Richard Branson (8)

That desert island dwelling pirate Long Silver Beardy Branson has been telling porkies. Well I never!

He has been caught with his Bermuda shorts around his ankles over ‘Traingate’ last year. After a seven month wait, a small media outlet called Double Down News which requested the full version of the CCTV camera footage from the ‘Traingate’  incident has been reluctantly given it by Virgin Trains. Some bits are still missing due to  Virgin’s ‘technical difficulties’ (oh yeh) but it clearly exonerates comrade Corbyn.  The new footage  shows there were plenty of other passengers sitting on the floor of the Virgin train and all those “empty” seats, we saw last year, were in fact taken. Occupied by children and adults which in the original selective footage were invisible, now when run continuously, appear visible for a few seconds in frame as they fidget around or return to their seats. So it would now seem our tax exile Dickie handed over a doctored version to the media last year – the naughty cabin boy.

So what are we to conclude? 

First, Jezza was actually telling the truth, on this occasion, which I know is not a popular notion among cunters here, yet there you have it.

Secondly, Dickie once again shows himself to be a shifty, untrustworthy, E.U. schlong sucking globalist:

  • While he enjoys his billionaire lifestyle on his tax haven private isle in the Carribean he still has the front to raise the question of a second EU referendum.
  • He also should not be allowed within a Pendolino train’s length of another railway    franchise, since he runs ram-packed trains without sufficient seating for a rip-off priced ticket.
  • Then, there is the ‘small’ matter of him suing the NHS for £82 million since he lost out on a contract to provide healthcare sevices in Surrey. If the NHS loses this case, some children or old people may die due to lack of funding. As if he cares what is best for the country and it’s people and not just his bank balance.

However, to give him credit, where credit is due, as an advocate of open borders he does practise what he preaches. His luxury desert island is open to all, including migrants who can endure the 3000 mile rubber dinghy journey across the stormy Atlantic. For only the “nominal” cost of £330,000 per week, a migrant can enjoy an all inclusive stay for himself and upto 29 of his wives and children, subject to passport checks I am sure. By the same token any ex-Towering Inferno residents still in need of accommodation are also welcome but it is unclear at this time, if the smug bearded pirate takes Department of Work and Pensions payments.

Dickie is a true cunt of the people.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

103 thoughts on “Richard Branson (8)

  1. Branson started off as a good guy; he gave Mike Oldfield his break for Tubular Bells in 1973 and during the 80s he was seen as an affable, up and coming businessman looking to compete with the big boys but provide a better product. He was the good guy back then.

    In 30 years it has gone terribly wrong. Quite simply Branson has accumulated far too much wealth and power and is now a greedy cunt. He has become one of those fat, arrogant oligarchs that he went head to head with 30 odd years ago.

    What the fuck is going on with his hair and beard? They are the same shade of yellow as a cotton duster. He looks like an utter tool with too much cash. The portly Phillip Green – him and Branson are two very fat and greedy peas in a pod.

    • Believe it or not, Branson was actually considered quite cool in the early 1970s.

      If you didn’t live in or around London, ‘Virgin Mail Order’ was an essential service for anyone into music from the less commercial, ‘unusual’ end of the rock spectrum.

      I ordered Uncle Meat, an expensive ‘import only’ double LP by The Mothers of Invention. Two weeks later I was thrilled to receive two copies in error! Naturally I sold the one with worst surface noise to my best friend for a massive profit.

      So not always a cunt, at least not the overtly full-blown cunt he has become. Branson really exploded into the cuntisphere during the 1990s with the coming of New Labour…

  2. Good cunting again, Mike.

    Branson is a self-promoting cunt with nothing but his own interests at heart.

    Maybe see if Dim-Dong Un wants to point his next missile at Necker Island?

  3. The ‘Living Skull’ Branston is a scheming swivel eyed cunt who cons other people into ventures where he always is the main beneficiary. He never puts his own wealth at risk but rides on the back of other entrepreneurs willing to take a chance while he ‘grants’ them the great honour of using the Virgin brand. A lot of these poor cunts have fallen by the wayside while he sails off into the sunset to another hedonistic party. Just like Philip Green eyed cunt and many others money has become their God. Wankers.

  4. Unfortunately Double Down news is mainly cunts talking cunt to other cunts so proving Branson is a cunt and Corbyn is a publicity seeking cunt whose handlers couldn’t or didn’t book a reservation doesn’t really change things.

  5. Another brilliant cunting Mike! Branson is one of my pet hates, and always has been. A smug cunt who now basks in the glory of his signalled virtues.

    Once considered a good guy, he has fallen to a fucking nightmare of self indulgence and self gratification at the expense of others.

