Middle aged ravers

I’ve just recently had some new neighbours who have replaced a decent couple decided upon moving up the chain. Their arrival was announced when I was asked by an eager delivery cunt to take in a parcel which turned into half a housefull of furniture and boxes. I sat on them stacked out, awaiting collection from the newbs but nobody came.

The following morning I went up to introduce myself and tell them they had some stuff at my place, and was met with Sasha or John Digweed blaring out accompanied by a still “fucking ‘ell off ma tits” pregnant cunt. She was in no rush to get them though, no sirs, “I’ll send me fella down in a bit”. No thanks though.

Half nine in the evening captain pop eyes turns up wanting his shit. His introduction went as far as saying he plays bongos for some troupe that still accompanies Cream. I was most impressed, given he’s probably the same age as me, and I gave up the shitty club scene about 25 years ago. Leathery old looking couple with no decency or manners, and to this day still blaring out golden oldie tunes till the wee hours.

I had to be up for work at 5.am as usual the other day for a twelve hour shift. Removed my ear plugs and was ushered into a new day of shit with Voodoo Rey. Fucking cunts. And their dogs.

Nominated by Ernst Stavro Cuntfeld

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        • On a serious note there’s absolutely nothing funny about having thoughtless Cunts like them as neighbours , I think most cunters on here would have experienced it at some time, do you know your other neighbours? Has anybody else said anything to you? As Alan said there’s a course of action to take, but firstly just try having a word, and if that doesn’t work KNOCK THE CUNTS OUT!! ( joke) go the legal way to shut them up.. good luck.. keep us posted..
          Voodoo ray although a classic I definitely wouldn’t want to hear it upon getting out of bed for work! Cunts!!!!!

    • Is this bongo-bongo music? I don’t agree with bongo-bongo music,it should be kept to the vast open plains of the Serengeti…or banned.

      • Early Rave music was a mix of Breakbeat and House and samples from wherever the producer(s) took them from also a bit of reggae and a touch of Hip Hop in the Breakbeat samples.
        The rave scene was fucking amazing although I did not start raving till 93/94 as I was too young.
        There was definitely some bongo influence Dick Fiddler.
        Britain was a better place back then when things were not as complicated as they are now and the majority of white and black were British and you did not have all these newcomer cunts.

        • I used to be a Hacienda regular… I wasn’t really into the dance stuff though, but it was a good place to see bands and pick up totty… I was one of the Baldricks/casuals instead of one of the rave set… I was there when The Stone Roses did gigs in 85 (and, apart from Reni on drums, they were crap back then)… I was also about when the Hitman and Her crew turned up… Michaela gave me the right horn in those days…

        • Doesn’t look wonderful at all…looks like they’re leading him and his wife off towards the giant cooking-pot. They’ll be in bother if they boiled him up and scoffed him, I believe that he was a bit of a crafty-butcher on the quiet. Fuck knows what the bongos could have caught.

          • Voodoo Ray is a classic track A Guy Called Gerald had some great electronica and was a pioneer in drum n bass

            I agree with OP tho rave music is age based cunts in their 50’s shouldn’t be listening to it and they definitely should be dancing to it

        • I thought Hague’s date was in front of him?

          All music I have enjoyed from this era had it’s bongo influence from Chicago and in no way do I accept any came from the other country beginning and ending with the letter A an also riddled with AIDS.

  1. My sympathies, OP.

    Around 5 years ago I briefly lived next door to an ageing cunt who was still stuck in the Oakenfold age. This cunt was 53 at the time but looked at least 70. I used to love a good fucking session as much as the next cunt, but I had the good grace to bow out of the clubbing/Ibiza scene in my early 30s when the whole ‘exuberance of youth’ ethos did not/could no longer apply. Not to mention of course the realisation on just how much of a rip-off clubbing had become, with big bolshy cuntlord bouncers determined to ruin the experience and venues concentrating less on the music and more on the whole ‘meat market’ aspect.

