I would like to nominate “counselling” and “counsellers”. What a load of mumbo jumbo fucking soft as shit fucking bollocks. I’ve been through a couple of ” traumas” in my life and both times I was offered “counselling”. Oh just fuck off. I don’t need a complete stranger telling me how I am supposed to feel. I don’t need some know it all cunt telling me it’s ok to show emotions.

Borough Market reopened just recently and the traders and workers are being offered the New Religion. Never mind that they’ve been terrorised by fucking goatshaggers, don’t worry about all the money they’ve lost…..just give them some sandal wearing soft cunt and his happy clappy bullshit. Fucking marvellous.

Am I the only one who has noticed that our rulers, including the Royal Ponces, have been encouraging us to recognise that we might be mentally ill, depressed and it’s ok to cry?

Of course we are depressed you cunts!! We are being fucked up the arse by rich cunts, foreign cunts, fucking religious nutty cunts, telly cunts and shitarse politician cunts. The answer is not fucking happy clappy counselling bollocks…….it’s bricks, petrol bombs and blood on the streets. Yes, I’m angry and I’m getting fucking angrier by the day!

Counselling is just another modern religion and counsellors are just 21st century witch doctors. All designed to disguise the obvious fact that the world is shit and then you die. Nothing else to say except stick it up your bumhole you muggy cunts.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

63 thoughts on “Counselling

  1. Strange coincidence this cunting.
    Last night i was watching a programme about drug councillors and my main thought was “what sort of cunt wants to be a councillor when they grow up?, were would they get that idea?”
    It must be the money.
    And the never ending clientele.

    Job for life.

    Good morning. 🙂

    • PS. Is the rise in councillors a sign that no cunt gives a fuck about no cunt anymore?
      Not even so called pals.

  2. Even stranger coincidence as it seems our friend Rickie is being outed over at The Penguin by his former councillor at a psyche clinic. Fascinating stuff.

    Of course it could be another Rickie glove puppet talking to himself but if it is then it’s a level of complexity that I would have thought is beyond his limited intellect…

    • Wouldn’t that be in breach of confidentiality? Though I can imagine anyone counselling Ricky would want out of the career.

    • So Dibbledong is a stir fry gold standard get the elephant tranquliser certifiable goggled eyed loon…

      Who’d have guessed, eh?…

        • Is it worth it?
          I’ll look if it’s worth it.
          All that scrolling and loading has me needing councelling.
          (Spell check says “councelling” isn’t right)

          Cant he start a new one on October 27th 2014 ?
          It already started up.

          What number is it at now?

      • He

        RD2 is so incredible he’s only fit for Emmerdale, where he can get beaten up by little girls…

  3. My daughter is a trained councillor for MacMillan. Comes in handy when dealing with delivery terminal prognoses. I admire her. I couldn’t do it…

    • There are times when having a sympathetic ear is necessary.

      Doctors deal with the prognosis, folk like the MacMillan staff deal with the anxiety – both for the patient and their families. I don’t think anyone would deny the merit of the service such organisations provide.

      But as with the OP’s sentiment there is pointless counselling being offered for no good reason. They’re just money-making schemes.

      I also agree entirely with the OP’s sentiment on “peaceful” atrocities. It boils my piss (and has now superheated into plasma especially having to exist in a majority “peaceful” area during the week now) when one of these “misunderstood blokes from Kent”, etc., lay waste to a bunch of innocents, and – when (if) it’s reported – they suffix that report with some number to call if you “think you are affected by this incident”.

      Affected!??! I’m fucking incensed! But talking to some lickspittle no-mark, who’s reading from a script and who won’t want to hear my concerns that it *IS* a “peaceful” issue (no doubt they’ll believe that I am racist and then will have to call their counselling helpline to help them with having to deal with someone dissing their beloved “peaceful” cunts), no. All I want, to make me feel a damned site better, is for the powers that be to take some affirmative action and do something about it!

      They have the names of 3,000 cunts who could kick off at any time. Arrest the fuckers and annex them. Any snowflake who moans, tell them tough and give *THEM* a fucking counselling number for them to lap up like mana from heaven!

      I’d feel great after that I assure you!

      Fucking namby-pamby cunts!

      • you should try my Doctor, Doctor Tactless we will call him.
        He chucked a vague rather dark prognosis in my direction, then trawled through my results hoping to find a flaw in my lifestyle to pin the blame on failed to find one and then said I was just incredibly unlucky.
        I don’t feel the need for counseling, but his delivery of bad news has a lot to be desired.

    • I need to get out more but ……..are we talking elected members of local government here or people trained to listen and offer advice?
      I know……..I’m being a cunt.