    In the political arena, he is a snide and influential figure with the cash to buy any politician he likes, and is able to roll out his agenda with complete deference to the people.

    He is ( as you say Mike ) an EU Schlong sucking Globalist. He is ,therefore a CUNT of significant stature.

    One more time chaps. He’s a CUNT!

  6. Looking at the post picture I can only presume the rumours must be true, apparently Branson has been auditioning for catweasel the musical!! WTF does he look like??

    Again excellent work MO, a quality cunting And throughly deserved too..
    Branson has indeed gone to the dark side, seeing him rise from his sunbed and fly into the uk to demanding a meeting with new PM after the referendum was nauseous!! , publicly complaining the his virgin shares had dropped marked him out as completely selfish cunt!!

    As with many greedy swivel eyed business men when making millions they keep their heads down, the minute there’s a bump they start bleating!!!

    His pursuit of the NHS is vile!! , I seriously hope he fails miserably and the public see him for what he is?? , a vile greedy self serving prick!!

  7. Richard Branson is the epitome of a platinum plated champagne socialist.

    Wants to stay in the EU because the disastrous effects on this country’s infrastructure by free movement of people doesn’t affect him in the slightest (has his own medical team and has more homes than Barratts around the world so isn’t going to be pushed NHS or housing wise).

    Wants to allow any undocumented (and therefore potentially terrorist) illegal into the country just because they can get here and – at 40+yrs old – are still “children” because they won’t be moving in near him will they!

    Like I say, it’s easy to be a socialist when you’re minted!

    • RWAC….
      platinum plated champagne socialist is exactly right!!
      We have an abundance of these despicable Cunts in the UK…..

    • When I were a lad, we lived opposite Lord Saintsbury. Even at the age of 13 I couldn’t understand how it was possible to be a multimillionaire and a socialist at the same.
      Surely they’d give all their money away to poor folk and then go live amongst them not in a fucking great big house near Wimbledon Common?

  8. Beardy bell end Branson can fuck right off, at least Robinson Crusoe had good reason to look like tramp in need of a haircut and wash. Tax exiles like him and Man McFriday Sean Connery have zero right to lecture the British public on issues like Brexit that will effect our country for generations and beyond when they live half way around the world.

    Every time this turd is in the papers, he is hosting some b-list cunts fliting from yacht to yacht, island to island or failed politicians like Blair and Obama, jet skiing and topping up their tan under the pretence of discussing pressing issues of the day like global warming or poverty. Nothing like a tax dodging , cut price sundried Bee Gee billionaire to make us see the light on where we have all been going wrong eh?

    I hope he gets his Virgin Galactic space tourism venture off the ground so to speak and can take every traitorous remaniac politician and whining right on zeleb on the maiden voyage. Fingers crossed they will have a Space Shuttle Challenger moment and break up over Brussels.

  9. Well cunted, Branson is a shining example of the cuntocracy at work. As far as I can tell the only money that Branson spent on his rail venture was for red and white paint. Almost every other source of money comes from government subsidies, must not forget the fucking incredulous price of tickets either.
    Like the majority of “business men” money is all he is interested in. Another thing what a cunt of a name for a company, Virgin. Problem is much money much power and power can be purchased.

  10. This grinning, bearded hippy cunt has been a cunt for as long as I can remember.
    Tax avoider who knows we made a mistake in voting leave.
    Entrepreneur whose income comes almost entirely from government funds. Yes, we bought the fucker his island.
    Space pioneer who hasn’t a fucking clue and is holding millions from gullible cunts who paid in advance for his folly.
    Parasite. And if, as stated above, he gave Tubular Bollocks it’s break he should be tarred and fucking feathered for that alone.
    Good cunting of this odious self publicising oxygen thief.

  11. Branson has always been an entitled hippy cunt… In 1969 he was at some ‘underground’ hippy paper or magazine, and was scheduled to interview John Lennon…. Lennon couldn’t make it on the day, due to some heavy business bullshit at Apple…. Instead of rescheduling and smoothing it over Branson attempted to sue Lennon and Apple for ‘breach of promise’ and he made a big song and dance about it…. I think the skills of Apple press officer, Derek Taylor, calmed the situation… And also a ‘word’ from Allen Klein also shut Branson up… Threatening to sue someone who couldn’t make an interview for some hippy rag?! Once a cunt, always a cunt….

