Theresa May [9]

What is the fucking point of Theresa May? Ok, she’s not Flabbott or Corbyn – but she’s now even more irrelevant and yesterday’s person than ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron, ffs.

She has no power, no-one takes the slightest notice of anything she says any more, and rightly so, she has never delivered on any of her fine words EVER!

Fuck off and let someone with more credibility, like Noel Edmunds, take over.

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

May gets my vote for cunt of the year hands down – fucks up the election, then bends over for the micrococks of Europe to gangbang the UK into fucking oblivion

You fucking hunchbacked, clueless shitcunt. Deserves to be beaten to death with her own stinking kitten heels.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

130 thoughts on “Theresa May [9]

  1. Maybe a cunt?
    But then she doesn’t have a fuckin clue about anything.
    A cunt knows what they’re doing and deserves to be called out for it, like me.
    She’s more of a “twat”

  2. Silly cunt, in a game above her head. Shes getting laughed at by some serious cunts that want it all.

    Stand tall and look em in the eye you cunt. No?, then funk off to the cornfields of your youth with your cunt mates and leave a nasty man in charge.

    • I disagree. She is not being laughed at by some serious cunts. She is being laughed at by some stupid buck toothed retarded cunts. Which is worse btw.

  3. Whenever she addresses an audience, she has the look of a rabbit about to be savaged by a hungry fox. Her voice quivers and she looks like she has dispatched a brown clod to the rear of her shreddies.

    Seriously out of her depth without armbands. Unless the Tories want to throw it, they really need to oust her. She shouldn’t have taken the role to begin with.

  4. The last ever serving Tory Prime Minister at this rate.!

    Fucking useless, impotent, peely wally, anorexic, titless, gobshite, and those are her better points.

    A piss taker determined to scupper Brexit. Fuck off May. Cunt

  5. I wish I could be the Brexit negotiator. I would just say two things over and over again…

    1/ We’re not paying any money
    2/ Whatever taxes you put on us will be reciprocated.

    Whatever they said in reply I would repeat the above two phrases.

    They would get bored before me – I have been marking for 25 years now.

    And I’d have Fred and Dioclese either side of me making ‘wanker’ gestures to Juncker, Barnier et al.

    I wrote this a while ago…

    • Agreed. I have always said walk away. When it dawns on the elected leaders in the EU what these unelected cunts are putting them up for things will change. Reciprocal tariffs. Could be a big spur to UK domestic production.
      EU tourism will collapse. Vast swathes of EU Agri will collapse. EU manufacturing will be badly hit.
      The whole EU is a German export device. The Euro ensures that weaker states are prime markets. They are effectively tied to the Deutschmark which benefits Germany and only Germany.
      Walk away and leave the 4th Reich to it.
      May seemed to be saying this at first – no deal better than a bad deal. As with just about everything else she has changed. Again.
      I had high hopes for her at first. Now she is just a vacuous cunt.

    • Yeah, I’d be there making that gesture.

      In the interests of full disclosure. I should confess that I did put fifty notes on her as the next leader at excellent odds before she was even considered a front-runner. Not because I’m a fan of hers, but just because I couldn’t see how the Tories would regard any of the others as a potential “unity” candidate. Of course May DID unite the Tories – in electoral disaster. And I see she’s been busy telling interviewers today that “the Tories weren’t ready for a snap election” – that much was blatantly obvious, but …WHO THE FUCK CALLED IT? She’s acting like some other person from another party called the snap election and she had nothing to do with it. Worst PM in history. Makes Cameron look like Churchill.

          • Leadsom was persuaded to throw in the towel after a reporter ‘tricked’ her into commenting that because she was a mother her commitment to the future was greater than that of Mrs May who was barren (barren in every sense we’ve since ironically discovered) with no rugrats.

            Blown wildly out of proportion by the Media and Cunts campaigning for May, it was enough to frighten the Tory ponies and usher an untested and unopposed Maybot into 10 Downing Street. Cue disaster.

            My choice for Pm? David Icke, of course.

    • I’d just sit there shouting “CUNTS” until they got bored and fucked back off to whatever shithole they emerged from.

      My career in the Diplomatic Corps was shortlived……

  6. I know its a cliche but Dead Woman Walking is so apt. She actually looks as though she died two weeks ago and her flesh is just starting to rot. If the Tory party wants to even exist then this cunt should go as soon as they can find a credible leader, and that in of itself is fucking difficult.

    And she has crap legs.

  7. Teresa May.
    Winner of the coveted “Most Crap Thing Ever Award”, beating the chocolate fireguard and motorcycle ash tray into second and third place respectively.
    An utterly fucking useless nonentity, purposely bred to cower in the shadow of the inflated pipsqueaks of Brussells and makes Nevillle Chamberlain look like Vlad Putin.
    Just fuck off before you do any more damage…

  8. When the die was cast in the Brexit vote, and Cameron gave us the two-fingers for daring to not go along with his continued cock-sucking of the EU, my initial thoughts were exactly these: “Oh fuck no! There’s no way BoJo or especially Pob are leadership material. What we need is another strong character, maybe May? We could do with a dose of ‘Maggie’ right now!”

    When she got in I was over-the-moon but the cracks were easy to see from the off.

    After the first “peaceful” atrocity under her watch I thought again: “Go on Tess, deport the cunt’s family all they to 8th related cousin and call it an ‘M’ problem!”

    We got neither just the usual platitudes and don’t be mean to the murderous, capitulant “peaceful” cunts who’s views have no place whatsoever in a modern world.

