Brexit [3]

Brexit is in need of its very own cunting becuase the whole thing is a just a steaming pile of goats shit.

We have a prime minister who has 0.0% credibilty and has made one shit decision after another. We have uppity unelected European cunts taking the piss out of us.

We have swarms of eastern europeans taking all they can get and giving fuck all back except crime, more crime and dangerous driving.

Nobody in the government seems to have a clue and now we have some kind of “transition” so more white trash from the Baltic can swarm in.

Public services are at breaking point, the roads are clogged with dangerous foreign drivers in old knackerd cars, the police and other authorities hands are tied due to political corectness.

Who is going to sort this cluster fuck out? T May? that’s a fucking joke. She’s dead in the water, the people round her are like squabbling teenagers and the whole thing smells of anal discharge. She looks like a turd someone has buried and then someone else has decided to dig it back up.

Never has there been a better time for a strong leader to take charge and do the right thing…will it happen? will it fuck.

Nominated by Spanky McSpank

64 thoughts on “Brexit [3]

  1. Fully agree, despite being a blue voter, May is fucking useless.

    The EU are quite rightly laughing at us and our shit inability to put across what we want out of the deal. We will be shafted up the arse more times than Tom Daly over this.

    Just tell them to fuck off, money sucking Eurotrash cunts. All they care about is how much we give, how will farmer Monsieur Frog-Twat cope without his handout? Born more sheep? Fucking sponging shitebags.

  2. I have come to the conclusion brexit is never going to happen,its all bollocks and they will still be talking about it in 20 years.
    Anyone who voted leave like me thinking it will stop the tide of immigrant shit from turning up was sadly mistaken,so the NHS,housing,benefits will continue to be fucked for all the people who have been paying into the system all their live just so Andy Landy handy can get a house for him and his family,health and dental care and then send his money abroad,i bet it would be a different case if they were handed a gun and sent to war…..not convenient to be in blighty then is it and this basically would never happen here due to all our leaders being spineless cunts….round up and kick all illegal immigrants,those that are legal should pay into the system for 5 years before they get any free care or housing or stuck strait into the army to earn their keep and if they turn out to be a terrorist send the whole fucking family friends and relations back to the flyblown shit hole they came from.

    • Yea im thinking the same thing. I said after the election that we wouldnt be able to just walk away. You cant just walk away from an empire, which is exactly what the eu is. Just instead of armies they use economic blackmail, bribery, corruption indoctrination and extortion.
      I changed my view slightly when I saw the public mood and realised they’d be a civil war if the vote was not carried out.
      Now they’re just waiting. Calming the mood by constantly telling us that brexit is going through and that they “respect the decision of the British people”.
      As soon as things have calmed down and they’ve stepped up the propaganda and indoctrination processes there’ll be a second referendum.
      …..wonder what result that one will turn up?

  3. Can I give a counting to stupid laws and solicitors who exploit the law.i was about to put some barbed wire up to keep the local scum out of my garden,but it turns out I have a duty of care to trespassers on my property and if said crackhead was to hurt himself whilst breaking into my house he could sue me WTF this country is fucked all because solicitors are cunts,its their fault scores can get away with this bollocks….

    • I’m all for electric cars…

      Cos I’m hoping that car-thieving cunts will electrocute themselves fatally…

  4. It’s probably a good thing if we never leave the EU. After all,this country has never managed to stand alone, We have always relied on the steadfast support of our European partners. The French ,in particular,have always had our backs,and it’s about time we showed them some gratitude for bailing us out of sticky situations so many times in the past. This country owes Europe a huge debt…where would we be if it wasn’t for their sacrifices? Germany and France gave up Empires to help this ungrateful nation. It’s about time we listened to our friends and realised that we are not a strong enough people to stand alone, and never have been. Ridiculous idea.

    • And how could our music industry have ever developed without the Eurovision Song Contest?

      After all, The Beatles cut their teeth in Hamburg. Not a lot of people appreciate that.

    • Yes and remember that (according to the lefties) without the eu we’d have no justice system, no fair trials, slavery would still be going strong, we’d have no freedoms of speech or of religion, torture would be legal and the whole world would be in a constant state of war.
      …apparently the beloved Reich is responsible for sorting all this. Even though it was all pretty much sorted hundreds of years before the Reich was even invented.
      And as for for the French fiddler, I’m with you. I just love the French. I love their cheese, I love their striped t-shirts and berets, I love the way they sign surrender documents, I love people that whinge and are constantly on strike, I love meat from shit fed cattle, I love women with hairy armpits and arses and I LOVE the smell of BO and garlic. …and remember how much they look up to us and respect and love us.