    • Good story Norman…..
      my friend used to work on virgin airways, she’s met him a few times, said he’s a fucking lecherous old twat!!
      Nowadays he just sits around on his island looking ( using the word loosely) at all the young attractive girls that work there!! (Lucky cunt) 😂

  12. In 1974 I bought Katy Lied from Virgin for £2.35 when everyone else was selling it for £2.75.

  13. Off topic, again, but don’tcha just LURV that Barclays ad…
    “First and third digits of your PIN, please. Sorry, didn’t quite catch that. Second and fourth digits please… Did you see what I did there ? It’s a scam”

    You were bloody well-tutored by your Barclays cunt-bosses, four of whom. if I remember rightly, were being worked over for serious fraud at the time…

    I’d STILL give her one, though…looks a right goer.

    • Not in the same league as those dozy cunts handing over in excess of £10,000 for shit like a mobile home, off Romanians on eBay who said: “Yes, you pay money and we drop off Thursday, yes.”

      Fucking gullible cunts!

      Don’t get me wrong, I dodge on the odd good deal on fleaBay myself from time to time but ten grand!?!

      Don’t go twisting on fucking Channel 5 or whatever channel it was on about being done over when you’re quite clearly a cunt!

  14. A Cunting for Cruise Hoilday Bores.
    The talk of Branson’s private island has reminded me of a particularly tedious gent who used to come to my local on a quiet night,and proceed to bore the entire bar with tales of his latest cruise. You couldn’t ignore the Cunt,he had one of those braying voices like fingernails down a blackboard that is impossible to ignore. It was one of the few times where I’ve wished the bar had either a t.v or a juke-box…anything to drown the Cunt out.
    Now I’ve nothing against people going away on holiday,but I don’t want to hear about it,and cruises seem to attract the type who think that anyone is interested. Cruises,from what I can make out,seem to be nothing more than a Benidorm-style all-inclusive holiday on a boat,aimed at retired old farts. The holiday-bore seemed to think that stuffing himself with as much seafood as an Orca at Seaworld was the peak of sophistication,and as for his description of dining at (Drumroll)….The Captain’s Table…Well,we mere mortals could only dream of such an honour. I must say, these Captains must have the patience of a Saint and nerves of steel not to introduce Maritime Law and have these self-opinionated,pompous windbags flogged and keel-hauled. Night after night of listening to Cruise-Man…cruel and unnatural punishment indeed.
    We heard about the Entertainment,which seemed to consist of washed up cabaret acts and magicians who were desperately hoping that a Butlin’s talent-spotter would see their act and whisk them off to a better class holiday camp. The Casino,.where our hero apparently played baccarat with such success that people thought that he must have a “System”. He did,it involved him,in his imagination “winning big”, when all he’d really won was enough to top-up the leccy-meter when he got home.
    As for the countries he visited…Well he was always a bit vague about that….”Oh,it was Thursday,that must have been Cadiz.” Didn’t stop him from holding forth on every country which he’d “toured” far half a day as if he was an expert in every aspect of it. In fact I think he only went ashore when he was virtually forced at cutlass point…probably too frightened of missing a free meal. The staff were all “ignorant brown Chinks” and he took great delight in tipping as little as he could. It’s my fervent hope that he’s remembered on a subsequent cruise and some cabin-staff poison the bastard.
    Holiday bores are Cunts,but Cruise-holiday Cunts truly are Ocean-going,triple-funneled,iron-plated,twin-propeller driven,iceberg-dodging,bunting-flying,flag-waving Bores…. I hope Somalian pirates seize every fucking one of them….Absolutely NO ransom will be payed for their safe return…only for their dismembered corpses.
    Perhaps Mo Farah might consider rejoining his Somalian countrymen and becoming a pirate when he retires….although No. I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything of the kind.

    • Brilliant Dick Fiddler.
      Get loads of cruise(rs) in Gibraltar. Its like a scene from The Walking Dead when these cunts mull around.
      You mentioned my favourite place, Cadiz, and the only thing that annoys me there is the vast numbers of cruisers slowly walking around in groups, all wearing identity stickers or sometimes, badges with a pin.
      They don’t get a chance to do anything other than sightseeing and lunch.
      They come to the Caleta beach and just stand and look at us all having fun and then walk to their next stare.
      Strange. I could understand it if they stayed most of the day or overnight, but onboard, but they don’t. They swarm the town, look at stuff, get fed at a restaurant that gives them a discount and then fuck off when they are ordered to.
      Its meant to be relaxing, but surely being on board is just a slow journey to the next place to pick up a trinket.

      • The worst for me would be the fact that you can’t escape from the bores,short of chucking yourself overboard. At least on land you can get away from any fucker who gets on your tit-end…Can’t if you’re on some floating gin-palace. Do they really wear ID stickers?! Fuck me,it must be like a geriatric,special-needs day-trip.