    The cunt then decided to hold an election. All she had to do was say/do nothing for 2 months (apart from the odd “strong and stable” soundbite and nothing more) and she’d have won by 15pts at least and would have extended her majority.

    Oh but that was too fucking easy, too fucking simple wasn’t it! While Corbyn was rallying the generation snowflake mob casting the Tories – yet again – as the “nasty” party (even though no cunt mentioned once in rebuttal to generation snowflake that it was Labour who introduced their Beyonce Studies fees and began privatising bits of the NHS – under traitor Blair’s watch), what does May do? Why the master stroke of then alienating the other end of the voting spectrum (the grey army) with the fucking dementia tax! Thus guaranteeing a hung govt.

    The worst thing of all about that however was the smug ABBC and SkyCuntNews reporters claiming that May lost because she had “no mandate on Brexit” and never once reported the truth that she lost the majority because of the stupid dementia tax policy put forward by advisors who should be strung up and shot – repeatedly!

    Because of the monumental failure during the election we now have to suffer endemic weakness in the Brexit negotiations. And then that got me thinking, was that the plan all along???

    I genuinely believe that not one of the mainstream parties wants out of the EU and so between them they’re making the whole sorry affair so unpalatable that I wouldn’t put it past May to say some shite like: “Given the changing attitude towards Brexit I think that it is the right and decent thing if we hold a ‘Are you really sure?’ second vote.” – and, because of the non-existent leadership across any party currently and the gigantic fuck up they’re making of it (purposely I’m sure), then the original vote would be comfortably repealed.

    Either that or the political class has agreed some EU gravy for themselves at the expense of the people’s sovereignty over laws and borders – again I wouldn’t be fucking surprised.

    Also Prime Minister – you useless cunt – why have I not heard the words “Trade Deficit” uttered from your gob once in all your rallying travels around Europe?

    It’s quite clear that the EU wants to fuck us up the arse as a bit of polyfiller to shore up the cracks forming in other nation’s disdain for that totalitarian regime but – Prime Minister – do you really have to help them unbuckle the belt and drop the UK’s keks for them?

    You have also single-handedly made Corbyn a legitimate opposition leader – which is unforgivable.

    He was a bit of an eccentric, socialist joke (a’la Michael Foot) who had about as much chance of winning an election as I have of winning the lottery jackpot 10wks in a row!

    Even Corbyn and MacDonald genuinely thought they had no chance and so they came out with ridiculous plans (that would effectively bankrupt this country) because they’d never have to implement them in million years…OOPS!

    If there was an election tomorrow, and given the fact that everyone is fed up of the Tory nothingness then there is a very real chance that Labour (supported by the – noticeably silent – leader of the SNP, the cunt) would be in power and that would be more of a disaster to this country than a shit Brexit deal!

    Theresa May, Prime Minister, for all of the above you are a CUNT!

    • You are bang on the nail, I couldn’t agree more. god help us if the communist cunt and his cronies of incompetent cronies get in.

    • Excellent cunting – I’d just add that insiders say it was David Davis who talked May into the snap election. The Tories might want to think about that when the next leadershit election comes round… David Davis who is making such a monumental cock-up of the Brexit negotiations was also the culprit who talked May into an early election. Wisdom? Insight? Judgement? Professionalism? The cunt Davis has none.

      (Oh, and student debt and the privatisation of the NHS have nothing to do with why the Tories are known as The Nasty Party).

      • Doubt even David Davis could have predicted how disastrous a campaigner Theresa May would turn out to be. Also wouldn’t have had decisive say in manifesto contents, etc.

      • No they are the nasty party for (supposedly) trying to crack down on the benefits dodgers, etc.

        Except they don’t do any such thing, life’s never been better for “Benefits Britain” irrespective of which cunts are in power.

        We need to fuck off pointless EU immigration and get the workshy to fulfil the menial roles that “no one in this country wants to do.”

        I find having no fucking money is a great motivator. If you’re fit and able get your arse out and earn your bit!

        I work for myself and therefore no work = no money. Works for me.

        The Tories are no fucking where near as nasty as I’d like the cunts to be!

        • Nope, nothing to do with cracking down on benefits cheats either (despite the fact that tax avoidance and evasion costs the Treasury THIRTY-FOUR times more than benefit abuse).

          • So why then Fred? Why are they the nasty party? Is it merely perception or is there something more tangible? And by tangible something which is not subjective based on a particular political/social view?

            I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with rich people/corporations mitigating their tax affairs so that they pay as little as they are legally required to.

            If HM Govt doesn’t like it (whoever is in power at the time) then by all means change the law to encompass what is currently legal tax avoidance and make it illegal tax evasion.

            If people/companies organise their tax affairs efficiently as possible then that’s just good business sense/management in their part.

            Want to know how much tax I pay? Exactly what I’m legally obliged to and not one fucking penny more!

            I work for myself and therefore I have an accountant who tells me exactly what I should pay and when. If I was an employee on a similar amount of money, would I pay more tax net on my income? Yes I would. But then again I would also get holiday pay (I have not had one week off work in over 2yrs now), sick pay, pension contribution, and all the other bollocks that comes with it.

            That’s my choice and after I have paid my taxes and the yearly VAT my business attracts HM Govt does fucking well off my back and it boils my piss when I see perennial work-shy cunts (or working “off the books” – which makes them equally as bad as big business tax avoiders) seem to get along just as well as I do. All with the Sky and latest phones and widescreen TVS, etc.

            Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in social security but it should be seen as stop-gap for folk who – through no fault of their own – find themselves out of work (redundancy, business closure, etc.), it should not be seen as a lifestyle or life choice and yet that is exactly what it has become for many families in the UK and to the very detriment of folk who find themselves in that situation but who desperately do want to work!