      • This is very true. I still remember having my eyes opened by our national treasure , actor Patrick Stewart who very helpfuly made a video in which he stated that were it not for the Human Rights act we would not be blessed with such rights as the right to a fair trial and torture would still be legal.

        • Yea that was one of the stupidest things I ever saw. It’s like this country was still in the stone age until the great enlightenment that is the eu came along and saved us.

  5. Let’s face it, what would be really good for the people of Europe in the brexit talks?

    A mutually advantageous outcome.

    What would be very very bad for the EU project in the brexit talks?

    A mutually advantageous outcome.

    Why? Because the spicks, wops and flatheads will say hang on, so the UK gets a special deal by getting out, much better than the deal we have got being in this EU shitefest, we want out!

    That is the last thing the EU wants.

    Also we will have 10’s of 1000’s of bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians and hangers on earning vast sums of taxpayer money out of a protracted brexit debacle, so why on earth does anyone think that brexit will happen at all or happen within the two year timeframe? You must be a deluded cunt to think that.

    The UK will never leave. It will not be allowed to happen. Too many vested interests.

    By the way, I am in a positive mood today…..

    • Another few years down the line, in the HIGHLY unlikely event of any more free elections ANYWHERE, we’re totally stuffed, as billions of gimmegrunts aren’t going to vote leave the eu.

      We already feel outnumbered, becuase we almost are.

      • That’s why I’m so grateful to Nigel farage for getting the election just in the nick of time.
        Another couple of years and the election would’ve been lost. …along with freedom, democracy and the pound to name just a few things.

  6. I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I never gave a vote in favour of the European “Experiment”
    I have always been a bigot, racist and kraut hating cunt and have no respect whatsoever for the political class. I once pissed in a frogs soup, and have had many a scrape with the political authorities. I hate the fuckers.
    On a regular basis during the “troubles” in Northern Ireland we got to play games with visiting politicians. From our turrets and towers we would draw a bead on some shit cunt and play “what if?” I have had many a politician in my sights!
    Trouble was, it was only a game. If I had known then, what I know now, believe me, I would have blown the fuckers heads off!
    When the dozy washed out Uni cunts of today are enslaved in the “Federal Union ” I will hopefully be long gone. I hope to fuck they suffer worse than an arse full of piles, and hope their shit existence causes much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    As for Frau Kunt..I’m sure that somewhere in Krautland, some little ” deutsche soldaten” is playing games with his rifle. Hopefully the cunt shoots!

  7. Popped this in here because it will not post in my post a couple down. To be read with that Brexit Fucked in Florence post.

    Couple orf things I left oit for the sake orf brevity.
    The reason De Gaul was treated so magnanimously by Churchill was because he was encouraged by President Eisenhower to do so and the “Europeanists” in America wanted to clip Blighty’s wings re Empire and world reach. De Gaul was given a chance to strut aroinde Europe as a consolation prize for being denied the technology to make a nuclear bomb. Blighty on the other hand was in full co-operation with the Yanks on all things nuclear. De Gaul was as happy about this as a snail frying in garlic butter. What the gallic cunt refused to understand or accept was that we invented the fucking things and gave the yanks the technology during WWII. This explains the continuing frog obsession with things nuclear and the Anglo Saxon Alliance.
    The bad feeling continued during Atlee’s tenure post war and in turn MacMillan did his best to sooth De Gaul’s injured pride. MacMillan spoke good French and was a friend from the war and both had served in WWI. MacMillan went oit orf his way to give the wanky lanky frog a world platform all to no avail. When McMillan needed De Gaul’s help re joining the EEC naturally the frog cunt let him believe he was supporting the application then shafted him.
    Have left Suez oit orf the picture but there you are.
    For my money De Gaul is the cunt orf the century (all be it the last).

  8. Just watched the Nick Clugg interview on Andrew Marr this morning. What in the name of FUCK was that THICK cunt talking about. His argument is that if by Oct 18 the Brexiters have not delivered this utopian paradise and a panacea of deals with other nations and 350 million to the NHS then it should be kicked out. I don’t know if you know Mr thick as shite but we haven’t left your stinking corrupt cartel yet which prohibits us doing any of the things you have pointed to. We, in case you don’t know play by the fucking rules not like you and your cheating boss eyed lying spunk stain friends. I’ve said it before and you took no notice so listen up Mr Afterbirth. GO AND FUCK OFF AS FAR AS YOU CAN YOU’RE HANGING AROUND LIKE AN EGGY FART. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT

      • Cunters cunt and go sometimes.
        It’s a mystery to me an all.
        They cunt, cunt, cunt and then one day, nothing, and silence follows.
        Some may get bored, some may be busy and some may have been knocked down by a bus and have worms eating their eyes as we speak.

