Have I Got News For You. (HIGNFY)

I would like to nominate Al-BBC staple Have I Got News for You for a cunt-therapy session. Therapy for my benefit of course, not fucking theirs.

Not only has this satirical cuntfest gone well past its sell-by date, it has fermented into an unrecognisable, putrid mass in the fridge crisper. Choice vegetables of course in this salad o’shite being Ian Hislop, Paul Merton and whichever liberal elite comedians happen to be out-cunting themselves each week as the ‘guest’ hosts.

Confession time – back in the 90s, I used like this show. I remember Paula Yates and Piers Morgan on respective episodes getting a good old cunting. That Bruce Forsyth terrorist card game was funny. The William Shatner one wasn’t bad. But the show is now just a sorry fucking self-parody tribute act. What is worse, is that like anything from the Al-BBC post 2008, it has been infested with divisive neo-lib rhetoric and goes hand-in-hand with the very fucking worst dregs you find nodding sagely to Polly Toynbee columns in the Guardian.

The political agenda is barely concealed – all parties might be mocked but it is evident where the bread is buttered by noting who gets a real kicking. Unsurprisingly, plenty of pro-EU/anti-Trump/pro-immigration bollocks can be heard within each episode; topped off with the crowd of blue-haired quinola-scoffing hemp-wanking fucktards in the audience, who have taken to cheering anything pro-EU.

I no longer watch this shitfest, but in a moment of ill-judged stupidity I tuned in for the 2017 post-election special. What a fucking monumental mistake that was. Leading the charge as host was Jo Brand: a perfect fucking encapsulation for what the corporation champions as a box-ticking ‘comedian’ and amazingly, not even the most unfunny cunt with that surname. Ian Hislop as ever doing his indignant lectures that were once cutting and revealing, but are now just dull rambling speeches into cuntdom, delivered with a constantly bemused face which is so delightfully punchable – his head is increasingly resembling a cancerous potato. Central to the shit-mix is Paul Merton, who once upon a time at least had irreverent timing and wit, now reduced to a randomly barking shitheel whose outbursts are neither funny nor indeed fucking relevant. Guests this episode were Alan Johnson – a fucking member right down to his own surname – and Ross Noble, a truly unfunny rambling fucker whose head and sigmoid colon make a perfect geometric fit.

To be fair, HIGNFY is far from the only show that has been politicised beyond any humour; but it is one of the worst and most dramatic examples of right-on hijacking that I can think of. Plus, the ‘guest’ host list could be worthy of a cunting all on its own. A special place in cunting hell is reserved for the likes of Victoria Coren-Mitchell, her chinless fucking husband David, Alexander Armstrong, Miranda Hart and fucking Eddie ‘Top Cunt’ Izzard. Every single one of these bastards boils my piss into supercritical steam.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

221 thoughts on “Have I Got News For You. (HIGNFY)

  1. sorry but before the cunting begins for HIGNFY.
    News just in.. Van piles into London crowd outside mosque. Muslims are asked,
    ‘How does it feel NOW, Motherfuckers?
    What goes around comes around.’

    • Indeed. Cunts who live by the sword (and the van) die similarly…

      Aren’t they such whiny cunts, moaning about how plod didn’t turn up at intergalactic speed.

      Hislop should be renamed Hislime

      Is Miranda Hart the horse-faced, embarrassingly unfunny 6’6″ dyke-type ??

      • They don’t like it up em! Actually I lnow a few peacefuls who do. Bent as a box of frogs but married off to ninja clad first cousins eho turf out vegetablrs due to interbreading.

        • I wonder if Sidiq fuck face Khan told the bunch of goat shaggers it was part and parcel of living in a major city? Probably not.

          • Funny how quick they were to call this a terrorist attack isn’t it?

      • I still quite fancy Miranda Hart. She should have been in those awful new St Trinian’s films playing the inevitable school inspector or Joyce Grenfell’s part.

    • “Police are appealing for calm among the muslim community, as the British community are in fear of reprisal-” Oh no wait, they’re not doing any of that, sorry.

  2. Excellent cunting TECB..
    Like you I used to like HIGNFY but bailed out years ago!!
    Hislop is beyond smug and Merton was ( sometimes) funny but that was 20 years ago….
    BTW….. guardian gobshite polly Toynbee is a proper 24 carat cunt!!! 😡😡😡

  3. The last episode I switched on of Have I Got Bile For You was the one following the EU Referendum. Watched it for about 3 mins until it became evident that this was now a vehicle for telling the morons who voted leave how mind numbingly thick they are. All the fucking donkeys who obediently follow the carrot being dangled in front of them by their BBC jockeys spew out the never ending stream of unfunny bollocks thinking they are oh so fucking smart. It’s YOU cunts that are fucking thick. Totally blind to how you are being controlled by people who will fuck you off the minute you have served your purpose. That’s the funny bit. Ha ha fucking ha smeg heads. Suck it fucking up.

  4. Last one I watched was the Roger Moore hosted episode. Worth it just to hear the old boy say “bollocks” on television.

    Smug cunt though he was, at least Deayton used to rip into the Labour cunts as well…

    • If this meme hurts the despicable me franchise namely Pixar I say good. You can’t walk 5 fucking miles without seeing these yellow minion cunts they are everywhere and another despicable me film is in theaters, Cunts!!!

  5. Good cunting and not before time. Hislop has become one of the smuggest tossers on the box smarmily reminding the carefully chosen guests that he is the star and they are there to have the piss taken out of them.
    I am told by an insider [ nudge nudge, say no more] that any attempt to make Hislop look a cunt is edited out and it happens a lot.


    Muslime Cuntcil of GB, for saying that “Islamophobic hate crimes have been on the increase for years” and need to be curtailed.

    Obnoxious, goat-fucking, paedophile, rapist, filthy scumbags.

    Don’t think they’ve ever asked themselves WHY we despise them so…

    On the plus side; David Davis tipped to be next Tory leader…someone who’s actually got a pair, at last…

    • Very sadly, following years of pandering to an increasing rag head population, the level of Islamic expectation has risen to a crescendo of demands. It is the political class who since 1945, who are ultimately responsible for the destruction of the UK. I include Churchill in that number, ” a land fit for heroes ” What a lying cunt.