  9. Thatcher did some awful things in her time but she was always up for the fight especially with the European union or whatever the cunt was called back then, she didn’t take any shite!!, she knew what they were and exactly how to deal with them!! , may fancies herself as a (poor mans ) thatcher?, problem being back Maggie up and she came out like a fucking pitbull with rabies!!, when challenged may Exhibits the backbone of a jellyfish………
    Can any cunter name a single person to run the show???
    Honestly I’m struggling…….

    • Like or loathe Maggie, either way, she was at least a strong leader, unlike all the other cunts who succeeded her!

    • If I could thumb this up 1,000 times I would, Quislings.

      Clearly Thatcher was a considerable cunt in many respects. However, as far as I am concerned, politicians with the courage of their convictions – even fucking simpletons like Foot – deserve respect for sticking to their principles if nothing else.

      The strength of Thatcher has been unmatched since, no matter what one thinks of her decimation of the North and the seeds of the shit with UK housing. As bad as some of that is, I would STILL take her hands down over any other Tory PM in my lifetime.

      Can you imagine Juncker getting away with giving the Iron Cunt such appalling fucking lip? Not only would he get a handbag to the face, but probably a sartorially elegant court shoe to the balls as well.

      Quislings, the depressing fact about UK politics is that there is no sensible choice for those of us who merely want a government that is passionate about their country. Labour are a socialist-hijacked, financially irresponsible bunch of latte-drinking, self-loathing wankstains. Lib Dems, their irrelevance aside, are just solid cunts. UKIP are finished and the Conservatives have spent too much time pandering to everyone to be taken seriously. In coveting the mythical ‘middle’ ground of politics, the Tories have largely become a spineless bunch of u-turning wankers who retreat from their policies at the slightest hint of dissent.

      If UKIP had a couple more Farages and a few less rag-tag fucking nutcases, then they could have been far more credible and a legitimate party for the common cunt. History will show that these fuckers threw away that opportunity the moment Steven Woolfe was photographed spark out.

    • No leaders. How have we come to this. However, sometime soon im sure, i hope, we will see somone emerge from out (or within) this cuntitudinous cunt tent.

      Just dont know when.

  10. I totally agree that this woman has no fucking credibility as PM whatsoever. She’s being led along by the reins by whoever thinks they can exploit her weaknesses and she has no power to resist at all in any direction the pulling comes from. I have no fucking idea who would be able to pick up the baton for the Tories but the betting is leaning towards Boris but I think he would be much like Trump and be open to ridicule from opponents from all over the globe. The alternatives are too fucking scary to contemplate. FUCKED is the best description I can come up with.

    • Boris, despite serious flaws, is probably the only feasible option – if only to see the Tories through the next election, thwarting the sinister ambitions of Corbyn, McDonnell & Flabbott. Co. Ltd. Plc.

      And better sooner than later…

      • I agree, we need someone who will ruffle feathers, and a person who is less than diplomatic when dealing with wankstained foreign Johnnies. Jackie Pallo springs to mind, or even a Mick McManus, either would swiftly wrench the nuts off that arsehole Bernier. But whoever, they need to make it very clear from the very start “Me talk! You fucking listen”

        Boris , yes Mogg yes…May..not fucking likely

      • Quite so Shitcake and a truly great cunting indeed.
        Boris is the only option and you know what?
        Weird fucker he may be but he’s well known and respected for his straight talking on the world stage, highly intelligent and would make a no nonsense ”tell it like it is” Prime Minister.
        Can’t be leader soon enough. Doris May is an absolute disaster plain and simple.
        Oh, and she’s obviously a cunt of the highest magnitude.

    • I’d go for Boris. He seems to be the only fucker who has the balls to tell the EU cunts where to go. The EU from being totally shit scared of us leaving are now pulling all the strings regarding Brexit and our so called politicians seem to be fucking scared shitless and bending over backwards to appease these EU cunts.

  11. If May is a cunt what are the rest of them? Anyway there should be another massive cunting for Lewis Hamilton who is going to be vegan now , for ‘ethical ‘reasons’.
    Which totally confirms him as a grade A leadlined brassbound cunt who like most vegans will soon come off the stupid diet anyway . Just an attention seeking little prick who happens to be good at a fucking stupid sport that thinks overtaking in a race should be stopped by making the tracks too narrow. Cunts!

    • Hamilton is without a shadow of doubt one of Britains greatest sports Cunts!!
      Paid riches the would make even king Midas blush he gets to race around at 200 mph!! Fuck almost anything that takes his fancy, and toddle around the worlds best locations on his private yacht/ plane etc etc , and against all odds manages to make it sound awfully boring!!
      Seriously that takes some fucking doing……. To my mind that’s far more impressive that just aimlessly driving around and around!!

      • Good racer, too much bling and to uppity when things don’t go his way. Looking forward to see what ‘cheats’ Vettel pulls out of the hat. Gonna be like fucking Mario Kart!

    • Hamilton’s place in the cunt pantheon is secure – this week alone he pledged his support for the protesting NFL ‘kneegroes’ who are jumping on the vinctimhood bandwagon, despite ironically being amongst the most well-paid and hero-worshipped sportspeople in America.

      Expect Hamilton, complete with all his coconut blackisms, to get down on one knee on his next podium, for maximum attention and minimum self-awareness. Hopefully Raikkonen will take the opportunity to smash one of those oversized bottles of champagne over Hamilton’s fucking bonce.