    Old ravers deserve to be beaten vigourously with a single maraca, with an enourmous poster of Bez in the background and Pacific State playing on loop.

  2. Have not been clubbing in 35 odd years, but I do like Voodoo Ray. Credit where credits due.

  3. Well, suggestions.
    1. Change the name of your WiFi router to
    ‘Police Surveillance Unit’. When they connect t’internet (yours), they will shit rubber nickels as will most of your neighbours.
    2. Buy a red and white striped tent off Gumtree and park it as near to their house as possible on the pavement.
    3. Bang on their door when they are asleep, and just keep shouting ‘where’ s me prescription, have ye taken it? ‘, till your missus comes to collect you explaining that you they have reduced your dosage of Zyprexa and refuse to section you again this month.
    4. This leaves the floodgates open for future interactions at your convenience.
    5. Failing all this buy an electric guitar starter kit from your local pawnshop. Refer to cheech & chong for reference. Only practise when they are asleep. This worked for me immediately.

  4. I detest thoughtless cunts like these. I like loud music but the last thing I want to do is disturb other people so I listen to it through headphones. I don’t even have speakers.
    Try asking them nicely. Once. Then complain to the council, the police, the noise abatement society, anyone who’ll listen. If all that fails there’s only one thing you can do and that’s to put distance between you and them. You shouldn’t have to move simply because they’re tossers, but sometimes you’re left with no choice.

    • I don’t agree with that. English people are softer than a stray dog’s shit. Immediate aggressive action is the best cure. They are just piss takers, probably. I’m from Glasgow. If you let them think they can, they will. Wrench their fingers off and stuff them down their Gregory.

  5. I recently exacted a long revenge on my shity neighbours, you may recall me mentioning that they use there bin cupboard for more important things and leave bags of shit outside their door to be scattered over my garden by the fox.
    well walking the dog a few weeks ago I found the discarded box of what I would describe as a vibrator of epic proportions.
    I could not help myself but to place it in there hedge amongst the other shit and litter belonging to them, (in full view of the path)

      • I have found putting a spade bit on my hammer drill and using a chopping board as a bash pad on the party wall a great way of simulating a non existent diy projects (this can only be done when Mrs Benny is not home as she does not like me upsetting the neighbours).

  6. 10 years ago I moved out of the city to a nice quiet village bungalow where the age of both neighbours totaled around 170 years old. No danger of wild parties into the early hours there then? The old dear on LHS was the first to go into a home, and replaced by a decent couple renting the property from the daughter.

    The old guy on the other side, an ex D-Day vet was a great guy who I didn’t mind helping at all because of the RESPECT I have for his generation. He’d had cancer twice, 4 strokes, a pacemaker and had had a brain tumor removed

    Sadly he passed away over a year ago at the ripe old age of 94, although I still profess the care home left him to die under the banner of ‘palliative care’ bollocks! I know we’re not destined to live forever, but a trip to the hospital wouldn’t have hurt, instead of just occasionally swabbing his lips. BASTARDS!

    The house remained empty up until 6 months ago, then a couple who were obviously down-sizing and in their 60’s moved in . Everything went well to start with, although I’ve only spoken to them once. Came from home the other week and noticed a planning notice on the lamp post at the end of my drive.

    The CUNTS have only gone and submitted plans for a dormer conversion! There’s only two of them and their house is only 8.2m from ours FFS! If they wanted a bigger house then why didn’t they FUCKING buy one? By the look of the CUNTS, they won’t be able to get up the FUCKING stairs before too long! What is it with the human race? They can’t respect FUCK ALL! They move to what is a perfectly decent area and have to FUCKING ruin it?

