Chuka Umunna (2)

I would like to nominate Chuka U-moaner for a well deserved cunting.

On Thursday night, he attempted to lead a 49 MP revolt against Brexit, to table amendments to the Queen’s Speech,  which resulted in Cor-blimey canning 3 of his Shadow Cabinet. Fortunately, he failed to push through a ‘soft’ Brexit. i.e NO BREXIT.

This is the same MP who for two years sat on the backbenches after he resigned as Shadow Business Secretary in 2015 due to differences with Cor-blimey. Yet, after Labour’s better than expected performance in the General Election he offered to put himself forward for a Shadow Cabinet post. He was not taken up on his offer.

So let me get this right. Did he pull this stunt as revenge for not being offered a post? Or did he plan to act as a Trojan Horse if he was appointed?

A liar.. er… trade and a student of the B.Liar Academy of Political Skulduggery and Weasel Words he has been trained well. That remoaning, fantasist (never of the real world), Rowling woman would be proud of his work, most worthy of the darker elements of Hogwarts.

This ‘crime’ scene bears the grubby fingerprints of Teflon Tone, The Prince of Darkness and  A. Scumball all over  it. The Unholy Trinity is never far  from the action where  either  anti-Brexit attacks or sabotaging the Labour Party are concerned. It would seem they are gearing up to commit fresh attrocities against Brexit.

I know this is not a popular view here – defending Cor-blimey – but at least he did not cave into his mutineers and took decisive action against the rebels in his Shadow Cabinet. He is respecting the will of the people on the Brexit issue (at least) and I suspect, upholding his own deeply held anti-E.U beliefs.

At this rate, what with Mavis May wobbling and folding to E.U demands like a cheap suit while surrounded by the sniping Lib Dumb and SNP, lackey, brown nosers of the EU,   Cor-blimey may turn out to be the only political leader who would actually see Brexit through to its democratic conclusion – a genuine exit.

These are most strange times we live in.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

80 thoughts on “Chuka Umunna (2)

  1. Chucklebutty Umanroights. Born with a face conceived specifically for punching. Repeatedly and savagely.

    What more can one say?

  2. Just posted this at the Penguin though not really sure why I bothered cos Upton man won’t believe me anyway…

    “This really is me. Thought I’d pop over for a looksee.

    This thread is completely pointless as far as I can see. Why do you persist with it Rickie? Glove puppeting me, spreading lies, talking to yourself. Anyone reading this nonsense – and there are pitifully few other than ISAC regulars laughing at you – can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. So what’s the point.

    And FYI I’m none of the people you claim I am.

    I’m going back to sleep now. For Gods sake get yourself a life and try making a positive contribution to some blogs instead of just being a nuisance. You might actually find it more rewarding…”

    • And you know who is cutting pasting altering and pretending to be me.
      Anything after the above date time stamp isn’t me although most people will know that already…

  3. I’ve as good as written “Brexit” off anyhow. Right from the start I didn’t believe that there would ever be a Real Brexit. No way that we were ever going to be allowed to upset the European applecart. All we’ll get now is a humiliating kick up the arse from Brussels,who’ll use us as an example of what happens to “naughty children” who defy the E.U’s will.

    I don’t think that it matters one fuck who is nominally in charge.We blew it years ago.

    • The last true pro-active measures in the UK were the national grid and the NHS. Everything since has been an ad-hoc fuck up, slowly but steadily eroding our nation.

      The referendum vote was bittersweet – pleased at the result but I just knew that it would never be allowed to go through without attempted derailment and ineptitude.

      Brexit could have been a great opportunity. Sadly, no government for many, many years would have been capable of delivering it. I fear the worst with this fucking lot of headless cunts.