        • The Japs, Chinks and other assorted ting tongs are the worst when in a group, all have a brightly coloured baseball cap and a guide with a whistle…like hearding lemmings.

          • Had them all over Vienna…

            Oooooh lookee, they have Lewis Vweeeeton here too

            Take a selfie.

            Oooooh lookee, they have Burbwee tooo

            Another selfie.

            Dozy cunts.

    • Myself and Mrs Yank like a cruise. Been on a few to Alaska which have been great. Not all cruise lines are the same. Some cater to the low end riff-raff filth. Some are party cruise lines and some price themselves out of having to deal with human scum. Mostly. That’s the cruise line we go with.

      We like cruising because we both like to read, enjoy some peace and quiet and have some Greek cunt drive the ship around to different places without us having to lift a finger. Plus you can get almost anything you want almost anytime. Now all that said, we do our level best to avoid all the other passengers. For example, we don’t go to the main dining room for dinner. It’s our vacation and we won’t be told when to eat our evening meal or what to wear while eating it. That idea can fuck right off. We also don’t bother with any of the so-called entertainment. It’s all shit. The best time is when the ship docks and all the sheep fuck off on their over-priced excursions. The ship is especially peaceful during these times which we enjoy.

      Now all that said, even cruising with a top end cruise line does not insulate you completely from utter cunts. Of many I could share, I’ll re-tell this one example of jaw dropping cuntitude. It’s about 10:30PM and I’m the ONLY person in the library, quietly reading seated in a high back comfy chair, enjoying some solitude and minding my own business. No one else is around. Ahh bliss. Then some bearded old crone wanders into the library area and stands in front of me looking around. There are literally dozens and dozens of book shelves holding hundreds of books split over 2 decks. This cunt decides the one book he absolutely must have is on a shelf above and behind the chair I’m sitting in. WITHOUT SAYING A WORD he stands right next to me, reaches over me to take the book. I was absolutely stunned at the sheer arrogant, inconsiderate, cuntish behaviour. Who does that, FFS? I got out of my chair, said “Fucking really?” and went and sat somewhere else. Cunt didn’t even look at me. It’s like I wasn’t even there. Unbelievable.

      It’s cunts like this who go into pubs and bore the arse off people like Dick.

      • Hope you’re nowhere near that hurricane, I.Y….I see Trump’s getting slated for donating $1 million. The bugger can’t do right for doing wrong. If he decked some Cunt’s arse with diamonds they’d say he should have used rubies.

        • Hey Dick – Nope, we’re a long way from bastard hurricane Harvey’s destructive hissy fit. Trouble is, we’re planning on moving to south east Texas so you can imagine our plans have had to be revised somewhat. Fucking weather.

          One thing (of the many) I miss about the UK is the weather is just the weather and everyone just gets on with it. Over here in Yankland, we have extremes of weather much of which is trying to kill you. Earthquakes, wild fires (often caused by lightening strikes), tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, mud slides. The list goes on.

          Still, we could have moved already and been caught up in it. I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to see your home flooded and all your possessions ruined. Poor buggers.

          Yep, Trump can do no right in some people’s eyes. No good deed goes unpunished and all that. I’m surprised the left haven’t blamed him for Harvey. Everything else that’s wrong in the world is down to him apparently. Still, all the bitching, moaning, finger pointing etc. by the lefty libtard mongs just means he’s doing something right otherwise they’d have nothing to whine about.

          Cheers – I.Y.

          • If the noises coming out of the White House are to be believed, Trump is a difficult guy to work with.

            Rumour has it Scaramucci was sacked for failing to do the fandango…

    • Let’s all hope his next cruise is taken on the Poseidon!!!
      I bet passengers were leaping off the ship at night, rather take their chances with the ocean than listen to that blithering idiot ! ……
      Problem with cruising is you actually get stuck with a Cunt!! It’s difficult to avoid them…..

      • That’s what gets me about it…you’re stuck with whatever horror happens to attach themselves. Wonder if they have a brig where they lock up passengers who’ve been driven to desperate measures by some ocean-going windbag?

        • Funny you should mention that Dick – yes, cruise ships do have a small jail and a morgue.

          Speaking of horror – the myths about the buffets are all true I’m afraid. The great unwashed just go bananas when the buffet restaurants are open. Manners, consideration, politeness all go out the window as the food zombies load up their plates and gorge themselves over and over again. The old biddies are often the worse culprits. I guess they know they’re living on borrowed time so they need to get stuck in before Mr. G Reaper invites them to join him at his table.

