Musical bog trotters

I see those bogtrotting hypocrites, Slob Geldof and U2 are at it again… Apparently the smelly one and the taxdodging dadrockers have condemned Aung San Suu Kyi for having the nerve to deal with the peaceful cunts in Burma… Someone should tell these thick village idiots that the Burmese don’t want any rapes, murders, or terrorism from these parasites in their own backyard… Simple as that… Mind you, I don’t even think these Irish cunts would even be arsed if the muslamists committed an atrocity in Dublin… They’d either be too busy appeasing the murderers or living it up in their tax havens… Cunts…

And, of course, Bono and his cunts have bigged up Aung San Suu Kyi for years… She was their ‘virtue signaling mascot’ for a long tine… But now she’s committed the heinous (to celebricunts) crime of daring to stand up to the peaceful cunts, Bonio and his pals have chucked the toys out of the Amnesty International pram… Cunts…

Nominated by Norman

My cuntometer went off the scale today, triggered by that cunt Bob Geldof. It was as though his tired, stroppy rebel act wasn’t wearing enough or the spectacle of he and his cunty tosser rich pals hurling puerile abuse at British fishermen from a boat on the Thames last year. Then just today, he managed once again make my blood boil in a way not seen since his dull as dishwasher one hit in the 1980s where he whined tastelessly about some school shooting or other. The cunt is “protesting” the Burmese president by handing back his Freedom of the City of Dublin award. Gee Bob, the Burmese president is quaking in her Gucci shoes at your bravery. Hey Bob, you cunt of cunts, why not put your ill gotten gains where your mouth is. Cunt!

Nominated by Slack Alice

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    Sitting in the sun with nought better to do, just had a quick run through as to who would qualify as a double digit cunt. For those interested – I’m not particularly – here’s the rollcall of cuntitude…

    David Cameron, 22
    Obama, 15
    Bono, 13 if you include this one!
    Andy Murray, 12
    Tony Blair, 12
    Nicola Sturgeon, 11
    The BBC, 11
    Gordon Brown, 11
    Russell Brand,10
    Ed Miliband, 10
    Harriet Harman, 10

    Bubbling under are Corbyn and Clegg with 9 each so if anyone is looking to address this clear oversight, there’s a couple of cunts who should be nailed to the wall probably literally as well as figuratively…

    • An all-star cunt legends 11 right there. So much cunt in such a concentrated space I’m surprised you haven’t started a rift in space-cunt-time, Dioclese.

      Though as much as I despise the dour, virtue-signalling Al-BBC darling Andy Mugray, I am very surprised to see him level with cunt-behemoth Blair. And for the love of cunt, let’s get Clegg into double-digits!!!!

    • Surprised Banana Gob, Gideon Osborne, Lily Mong, Abbott The Hutt, Brendan Cox, J Kunt Rowling, Madogga, and Smarmy Lineker aren’t in the cunt double figures….

      • For a quick check, go to the ‘Categories of Cunts’ on the rh sidebar. It tells you how many times the category has been used. It’s an indicator as it’s number of categories not number posts.

        When I did things, the name was always a category, but lately that’s fallen into disuse…

        • Cheers – I’m using a shitty phone which makes what you described difficult. However, I’ll make it a mission to get Izzcunt in the top 3!

    • It would give me great pleasure to cunt Clegg the cunt and rightly bring him into well deserved double figures of cuntings… The cunt.
      I’ll be writing a short to the point cunting on the Red Cunt me page.

    • The biggest shock for me is Blair’s lowly position?? He’s definitely no Johnny come lately to the game, he has been at the coal face of cuntitude for decades!!
      Cleggs always worthy of some serious cunting………

  2. If it was up to me, Aunt San would get her second Nobel Peace Prize for making Burma terrorist free.

    Obama, Bono Geldof and Johnny Giles ffs all given freedom of the city which I believe entitles them to masterbate into the river Liffey. Quite a density of cuntiness in those four.

    Have to confess, Boomtown Rats first album was good.