      • In the old days ( ahem ) we had real heroes of the track, who were far far better than Hamilton, on wider tracks, and with overtaking opportunities everywhere. Yes the speeds were slower, but the skills greater.
        Hamilton is very good at what he does but he is a fucking bell end.

  12. Theresa May: Mouse in wolf’s clothing. Death warmed over. Vacuous Home Secretary. Tories’ answer to Gordon Brown, another fatally uncontested party leader. Self appointed patsy, upstairs in the Tory party Book Depository. Cunt.

    She can’t think on her feet, has a bunch of dreary, inane quotes inside her head, afraid to interact with ordinary people at any level, cos she can’t cope with any ‘left field’ questions. Doesn’t even have the respect of her shitty cabinet colleagues – except, possibly, mealy mouthed complacent cunts like Damien Green who have benefitted personally from undeserved promotion.

    She rolls over and unnecessarily bungs DUP £1billion bribe to prop up a Tory Govt. – a payment totally unwarrented as last thing DUP would have risked is a Commie Corbyn Government, supportive of Sinn Fein/IRA, forcing gay marriage and abortion down their fucking bigoted throats. Appeasement rules, yeah!

    But don’t let her flaws blind you to the likely consequences of a ‘socialist’ Government. Catweasel is the cunningly acceptable face of something very nasty indeed; whereas May is the unacceptable face of something at least a bit less dangerous for the many.

    I am not a Tory supporter, but I cannot see a Corbyn government, riddled with hard core, hard left bullies as remotely beneficial to Britain or the majority of its people. Maybot has elevated Corbyn and his merry Marxist band from political joke to legitimate political force.

    And Brexit isn’t going to be Brexit now, we are likely to be offered the worst possible deal, with open borders, paying more for less. Her deal with the DUP will alienate and drive voters away in droves.

    Two party politics was on the wane until the last election. But Corbyn and May seem to have conducted a pincer movement and pulled us back to the status quo of Lab/Con where the real losers are decent working people who are ripped off to finance either the very wealthy or the feckless and the benefit cheats.

    Another election now with May as Tory leader would certainly put Corbyn in as PM and then people would truly discover the price of getting things wrong…

    The reason we have never had such an extreme government before is cos we’ve had a functioning Parliamentary Democracy for 350 years. The whole reason the EU was created was because most countries within had never had successful democracies and seemed incapable of creating them for themselves. That is why the EU is fundamentally totalitarian in nature.

    Sorry to have gone on for so long!

    • Leaning against the same open door as myself.

      I too am totally disenfranchised with every member of the political class.

      The only one who genuinely wanted a Brexit where we give those cunts the two fingers was Nigel Farage alas – apart from himself – most of the UKIP cunts were a mixture of unelectables and far right-wing toss-pots which did nothing for its image.

      We really do need a “Common Sense” party made up of ordinary folk, not career politicians, folk who have felt the pinch caused by said career politician cunts!

      • May’s biggest mistake. Telling Nigel Farrage to fuck off after he offered to help with Brexit!

        • 100% correct……
          Farage completely understands the EU bullshit!! Unfortunately he has been smeared by liberal Cunts like Russell brand ( pound shop Enoch Powell) etc which has polarised the shepple,s opinion of him!!
          I saw a programme where some leftie fuckwit claimed farage wanted to deport all immigrants?? He challenged the Cunt to show a single interview amongst the 1000 hours of him on you tube saying anything other than controlling immigration?………

    • Never any need to apologise for giving our pathetic government a robust cunting.

      I still struggle to believe just what happened in the Election. Mere months before, Labour were shat upon greatly in the local council elections. Only a party of mammoth ineptitude could turn an opportunity to grind Labour into the dust – with a mandate for Brexit and the recoup of the 4million UKIP voters at stake – into a spectacular arse-about-face.

      Let us not forget that May was indeed the principal architect of that calamitous GE campaign. She spent all her time in the exclusive counsel of her two unelected aides: a bearded, blue-sky-thinking cunt and a professional divorcee. May isolated herself from many in the cabinet at precisely the WRONG fucking time.

      Add to that an almost blanket refusal to meet the general public; opting instead to don tassels and thongs for businesses and financial bodies in her public appearances. Yeah, let’s face it, no-one wants to go shaking the crack-addled hands of single mums in Swindon or fat bastards from Teesside. But all she had to fucking do was hold her nose, dive in for a few weeks and think of the long game – a significant majority and a commanding position to steer the UK. You fucking failure.

      I said before, putting on my tin-foil hat for a moment, that I wouldn’t be surprised if this had been a ruse all along: we stick one of the few prominent Tory remainers as Prime Minister – a woman with all the charisma of pre-occupied autist to boot – watch the vote tumble just enough to win and therefore have a legitimate reason for Brexit to fail, giving us instead Remain-in-Brexit-clothing. Knowing what Machiavellian antics going on behind the scenes in politics, it isn’t that far-fetched.

      • Awesome comment.

        Re Brexit conspiracy theory: could it be that Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, both being Remainers, and apparently quite a bullying pair (even May herself was probably intimidated, and certainly no other ministers would dare question them) – what if they were in the pay of some fat-cat Remainer with ultra deep pockets?

        A couple of million quid each would be peanuts to such an individual or organisation with a lot more to lose from a proper Brexit… Run the worst campaign imaginable, throw in enough stuff in the manifesto to piss off enough soft Tory voters, advise May to spout “strong & stable” at every opportunity.

        Risk possible P45s at the end, but hey-ho, Brexit now far more difficult to carry out and plenty filthy wonga safely tucked away under their beds.