          • A morgue…how disappointing. I’d always liked to think that they buried the buggers at sea….wrap them in a shroud,plenty of old chain wrapped around,a few words from Capt. Bligh,and over the side they go.

          • I worked with a Norwegian lad, excellent crack and had started his career on Norwegian cruise ships.
            He would tell us of leaning on the handrails with some of his other crew mates, watching the passengers board, and taking bets on which ones wouldn’t make the distance. Some making their way onboard with their oxygen tanks tagging along behind them. Deadpool at Sea.
            He said the ‘best’ they had on one cruise was around eight popping their cloggs … and with the ‘morgue’ on board to capacity, the galley freezers had to be used for the overspill.

    • Should’ve told the cunt to try Somali Cruises. Don’t worry you’d never hear of that one.

      Mo Farrah – or Michael Spencer is it he wants to be called these days, or summat – has them on speed dial. The cunt will do owt for a ribbon of khat.

      • Sea burials much healthier, no danger of corpse “accidentally” being served up as steaks…

        A fine piece of naval tradition, but then most of these cruise “ships” look like feckin office blocks or shopping centres.

    • Oi! I cruise a lot – but your portrayal of fucking great cruise ships as all inclusive shitty Diego hotels that float while chucking out all you eat crap, limitless watered down horse piss and third rate talentless crap passing as entertainment is spot on – and it’s exactly why I avoid that sort of shit at all costs.

      Any boat that holds more than about 100 people is too big for me. I feel the same about big hotels. Both mass market crap served up for tight fisted cunts so they can brag about it afterwards!

      I’m writing a book about cunts on boats “93 men in boat” which you can find on me blog. I’m up to number 67 and I promise you they’re all true…

      Incidentally, I’ve passed within a few hundred yards of Necker Island. Too close to the adjacent yachty tourist trap for my liking. In case you’re wondering, I was on this :

      That being a bragging cruise bore enough for you ? 😀

  15. His eyes are very familiar.
    They remind me of Tony Blair’s, and we all know what eyes Blair has, LIZARD EYES!!!!!!!!

    Another fuckin lizard.
    Sorry, another lizard CUNT, and if he wants to sue me for that then I’ll just rip his mask off in court, the lizard cunt.

    Just looked at the pic again, tell me I’m wrong.

  16. Just been having my daily look at news from Leicester City (EL CHAMPIONS 2015/16) and some cunt on twitter has upset me by wishing a happy Eid Mubarak to whoever celebrates it.
    Now i don’t celebrate this nonsense, but as I’m a twisted cunt i think i may “claim” that it upset me.
    The same way crucifixes, Easter, Christmas, and white British faces seems to upset anycunt not indigenous to Britain but using it to better themselves.
    I wish to complain and have the evil culprit who sent this offensive tweet brought to justice and run over the coals in court.

    Maybe that’s our only way of a fightback. Become twisted cunts like them and complain that we are eternally offended at everything they do. And sue.

    • Perhaps we could get one of those Claim Management Companies involved…. “Have you had inappropriate contact from a Sandnogga?” We’re here to help, Don’t suffer in silence…Call SueAWog”…Maybe Judith Chalmers’ll front the ad campaign,she looks like a racist old biddy. But she isn’t,of course.

  17. Like some of my fellow cunters, I’ve given props to Branson in the past for taking risks, building wealth and enjoying the fruits of his labour in a way which didn’t come across as ‘I’m loaded, you’re not so fuck off’. However, as his wealth and profile has grown, so has his desire to throw his weight around, influence public opinion and generally be the type of cunt he probably despised in his younger days.

    What really ended all my respect for this massive tool was his quote which was banded around on LinkedIn a while back:

    “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

    What an utterly crass and stupid thing to say. I first saw this quote shortly after David Moyes got canned at Manchester United and I remember thinking to myself, this little piece of Branson ‘wisdom’ didn’t work out too well for ol’ David, did it? Would Branson be promoting such a cavalier attitude to the wannabe surgeon who’ll operate on him? Or a wannabe architect who’s going to design his next mansion? Or the wannabe aircraft technician/mechanic who’s going to service Branson’s private jet? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Branson is a self-serving interventionist with an ego big enough to block out the sun. He needs to pipe down, enjoy his wealth quietly away from the public eye and generally just shut the fuck up. All his ‘followers’ on LinkedIn are cunts too. Get a fucking life you fucking sheep.

    • I remember listening on headphones at Virgin Records Brighton Clock tower on these cushions with all the other great unwashed, It literally was a flea pit, you came out of there scratching all over, i told a girl i was seeing at the time i caught crabs from Virgin records and being young and impressionable she believed me. I have to thank Richard Branson for providing me with an alibi.

