Rule free parenting

I would like to nominate rule free parenting.
Apparently there was a program about it on cunt4 which was, and I quote “really good”.

Fucking hell! Can you imagine? The entire next generation not doing anything they don’t like at all ON TOP of the lot we already have.

So they say that the kids are really happy being raised with no rules….NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK!

I’m struggling to understand just how left, gay, stoopid and downright fucking selfish you’d have to be to raise your kids in such a way that they are left unable to look after themselves because they “don’t want to” . That get no education at all because they “don’t want to”. That don’t want to repel foreign invasion, beheadings and war because they “don’t want to”.
I think my bladder and heart are about to explode from the pressure.

This lot of tired cunts need flogging in the market square.

Nominated by Cuntflap

47 thoughts on “Rule free parenting

  1. Agreed. Some stupid bint in New Zealand has a blog about herself abd her bunch of bunglecunt sprogs that she raises rule free. Trolling her is so much fun!

  2. No doubt this will be the next bandwagon for all the celebricunts to jump on once fads like gender neutrality stop being flavour of the week.
    Shit like this will never happen to my kids, I rule my house with an iron fist and that’s how it will stay. And my kids will grow up to be responsible and well rounded individuals as a result. Programmes like that make me want to annihilate the entire human race.

    • Wife and I had a few simple rules and enforced them. Punishment was always dished out when the rules were broken, but on a sliding scale and was fair. We think it gave them security and consistency. Never shy away from difficult issues or shielded from life’s more unpleasant aspects.

      Never let them win at games then when they do it’s all their own success, not given but taken.

      They have grown up into reasonably well balanced adults capable of looking after themselves.

      However, the wife’s sisters let their kids run riot and rule the roost. Fucking nightmare.

    • My wife tried to introduce the ‘naughty step’ to our household. I told her she better put a bag of frozen peas on it, as it would be a cruel and unusual punishment to force the poor thing sit down after I’d just tanned it’s arse…

  3. Letting your kids do what the fuck they like is the road to ruin for them. My kids always got a clip round the ear, as I did, when they were either cheeky, stroppy or just plain stupid. I’ve told them that if they have any kids and bring them to my house the sprog will get the same treatment if it kicks off. It’s a fucking disgrace to see some unruly little cunts running around a restaurant, free to be as cuntish as they like while the parents sit and get smashed without any regard to others. It’s the kid that ends up paying the price in future life. Thick cunts.

    • If parents refuse to do any parenting, then some other nasty cunt out there will do it for them, i.e. me.

      One time I went for dinner, and a family in the booth behind had a spawn of unruly sprogs being cunts, one of them had the cheek to climb on top of the booth and start pulling my hair. BOTH parents witnessed this and dismissed it with a look which said “oh, he’s only playing”. In their refusal to act, I had a wedge of lemon ready which I squeezed into the little cunts eyes without mercy the next time he touched my hair. His roaring and tears were as delicious as the chicken I was trying to eat in fucking cunting peace!

  4. Rule free parenting is basically no parenting.

    I think it’s child abuse not to instill boundaries and the notion of what is acceptable (and – more importantly – what is not) because once they go to nursery, school, etc., where there are boundaries and rules, they’re fucked!

    And – because they don’t know any better – they kick off, disrupt all the other kids who have been taught boundaries and end up facing something they’ve not experienced before – discipline.

    O’course the parents of these abominations are supportive of the school/teachers? Are they fuck, they’re just as likely to report said school for not conforming to their sensibilities.

    And while even 10-15yrs ago these cunts would’ve been laughed out of the place, nowadays the system would capitulate and no doubt accommodate these unfit parents and their precious little cunts.

    From being able to crawl until around the age of 5 or so kids basically do what all fucking animals do and copy their parents.

    In the wild from ducks to chimpanzees if any of their offspring step out of line or act the cunt they are chastised for their behaviour. Once they understand they’ve been cunts and realise that that behaviour is not acceptable when you’re a duck/chimpanzee then they are allowed back into the fold and rarely – if ever – repeat the same faux-pas again.

    It’s basic social structure and it is to the betterment of all complex lifeforms. O’course these “modern parents” want to take 4 billion years of evolution and throw it in the bin. And why? To basically – yet again – garner a few “right-on” likes and gain a pseudo one-upmanship against their equally cuntish peers.

    Like I say, child abuse, pure and simple.

    Contrast this with the cunt who was on ABBC brekkie this week claiming that tickling your child was “actual” child abuse. Yes, this is real.

    Even Dan and Naga were taken aback by this and said: “But hang on you’re a mother of a 6 month old baby yourself so what happens to physical boundaries when you have to bathe them and change their nappy?”