    • The problem with Davis is he ran for leader against the pig fucker and lost, so he’s kinda damaged goods. It has to be Boris IMO. He won London mayor twice in a very labour city.

    • I love the ABBC saying every two minutes it IS a terrorist attack. I would like to claim White Van Man as responsible. If only he did it last week, he could have got on the Queens Birthday Honours list.

      • Next door’s cat just done a whoopsie in me polyanthus bed.

        Terrorist attack !! Convene COBRA meeting ! Roll out some wog-plod…”We must not let this hateful behaviour divide our commongity”…

        Saddick Khunt couldn’t string an intelligible sentence together. Pigshit-thick fucker…

    • I’m been wondering what kind of van that this ‘terrorist’ was driving, I have been trying to think of something sarcastic to say since six this morning, and all I can come up with is… what was in the van? Loads of bacon and other piggy goodies I hope, and seeing as James May made a car out of bricks on The Gran Tour, I wonder if this van could have been made out of bacon?

      • Sorry about the spelling mistakes lately, my new keyboard Is A Cunt.

      • Sorry about the spelling mistakes of late, my new keyboard Is A cunt.

      • The misguided boyo should have kept his doors locked. He could have had a bigger impact by discarding a cigar in a bin near a block of flats…

  7. Wall to wall bollocks on Sky News this morning. They are giving the Finsbury Park incident the full 9/11 treatment and are ending up looking more cuntish than normal – if that’s possible.

    • Meanwhile 62 people have perished in Portugal. Not one RIP, Scabie Allen Comment, Zleb concert or vigil for them.

      • 110 people die prematurely in UK every day caused by air polution acording to the royal college of surgeons. Many of those are as a direct result of EU directives encouraging diesel cars.

        But 1 sand wog gets run over and it a tragedy.

      • No mileage in it for the rich labour supporting tossbags of the celebrity circuit.
        Absolutely awful way to die though, watching the car melt around you .

    • Community
      Bradford loving
      Religiously overtolerant
      Arsehole loving


  8. Hislop is the very embodiment of everything wrong with the BBC. Vapid, smug, self satisfied, condescending, elitist and overpaid to a ridiculous degree. It wouldn’t suprise me to learn he is a fully paid up member of the BBC peado club. No, scratch that. A 2 year old with cerebral palsy could chin the cunt if he ever tried it on.

    Confesion time; I have a DVD of HIGNFY with all the “best” bits from when Deayton was helming the show and some of it is quite amusing. Obviously they are the bits without Hislop in. I have never heard the cunt utter anything even slightly amusing and that rag he produces is just as bad. Primed with 10 pints of Guiness and a dodgy prawn vindaloo it would be a tough choice between the quoran and private eye for chocy starfish cleaning duties.

    BTW I would definitely spray some man fat over Victoria Coren’s massive jugs. Jesus Christ all fucking mighty.

  9. Finsbury Park TERROR attack! Shreeks the BBC. It’s funny how keen they are to use the T word when it’s their favourite peado sand wogs on the recieving end but very loathed to do so when it’s an aluha ashtray cunt doing the dirty.

    The fight back has begun…..

  10. Shaun
    Can we get a back to top button, please? Its not unusual for cuntings to run into the hundreds these days and its a right cunt scrolling to the top on a phone.


  11. I started a post over at my place about the reaction to the Grenfell Tower fire before I heard about events in Finsbury Park. I’m going to wait a couple of days before I write up my thoughts.

    However, I predict the following – the media, especially the cunts at the BBC, will have no hesitation in calling this attack terrorism, racism, white supremacy. There will be no attempt to “understand” the motives of the terrorist – was he angry about the mistreatment of Yazidi omen, the grooming of girl in Rochdale, etc? His motives will be clear as day to everyone – “Islamophobia” and racism.

    This is in marked contrast to the reaction to the Manchester and London attacks. Even when one of the twats on London Bridge screamed “This is for Allah” the wankers at the BBC were still discussing the “real” motives behind the attacks.

      • He’a a cunt because he brings civilised people down to the level of the savages.

          • That is debatable. I see he is. Only charged with attempted murder. There is more to this story than meets the eye.

          • Or took a wrong turn and feared for his life based on an out number of cunts that have a far bigger death toll in his country in the past month than any other religion in the past 10 years. So was temporarily inasanly overtaken.

  12. ….”And how”s my driving?”……………………..cunt………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah(c)

  13. Yeah now all of a sudden he cares about terrorist attacks whats the cunt crying bout no one died!. The Slimey rat Khan tends to his tribe he doesn’t give a fuck bout britons if I had it my way I’d send him on a one way ticket back to pakistan and I’ll make richard branson pay for it lol

  14. So do we not look back in anger on the Finsbury attack?Is it part and parcel of living in a big ciity? Of course we should be angry and of course it isn`t but it is funny how the leftards only say that when non Muslims are being attacked.People have been predicting this for a while including myself.When the establishment is so spineless that it fails to protect its own people the argument for anarchy will seem increasingly relevant to a growing number of people.Funny how this is top news yet a woman getting stabbed near a nursery by 3 girls talking about Allah got fuck all mention by the MSM.You can bet your life that his evil terrorist attack will be used as a retort to attempt to silence any criticism of Islam and that there will now be a crackdown on “hate speech” when yesterday Hezbollah flags were waved through London with no reaction from the police whatsoever.

    • A good post Shaun. One thing is certain. We have in our midst some fine examples of how to gain power through violence. Gerry Adams. Martin McGuinness, Choudhury, etc.

      We have had some excellent examples of how, what and where to attack, and we have some wonderful examples of pyrotechnic production, where to buy and how to manufacture.

      Perhaps we are learning by example.

      Now I am not an advocate of violence, but what I am saying, is that when you have an establishment that is inactive, an establishment that cannot or will not address the concerns of its own people, then you are paving the way to a very unhappy end.
      The purchase of votes by seducing every possible group or individual, is largely responsible for the astronomical fuckwittery of the Political Class.

      I agree with every detail of your post. And with the present state of affairs, it will be coming very soon.

  15. Someone finally snapped and returned the favor to these stone age barbarians. After all the shit we have put up with coming from their “community” and the news is going mad with the terrorist word.