  18. Just had my intelligence insulted by some wise guy cunt called James O’Brien. Is this libturd by any chance the direct descendent of the slightly less irritating Lord Haw-Haw?

  19. Cruises are the reserve of vampire types of old biddy, who only lift their coffin lids to waddle to the buffet, where they proceed to consume their own body weight in comestibles.

    I have always wondered how the waste system of the vessel copes with the gallons of piss and literally tons of pensioner shite produced during the journey.

  20. i fancy going on a cruise. does the whole ship stink of shit though?. all those cabins with bogs?

  21. Falls into the same group as Grubby Geldof – people so out of touch with reality that it’s almost funny that they open their mouths on issues they have no say in.

  22. Holiday-ay

    Holiday time and the missus and daughter are of to blighty tomorrow while i stay at home and do nada.
    I’m sure most cunters are aware that i ain’t the most mentally stable cunt on the planet, but even though I’m 42, the missus is worried that I’ll either get in trouble or do myself a mischief while they’re gone. She’s probably right.
    Only last night i was arguing with the new owners of the bar downstairs. It used to be a flamenco bar with alchy cunts wailing most nights, but now it’s a “chirigota” bar. I’m sure all of you don’t know what chirigota is, and i can’t upload an example but its worse than flamenco.
    It involves a a large group of fat cunts that sing sort of folk songs or work related songs in harmony.
    Every song is exactly the same coz at the end of every second line they string it oooooouuuuuuutttttt.

    My name is birdmaaaaaaaan
    And i caaaaaaaan
    Be a cunt
    Of a maaaaaaaaaaaaan

    Try listening to cunts like that for hours. I’m positive the easiest going of you would be urged into sharpening a pool cue to attack the cunts.

    Anyway, last night I’d had enough (it was the second night) so went downstairs, stood at the doors and sung my grievances back at them in the style they are accustomed to.
    ” yous are a bunch of cuuuunts
    Every song is the saaaaaaammmmeeee
    Go fuck yerseeeeeeeelllvvvees
    Yer all a bunch of pooooooooves”

    The looks were priceless, but my daughter was mortified.

    So I’ve promised to behave myself while they’re away, but we’ll see, coz its just too hard to hold it in and just too easy to lose it.

    I will admit to being a bit embarrassed by my actions last night, but fuck it.

  23. Richard fucking Branson, hmmmmm!
    Let’s see…
    Massive business empire built on sheer unprincipled ruthlessness. Check.
    Giant ego with potential God complex. Check.
    Contempt for any member of the human race that doesn’t fit with the program. Check.
    Obsession with space travel. Check
    An army of toadies who inexplicably think the sun shines out of his arse. Check.
    Has a beard. Check..
    I said ages ago that the cunt is a Bond villain.
    I give you the real life Hugo Drax.

    First, there was the dream….

  24. In the early 70’stages he was the only retailer to sell records at a discount. Definitely un-cunty at the time.

    Then came Tubular Bells.

  25. Fucking fuck me for fucks sake. Anyone got a tin of paint I can borrow to paint a wall and watch it dry. England are shit, Southgate is a cunt and Sterling has got to be the faggiest faggot ever to take to a football pitch. FAGGOT.

    • I had two options tonight. Watch England, or listen to The Captain And Me in the conservatory. Not a difficult problem.

  26. Wayne Rooney has been caught pissed at the wheel. No more cruising for grannies for a while…

    • Dick head! If I had the wherewithal I’d never drive again and pay some cunt to do it for me.

      • Apparently he was driving a 29 year old woman home. It was her car. He’s a Gentleman is Wayne.

  27. Just another “more equal” animal. Typical of his ilk, we must all continue do that which continues to make him richer. We must not do or say anything against that which makes him richer. We must not do anything or say anything that could make our own lives better (and him potentially poorer), we are selfish,racist, xenophobic, bigoted idiots for considering such a thing. He’s just another cunt, on a big and continually growing list of cunts who have done very well from the status quo and don’t have to swim in the same pool of piss that 52% of us swim / drown in. Rail should continue to be private / subsidised, we should build hs2, we should continue importing some of the worlds unhealthiest (he’s in health care now), we should continue importing mass breeders (see previous)…. the list could go on forever but the pattern is simple, he is always going to be *for* things making him wealthier and he is always going to *against* that which does not.

    • Speaking of how we are all racist ignorant bigots (yawn) I have just been reading about a transgender “model” who has been sacked by L’Oreal for posting comments that all white people are inherently racist, we are socialised to it from birth. They go on to say that the company has proved they are bigoted by sacking them. I don’t know if it ever occurs to any of these I’m a Special Case cunts that the rest of us might not give two shiny shits about their struggle because we have our own lives to think about.

