Robin Makin

I always used to feel a bit sorry for Ian Brady`s solicitor.I mean someone had to be and I figured naively perhaps that he was most likely a normal bloke doing his job and showing great professionalism and restraint the level of which is inconceivable to me.He is indeed a massive cunt though! After Brady`s death yesterday he was giving radio and TV interviews which is odd in itself and goes way beyond his professional obligation.Weirder still he spent two hours with Brady before he died discussing funeral arrangements and disposal of his body.That took 2 hours? I mean the guy lived in a room , has presumably hardly any assets to leave anyone no one would turn up to his funeral.This was all clearly pre-planned and Makin himself made it clear Brady was too ill to speak at any length.So he was clearly there comforting him on his deathbed.He described it as “a moving experience” which is fucked up.I get he was a big part of his professional life but fuck me “moving” :the guy was a monster and regardless of people’s political opinions that is the overwhelming consensus of the public.Also the creepy looking Lord Longford lookalike cunt refused to call him evil and said he was mentally ill.Oh fuck off Brady knew exactly what he was doing and was an incredible tactician in sadism.As you would expect he then said the “meejah” frenzy was unhelpful.I am so sick of this argument in such cases.If you broadcast the facts with no bias whatsoever there would still be a frenzy as Ian Brady was such an unspeakably evil cunt that even his name gives most people the chills.

Makin is a cunt of the highest order though for saying he had many interesting conversations with Brady over 25 years but never asked Brady where he buried Keith Bennett.Absolute bollocks.He must have asked him.The notion anyone wouldn`t ask him that is ridiculous.Did it just never get brought up in conversation? His comments have obviously pissed off the families of those poor children which was the last thing they needed to feel on what should have been a day of relief.

I wouldn`t let this weird and creepy solicitor anywhere near me.CUNT!

Nominated by Shaun

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  1. What makes this even weirder is that Makin was also the solicitor of James Bulger`s father.

  2. He had to sit with him for 2 hours to make it worth his time in legal aid expenses. He looks a bit creepy. Must have been the hardest job ever for a defence lawyer.

    Was his job to defend Brady in court? Fucking waste of time and money. The only visit he should have got was from an undertaker to measure him up for a coffin.

    • I would have paid to watch Brady die. Let us hope it was as painful as possible……He was beyond evil. China knows how to deal with scum like him.So does Russia and Saudi. What he did to his victims is beyond explanation. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it. He is dead and I am pleased.

  3. A total media non-story. What’s the point of hating this bloke……he’s just doing his job. Yes, it’s a dirty job in a dirty business but who’s fault is that? Fucking politicians…….they’re the cunts who make the law and we fucking vote for them. This is a load of bollocks……..the media looking for a scapegoat cunt when we all know who the real cunts are.

    • I wouldn`t say I hated him and like I said I did admire him for doing one of the most unpleasant jobs going but he is a cunt for going to the press in the first place I mean his client has died.He should have just executed his will and shut up.To feed the media frenzy he is complaining about is just beyond the pale.

  4. I heard the cunt on radio four. I was begging for someone to ask how could he associate with the murdering scum, but no, they treated him more like a grieving friend or relative. My next question would have been ‘when’s the book coming out then?” Cunt.

    • It was strange.I mean the BBC were treating it ads though an entertainer`s long time agent had called in to say a few words.Most bizarre thing I have heard on the BBC in a while and that is saying something.

      • I hate how serial killers are franchised books, horror films etc… just fucking sickening

        Robin Makin looks like a real weasely money grabbing bastard doesn’t he?

        • Yes, it’s one thing to say he should just keep quiet, do his job and disappear, but who would expect him not to take advantage of this gift from the gods that has dropped onto his lap? Whichever way you look at it, murder is big business. How much did Emlyn Williams make by writing ‘Beyond Belief’?
          I predict British film-makers will think twice, but the Americans won’t hesitate.

          • Now he is dead though why didnt he say he was an evil bastard and reveal things he had said.

    • The BBC are cunts and they are even more cuntish for wrongfully predicting Mark Eughh Smith’s death.

      The cunts shouldn’t tease us like that.

      • Mark E Smith has done so much for this world birdman yet you still mock him? disgraceful sir, just disgraceful!

  5. The guys a cunt for being the beasts lawyer, pure and simple.

    There’s other clients out there and no cunt was forcing him to do it.
    Twenty five years of milking the legacy of a beast and not once trying to help a family that lost so much at the hands of his beastly buddy.
    I hope some bad shite comes his way.

    • Is this the cunt that wants to comply with the beasts wishes and scatter the beasts ashes on Saddleworth Moor?

      If so, he’s a super insensitive cunt as well.
      And what a creepy, seedy looking cunt too.

      • Yeah I mean someone had to represent him in court and execute the will but surely when he said he wanted his ashes scattered on the Moor you would refuse.

        • They should feed him to the pigs so they can shit out his remains.

  6. Naturally this creepy cunt will have a book ready to come out, full of ‘revelations’ (ie: bollocks)…Alan Keightley is also cashing on his ‘association’ with Brady will another ‘tell all’ book…. They’re all mawkish cash grabbing cunts…

    • Yes, and that fucking book will reveal where Keith Bennet is buried, the slimey cunt has probably known for years.

  7. One in five child deaths in east London borough are because the baby’s parents are related…Redbridge Council in East London heard a report has found 19 % of child deaths in the borough between 2008 and 2016 were directly due to the parents being blood related… Most of them being Pakistani….

    Parking Stanleys eh?….ff the cunts aren’t fucking coats, they’re fucking each other…

  8. Everyone in this country is entitled to a fair trial and a proper legal defense from a lawyer. That’s how it should be.