    • The multitude of cunts now a tsunami drowning us all. Similar experience to you. Elderly couple living in a bungalow that backs onto my garden. Never a sound, and they fed the birds all winter. They moved out about a year ago. Place was empty for a couple of months then purchased by a younger couple, OK. A week after they got the house my morning snoozing was disrupted by what I took to be exploding artillery rounds for a moment I thought the neighbourhood was being shelled I almost shit myself the dog went mental ran into the garden and started chewing the fence.
      The noise was a gang of cunts carrying out alterations to the newly acquired bungalow. Over the next five months the noise, dust and radio fucking one became an unwelcome set of interlopers to my relatively peaceful World. At one stage all that was left of the original building was four walls and the fucking roof. As you so rightly stated buy a bigger house. Eventually the cuntfest was completed all that was left was the garden. Pagoda paths water features etc more noise, fumes and so on. Now finished thank God. I am so looking forward to their barbecues and garden parties come the Summer. Methinks they will regret making my life a misery for five months.

        • Good point B.B. Like the cunt four doors down; thought the bastard was burning a horse last week.

      • If the CUNTS get the go ahead, the leylandii are going up! Although authorities have now introduced ASBO’s on trees FFS! I’ll take my chances?

  7. Got that as my screen saver on my phone, always makes me chuckle!! Look in a Pictionary under Cunt….. 😂😂😂

    • Seriously what the fuck is Watson thinking??
      I’m too cool for school?
      I’m a serious politician who’s in touch with the youth??
      Can you imagine Cameron dressed like that??
      I would actually die laughing….

      • Hilarious ain’t it!
        Glastonbury hasn’t been cool in ages and when politicians start showing up you know that it’s fuckin lame.

        Couldn’t believe the sad twats singing for comrade compo at Glasto last year. If that cunt had turned up at a gig when I was young he’d have been pelted with cups full of piss.

        Wierd how times change.

  8. I’ve now realised having recently turned 39 that Im too old to be raving. What a cunt getting old is eh. Those long hairs growing out my ears can fuck off as well. The Cunts.

    • For some unknown reason young hotties don’t like them?
      Sexiest Cunts!!
      That’s only the start BAWC
      Wait till you hit 50!! Your eyebrows start acting and looking like a TV aerial!! All wiry and uncontrollable ……

      • I’ve noticed when waking up the eyebrows are getting wiry, got to smooth the cunts back into place. This is depressing.

        • Worry not B&WC, as a 64 year old I can attest that things will only get worse…until next year when I get my pension, yipee-ah-ay! Money for nothing!

          Disappointingly paperwork doesn’t mention anything about free chicks.

      • I’m 61 but have been diagnosed personality disorder so I can behave like a 17 year old and use it as an excuse.

        You can get a little whirry thingy for your ears, for some reason the hairs aren’t very high on the sex appeal scale

        • Indeed, just what is that peril we face in later life that requires copious amounts of ear and nasal hair to defend us against?

          Maybe it is because you have finally realised everyone that talks to you is a cunt, they smell like pigshit and are twice as thick.

          • It’s because as you get older you move slower do yer ears keep getting bigger. The hairs are free Windspeed measures. I cannae work lot what Ave got hairs on m’a nose though.

          • Remind you that you were muff diving when you wake up in the morning on the floor at one of your neighbours raves.

        • I’m 60 and have started growing hairs out of my Arsehole. Mrs Fistula is disgusted by them . I might get some young hottie who does electrolysis to remove them. Definitely no chance of a happy ending.

          • Thanks for that FF I am sixty next year I thought the ear and nose hair was the final straw. Think I might just end it all! hirsute arsehole, hells bells that’s too much to take my meds ain’t that good.

    • Hey Black and White Cunt, with you being half black, are the hairs growing out of your ears tight and curly?

      • @Two In The Stink,
        It’s crazy, I’ve got an afro growing on one ear and straight hair growing on the other. Nah, it’s more wavy curly my hair. They’re like pointy wavy black hairs, the cunts.

  9. I’m 61 but have been diagnosed personality disorder so I can behave like a 17 year old and use it as an excuse.

    You can get a little whirry thingy for your ears, for some reason the hairs aren’t very high on the sex appeal scale

  10. Don’t worry yet BAWC , it’s only when you start picking up local radio stations that action needs to be taken……

  11. Used to do quite a bit of clubbing 20 years ago, mainly in the Shetlands and Orkneys. Plenty of seals there.

  12. Sound like proper cunts to me.

    Here’s some advice. Next time you’re in conversation with the selfish cunts pretend you’ve got Tourette’s and being a cunter make sure you use this beautiful word to its greatest effect, go at the cunts like a Gatling gun.