  4. Another good choice of cunting.

    My problem with counselling is that is most often in the hands of medically-unqualified ‘professionals’, such as psychologists or the accursed ‘life coaches’. It appears to be just a process of successive, ‘burrowing’ questions around personal issues until the sessions hit upon something you rarely think about – at which point your mind is very open to suggestive manipulation, allowing said counsellor the scope to manipulate you. I’m very wary of it and if I ever needed therapy in that sense, I would only ever want a psychiatrist, i.e. someone with actual medical knowledge.

    And the point about being depressed en masse is a fucking salient one. Everywhere we go we are utterly fucking shafted in UK society: overworked, ripped off with rents/housing, wages either frozen or falling in real terms, seeing our culture/communities rapidly change, overpopulation, repeated terror attacks, etc.

    This isn’t a minor, after-hours behind the nightclub type shafting we are experiencing; this is a face-down in a swimming pool, both-Barrymore’s-arms-gone-clean-up-to-the-elbow type shafting. No wonder every fucking British cunt is so fucking defeated.

    • Excellent analysis. As Dioclese has stated, there are those who would genuinely benefit from the support of a qualified and dedicated HCP. and in the appropriate circumstances.

      However, and as you rightly say, there are now a whole raft of individuals who are embarking upon a lucrative career, who are, in my opinion, in need of that service themselves..

      Sessional rates by subcontract ( NHS ref funding ) £245 per patient hour.
      ( That is for Qualified HCP support ) A novice with a counselling certificate ( available in most breakfast cereals ) charge the NHS £122 per hour.

      Cost cutting is now channeling the client base to the cheaper option and that sector is thriving.

  5. Counselling seems to work for a lot of people. Good luck to them,but it’s not for me. I’ve never been one for “sharing” my emotions,and absolutely detest people who want to “share” with me.

    I’m personally perfectly capable of rationalising my own feelings,nor do I require synpathy from other people. I know it sounds a bit callous,but I think people should keep their “feelings and emotions” to themselves. A lot of people just need to be told to pull themselves together and stop being so self-indulgent.

    If counselling works for people… Well,fair enough,but I want nothing to do with it.

      • Take your dog to work and say it is an emotional support dog, kind of a seeing 3rd eye dog. I bet no one stops you because they are scared they will be breaking a law. LOL it works.

  6. I’ve got to nominate comrade Corbyn for a cunting.

    This Grenfell tragedy has been bad enough without having to watch Corbyn and his partner in ‘Marxist Revolution’ John Mcdonnell use the smouldering corpses in Kensington as a launch pad to mount a coup d’etat against Theresa May and the Tories.

    I keep saying it’s ideology that will undo Corbyn. It’s barely concealed at this point.

    Because, this steralised and caring phrase ‘Democratic Socialism’ is just being used as a cover for him and his accolytes to sneek the real kind of commie authoritarianism (requisition of property/mob rule) in via the back door and normalise the extreme force measures of a Socialist State by degree.

    That may sound hyperbolic until you read about the people Corbyn and John Mcdonnell find inspiring and emulatable. Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro etc etc. They’ve never met a murderous socialist dictator they didnt like. The Soviet Union serves as a sombre lesson to us all. But, to John and Jeremy it’s a blueprint for another pop at tryng (and failing) to get a collectivised economy to work (with inevitable catastrophic results). How these arseholes can ignore history is beyond me. There was a time when Bolshevism was maybe too strong a word to describe his style of politics. It’s becoming less and less so.

    And though many would laugh at my suggestion of a looming Corbyn Socialist Dictatorship, the accusation is that his ideology is couched in just that kind of politics. Envy, hatred of wealth, a zero-sum approach to economics, a Marxist dichotomy that demonises free enterprise and innovation as ‘oppression’ of others, a total disinsentivisation to work and contribute, entitlement, a loving and caring leader who just thinks stealing here and there is morally justified as long as he thinks you have ‘too much’ of something.

    Corbyn has softened many young and old people up with his fluffy grandfatherly comportnent and ‘Werther’s Original’ policies and now the idea that property rights do not matter (because: rich people) is being credulously lapped up without any blowback from his congregation of sycophants and zealots over the Rule of Law and human rights.

    And the confidence he’s somehow managed to garner from losing decisively by over 50 seats is plainly embarrassing enough without seeing that this relative uptick in popularity has clearly activated and encouraged his most devout ideological instincts and ambitions ie the otherthrow of Capitalism by the underclass etc etc. Workers of the world unite *barf*

    Dear fucking Lord why are we still having to contend with this condemned ideological mind rot in the 21st Century????

    Grenfell is being fashioned into an obituary monument for Capitalism. Or at least it’s become this perfect storm for him to cynically marry the general sense of resentment at this Tory government with a swelling, built-in, emotional fever pitch resulting from a tragedy.

    To him, the rapture is finally coming and his whole raison d’etre is building to one edifying point that will involve insurrection and bloodshed. He’s practically salivating at the thought. But watch: he’s going to fuck up, because most people do not want this kind of ‘eat the rich’ demonisation of aspiration and success. They just want more money paid into the public good.

