Tony Blair [12]

Tony B.Liar is the pinnacle of cuntishness!

Wickle Timmy Farron has nothing on this cunt in the cunt stakes!

From 1997-2007 this cunt ruined the UK and who only got out when he did because he probably had the “inside line” on the impending world financial collapse. Snakey cunt!

When Labour took over in 1997 – under this cunt – the Connies had left the economy in a decent state. When the Connies (and LibDem hangers on) got back in, Captain Scarlet (Alistair mono-brow Darling) left a note in the treasury dispatch box: “Good luck! There’s nothing left!”

That is the disaster that was “New Labour” with the “Old Labour” mantra of borrow-spend-borrow-spend…repeat.

I have no issue with public spending when it is to serve the whole of society with infrastructure projects and the like but “New Labour” spending was a master class in pissing money away on pointless exercises and – most gauling of all – the undeserving! Don’t want to work? Fine “New Labour” will provide by taxing folk prepared to work and then borrowing from the state when other people’s money had run out!

Instead of forcing lazy cunts into work to do these jobs that “nobody else wants to do” with a carrot and/or stick (whichever you prefer) legislation of “no work, no money” he instead allowed the bone idle to live well courtesy of Benefits Britain.

However some cunt needed to do these jobs and so that was easily solved – courtesy of “New Labour” – by letting every other cunt from the EU backwoods come over and do them!

Who cares if we overburden housing, education and the NHS in the long term…not our Tony that’s for sure. And here we are with the immigration nightmare that we have now – all under the tenure of the Right Horrible Tony B.Liar!

Now this cunt is back and looking to get back into ruining the country’s economy all over again. And all so he, and his untrustworthy mob of hangers-on, can sup at the teat of the EU!

That’s all this is B.Liar YOU CUNT! You didn’t give a shit about this country during your tenure, you care less about it now (interfering with democracy), this is all about lining your pockets, the pockets of your minions and your QC wife at the expense of ordinary folk fed up with cunts like YOU! Cunts like EU!!!

Hey Tony, why don’t you just fuck right off with your interference and give this country a chance to be great in its own right again without having to pander and cowtow to those uber-cunts in the EU!

No one wants to see your miserable fucking face on TV let alone anywhere near the House of Commons or House of Lords, so please take this as a friendly hint from a hard-working average Joe, FUCK OFF YOU CUNT! You’re no longer welcome in any political capacity in this country. Cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a cunt

After beavering away behind the scenes to derail brexit I see ISAC hall of famer Blair has popped his head over the parapet, according to him the EU would do a deal on freedom of movement as long as we stayed in the EU?, a clear effort at divide and conquer, FMOP was a big driver for the leave vote and blairs intimation that the EU would do a deal is cynical and has Brussels dabs all over it, i personally I don’t buy into any of it….

Nominated by Quislings

I believe that Tony Blair is the biggest cunt alive.

There are evil cunts on a par with him but they eventually go away.
Some voluntary, but not this cunt.

Saying brexit nearly made him reenter politics, but he never, so why is he discussing brexit with EU leaders ?
Also, i find it patronizing that he thinks we’re that thick that this mass murderer and all round bad guy thinks we need him to save us from ourselves.

Tony Blair, biggest cunt alive.
Maybe ever ?

Nominated by Birdman

64 thoughts on “Tony Blair [12]

  1. Doctor Who was saved this week by John Simm’s return as The Master….
    Bit disappointed that the ‘Bill’ Cyberman didn’t sing ‘Mammy’ though….

    • I think Ian Brown was just sayin’ that that’s the end of the tour, and remember how good it was.
      There would have been loads of fans that followed them gig to gig and maybe he was talking to them.
      I dunno, but if they do stay together, they need an album.
      I can understand their hesitation in making a new album, what with all the bullshite nonsense that was written about the Second Coming by wankers.

      But they should get some balls and stop this ‘flogging a dead horse’ thing they’ve been doing.

      Brown, Squire and Mani are all creative, so its strange that more hasn’t been recorded and released.

      • Birdman, I thought Second Coming was okay, no where near the shite that so-called music critics made out.

        Enjoy what you like, and I liked it.