    Has it become like the word racism where only white ppl can be labeled with it?.
    Three major terror attacks from the peaceful cunts and every news organization does all they can to not label the dirty smelly sand wogs terrorists and try to parley it to mental health, white mans fault or some bollocks.

    To tell the truth i could not give a fuck about any of them in this terror attack as its been called asi have never seen or heard any of them giving a fuck for our kids, parents,siblings and friends who have been murdered by there religion and beliefs.

    2, HIGNFY has been shit ever since Deaton was shit canned all those years ago, just been a lefty love in since then, a few episodes were good , Moore,Prescott and a few others got me to watch again from time to time . It just got fucking weaker and weaker with every week, Hislop and Merton just went further and further up their own arses .

  16. As much I hate the ragheads that attack is not great. I like how it is getting more coverage though just goes to show the goat fuckers are the priority now. I knew it was coming too.

    • Agreed. Sadly, it was foreseeable, but then the dirty cunts had it coming to them, and as fellow cunters have noted, once it’s pointed in their direction, they don’t like it up ’em.

      Whiny cunts.

  17. I take issue with the statement that Merton was once ‘funny’. He is, was and has always been an unfunny cunt. He merely keeps up his standard on hignfy.

    • The last great uncensored thought provoking comedy I ever saw on TV was Chris Morris Jam and Brass eye back in the early 90’s. Had me pissing my self.
      Channel 4 soon put a stop to that.
      Now we’re left with extremely watered down shite that is nothing more than childish digs from lefties.

  18. The smug leprechaun turd Hislop is doing a program on Thursday…Who Should We Let In? Ian Hislop On The First Great Immigration Row. Since its on the ABBC we can expect an unbiased, fair and sensible documentary, can we fuck, I can feel my piss boiling already.

    • Who Should We Let In? Who should we allow to escape, more like. If you are white British the only thing you have left is to try to escape because the country is being deliberately flooded with any fucking scum cunt who wants to come.

      It has been secret government policy ever since 1997 when Blair got in. Blair appointed Barbara Roche, herself the daughter of 4×2 immigrants as Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration. Under her the open door immigration policy of allowing absolutely anyone to enter the country, legally or otherwise, to claim asylum without any questions asked. Even if they had no grounds for asylum what so ever, they could stay because this bitch said deporting them would be “emotional”. She did not see her job as controlling immigration but rather encouraging it handing out work permits to just about anyone who asked for one, all with the express intention of changing Britain into a multicultural icon. Cunts like her hate Britain and hate its people.

      • I’m in Poland at the moment with Mrs Fistula, you don’t see one single peaceful over here. It’s total lock down where these cunts are concerned.
        The Polaks know full well that a multi culture society does not work.

        • And the Tyskie in Poland is £1 a pint, the women are fuckin hot. Mrs Fistula just caught me leering at some blonde leggy hoty . Nothing for me tonight at leg over time😡

          • Then the Polaks are truly a sensible people. No Parkin Stanleys ? Amazing!

          • No Asimpleasurehole, they won’t let the filthy cunts in , no matter what Merkel says, that goes for Hungry to.
            It’s the last bastion of common sense.

          • I think I could quite happily live in Eastern Europe. I’ve never been to Poland but I’ve been to Czech Republic and its nice there. I wouldn’t stay for winter though.

          • The Finsbury park terror attack has nothing to do with Christianity, its just part and parcel of living in a big city.

          • If Poland’s so great, how come there are so many of the loud, devoid-of-manners, grubby cunts over here? Fucking pricks. The women look like AIDS patients.

            Furthermore, they’re Catholics which isn’t much different to Allah-slaves. Dismal, gullible turd-nuggets.

    • Typical Remainiac hypocrite. Lives in a mansion in Sissinghurst, Kent (I’ve seen it) and is consequently unaffected by issues regarding housing/hospital/public transport, etc ad nauseum.

      Apparently he’s a Remainiac-voting Tory and therefore registers highly on the cunt-o-metre.


    Lilly fucking Allen. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BRAIN DEAD UGLY MING MONG. I do not give two fucks about anything you have to say about anything. You got abusive tweets over your bleatings regarding the mosque attack : Tough. Get over yourself.I know, go light a candle you virtue signalling SJW spazmatron.

    • Better still, go and shove some very large candles (pref the Roman variety) in your every foul-stinking orifice.

      Deluded muppet

    • Lily Allen is just like a spoiled brat. Best to just ignore her tantrums and treat her with the disdain she deserves. Eventually,if nobody takes any notice,they stop.

    • I think we should stop referring to Lily Allen as a Mong.

      It’s offensive to people with Down’s Syndrome to be associated with her.

      • Consdering the intelligence level of a person with Down’s syndrome and the fact most who have it get on with life and not bother USB it does seem a poor association. Lily allen is a more an incuurable disease that keeps coming back. Usually in cases worse than before. She is an Ankle. (The only thing lower than a cunt)

  20. Just in case any cunt tries to tell you that islamaphobic terrorism is as big a problem as islamic terrorism, here are the latest scores after 24 days of this years ramanagadingdong bombathon;

    Islamic terrorism 139 attacks 1282 dead
    “Islamophobic” terror 1 attack ? dead

    It seems the one dead in Finsbury Park was already suffering some sort of medical emergency and was on the ground receiving treatment when the attack took place so it isn’t sure whether the van killed him or not.

  21. The peacefuls now have the “victim” card to play aswell as the “racism” card. Wont matter how many nail-bombs or stabbings they do now,it’ll all be excused as payback for the” Whitey-caused” towerblock fire or the actions of one very poor motorist.
    (Shame that bin-wagon driver from Glasgow wasn’t at the controls. They could have just scooped the victims straight into the back.)

    Already the poor peaceful community are saying that they don’t feel safe in this country any more….Well,thanks to the actions of your community neither do the vast majority of the population. If they’re not running people over,blowing them up,knifing them,raping women and children, they’re fiddling benefits or indulging in organised crime.

    All this shit about “A few extremists who don’t represent the real Islam” is total bollocks. They represent their hateful,murderous religion perfectly. If moslems don’t like a taste of their own medicine..tough shit. They can always just fuck off back to mohammedland.

