guilt to outright accusations of right-wing fascism.

    I tire of many in the LGBTQCVBAXKDJDN collective who seem to think it is vital for the world to know how they swing and what they do, announcing as loudly as they can and thinking it is a victory for them to proclaim their orientation. Acceptance isn’t enough; equal rights aren’t enough – they want to infect our schools, our culture and even fucking re-write history and literature with all this gender-neutral bullshit. I hate it. i fucking hate the sheer insanity of this type of runaway liberal doctrine.

    Is there any country in the Western world safe from the scourge of these sorts of utter, utter cuntfucks?

    • Thanks for your excellent reply Empire, i dont have the same lyrical excellence that you and other cunters possess but you obviously get my point.

    • That’s my sentiments exactly Empire never gave a flying one way or another. But now you can’t have a non interested position you have to either be pro or con and heaven help you if you’re con because then you’ll be a full on Nazi fascist scum bastard.
      My advice to the LGBTQWXYT community is shut the fuck up or fuck off to Saudi Arabia heard they are getting a bit more tolerant.

      • The previous three posts have said it all for me – brilliantly articulated – cheers.

  2. Turns out that J P Morgan, Barclays and Lloyds have associated themselves with these nothing better to do than mince around at weekends cunts. Surely there must be loads of jobs need doing around the house and garden.

  3. I is a gay and I agree. They are extremists who fuck people off with their Corbyn loving shite….

    • I is a defo non-vanilla hetero perv, but as the luscious Carol Vorderman once said
      “We’ve all got something at the back of our wardrobe”
      That’s a very sensible attitude to take. I agree with her, and on some occasions, when I’ve worn some items out and about, no-one’s batted an eyelid or sometimes I’ve even received positive comments on my attire.

      So there !!

      And I certainly don’t want or need a bloody great log-jam of Whining Owen Jones-type turds blocking up the roads, ostensibly on my behalf. They are just an embarrasment to us all.

      • I fucking hate this euphemistic handle ” gay”. Gay to me is some fucker who is a happy little cunt. Nearly every fucking poof I know is a miserable fuckwit with no sense of humour.

  4. I guess that years ago Stonewall was a voice for these people and, yes, the homosexuals were victimised. With successive laws passed this is no longer the case. Arguably then, Stonewall’s work is done and they should have been dismantled.

    No, there are too many people making a good living out of Stonewall and some who are not, but who would like to continue Stonewall in furtherance of an absolute homosexually dominanted society.

    As with TECB above, I couldn’t give two tugs on the terrapin’s todger about homosexuality. But now these cunts are hungry to tell people how to think, they want to infect schools and culture. I am fed up of seeing batty boy adverts on the sides of London buses. Their ethos is now beginning to make straight, white males such as me, despise what they stand for.

    Stonewall will make enemies with those dissenters of sound mind, who they try to squash with their big pink jackboot.

  5. NHS asking 10 year olds if they feel comfortable with their assigned gender? FUCK OFF WITH THIS SHIT. Can’t talk about specifics due to confidentaility but, seriously, this is MADNESS.

  6. Totally agree with all posts, just another bunch of cunts who’s endless banging of the drum actually does more harm than good….

  7. I’ve just heard on the radio this morning that the met office has issued a yellow snow warning in my area. There’s some dirty cunts around!

  8. Stonewall, if they went to downtown Damascus with that shit they’d be up against a wall and Stoned to death. On a brighter subject that Carol from BBC weather has got a fine pair of tits. I’d love to wake up after using them as my pillow. Black and White cunt is getting on a bit now so I need to get in on some of the older woman action.

    • I find myself increasingly looking at older women too; the depressing realisation that I am now at the age I always considered for women to be classed in the MILF category.

      I’m getting hard-ons on repeat for Jo Coburn (Daily Politics presenter). I bet she’s an absolute fucking animal in the bedroom.

      • Yep I’ve seen her on that politics programme and thought she has some naughty fetishes, I’d definitely give her one whilst discussing Brexit. Me personally am 39 and it’s a weird age because after banging a 21 year old at a Wedding I know that I’m not interested in the younger ladies based upon lack of things in common (must be turning into an old cunt) and most late twenties early thirties want kids and to settle down. I’m thinking I need to go back to living the bachelor lifestyle before its too late and I’m somewhat washed up cunt.

        • I hear you, chap. Other ageing vixens which give me the rise include Amanda Lamb, Liz Kendall MP (cunt) and Glynis Barber. In fact I would gladly sell most relatives for a crack at the latter even in her early 60s.

          A few months ago, I caught a particularly leggy Murder She Wrote era Angela Lansbury and thought “not bad”.