        • Both Brown and Squire have said that it’s off, but neither said it was permanent… John was asked if it was the last gig, and he replied, ‘For now’….

          Ian said it had been ‘So hard to keep this band together for the past five years’ and that ‘One particular member’ was the reason for this difficulty…. It’s obviously Reni… He refused to play ‘Beautiful Thing’ and has apparently hindered recording…. And Brownie singing ‘Beautiful Thing’ without backing at Hampden must have been a ‘Fuck you!’ to Reni…
          If that’s the case and Reni can’t be arsed, they should get someone else… Not some clown like Robbie Maddix though… If only Ginger Baker were 30 years younger…

          • Seriously though, if they can’t do 10 to 12 tracks in five years, then they’re in the wrong job… I know The Beatles divide opinion here, but they worked their bollocks off… Pepper done in seven months, White Album done in six months, Abbey Road done in four… All of them in the space of three years… Even The Stones have recently put a new one out and they’re knocking on eighty years old each…

            And what they did put out?… ‘All For One’ was not up to standard…. Nice enough, but they’ve done better B-SIdes… ‘Beautiful Thing’ was better (but Reni-less), and hiring a Creme Brulee pop producer like Paul Epworth?! Whose fucking idea was that?!…

        • The Second Coming is one of my favourite albums and better than their excellent debut.
          It has always pissed me off how wankers think its ‘cool’ to knock that album, and it still sounds fresh today.

          • If only Jon Brookes were alive, and could be offered the job… Brookes and Mani would be a no brainer…

          • Oh, how these comments screwed with my head.
            Was i walking into two weeks ago?
            Had i unknowingly mastered time travel?
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Wasted 100s of billions on NHS and education with fuck all results -check
    Expanded benefit system to unaffordable proportions – check
    Swamped the UK with peaceful asylum seekers/relatives/cousin brides and general scum of the earth – check
    Got us into an illegal war which destabilised the region for generations – check
    Having got us into that war had absolutely no plan for the aftermath – check
    Married to the greediest harridan ever to disgrace Downing St – check
    Left us Gordon Brown – check
    Laid the basis for the financial crash with ‘soft touch’ regulation – check

    With all these achievements on his CV no wonder the EU leaders are tipping him the wink on how to save us. We are truly blessed.

    • With a record like that it is a good idea to just do the exact opposite of what this cuntbag wants us too.

    • Invited every piece of white wog and/or gyppo trash from the shitholes of Eastern Europe to infest our towns, plague our welfare and health systems, and take over our shops and high streets – check

      Pandered to those Fenian filth, and let all those murdering IRA scum out of jail – check

      Help turn Lady Died (one of the biggest self centeed media whore cunts of the 20th Century anyway) into a chav saint: by giving it all the ‘Peoples Princess’ and ‘Queen Of Hearts’ bollocks after her demise – check

      Banning smoking in pubs and fucking up licensing laws: killing off decent British pubs and alehouses everywhere – check

      Schmoozing with that piss poor Macca and utter bluenose fanny, Noel Gallagher: thus getting loads of student cunts and chav Sun reading riff-raff to vote for him – check

      Condemns Saddam Hussein, yet has tea with Colonel Gadaffi: who was involved with the murder of a British WPC, an IRA funder/supporter, and also gave his blessing to Lockerbie bombing – check

      • This Tony Blair Cunt
        Back again talking shite about Brexit. Why would any self respecting British subject even give a second thought to this arrogant self celebrating piece of washed up ,has been ,tadpole free ,piece of dry spunk. We listened to his carnival of verbal manure before and he cost us our jobs and houses not to mention the sorry mess of murdered Iraqis the smarmy Cunt left lying in the sand. Yet every time I turn my fucking phone on it’s another sound bite condemning Britain and Brexit to fail as if this George Bush cock sucking American,s sex doll knows better than all of us
        And his wife is a Cunt too , she’s a Irish loving Fennian Cunt just like Jeremy the beardy cunt Corbyn

  3. Tony Blair’s daily routine:

    – wakes up to his alarm which is made up of one of his speeches.

    – goes to one of the many bathrooms in whichever one of his houses he’s currently staying.

    – spends a good half an hour washing blood from his hands.