      • I wish L’Oreal (or anyone, for that matter) would sack that horse-faced douchebag Ellie Goulding.

        However, she’s ALMOST achieved the impossible…to make Sarah-Jessica Parker look attractive

        • That Goulding cunt has been on the operating table more times than Carl Fogerty… She looked even more like a gee gee before her placcy surgery….

          And Shergar Jessica Parker is about as attractive as a bad egg….

          • I honestly thought she was the love child of Barbara Streisand and Barry Manilow.

            I’m pretty far from being an oil painting myself but Christ! The last thing I saw with a nose like that it had landing gear!

  28. Bucktoothed, beardy wankstain Branson is a full blown narcissist. This is part of the problem.

  29. Talking of Sean Connery, the half dead old cunt was seen out at a tax-free tennis match this week.

    Does anyone apart from Salmond give a flying fuck about the old bald cockwomble?

  30. @Mr Bastard or any other motorcycle enthusiast.
    Is the Harley Davidson a cunt of a bike and are Harley Davidson owners a bunch of cunts?

    I know nothing of what’s cool in the motorcycle world but I’m sick to the back teeth of grey haired comfortably off “bikers” posing on these in lookalike groups/gangs.
    I see them daily in real life and can’t seem to get rid of them on the telly.
    Now DMAX is starting some tat series called Harley and the Davidsons.
    I’ve heard that Harley Davidson’s are for poser cunts but would like confirmation and if so a cunting of the cunts would be great, ta.

    • There are Bikers and there are motorcycle enthusiasts, and since Sons of Wank on Me there are wannabe Outlaw Bikers by the thousands.

      Harley’s are no longer cool they are the motorcycle version of Audi’s. once niche and had a but of kudos, now mass produced shite with lower quality and driven\riden by so many wank stains that real people don;t want to be seen near the shite that rides them or the bikes.

      WLA 45’S, Knuckles, Pans and Shovels and early Evo’s still have a cool factor. Wank Cams and the new liquid cool wank rides none at all.

    • PS. When i mentioned that they’re”comfortable”, that is my biggest gripe with the cunts.
      They want to be outlaws but its clear to see they are professionals and live in big detached houses. And the young ones on telly all seem to have a tattooed wife who dressed like an American 50’s housewife.

      I also cant understand why British bikers ride them when there are a few classic British bikes they could be riding

      • Sadly all too often bought as a status symbol by well heeled poseurs (Chris Eubank anyone?).
        Generally nicknamed “Handbags” by those of us who don’t like them much.
        Goes round corners about as well(!) as Uncle Sam’s cars.
        The 880 Sportster is just about bearable.
        A small exception for a good mate of mine who builds some superb choppers out of them, trimming away the chrome crap and “excess fat”.
        Second exception for those chaps who are physically large enough to just look ungainly and ridiculous on any other bike.
        I’ve never fancied one although purely coincidentally, I can’t afford one anyway.
        Old British bikes require a certain amount of engineering savvy and fanatical dedication to keep them running for any length of time and poseurs tend not to like getting oily hands.
        I’ll stick to me old Honda…

        • “Handbags” haha, I’ll use that, ta.

          Since i posted, I’ve seen the advert for that john Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy filum about the exact same cunts that annoy me, twice!
          Funny filum in bits.

          Bigger cunts are cunts that want their photo taken with these weekend outlaws.

  31. Can we join in a unanimous cunting for Vogue and its first transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and the whole PC\Diversity bollocks please?

    Vogue in it’s rush to be seen as diverse, PC and right on thought it was harvesting the high fruit when it hired the chick with the dick as a model. We are all gender fluid and race neutral after all.

    Now Munroe spends all “her” time trying to look like a woman and despite the fact he is obviously a geezer down to heavy use of makeup and possibly a bleaching agent it’s not so easy to tell she he he is also of ethnic origin.

    Geezer Munroe took her rusty but very heavy irony bar and mashed herself around the head by tweeting “all whites are racist” and the walking version of animal\vegetable\fuck knows what it is has been fired for her/his/its failure to embrace diversity.

    Never mind love, if you had bothered to read ISAC now and then you would be fully aware that being a cunt has no boundaries, racial, gender or sexual persuasion.

    You Mr\Mrs\Miss\Ms Bergdorf are a cunt and your name sounds like it should be German for dog shit.

    • Masterchef is a cunt. Firstly because of the double act of daft cunts who present it especially the baldy pointy headed cunt. Then the terminology they use – deconstructed ( a bag of groceries), sourced ( bought from somewhere or other) etc. Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this apparently,even after my own ten hour working day. It boils my piss to kingdom come that people get paid for this. The cunts.

