Political correctness [3]

Surely political correctness is due another cunting. PC sums up everything that is shit about modern society and is responsible for half the shit that gets cunted on here.

Can’t chat up a girl without being accused of being a sex pest….thank PC.

Can’t wave an English flag without offending Muslims…..PC.

Don’t fancy getting fucked by another man and have the bad taste to mention it? PC.

Overloaded with all the gender bending nutcases swamping the news and social media? PC.

The list goes on and on with no end in sight. Literally one of the worst things to happen to society and if PC could be embodied in person it would match a stadium full of Tony Blairs for sheer volume of cuntitude. Argh!!!!!

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  1. Over here in Yankland, the season will soon be upon us where we’re not allowed to say “Happy Christmas” for fear of offending people. Must use the sanitised “Happy holidays” bullshit. My boileth piss doth flow over. Happy Christmas everyone!

  2. Talking of PC bullshit…

    Today’s big ABBC booyah is about a “private” email sent from a landlord to his letting agent (which was “accidentally” – on purpose – leaked to a major news outlet) where he asked them not to let his properties out to Parking Stanleys because they reek of curry for months afterwards and it puts off non curry-munchers from letting them.

    His first mistake was emailing it, he should have gone and had a private word with his agent (who are all invariably cunts) and asked then.

    IMO they are his properties and for whatever reason he should have the right to decide who the fuck lives there not the PC police! I don’t care if that’s because the person in question has a blue car. The reasons are his alone and therefore – as it is his property – he should have the ultimate say on who he lets to and why.

    O’course this has now taken centre stage on the ABBC minority pushing agenda and the bloke in question painted as Hitler, Savile and Sutcliffe rolled into one.

    Contrast this faux-pas to the failed tube bombing (which still injured some), “peaceful” grooming gangs, the actual killing of 8 people in NYC and the other various indigenous terrorist attacks by “peacefuls”.

    As Cunt’s Mate Cunt states (in his story link above – well worth a read) if the perp is one of the chosen few (namely a “peaceful”, LGBT, woman and/or minority) then the story simply isn’t noteworthy of coverage over and above the day of occurrence (and only then to save face, and, copiously caveated with some bollocks to excuse their heinous behaviour/crimes – it’s cultural don’t forget).

    The “Letting-Gate” story broke today. It’s a non-story and had the landlord himself been one of the chosen few then nothing would have been said because *that* simply wouldn’t have been “on message”.

    However as the landlord is a hated middle-aged white man then this one will run and run like the result of a cloning gene-splice between Red Rum and Seabiscuit!

    A few dozen dead by “peacefuls” = no story to see here.

    A few hurt “peaceful” feelings = world news for 2wks!

    It’s fucking scandalous! ABBC cunts!

    • I could say that i like the smell of curry but curry smell comes from eateries.
      He got his words mixed up, it was shite he was looking for.
      Many will know that i have a peaceful neighbour and i can couch for this guy when he says their houses stink. When they’re cooking, it’s even worse.

      This guy had a fair point. He could also add the storage of shite and bin bags being left in stairwells.

      Send them all to Syria to help their poor Muslim brothers and sisters.

  3. Do not watch Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

    Utter shite and a waste of two hours.

    Hardly any white folk in it either.

  4. Doctor Who – The new libmong PC version…

    The companion is a horse faced black lezza

    The Master is now a woman called ‘Missy’

    All male guest characters have to fancy the equine black lezza

    All of UNIT and its senior officers are now women

    Black lezza has to ‘disappoint’ all the men who fancy her by saying she’s ‘into wimmin, innit!’

    ‘Disappointed’ men say ‘Hey! That’s cool! My granddad,/centurion/teacher etc was gay!’

    Darkies and Parking Stanleys in every story and every historical situation… Whether they were fucking there or not!

    Daleks/Cybermen/Sontarans reduced to third rate villains and comedy relief

    Twatty wimmin companions hogging the show and making piss poor misandrist jokes (River Cunt, Clara the Cunt, the Black Lezza etc)

    The Doctor is now a woman (and, I dare say, a lezza)

    New darkie and parky stanley sidekicks for new feminazi Doc

    Stick it up yer arse, BBC!

    • Rumours floating around that the next Bond film will feature a huge space rocket.
      So it’s going to be a glum remake of You Only Live Twice, or Moonraker without the jokes.
      They should just use that rocket to send Daniel Craig and Barbara Broccoli to Mars.
      And leave them there…

  5. The Tardis is now a safe space free from patricarchal cybermen violence. However, if a cyberman wishes to be gender neutral or trans then they (gender neutral pronoun there) are welcome. Daleks are disabled as they can’t climb stairs so they are welcome, too.Davros is busy getting a mobility fonance car and the master is currently on remand in the Scrubbs for looking at Terlow in a funny way.Next week Dr Who goes to pride after pulling down racist statues at Cambridge uni.

  6. Another cunting for the ABBC / SNP in advance of a broadcast tonight possibly only on ABBC Scotland.

    It appears to be a program structured around Scotland or I should say an SNP bash on the US president, Donald Trump.

    For years Salmond tried to rip the total arse off Donald Trump at every opportunity and he failed every time, though he thought he came out on top. Trump had planned to invest millions in Scotland, however Salmond & Co always made things difficult and pissed Trump off to the point he has kerbed much of his bigger investment plans.

    Sturgeon, “the peoples Krankie” continued where Salmond left off and the level of their stupidity rose as the presidential election process progressed with the SNP clowns mocking the man who could never be President and clearly supported crooked Hilary.

    Even after Trump was elected, attacks continued with a series of embarrassing attacks by Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh playing the female / peaceful card when he announced his shutdown on Muslims entry to the USA. “I will never go there”. Go to Canada instead with Katy Perry then bitch!

    This peaceful one wailed at every opportunity possible whether it be through her column in the Scottish SNP rag / Record or TV appearances such as Question Time and other ABBC productions.

    She spent more time miscalling Trump than doing her own day job and was ejected from her role as MP at the first election accordingly.

    She had continually failed her Perth constituents and her behaviour brought shame on Scotland & Scottish politics. She couldn’t secure any overseas employers to come and establish in Scotland herself but cursed a man who came himself and offered big plans to invest.

    Despite the crap Trump received he still invested in Scottish business mainly golf & hospitality creating and maintaining employment for hundreds of people in Scotland. As said his initial plans were scaled down as the SNP made every small hurdle a high jump and obstacle course which rightly pissed Trump off pursuing his larger plans.

    Now, the SNP are going to use this ABBC production to cry & winge about where the investment is that “he initially planned to make” before the mudslinging and name calling began. I expect them make the man appear to be bad as he has turned his back on Scotland and attempt to drum up further hatred of Trump before his official UK visit

    Nothing like twisting the knife again and screwing it up for Great Britain now as we will be looking to form trade deals with USA following brexit. Deals that would hopefully be attractive with him having a British mother and links to Scotland.

    SNP just cant help themselves and maybe if they seen the embarrassment they bring on themselves and Scotland’s people, they would stop shiteing in their own nest.

    These cunts DONT speak for Scotland despite what lies the newspapers in England say to anger the English.

  7. And let us not forget the Maltesers adverts… Where these ridiculous PC cunts think a supposedly ‘wisecracking character’ of a spakker will (a) entice people to buy Maltesers, and (b) that said spakker would actually get the best man’s phone number and pull a bloke (any bloke)…

    Used to be partial to the old Maltesers… But, if anything, those PC adverts have put me off ’em… It’s like watching the insides of a Dalek without its armour…

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