Chi Onwurah

Emergency cunting for the Labour MP for Newcastle Central, who has suggested that the grooming of underage girls by the recently jailed Newcastle gang “is not an issue of race or religion”. Well, I think my vision must be failing, fellow cunters, because when I look at the Newcastle grooming gang there’s one particular aspect that seems to stand out a mile. I wonder if any of you can spot it:

Onwurah claims that the “real” issue here is misogyny. But since misogyny is firmly entrenched in the peaceful religion (ditto the sexual abuse of children), can I politely suggest she’s talking out of her fucking arse?


Nominated by Fred West.

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  1. I agree Mr West there does seem to be a recurring similarity when ever grooming/rapes/sexual abuse/kidnaps/wife beating/general cuntery and the above pic says it all for every 17 Asian peacfull fucks who think its their devine rite to kiddy fiddle there Is 1 white guy [albeit a total fucking wierdo but a white wierdo none the less] it must be a muzzy thing and there is no getting away from the fact that all the pictures you see are similar to the one above and nobody can deny there is a pattern already formed and it will keep on going the same way and chi whatever is flogging a dead horse with this bollocks so is definitely a cunt…..and should spend some quality time in a room with these utter wankers

  2. Thanks Fred.

    This is an increasingly common tactic employed by Labour and cunt liberals; take a fault or callous trait exhibited by a beloved race/religion, and generalise it to extend to all creeds and colours. Onwurah is one of those people you could consider as ‘the cunt’s cunt’.

    If these grooming operations were merely an issue of misogyny, you fucking shoe-shuffling shitcunt, then you would see abuse cases independent of victim race – young girls of all colours would constitute the abused. It is clear however (some good Tommy Robinson YT vids on this) that these Yorkshire/Northern grooming gangs are nearly exclusively Indian or Pakistani descent, and the victims are exclusively white.

    There cannot be many stronger examples of race-specific crimes ‘twixt this world and the next. Plus, this silly cunt has used the word ‘misogyny’ in the one example (Newcastle case) where a woman was involved and was pretty instrumental in the organisation of the abuse.

    Onwurah deserves a prolonged fucking mass shoeing. Preferably administered in the most brutal fashion by people of all creeds, races, and genders. We wouldn’t want this to exclude anyone, would we? Cunt.

    • Excellent point about the white woman (the goth with the half-shaved head at bottom right) who supplied many of the girls to the gang.

      • Ugly goth dyke cunt! shes like the ultimate race traitor probably got free dope and booze for trafficking young girls. Most likely get a lenient sentence because shes female, who am I kidding? they don’t even serve their full sentences anymore because the useless cunty system lets them out 18 years early British law is sharia law fucking traitors

      • A most deserving candidate for FGM with a rusty kebab knife…

        And let’s start a list for MGM
        1. Whining Owen Jones…

  3. When’s the last time you saw a bunch of peaceful kids being diddled by a white gromming gang? no? I thought not.

    Fact is, peaceful men see white females as trash, to be used and abused at their whim…….they know the bottle to take them to task doesn’t exist.

    People like this MP should hang their head in shame while making pitiful excuses for this trash.

    It makes me cry for my country where I was brought up without the peaceful swarm, gobshites like this MP and the horde of Soviet Bloc trash we all bough down to. Sickening.

    • ” peaceful men see white females as trash, to be used and abused”

      Imams tell their followers “If they are not wearing hijab they deserved to be raped and killed, allah wills it” our brave leaders call this islamophobia. They also say a women who is wearing revealing clothing is inviting rape and stoning our brave leaders say don’t assimilate your religion is fine with us You just gotta love diversity!!

      • I say anyone wearing the stinking rags of Islime deserves the same fate.

        Their kids and wimmin don’t get diddled because they are obese, ugly, and have permanently whiny expressions on their faces.
        They also stink.

