Chloe Ayling

Anyone else read this bullshit story about this British model who claimed to be abducted, stuffed in a suitcase, auctioned on darknet and then bizarrely released.
What a lying attention seeking piece of shit whore this bird is. Is there anything these brain dead twats won’t do to get a bit of fame?

Nominated by Megacunt

Saw her on the news earlier today giving a press conference and clearly loving every second of it.I would put £100 on her being a liar.

Nominated by Shaun

51 thoughts on “Chloe Ayling

  1. Give it its due, it is fuckable in a dumb cunt sort orf way. Obvious media con – notice all the reports are peppered full orf “allegedlys” and “it has been reported thats”. Silly slapper regrettably failed to get its tits oit whilst being interviewed in its mum’s garden in South London. Puts me in mind orf a distant mate orf mine who, back in the ’60s, put orn a peaked cap and appointed himself Official Hot Pants Inspector orf his local park. “Hexcuse me modom but high wish to hinspect your ‘ot Pants”. And bugger me the slappers let him – until he got his collar felt by Old Bill.
    As for the so called ‘Dark Web’ just doineload the Tor Browser here:
    and fill yer boots as Dioclese has it. AND NO WANKING!

    • Oh I would definitely have a go.Even though she is a shite actress.How long before she is in Big Brother or some other reality TV bollocks?

  2. One of my new hobbies involves trying to get inside small suitcases and zipping them up. It’s very addictive.

    Sometimes I can barely contain myself….

    • Believe or not but its a sexual fetish getting into suitcases and wanking or pulling out a lifeless midget to shag. I couldn’t stand having less space to breathe probably hyperventilate and die. Guess it depends how long I’m in there too I use to hop out of tightly confined spaces and scare my relatives, siblings but thats different. Had unexpected results sometimes

      • “Pulling out a lifeless midget to shag”…. Warwick Davis,perhaps? I’m not normally into gay,necrophilial dwarf porn,but I’d watch that.

    • Saw the front page of The Sun.

      Now I’ve heard about being stuffed in a trench coat, a fur coat, in the back of a car…but in a suitcase?

      However, she looks sort of ‘lite’… maybe on her knees/elbows…

    • It’s got chat-up potential, I suppose…
      “I’ve got a lovely old M&S suitcase back home, had it since my student days, travelled round Europe with me…woven nylon, cardboard lining. It could tell you a few tales !
      Why don’t you stop by, try it for size: reckon it would really suit you…

      Oh, I’m sooo sorry, you prefer silk-lined coffins ??

  3. If she was going to be sold as a sex slave, then the kidnappers would certainly have sampled the merchandise. All I can say is, she looks remarkably smug for someone who’s been through a terrifying ordeal.

    • Have you not seen the Sun’s front page:

      “Dark Web Sex Slave Shagged by Aliens”

  4. She’s a lying cunt, with legs like a prop forward
    I’d still back scuttle it though

  5. that is one stupid cunt and the most laughable thing is that she thinks we are the stupid cunts the fucking daft bint

  6. Thick cow. I’m sure she’ll do very well. Might have to go through some tough interviews tho with Ben Dover.

    • That’s an idea Kendo. Ben Dover could turn up at her place with Pascal the Belgium Bonker and give her a right royal stuffing . I wonder if she would be up for that Mmmmmm ????

  7. I’d auction for her, how much tho? Are we talking monthly or yearly rates Can’t I just rent her for awhile?

    • I’ve got no doubts that you could rent her T.S. Give her a year or two and she’ll be hawking her pearly for the price of a chip dinner. Best get in now,while she’s still got a bit of tightness left in her.

      • Unless it came out of the sunroof, she has already put one through the hoop, probably looser than an Ikea wardrobe already

  8. The fact that she chose to meet the press dressed like that raises suspicions. She also made sure she bent down to give us a good view of her tits. On the other hand just been watching an Italian copper who seemed convinced it was all genuine so fuck knows.

    • Do we detect the dead hand (and fishy-fingers) of Max Clifford ? Or has that particular cunt passed through the pool of death…

  9. You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
    A journey into a land of wondrous imagination.
    Next step, the bullshit zone.

    Who, after being kidnapped, gagged and bound, stuffed in a suitcase, tied to a chest of draws, then goes out for lunch and shopping for shoes.
    This stinks worse than my lads trainers.

    Seen by witnesses who claim they looked like any other couple out shopping.
    Anybody else would scream and holler at the first opportunity.

    Also claims there was no sex involved, what sort of sex trafficker worth his salt wouldn’t have a go on it.

    Italian cops appear happy with the story, but look what a pig’s ear they made of the Meredith Kercher/Amanda Knox case.

    Not convinced..

  10. To quote Del Boy: ‘Smell that? It’s sheep, is it? It’s cows… I know what it is… It’s bullshit!’

    This smells more fishy than Madogga’s knickers cooked in two week old chip fat….

    Saw this self serving media whore in my workmate’s Daily Star, and her tits are horrible… Her smug face isn’t up to much either…. Best current Page 3-er is Katie Anna Baxendale… Oh yes…

    • Face isn’t up to much, don’t like tattoos and she needs more pubic hair. But I would if I was forced to.

  11. Thought this was iffy as soon as I saw it. Then saw her on tv dressed like a 5£ tart. (10£ for anal, no kissing) The media also seem reluctant to be taken in – they are using ‘alleged’ etc like it was a terrorist outrage. We await the truth.
    A perceptive cunting.

