MTV in Trafalgar Square

MTV presents Trafalgar Square: U2 and David Guetta play ‘once-in-a-lifetime show’ in London?

MTV are cunts… This is probably their first actual music related show in twenty years… These cunts are to blame for the Satan’s arse telly that is the Osbournes, Jersey/Geordie Shore, 16 and Pregnant, and several other ‘made for scum’ reality shows…

And, of course, U2 are supreme cunts and David Guetta is a cunt….

Nominated by Norman

David Guetta brings shame to the EDM name he is a electropop house music cunt throu an throu and hes more interested in half baked collaborations with cunts like nicki minaj, kelly rowland and the endless of eurodance bellends

Nominated by Titslapper

21 thoughts on “MTV in Trafalgar Square

  1. Is this one of those new-fangled beat combos that have been wearing safety pins in their noses and being rude to that nice Bill Grundy? Beasts,it wouldn’t have happened in my day.
    I like that nice Jonathon King and the Bay City Rollers.

      • Jonathan King was responsible for finding the wonderful Genesis. He’s still a Everest sized thundercunt though.

        • King wanted to turn them into a bee gees type group with christian themes hence the name Genesis… Gabriels angels was a 2nd name they were gonna use.

          Thankfully that didn’t happen but it mostly didn’t happen because the other members couldn’t sing and didn’t want to put up with his obvious pushy cunty ways

        • Check out Jonathan King on YouTube. TOTP 1978, One For You, One For Me.

          Sporting a multcoloured ‘fro wig and tight trousers.

          What an unmitigated cunt.

          • King might have been a cunt but at one point he had seven records into the top 20 at the same time, none of them in his own name and all of them different. Never been equaled…

          • Just shows you how ingrained the paedo culture is in the music biz. They can fix the charts to suit themselves.

  2. Music my arse.
    They’ll all total cunts and this is just another opportunity to felch each other in public and disguise it as some kind of sickening humanity backslap.
    U2 – cunts
    Ciabatta – cunt
    Bono – utter cunt
    And, finally, CUNTS for stealing the label of ‘music’ and sticking it like a verucca plaster over the horrific noise they produce that is little more than AIDS for our ears

  3. It was funny when MTV gave Dire Straits major airplay for ‘Money For Nothing’…
    They were too thick to know that Knopfler and his boys were taking the piss out of MTV… I do remember when it played music though and had presenters… Though most of them were cunts…. Lisa I’Anson and Simone Angel being the worst offenders… I recall Simone almost bursting into tears after she asked Liam Gallagher who was the worst dressed person at the MTV Awards, and he said to her, ‘You!’ He was right though….

    • “Money for nothing and your cheques for free” the wife used to sing before I had a quiet word.

      • I remember the outrage being over the lyrics

        “See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup? Yeah buddy, that’s his own hair, That little faggot got his own jet airplane That little faggot is a millionaire” also “Bangin’ on the bongos like a chimpanzee yeah that the way you do it money for nothing and chicks for free” Both these lyrics have been removed from the PC police and removed from the radio edits

          • More recent DVD editions of Fawlty Towers and Python have been ‘sensitively’ bowdlerised, though can’t remember offhand exactly which bits. No doubt the tip of a very ugly iceberg – after all, entire early series of ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ banned by ABBC thought police yonks ago!

  4. Well well. MTV has inspired some sort of peculiar deference in Rita Oral as she thanks them for their trust in her to host the MTV awards.
    Fucking hilarious.
    She obviously thinks they’ve chosen her for some musically related reason. So funny, I have to remind myself to breathe.
    So what is this event? A load of assholes telling each other they are great and that their muzak is in fact music and it’s great.
    It’s like that lizard scene in fear and loathing.
    Fucking whores.

  5. MTV ? Is that the channel which features members of the public bringing items of tat to second hand dealers for cash?

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