    – has a quick wank over pictures of George W. and Jüncker.

    – sits down to the business of frustrating and preventing what the majority voted for (and are still waiting for) last year.

    – calls his bank to check funds have come in from the EU and have gone out to any “independent” war inquiries.

    – retires to bed to sleep soundly and to dream about his return.

  4. Monumental cunt. Still the more he fucking witters on with all his shit the more people despise the duplicitous gobshite. All former prime ministers have a duty to shut the fuck up about affairs that no longer concern them. While we are getting on with the list of cunts for the bonfire put that cunt Clegg second on the list. His latest moronic suggestion is that anyone under 30 who votes should have their vote counted twice because it is THEIR future that we are voting for. Now either that cunt is smoking something or he is losing his marbles and should be locked up for his own safety. Imagine how good a feeling it would be to see your right fist coming up towards his fucking chin and see his fucking lying teeth depart in the direction of his beloved Brussels. Also can I just say how nice it was to see that fucking whinging miserable drama queen Venus Williams humiliated in the womens final. I look forward to the day when we no longer have to see or hear those ‘Don’t you know who we are’ sense of entitlement cosseted 3 cunts, sisters and ugly mother, on our tv screens again. Shower of cunts.

  5. There’s nothing like having a proven liar, money grabber, war criminal, child killer and total cunt on your side. The remoaners must be delighted. Good work Tone!

    • Wonder if he’s had a ride on the Banana (Gob) Boat yet? Because I bet every other EU highroller and freeloader has… To borrow a line from the great Blazing Saddles: ‘Let’s face it… Everything below the waist is kaput!’

  6. Back in 2007 we should have shot this cunt with a silver bullet, driven a wooden stake through his heart( I know, good luck finding that) and pegged him out in full sunlight at Death Valley. Would love to see him on trial in The Hague for war crimes but a) a conviction would be like trying to nail diarrhea to a wall and b) they don’t have the death penalty.

  7. He just cannot help himself our old mate Tony B.liar he s the fart that never really goes away and when you think it has, it comes back with vengeance to take you off guard.

    I was laughing all the while through his little statement , he doesn’t even try and hide it anymore his goal of subverting brexit and the will of the people.

    After all the damage he personally and his party did to all aspects of British society to change it to the state its in now.

    From the banks, welfare sponges, immigrant s getting preferential treatment over tax paying citizens, turning our universities into intolerable sjw infested ghettos etc etc.

    That’s not even going into his war crimes and evidence of massive amounts of hidden funds coming from some very shady “investor s” from all the worlds favourite shit holes.

    He knows his legacy will be awful and he will do anything to try and leave a positive in the blood stained ledger book of his accomplishments.

    Total and utter uber Cunt to the Nth degree i cant think of anyone who deserves to be cunt of the last 20yrs then him .

    should be sodomized with razor blade laced cocoanut then have his black tiny little heart cut out with a spoon !!.

  8. I wish that premium cunt Bliar would get face cancer and suffer a slow agonisng death, the sociopathic cunt should be locked up for murdering hundreds of thousands of men, women and CHILDREN, the cunt has no shame

  9. When i commented on him earlier, i had all these evil things he’s done running through my head, but was that wound up by the cunt that i couldn’t put it into words, but you lot have.
    You have all described heinous acts committed by him, stuff that dictators of old would be proud of, and not one of you has told a lie.
    Pretty amazing that some cunt with a CV like that is still strutting around a free man.

    I’d like to add that he has the eyes of a lizard, coz………well, he’s a lizard.
    How else does he get away with it? 🙂

  10. One thing in Catweazle’s favour is that he had this Blaircunt sussed from the kickoff. Blair might eventually push him over the edge and he might find the balls to openly and stridently oppose the EU like any true man of the left should do. I hate the idea but i’m getting to the point where i think we need Catweazle and his mob to get out of this European cuntfest.

  11. Monster…
    A monster, pure and simple.
    The political equivalent of Jason “Friday The 13th” Voorhees, in that he seems to be indestructible and unflinchingly malevolent.
    Just when you think the cunt’s dead and gone, up he fucking pops to wreak more havoc upon our poor fucked up little island.