    That’s fine. But Corbyn and his would-be future CHEKA in Momentum are not the new (r)evolution in politics we need. It’s a throwback to a tired and failed economic philosophy that has routinely claimed the lives of millions of people whenever and wherever it’s been tried.

    And, so I say Corbyn is a monumental cunt.

    • Great cunting jimmy.

      I remember McDonnell, McStalin, McPalpatine or whatever actually quoted from mao’s little red book in the commons.

      …even osborne laughed his bollocks off and called him a cunt. (Not out loud obviously).

      These commies are cukoo’s in a nest of cunts and if they get anywhere near power we’ll ALL end up living in concrete high rises with cheap, flammable cladding.

  7. I admit I really don’t understand all this counselling bollocks.

    I’m not a completely cold hearted cunt so I can understand if say a soldier or someone had been through some seriously upsetting shit but I suspect that most people that use counsillors have nice easy lives compared to people … say … starving to death or dying of diseases or in war.

    In centuries past, people had much harder lives that we do now, as do many now in poor countries.
    These days we have lives that our ancestors could only have dreamed of and I suspect they would laugh at what a bunch of sissy cunts we’ve all become.
    ….though my ancestors were from yorkshire so everyone that’s not from yorkshire is a sissy cunt as far as they’d be concerned.

    As a society we’re becoming soft and our enemies smell blood and so feel emboldened to go in for the kill. …would you fear an enemy that responded to attacks on their women and children with lighting candles and crying?

    Counselling should be discouraged as much as possible.

    We’re british for crying out loud!

    …..whatever happened to “stiff upper lip” and “man up and crack on!”

    • Good points. Counselling is like religion…or another form of it, in that the original ideas and principles behind it have become hijacked by career vultures and self proclaimed demigods and “listen to me” nutjobs, raking in shithouse loads of money from other people’s suffering.

      Religion is the same. It’s all a sweetener for the gullible masses. Nothing wrong with it on a one-to-one very personal basis if genuine help is given and if it helps the person concerned to cope with whatever situation they’re in, but like anything…an inch given…a mile taken. Religion is mind control to allow nutjobs to do whatever they like and be justified in their own minds.

      Good point about people from the past. Their lives were shorter…but they were made of stronger stuff. Snowflakeism didn’t exist and people were used to death all around them. No “shocked” and “I’ve been mentally raped” hashtag bollockery of today. Again, religion was paramount and people have always been controlled by it. Handy “masses in check” tool if ever there was.

  8. How times have changed, they say what happens in America eventually seeps thru into British life, I remember going out to visit my uncle who was working in the states back in the late 70,s and was amazed at all the ambulance chasing shyster lawyers that popped up on the TV!! , ” did someone touch your bumper?” Call shitbag and co!!
    ” did you stub your toe on the sidewalk” call Cuntbag and sons,
    Also everyone was either having counselling or thinking about having it!!, even my aunt who had never suffered any mental health issues decided she needed a shoulder to cry on?, it was all very strange, well look at Britain 2017!!, we’ve got well stuck into the blame adjustment business ” accident at work?” “Have you suffered ” call cunty mc Cunt… No win No fee!!
    And I’m afraid it’s the same with this pandemic of counselling!!
    Everybody seems to have issues, and if they haven’t they can think a few up, and if they haven’t got the imagination then some Cunt will give them a few ideas!! It’s a tsunami of shite , is modern day living so hard??
    As many posters have already said people from the past would laugh at the mental fragility shown by so many today…..
    Counselling the panacea of the modern age!!!

    • How’s she gonna get to Portugal?

      They gonna hang her between a couple of chinooks or something?

      • It’ll be ok so long as they keep dousing her with salt water en-route.

        No, hang on a mo’, that was Shamoo wasn’t it.

    • Massive heatwave here with old folk dying.
      I’m supposedly lucky that I’m on the Costa coz its a bit cooler but still meant to be dangerous.
      I’m not make light of deaths but i can’t notice it.
      Turn up the sun, man.

  9. You know whats funny? I have a charcoal skin creme on my face and neck right now, but to the untrained observer it would appear I was in black face and intentionally making fun of blacks hahaha Isn’t that funny?!

    I mean putting this cream on people would automatically assume I was mocking blacks lol and in some parts of the world just having it on, irate black people would justify my death for this grievous offence… just for putting on skin cream lol

    • Maaaaaaameeee!

      My li’l Mammy!

      I’d walk a million miles,

      For wanna your smiles,


  10. Ahhhhh…. little hunchbacked, buck-toothed, lantern-jawed, knock-kneed, twelve toed Rickie. Slags off ill ladies, uses other peoples IDs on here, and sounds like he should be in a padded cell.