        Bet dim Remainer Maybot is regretting those appointments now…

        • … Totally agree on the Hill and Timothy theory … a few quid each of a backhander, and ‘suffer’ all that comes their way. I wouldn’t mind a swatch of their bank accounts, ALL their bank accounts,or a look in the suitcase under their beds.
          Theresa May, in on the deal, only needs to blame them and she looks stupid, but with a poor election result, a proper fuck off Brexit is harder to achieve.

      • Often thought it. Some say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.. I think the greatest trick the politicians ever pulled is making the general public think they are thick and incompetent (when the reality is likely far more calculated).
        Well, not too long ago, we had a newly empowered catweasle for the Red Team (long time Eurosceptic), we had the purple Team (with 5 million leavers) and a Blue team who managed to actually enact the leaving process. Fast forward 12 months and the Purples have gone, the Reds have switched sides and most of the people on the Blues who made leave happen are either gone or about to be gotten rid of… This didn’t happen by accident. Massive long con to destroy UKIP. Corbyn sucked up some purples, May sucked up some purples. As soon as purple was destroyed, cateweasle changed his mind and joined remain, and the Blues said allahu akbar to their mandate / voter base. End result is that they can back out brexit without 4 million UKIP voters getting in the way. I’ve been conned.

  13. On the theme of useless, inept cunts, I would like to nominate perennial economic clueless cunt Mark Carney.

    Not content with being Canada’s third-shittest James Stewart tribute act, this fucking 1965 vintage cunt (good year) is the human equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil from Groundhog Day.

    Every few months, Carney is wheeled out from his taxpayer-funded £250,000pa rented box, looking every inch the cunt in front of the baying economic press as he emerges from his chamber, sticks his ridiculously fucking side-parted head into the air, and sees a shadow – the shadow of continually damaging artificially low interest rates. Again, and again. And again.

    As is his cunt wont, he has stated today that “rates will rise”. Mark Cuntney saying “rates will rise” is equivalent to other obvious and vague fucking predictions like “the world will end”, “the rubbish on the streets of Birmingham will one day be cleared up”, and “there will be more 70s popular entertainers arrested for noncing young girls”. Of course rates will rise, Carney you fucking cunt – in 2 months? 10 years? 50 years?

    Carney often strikes me as one of these Walter Mitty type blaggers who somehow, through a sequence of mishaps and errors that were in equal parts comedy and tragedy, found himself fluking his way to the lofty position of governor of the BoE; when in reality he only ever wanted to be a used car salesman in Vancouver.

    Quite what this uncut diamond of a cunt does to earn his exorbitant salary (£800k+) is fucking beyond me. He gets most forecasts wrong and of course was granted honorary lifetime membership to Club Cunt™ for overstepping the mark, Mark, in sticking his oar in over Brexit, and blatantly displaying political bias for the Remain campaign. I guess we can also stick that episode on the burgeoning shit-tab of things this fucker has failed to get right.

    One can only fantasise about landing a definitively solid right hook to the massive forehead of this modern-day financial charlatan, with enough force to send him crashing through the glass of his penthouse suite and fall to his death below on the London streets – not paved with gold, but instead with the layers of bullshit smeared by him and his city cohorts.

    You fucking cunt, Carney.

  14. A clueless cunt with a 2:1 from The Diane Abbott School of Economics, fuck off back to Canada you maple syrup slurping, moose fucking tool.

  15. Emergency cunting for Sadiq Khan. Below is his response to the Uber petition

    Decision Maker Response
    Sadiq Khan’s response
    Sadiq Khan
    Mayor of London

    23 Sep 2017 — Transport for London (TfL) yesterday informed Uber London Limited (Uber) that it will not be issued with a private hire operator licence after expiry of its current licence on 30 September. This decision was made independently by TfL as the legal taxi and private hire regulator for London.

    TfL has concluded that Uber’s conduct is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator license. TfL considers that Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues that have potential public safety and security implications. These include Uber’s approach to reporting serious criminal offences, ‎its approach to how medical certificates are obtained and its approach to how Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are obtained. Read more here:

    I have written for The Guardian about why I have backed TfL’s decision –
    read more here: – however, I want to be absolutely clear that there is a place in London for all private hire companies that play by the rules.

    Uber’s current license does not expire until the end of September so the service will continue until then. The company can also continue to operate until the appeals process has been exhausted.

    I know that Uber has become a popular service for many Londoners – but it would be wrong for TfL to licence Uber if there was any way this could pose a threat to Londoners’ safety or security.

    As Mayor of London I welcome innovative new companies that help Londoners by providing a better and more affordable service – but providing an innovative service is not an excuse for not following the rules. All companies in London must play by the rules and adhere to the high standards we expect – particularly when it comes to the safety of customers.

    I have every sympathy with Uber drivers and customers affected by this decision but their anger really should be directed at Uber. They have let down their drivers and customers by failing, in the view of TfL, to act as a fit and proper operator.

    I suspect it will take some time before this situation with Uber fully plays out. In the meantime, I will continue my work to help support innovative businesses in London and to create a vibrant and safe taxi and private hire market.

    Sadiq Khan
    Mayor of London

    In other words:

    “I’m taking sides with the unionised black cab drivers who are trying to prevent disruption to their comfortable status quo. I am not on the side of innovative businesses, the 40,000 Uber drivers or indeed the people who voted me into power. I am a cunt”.

    • Khan is so far out of his depth it is untrue. Shit speaker, crap at handling his promises and pledges in a manner that doesn’t make him look like a fucking snake, biased, terrorist sympathiser and all-around fuckhead.