    • Islam is extremism there is no room for critical thinking the moderate muslim is just nicer about his disgusting and violent views that the extremist is more willing to admit to. Hell in alot of ways the extremist is at least honest its the fucking moderates who spreads the “not real islam” bullshit.

      What I also find disgusting is Maggie Mays cunting remarks Theresa May declared this a terrorist incident within 8 minutes. The Muslim Council of Great Britain said the van had run over worshippers and said the attack was ‘motivated by Islamophobia’. This is the fastest we’ve ever seen terrorism and motive determined this has never happened before it only seems to happen when a white bloke does it

  22. Merton has stopped speaking in recent series, he just reacts to other people by looking side to side with a confused expression on his fat cuntish face.

    Can’t remember who didn’t turn up but the replacement block of lard was the best guest ever.

    If the ABBC are so stupid to pay Merton for that, they really are the bunch of fucktards we know them to be.

    • The tub of lard was a substitute for slavering labour gobshite Roy Hattersley (who once said in an interview that “people should show the political class more appreciation and respect”).
      Fat chance.
      Fat cunt…

  23. J K Rowling and the typical leftards are pointing the finger at Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson.How predictable.

    • Typical. It is always those who point out the ( very obvious ) problems who are blamed, never the problem itself. Maybe if the mudslimes lived in peace and integrated like the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and 4x2s there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

      • Bon Jovi is to release a new song in light of the recent terror attack outside Finsbury Mosque:

        Struck by a van, and you’re to blame.
        You give Islam, a bad name.

    • JC… in that case, please can I slip an emergency cunting in for Emma Twatson ?
      If Rowlinginit’s kicked off, Twatson is sure to follow…

  24. Why are they saying this attack is an attack on all faiths communities and Londoners when it was specifically targeted.This statement is just disengenuous.

    • An example of the double speak which passes for intelligent comment these days. Repeat the lie often enough and people will believe it.

  25. HIGNFY is just a collection of smug cunts who really aren’t as clever or cutting as they like to think.

    • HIGNFY sounds onomatopaeic…

      Pass the sick-bucket….HIGNFY !!

      Damn ! All down me trizers…

  26. Some lefty academic prick saying on BBC that Islamophobia should be treated just like. sexism homophobia and racism.Fuck me race sexuality and gender are not a choice.Islam as a religion and belief system that is a choice .If we are going to criminalize those that criticize religion then we are truly screwed.I mean there is a lot of Islamic customs that are of legitimate concern and cannot just be dismissed as a phobia.

    • Islime should be treated like cancer, smallpox and syphilis…

      Nothing less than TOTAL eradication from face of this earth.

      To the list above we might add RD2

  27. I would like to nominate the Khadir Family for a cunting.

    Who are they, one may ask?

    Until today, all 5 of them perished in the Grenfell Fire after fleeing War Torn Syria.

    Now, in a feat known only by Jesus himself, have all 5 of these cunts risen from the dead – safe and well.

    Im guessing that 5 K bonus and a life of government support wouldn’t be anything to do with the reason?

    Lucky it wasn’t one of the very few white families that have descended back – they would be lying , shameful deceiving cunts according to the BBC and sky.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t the Khadir tribe at all. The Khadirs probably did die in the fire,and these are just a family of typical scavangers.

      • Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and all the virtue signallers falling all over themselves desperate to out do each other. Bit like the death of Eva Peron: Oh what a circus, oh what a show.

  28. If this Cameldriver was already dead before the clean up van turned up does that mean he only gets 48 virgins and has missed out on his bonus? Damn bad luck if you ask me.

  29. That cunt on Sky news complaining that plod were too slow turning up? Fuck off you spastic.

    • Ok back to HIGNFY
      I can’t watch it anymore. The smug self righteous little cunt Hislop and the about as funny As cancer Merton with their endless digs at Brexit and Big Don have become so fucking tiresome .
      Their typical of the smug cunts that sit on the Fence with arrogant authority, knowing they will never have to be accountable for any major decisions .
      A bit like Corbyn really.

    • If our emergency services arent good enough maybe they can go to Afghanistan.

      • I saw how quick the peacefuls were to lie about certain details:

        They first claimed there were 3 attackers – it was just the one.

        The claim the police took an hour to arrive – they were already nearby!

        They bitch about the fool not being shot – hmmm, wonder why that is?

      • Can camels piss high enough to douse a multi-storey mudhut?

        Maybe Allan’s Bountiful Squirting Virgins ?

  30. I gave up watching this sneering pro-EU pile of BBC shit in February but I seem to recall that Merton was always trying to distance himself from the constant digs at brexit. Has that changed? I would be surprised if it has.
    I also gave up buying Private Eye but occasionally flick through it in the supermarket. A cunt’s rag these days. If I want to be patronised by a bunch of cunts I can just switch on the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation.

    • I read somewhere that they couldn’t find a comedian who would admit to supporting Brexit. As if it was akin to paedophilia. So I doubt London based, right on Merton is anything different.

  31. Just been listening to that pillar of the community, Baroness Warsi, pontificating about “Islamaphobia”….”Hatecrime” and “far right extremism” etc etc.
    Sorry, is this the same Baroness Warsi who was suspended from the Lords for 9 months for fiddling her expenses and was damn lucky not to get banged up? (Well we all know it wasn’t luck). Who the fuck do these cunts think they are. I don’t need lectures and sob stories from a fucking thief!

    • You don’t hear much about that cunt Warsi these days. She should have been banged up. Crooked old cow.

    • Warsi is yet another incompetent, deceitful cunt who only got where she is on the back of her gender and religion. An irrelevance if there ever was one.

    • Funny, she didn’t say anything about Manchester or London Bridge, did she?…
      Paki slag…

      • Of course she didn’t.

        Usual double standards, silence when it happens to non-peacefuls and when this happens…… good lord, we get it full force!

  32. Emergency cunting for Darren Osborne.
    This is the cunt who drove a van into a crowd of muslims in London. Fucking brilliant. Now they are all over the news as fucking victims. Paris (failed) attack pushed aside. Borough Market and Westminster forgotten. Muslims are victims. It’s official. I saw it on the BBC. ‘Hate crime for no reason. See what the peaceful religion has to put up with.’
    This deluded, inadequate cunt has probably achieved what that Yorkshire cunt did when he made Jo Cox a fucking martyr.
    I hope they throw away the key.