    It may not stop the music but you’ll feel a whole lot happier.

    Happy cunting

  13. My sister and her mates are exactly this,in there mid 40s and still go raving and getting proper wasted on whatever is available.

    I just find it odd that some ppl still go through all these horrible come downs but with responsibility’s too. I chuckle, with a spliff as they have to deal with the monster hangover/comedowns.

    I have a mate who was a goth when we were at collage together i was 18 he was 21. To this day he still dresses full on goth but with receding hair and wrinkles starting to creep in just looks pathetic.

    Need to grow up and act like adults the cunts ,no longer in your 20s time to let go and stop fucking annoying the rest of us.

    • Funny as fuck Sheriff of Cuntingham, the comedown is a cunt. I think comedown’s are need of a cunting, I’m trying to go on the straight a and narrow and avoid all class A’s and stick to the odd spliff or two each day and of course the fine Rum. I have to admit I love it when I hear from someone and they’ve been up all night and all the next day off their trollies and I’m clear headed and sober. Hangover’s and comedown’s are cunts of the highest order.

      • Same here mate used to love my Es ,coke and Ketamine back in the day but fuck if have enough time to ride that god fucking awful wave anymore .
        Found towards the end that was getting less high and more come down each time but with a good spliff its always a good time

  14. My new pad is quiet as fuck apart from the noise my budgies make.
    Then this afternoon some cunt was playing some Mariah Carey album and it was awful. Just loads of drawn out screaming and wailing.
    But it’s stopped now, so I’m gonna put on the Liam Gallagher album, spark a doob and be cool as fuck.

    • I think Who Built The Moon is far superior. But Paper Crown is wonderful.

      Going to see Liam at Finsbury Park with daughter, and at IOW.

      • I know we aren’t supposed to cunt other cunters on here but I am a hair away from doing so after your last comment about Who Built The Moon! My work mate played me some “songs” from that album the other day and it is atrocious.

        Granted that David Holmes guy was pretty much pulling the strings and not Noel – he just sang and put his name on it but seriously…………. it’s dog wank.

        My work mate then played me some stuff from Liam’s new album and it’s far better and more varied. Liam has reinvented himself whereas Noel just sold out.

        • Sorry tits, can’t agree. I realise it’s all David Holmes but it’s a refreshing change. Liams just feels a bit safe.

        • I don’t normally do music reviews but I was going to do this as a cunting so here goes..
          “Who Built the Moon” – note lack of question mark -by Gallaghers Low F!ying Turds is the worst piece off cash in opportunistic crap I’ve heard for a long time. If not for the Manchester bombing I honestly believe it would never have seen the light of day!

          Gallagher is well known for ripping off other peoples songs, but I identified “Come Together” and “Let’s Stick Together” on a first listening. He then excelled himself by ripping off Wonderwall – a song he’d already ripped off when playing with Oasis!

          It’s not often I download off Pirate Bay and then delete an album, but this is one of them. In the old days we had what were known as ‘fillers’ – a 12 track album with three decent singles on it and nine crap tracks. These were the fillers.

          This album is all fillers designed to relaunch a flagging career by a performer of limited talent cashing in on Christmas and a tragedy.

          Basically it’s sub standard crap…

    • Mariah Carey=90% high pitched ‘singing’ its enough to drive you up the wall. Crank up the volume Birdman.

  15. I think Who Built The Moon is far superior. But Paper Crown is wonderful.

    Going to see Liam at Finsbury Park with daughter, and at IOW.

  16. All day it’s been 6 month celebration of Grenfell. If you notice, the first five floors are not damaged. Now the dangerous cladding has gone why not move the cunts back in.