        Me, i keep on cunting, no matter what, and it’ll take a banning to get rid of me. 🙂

        PS. What was it that reminded you of Skidmark Eggfart?

        • It was Kendo mentioning eggy farts.
          Yes a few have come and go since I’ve been on here. Maybe they still visit but don’t comment anymore, are all cunted out or maybe even turned to the dark side.

          • Or maybe return under another persona. I thought about doing that a while back when being trolled but then I thought “fuck ’em”. There also remains the possibility that they may have topped themselves. Then again they might just have got a job or even a girlfriend.

  9. Trying a new flavour of crisps is a cunt.
    I don’t know if you lot get Taki’s, but i do and fuckin love them. They are aimed at kids to see who can handle the diverse hot as fuck flavours. My favourite is Angry Burger which is basically tobasco and gherkin flavour, but tonight i bought a new packet, Zombie flavour.
    The name should have been a give away and as the other flavours are brilliant, i thought “why not”. Yuuuuuuuuk.
    It tastes like a toads arse during a bout of the shits.
    Some cunt at the manufactures has fucked up big time with these inedible atrocities. I had one and I’m gonna be sick.

    On a plus side, Morrison’s have started selling they “Fish ‘n’ Chips” shaped/flavoured snacks.

    I’ve had enough of brexit and everything has been said here, so a cunting of nasty crisps is all i’m about the now.

    • I’m having a jar of cockles,a couple of pickled eggs, and a couple of packets of pork scratchings all washed down with Frosty Jack tonight…Oh yes ,it’s sophisticated dining at Fiddler Towers tonight. Powerful ammunition for the thunderbox to deal with.

      • Sounds champion ,that. Apart from the cider. Is Frosty Jack cider? I don’t know.

        My old local in Northampton used to sell jars (green lid) of mussels and cockles and were life savers when to lazy to go to the chipper.

        Pickled seafood and shellfish are the only thing i miss since i took up the noble cause.

        If yer ever in (S)pain, try boquerones. They are some class of small fish pickled with garlic and parsley. Probably the best food I’ve ever tasted.

        • Frosty is the Devil’s brew. It claims to be cider,but I don’t think any apples are harmed in it’s creation. I’ve tried making snakebite with it and Special Brew,but I have to admit it was an extraordinary creation whose only benefit was the memory loss that it caused. At least I couldn’t remember half of what I’d said or done,so at least I didn’t feel guilty,although I was often confused about why someone wasn’t speaking to me,or why I’d been barred from a pub.
          Can veggies eat eggs? I know some of them eat fish.

        • Yea boquerones are lovely.
          We used to have a guy come round the pubs with one of those round the neck table things full of mussels and cockles in vinegar. Fuckin loved that then one day it just stopped.
          Don’t know why.
          They were doing loads of business so couldn’t have been lack of funds.
          ….I suspect something more sinister afoot.
          Which reminds me… whatever happened to prime minister sinister … 🙂

          • Elf ‘n’ safety I’m afraid deploy.

            I remember them days, half slashed up on adult beverages in the local then the fishman appears, two trays each of cockles and mussels straight down my gregory. Perfect.

            Didn’t care much for the crabsticks though, peril of being married I suppose. Smelled all too familiar.

    • Tesco’s have started doing six-packs of crinkle-cut crisps.
      If they’re made by McCoy’s, I’d gladly eat them, but I am worried they may be Wanker’s / Linedancer’s.
      Any fellow cunters got inside knowledge on this ?
      Maybe Wanker’s sales are falling, and are having to sell their stuff in disguise.

      I do enjoy a good crinkle-cunt !

        • Although I can’t for a moment imagine why Wanker’s sales *might* be dropping…

          My tv viewing is constantly interrupted by the appearance of a jug-eared little gobshite called Gareeee….

          The other ‘eeeee seems not to have appeared on our site for some time.
          Maybe Nurse Ratchett has withdrawn his on-line sessions.

  10. The biggest surrender to a hostile foreign power since General Percival at Singapore in 1942

    I utterly despise Teresa May, useless cunt in many, many ways

    • It’s all so fuckin grim, Cunters.
      The sooner Kim Jon Slanty Eyes and Big Don blow the world to smithereens the better I reckon.
      The end Is nigh!!

      • Actually, I take my last comment back because come to think of it, all the time there’s Frosty Jack cider in the world life’s worth living!!!

          • Frodge is drunk by only the most discerning of drinkers. It takes an educated palate to appreciate it’s refined ,subtle taste.

  11. ABBC Berlin correspondent is forced to admit that election results are very bad for Merkunt.

    Sadly the old douchebag’s got a fourth term / reich, but holed below the waterline.

