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Tony Hall,BBC director general is a blithering delusional old cunt who thinks that we are in serious danger of missing out on quality TV due to a shortfall in funding. This has absolutely nothing to do with their pension shortfall by the way,and heaven forbid that the Licence Fee might have to go up again to avoid this catastrophe.

I don’t know how I’d manage not trying to figure out which country I’m in when the News is on or basically being called an ignorant racist wanker several times a day. There is a thread on their website with nearly 2000 comments on it, 95% of which say the BBC is a pile of festering old cunt. Not surprisingly this has been moved off the first page!

Nominated by Mary Hinge

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  1. The other worrying thing is where will the twat end up next?
    These arseholes never seem to get the sack for incompetence. They get moved into a commanding position of some other public funded organisation. Thus spreading their uselessness nationwide on all levels.

      • Most certainly did Fred, and what a destructive cunt he was there too. Opera ( he said ) was too white,too privileged and he proceeded to introduce ethnic diversity!

  2. “There is a thread on their website with nearly 2000 comments on it, 95% of which say the BBC is a pile of festering old cunt. Not surprisingly this has been moved off the first page!”

    – that’ll be because of all those IP addresses linked to Murdoch and/or Russian troll factories… 😀

    • The ABBC were often quite critical toward the U.S. during the Cold War years. Either way it has to be a no brainier that Putin has used, and continues to use, every soft means possible to destabilise the West – after all, it’s so easy and cheap!

      How successful the Russians have been is a matter of debate, and probably unknowable anyhow. That the psychopathic short arsed cunt and his mafia regime use our democratic freedoms against us whenever possible is surely not in any doubt?

    • Was W1A programme a satire or a fly on the wall documentary? Any jargon filled corporate ABBC news speak or diversity drives you thought too bizzare to satirise they will surely top it.

      • W1A merely scratched at the surface. And consciously so. ABBC ploy to pull wool over our eyes…

  3. The Bullshit Broadcasting Company probably now only accounts for maybe about 20% of my total viewing time and that’s only for Daily Bollotics, QT and This Week with Andrew Neil especially if Liz Kendal is on. The rest of the SHITE they now produce is fit only for low IQ retards. I want my fucking money back cunts.

    • What amazes me is the blind faith a lot of supposedly intelligent people still have in the pile of cunt that is the BBC. I had a conversation recently about it with someone who proceeded to get angry and suggest I was unpatriotic!. It is one of the things that made Britain great I’m told. Well,maybe 30 yrs ago!. The licence fee is basically a tax to be wound up and patronised. If I want that I’ll go and visit the mother in law and get it for nothing (may she be blessed.with osteoparosis the nasty old cunt)

  4. The BBC has suspended Aled Jones while it investigates allegations of sexual harassment made against him. I FUCKING HOPE IT’S TRUE. I DESPISE THAT FAT CUNT.

    • It’ll be true. The man has that “holier-than-thou” attitude that a lot of religious people use to hide their perversions,plus he looks like a fat nonce. Probably been touching people up at Sunday school.

  5. I had the misfortune of being up early this morning and heard 5 live and that mega cunt Dotun Adebayo…. What a screeching moron
    He then went on to interview some total arse wipe for 30 mins
    On a book she had written and HAD published about some transgender cunt living on a space ship
    I had to pinch my self I was awake or had I had to much chesse before bed
    What a total waste of money and that cunt Adebayo wants shooting
    Bunch of cunts

  6. As a Director General of the fucking Big Bastard Club, This cunt is responsible for the handling of some serious cash. I wonder how much he trousers each year?

  7. “Jeremy Clarkson warns that a driverless car ‘could have killed him twice’ after Chancellor vows to put autonomous vehicles on the roads by 2021………I can’t imagine a more powerful argument for bringing in their introduction immediately.

  8. Having just listened to Mega Ultra Super Astranomical Gargantuan Cosmic CUNT of an excuse for a human being Alas dare Campbellend on Sir Nige’s show and just on Sunday Bollotics it is without hesitation that he is my Numero Uno nomination for the first ten, nay, 100 places in COTY. What an arrogant dangerous treacherous childish come stain it is. I wish this was USA 🔫

    • One of Blair’s best mates!! Birds of a feather…… chuck in dodgy cunt mandelson and you have the triumvirate that fucked the UK back in the day……
      Campbell is one of the most bigoted Cunts in politics, completely unable to accept any difference of opinion , his petulance always reminds me of Owen Jones. When they speak you have to listen but yet they constantly interupt when the other side tries to put its point across..
      Blair mandelson and Campbell all exhibit a staggering lack of self awareness and unbelievable still think their opinions carry gravitas …….
      yesterday’s men with yesterday’s ideas!!

      • Birds of a feather, wankpuffins together…

        And in Tony (Hall), we surely have a Lord HallHall for the 21st C.