    • Johnny Giles: that dirty ex-Leeds cunt… Never got over Matt Busby giving him the sack at Man United, and he’s whined about it ever since…. Giles also helped get Cloughie the sack at Leeds… Cunt…

      • Jonny Giles: didn’t realise the paddy cunt was still alive. Horrible dirty back stabbing cunt he was/is.

  3. Never liked the Boomtown Rats. However, speaking of quasi musical things, the only way I can remember the Burma leader and Nobel Laureate’s name is to use the old Manhattan Transfer number, Chanson Da’mour.
    It goes like this.
    Aung San Suu Kyi, yah dah dah dah dah
    Aung San, Aung San, Suuu Kyiiii.

    Nicola (cunt) Sturgeon’s score should be combined with Alex (cunt) Salmond’s, to get her into the higher place she deserves.

        • Poor old Junkers butt plug Cleggy still finishes third behind the Tories and Labour. In the words of Ocuntba “Yes we can” and ISAC right this wrong. Can send him an early Christmas present of a giant special needs badge with ‘#10 not out’ and a roll of lav paper with his face on it as a congratulatory gift.

  4. Geldof and Bonio are cunts of the first order. Bonio is and always has been a tax dodging hypocrite. Geldof somehow got rich by raising money (selflessly, of course) for Ethiopian war lords, although when this was pointed out to him he had a gigantic strop.
    I have some sympathy for the refugees from Burma. Having to go to Bangla Desh for fucks sake! But it seems clear that if you want a country without murderous Islamic lunatics, you must get rid of the lot of them.

    • Those trouble-making peaceful cunts originated in Bangla, so it’s fair to return them.
      Perhaps if we erect a giant noticeboard at Dover, visible from the boats as they approach the harbour, saying, “Welcome to Burma”, the peaceful invaders will piss off again. Cunts

  5. Does anyone else think that to coincide with Scottish legislation Mr fish head and krankie Mcmerkel should have a minimum cunting applied i.e. three per week each?

    • Im in agreement Toryboy! Fantastic double dealing this week in Scotland, and every daft fucker fell for it . A 400% tax on alcohol, all going to the treasury! And the daft fucking jocks fell for it! And just before hogmanay! Fucking priceless!!!!!

      • So that’s £5 for a bottle of wine and £14 for spirits.
        How the fuck are they going to enforce that? Buy it on the internet and ship across the English border…

        • Said in the Telegraph they will do booze runs over the border. Scotch off licenses will suffer, but at least the tax revenues in England will increase.

          • Imagine the three mile convoys of Toyota Hiace / Mazda vans trooping along nose to tail driven by the peaceful shopkeepers.

            No this is not Kabul, its the M fucking 6.

            How they expect this to work without a separate customs excise and border I do not know.

            Why didn’t the Scottish Whisky Assoc take it further to the European Courts and get something useful from them before we leave?

            Hopefully, England and Wales oppose this stealth tax bollocks.

      • Fucks Sake. We’ll have even more jock pissheads clogging up the doorways of the English cities. A search for cheaper Buckfast and white cider will draw them like the flies are drawn to their shit+piss stained pants. It can’t be easy for them constantly having to fight off an attacker who only they can see.
        Still, I suppose that it’s always been the English responsibility to look after our backward cousins, the scotch.

      • Was all down to SNP at Holyrood when they had a majority government in Scotland. Would it still be the same result today? No doubt them slimey greens and lib dems would help it through. They did not vote what their constituents think on this one.

        This will seal the fate of even more of their MP’s come next election easily given a few only held their seats by a few hundred votes. SNP going downhill quicker than they climbed in popularity. Too busy pandering to the peacefuls isn’t helping them either but too late, the enemy is within.

  6. Almost on topic….

    I ask you, what could be more Irish than eating potatoes…?

    ……not eating potatoes.

    • Of course its easier brewing moonshine then a refined vodka The irish basically perfected moonshine tho they called it Poitin, more or less the original recipe for moonshine.