    • It would not matter if Darren Osborne had done what he did or not, the narrative from the MSM would have been exactly the same. We, the native people of Britain are the bad guys and the only way we can atone for our sins is by flooding the country with cunts who hate us and we must sit on our hands in silence with a rictus grin on our faces while the cultural enrichment continues apace until Britain no longer exists.

      However, some people are not happy to sit on their hands and do nothing as they watch their country and culture disappear, as they watch their children raped by the invaders and as they see the same children blown to bits by nail bombs.

      The first role of any government is to protect the people, and successive ones have proven unable or unwilling to do so. If the government refuses to protect the people then at least some of the people will protect themselves.

      • For a man who wanted to play ”terrorist”, he did a shit job of it.

        Bet it was spur of the moment.

        I also cunt this fool for now the London and Manchester atrocities are now a faded memory.

    • It’s a bad business but I don’t think the community will get much sympathy in light of all the other shit that’s happened. They don’t go in for candle vigils and their music doesn’t sell well.

    • It’s a bad business but I don’t think that community will get much sympathy in light of all the other shit that’s happened. They don’t go in for candle vigils and their music doesn’t sell well.

    • He is indeed a cunt as he has given the media and elite the narrative they wanted. Right wing terrorism as bad as islamic terrorism .

      • The media already had the narrative, they have been pushing it for years. Now they have a fact to back it up, but just look at the numbers and it falls to pieces. But who needs facts when you have the magic narrative? Unfortunately most people are pretty gullible and believe what they are told.

        I’m not going to cry any crocodile tears over what happened, it was inevitable and no doubt there will be many more to come.

  33. Fuck me, if your neighbour started a rat farm in his back garden and your house was invaded by the fuckers who would you blame, the rats or the cunt who brought them to your back door? Well it wouldn’t help if every cunt kept telling you they are cute, friendly little creatures and you had a load of animal rights cunts camped in your front garden. The only thing to do is to run away or take a flame thrower to the fucking lot of them.

  34. Strange how this Osborne cunt was named almost instantly by ABBC….
    But it took them days to name the filthy greasy piece of muslamist excrement who committed mass murder in Manchester…

    • Funny how quick it was called a terrorist attack.

      Funny how quick he was arrested

      Funny how quick a COBRA meeting was chaired.

      Funny how quick May was to visit Finsbury Park

      Funny how quick the cunt was named.

      Funny how the wording was ”a van ploughed through” and ”a van mowed down”.

      The sheer amount of double standards is galling.

  35. I’ve found WiFi at a gaff – no nanny Web so ISAC it is.


    The thing that fuck’s me off about the “Terrorist Atrocity” (when this actual was “some bloke from Cardiff” – unlike one after another, after another, and another “peaceful” cunts) is that it a) legitimises any other attack by “peaceful” cunts, b) all “peaceful” cunts – whether jihadis or just those that condone their actions – will be expecting UK Plc to fall over itself appeasing them to fuck (as Dick Fiddler hints above).

    I wanted hard action to be taken but I wanted HM Gov and the powers that be to do this! Not some deranged twat to do it because of the very reasons I give above!

    Yeah you showed them – Darren Osborne – you CUNT!

    Just when mass non-“peaceful” public opinion was on the cusp of demanding action of our Govt you go and do this and reset “peaceful” clock so every single time after the next multiple death Muslim Terrorist Attack occurs we’ll just get: “Well you killed ONE of ours!” (copyright Mayor Khunt)!

    What a dick head!

    I don’t want them killed, I want them rounded up, annexed and deported. And if any of the cunts decide to mix it with SO19 and get blown away then so be it. You won’t see me shedding a tear!

    But now, no chance. It’s open season on the infidel again and woe betide anyone who dares cry “peaceful problem”. You’ll get locked up!

    What a fucking cunt of a cunt! 😠

    • I nominate Darren Osbourne for a cunting.

      So….. at a time when it was maybe, just maybe time that the powers that be finally realised they had to get get serious and possibly consider taking decisive action against the peaceful nutters, this dumb as fuck cunt decides to drive a van into them.

      Well congratulations dipshit, you now have them overplaying the victim and racism cards more than ever and every fucker under the sun is bending over forwards to appease and pander to them!

      You’ve just set back the case for decisive action against that mob by years becasue they will never let this go and ever lily livered cunt will do everything to protect and please them – at the expense of everyone else!

      Darren Osbourne, you are a stupid cunt and for your stupid cuntery I hope you end up sharing a cell with two bigga-boy types called Jamal and Abdullah! Cunt! Baaaaaaaaaah!

  36. Media logic: When an Islamic conspirator kills a westerner, it’s a lone wolf, one a western lone wolf kills one of them, it’s a right wing conspiracy.

  37. Oh yeah, and I am sick to fucking cunt of hearing the likes of May, Rudd, Khan, and numerous snowflakes and social media mongs saying ‘They will not divide us!’…

    There is no bloody ‘us’…. We are British, they are muslamists… They refuse to adapt to British life and society… They have no respect for us or our values… They get treated better than British families, taxpayers, workers, and pensioners… And they openly piss in the face of Britain (Oi! Queen! Come ‘ere!’?! Fucking ignorant sandspade cunt!)… There is no ‘us’… We are us and they are them… But the UK should belong to its own people and they should all fuck off back to their flybown shitheaps….

    • Goo luck with that one, every cunt is now going to protect them.

      Tit for tat? Shit, by all logic they have a lot of ‘tat’ heading their way but no way that will happen now?

      Wonder what the reaction to the next peaceful attack will be?

      • John Humphreys was interviewing a bystander this morning on radio four, and the guy said the fucking bellend in the van was shouting kill all Muslims. Humphreys asked him to repeat that phrase, not once, but three times, just in case no one was paying full attention. Contrast that with the interview with the woman who witnessed the female teacher getting stabbed by some other women. They cut out the bit where she said the women stabbing were shouting ‘this is for allah’. It’s not about who is right or wrong, but they should apply the same rules to both crimes.

        • Yes, that attack happened not a million miles from me and was hardly mentioned locally let alone on MSM.
          The double standards of a lot of the media cunts shouldn’t come as a surprise now. Just try making a complaint about this and they don’t like it.