    • Also, an awful lot of “I’m not at liberty to say” (because I might tell an obvious porkie…)

  12. Judging by the pictures in the media this attention seeker was probably one of those Instagram tarts who take revealing pictures in exchange for gifts. Serves her fucking well right, stupid cunt.

    I have a long, long, long, long list of ‘clebs I would love to drug and put in a hold all, and then throw in the ocean with weights attached. The guy that did is a cunt for not succeeding, this Black Death group has the right idea for sure, just need to target the big name waste of space cunts….

  13. And from one attention seeking slag to another…. Sinead O’ Cuntor is at it again… Posting videos of herself blubbering and claiming she’s ‘sucicidal’… Suicidal? What? Again?! I’ve heard the the tale of the bogtrotting bald IRA loving feminazi gobshite cunt who cried wolf enough times already…. But, as a certain well known US sportswear brand would say, Just do it!

    • Normally the ones who go about it most are bluffing.Still if she does do it that is a hit for me on suicide squad.

    • I fucking hope she doesn’t. We’ll get that dreadful “Nothing Compares 2 U” non-stop on the radio.

    • Shithead O’Connor looks like those photos on the wall at Auschwitz of all those poor starving cunts destined for the gas chamber.
      Why doesn’t the Attention seeking bog trotter just do the decent thing ?

      • To be fair shes right mental health is as worse as ever but fuck seriously she should wear a wig or something shes starting to look like Ian Hislop. She looks so worn and weathered

        Why stay at a Travelodge motel tho? living in a motel has got to be pricey as fuck, just rent a apartment

  14. This case reminds me of the time Gemma Arterton,Salma Hayek and Emily Mortimer drugged my Frosty Jack and took me to their love-dungeon where ,between lesbian episodes,they forced me commit unspeakable,and probably illegal,acts on their sweaty,demanding bodies.
    “Load of bollocks” you say? Well it’s about as true as this daft bint’s tale.

    • No I can attest to what you say as you may remember me walking into the room, witnessing unspeakable acts and then making my excuses and leaving just as the girls demanded I join in.

  15. As soon as I saw this on the news I thought “mmmm bullshit”. Sounds too made up to be true. I’m guessing the pics she was gonna get done wouldn’t have been glamour shots. They’d be more “glamour” shots. Okay luv nice hair, get your tits out, spread the legs and lets see your ant and Dec ( bald cunt next to an arsehole). Here’s Mustafa and you’re gonna be choking on Arab cock for the next ten minutes. She then finishes the shoot, picks up her money then cries foul. Just an idea that’s all

  16. Double Penetration or spit roast at a dogging car park in a clapped out old BMW.
    I bet she would be up for that… well in my filthy old mind I hope she would.

  17. When the whole thing turns out to be fraud she will hopefully see the inside of a womens prison where her flabby tits should get a good work out.

    Notice the whole thing was done over in Italy? The planners know the Spicks are incapable of completing a proper investigation.

    If this had gone down in the UK, I’d say we’d know the whole sordid grubby little plan by now.

  18. Ayling should have a ‘Hollywood’ style neon sign outside where she lives…. It should be in twenty different languages, and the huge light up letters should spell out one word….
    S L A G !

  19. It stinks of a publicity stunt ,she wants the front pages of the press and she has got it. Bloody good effort really, until they do her for wasting police time.
    Meanwhile I could easily deploy the super salami for it, not if there is a queue of say more than 10 ,but it probably doesn’t move about much, but then neither do I.
    A bullshit story, no doubt at all.

  20. Oh great another desperate to get famous slag like Jordan or Davina both look like stretch Armstrong now and will make up any excuse to get on the telly or papers like Lilly the musical mong…..I wish someone would kidnap her….. so another gutter slags who will do or say anything to make a name for herself….. what a total slaaaaaaag of a count….

    • If you broke all of her major bones first she would.

      Personally, I’d start with her pelvis. I’d give that a good hard smashing and no mistake.

  21. Ah I see these 18 child grooming rapists that have just been charged are surprise,suprise,surprise, you wouldn’t believe they are peaceful Asians just for a change……. lop off their cocks and send the. tuckers home in pig skin coats after letting the victims parents spend half an hour with these cunts for an hour…… oh we can only wish

  22. I bet you wont see any of these peaceful cunts victims using any bullwhip stories to try and kick off a modelling career…. sorry I mean a career in poon like this paragon of truth and honesty Chloe gangbang

    • POON used to be “photos of Olde Norwich, Nottingham, Newcastle” &c. Maybe also olde nickers ?

  23. Bonebag Swift is a cunt…. Going to court over being allegedly goosed?! Actually wasting time and money on someone touching someone’s arse?! She hasn’t got an arse to grab, for starters… But the holier than thou shite from Boney, her ‘Mom’ and her cunts of fans is sickening… ‘Mom’ says she wanted to ‘cry and vomit at the same time’… What? Because someone pinched her daughter’s arse? For a kick off Swift promotes and sells herself in a certain way to get publicity and sell records, and yet she and her organisation are suddenly ‘disgusted’ over an alleged goosing?! Fuck off…. Also, getting mater to fight your battles when you’re in your late 20s is pretty sad and all… And as for her fans? Stupid bitches shouting ‘Free Tay Tay’?! They should have been drowned at birth, the sad cunts…

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