      Scots-Irish immigrants did alot of the brewing and sold it to the yanks in the bootlegging era during prohibition just a few facts for fellow cunters

    • Supporting a football team based in Scotland while flying Irish flags, IRA banners and singing IRA songs… while eating no potatoes.

    • Yes, polluting / infiltrating local governments, football associations, football clubs (to source young boys to satisfy their peado addictions) and the ABBC (particularly in Scotland’s ABBC) but why didn’t the police see all the crimes?

  7. The Muslim contingent of Burma have made trouble since they arrived in the country as “visitors” some time ago. They are not “Burmese” by descent and they are culturally and morally in conflict with the Bhuddist population of the country that has hosted them for generations. But, when you overstay your welcome, AND you shit on your hosts floor, then you can only expect to be told to leave.
    I see nothing wrong in people objecting to the presence of uncivilized rapists, mysogynist arseholes, camel shaggers in their own country.

    Messrs Gedoff and Bonio are a pair of prized wankers who have been elevated in status by a crazed fan base of drug users and mentally retarded fuckwits.

    The two shitstains need to overdose on lethal substances, or at least offer their arseholes to Islam, before finally shutting their cakeholes and let Burma sort out its unwanted scrotes and necro turds

    • It has been brewing for years. A young woman was gang raped and murdered by a group of rohinga. That’s what started what we are (are not) hearing about now.

  8. Three of those musical bogtrotters, The Corrs,would enjoy my close attentions…well, “enjoy” is possibly not the right word….Not too sure about the “musical” part either.

    • Always remember when some Paddy cunt came up to me in 97 and said ‘What do ye think of the Corrs?’…. My reply was ‘I’d like to smash their fiddle player’… How was I to know that the little Irish turd meant ’cause’ and was referring to those IRA scum?….

  9. Indeed, all candidates for the Bulgarian umbrella treatment.

    Would be doing the world a favour.

  10. Fellow cunters may recall I recently mentioned knowledge of the *real* reason for Fallon’s resignation (I used the phrase “utterly bizarre”), but declined to elaborate (for legal reasons) until tabloids had either run it or alluded to it.

    Fleet Street of course lost their collective nerve (so much for “holding power to account”), but the ever-reliable Popbitch has mentioned it today. I am happy to confirm that this is the exact same story I have heard.

    Popbitch says: “he has a touch of the Louis CKs about him – but he doesn’t need the women to be in the room with him… Just their handbags.”

    • Bugger me Fred, you do like to be the queen orf tease. All I could find orn that site was this:

      “One of the first excuses out of the gate to help dampen the impact of Michael Fallon’s resignation was some hand-waving speculation that alcohol is a “power drug” that can create a “Jekyll and Hyde effect” in some.

      It’s not our place to tell No.10 how to run their communications, but given that they were already struggling to deal with Brexit before the gargantuan sinkhole of sexual harassment opened up under their feet, perhaps now is not the best time to blithely float the topic of alcohol misuse in Westminster.

      Especially seeing as at least one of Theresa May’s closest senior advisors is a well-known stress drinker, and another of her cabinet keeps a fully-stocked vodka fridge in his London flat at all times.”

      Obtuse allegations to put it mildly. Other links all over the place but Yours Truly could not be arsed to spend any more time clicking. Handbags, The Importance of Being Ernest, Oscar Wilde, not a spot orf Bumburying surely?

      • A handbag!? Snatch used to carry an LBC brick around in her’s. Not a lot of people know that…

      • It’s in today’s Popbitch newsletter (received by email), Sir Limply, not the website.

        Great video clip, J.R. Cuntley – somehow I think Dame Edith’s reaction would have been a tad more histrionic had she found Fallon’s spunk in her handbag…

  11. Said in the Telegraph they will do booze runs over the border. Scotch off licenses will suffer, but at least the tax revenues in England will increase.

  12. What people don’t realise is the Buddhists in Myanmar are literally sick to death of Muslims murdering and raping them. It takes a lot to make Buddhists to turn to violence .

  13. Geldof is such a turd even the Orish dislike him.

    I know someone who lives near this him (in Faversham, Kent) and the dirty tramp is a PROPER nasty, old git. Apparently the scrofulous cunt (who has over £30 million tucked away) haggles for items in local charity shops!

