Dead Pool [78]

Congratulations to Shaun yet again who scores a hat rick by picking the French Elvis and most famous rocker you have never heard of Johnny Hallyday.

So the slate as wiped clean as we move on to Dead Pool 78

1)You can have up to 5 names each.You can always be a cunt and steal someone elses noms from previous rounds.
2)You win if your cunt dies first
3)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignord.

Shaun’s noms:
Leah Bracknell
Paul Gascoigne
Wolfgang Bosbach
Morgan Tsvangirai
Mark E Smith

77 thoughts on “Dead Pool [78]

  1. Buzz Aldrin
    Chuck Yeager
    Virginia McKenna
    Honor Blackman
    George “Johnny” Johnson (Dambuster)

  2. Max Clifford dead at 74 according to beeb.Good riddance dirty nonce.No one picked him this round though.

    • That’s a real shame – it would have been sweeter if the cunt had served his full eight years and collapsed and died on the day he was released. Clifford’s death deserves a Bank Holiday and national celebration. Fucking scum.

  3. “If Max Clifford is so good at public relations how come everyone thinks he is a cunt -Viz comic about 15 years ago.

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