  38. Apparently the van driver was radicalized after watching too many Alf Garnett dvds….

    • I think you’ll find it was Sir Nigel who was responsible for that as in the BBC documentary about St. Jo Cocksucker the other night.

      • Well apparently JK Rollinginit already blamed Farage and Tommy Robinson for this.

          • “Although I am a cunt I am going to out cunt until myself and blame a couple of random right wingers, so here goes…………”
            Her exact words.

  39. Oh and don’t get me started on “double standards” between this single incident and the raft of “peaceful” atrocities in the West worldwide over the last 12 months.

    As I’ve said dozens of times before, Thomas Mair was named, labelled a “Nazi Sympathiser” and branded an “Extremist” before St. Jo’s blood had even had chance to dry on the road!

    Once again another fucking nut-job but again the disparity on naming and shaming between that and the dozens of UK “peaceful” twats killing dozens of people remain unnamed, defined as “French”, “Norwegian” or “some bloke from Kent” and each to a one “disturbed” or “misunderstood”. It fucking stinks.

    And now I have to suffer the lies of some “peaceful” cunt with a doily on his head (ABBC News 24 right now) extolling how peaceful all the “peaceful” folk are in Finsbury park. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but I bet C4 would of the cunt was given the chance to take a few innocents out with him!

    Fuck off you’re all murdering cunts and if you’re not you condone the actions of the “peaceful” ones who do it.

    Fucking Darren Osborne CUNT!


    And then after another attack in Paris. Not named but “known” to the authorities. You may hear of his name in a couple of months or so. No doubt a misunderstood lone-wolf who just happens – by pure coincidence – to be “peaceful”! GRRRRRR!!!!

    • I just googled “paris attack” and the only results were from Fox News, NBC, CNN and the Times of India. Not a fucking dicky bird from UK MSM.

      Google “london attack” and all the usual suspects show up, BBC, Guardian and Independent.

      Do you think they are trying to hide something from us?

  40. Awwww! Everyone’s favourite ickle mong is now getting ‘upset’ over ‘evil’ and ‘abhorent’ messages on her Twatter page… The windowlicker we all love to hate said that Darren Osborne cunt was ‘radicalised by the British media’…. Could the British media she is condemning be the this be the same British media she covets and whores herself to on a regular basis?…
    Also, how come the musical mong is more upset about Finsbury Park than she was about Manchester, London Bridge, or Westminster?… Oh, one of her precious little pets has been killed by (drum roll) ‘nasty white men’… She must be frigging herself silly tonight…

    • I have to take issue with your description of this mong as “musical”. She can’t hold a note, the whiney cunt.
      She must be as thick as shit as she must realise what will happen after her outpourings.
      Has she visited the scene in Finsbury Park yet to get her grizzling mug in the papers.
      Also how many families from Grenfell Tower has she taken in ?

      • She knows exactly what she’s doing… She spouts this anti-English, anti-white crap knowing the responses she’ll get, and then she plays the victim and laps up the publicity…. The Mongotron is another Sinead O’ Connor… It’s not about white people, or peacefuls, or tower block fires… It’s all about her… Everything this coke addled STD riddled gluebag does is for attention and publicity… She’ll even lie to get noticed (the taxi driver ‘story’)…. That the media now see the Ultramong as the go-to person for opinion on social and poltical matters shows how fucked Britain really is… One can imagine the scenario: Daily Mirror/Sky/ITV/ABBC offices…. ‘Oh fuck, lads! World War III is starting tomorrow… Let’s go out with a great story and a real solid and philosophical view… I know, we’ll ask Lily The Spaz!’…

  41. We’ve already been labelled and not lowering ourselves to their level us fuckin bullshite.

    What else is there to do?

    Seriously, “lowered to their level”?
    Grow some fuckin balls and stop worrying about an image.

    Darren Osbourne is a pioneer and hero.

  42. Sorry to piss on the parade (don’t worry my piss comes out as steam these days anyway) but that was the most piss poor, feeble fucking “terrorist attack” that I’ve ever seen in my life.
    Firstly, if you’re gonna drive down a road and kill as many people as possible, try choosing a road that’s longer than 10 FUCKIN FOOT long.
    Secondly, don’t get dragged out and beaten the shit out of by the cunts that your trying to kill.
    Thirdly, out of all the traitorous, backstabbing, cousin marrying, vermin that you have to choose from why go after a bunch of randoms. …not very british.
    If you want to make a point, find the biggest, baddest, mouthiest, goat shagger you can find and spill HIS guts over the floor.
    Darren Osbourne is a stupid cunt.

    …He’s probably clinically insane but I doubt we’ll hear too much about that. I’ll be all “right wing” “anti immigration” and “voted for brexit”.
    Stupid, soppy cunts like him and thomas mair give us “righty’s” a bad name.

    ….and I bet those ISIS cunts are pissing their fuckin pants!

    • Yeah, at least the Mair arsehole picked a relevant target and tried to get away with it by doing a runner and changing his clothes. He should have told the coppers he got the gun from a Muzzie, which he probably did. I mean no proper criminal is going to sell a gun to a wanker like him as the chances are he’ll get caught and grass them up. A Muzzie would just scream Islamaphobia and they can’t touch the cunt

    • And why the fuck did he travel all the way from Wales to do it. Haven’t they got mosques in Wales.

  43. There’s a candlelight vigil for the dead Muzzie tonight. No surprise there but guess where it is? Fucking MANCHESTER!!! Fuck me, those snowflakes know a tragedy when they see one. Next step….vigils on Corrie and Eastbenders.

    • Those whiny cunts in Liverpool are going to have to raise their game if they’re not to loose their title of Capital of the Grief Industry… Typical lazy scousers, can’t even manage a job where all they have to do is whinge.

      • Sign-on, sign-on.

        With a pen in your hand.
        Yoooouuuuuu’llll never get a job.
        You’ll never get a job!
        Sign-on, sign-on!

  44. He had the balls to do something.
    He gave up his freedom and family coz he couldn’t take this shite anymore.
    He had everything to lose but still tried to get some payback.
    I’m sure he wanted to get more, but its not his fault that multi layers off clothing protect against deadly injuries.