    No doubt eu sprouts will be saying what a great success this is.


    • Mutti is going to have to go into coalition again to make up the numbers. Lots orf pferd trading going on in Berlin. Biggest news is the success orf the far right. Some orf them Brunhilders have got massive tits on ’em.

  12. Old Grandad, the pikey whiskey, that’s the stuff. Anyone tried it? If you have you won’t be able to read this.

    • Sure have, in a pub i frequented many moons ago we devised a drink called;

      Mark, Jim and Jacks four old walking turkeys, which a shot of each of the bourbons (old grandad included) they had served in a pint glass with plenty of ice topped up with coca cola.

      Also jellybean, one shot each over plenty of ice in a two pint jug of vodka, whisky, gin, cointreau, half pint lager, half pint cider topped up with lemonade and blackcurrent. Yum, tastes just like, well errr, jellybeans

      No wonder I am frazzled and hate the world.

  13. Minor cunting here for all these protesting American Footballers.

    I haven’t the first clue about the fucking dull game. Neither do I know who all these cunts are.

    All I do know is that these fucking prima donnas players are jumping on yet another bandwagon, with African Americans getting down on one knee in defiance of their national anthem. More politicising for the American public to stomach; bad enough that all their actors and musicians are seemingly hijacking anything and everything in this politicised period of cuntitude from attention-seeming fuckheads.

    The Twitter Cunterati are predictably all over this one, supporting the unruly coonery and buffoonery with hashtag #TakeAKnee.

    I think I would have suggested instead, hashtag #Kneegroes.

    • If theory dispose their country enough to disrespect its national anthem then perhaps they should fuck off and live somewhere else? Venezuela comes to mine, or Kenya…

      • Heard some of them (the players) on news last night.
        Subtitles would have been useful, and it’s NOT a wayce thing.

        Have you noticed that many sportsmen, also higher-wanking Plod in this cuntry seem to have some sort of speech…impediment.

        Perhaps not so much that, but just that their brains are obviously too vestigial to coordinate their organs of speech.

  14. Listen, I know we are all down on Brexit, but there is some good news. Sky News just reported that Eastern Ukraine will be mainly dry today. That means any Cunters going there today will be able to have a barbecue.

    • Also, Martin Schultz, another odious little arsewipe, has been well and truly bolloxed in said elections for cosying up to Fuhrerin Douchebag.

  15. Well done to the AFD Party. This is what happens when cunts don’t listen to joe publics concerns. The lefty woofters have fucked everything up for everyone. I got and idea. All you limp dicks get together pool all your money and fuck off over to sand land and you can all live a lovely life in fairytale land where everyone loves each other equally. Good luck with that. Cunts.

  16. I’d like to nominate the Labour party coz Year hand outs are fine for those who deserve them but if they had their way all the worlds feckless and greedy would be living and ungratefully multiplying on the back of our earnings.
    Also the very counsel homes (built by Labour) that housed the heroes of the last war have now become homes for those who are literally intentionally or indirectly destroying the very fabric of the country our own father’s were defending all thanks to the Labour fucking, victim culture promoting, non productive, mad, lazy party 😬

  17. If Nige does form a new party, then he gets my vote…. May and Rudd make John Major look like Oliver Reed… The two daft old cows shouldn’t be anywhere near Parliament, never mind the two top jobs in government….

    And although the crap de la crap of Eastern European white wogs have put a massive hole in Blighty’s finances, there is also the n@nce and terror inclined Parking Stanleys, the ‘Children’ from the Calais Shitheap, and the scores of smacked arse faced blagslag Bogo-Bogo africunts and all… Regardless of Brexit, every cunt who doesn’t work, doesn’t ‘speaky Eng-er-lish’ yet coins it in from the state should either be either be deported or put on a ship and then sank by a Royal Navy submarine… Because it’s a fucking infestation….

  18. Worst things to happen to post-war Europe?

    That wall coming down and the reunification of the evil Hun… Half a fatherland was better (and less dangerous) than a full one… And that fat old Frumpenfuhrer Merkel would still be on the other side of the fucking thing… Never trust the Krauts, ever….

    The collapse of the USSR… Ever since the Red Army chilled out there are loads of tinpot shitholes and the scum that live in them (or should I say live here?) have leeched off Europe and filled the rest of the world (and especially Britain) with gyppo cunts… Where do you think that Kardashian vermin came from?… Also, the removal of Soviet troops from the so-called ‘Eastern Bloc’ has also allowed filth from similar craptraps like Bulgaria and Romania to do the same…. Gorbachev is a cunt… Stick your Glasnost up your arse….

    And finally, the EU obviously…

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