        Is it just me, or is this tsunami of cuntitude increasing exponentially ?? I can barely keep up with the cunts – Keir Starmer one day, the cunt Lammy the next, and now this unpolishable turd…

    • In answer to your question about why there is no gangs targeting young Muslim girls, its coz their fannys are mutilated.

      (I now wait on the thought police banging down my door)

  4. Labour, the enabling party, shame they are enabling every cunt in the world to fuck this nation

  5. I can’t get my head around it when people say that cases like this aren’t a matter of race or religion. Of course they are. Do politicians really have such contempt for the British public that they believe that we are too stupid to recognise the blatantly obvious? These child-grooming gangs are all about race and religion. It is a specific group committing these crimes and politicians refusing to acknowledge the fact must not be allowed to continue unchallenged. It was this disgraceful self-delusion which allowed these gangs to flourish in the first place. The police and politicians are guilty of aiding and abetting in these child abuse cases through their inaction. They should be called to account,and not allowed to just walk away muttering that “lessons have been learned.”
    Chi Onwurah should be compelled to prove her claim,and not be allowed to hide behind that “Cover-every-eventuality and shut down every unwelcome question”…RACISM.

  6. Never mind out of touch with the electorate, more like out of touch with reality. Every week it seems, another gang of these bastards is up in court for the same thing, and before the sentence is passed some oily politician crawls out of the sewer to make excuses and blow so much smoke out of their arses to distract from the obvious. Does anyone in the real world believe a word of it?
    You have to be careful what you say though, as you are more likely to have your collar felt calling them out than the rape gang themselves. Again, by not addressing the real concerns, politicians create more divisions.

  7. This dippy overgrown slug has been gagging for a cunting for months! Full marks to you Fred.

    A vile dozy paragon of cuntdom if ever there was one.

  8. Excellent post FW…..
    There’s something about the picture?, I’m not sure what it is?? Hmm 😂😂

  9. If a religion is founded by a paedophile this is pretty much what you would expect. Add in the ‘word of god’ (yea, right) in the Koran which will justify slavery, murder, female submission and genocide then all this is to be expected.
    What is it the lefty apologists don’t understand? The kindest interpretation is that they want the votes. Especially the multiple postal votes that abound in peaceful areas. That I can understand. Less kindly they just hate ordinary Brits and think other cultures should prevail as colonial guilt or whatever sackcloth and ashes we deserve.
    The ugly fuckpig pictured is typical. Surprised she didn’t blame the jews.

  10. Serious question. Do these deniers actually believe their own rhetoric? Can they not see what is so fucking obvious?

    • As Goebbels said, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
      Yes, very sadly, these spacks believe their own crap.
      It is just becoming a grotesque self-parody; which libtard fuckwit can come up with the latest piece of bs that will be tomorrow’s political creed ?

  11. The mugshot montage looks like a maths problem. 17 divided by 1.

    Or, like the Sesame Street song, ‘one of these kids is doing it’s own thing’….

  12. This bitch represents a part of my home city. I appologise.

    However, those members here who come from the North East will understand that a piece of dog shit wearing a Labour rosette would be elected at any election.

    This wannabe geordie ( the fuck she is ) is a disgrace to humanity at all levels. She is a political shithead who did fuck all to deserve election. She is black and she was a plant.

    The arseholes who voted for her, are the same arseholes who voted for Bastard Blair on 3 occasions, Millipede and also voted for Trotsky at the last election.

    That alone should tell you of the mentality of the benefit brigade of tyneside, who couldn’t be bothered to get off their arse and do something other than piss their benefits up against the wall.

    This black enamelled bitch is a fucking arsehole who was parachuted into parliament in one of the safest ( guaranteed ) Labour seats.

    On the subject matter of the recent Paedo ring. This bitch is a prime example of all that is fucked up in this country.

    I believe ( I have to believe ) that some revolt will happen, that the ethnic people of this country will rise against the government, overthrow all the tyrannical fuckwits, shoot the bastards and deport all non ethnics to another dimension.

    Fuck her.