      • Bunch of spineless arseholes. Never thought I’d miss the Empress Maggon…

      • We walk out of the biggest trading group on the planet and it could have been a great opportunity, how? What great improvement in our lives was going to happen that ordinary people trying to bring up families would have applauded?
        Prices have gone up significantly since the pound collapsed and there is every reason to think that brexit will bring more of the same.
        Tell us how those other sparkling fucking benefits from brexit will mollify those who are already having trouble making ends meet because I am curious as to how that can be sold to people.
        A prediction; if we get a hard brexit as many on here want, and the cost of living goes sky high with job losses , the flagwaving anti Europeans will disappear into the woodwork and claim it’s all the govts fault .
        Money makes the world spin and when there ain’t none they will be looking for someone to put on top of the bonfire.

        • It would be all it claims to be if we had any cunt with the stones to see it through!

          I voted brexit. I don’t hate Europeans (far from it) but I hate the EU! The EU is the most morally bankrupt and economically corrupt organisation on the planet steered by uber-rich anarchists like George Soros (under the guise of anthropology).

          If you want to remain then you must also be looking foward to eventually living under Shariah Law because that is the end game where this experiment takes us.

          Look at the economics of the EU, it’s been teetering on the brink of financial collapse since the 2008 crash. It would only take a Spain or an Italy to default – whereby not even the hun could bail them out a’la Greece, Ireland and Portugal – and the whole thing collapses.

          My greatest issue with brexit though is that when the majority of the people (remember that distant notion of democracy we once had prior to generation snowflake and the ass-hurt crew) had the stomach to leave those corrupt, unelected bankers (because that’s ALL they are), none of the cunts in power – even those clamouring for it – had the stomach to see it through because they ALL thought it was folly.

          And as for the pound coin in your arse pocket not being worth as much as it did pre-brexit, well newsflash, it wasn’t worth as much in net terms in May 2016 as it was in 2007 pre-financial crash. The difference being that the socio-globalist Labour Govt of the time didn’t want that fact to be publicly known and New Labour’s propaganda arm – known as the BBC – did all they could to stifle it, because that doesn’t suit their liberalist agenda where the ultra rich get even richer and eventually – through their cultural experiments at our expense – everyone else achieves a parity of poverty.

          This is great if you’re some sponge-washer from backwoods Eastern block central, not so great if you’re someone who was doing ok, not rich but ok, your lot diminishes to fuck all and when there’s nothing left in comes the banking establishment to annex it.

          So, you want to stay within the EU. The EU run by former bankers. Bankers who were complicit in the biggest, widest reaching financial crash since the 1920’s (if not bigger), all of which happened long before Brexit wasn’t even in the house let alone being on the table. Yeah that makes sense.

          At the end of the day that’s your opinion and your opinion cannot be wrong (as it’s yours alone) but don’t berate ordinary folk who decided to leave (for legitimate reasons) on the depression in your arse pocket, put that blame on the financial establishment. The same financial establishment that runs the EU.

          Oh and by the way, make sure you find out which way Mecca is pointing, you’ll need that information in 20yrs or so if we don’t rid ourselves of cunts like Merkek and her disastrous “All EU states need to take in their fair share of undocumented terrorists!” master plan.

          • Furthermore, how in fuckery is the EU a friend to the working man? Huge unemployment due to the Euro, forced austerity, mass opaque bureaucracy, the frightening reality of TTIP, the bankruptcy of Greece, the over-flooding of immigrants to countries like Hungary and Italy and the sheer disregard and erosion of democracy.

            The EU cares nothing for the “pound in your pocket” except to take it then spend most of it on behind-the-door deals and projects unrelated to your tax.

            The only bulge in your pocket, Trouserbulge, would be the 40p pittance these hateful gangsters give you back and expect your servile gratitude.

  4. After seeing the smug fucking mush at the top of the page, I have to face the fact that I’ve been put off eating Maltesers for life…

  5. Such a smarmy thinks his shit don t stink, im far more intelligent then the plebs, because daddy sent me to a pvt school and i weaselled my way up the ranks by sucking and fucking ppl over cunt.

    Everytime i see him doing interviews or as a guest on a panel his contempt for anyone who is not him just oozes from every pore of his. His your typical slimy self righteous im from a good family don’t you know cunt too.