    • She/it/he has been sacked by L’orael(sic?) for they tweets. Good.

      Hey Sixdog Vomit, who knew that two guys looking for evidence that Brendan Rodgers was a cunt would lead to me googling transgender models on a Friday night? 🙂

    • Adams apple like a grapefruit. Chick with a dick.

      I am 6’2″ tall, built like a brick shithouse, and would look far more feminine than this Jerkdorf if I was strategically shaved and shoved into a dress.

      Transgender – yet another social fad, rammed down out throats, as if we should welcome it worth open arms.

      More like fucking Hinge and Bracket.

      • Who looked credible !!

        Compared to my GPs’ receptionists, and the lardarses on my college admin…

    • Spot on cunting… Fucking jawline like mount Rushmore, looks a lot like Obama in one of Michelle’s earlier syrups. Apparently a few cocks in frocks are banding together on twatbook to boycott LOrael. I think someone should jump on there and let them know that shaving the beard off and slapping on 10 mil of war paint isn’t gonna fool anyone when you got hands like Andre the giant and an Adams apple bigger than your balls.

    • I mean after 10 pints you’d still be compus enough to give this fucker the “Crying Game” test.

      Sticking a Beyonce wig on a fella doesn’t make it a bird does it!

      I mean I don’t give a shit what these cunts do but they’re having the majority of the say/press exposure so that they appear that they’re more profligate than they really are.

      I don’t know how many of these transgender cunts there are per capita but I reckon it’s 1,000’s to 1.

      So even if I was generous and we’re to say 2,000 to 1 them that is 0.05% – so why is it these cunts and there ilk get 99.95% of the coverage/say in the world as to what’s right and wrong!?!

      MPs/Senators/Congressmen look at these stats. Stop appeasing these cunts they have (next to) zero voting power! Get back to supporting the majority you cunts!

  32. All these so called social justice warriors, for the people cunts are missing a very significant point. Somewhere in the last few years, it has been the norm to give workers a whole 30 minute break in a 9 hour day. That’s progress for you. I remember 1hour lunch and 30 minutes in the afternoon, and I am a millenial. It’s all for the big cunts. The small cunts have to suck it up and thank the fuckers for the measly half hour. What an absolute bag of shite. If I ever met the comrade Corbyn, I’d ask the cunt how long his fucking lunch break is, and what his expenses threshold is. Bet He has time to polish his dead mans boots and debate the latest wanky a gender. He ain’t running to the co op for a soggy egg and cress, shoving it in his face before going back to work. The floor of the train is perfect for him. He is nothing but a fake tramp. He brings nothing to the table and makes saggy look like bodicia.

  33. Aam trying to pull this shy chick.Weird for me as have only ever gone after mouthy broads.Any advice cunts?

    • Yes, I’ve got some advice….Don’t fucking bother. Stick to in-yer-face tarts who don’t put on some innocent act. She’ll drag things out for ages before you get a bunk-up,and when you eventually do,you’ll discover she just lies there like a side of beef. Stick to slappers,at least you know that you’ll get an oil-change and that’s all that really matters.

    • You know what they say, it’s the shy ones who are the ravers!
      Fucking lies!

  34. I am so sick of this transbender bollocks.
    Their are only three genders in the world
    Male Female and Freaks

    • No there’s actual only two – according to LGBTQ brigade: “gender fluid” and “hater”.

  35. Branson was actually considered quite cool in the early 1970s. If you didn’t live in or around London, ‘Virgin Mail Order’ was an essential service for anyone into music from the less commercial, ‘unusual’ end of the rock spectrum.

    I ordered Uncle Meat, an expensive ‘import only’ double LP by The Mothers of Invention. Two weeks later I was thrilled to receive two copies in error! Naturally I sold the one with worst surface noise to my best friend for a massive profit.

    So not always a cunt, at least not the overtly full-blown cunt he is today. Branson really exploded into the cuntisphere during the 1990s with the coming of New Labour.

  36. We had one of his oafs round our place installing Virgin media. The bloke drilled through the bedroom wall from the inside, blowing a large part of the brick on the outside which ended up on the boys BMW down below, denting and scratching the side panel. Now they are denying all responsibility and charging us £300 because we no longer wish to continue with their unsigned, uncompleted contract. It’s cost the boy around £500 to get the car repaired. Never get involved with virgin.

  37. The news isn’t all bad this morning. Seems Irma has obliterated Neckar Island. Apparently Branson hid in his wine cellar and is safe.
    Can’t have everything I suppose…

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