    To call Darren Osbourne a cunt is not on.
    He done this for us you, you ungrateful cunts.


    • That’s like saying “be nice to teresa may coz she’s trying to deliver brexit.”

      The fact is she’s a stupid cunt that’s gonna fuck it up.

      “It’s not good enough saying that we are “doing our best”, you have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” – Winston Churchill.

      Anjem pube-face chouda is out on the streets soon. ….if you’re gonna get someone why not go after him?

      Osbourne is a stupid, embarrasment of a shit cunt if ever I saw one.

      We’re british for fucks sake. No point killing a few randoms, that will NEVER win a war.

      • Its fuck all like saying “be nice to teresa may”

        I said he wasnt a cunt coz he gave up everything coz he couldn’t take noore? Ffs

    • Osborne has destroyed and hope of any sort of negative (ie: positive, for us) movement against the peacefuls… There were signs of ‘These cunts have gone too far! Now they’re having it!’…. But after the Grenfell Tower fire and especially after Finsbury Park the camelbummers are back in pole position as No. 1 victims and will now be more untouchable than ever… Talk about playing into their hands…

      A mate of mine said to me yesterday at work: ‘That Lily Allen is fucking hanging!’ To which, I replied: ‘Yeah, but not from a tree… Unfortunately…’

  45. I see the last bastion of childhood entertainers not swallowed up by operation weeting, Bryan Cant, has died of Parkinson’s today.

    I liked old Bryan, and Chloe Ashcroft. Now all that’s left of childhood tv is convicted paedo’s for me…. nobody had him in the pool then?

    I would have liked to hear his inner city role call these days for Islamshire fire brigade: Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed Ibrahim, Mohammed, Khan! Allah!

    • not forgetting “Grunt”, when they withdraw from the station goat-mascot…

  46. Cocksuckers at the BBC are making a four course meal out of this. I empathise with Darren Osborne’s frustration but, for fucks sake, what do our wankey establishment expect. People are seriously angry and cities are just a few more muzzie attacks away from civil war.

    The Met has labelled the crime as ‘right wing extremism’. Those lefties are pure as the driven snowflakes of course. This isn’t right wing extremism. The likelihood is that Darren Osborne would have been sitting home tonight, cock in one hand and a tinny in the other had Manchester and London Bridge not happened. This is nothing like what happened in Manchester or on London Bridge. This is an attempt to send a message to cunts like May and Corbyn.

    The public are sick of muzzie terrorist attacks. The sooner the government realises this and acts on it, fewer incidents such as these will occur.

    That skidmark Corbyn is ‘out and about’ in the ‘commoonity’ today. Cuntwallah.

    • Corbyn is opportunistic scum. The cunt was out political point scoring about Grenfell tower while the damn thing was still burning! Christ I wish this Osbourne creature went for him instead.

      • I think he’s trying to make out that he’s some king of robin hood.

        …pied fuckin piper more like.

        • I’ve been saying it all along – he’s a modern day Jim Jones!

          Commie cunt – check
          Brainwashed followers – check
          Insidious beliefs and practices (by henchmen and followers) – check

          All he needs is his own town in some backwater foreign hell hole called Corbyntown and some Flavour-aid and cool-aid…..

    • Bit like Newtons Law. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    • have no doubt that the slimes will behave like Nazis did after the Czechs offed Heydrich…for every one dead goatfucker, probably hundreds of us slaughtered.

      Because they are evil cunts.

  47. Well done to Dioclese for winning the # ISAC Election Game 2017 # by correctly predicting 23/50 MPs that lost their seats. The losers are listed below.

    I got the list of current, standing MPs from this site:
    Apologies for any errors.

    10/50 lost seats:
    Byron Davies
    Gavin Barwell
    Nick Clegg
    Simon Danczuck
    David Winnick
    Calum Kerr
    Ed Miliband
    Alastair Carmichael
    Ben Gummer
    Angus Robertson

    10/49 lost seats:
    Chris Matheson
    Rob Marris
    Natascha Engel
    Tom Blenkinsop
    David Winnick
    Robert Flello
    Gisela Stuart
    Susan Jones
    Rob Flello
    Alan Meale

    Anton Pillar:
    14/50 lost seats:
    Chris Matheson
    Calum Kerr
    Rob Marris
    Catherine Smith
    Natascha Engel
    David Winnick
    Kirsten Oswald
    John Nicolson
    Byron Davies
    Amanda Solloway
    Corri Wilson
    Rob Flello
    Jamie Reed
    Iain Wright

    Freddie the Frog:
    0/1 lost seats.

    23/50 lost seats:
    Mary Creach
    John Nicolson
    David Winnick
    Ed Miliband
    Chris Mathewson
    Nick Clegg
    Sarah Olney
    John Pugh
    Natasha Engel
    Rob Flello
    Allan Meals
    Alastair Carmichael
    Greg Mulholland
    Mark Williams
    John Nicolson
    Calum Kerr
    Richard Armless
    Alexander Burnett
    Angus Robertson
    Byron Davies
    Amanda Solloway
    Gavin Harwell
    Tom Blenkinsop

    14/50 lost seats:
    Alex Salmond
    Paul Farelly
    Catherine Mckinne
    Elidh Whiteford
    Nick Clegg
    Chris Matherson
    Tuilip Siddiq
    Ed Milliband
    Hiliary Benn
    John Nicholson
    Rob Marris
    John Pugh
    Iain Wright
    Jamie Reed

    Vermin CS:
    4/5 lost seats:
    Alex Salmond
    Angus Robertson
    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
    Nick Clegg

  48. So many cunts, so little interest. The likes of JK Rowling, Flabbot, Corbin, etc.etc ad infinitum. Fuck them all, fuck them all.

  49. Piers Morgan is a cunt but deserves an un-cunting for this:


    This is the “Darren Osborne” affect. Chippy “peaceful” cunts expecting their community to be exonerated of any association with terrorist attacks while non-“peacefuls” are expected to mind their language.

    Fuck off you cunts and watch me tuck into my sausage and bacon bap during daylight hours! Cunts!