    I am surprised his still around as everywhere he goes the foul stench of deceit and bullshit follows.

    on a lighter note its nice to finally have internet back after nearly 2 weeks ,can i have a EMERGENCY CUNTING!. FOR VIRGIN MEDIA for making me wait that long just to have a bloke “an engineer” come around and unplug one box and plug in a new one . Really two fucking weeks why couldn’t you send it in the post like they used to so i could have done it myself wankers.

    • I’ll second that cunting, because Virginmedia are fucking useless, their e-mail app is shit and when you finally wish to dispense with their overpriced services you have to jump through hoops on the phone for an hour while some hapless (and no doubt underpaid) poor sod in Calcutta or Delhi tries desperately to sell you more shite. I bet her bearded cunt of a boss dropped her into a shark tank for her failure, Bond villain style…

      • Virginmedia are indeed cunts of a higher order.

        Bad enough trying to explain broadband problems to some Bangalore bot; then the fucking cunts throw in random £3.99 price hikes every few months.

        Not coming across all fucking Anne Robinson but make sure you cunters ring up Virginmedia retentions at least every 6 months to try and get a marginally less excremental deal.

        As an aside, nothing gets my fucking goat more than your average greasy-overalled phone company shitheel being described as an ‘engineer’ by Virginmedia. He is not a fucking engineer. He is a repairman. Perhaps if this fucking country held REAL engineers in higher regard, then we wouldn’t be treading human shit freshly laid by the fucking financial sector.

          • Same here Dio been with virgin when it was just dial up, and with there cable when it was still NTL .

            What made it worse was the day before it went they rang to offer me a upgrade to my wifi for only £2 a month for being a valued customer. Obviously not that valued seeing as it took nearly 2 weeks to have a silver back chav come and plug in another hub. Bloody spent years building computers, setting up networks and repairing consoles . Are most pl that incapable nowadays they can’t take out 2 wires without somehow maiming or killing themselves?.

            P.s is there a way to change my avatar picture noticed a few have there own now .

        • I have this beef every time something goes wrong. ‘We will book an engineer visit’… so this person coming to my house is on about £12 an hour, did he go to university 5 years and have 5 years of on the job training to be given the title engineer?

          Or did he attend a few seminars at a local Travelodge before being given a van and punted off to deal with customers?

          I would say the later. I did the former, and it boils my piss when these fuckers turn up with jumped up titles, and ‘my first (insert appliance/broadband/tv as appropriate) repair manual’ and just swap stuff over.

        • My old man worked for the GPO when they did both the phones and the mail… He did telephone lines and telegraph poles and the old red phone boxes, and he also was a mechanic who worked on their trucks, vans and other stuff…
          One of the worst things ever was the formation of BT and then cunts like Brexit traitor Branson and Uncle Rupert getting in on the action….

          Mind you, those GPO days, that’s when Britain was still Britain…. When you used to get a proper lady phone ‘operator’ or switchboard receptionist instead of a soulless ‘Press 1, Press 2 etc’ recording or some Parking Stanley phone monkey who doesn’t even speak properly….

  6. Chukka ‘up into da bucket’ OooMooner is a jumped up fuck me up the arse weak libby privileged cunt and a traitor of the realm.

  7. It’s rumoured that he has an identical twin brother kept in reserve, to stand in if he’s injured or taken ill.

    He’s called a “spare Chukka”


    • I Ummuna’s twin brother was a giant sex toy, judging by that shiny fucking helmet.

      • “He’s called a “spare Chukka”

        More like spear chukka, ain’t I right? haha

  8. Mike, you beat me to it! I would just add that Mandelson could well be behind this pro-EU revolt. It’s no secret that Mandy is a big fan of Umunna and would like to see him installed as Labour leader so that the Blairites can wrest back control of the party.

