Eddie Izzard [4]

I know Eddie Izzard has been cunted before, but I’ve just seen the fucktard doing an appeal for UNICEF, wearing a UNICEF t-shirt and full make-up – because of course he’s a tranny and demands tranny rights to wear make-up (and/or women’s clothes) in public because, you know, that’s his “right” as an “out” tranny.

And yet in the film clips of Izzard visiting Yemen used in the appeal, cunters may be interested to learn that there’s one thing suspiciously absent from Izzard’s appearance: no make-up and no women’s clothes (not even a sly kitten heel). So obviously the cunt is able to make judgement calls about when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to indulge his hobby of dressing up, there’s no “irresistible inner compulsion” he’s unable to control. Yet when he’s out and about doing his political campaigning or appearing on Question Time spouting his badly thought-out drivel, the cunt unfailingly turns up in a scarlet beret and painted nails. If the cunt was not in the entertainment industry, would he dare turn up to a job interview dressed like that? Of course he wouldn’t. Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion he’s just an attention-seeking cunt of the highest order who should not be afforded any special privileges at all – in fact, if any cunters ever spot him in the street, perhaps they could question him as to why he chose to forego his make-up and drag in Yemen… (and then, while he’s replying, just walk away and say “I don’t fucking care – I think you’re a cunt”).

Nominated by Fred West

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  1. Well said, Fred.

    Gizzard is a despicable hypocrite, and should have been obliged to turn up there dressed like Madogga. Re Yemen, has he been bummed by Vazoline ?

    And as for “The New European”, what a stain of stale old Hislime-jizz that is.

    People sometimes say that if you burn books, you end up burning people.

    Well, as far as The New European and its readership go, that’s fine by me !!

    • I would rather eat my own scrotum than buy that God awful excuse for a paper.If it was free I would wipe my arse with it.Having said that having Izzard near your arse even in a metaphorical sense would make me vomit.

      • You’re right, Shaun – any publication which has Alastair Campbell as its “Editor-at-Large” should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  2. Thinks he’s a leader of men. Not me. He’ s a cunt.

    Glad ive moved out of islington. Btw running like a twat makes you a cunt.

  3. The “man” is a total fucking shit cunt in every possible way. He’s meant to be a comedian but the stupid fucking dress-and-make-up-wearing, embarrassment to our country shitheaded knob-faced scrawny necked motherfucking cunt is less funny than terminal cunting cancer. Absolute fucking cunt.

  4. l would like to nominate “Middle Class British Liberals” for a cunting.

    Where to start. Oh money.

    Mostly they have more luxuries and conveniences than anyone who has ever lived. They don’t have to lift a finger apart from walking to their stupid people carrier or whatever fuckwit car they drive. Dishwashers, TV, most likely an inheritence on the way, bullshit office job, very long life expectancy. What more could a brain dead liberal ask for. Yet they will be the first dipshits to vote for the lib dems or lay bore because they will get money for their old relatives and some estate skanks from “the rich”. It’s always someone’s fault isn’t it.

    Even though these fucking babies will make sure that their kids are on the housing ladder by giving them money because they are too libtarded to control their finances, and moan about the government taking away their inheritence because they have to pay for other people to look after their parents, these mind-numbingly ignorant hypocrites will still blame the bankers and “rich people” for the problems that they cause.

    It’s generation upon generation of middle class wankstains insisting on getting their kids on the housing ladder thats causing property price inflation. And its millions of old people in homes who have children that dont give a flying fuck about them that’s costing billions of pounds.

    But no let’s blame the fat cats because its easier and the BBC or Gayrdian says so.

    What else, oh rewriting morality. This is the best.

    Because they or their fuckface cunt friends live is a suburban bubble, they don’t give 2 shits about laws that actually help people. So violent criminal acts either go unpunished most of the time, or if someone is convicted, they automatically get 1/2 their sentence off straight away (fucking unbelievable). The cunts want to legalise cannabis (because thats prohibition dude) yet you can’t buy 10 fags any more because thats worse somehow than drugs? But, if someone says the wrong word on twitter they go to jail. Yes that’s right, you can gang beat someone several times and get away with it, but say the wrong thing on twitter and its straight ti prison. Why? Because middle class liberal fuckwit cunt faces shits only give a fuck about their pathetic and childish sensibilities, and coundn’t give 2 fucks about physical, mental and sexual violence happening where they don’t see it. They are probably the most deluded bastards in the whole history of time and they are fucking complete and utter cunts of the highest order.

  5. Izzard has always been the type of cunt foretold in Corinthians and predicted by Nostradamus – a cataclysmic cunt in everything he does; looks, ‘humour’, voice, attitude, politics etc.

    I know several people who were on the fence on Brexit, until they saw this turkeyfucker on that seminal episode of Question Time barking like a rabid rottweiler at Farage – that helped sway them into voting ‘leave’.

    Never found this cunt remotely funny either. Filed under fucking pseud like Stewart Lee and Marcus Brigstocke.

  6. Saw the cunt in Tesco, Notting Hill Gate once and he looked like an arrogant cunt.

  7. A cunting for Coleen Rooney,
    Wayne has fucked a Granny prostitute and the stupid cow stays with him. He’s been caught trying to drive some ugly slag home in her car obviously wanting to fuck her and guess what Coleen the cunt is going to stay with him.
    I wonder why Coleen has stayed with the multi millionaire Wayne Cuntney all this time?
    Any suggestions… I can’t figure it out.
    Stupid cow.