    • ….. and while the fucker doing all the talking doesn’t hardly pause for a breath …. at 2.35 … he mentions all the hurt, including the ‘Grenfell Tower ATTACKS’ … jump to conclusions, why don’t you, you gobshite Cunt …

  50. J K Rowling is a skidmark who lives in am alternate ‘cockwarts’ reality.

    She has Tweeted accusing Nigel Farage of influencing the likes of Darren Osborne.

    Naturally Farage is livid. If I were him, I would sue her socialist arse off and donate any award to a worthy cause which would piss Rowling off. Something that would benefit the indigenous population of the UK, such as Help the Aged.

    Rowling can get her magic gums around my wedding tackle. At least it would prevent her talking socialist mumbo jumbo. For a short while, anyway.

    • How do the cunts in power not except revenge attacks to occur after all these latest terrorist attacks like manchester bombing and bridge stabbings? Fucking stupid lickspittle cunt clowns in government.

      When the government coddles the mudslime community after every attack and does bloody nothing. Lets not even fucking forget about the 40,000 radicalised jihadi terrorists currently in england! fucking useless Cunts

    • Would he win though? The Establishment hate him and would love to put him in his place ……..and bankrupt him at the same time.

      • You’re right, Freddie… I still remember Katie Hopkins and her case against Jim/John/Jack Monroe…. The amount of rich snowflake cunts and twats in high places made sure Katie didn’t have a chance…

  51. Suckdick had better watch out, he’s got a rival. The media are turning this Muzzie vicar , who “saved” this Osbourne cunt, into a fucking saint and hero.
    Lucky for Suckdick , Mohammed the cunt already has a cushy job and doesn’t need any snowflakes to vote for him.

  52. I WOULD LIKE TO NOMINATE PROTESTERS for a thorough and merciless CUNTING.

    Seeing hordes of these socialist shitkickers on the ITV News last night, protesting about the Grenfell tragedy with their political slogans on their banners ‘end government austerity’.

    I tell you what, you soapdodging, beany hat wearing, rag wearing, blue haired, arsehole acrobats, why don’t you get a job instead of trying to be activists? They interviewed one cunt on there who was clearly not the full turnip; he described himself as an ‘activist’ and ranted on about how Kensington Council had failed everyone. Then he promptly broke down in tears.

    Years ago, loops like this would have been tranquillised and would have been resident in a nice padded room. Most of these nut bars are attracted to pied piper Corbyn’s tune for promises of more money, courtesy of taxes on the ‘rich’.

    If cunts like this got off their arses and concentrated on making themselves a living instead of their ambition stretching to one of self appointed community mouthpiece, then perhaps this country might see an change in fortune.

    • Seconded. These animals wander from one disaster site to the next, protest against anything that represents normal or traditional values, and actually have no purpose in their otherwise meaningless lives.

      Appropriate time to cunt these Bastards!

  53. Michael Mansfield (the human rights lawyer) was speaking at public Grenfell Tower meeting. KERCHING!

    • Michael Mansfield’s cv comprises a litany of wronguns who he has defended during his career.

      Michael Barrymore and James Hanratty are two prime examples of the indefensible.

      Silly old cunt.

      • Remember John and Yoko’s ‘Justice For Hanratty’ campaign?….
        It was almost as bad as their IRA arselicking, and sucking up to Rachman enforcer and murderer, Michael X… Fucking pair of cunts…

        • I was only just born when john lennon was killed outside his multi-million dollar flaty thing. I remember my Mum mentioned him about five or six years later, and saying what a pig he was to his first wife. (my Mums words)

          I looked his wife up a few years later, she was gorgeous, and read that the drunken, drugged up cunt was always knocking her about. Why he left her for ugly, ugly, ugly old yoko is beyond me, but I bet she was glad to be shot of the cunt. The cunt.

          If john lennon is not on here, he should be… the scarse cunt.

    • That thoroughly egregious Brexit denying cunt Jolyon Maugham QC (in his case that means Quality Cunt) has also offered his services for free.

      A total cunt with a infinitely punchable boat race.

      • Jolyon Maugham QC is another 24 carat cunt!! That’s the prick who tried to use the orish courts to thwart brexit!! The expression a picture paints a 1000 words Has never been more appropriate , take a look at him and instantly you think ABSOLUTE CUNT !!

        • His day job is helping movie stars avoid paying tax, just about the most cunty job going. I wonder if he represents Lily the musical mong or her cunt of a father?

          His legal challenge is based on the principle that we have all made a huge mistake and we should have the chance to reverse it. Presumably that means another referendum. And presumably if we make the same mistake yet again we would have another, and another and another until we vote the correct way and agree with him and his rich clients.

          What is it about democracy that these cunts do not get?

  54. Diane Abbott is back…………HURRAH, one of the great political icons of the 21st century.


  55. I have no doubt at all that at this very second there are dozens of peacefulls plotting to indiscriminately slaughter the people of a country which has taken them in and given them a decent home and a future for their kids and that hundreds more know about their plots but will not report them because they all believe in the same sky fairy.

  56. The counter terrorism services have to after the mosques, imams and hate preachers and cut the head off the snake. This is easier said than done with every piece of legislation put forward is fought by cunts like Corbyn crying about victimisation and human rights, any cunt who bite the hand that feeds them, very generously, has no rights.

    There are no ‘moderate’ peacefuls just less extreme and better at hiding their true colours, they would incorporate Sharia Law, superseding our democratic values in a heartbeat.

  57. Lily Allen is stuck on permanent retard mode, after the mosque attack she twatted ‘ radicalised by the British Media # Finsbury Park.’ Yes of course you stupid cunt its Richard Littlejohn and The Daily Mails fault. A truly ignorant, ugly slug of shite.

  58. Lilly the musical mega mong has opened her fucking mouth again….does this retarded cunt never learn,surely she must have an adviser who,s job it is to stop her from making a total cunt of herself, if she hasn’t she fucking needs one….
    Do us all a favour you muppet I’m sure you can afford to retire and fuck off to sunnier climes….like the sun.

    • fruit flies quite bright, and have good taste in booze.

      Years ago, was sitting in the garden with a glass of Maker’s Mark, saw a FF floating around in it. I helped it out on my finger, and it sat on the rim of the glass. I was wondering how such a small thing could survive swimming in a bath of alcohol when… it hopped back in again, consumed its own weight, and flew off quite happily…

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