    • Apparently they need the biggest dose of counselling for their PTSD that the NHS has ever seen. Good thing they weren’t at 7/7, London Bridge, Manchester etc then.
      Mostly it seems to be compo setting in.

      • I think they said today there are still 100 families in hotels. The fucking bill must be stratoscopic

        • Fuck the grabby Cunts. Plenty of empty council properties in Hartlepool,send them all there for Christmas. That should stop the spongers whinging.

    • Cunts still here illegally, talks of citizenship / residence, getting food & hotel paid, entertainment allowances, housing benefit, employment benefits still getting paid despite sums of money pushing savings over the thresholds.

      The gift just keeps giving, but as they have been compensated to the hilt what do they want at the end of the enquiry?

      When they are pushing so hard for criminal charges, I think someone is quietly building cases for them for “criminal compensation”, a lawyer type maybe?

      Here’s an interesting blog with some comments at the bottom as to what the red cross have paid out so far in addition to what the Maybot also tossed them;


      In one hand they are too traumatised to go into another flat and in the other hand, they refuse to leave Kensington & Chelsea borough’s?

      I would want to be as far away from that tower as possible for the rest of my life, but then I couldn’t claim more cash over the years due to the trauma of having to look at it everyday staying in the borough?

      I thought you had to sort out house & contents insurance here? I’ve been paying for years as I didn’t know that the government covered it. I’m wanting to reclaim all my payments as I’ve been conned.

      They should be called “the Coverenment”, though we paid the premiums for others.

      They refused sprinkler systems due to unsightly pipes & upheaval, they took batteries out their smoke alarms (disposable BBQ issues) and they wedged fire doors fitted on the kitchens permanently open.

      Now its every other cunts fault. One peaceful even blamed the fire brigade for not putting the BBQ out, I mean the fridge properly. After they put their lives at risk going up them stairwells full of residents shit you would never believe. Party sofas on landings, bikes, prams etc etc.

  17. Do middle age rock fans count too, or is that a separate cunting? Nothing says sad cunt like a fat middle age cunt in a Saxon tee shirt, proudly displaying for all the world to see that his musical taste died before his sixteenth birthday. The forced air of superiority that this fandom gives off, as they denounce any music that has more than three chords and no guitar solos. Usually found eight pints of real ale in, propped up at the bar of some shit pub that has ‘eye of the fucking tiger’ on the jukebox, arguing amongst themselves who is the best guitarist – Angus Young or Richie Blackmore. Cunts.

    • Yep. You summed me up quite well, apart from real ale and Saxon. My t shirt is Wolf Alice.

      • I used to go to gigs as a much younger man. Things like Whitesnake, UFO, Gillan and that sort of stuff. I still like listening to it but fucking hate going to any live events now. After all it means mixing and even interacting with other people….yuck.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of it when I was younger, played in a few bands myself. Donington monsters of rock was the highlight of the summer. However, I see some of the people I used to know back then, still ‘keeping it real’, and all I can think of is Saxondale, which did for the rock fan what Spinal Tap did for the bands. And not forgetting the brilliant Bad News, which nailed the pub bands🤘

    • A mate of mine is even more sad. He spends time and money slavvering along behind a female AC/DC tribute act.Ffs. A man in his 50s,bald,dressed ,for some bizarre reason,as a minor public -school pupil, standing headbanging. He’s shown me the video that him and the other “fans” made,it’s fucking hilarious,but deeply disturbing at the same time.

    • I’m 42 and it’s dessert boots and parkas for me. In winter anyway. Oh, and the shades. All year round shades.
      Parka monkey and proud.

  18. Government loses EU vote ..
    By 4 …..
    Parliament to get vote on brexit final deal …
    BREXIT means REMAIN!!

    • I’m surprised it was that narrow to be honest but at least we now know for sure those cunts ain’t gonna let it happen come what may. ( see what I did there ?)
      12 Tories voted against their own government…..12 fucking traitors who put the EU before their own party and their own country.
      I heard the list of names and the 2 that stood out were Grieve and that Soubry bitch. I can’t tell you how much I hate that sourfaced saggy old whore.