      In the first of many bizarre Tory election choices, Khan only really won because Goldsmith was out of touch with everyone who wasn’t a Baron or a Marquis. Sadcunt therefore the London Mayor by default.

      Khan is definitely, and quite aptly, an Über-cunt.

    • Thing is most of the Uber drivers wouldn’t look out of place assembling the odd IED here and there – if you catch my drift.

      Surprised the khunt Khan hasn’t had an Uber “peacefuls only” lane installed just for them!

    • Uber is nothing but a big business trying to circumvent the rules and regulations that other taxi drivers must observe. I’d prefer a taxi driven by a regulated,trained driver rather than some fly-by-night sandwog in Uncle Abduls uninsured,untaxed,no mot 25 year old BMW.

    • Nothing wrong with competition – but not at the expense of the safety of passengers. Uber is (rightly) being kicked out of an increasing number of international cities for wilfully disregarding safety regulations.

  16. I’m not sure if any of you have seen Juncker’s latest comments – that it would take a ‘miracle’ to resolve differences in Brexit talks…

    Old news, but it is increasingly apparent that the EU has precisely zero interest in reaching any kind of agreement or concession which does not comply 100% with their demands. As expected, the EU would prioritise keeping their cunt of an institution locked together through fear; preferring to make a pariah of the UK over a mutually beneficial trade and movement deal.

    I guess I always knew this. When we saw Cameron, after his 2015 talks return home with the equivalent of a tube of Smarties and broken Go-Bots toy – declaring it a great success, natch – the shit-writing was clearly on the wall.

    ‘Compromise’ and the EU clearly go together like shit and strawberry shortcake, and this was always going to be the case. But as we mentioned earlier in this entry, the UK needed a party and/or individuals with an iron will and the courage of their convictions. Back in 2016, I always felt that if Brexit won the vote, it would be reason for cross-party focus and indeed, assembling a team of individuals from Lords and Commons alike to deal with the EU in preparing to leave. That of course was major naivety on my part; I never actually envisioned the lengths the middle-class remain contingent would go to, just to keep their cheap Polish plumbers and Portuguese housekeepers.

    It’s a mess. It’s all the more disappointing because in the right hands, despite the unmovable bloated cunts in Brussels, Brexit could have been a glorious opportunity to undo the malaise that has struck the UK, really ever since the latter days of Thatcher’s reign.

    • I was naive too… I feel that we are all decent people here, who give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s just that we feel that the urine, every last drop of it, has now been forcibly extracted…

      It is now BLINDINGLY obvious that there is as much chance of a Negotiated Peace with the Fourth Reich as there ever was with its role-model.

      However, the Turd Reich never lasted 1,000 years (although those bloody Flakturmen in Vienna will), and as someone else said a few days ago, the EU will be toast.
      I do however hope that the booze keeps Junckunt alive, dribbling and ridiculous, cos he is the all-too visible face (and arse) of that stinking pile of shite. If he hangs on in there for ages, the whole organisation will look even more like his stupid fuckfest. God I despise that cunt.

      A nice thought – arsebiscuits turning into toast…

      Did I mention about Juncker being a CUNT ??

      • Agreed. The more I see of Juncker and his increasingly cuntish behaviour, the more desperate I become for someone, somewhere to just rise up and rescue us from the abusive, alcoholic step-father – stopping only to bury an icepick into a choice orifice – and walk away from this fucking dictatorship forever.

  17. The Cattalan referendum, if all goes to plan, I’m hoping can destabilise the EU. Refocus the cunts away from us. Let there be blood on the streets.

    • The Spanish government have already stated that it’s an illegal referendum and wont be taken on board.
      I mentioned the other day that the Spanish have taken control of the Mossos’d esquadra (Catalan polis) and have sent the Policia Nacional in.

      It’s a right fuckin mess. Good.

    • They will never allow it to happen, you’d be surprised how many farmers will shut up once the rubber bullets start flying. It will be a lovely stitch up job – imported police meet protesters / voter (off camera), antagonise, bully and kettle them until they relaliate (switches camera on). Catalonians get labelled with the T word, all the key instigators will suddenly go silent. The problem lies in the fact there is no benefit in this for Spain. They would rather have 7 million people who hate them paying tax than 7 million friendly neighbours paying none. The cost of implementing a crack down and police state on Catalonia is pennies compared to what they would lose should it secede. Almost like us with jocks and NI … we would never let it happen.

  18. An interesting development…
    Just as EU obergruppenfurer Claude drunker was claiming that only a miracle can save brexit talks ?? It’s reported May has had a1-1 meeting with mamma merkel and agreed EU citizens rights!! , apparently over the head of french cretin and brexit blocking barnier!!, at present I’ve only seen a short piece in the express so it’s hard to say it’s Accurate but if true it’s extremely interesting stuff!!
    Let’s see what happens………

      • In transition period??
        TBH….. nobody will know what’s happening till it’s all signed but the interesting point is merkel has stepped out of EU directive to start talking shop…..
        maybe it’s just a one off???

  19. In fact the only politico who’s asking any fucking questions I’d like answering is Anne Marie Waters.

    Shame none of the mainstream politico cunts think enough of this country to ask them.

    Brexit is one thing but there’s also another fucking manky great question that needs answering in this country and that begins with an ‘M…’ and ends in ‘…oblem’.

    O’course to even ask that question nowadays is to be labelled as “hate speech” which is yet another liberalist mechanism of stifling a much needed debate on the issue.


    • A well used tried and trusted formula to shut down any sensible debate…..
      Hate speak etc etc…….
      we’ve been bamboozled by that liberal bollocks for years!!!