    I know Emily Thornberry has been rightly cunted here on several occasions, but you have to applaud the lady for publicly dismissing Umunna’s intentions as “virtue signalling” (she would have deserved even more kudos had she called him a “virtue signalling cunt” of course, but you can’t have everything).

    • Agreed, Fred. And here was me thinking that the only Thornberry-related thing ever worthy of applause would be her obituary entry.

    • Every socialist is a cunt Fred. Labour is in turmoil, instead of providing an opposition they just turn on each other. Not one of the cunts is actually interested in working class people.

      Labour are filth

  9. Like the fucking Sith Lords, there is always more than one waiting to show himself….. We know Little Lord Fondleboy is one, but its highly likely Umunna is the other given this recent showing.

  10. Spear Chuka (like the Trollop Up In Banana Tree) isn’t even British,and should have no say in British politics…

  11. Adele has cancelled the final two shows of her world tour, due to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium this weekend, after damaging her vocal cords…..

    KFC overload,eh?….

      • Doubt if it could raise a light these days, he’s in it for the money.

        I bet the poor fucker had to thumb it in soft just to get her up the duff – unless it was judicious usage of a turkey baster?

  12. I’d like to cunt the cunts at Photobucket, the image host site, who have suddenly decided that all their free account holders will have to pay $399 a year to embed their pictures in other forums. No warning of this change was given and millions of embedded images no longer work. If these money-grabbing slimy bastards think they’ll get any money out of me, they’ve got another think coming. Nobody in their right mind will pay this. I hope they go out of business before they realize how stupid they’ve been, the fucking greedy cunts.

  13. Chukka Nother Umpty-Dumpty comes across a bit like a new Obama, with all his ideas and vision, vote-for-me I’m middle-of-the-road, but caring, yet economically sound, left of Zelda but right of Compo, steely eyes, little bit ethnic, a youthful, British version of Barack Obama.

    i.e. A selfish, conniving hypocritical, drop-a-bomb-in-a-heartbeat, vainglorious, democracy-hating shit sandwich of a man.

    • He did once alter his Wikipedia page (although he denied it) to describe himself as “Britain’s Obama”. The problem he has, is that Obama is a complete and utter twat!

  14. Chukka without a doubt is one of the most duplicitous Cunts in politics, A real behind the scenes snake!!, not only that when the labour leadership contest was on he couldn’t handle the pressure and like the background, back biting coward he is he ran away!! , definitely a man for the shadows, as one former poster said “a Trojan horse” , although a cunt himself at least steptoe had the sense to give this slippery cunt a wide berth……

  15. A fully paid up Blairite cunt, tutored in the dark arts by Mandlescum and Cambellend . Was once touted as the British Obama, the real one is enough of a cunt without cloning limp dicked arse wipes of our own.

  16. Mrs Marple is a nosy old biddy. If I’d murdered someone I’d tell the nosy old trout to fuck off and mind her own business if she started asking questions….Then I’d run her over with a steamroller while dressed as Wylie Coyote.,that would stop her snooping on people.

    • Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote too….if you had just offed somebody and she say ‘ just one more thing’ you know the old trout will be like a dog with a bone.

      • It’s like the James Bond villains. If they just shot the cunt straight off instead of farting on with elaborate schemes,they’d save themselves a load of bother…. Daft Cunts know how to build sky-rockets and underwater bio-spheres, but don’t have the common sense to do Bond in,and take his woman for their own….Fucking eggheads.

  17. Cara Deleveigne looks like a young boy. I’d be frightened to take her up the shitter for fear I was arrested for catholic-priest style offences. Might risk it if she was eating out Amber Heard at the time….Not if she was in amongst Sandi Toksvig’s thighs,mind. That would put me right off my stroke.

    • I always thought Sandi Toxic was a velvet-tipping, bean-flicking slurper of the clit motorway but apparently not. It’s just a coincidence then that she has all the attributes off a BBC bulldyke.
      Strange world.

      • I thought Toxic Sandy was a paid up member of the rug munching club? The Relative Values piece in the Sunday Times seemed to confirm her fish licking credentials.