        Didn’t realise the cunt was ex Covent Garden; I like a bit of opry occasionally, but could never afford prices there.
        CDs are cheaper, and you don’t have to be tortured by the monumentally crass and pc right-on staging, invariably with some libtard agenda…

      • Bliar, Campbellend and Manfiddleswithson. The True triumvirate of evil absolutely out of touch with any sense of reality and a huge feeling of self importance. Along with smeggy clegg no justification to pontificate to the general population. Just as relevant to have anyone of our wonderful contributors from ISAC.
        Oh and May is a spineless Celebes Crested Macaque monkeys anus. No Payment, No negotiating, no waiting, No EU CUNT

  9. I’ll wager that as soon as david attenborough carks it government’ll pull that funding as fast as tablecloth at a drunken dinner party. He is the last thing they can tout as fulfilling their public broadcasting thingy even though he only narrates these days.
    Government have all had a fuckfull of these ungrateful cunts too, as the bbc insisted on inventing corbynized prerogatives before he even crawled out of the woodwork and all the time government was thinking “what’s wrong with you? You’re getting the cash, now behave you cunts.”
    I cannot wait for the bbc to cease to exist.
    Perhaps another sexually related scandal will help, come to think of it they’ve contributed very little to this latest episode. Perhaps someone could do some digging and get the balls rolling..

  10. The so called BBC is infested with pointless management levels and titles, at huge salaries, that serve no purpose in an efficient organisation. Cutting these would restore any alleged funding shortfall and more. This useless cunt is not fit for purpose. The so called BBC should be held to account by ordinary people not a board of time serving cunts.

  11. Hall, of course, is the cunt who has insisted that there has to be ‘diversity’ in every programme the BBC makes…. EastEnders was always shit, but now it’s even shitter and like a circus: with dwarves, mongs etc…. We all know Moffat is a crap writer and ‘showrunner’, but Hall must have given him an order about having as many ‘minorities’ and poofs/lezzas in Doctor Who as possible…. It was probably Hall’s idea to have the man hating smug cunt, Clara, and the screen hogging horse-a-like black lezza….. BBC News also get its orders from Hall… No criticism of peacefuls, don’t even mention them even if they’ve committed another major atrocity (a ‘man’ has bombed the Manchester Arena, a ‘group of men’ have groomed and raped innocent girls etc), promote wimmin and crappy wimmins football 24 fucking 7, dumb down men at every opportunity, make out that cunts on social media are actually ‘news’, give publicity to every transbender/snowflake/narcissist freak and their sob stories (I was an Iraqi transbender… I’ll never forget that one!)… And putting that wimmins football shite in the actual football and sports news on a footing with real football and real sport….

    Oh yeah, and constantly slagging Brexit and making out all who voted leave are ignorant and ‘racist’ scum… Hall, yer a cunt…

  12. And I couldn’t believe the nerve of these Beeb cunts: when they did a deal with the cozzers to try and stitch up and humiliate Cliff Richard (when he wasn’t even guilty), yet they had Sir Jim’ll, Rolf, and Stuart Hall on their books and on screens for decades… And the ‘nobody had any idea’ mantra is total bollocks… If Francis Rossi and John Lydon knew the Savile stories, there are those in Broadcasting House who must have known…. It also makes me laugh that BBC now refuse to show Savile presented TOTP repeats… Like that will change anything? And if they think it will make people forget him and what he did then they’re mistaken… The victims of the cigar smoking peroxide p@edo had to endure him on TV screens for years, and the BBC didn’t give a toss about that then (as I say, there are those who knew… Savile was banned from Children In Need)… So why fucking bother (or pretend to bother) now?….

    • Spot on again Norman. BTW, anyone remember the BBC when it only had Tony Hart, Johnny Morris Uncle Sam, not to mention Rolf in the early sixties with his “entourage”.. Not much has changed has it?

  13. Alastair Campbell is a bigger cunt than Bono. And that IS an achievement. He is a traitor: take him to the tower and force him to listen to little mix on a loop.

    • Little Mix? On a loop! are you fucking insane Krav? That is inhumane , you mus…..Hang on, Yer right! Little mix it is! Fuck him!

    • Campbell is truly a lying cunt first grade, but bigger than Bono? Campbell is done for ,just squeaking out his lies and pathetic ‘look at me ,I’m depressed ‘ and no fucking wonder after what you did you shifty cunt, but Bono is a living breathing Monstercunt, every word he utters just adds to the pile of cuntitude he stands in. He even gets the Galactic Cunt Geldorf to stand next to him while he vomits his wankspeak into any mike he can see.
      In the Grand Hall of Meistercunts,Campbell will be there but below these two bladders of leaking cuntitude.

  14. Football commentators who can’t correctly pronounce Manchester…. Robbie Savage?..Yep that Complete Cunt…!

    • You got me there, Norm. How the fuck can you mispronounce Manchester? Never watch this shite so am baffled.

    • And why are there so many sports commentators who can’t pronounce the word ‘sixth’, and say ‘sick’ instead. Piss boiling, nut numbing fucktards, I wouldn’t pay ’em in dog shit.

  15. Is this the Cunt responsible for Dr.Who getting diddled by some black lezza? What a wicked bastard.

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