    • An illegal immicunt is an illegal immicunt. Don’t care how long you have been in a country, if you entered illegally you get booted out. I don’t care if Trump makes the cunts swim home. Will make the next lot think twice. Some of these cunts have already been deported multiple times. have criminal records as long as your arm. These sobbing snowflake libtards see these as poor innocents, what they are is a weapon being used against the west by globalists.

  8. I always get izzard and Russell brand confused???
    Both are supposed to be comedians but simply aren’t funny !!
    Both dress like utter cunts!!
    Both are loud mouthed bigoted pricks of highest order!!
    If I see either of these two wankers on / in anything I instantly turn over as the alternative would be to put my fist thru the TV…..
    Excellent cunting FW………

    • Sat behond Russel the cunt on an Air NZ plane to L.A once. Gobby stinky lanky cunt. When we got off one of the crew said to another collwague “Is he famous?” I said very loudly ( making sure the anti-semitic cunt could here me) yes for being an unwashed twat. He turned around but when he saw my size he did not say a word. In any case I was being generous. Brand is a screaming hypocrite. Turns up to leftard demos on a chauffer driven car. Hates Israel and posts innane videos pn the net about boycotting Israeli goods: CUNT.

      • Unwashed twat.. priceless. Any cunt who doesn’t like Israel (and by extension, the joo) needs only to go to a real university (STEM subject, naturally) and take a count of just how many papers that they make you read that were authored by fella’s called Dov or Ori.. then count how many you read that are authored by Mohamed… it’s an eye opener.

      • I met him in the Club lounge at LA once. Loudly announced so he heard me “Christ standards are falling. They let anybody in here these days!” He glared at me but said fuck all.

        Seriously tho’ there’s a dress code for that lounge which he was clearly sticking two fingers up at and getting away with just because he was famous for being a cunt…

  9. I despise this repugnant cunt with all my being. What a toe curlingly, puke inducing statement on the front of that pathetic rag. He fights on does he. Fights on for what? To be able to ponce round looking like a fucking pantomime dame and causing mind numbing embarrassment to your fucking country. Taliking of pantomimes the cunts house must be full of mirrors from Snow cunting White. There is NO WAY he can see what he actually looks like before he graces our screens with his contemptible presence. He is in the Premier League of unfunniness, high on my list of ‘go for a pint with then smash in the gob’. Please allow me to apologise on behalf of the UK to the rest of the universe for letting this cunt out of whatever box it came out of.

  10. Chubby, over-educated rich kid constantly seeking a pat on the head from Nanny. Either that or he’s a pervert with tiny balls. When I see him in his pensioner’s, pink beret and smeared-on, vulgar lipstick, I feel a bit sorry for him, someone that needy that they’re prepared to act so desperately. Breathtakingly weak cunt.

  11. This wannabe confused ugly spazmatron non-tranny is an utter uber cunt. Does not wish to upset peacefuls outside of the UK but bores us shitless with his incescant ramblings!

    What a fuss he made when someone took his beret at that remoniacs rally. I would happily watch him being water boarded by the C.I.A. How angry he makes me is beyond words. FUCK OFF IZZARD YOU HYPOCRITICAL SNEERING PEACEFUL APOLOGIST TWO FACED UGLY CUNT.

  12. Much like Russel “The Cunt” Brand, Izzard went over to Hollywood hoping to make a name for himself.
    Slunk back to Blighty not long afterwards with his tail between his legs, proving that not all Septics are thick as shit (just like Brand again).
    Starts mouthing off about politics for attention and to try and resuscitate a stagnated career, resulting in making himself into a whopping great cunt (like Brand again).
    His appearance in the movie “Mystery Men” was even less funny than the rest of the film (only worth watching for Geoffrey Rush and Hank Azaria) and quickly forgotten.
    Ergo, a MASSIVE cunt. Shut your mouth and fuck off to Europe if you love the Fourth Reich so much…
    (and take Russell fucking brand with you).

    • Love these cunts like Izzard, Brand and the fat fudge packer Fry who think they are Gods gift in Hollywood only to be told they are not all that. The ABBC might lick the sphincter dry of these twats but the yank TV producers are ruthless , saw the light and told them to rightly fuck off.

  13. Izzard and the rest of his kind should be horsewhipped through the streets. I must admit that one of the few things I look forward to is seeing the freaks and perverts getting flying lessons off high buildings when the Sandnoggas take over. We’ll be able to see for ourselves if their brains actually are wired differently when they’re splattered all over the tarmac.

  14. I saw his ‘act’ sometime in the nineties. It seemed to revolve around a monkey in a tree. In French. By fuck it was tedious. And he wasn’t even trannied up. What the fuck does he do for a living? No fucker would pay to see the cunt. Is it some arty -knowing-ironic-does-you-good worthy shit? Perhaps on the fringe? Or should that be the Edinburgh minge?
    Fellow cunters have already eloquently expressed my view of the cunt. Pity the Jocks didn’t fuck him up when he used his superiority to convince them to stay.

  15. Izzard is a dumb, stupid turkey voting for Christmas.
    Eater that or he genuinely wants to be gang banged by a mob of hairy assed, goat shagging hill boys and as the gran phinale chucked unceremoniously off the highest building available in Brighton still wearing his best dress. What a fucking stupid cunt.

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