      • She MUST be a rug-muncher. No man could ever maintain an erection long enough to penetrate any part of her. Other munchers,like Claire Balding, wear strap-ons while they roger their victims.

  18. eminently reasonable. talking of Virginmedia, i get shit through the post from them virtually every fuckin week ! to be fair it does say from Virginmedia on the envelope so it goes straight in the bin.

  19. i see another Kensignton and Chelsea councillor is in trouble. Catherine Faulks did spout a lot of shit but she was right about one thing, that mob that invaded the town hall were mostly opportunist rent a mob ‘ socialists’ .

  20. Chuck it in Chukka. A vile race baiting Britain hater. Champagne socialist of the worst kind. Needs to get a real job. Choo choo choo here comes the gravy train…….

    • Chukkas grandad was Sir H Milom QC who was a member of MI5 who worked for Kim Philby. Milom knew Philby was KGB but did fuck all. He was given the brief to investigate Philby, and 18 years later still gave no indication to his masters. Was Milom also KGB?

      Chukka married his daughter. The whole family were Liberal anti brit fucktards, and that suited Chukka D’ Loot Ova Ere. He became mega rich ( quickly) So too did Daddy..

      As for the question of Israel, it seems Milom was pro Palestinian and was opposed to the formation of the Jewish state . Milom and his buddies were in the establishments Stasi…they were all cunts.

  21. Jezza is up to no good again today. Crusty old commie wanker. Rabal rousing opportunist cunt. He is the most dangerous person in the UK aside from John McDoonel.

  22. Chukka is still the most dangerous because he is perceived to be the most electable member of the Labour Party. This cunt is backed by many of the worlds biggest bastards like Blair and Kinnock and Mendelson ! A dark horse ? Nah. A known and reputed serial plotter, and destined to be the first black fucking Prime Minister.

  23. It’s about time Facebook had a cunting. I’m currently serving 24 hours in FB prison due to meme I posted in one of the groups I’m a member of being removed, after some snowflake cunt reported me. It was a cartoon of a pig fucking a Muslim, with the words, “That’s the way Allah, Allah I like it”. The post I put it on was about some muzzie gobshite bragging the UK would be taken over by Muslims, and we’d all become slaves.

    Now I don’t really give a fuck about being blocked, I have a life outside FB. Besides, I see it as a badge of honour. I’ve offended at least one lefty, and that pleases me. What annoys me, is Zuckerberg’s double standards. He’s quite happy to allow the most vile, left wing bullshit to be posted without sanction, but when those of us who are NOT braindead, lefty dickheads post something, we don’t even get to appeal. There was in the message to delete my profile if I keep doing it. Big fucking deal.

      • Weird, Quick Draw, I was going to write a Cunting for FB tonight, but can’t be arsed as the choosers here only seem to put up Labour/Liberal MPs and vacuous, tiresome pop singers.

        I went on it today after ‘unsubscribing’ in February and within quarter of an hour I was depressed and seething. Trump this, Trump that, Corbyn, Brexit killed my dog, rainbow genders, hug-a-Peaceful, Land Rights for Gay whales, ad bloody nauseum.

        Nevermind that it’s the lowest point of humanity we’ve achieved, it not only encourages us to wallow in a pool of vanity, it begs us to, so we behave like peacocks with giant mirrors.

        It’s reduced friendships to the odd ‘Hello’ or hitting a button that says ‘Like’ demonstrating a watering-down of linguistic communication the like the World has never seen. What have we become?

        • Zuckerfucker was right when he said ‘the art of conversation is dead’.

        • Looking at it now that I’m blocked, I honestly don’t know why I bother with it. All of my friends on FB are friends out in the real world.