    Just fucking die, you evil, murdering, traitorous piece of unflushable shit…

  12. The rancid seed of the Devil, who fucks with Carol caplin and any cunt willing to share a shower. The paramount turd of the festering arse of a baboon. The gonad of the leper with herpes, the horrid Henry with the psyche of Vlad the impaler, and the integrity of matthew Hopkins.

    This mammoth cunt deserves no less than the assassins bullet fired at the heart via the ringpiece. Cunt Cunt Cunt

  13. An extra cunting for B-liar for his administration enabling the Language Police from the previous thread too.
    If I’d been told 20 year ago that in England I’d have to “watch what I say” on many subjects, I’d have laughed like the naive cunt that I must have been…

    • And an extra cunting for the so-called “Conservative” party, for allowing this shit to continue unabated.
      Presumably because it suits their agenda as well. Useless cunts…

  14. The utterly poisonous omnicunt Blair is, in my opinion, the lowest form of life ever to have inhabited No 10. I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.


  15. Top cunting. I despise the smug little cunt. Sent our lads, me being one of them to Iraq and fucking lied about why we went. Got alot of our boys killed and maimed. He should be in prison for war crimes utter wanker.

  16. I think Tony Blair is a total cunt because he will not take any responsibility for his mistakes. That one prick has helped make the world a far worse place and he won’t admit it or say sorry. Stay off my telly you count because every time I see your face I would just like to c baseball bat accords across your teeth.

  17. Why EU mandarins are agreeing to meet with this yesterday man/vampire is beyond me. He has no mandate to negotiate but could create some serious damage for us by water muddying; after all he has intimate knowledge of the political process and I suspect he would readily sell on intelligence just to feather his own dirty nest.

    This cunt has some neck to open his coffin lid yet again and attempt to make a difficult situation even more troublesome with his unwanted meddling.

  18. When you’ve lived through the Thatcher years and the Blair years, and seen what has happened to this country, you can’t help but be full of anger. Young cunts don’t understand this….they think that anyone over 30 is naturally bitter and twisted because they are not celebrities and have never been on the telly, which they will be any time soon. Fuck me , have they got a nasty surprise coming their way. My only ambition is to live long enough to see Blaircunt’s funeral. What a fucking party that will be!

  19. Blair and Banana Gob… A match made in hell…. Along with that Branson cunt, this will be an unholy anti-Brexit trinity straight from Satan’s arse….

  20. As I said earlier today (too many cunts, too many cunts…), defo Cunt of the Century, quite likely of the millenium.

    He also bears an alarming resemblance to the late Paul Daniels, for which a second cunting is surely necessary…and ffs, what’s up with his teeth ??! If he sneezes, he’ll guillotine himself (please !!). And he is Cunt Emeritus for still continuing to defraud the universe of oxygen.

    On a change of topic, I have to cunt the BBC / PIE for their monumental cuntribution to the destruction of everything worthwhile… As Steptoe said, “This is goodnight from BBC 3-pin plug”… Here’s hoping that Phil & Brenda will revoke the royal charter on this clapped-out shiteheap.

    No prizes for guessing where those pins are…

  21. All of the above suggestions for the demise of this utter piece of shit are far too good for him. Send the cunt to Iraq and leave him there. I am pretty certain the cunts there could find a novel way to dispose of him.
    The hatred I have for this pissflap knows no bounds. I cannot think of anyone else in the last century who has done more damage to this country that B.Liar. At least we knew the Jerries were trying to do us harm. This cunt pulled the wool over enough people’s eyes to allow himself to fuck us,, make a shitload of money and then fuck off.
    He should do the decent thing and go into the back room with a loaded revolver.
    Now that his velvet lined future as something in the EU is over he wants to overturn democracy. The sooner the cunt dies the better.

    • That’s the problem though, he hasn’t fucked off has he, he never really did, just got shunted around political positions and now he has returned to bless us with his cuntitude.

      Blair still thinks he is at the top table and possibly still the ‘real’ prime minister as his arrogance knows no bounds.

      What makes a good leader? Knowing how and when to stop being the leader, like George Washington did.

      Blair’s odious wife can fuck off too.