      • I think I heard the insufferable old wasp-chewer bleating about democracy and Mogadon’s lack of a majority.

        Soubry, I suggest you resign before your constituency (what’s your majority there, btw ??) deselect you.

        I would like to deselect you with a rough concrete fence post up the growler.
        Repeatedly, so you get the message.
        Btw, in case any of you fear that I am unfairly biased against Wetminster, did you witness the clampdown on freedom of speech at the Cardiff Bay home for drivelling incurables today ??
        A UKIP guy delivered a very balanced speech about transbenders, and what most of us fear could happen in a couple of years time, and immediately the Liebore hate-wimmin were upon him, and he is banned from said institution until he apologises.
        It is true, as we here all knew…You can hold any opinion you wish so long as it’s ours. If not, we shut you down.
        And these Liebore hags all look like Jo Brand. I’ve never seen such cuntitude, such monumental ugliness in the space of a few minute. I don’t know why, but Camel’s prolapsed anus springs to mind.
        Is Jo Brand related to the other twat Brand. ?

      • Not surprised by depressing Commons vote this evening. So much for democracy! No-one can be in any doubt now that Brexit means Remain. Worse than Remain in fact. My next ballot paper is spoiling for a spoiling for sure…

        Good on Frank Field and Kate Hoey though!

        • Why give us the vote in the first place? If they thought the general public despised the political class after the expenses scandal, just wait until the backlash from this shit storm washes up. Cunts.

          • They gave us the vote cos they arrogantly assumed we could be easily bamboozled by Project Fear to vote Remain, thereby seeing off UKIP and silencing their pesky Eurosceptic back benchers. Rarely has a Government been more out of touch with the reality surrounding an issue!

            Now they imagine we’re stupid enough to believe they “accept the result” and only want to negotiate the best possible Brexit in line with the wishes of the electorate…and as for those traitorous Remoaners, well we’ve got them all wrong: they don’t want to stop Brexit, of course not! They just want to fatally undermine it.

  19. Refering to the OP, why not employ some top tips from various posts here over the last couple of weeks?
    Revving the fuck out of a chainsaw all day whilst drinking rum and getting arguementative ought to do it. Chuck in a littering of sex toys, a cat and a dog that shits all over their garden, perhaps some frequent states of varying degrees of undress and relentless complaints to the police, local mp and local newspaper about shit they’ve done (real or imagined, who cares) and you ought to have it.
    Or, as has literally just happened to my wife, employ a brass band to play outside the house. What the fuck???

  20. Sasha and Digweed ruined the whole fucking affair with that progressive fuckery they played which in turn led to trance which is in need of its very own cunting like fucking superclubs and superstar dj’s and blokes and birds all glammed up in a fucking country house after paying 30 fucking quid a ticket.cunts.
    i raved fucking hard 88-92 and loved every minute of it and still like the tunes but it all went tits up and should be left in the 90’s.
    i did see sir andrew weatherall play a 6 hour set at the sydney opera house couple of weeks back done a cheeky half and danced around like a cunt mind but that doesnt count

        • i raved in the UK mate had long hung up my raving shoes before i came here and agreed they were the best years though personally i reckon it started going tits up late 91 i was just going through the motions in 92 but the raves were shit and full of muggy cunts though a trip to AWOL or Sterns was always a hoot

  21. Trance? Techno ? Rave? FFS whats That?

    What in fucks name has happened to , ” Happening” ? “Gas” ? “Love in” ?

    “Drop in/out” and the really fucking good one the “Experience”?

    Man those days were a fucking “cloud” far out and beyond the reach. A time when we were all up for it ( or a shag at least )

  22. Special cunting to the SNP (all relevant departments involved), Police Scotland & Media & all others bullied into silence just like the child.

    Here is a report on a “tragic accident” on the sleepy hebrides;


    No suspicious circumstances?

    Where in the story are you told it was a 14 year old child with special educational needs, who has been getting the living daylight bullied out of him so much so that he took his own life in the toilets?