    “Well as I’m doing it I talk to it as an adult and explain exactly what it is I’m doing and why.” – and no doubt by the age of 7 they’re maladjusted, confused, gender neutral, undisciplined cunts who has no concept of social interaction! The cunt!

    Well if tickling is child abuse then I’m guilty as charged. If disciplining your child is child abuse then I’m also banged to rights but I’m betting mine grow up better adjusted than theirs!

    These are the cunts who we will be depending upon to defend the realm when the “peaceful” balance tips.

    God help us – although by then it will more than likely be Alluah Akbar!

    Selfish parent cunts!

    • Another great post Rebel!

      Thank the Lord, or Aloo Ackerbilkbar, I never had sprog. The little shits wouldn’t have hung around to wipe my arse toward the end anyway, the cunts!

  5. The benefit of sending children to school is getting some peace from them. Let some other soft Cunt run around after the ungrateful sods.
    Fuck them.

    • You’re not an enormous fan of progeny then, Mr Fiddler? Shame, I was going to ask you to babysit my kids next weekend. They wanted to come round your house and ride on your dogs whilst you told them what ungrateful cunts they are and that they’d ruined their father’s life…never mind, I’ll ask Charlie Sheen instead, I’m sure he’d be willing.

      • Is Charlie Sheen a good friend of yours? Have you known him since boyhood? I bet he’s an interesting man to spend time with.

      • Indeed he is…I recall him saying to me one day in 1987, “do you think this rag smells of chloroform”? Then I woke up several hours later under a bridge with a prolapsed rectum next to a semi-conscious Corey.

      • Ah,the Hollywood years,sweet memories for you,I suspect. I’m guessing that you were a child star,but are just too modest to admit it on here. Dont worry, I’m the very soul of discretion……Were you ever “Home Alone”(nudge,nudge) until Michael Jackson took you up NeverLand where you both blew bubbles?….. See what I did there Macauly? The soul of discretion,me. Feel free to unburden yourself. I’m a very sympathetic listener.

      • Oh, you’ve seen the “collector’s edition” of Home Alone then? The where Harry and Marv actually catch hold of me and make me the meat in a man-wich (Homo Alone?!)? All those painful traps I invented for them was merely unnecessarily complicated Heath-Robinsonesque foreplay.

  6. I can’t get over the fact, even though he is opposition in the government, fucking Steptoe can lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on a day like today. Still refuses to condemn the IRA and even had the bare faced cheek to mention their “bravery” weeks after inviting then after the Brighton bombing. My fucking blood boils and my blood pressure shoots through the roof every time I see that communist cunt.

    • Agree 100%……..
      he’s not the only Cunt that shouldn’t be allowed within 10 miles of the cenotaph………

    • One of the pollice snipers protecting the Queen could could have taken him out for the U.K…..

    • Comrade Corbyn probably huddled in pub round the corner with Gerry Adams & John McDonnell, trying to work out whether to connect the green wire or the cream wire or the red wire to the clockwork alarm clock smuggled in up Flabbott’s mangy bloated minge. Silly fuckers.

  7. If rule free parenting turns out to be an unmitigated success maybe they could extend it to our armed forces? the civilian population too?
    A few years ago if someone came up with an utterly ridiculous idea they would generally get slapped down, go away and have a long hard think about it, unfortunately nowadays these cunts no matter how ludicrous the idea find instant support from either the dog shit media, clueless celebrities or other like minded progressive fools!

    • Always have a chuckle when some leftie cunts describe themselves as ‘progressives’. They are too wrapped up in their cunt bubble pc bullshit to see the irony.

    • It’s the agenda I’m afraid, the long game, the long march. Destabilise, divide, destroy. The smacking ban, the prevention of raising ones child, the gender agenda, the destruction of pubs and many other ‘paper cut’ manouvres all have the same end goal. They wish to isolate us from acting as a group of any significant size or capacity, in any way, shape or form. A true society of individuals, prevented from organising under effective and shared ideological viewpoints (as those viewpoints become more and more difficult / un-correct / illegal to hold, or even mention). Once we are truly isolated from one another, our emancipation is almost assured. Never in the history of humanity have so many freedoms been removed from so many people, having been dictated by so few.

      • It’s H.G.Wells ‘Time Machine’ prediction coming fucking true!

        In the book Earth’s human population evolves to become two races, the Eloi (snowflakes) and the Morlocks (peacefuls). The snowflake Eloi are totally oblivious to the fact that they are farmed, fed and subsequently eaten by the cannibalistic, peaceful Morlocks. Ring any bells?

        No longer far fetched as it seemed following publication in 1895…

      • Google “common purpose” SB – its already started. The “who’s who” of the attendees of the “courses” should make your hair turn grey. one of the greatest advocates – Robert Peston. Jew boy “the honourable” Peston (His father is a liebour life peer) but he doesn’t use the title. My piss boil level reaches max just looking at the cunt – he doesn’t have to say a word.