  13. Whilst cunting this paid up neolib is both fun and necessary, let’s never forget that a whole mess of cunts voted this fucker in… Newcastle Central – you utter fuckers. Apparently (although you have to take these statistics with a pinch of cumin) 84% of Newcastle Central are ‘original inhabitants’ ? Are you fucking kidding me? We’re doomed.

  14. Dear indigenous Brits, i apologize for what my country has put you through. sob sob.

    Britain is fucked when we have children of immigrants controlling how we think and act.
    I’ve been trying to think of any other nation that is trying to tear its identity asunder, and i can’t.
    What a unique bunch of cunts we are to let this happen.

    As Asimplearsehole pointed out, the only thing that can save what little we have left is a revolt.

    Blood on the streets time.

    • Birdman, I really don’t think it’ll take much more to push decent British folk beyond our tolerance level – maybe one more peado gang, or some diddlers from BBCuntdom.

      It’ll be messy WHEN it happens, but being an ex-student of slavonic studies, I have seen (as you all have) – various regimes topple; I NEVER thought the Berlin wall would come down.
      A populist revolt is NOT, therefore, excluded in GB. Like the Swiss, we have a reputation for being decent towards GENUINE refugees.
      What we see now is defo NOT immigration, but INVASION.
      People are now taking the piss on an enormous scale. Even Merkel said that her German immigration policy hadn’t been the success she’d hoped for (but still the deluded white Flabbott blunders on…).
      If I were a lot more German than I am (just one-sixteenth !!), I would certainly be causing problems in Germany…

      • Excellent comment HBelindaHubbard, Its no surprise Merkel is still in power, The Krauts have always supported Strong dominating rulers, even when the nation is going down the pan they continue with blind allegiance. Old Adolf was a prime example.

  15. Regularly, a cunter will make a gag about pork upsetting Muslims, even though it doesn’t, well I’ve been seeing a new trend on the internet that shows pics of areas in Britain that Muslims have been putting up “no dogs” signs.
    The signs say that Muslims don’t like dogs so walk your dog elsewhere.
    I’m not sure if these reports are true or are been exaggerated, but if they are true, then we’ve got a new weapon to fight the cunts with.
    I pick up dog shite daily and put it in the bin. Not anymore. My new bin is the kebab house doorway I’m nearest to at the time of scooping.

    If anybody wants to take part in leaving a steaming bag somewhere but doesn’t have a pooch, then just give us the nod and a bag is on yer way.
    The bags come in a variety of colours.
    Shite comes in two shades of brown.

    • Muslims hate dogs just as much as pigs maybe even more, they are ok with cats tho because prophet momo had a cat although most cats probably hate muzzies.

      Its not just britain all over the world they put these “no dog” signs up and some puts poison treats out to kill them. Some mongy peaceful cunt from germany was putting razor blades in dog treats this of course was tearing their gums apart when they went to bite it or if they swallowed it I could imagine the internal damage Sick subhuman bastards

    • Let’s try putting up “No tortured animals are served at this establishment: therefore do not ask for Halal meat.”

      Halal meat is for cunts. Anyone who eats it should die by the same method.

      • Where i live the local Kebab shops never display their 5 star hygiene ratings ( scores on doors ) because they dont have to. Well all thats about to change, the law will enforce all eateries to display them . So what cunt pissed or sober will eat from these festering shit holes when they see 1 star or less displayed on the door ?

  16. I’d like to cunt the Judiciary, after hearing of two sentences passed today. A schoolboy takes a shotgun to school but thinks twice about shooting anyone and rings the police instead. He gets six years. Another youth actually kills a Polish man and he gets three years. He’ll be out in eighteen months bragging to his impressionable little mates about what a tough guy he is. I’d have given him thirty years, to be served in a Polish prison.
    So it’s not about what you do, it’s about what you might have done. Maybe one of these judges was the numb bitch that heard my case.