          • Most knobheads on Facebook are cunts… Daft twats posting pictures of their babies and kids, for every weirdo p@edo cunt in the world to look at… And the ‘selfie’ brigade: narcissistic tossers who love taking pictures of themselves… And you’re right about the snowflake cunts and leftist scum that infest it, QDM…. The modern antichrist that is the CockZucker doesn’t like muzzie jokes, but has no problem with ‘Rape Melania’ messages…A proper cunt and no mistake…

  24. Corbyn and his followers deserve an almighty cunting. Ever since the election, they’ve been demanding that May step down and make way for Corbyn to become to Prime Minister. Now admittedly, May’s arrogance caused her to fuck up big style. Consequently, she wiped out the majority that Cameron won back in 2015. However, Corbyn still list LOST the election, which is something that seems to have completely passed him and his band of arseholes by. Then again, he, McDonnell, Abbottopotamus, Thornberry and all the other left wing dickheads have shown nothing but contempt for democracy ever since he became leader.

    The behaviour of Momentum during the election was reprehensible, but Corbyn said NOTHING against them. Presumably because he approved. Pissing on the door of a Tory candidate’s office in Cornwall? Is that the behaviour of civilised people? Then there’s the Grenfell tragedy. Initially, it was just that, an awful tragedy. Then the Corbynmessiah showed up, and all of a sudden it became a political nuclear weapon that Labour have been deploying ever since it happened. There’s just one problem that ALL the thick twats who’ve fallen for it have either ignored, or are too stupid to grasp. That tower block was built under a LABOUR government, something May happily pointed out last Wednesday. McDonnell has gleefully been saying that the victims were murdered. IF that’s true, then they were murdered by LABOUR policies.

    Then there was Corbyn’s appearance at Glastonbury, which is supposed to be a music festival. Of course that money grabbing old cunt, Eavis has pissed all over that lie by inviting that pro-IRA, anti-British cunt, Corbyn to speak there. He needs to punched. Continually. All day and night for a week. And of course all the braindead, drug up, young, middle class arseholes who paid £300 to attend, loved every word the lying cunt said. If anything, this election has thrown up the dire need for the British voting system to be brought into the 21st Century, because it’s fucking wrong that students can vote TWICE.

    Today, Corbyn attended a protest full of far left cockwipes waving communist flags, which in my opinion, proves conclusively that the Labour is no longer the party of the working class. It has, thanks to Corbyn, been hijacked by anti-British scum. One stupid slag had a placard that showed a decapitated Theresa May’s head on a spike. Seriously, is a party that has followers with that mentality fit for government? Not in my reality. And STILL, Corbyn is demanding that the Tories step aside so that HE can become PM.

  25. Corbyn is like a dog with a bone. he didnt expect to do so well but now he has, he;s determined to make the best of what will be his one and only chance. of course his position is totally illogical, if he thinks May has no right to govern then what makes him think he has? afterall May got more seats and more votes than he did . plonker.

    • If by some cruel twist of fortune Jezbollocks were actually to become PM he would, after a brief interlude to let things settle down, be ruthlessly knifed in the back and replaced with a Blairite anyway.
      The Master Plan would barely miss a step…

  26. I would petition leave to cunt Edgar Hoover. The rest is self explainatory.

  27. I would, in the interests of the nation, like to nominate Jo Wiley or Sarah Cox or Zoe Ball or whoever the fuck it was between these rechangable BBC heads who when asked today on BBC radio ‘ what was your favourite Glastonbury moment?’ Said ‘ walking around and everyone singing ‘ooooooo Jeremy Corbyn’. And there you have it. The smoking gun.

  28. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’m nominating the EU. It likes to portray itself as a benign organisation. One big, happy family where everyone is at peace and everything is perfect. It’s complete bullshit of course, as their behaviour since the UK voted to leave has proven more than once. The majority of the voting British people voted out, because the EU was treating us like shit, and we were sick of it.

    Ever since that vote, various members of the EU ‘elite’, have made statements that contained threats, both veiled and otherwise, naked contempt, outright hostility and/or sarcastic remarks. Why would they do that if the EU was as benign as they make out? They wouldn’t. The fact is though, the EU is actually quite a malign, insidious organisation, whose only aim is to gather as much power as possible for a few unelected people. A bit like the old Soviet Union, only more secretive.