          Angela Lansbury. Angela fucking Lansbury. I’ll get help.

          • Julia McKenzie not bad either !!
            I remember arriving in Switzerland early 2005, and seeing quite a tasty JMK look-alike on the front of their equivalent of Radio Times.
            Her name was Marie-Therese Porchet.
            Well, I was obv. getting a blind old cunt, even then…
            She was none other than a circus drag-act, real name Joseph Gorgiono (IIRC)

      • Jo Coburn would eat you alive – you might even relive that state of pure animal bliss, when all it took in the past was to be 15 and in possession of a good ‘Continental’ porn mag.

        Unfortunately Jo not quite my cup of minge juice, but certainly understand the appeal!

      • The thing I’ve noticed is I’ve become invisible to younger women! As you get older your radar signature gets smaller and smaller, just the other day a very attractive girl literally ran me over with her trolley in Tescos!
        The only attractive young women who talk to me nowadays are the barmaids at my local… life’s a Cunt!! 😡

        • I had several wanks in the school toilets over a picture of Anita Harris (!) in a mini skirt pulled up to reveal a perfect flash of inner thighs and snow white panties…even at the time I thought how absurd it seemed to be cumming over such an insipid family entertainer.

          • FUCK! It wasn’t Anita Harris, it was… CLODAGH RODGERS… Sorry cunters – you know how I hate to mislead on matters of National importance!

      • I have a developed a habit of viewing Milfs and Gilfs on Xhamster on a daily basis. I’m signing off Isacunt right now for some shameless heavy wrist action. 🤦‍♂️💪

      • Back in the day honor Blackman!! At 92 she’s eventually fallen off my radar 😂 but will forever have a special in my wank bank…..

          • Think it is because I can imagine her as a very dirty sort of dominatrix Shitcake.

            Used to having extremely bossy women in my life but suspect she would add an extra level to proceedings. Even more bossy than the tiny Mrs Stroker assuming that is possible.

    • I got a Eyeful of carol this morning, fuck knows what she was saying about the weather!
      Decent rack without question..

      • Bethany Hughes recent Roman History series on Channel 5 was a joy, as were her magnificent bangers.

        • Any gays out there fancy Nigel Lawson?

          Have to admit to occasional movement in the trouser department when certain Sky presenters/reporters take centre stage in our living room…Beff, Isabel, Amanda, REBECCA…insane, I know. Must be all down to a “defective” gene or two.

        • And her rubber gloves that she keeps for handling (oily) chillies.
          Or not, depending on your preferences. Go for the burn !!

  9. There’s an lgbtxyz “centre” in my city. Had a good look around the rest of the city and was unable to find a “fucking normal” centre.
    I think most people would agree that if you saw a straight person parading around the street shouting loudly about their chosen sexuality that it would be offensive. The same is true of everyone else and every sexuality.
    Having this overt and extreme public display about sexuality is what is offensive.
    Makes you wonder, as those who shout about sex are normally the ones getting very little of it.
    And btw, that cunt palace of a centre didn’t have a disabled access ramp. Not very inclusive is it? Prejudice CUNTS.

    • Interesting how many manority demographics are almost always cast as ‘offensive’ by the metro lib shitcunts:


      Can someone tell me exactly why these are all such dirty words? Or is it just extreme self-loathing from left-wing quisling cunts?

  10. It’s the “gender assignment” which I find most disturbing and also the way in which straight “right-on” folk have the very condescending attitude towards gay people in the old draconian manner of the 70’s/80’s where two men in a gay relationship one of the males had to be the “woman” and in a lesbian relationship one of the females had to be the “man”.

    As Kravdarth and Deploy the Sausage will no doubt attest, whilst being gay I bet they both identify as men. Similarly most lesbians will identify as being women.

    Stonewall and their “right-on” virtue-signalling cunts drag these labels right back to the era of flares and most gay/lesbian folk think these “gender assignment” cunts are as nutty as fruitcakes just like the rest of society.

    The other repugnant fact about cunts like this is the fact that they’re the first fuckers in line to “hug a peaceful” when, if they even bothered to check, most “peaceful” cunts the world over – including those infecting western countries – would quite happily throw said gay folk from buildings and feel no remorse in doing so.

    Gender assignment (men stating they are women and vice versa) is a mental illness and just because they think that way does not make it a fact. Genetics make it a fact.

    It is also repugnant that gender fluidity – even to the point of medical intrusion (in San Francisco – where else) – of children as young as 6yrs old is being promoted as mainstream by cunt organisations like this and – more worryingly – the liberalised education establishment.