    • Both of these stories passed me by.. Guess time.
      Kid with 6 years probably looked a bit like me when I was his age.
      Kid with 3 years probably didn’t… Kid with 3 years probably wasn’t here 3 years ago…
      It’s not about punishment or justice, its about showing us who’s boss. It’s about making sure the cash cow stays in line, its about making sure the cash cows herd knows damn well what happens when you step out of line. We are being openly but quietly whittled down to dumb, subservient workforce, while the incomers are being elevated to become a dumb, subservient workforce… and we are financing it. (puts tinfoil away)

  17. Clearly (Gender Orientation as Appropriate) Chi Onwura is referring to the bottom right piccy orf the bald GOA with the white face that is apparently being arse fucked by a pony.

  18. Chi Onwurah and David Lammy basically want total chaos and want every thug POC to be released with a apology from the racist judges for locking them up in the first place. For stealing, murdering, terrorising and raping people. apparently cops are just racist for arresting them. Cunts of a feather flock together just ban them to bongoville they would be happier there anyway these two bucketheads are fucking mongs

  19. Black and ethnic minorities make up around 14% of the UK population yet accounts for 25% of the jail population and 40% of young offenders! David Lammy needs to wake the fuck up and realise being a ‘minority’ is not some get out of jail free card and realise its his Labour Party who created this mess through uncontrolled immigration

    • The Conservatives,and particularly Mrs May, have had years to do something,but have achieved fuck-all except setting ridiculous targets which they could never meet. The Tory party backers don’t want an end to cheap labour. No political party is better than any other when it comes to limiting immigration.
      Labour might have started it, but the rest of the cunts have done nothing to stop it.

      • Spot on, DF.
        It suits them all; and then – one day – it will be TOO late to do anything.

        Not that the CUNTS ever would, anyway, cos the whole lot are hypocritical, greasy-pole climbing gobshites.

        UKIP MUST be given a chance…

    • Some Stanley cunt on news tonight moaning about how tough it was in clink.

      So stay out of it, cunt.

      Oh, sorreeee, he’s a victim… son of single mother, bringing up seven kids.

      Has the stupid tart not heard of Dr. Collis Browne’s Tincture, or, dare I say it, wire coathangers ?? Maybe she hadn’t realised what was causing the problem…sitting on Uncle Mo’s lap.

  20. A huge respect to the indigenous population of Mayanmar ( formerly Burma ) who have successfully expelled the muslim population. Politically correct shit has been binned, and the United Nations told to fuck off.

    It transpires that the “muzzies” are “foreigners” who don’t fit in, and treat the “indigenous ” population with contempt. After years of having all this “Rainbow World” shite rammed down their throats, the locals decided that the foreigners needed to go back to the shithole from which they came.

    Fucking fantastic!

    (the BBBC however don’t see it my way )

      • A very clear and cogent article.

        If it’s Buddhism vs. slime, I’d go for B. every time…

        Another indication of the tsunami of slime filth taking over the world…

        • Queen of burma did nothing wrong she doesn’t want her country to be like Tibet. Where buddhists are rounded up and killed by chinese commies and chinese muslims on a daily basis. Any mudslime country who wants to take care of the Rohingya rat people should pay for their flights out of myanmar #IstandwithAungSanSuuKyi Also muslims are not easy to get along with

    • The Japanese won’t let them stay either, the result is racial harmony, it just goes to show that a multi culti society ends up turning on its self. I don’t know of a single case where it has worked , not where Muslims are living anyway.

  21. Just heard the news about ambulance drivers getting punched trying to help people, how shit is that, leave the fuckers where they are to die that’s what I say…. only problem is the driver in question was known for selling dodgy cars from the side of the road to un suspecting punters, so I suspect he was recognised by one of them and got chinned…… so ambulance drivers should be able to do their job in peace and safety……people who sell cars with knackered gearboxes get what they get…… karma comes to us all in the end

  22. Kerry Katonah reckons loose women ruined her marriage, so it was nothing to do with being a despicable,pikey ,gobshite cunt……. eh Kerry?