    That brings me to another reason we voted to leave, the lack of democracy. Sure, we get to vote for MEP’s, but how much use are they really? They don’t don’t make any decisions. Only the likes of Juncker and Tusk get to do that, and we’re not allowed to vote them into their positions in free and fair elections. Which means that EU democracy is nothing more than an illusion. And there’s another thing. Not a single person ever voted to join a pan-European political organisation, with dreams of nationhood. It was initially sold as being nothing more than a trading bloc, though we know now that was a lie.

    The UK has been the EU’s second largest financial contributor, pretty much since the EU was formed, and THAT has been the EU’s only use for us. It surprises me, that the likes of Juncker and Tusk would seemingly be so offended that the British people finally got sick of them treating us with increasingly naked contempt. What the fuck did they think would happen?

    For twenty years or more, various EU ‘leaders’ have laughed at us, threatened us, belittled and humiliated us. Did they seriously think we wouldn’t reach a point where we decided enough is enough? And ever since June last year, aided by the Quislings here in the UK, we’ve had dire warnings that the UK will collapse without the EU, well that’s bullshit. If anything, it’s the other way around. Without us, there will be a massive black hole in the EU’s finances. And the EU’s ineptitude when it comes to handling money, they’ll have a very hard time fixing it. That’s why they’re demanding we pay an £80 billion “divorce” settlement.

    The stated intention of the EU, is to punish the UK for daring to leave. It’s supposed to be a deterrent to other nations, like Hungary and the Czech Republic who are unhappy with the way they’re being treated by the EU. It won’t work. The more they try to grab to power from national governments, the more countries, especially those in Eastern Europe, will fight back.

    Then sensible thing for the EU would be to negotiate a deal that is fair both them and the UK, but they’re so obsessed with keeping the EU together without reform, that they’d rather shoot themselves in the head than act in a mature, responsible manner. Well fuck ’em. We have the option to walk away from the EU right now, and we should exercise that option. Wave goodbye right now. The EU is just 27 countries, not including us, out of a planet of 196 countries. If they won’t work with us, plenty of others will.

    • Well said, QDM. I’d ‘like’ it only the button has disappeared. Either that or I’ve overdone the Bombay Sapphire.

      We should have walked into those negotiations demanding a £100 billion rebate rather than having to pay those parasites. They’ve been feeding off us for years.

    • A veritable cunting that warrants a thousand likes – except I can no longer ‘like’ any post here…

  29. Simm brilliant as The Master, Gomez good too, Capaldi excellent, but did Bill the lezzer stay Cyberised/dead? Did she fuck as like…. Instead she got a vomit inducing choccy box lezza happy ending, leaving the Doc for dead (the selfish knickerpicking cunt!)… Let’s hope her departure is fucking permanent… And good riddance to that pube haired cunt, Moffatt and all…

    Would have jumped Bill the black lezza’s ‘other half’ though….

    • if there’s been a behind the scenes backlash against the Bill character/actress, they’ve only got themselves to blame…. Choosing someone because of their skin colour (‘black actresses only’ auditions were held) is racism in motion…. No ifs or buts…. if there were ‘white actresses only’ auditions we’d have fucking well heard about it, wouldn’t we?…Also, the character being a lezza has no relevance to the show or the story whatsoever… It’s just being PC for the sake of it… And if Chibnall has decided to write her out of the series then good… Someone should be their talent, ability, and if they’re a good character…. Not for what their skin colour is or if they are a rugmuncher…. Bill is a cunt…

      I’d personally let David Bradley be the next Doctor… The Thirteenth is the First sort of thing…. And it would have all the libspakkers feminazi, and snowflakes in meltdown…

  30. Happy Birthday Canada may maple syrup, beer and marijuana be with you always

  31. Chuka, Chuka, Chuka
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    Chuka Spears

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