  14. I’d like to see mssrs Old hag Soubry and that other punchable cunt Nicky, the one with the thousand yard stare, Morgan climb the list. Who, amongst others, are willing to see their very own government fall for the sake of overturning Brexit. A bigger pair of unfuckable witches would be difficult to find.

  15. Just as an aside. How nice to see the name Slack Alice again. A fine cunting, alongside happy memories of Larry Grayson mincing around in the correct manner. The good old funny British way. Grayson’s these days don’t have a fucking clue about gayness. Perry needs to concentrate more on the walk, and the indignant head turn. As for a catchphrase, I don’t think he’s given it any consideration whatsoever.

    • My old man was a regular at the Slack Alice nightclub… He used to drink with George Best in those days…

    • Exactly!
      Ya serious poofs, they’re meant to be your spies. Ya Blunts, ya Burgess’s. Stands to reason dunnit? You don’t put ’em on Saturday night telly, they can’t do the walk!

      • Mrs Shufflewick! Forgot about that particular gender fluid floozy. Bring back variety!

  16. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a ‘slight uncunting’ of Noel Gallagher, for his remarks regarding Islamist terror cunts. Today I read he’s been having a pop at remainers, telling them to fuck up and get on with brexit. He says he didn’t vote, but would have backed remain, however, he recognises democracy and said let’s stop fucking around and get on with it. Most of the people I know who voted remain have accepted the result and feel it’s time to move on, as was the way years ago. I would have accepted the result if it had gone the other way, so what is the fucking problem? Anyway Noel, you are slowly making your way into my good books. Now if you could just learn a few more chords…..

    • Hard to believe Gallagher said he would’ve voted Remain when he was actively supporting the Leave campaign. Seems like he’s trying to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds (or attempting to curry favour with the music-buying both).

  17. That Noel Gallagher is a cunt.

    I haven’t been posting lately as I’ve been busy learning the scissors. (acoustic, I’m not a total cunt that plays the shredder)

    • His ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ at the reopening of the Manchester Arena was vomit inducing…

      ‘Every time we sing this song, we win…’

      Try telling that to the parents of the kids butchered at the Ariana Grande gig… Fucking Man Ciddy knobend cunt….

  18. Yeah, Noel Gallagher has just uncredited himself a few cunt points. By default his shit for brains bro has been credited with them. Fucking eejit.

  19. How cameron beats b liar is amazing its not that cameron doesnt deserve 22 but really blair ……..
    Now if thst was a 2 string blair team as in NOT the actual one i could understand
    Hes in a league of his oan !!!!!

  20. Off topic but
    The number of unlicensed vehicles on the road has tripled since the paper tax disc was abolished, government figures show.
    The data, published every two years, shows that the government potentially lost out on £107m from 755,000
    unlicensed vehicles last year.
    CUNTS !!!!!!!!!

    • Taxis of peace, probably. Not just untaxed,but uninsured,unMOTed and unlicensed too. That’s before we get to the dole-cheating,child-raping,drug-dealing cultural-enricher behind the wheel.

  21. For me, the biggest cunts in the last twenty-five years are Blair, Bono, Jünker, and Mel Gibson.

    It is a travesty of cuntish injustice that Gibson, the misogynistic, jew-bating purveyor of film lies, champion mullet-displayer, and all-round dwarf of humanity warmth, isn’t higher up the list.

  22. Em G D A7sus4 (x3)
    C D A7sus4

    The opening chords to Wonderwall. Definitely not a cunt. Not ashamed to admit going to see him next April. Tickets were a bargain at £80.

    • Oh, he’s a cunt alright.

      Even though I’m a massive oasis fan, i still couldn’t wait for beige potato cunt to shut up a let King Parka Monkey sing.

      According to this cunt, Oasis was his band and consisted if him, the singer, the bass player, the guitarist and any cunt that can bang a drum. Then puts down his own fans, the wee cunt shit wank fuckhole bastard cunt of a cunt.