    • Never has a person been so aptly associated with anything than Kerry Katona has with ‘Loose Women’. Loose? This fucking cunt’s monstrous cave is so loose it has its own echo.

      Doesn’t she have multiple sprogs to different dads? Also a leach like stinking cunt Katie Price, this elfin Cheshire cunt is a fucking disaster. Strikes me as a cunt desperate to stay in the limelight, despite doing nothing of worth in her entire existence – save for singing shitely in 2001 and getting fucked ‘n’ chucked by every celebrity partner she ever parasitically latched herself onto. Like this coke-addled cum dumpster needed any help sabotaging any of her relationships.

      As with Price, this fucking bint will be hanging around forever, pitifully dragging her grotesquely distended genitals behind her. Fuck off Kerry, you absolute Kuntona.

      • TECB, do you by any chance paint ??
        It’s just that the description of KK dragging her grotesquely distended genitals behind here is some sort of vorticist nightmare !

  23. Drive-by cunting incoming for professional arsehole and rug-wearing Northern Irish cuntlord James Nesbitt.

    Shit actor, shit voice, shit hair and shit face. The cunt is about as convincing in anything he stars in as a Tony Blair war apology – railroaded by my cunting family tonight to watch the latest series of that dross ITV unflushable turd, Cold Feet. I would rather have spent that hour wanking with sandpaper. It was beyond bollocks.

    Nesbitt is one of these vain cunts who was on his way to full baldness before going for the rug/transplant option. Thankfully, this cunt is no longer the ubiquitous TV presence that he once was. But his cuntitude is still highly potent, enough for him to get a mention here.

    Cold Feet? Cold Faeces, more like.

    • When I was at uni, I knew someone at the poly who had a friend that wanked with sandpaper.

      What worried me, was that sooner or later one would seek to increase the intensity, and move up to a coarser grade.
      Eventually, of course, shredding your knob totally…

    • Even my wife, who for some reason likes this wooden cunt Nesbit, gave up after 10 minutes. He is the same useless cunt whatever he appears in. There was a series set in France about a missing child which would have been decent drama without the cunt in it. Deserves the John Bishop award for versatility.

    • Great stuff TECB as ever. This cunt’s eyebrows make me shudder. Are they ‘shaped’ and dyed, if so he is a cunt. Or maybe they are the natural shape of this cold wet turd, the cunt.

      • Jimmy Nesbitt is a prize cunt… Can’t act his way out of a paper bag (anyone remember his ludicrous Pontius Pilate with a Northern Irish accent?), and he’s the classic post-premiership johnny come lately celebirity ‘lifelong united fan’ in the mould of other nu-footie fan supercunts like Ulrika Shagbag, Angus Deayton, Zoe Ball, that fat bald cunt off NeverEnders, and Rachel ‘Giggsy’s cock is like Blackpool Rock’ Riley…

    • Good article the word should be taken seriously tho because theres a reason to fear most muslims and that fear is genuinely justified

  24. I’d like to nominate Russell Howard for another cunting.

    This unfunny, on-message, alleged comedian cunt has been gifted yet another show, except this time it’s an hour long and the trailer with the words: “The World’s Gone Mad!”

    Now by “mad” do we assume the bad weather in the US? Peaceful attacks?

    No basically yet another Brexit/Trump bashing vomit fest for the right-one

  25. Any cunt waving an EU flag at the last night of the Proms should have had the fuck kicked out of them…

    • Thankfully, they don’t do Beethoven’s 9th at the Last Night…if, indeed, they still DO the last night.

      BBC have a series called, I think, Tunes & Tyrants coming up.

      Watch for some goose-stepping from the usual Brussels cunts, Berlaymont Self-Validation rallies &c…

  26. She is an expert on turd polishing as are most of her ilk. Nice to see that traditional political skills are not dying out. What a complete arsehole.

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