  20. Its like Fergie’s uglier older sister Labour MP Emma Dent Coad who was let out on day release to attend the Labour Conference and stick it to the Royals. “I’m allowed an opinion” she wailed despite being found out to be bullshitting and then apparently it was just a ‘joke’. I couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck about the Royals one way or the other but if any right winger wanted to have an opinion these hypocritical cunts would shut them down.

    • Been trying to find a way to descibe May.

      As much use as tits on a fish sums her up I think.

    • Unfortunately – apart from COTY 2nd place Corden – I didn’t recognise or know any of these so-called slebs!?!

      So are these indeed for charity or are they a cheap vehicle to provide a bit of self-promotion so’s to try and spark up their flagging careers? I wonder.

      Like the twats at the last place I worked doing the “Wolf Run” for charadeeee! All for the sake of making themselves look good to others…guess what, you don’t, you look like glory seeking cunts!

      One particularly obnoxious, up himself cunt was never away with his fucking sponsor form. I didn’t sponsor him because a) he was a cunt, b) it was for OxFam the most pointless charity on earth!

      I mean after all the billions that fucking organisation has had through its fingers and hasn’t made a blind bit of difference in Africa (well apart from swelling the coffers of despotic leaders who annex the aid and then sell it to the people it was intended for in the first place – cunts).

      If OxFam was a business model it would have gone bust 40 times over! I mean what the fuck do they do with the money because M’Tembe is still walking 8 miles to drink out of a puddle of zebra piss, still with a gammy eye and aids…where’s it all going!?! Alas I digress…

      So I say to this cunt: “Tell you what, why not just come into work and donate your day’s wages?” – well “slapped arse” would be kind to describe the look on his face.

      I know the cunt was on over £200 a day back then. He raised an astonishing £47 quid or summat and all the emails flying around with faux congratulations you’d have thought the cunt had done Everest and K2 in his lunch break.

      Yay! Go you! Hear that, that’s the sound of one hand clapping you CUNT!

      • OxFam – great cunting Rebel. Well fed adults, holding skin and bones sprogs taking their last painful gasps.

        £billions poured into Africa over the last 50+ years and still a fucking starving to death basket case. What a cunting scam.

          • Still bugged by Rebel’s OxFam reference. In 1961 I once donated half a week’s pocket money (3d). That could’ve been a portion of chips.

            Fuck knows which corrupt psychopath pocketed that tidy little sum!

            Since then must have been conned out of £hundreds. Enough is enough.

    • Why do slebs have such silly bloody pets…bald cats .
      Jesus feckin Christ on a bike (two cuntings for the price of one there).

      I seem to remember Cara Delaminge taking a rabbit to some fashion show, and the poor bunny ended up in an aircon duct.
      People like that should be put on Branston’s first rocket out of the Earth’s orbit…

  21. Just away wi the mrs in Italy and took a bus along the Amalfi coast to a little sightseeing town, v nice. Queuing for the bus home two young tidy as fuck yankee hairdresser birds sat next to us. After refusing my offer of a good time with a kick to the nutz I asked em whether they voted for big Don or not. They said they get asked this all the time and enjoy people’s reactions when they say they did. Plus the fact they thought O’Bummer and Kilary were cunts really made my day. They said we should tell the EU to get fucked and get all the sponging cunts out. Hope springs eternal eh.

  22. Theresa May’s a Cunt? Of course she is,all politicians are Cunts. Can any Cunter on here name a politician who hasn’t proved themselves to be a self-serving bastard ?The idea of public service no longer exists,they are all just a bunch of morally-bankrupt crooks.
    I class politicians alongside pikeys…thieving,lying,selfish scum who should never be trusted. If either pikeys or politicians come calling, I urge Cunters to spray them with shite,and then set the dogs on them.
    Fuck them.

    • Talking of pikeys, the missus was watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and one mother was saying that they’ve been persecuted for centuries but “we’re Gypsies, and we ain’t going nowhere”
      The irony was lost on her.

      If anycunter has seen this tat, how many times can they say “gypsy” in one sentence? ffs.

      • She’d be going somewhere if I had my way…straight into a reeducation camp with a suprisingly well-constructed shower-block.

      • As a politician Churchill was no slouch when it came to being a cunt on occasion. Agree that as a wartime leader he was ace – without peer!

        Attlee played an honourable role too – be spinning in his grave if he could see successor Corbyn and the pathetic shambles Labour has become.

  23. Jacob Rees Mogg. In it for public service. Doesn’t need the money, and his honesty is rather refreshing.

    • I wouldn’t trust any Cunt who allows his views on things as important as abortion to be dictated by his dogmatic religious views.

    • I think you’re right C n R.
      I don’t agree at all with his views on abortion or his religion but at least it was a straight answer he gave.
      Make a bloody good Deputy Prime Minister for Boris I reckon.

      • The assumption being that Boris would actually make a good PM? Other than paying Brexit lip-service I doubt that cunt wants out of the EU club either.

        His opposition to remaining was a publicity vehicle to stick it to his Eton bum-chum David Cameron. He never dreamt for one moment that we’d vote out and that was his bluff called!

        Christ on a bike, has it come to this.

        The Tories are dead and buried. They had their chance and could’ve had a record majority, instead they chose (on purpose) to piss it up the wall.

        Anyone fancy resurrecting the Whig party?

        • C’mon RWAC,…Boris and Jacob are another pair of Eton boys sure to appeal to the British public…It’ll be like having the even more ridiculous versions of David and Gideon. Bet the voting public can’t wait.