    No the wonder “peaceful” cunts are getting more and more emboldened in their nefarious activities across the west when we have cunts like this being made prominent by libbo meejah outlets across the “civilised” (allegedly) western world.

    They must be giggling their bomb-making asses off!

    What a total bunch of cunt!

  11. Is Jurgen Klopp a stonewall supporter. If he isn’t he fuckin well should be the pussy whinging cunt. He made himself a fucking laughing stock in his post match interview by insulting the guy asking him the questions. When the soup kitchen looking cunt asked the interviewer if he thought it was a penno and the guy said yes, a soft one, the crying cunt then sez ‘well we that’s the interview over coz I only want to speak to people who know a bit about the game’. Unfortunately Mr Fleabag If you put your hands into the back of a player in the box he’s going down whatever colour shirt you’re wearing. I would suggest the cunt has a word with his own fucking player before sobbing at his own teams inability to win against a very low confidence Everton team. It didn’t take the cunt long to adopt the sense of entitlement attitude at Red Shite Towers. Kraut Cunt.

    • Didn’t see the game but caught his post match interview, klopp was crying like a small child who had dropped his sweets on the way home from primary school…. Man up you kraut kunt!! …….

  12. If any cunter is experiencing severe cooling of the bladder on this cold and frosty day just google Lily Madigan to restore superheated status. Good morning.

  13. Oxfam asking for money to pay for water filters that “remove 99% of deadly viruses.” So effectively the sand people are drinking water that contain 1% of all deadly viruses. Sounds like a really good deal.

    • I smell a scam here. Oxfam usually pocket 99p in every pound.
      If we use the british traveltap as an example which is £25, that means oxfam will want £2500 for every filter……cunts

      • Since records began in 1998 ( Water Aid Africa ) £47 Billion has been given by the international community. This would be sufficient to provide safe drinking water for. All of Africa, Most of India. And all Pakistan and Bangladesh.

        This shite is another Global Con

  14. The ABBC are bringing Dennis the Menace back to our screens.

    O’course just in case it frightens any of the children of generation snowflake they’ve dropped the “Menace” bit.

    So does that mean that Minnie is no longer a Minx but a gender fluid pre-teen?

    Fuck’s sake! IT’S A COMIC!!!

  15. That Lily bird would get one from me…….a fucking boot up the arse and a good slapping. Filthy attention seeking bag of shite.

    • They should drop Stonewall cunts over Isis held territory, Rescue them after a month when they have witnessed the most horrendous atrocities and been been beaten and buggered and burned . That would be an excellent education for them. I bet they would shut the fuck up then.

  16. Perverts and Degenerates. Let’s not kid around,. Stonewall is nothing but a front for moral corruption. It tries to normalise the abnormal and convince people that deviancy is acceptable…and a fucking good job they’ve done of it,too. Most people have been brainwashed into believing their propaganda, and those that haven’t are cowed into submission. Telling the truth about queers and perverts is now a “hate” crime. Since when was telling the truth a crime in this country?
    Make no mistake, Stonewall and it’s supporters agenda is not done. As they legitimise one perversion,they up the ante and move on to another. How long until we get to the ultimate aim..the lowering of the age of consent. Already their relentless drive to sexualise children has resulted in the revolting spectacle of young children being mutilated in order to “live with their true sexuality.”…It’s not the kids that they care about,it’s their own base desires which drives on this corruption. Once they have normalised young children being “gender reassigned”,it wont be long until they get their claws into the fresh meat.

    We opened the floodgates when homosexuality was decriminalised in the 60s,since then it has been a slippery slope. Stonewall should be made an illegal organisation. It is as big,if not bigger,threat to the future of this country as any terrorist cell. Spreading disease,both physical and mental,is the result of allowing perversion to become the norm. You heard very little of children being born the wrong sex when homosexuality was illegal,which just shows that they are behind this deterioration in moral standards. Bring back the birch for buggery and I bet that we’d see a hell of a lot less people “confused” about their sexuality.

    Stonewall and it’s supporters are perverts and their agenda perverse. I won’t lie and finish by saying that I don’t mind what people get up to behind behind “closed doors”,because given enough leeway the perverts wont rest until innocents are dragged behind the same “closed doors”.

    Fuck them.

    • “As they legitimise one perversion,they up the ante and move on to another” – exactly.

    • Another angle – as Paul Maskinback posted earlier:

      “…years ago Stonewall was a voice for these people and, yes, the homosexuals were victimised, but with successive laws passed this is no longer the case. Arguably then, Stonewall’s work is done and they should have been dismantled. But no, there are too many people making a good living out of Stonewall…”

      In other words, as much a money spinning career choice as everything else and like too many major charities these days. After all, we’ve been pouring billions into Africa via Oxfam over the past fifty years+, and STILL it’s a basket case of starvation.