    Reminds me of a similar attempted cover up / silence when my cousins 14 yr old son got stabbed at school. Fighting for his life at A&E and all the head teacher could do was leave messages on her phone begging her not to go to the police if she hadn’t done so already as they could sort it out amicably. Came out and put her phone on to phone relatives and it was going crazy.

    School to A&E, ten minute walk and the lazy tart sat in her office shitting herself instead of going to A&E.

    Cousin bought the bullshit, sob story of how he was an underprivileged child from a broken home.

    Little scrotum got two day suspension and had his knife on him again the following week.

    Scottish schools suffering as much as NHS Scotland while MPs absent from “day job duties” in the independence quest & brexit derail, which really has fuck all to do with them as they wanted to remain although independence was going to put them out EU anyway.

    • “Every Star Wars director since George Lucas has been a white man.”

      So fucking what? I mean Jesus Harry H. Corbett Christ, even for the extreme liberal BBC wing of entertainment/social affairs, that is a fucking out-of-the-park howitzer. The sort of inconsequential, stretched race ‘n’ gender factoid that even the shitheels over at Grauniad towers would be hard-pushed to squeeze out of their freely-flowing sphinctoral orifices.

      Do outlets like the BBC not understand that these dire, desperate and – worst of all – divisive doctrines at super-inclusion just breed more and more resentment amongst the majority in this country? Analogies with the week’s earlier cunting on Stonewall – this endless diatribe that every possible creed, colour and cunt is represented equally regardless of context or number of said groups.

      Why in the name Alvin cunting Stardust does Star Wars need a gender or ethnically diverse director? What is the franchise crucially missing by not having some bitch, or some African, or some head-wobbling Hindu at the directorial helm? The answer – the precise summation of exactly fucking zero. This is left-wing shoe-horning at it’s finest; comparable to giving a pair of hand-made women’s Jimmy Choos to a spastic with a club foot.

      In fact, a club foot would come in right handy for giving these woolly cunts such as Rian Johnson a kick up the arse with some extra oomph. This rant is nothing to do with protecting the bloated Star Wars cash cow – despite my username I’m not a fan of the films – but my ire is a mix of equal parts frustration and exasperation that this drive for equality often has no basis or proper reasoning; relying only on ‘just because’.

      When women start demanding equal representation as street cleaners, hod carriers and refuse collectors, then I’ll fucking listen to their whining for demanding more illustrious or well-paid access to various gravy trains. As for cunts like the BBC, their pissboiling capabilities simply defy the laws of thermodynamics – Norman’s link turned the contents of my bladder instantaneously from liquid to superheated steam.

      May the cunt be with you, Luke.

      • The real reason (((they))) want you to watch Stah Wahs https://i.imgur.com/MBsTVTh.png

        Stah Wahs is now a disney product don’t expect to see anything equally as good like Empire Strikes Back (definitely the best one story wise and action wise) or Return of the Jedi Honestly speaking as a old disillusioned fan, star wars should of died after Return of the Jedi

    • Never mind the (crap) quality, just feel that (box-ticking) width.

      If they remake any films about old Nazis, Emma Twatson would make a good Heydrich (condescending, spiteful face), and Jo Brand (ubiquitous blob) could be Fat Hermann.

      Anna Soubry could do a cameo as an Auschwitz guard dog, she seems to enjoy propping up the Reich.

      I hope Verminhofstadt and Junckunt choke on everything, and break their necks after slipping in their own knobcheese.

      • The Feminazi as the Nazis in a film is a nice idea (Ace/King/Queen/Jack Monroe as Goebbels and Cuntlin Moran as Der Fuhrer), but all bad guys and villains and evildoers in movies are white men these days…

  23. Well the issue doesn’t seem to be with middle-aged ravers, but with antisocial cunts.

    Some middle-aged people are ravers.
    Some middle-aged people are cunts.
    Not all ravers are cunts.
    All cunts are cunts.

    I would however agree that the middle-aged ravers cunts of whom you peak are cunts.

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