          • It won’t be Boris – far too many unpleasant skeletons in his closet and a significant section of the parliamentary party determined to stop him at all costs. Boris has had his moment.

            I reckon Amber Rudd – although she only scraped back in with a majority of something like 350 in the usually safe Tory seat of Hastings & Rye.

          • Amber Rudd an only slightly more credible version of Mrs May. Cut from similar cloth.

            And a strong, committed Remainer.

          • Agree with Fred here.

            Even if BoJo has some good points, he will NEVER rid himself of the “buffoon” tag.
            As far as a lot of people go, he’s about as credible as Outside-Bog.
            Sad, but I fear true…

          • Johnson could benefit from the same sort of “we don’t care how many pussies you’ve grabbed” attitude Trump did during the Presidential election – They already know the sort of bumbling cunt he is, don’t care about his skeletons, and would be willing to cut him plenty of slack cos he’s neither a Maybot figure nor a potentially dangerous Comrade Catweasel type fucker.

            Just sayin’…

      • Its been 32 days previously sober I’ve been a monthly drunk for the last few months now it seems lol. 40, 30 or 20 days then I break down Stress can make you depressed as they say. Its good to set the bar low or else you don’t enjoy getting drunk, I find

        I had to 2 bulldog ales and I’m feeling good might have a gin cocktail later as a nightcap but don’t need it

        • Try reading Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way To Control Alcohol’. It worked well for me, honest.

          • Not a alcoholic mate I don’t drink everyday my craving was merely stress relief. Funny thing is allan carr ironically died from lung cancer. kinda weird tho

          • My mistake, thought you were having problem with alcohol.

            Alan Carr also wrote a very effective book on stopping smoking, which might be seen by some as ironical, in a sad way.

  24. I’d like to nominate Jon Plowman for an uncunting.

    Who is Jon Plowman? I have no idea, all I know is that he is the executive producer of the ABBC show which is a parody of itself W1A.

    Two episodes are available now on catch-up TV or on the ABBC iPlayer itself.

    The hell of it is that the bods in the real W1A are probably multiculturally and gender fluidly guffawing along the lines of: “Har har! This is hilarious! We’re nothing like that!”

    Yes, you fucking are, you anti-British, neo-liberal, fascist CUNTS!

    • Wonder if this W1A shite will have a bit about a (once) much loved BBC flagship programme that is over 50 years old holding ‘black actresses only (but whites can fuck off!)’ auditions for a new character who is a smug and irritating as fuck PC pet sambo lezza called ‘Bill’ (or is it Ben?)?… Nah, that would never happen…

      • I also wonder if W1Arse will feature something about an iconic and (again once) much loved male TV character and hero who has (mostly) been played by fine actors (apart from that fat cunt, Colin Baker) suddenly – after 54 years of being a man – suddenly becomes a woman and all the PC libmongs and Femstapo pig ugly scum celebrate like Hitler or Stalin has died and not a legendary fictional character and childhood hero?… Nah, who would ever do anything so tasteless, stupid, and insane?… You can tell this W1A stuff is made up…

        • Another great W1Arse sketch would be doing a crappy and loved by sad cunts cake baking competition on TV…. Goes on for years and loads of fucking cunts win it, but they’re never heard of again… But (and this is the great and funny bit!) a scarf on her head goldfish faced parking Stanley muslamist cunt is rigged to win it and then becomes a celebrity and the BBC’s ultimate PC pet… Ghostwritten books, her ugly mug everywhere, her own TV series, newspaper columns, the fucking lot… All because she ‘s a showaddiwaddi camelrogerer…. I know it’s ludicrously far fetched and would never happen, but TV is supposed to be an escape from reality, isn’t it?…

          • They won’t present anything that REALLY exposes the BBC for what it actually is.

            W1A is a con – camouflage masquerading as self mockery.

            Twenty Twelve (which W1A leeches off and pretends to be made in the same spirit as) was pretty good though.

      • Funnily enough the first episode in the new series covered a former football player who is also a self-styled trannie attempting to ply his trade as a MOTD pundit.

        Obviously he was shite at presenting (as stated by the programme director) but they (the office mongers) were afraid of the negativity they would get if they booted him for fear of being labelled anti-LGBTQ.

        So instead, they tried to find a way of getting the cunt on some other show in order to appease a minority group, letting the fact that they were shit at their job pass on by.

        Now if that doesn’t parody the appeasing nature of our ABBC “friends” towards minority and fringe sectors then I don’t know what does!

        Like I say it matches their cuntishness to a tee and yes in previous series they have also wrangled with the likes of positive discrimination with regards to race, religion, sexuality and disability. I.e. here is the best person for the job, however the worst person has all of the relevant virtue-signalling traits and therefore we’ll go with them.

        Absolutely just like the ABBC! I’m just amazed they’ve allowed such a production to bexclude aired. It’s to be sure Lord Sir Tony Hall doesn’t watch the cunt!

        • Appreciate what you say Rebel, but I just think it’s become an innocuous, stale, one joke pony, well past it’s sell by date.

          Maybe depends how many series/episodes the viewer has already enjoyed/endured in the past?

          Then again, more likely it’s just because I’m a cunt.

  25. Saw Soggy-Saggy May on the news this pm, at some eu “working” lunch (bloody hard graft for the chefs and waiters, I reckon).
    Footage of her standing totally alone, like a little kid at school who’d dropped an eggy one.
    Looked like she was going to burst into tears.
    Daft bint

  26. You only need to look at what comb over has done in the US compared to what May has done in the same time to gauge her progress as a leader. Like
    Or hate him Trump has delivered some promises and shaken some cages. And upset that brylcreamed korean.

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