    There are saner people in then there are out, all we have to do is see his rants. I don’t know what he looks like, but I imagine that he looks like that leprechaun from the Simpsons.

  11. I think our peaceful friends would benefit greatly from some counselling especially if you tell em it’s free. The therapists would be given a brief to drill deep into their psyche, not to hard bearing in mind the shallowness if their minds, and then convince them that they are longing to return to the sand and the filth that they so miss. I’d pay extra tax for that. Poor lost (R) Souls.

  12. People that forget fathers day are cunts.

    I’m obviously NOT a cunt coz I always remember shit like that. 😐

    • Well i wrote my dear old Da a cunting yesterday.
      I don’t even know if the cunts alive.
      Hope not.

    • Adel and lily Allen have been helping out this Fathers Day.
      They’ve been round Raheem Sterlings gaff counselling all his kids.

      • Ha ha.
        I’m not sure if they care about black people anymore mate.
        It’s not as trendy these days as bleating on about poor muslims.
        …Black people’s rights were sooo last year!

  13. Just switched on LBC and more fucking pro-EU propaganda and it’s not even James O’ fucking Shithead!
    Non-stop, day after day, drip, drip fucking drip.
    Can I apply for counselling from the fucking EU because I’ve got issues, the main one being I don’t like being robbed.
    Oh……and what’s this word “binary” I keep hearing all the time? Never heard it until about 6 months ago now it’s in every other sentence. I’d give these whiny little remoaners some binary counselling up their cuntholes.

    • Freddie … I’m trying hard to give LBC a ‘fair crack of the whip’ and listen to it. I can manage the odd presenter through the week, although the same old shit seems to be regurgitated over and over … ‘Should Theresa May go … Should Theresa May stay ? ‘ … etc, etc
      But on a weekend … my trannie was knocked for six with a 14″ adjustable spanner off a shelf today in the garage when King Cunt Kevin Maguire came on this morning … To get rid of Katy Hopkins and replace her ( for today at least ) with this Cunt. What an utter, utter negative Cunt.

      • Have you ever read McGuire’s column?
        What a load of nonsensical drivvle.
        He loves big words and word games in general.

        Total cunt. (emphasis on the T)

        • I’d rather suck on a tramps bumhole than read anything written by kevin Maguire!

          He’s one of those typical “put a red rosette on a donkey and he’d vote for it” cunts.

          I’ve seen him on sky news and I can’t even put into words how much I totally despise the smug cunt.

  14. I need to put a cunting in for the comic hypocrisy of that vermin known as the SJW. These fucks can’t see beyond the end of their noses. This is old news and these fucktrumpets have been cunted countless times but these cunts really evaporate my fresh piss with their crybaby cuntishness.

    Had to add this one on here, just because these two videos highlight just what fucking thick as cress hypocritical cunts SJW’s really are. Demanding that people be killed if things don’t go their way! Hilarious. Again, this is old news with the US election but take a look at that fat cunt snowflake at 1:05 minutes on the first video…screaming that she’s going to kill herself. Hopefully by now, she’s already dead and overdosed on fucking bagels, the fat whining plastic progressive cunt…

    There’s a good comment on there:

    What’s the difference between babies and liberals?
    Babies grow up.

    Fucking millenials need a swimming lesson in Mossel Bay. I can see the cuntish hashtags now: “OMG that shark mentally raped me”…”And oh my God that was like so not right that my leg has been bitten off”…”I’m putting in a lawsuit against Mother Nature”. Get to cunt and fuck one.

    • I once went to a citizens advice bureau about how to stop my first wife taking the house and the shirt off my back.
      I ended up crying like a child in front of this complete stranger.
      Funnily enough I felt better letting it out, but I strongly believe that seeing a councillor/ shrink should be a persons choice not some sandelled beardie coming round and constantly reminding you of your grief and how fucking weak you are.

  15. Working harder and longer yet have a declining standard of living?
    Fed up with the overcrowded roads?
    Don’t understand your kids’ “Life of Mohammed” home work?
    Pissed off with being crammed in with dirty foreigners on the trains and buses?
    Are you the only British person in your doctor’s waiting room?
    Did you vote brexit and have just realised it ain’t gonna happen?
    Are you totally unexcited by watching cunts cooking and baking things on the telly?
    Are you pissed off?………I mean really, really fucking pissed off?

    Congratulations! You have just qualified for free counselling from the Department of Mugging Cunts Off. Please consult the enclosed list of made up psychological conditions so we can put you in a category, tick the boxes and hope you die. Now fuck off cunt.

  16. David Lammy needs some counselling. He is so upset about that “talented” artist who died in the fire. Yes, it is tragic but no more tragic than any other one of the victims. As always he is obsessed with race. He is an even bigger racist than Diane Flabbapotamus.

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