      • At least the Morlocks gave the Etoi a paradise to live in and hid away in the shadows, unlike the shitholes our infestation creates and who overtly parade themselves around like galleons at full sail with an air of owning the fucking place!

  8. Rule free parenting seems to be a compulsory bye law in the supermarket near me.
    Kids riding scooters up and down the aisles or playing football in them is commonplace. Screaming and shouting or pulling things off shelves and leaving them where they land is another favourite pastime.
    I blame the parents entirely who are not fit for purpose.
    Spare the rod and spoil the child.

  9. All part of the long term plan.
    All “traditional values” to be declared obsolete and erased from history.
    Destroy the society/civilization at all costs and by any means necessary, then use the survivors (suitably indoctrinated of course) to build your perfect “Utopia”.
    No families and no parenting, that’s the State’s job…

    • And all so the vacuum of indigenous values can be replaced with Shariah ones!

      I have absolutely no idea where the pricks in power are going with this but – given the cuntitude of the ruling classes and the neo-liberal fascists – Shariah law is the end game if we continue as we are.

      And under Shariah law – dear libbos – what happens to your beloved feminists?

      A: They’ll have their clits lopped off. Won’t be allowed to work. Forced to wear what the Ayatollahs tell them to wear or get stoned to death for not capitulating.

      And what about the gay folk?

      A: Tolerantly thrown off a tall building or beheaded – if they’re lucky.

      And infidels in general?

      A: Beheaded one and all.

      What a great future we’re being driven towards and the feckless twats we’re casting with all this modern parenting and PC bullshit means that the generation inline to repel this internal coup will be fucking powerless to do anything about it because they’ve been brought up in the “everyone’s nicey nicey” bubble when in fact they’re not.

      Most people are cunts but “peaceful” mob especially so!

  10. On a lighter note, George Clooney’s latest directorial effort “Suburbicon”has tanked at cinemas and got terrible reviews.
    Serves the smug cunt right.
    Perhaps it’s going to be a nice day after all…

      • Clooney… An overrated overpaid libmong cunt who looks like the cleaner in a dago knocking shop… An extremely piss poor Carey Grant impersonator….

  11. Saw some daft tart and her brat on the way to work the other morning… Said brat wanted to walk slowly across a very low brick wall, and the little fucker took his time doing it… All his useless mater could keep saying (in the most pleading and simpering voice possible) was ‘We’re gonna be late, mate!’ Like the little cunt was boss and held all the cards… And I loathe how modern parents (men and women alike) refer to their horrific offspring as ‘Mate’ and ‘Dude’…. Anyway, this daft cow was holding the brat’s hand as he walked on the wall and held her up… My old lady would have said ‘Get your arse off there and stop messing about!’ and I’d have done it…

    • The silly cunt should have grabbed the little fucker by the scruff of the neck and dragged him to school.

  12. Jank-ins is a pinko cunt. The reason that fucktard has enjoyed a life of freedom is due to the young men and women who perished in WW2.

    An arrogant, ungrateful little turd. He can roll up a copy of the Observer and poke it right up his chocolate starfish. Cunt.

  13. This no rule parenting has been going on for years and is one of the reasons why a lot of the kids of today are uncontrollable little fuckers. What this so called modern parenting brigade fail to understand is that society is based on rules, break the rules and you’ll be punished. Most so called parents aren’t fit to bring up kids, and unfortunately a great number of kids come into this world after some slag has had the arse shagged off her by some thick as pigshit cunt who doesn’t give a fuck. They are both incapable of bringing up a kid, both should be chemically prevented from being able to produce any more. Then you get the lovey duvvey lot who think that corporal punishment is from the Middle Ages and allow their little fuckers complete reign over them. These cunts are also not fit for parenting. Both are as bad as one another and the end result is that you get yet another generation who think that the world owes them a living, will not abide by society’s rules and basically are a complete waste of space.

    • Exactly. Modern libtard parents seem quite ignorant of the most simple of mathematical and philosiphical premises: every action has a consequence. Ergo a society has been created in which a visit to one’s local supermarket now feels like a bad acid trip to a world that fuses the worst elements of Lord Of The Flies and the Lib-Dem Convention. With added groceries.

  14. Rule free parenting or as it was known back in my childhood “useless lazy bastard parenting” Love that story about the teacher who was suspended for confusing the gender of some tranny pupil. I think back to my pt teacher Mr James who spent most of the pt sessions informing us that we were fucking gay spastics, crippled faeries and other choice observations mainly concerning our intellectual shortcomings and apparent physical handicaps How things change in 40 odd years.

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