      Park monkey and proud. 🙂

      • Noel is also Bono’s bitch and licks U2 arse whenever he can… I’ll give him one thing though: he was a genuine Man Citeh fan when they were shit (for about 36 years!), unlike other supposedly ‘lifelong’ berties like Flintoff, Sinclair, Keegan (Michelle, that is… Although I would smash shit out of her!), and that supercunt, Tom Cruise…

        But Noel never was a City hoolie or part of the Young Guv’nors like he said he was… That is complete bollocks from a prize bullshitter…

    • Played with the index and middle finger only while the ring and little finger hold down the third fret of the e and b strings.

      A piece of piss to play and nicked from Bob Dylan. Oasis nick a lot of stuff from other people.

  23. Back on topic
    Although kim fat cunt ” soapy salmond” is on 8 ……. just you guys wait and tune into his new show for RT ( russia today )
    Fist up ( oops mistake) FIST up was the wee fuckin weazil that was shit stirring in catalonia ( who gives a fuck anyway)
    SOAPY isnt past it yet chaps
    Wee jimmy krankie is an amateur compared to the ex member for who cares or gives a fuck

    • I laughed when he said that he would have editorial control over his RT show. His anti democracy, anti UK government, anti U.K. snydey ranting would need no editing to fit in with RTs current programming. Fat cunt.

      • More than a whiff of week old haggis with that fat cunt Salmond landing his RT show after the Ruskies being accused of political interference around the world including recent UK election and referendum. Wonder how many times Wee Jimmy Krankie will be his special guest to whine on about Brexit or second Scots referendum like a pair of knackered bagpipes.

    • Obviously there is only one man for the job, wise old head and known for negotiating race relations and difficult uppity cunts, Big Ron Atkinson.

      • Loved Big Ron when he was at United… Some of the best times were back then (Barcelona 84 being the big one)…

        Trust a Grauniad piece of arse cress to make a fuss about this….So the bloke did a joke rasta accent (if he did!)? Let’s just shoot him now, eh?… I’m sure the old’uns in Soweto and Alabama will be horrified at this level of ‘abuse’… Fuck me…

        • Fash, Regis, Barnes etc put up with much worse back in the 70’s and 80’s and that was from their own fans! But let their football and in Fash’s case elbows, do the talking.

          • I remember Paul Cannoville at Chelsea getting dog’s abuse from his own fans… And Luther Blissett getting the ‘Chicken George Is Back’ song… Big Cyril was quality, so was Laurie Cunningham… That Albion side was a good one…

            And the shite Eric Cantona got from that piece of Palace cunt cheese in 95 was worse than the current ‘scandalous’ revelations about Jim Davidson style ‘Chalkie’ impressions… Eric got banned and slaughtered by the media for (rightfully) twattting Simmons… But if Aluko did something similar, she’d be praised, given sympathy, and be made a Dame….

  24. Class on Question Time tonight, Tim Farron and Emily Thornberry. I am a cunt for watching this pile of shit.

  25. Tim Farron and Emily Thornberry are inspiring me me to live a healthier lifestyle so I live to see them conk out.

    • A diabolical woman, who I reckon is the owner of a massive, hairy old minge.

      I bet it looks like a Davy Crockett hat and smells of haddock.

  26. Rough rule of thumb is that if Bonio and especially Cuntdorf object to something then the opposite is to be supported.
    I for one couldn’t give a massive shit if the scruffy cunt gives his award back,or not.
    Aunt San Suu Kyi should have pre empted the bog trotter by returning her award on the grounds she didn’t want to be on the same list as him.

  27. Val McDermid although a cunt makes a good point.Being a dyke is not the same as being born in the wrong body and it is wrong and dangerous to conflate the two .

  28. I totally agree with that Shaun. Didn’t think I would agree with the rug muncher but she did make a sensible and sound comment. Thornberry on the other hand always talks trash and she doesn’t fill me with any confidence whatsoever.