      Gays and bisexuals are now as fully accepted by Society as they’ll ever be, including equal marriage, ffs, which I do condone by the way (no doubt to Mr Fiddler’s disgust, ha ha!). I am a heterosexual (or a lesbian trapped in a man’s body) but have never felt the need to march up and down the country proclaiming the fact.

      If gays were all like Kravdarth there’d be no problem…apart from the “God save the Queen” stuff, of course…

  17. 100% agree with the sentiments of this cunting. I couldn’t give a fuck about this lot, although I do think most trans are suffering mental not physical problems. My own nephew is gay, and that’s his business, doesn’t matter to me. Although he did once get into Welsh nationalism which is a vile perversion, but he grew out of it.
    The actions of these cunts and those like them actually do more harm to whatever their cause is. The howling down of reasonably held opinions by cunts like these is a cancer in society.
    I would like to see the cunts march through the peaceful areas of our cities though. What a dilemma for lefty cunts that would be.

  18. Fuck me, an LBC listener has called in to say gender is something imposed on you by society. Unbelievable.

    • I think many vets would disagree.

      For the animal at the top of the food chain we ain’t ‘arf a bunch o’cunts at times.

      There’ll be war of sorts at some point either between us and the EU or us and “peaceful” cunts (whether within or without).

      I’m thinking we should get the white flags with the white crosses prepared in readiness cos based on the current crop of cunts we have of fighting age we’ve got no chance!

      Maybe we could just buy a job lot from the French stockpile from WW2?

      • Nigel Farage would make a great Captain Mainwaring! Guess I’d be best cast as Sergeant Wilson (in your dreams) with a healthy dash of Private Fraser…

    • He’s wrong. Gender is something forced upon us by NATURE. We don’t get a choice in the matter. We are either male or female. There is no “gender neutral”, there is no “gender fluid”. There is only male or female. Those who think differently should not be taken seriously, they should be taken to a psychiatrist.

    • This “gender is a social construct” bollocks is about as real as Diane Abbot being slimmer of the year! There are only 2 genders: Fact.

  19. Just one last add to this most excellent cunting thread. The “Queer Gene” was mooted many years ago as a cause of homosexuality. All shit hit the fan, because the “gay” scene would not have it that they were the product of a cruel defect. Stonewall were petitioning for the prosecution of those in the scientific community for their horrible and cruel condemnation of the loving people.

    The reason for all of this crap was that if you are the product of a mutation, then you can never claim to be anything else but “defective”

    This past week, the scientific community has published the DNA sequences that prove once and for all that homosexuality is the consequence of DNA mutations in a very specific area of the thread.

    The “gay” community are horrified. They are in complete denial and are the equivillent to the “flat earth” fanatics.

    It is having homosexuality presented as a “norm” that offends me. Simply accept your queer, get on with it, and shut the fuck up.

    • Suppose it all depends on how you define the word “normal”. Are left-handed people “normal” or are they “defective”? Either way, without mutations WE wouldn’t be here in the first place, which may or may not be a good thing, it’s all very subjective in the end, innit?

  20. The Homosexual Mafia are now the oppressors and I a thought criminal for I think it time to recriminalise homosexuality (which seems to be growing in popularity exponentially). Indeed I had a barny with my Bank Manager because I was less than enamoured with his turning his banking hall all rainbow coloured. I explained that I had spent far too much of my adolescence being sexually used by such people – apparently not wanting to be the victim of Peados is now offensive. Treated me as if I were a criminal. Apparently the obviously heterosexual female staff of his are all in favour of Gay Pride. I don’t understand that at all.

  21. The ultimate problem with this mob is that the buggers do now want equality.

    That’s right, the don’t want equality.

    The cunts want superiority.

    They have become the very thing they claim to hate.

    They’ve become bigots, oppressors, fascists and all the other types they claim made their lives hell.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot, they now want to lord it over everyone else!


  22. The loonies are taking over the asylum I’m afraid and yes it is a mental illness. Mental illness now calls the shots. Just like the frogs in the slowly heated pot, the masses have not noticed the danger signs and its now getting dangerously hot.
    They are literally loading the gun that will eventually shoot them straight in their own stupid, smug, virtue signalling face.
    What a massive indignation to be bent over and fucked up the arce.

    • I’ve said it for years the normalisation of the abnormal and the slow drip drip drip of every perversion becoming acceptable.
      And Halal/Kosher slaughter and Homosexuality were the starters.

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