  22. If anyone fails to ever own a home, or ends up with a fucking shit pension, or has a degree that is now akin to a sheet of toilet paper, or ends up on a street where English isn’t the first, second or even fourth language, or God forbid you know a soldier who died fighting or was maimed for oil wars, you need look no further than this fucking abomination as the root cause.

    Blair is such a behemoth of almost infinite, incalculable cuntitude that it is scientifically impossible to give him a justifiable cunting for his crimes in this, or any other dimension. It can’t be done. Even just concentrating on one facet of this creature’s cuntlike behaviour would require a Dostoevsky-tier voluminous cunting.

    You might feel sometimes that shits like James Corden or Lily Allen or Jeremy Corbyn are amongst the top table of cunts. Tony Blair however is far beyond anything that has ever existed.

    Any cuntings for Blair are not constituted from the usual hyperbole or venting reserved for most subjects on ISAC. No, the words I type against this fucking excremental smear of a man are packed with genuine heartfelt hatred and bitter vitriol.

    Hundreds of thousands of lives have been ruined by this cuntstrosity. I genuinely wish for this absolute bastard, his fucking monster of a wife and his utter cunt of a son to all be slowly, brutally killed in the most inhumane way possible.

  23. Over the years I’ve voted for governments led by Thatcher,Blair and Cameron. No wonder the young think that the older generation are a bunch of cunts who shouldn’t be trusted to make the right choice…Maybe they’re right.

  24. Yes’ when it comes to a cunt of all cunts competition Hitler is going to be right up there. But Blaircunt has done more long term damage to this country than The Fuhrer could even have dreamed of. Obviously the cunt transferred from Christian heaven to Muzzie heaven and having a right laugh now.

  25. Not heard much from the Towering Inferno lately. Could that be because they are all fucking like rabbits to get pregnant and maximise their compo claims? Hey, don’t call me Mr. Cynical……at least i wasn’t down there dipping my wick in the communal paddling pool!

    • … all the more reason to buy the ‘T’ shirt …. available online. My order is in.

    • Thanks to Compo’s run in the election, it seems as though ridiculous claims from the overtly liberal left are back in vogue.

      Theresa May, you massive cunt for allowing Corbyn to thrive.

  26. I have divised a plan to torture Blair its so meticulous so brutal that even the most evil of men would blush at the suggestion.

    My plan is this we lower Blair in a cage and starve him and everytime hes hungry we give him get this cunters ….. one single pistachio nothing more! hahaha isn’t that just diabolically evil or what?! titslapper you’re a genius even stalin himself couldn’t have thought up something so evil

  27. Surprised no one has yet attempted a pop at Blair and his brood.

    A good rifleman with sights wouldn’t have too much trouble from a safe distance.

    • We’re still paying for the cunt’s security. Which goes wherever he does. Including, last week, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Nigeria. The $16000 per hour plane they all rode on was likely paid for by the next vice-president of Nigeria, to whom Blair expressed his undying love and support. But we pay the security detail and a fat pension to the cunt in order that he can pursue his grandiose dreams.

      Mind you, I think even African dictators are beginning to suss him, and this anti-brexiting is probably his last throw for credibility.
      Fingers crossed. The judicial review has still to report…you never know.

      • He’ll be off on his hols soon (with attendant protection plods). Possible location, one of Massimo Carello’s pads – the Lipari one seems to be favourite. His chum Naguib Sawiris has a nice yacht, too. I don’t really favour a rifle for the whole brood, or those of them assembled at one time, as you’d only really get one shot. A mortar, or, given line-of-sight, an RPG, would be more certain.

  28. Did I just hear Diane Abbott says she has had threats of rape or did I dream it? It’s amazing how bizarre a dream can be!

    • The fat fucking abbopotamus was dreaming of getting raped, only a fucking moron would plough the ugly silverback cunt…… wouldn’t you Corbyn you CUNT?

  29. Nope you read right i saw the same thing on the ABBC just now , rape and death threats and racism .

    Makes you laugh when a black woman who blatantly used racism against whites before is now claiming shes the victim. Is so fat and has so many skin folds its impossible to find and penetrate her dry dusty droopy cunt so rape is out the question.

    • Sheriff, you seem to know far too much about Flabbott’s undercarriage.
      Something you want to tell us ?

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