  29. All Thornberry does is roll her fucking eyes when someone is talking and she doesn’t agree with them. Well I know something that would make her eyes fucking roll, fucking champagne socialist slag bitch.

    • Whamming it up her shitter would at least mean you don’t have to endure her face.

      Problem is about career politicians, is that NOTHING is exempt from their loony diatribes. There ALWAYS has to be an on-message “angle”…

      I had cornflakes, toast and marmalade for brekkie this am. I bet The Flabbot could(try to !!) write a whole manifesto on that…

  30. So the results are in, the Grief-fell tally was a miserly 71 not even the 80-odd authorities expected and certainly not the 400-odd “claimed” to have perished.

    For those who actually died and their families you truly have my heartfelt and sincere sympathies.

    To the cunts claiming (and – more importantly – claiming for) the additional 329 dead, may you burn in a thousand hells! And no, there is no pun intended.

    I hope the authorities find, arrest and prosecute you to the maximum allowable. If you can be deported you should be, along with all your dependents.

    It’ll be no big secret (although it will be cos the meejah won’t cover it) that the majority of fraudulent claimants will be of the “peaceful” disposition.

    They will walk away scott free and should anyone dare mention their crimes they will be branded a racist (even though it’s a FUCKING RELIGION) and therefore neither the police, the government, nor their own fucking council will do a thing about it!

    They know that they’re untouchable because of their “faith” and – basically – fuck what the infidels think, and fuck their infidel laws.

    British “peacefulness” – the gift that just keeps giving!


    “Santa! Santa!”

    “Well hello there young man? And have you been a good boy this year?”

    “Yes I have!”

    “Ho! Ho! Ho! Good boy! And for being such a good boy here’s a gift from Santa.”

    “Thank you Santa – I’ve always wanted a clock!”

    “A clock? I think you’re mistaken young man.”

    “But it’s ticking!”

    “It’s tick…” KABOOOOMMM!!!


    “And today a bomb devastated a Santa’s grotto in Chiswick. The IED killed dozens of small children and their parents, wounding dozens more, and all of whom were quite clearly racist. Police have not ruled out terrorism and are actively seeking white supremacists in connection with this act of devastating consequences. Faisal Islam – ABBC.”

      • Just goes to show what a deluded “champagne” socialist that gobshite is!

        300!?! Tower block or not, how the fuck were they sleeping? Standing up?

        Soft cunt!

        From the same cunt who claimed “immigration does not impact housing”.

        Well Lily luv, it may not in a sleepy village in the Cotswolds where you park your arse, but please feel free to visit Lutonistan and ask the locals there – if you can find one that actually speaks English!

        Oh and that “child” cunt you decided we should let in, he’s due to claim his state pension next year!

        Tell you what Lily, until you have a point which is based on reality rather than group-think or virtue signalling, why don’t you just shut the fuck up!

        And that includes your “mockney” talk-singing! Cunt!

    • @Rebel without a Cunt!

      “hope the authorities find, arrest and prosecute you to the maximum allowable. If you can be deported you should be, along with all your dependents.”

      Dream on…

    • If you don’t know the Tom Lehrer song “National Brotherhood Week”…

      There’s a truly GREAT musician and comedian.

  31. Fucking hell’s teeth. I didn’t think “This Week” could get any more cuntish but with Ed Balls-Up and Adrian Chiles on-board they’ve excelled themselves!

  32. The Burmese have been getting killed and raped for years there. Kicking out the goat fondlers sounds to me like a fantastic plan. If the bogtrotting twats love the goat fondlers so much have them stay in your houses you cunts.

  33. I was just thinking about the SNP taxation on cheap booze and I can see a situation not that different to our African mate M’TEBE….
    As dawn breaks across the leaden skies of Glasgow MC Tavish awakens to a scene of utter devastation, he wipes the sleep from his eyes, the frost from his windscreen as he embarks on his daily ritual of navigating England’s dangerously overcrowded roads in search of a watering hole ( off license) , this is repeated on a daily basis just to provide this most basic provision……..

    • “he wipes the frost from his windscreen”…

      I wonder where that litre of anti-freeze went ?

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