    I have no problem with the guy defending Brady to the best of his ability, but if he goes on to exploit that relationship for personal gain then that’s totally a different question and I’d condemn him for it…

    • I agree Dio.That is a vital part of our principles and legal system.The interviews since Brady has died have made me piss boil as they are unecessary and crass.

      • The meeja are at fault, again. If they didn’t go around sticking microphones in peoples faces cunts like this would be completely unknown and irrelevant. Cunts.

    • What the fuck was there to defend? The murding scum-fuck was convicted decades ago. Fuck him. He should have bern hung by piano wire in 1966 along with his whore.

  9. Watched him being interviewed on Granada. He came across as a bit of Lord Longford type, and we all know what a massive cunt he was. His niece, Happyrot Harman is keeping up the family tradition.

    • As Harold Wilson observed Lord Longford had the intellect of a 12 year old.If he wasnt part of the establishment he would probably have been a village idiot or sent to a nut house.

  10. Another one this morning. The psychiatrist who had to examine that piece of shit was talking about how Brady was a psychopath, gosh thanks for that revelation ! , and saying how there was something intrinsically evil about him. No shit Sherlock.
    Creepy stuff with no substance but he likely got paid for it . I thought that such stuff was private like the solicitors knowledge but they are draining it dry.
    A thought , there must be relatives of both those killers about somewhere, I bet they are hunkering down until the sound of the cash register reaches them . “My shame” by Brady’s 4th cousin twice removed; “Am I tainted too?, a life of worry” by Hindley’s step bother etc.

  11. Just seen Tim “COTY2016” Farron on the news. What fucking universe is this twat living in?

  12. That weasel worded stratospheric cunt farron is looking more stupid by the day, after the referendum he really thought he could reach out to the 48%, so much so that he has run his election campaign on it, unfortunately for little Timothy people have moved on and polls suggest that the 48% now sits at around 22% and the rest of the country just wants to get on with brexit!!, so in effect he is fishing in an ever decreasing pool of potential voters!! I can’t wait to see the look on the pricks face on June 8th when as fuckin dim witted a Cunt as he is even he will realise it’s game set and match to the people that took a brave decision to say enough is enough!! That’s when he will make an even bigger cunt of himself (if that’s possible) by still refusing to accept the decision ..

    • I think heads will have to roll after the tories, who are still cunts BTW, get a landslide victory, Corbyn, Faron and the slap head scouse git Nuttall will all have to go.

    • The fact the whiny voiced ginger streak of shite describes himself as ‘remoaner in chief ‘ makes him a massive bellend, like its some kind of badge of fucking honour. Like Corbyn id never heard of the cunt until a few years ago.

      • Farron will be getting operated from behind by former head boy at the paedos palace known as Caldicot. Clegg is no doubt taking his orders from acriss the channel. Who says child abuse itsnt useful.

  13. I hear TinyTim is changing the Lib Dums logo from a yellow bird to a condom.

    This is because a rubber allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects the pricks and gives you a sense of security whilst you are fucking someone over.

  14. Just had that joke John McDonell on the telly spieling off about how we are a country which cannot feed, employ or house our people. Makes you wonder why 300,000 foreign cunts want to come here each year, doesn’t it. Cunt.

      • He went on to blame it all on neoliberal economics where money is thought to flow from the top to the bottom in society. Only there is no such thing as neoliberal economics, what he means is neoclassical economics. And he is shadow chancellor and I know more about eco-fucking-nomics than the gormless bolshie cunt.

        • Have you seen Diane flabott getting lost on stage at the police federation?? Shadow Home Secretary…. absolute classic….. what a dummy….,

          • Are the entire labour party fucking imbeciles? Or is it just the shadow cabinet? Corbyn with his back to the 70s socialism, shadow chancellor McDonell doesn’t know the difference between neoliberal and neoclassical, Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner doesn’t know how many children are in classes over 30, and a racist shadow home secretary who gets booed off the stage at a police conference.

            Its notable who is absent from all the buffoonery; that bloated specky cunt Tom Watson is keeping a very low profile and so is that Chucky Cumbawumba. Shitty Chuckyerbalti is also scarcely seen or heard. Maybe these will be last men standing after the election.

          • Abbott us a fucking idiot who has now been found out after being placed in a position of accountability. She is of course to stupid for such a responsibility as we can all see.

    • Didn’t he mention the “hate crime” and the “institutional racism” these poor cunts have to suffer? We can only wonder at what conditions are like in the wonderful EU as all the asylum seekers want to skate through those countries and park their arses over here.

      • The sly fucks are biding their time, waiting for the likes of Rayner and Flabbott to fuck up Jezza’s shot at power ( ie opening their gobs) and launch a leadership challenge.

    • Chukka….. He will be the one to slash a few throats following Labours defeat. And should he ever become Prime Minister….god help us all! That guy has a history !

  15. Flabbot goes round Jezzers house to discuss the manifesto. It’s getting late so Flabbot prepares to go home. They open the front door and its fucking pissing down…….fucking sheets of rain.

    Jezzer says “you can’t go home in this, I’ll make up the spare bed for you.” So he goes upstairs and makes up the bed.
    When he comes back Flabbot is standing there, soaked through, water dripping off her.
    Jezzer says “fuck me Diane, what happened?”
    Flabbot says “I nipped home to get my pyjamas.”

  16. It was a pity that the technology does not exist to prevent his “client” from dying. Better still were it possible to keep him from dying but totally aware that he would be trapped in a machine, unable to move and kept sane… Forever…
    I’m afraid I disapprove of the Death Penalty but what if it were possible for life to really mean Life?

    • I would hang the cunt every day before cutting him down and reviving him. Would that compromise be acceptable.

  17. Creepy looking fucker, like that bad dude from the Polar Express only uglier.

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