Noam Chomsky [2]

Noam Chomsky is on Newsnight saying the American Republican party is the worst organisation in human history and are more dangerous than ISIS.Fucking irritating pseudo-intellectual cunt!I have always hated him but this has made my piss boil..He also says he would vote for Corbyn if he was English.Says all you need to know.

Nominated by Shaun

Who the fuck is Noam Chomsky?
Actually never mind, anyone who says that the Republicans are that and that he would vote Corbyn is an utter cunt.

….Just google the stupid old cunt, he also says that Labour’s future is with Momentum.

Christ, I’ve only just learnt who this old bastard is and I already hope he hurries up and fucking die already!

Has Noam Chomsky been cunted yet?

I think he should be. Anyone who claims that; the yanks republican party is the most dangerous organisation in the world, is worse than ISIS, thinks that the Labour party’s future lies with the vile Jim Jones like cult known as Momentum, would vote for noted commie lunatic Corbyn, yet another bleeding heart for the murderous, terrorist empowering Palestinians and generally a stupid, delusional, hard left old cretin is well and truly a cunt.

Nominated by prime minister sinister

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  1. Another biased audience and Rayner mentioning £350 million for the NHS when not relevant.How original.

    • Twat in audience claiming Corbyn is in a more strong and stable position than May because he won 2 leadership votes.

      The same Corbyn who is tearing his own party apart and possibly sending it into terminal decline.

      The biographer is mentioning how people knew Foot couldn’t run the country and people knew it, he’s comparing him to Corbyn.

      • Green mong bashing May for standing up to the Dagos over Gibraltar.

        This man hasn’t spoken much but when he does he shows he’s a total cunt.

        • Oh God, young student woman talking about Corbyn being passionate about what he stands for and will vote for him. Stupid bitch.

          • Green cunt didn’t like it when the Biographer stated he was a climate change sceptic.

            Green cunt is in favour of £13billion Overseas aid, would make it 1%GDP.

            He’s ashamed we spend money on ourselves!


          • Green cunt should be put to the apple barrel and have his arse rogered by ragheads!

          • That stupid old bastards should retire. He’s still full of crap.

  2. Johnathan Bartley should drink a glass of wet cement.Bet he lets others guys fuck his wife.

    • Is that the name of the Green cunt?!

      My God, the man is so full of shit!

      He thinks we should be paying for families in Umbungo Land! Piss on that!

      Where does it state that it’s our responsibility to help every cunt in the world?!

  3. Jonathan Bartley is a total fucking cunt, ranting and raving that we don’t do enough for foreign aid.

    • So glad I don’t watch the beebistan anymore.

      Recon my blood pressure has gone down by about 50%.

      Guess I’ll have to take u guys’ word for it. ….shit it’s rising again.

  4. Noam Chomsky has spent his whole life arguing about the power of language, the correct usage and syntax, the need for stylisation and poetic nuances.

    Yet the cunt still can’t spell ‘colour’ or ‘centre.’

    What a fuck-noodle.

      • People who leave their mobile or computer on U.S.A. spelling are sad cunts.
        Why would you do that? Are you lazy? Are you American? Are you retarded? This is the U.K. where we speak and spell proper English.

        It’s centre, theatre, fibre, metre, calibre.
        It’s colour, harbour, flavour, favourite, candour. Have some humour in your irony. Have some honour in yourselves.

        Speciality has five syllables; towards has an ‘s’, anyway doesn’t; Aluminium’s stress is on the third syllable, address is stressed on the second and aubergine and courgette are more beautiful than eggplant and zucchini. Eggplant! Give me strength.

        “Shall we meet at the weekend?” is infinitely preferable to “Let’s meet on the weekend.” It’s “Have you eaten?” not “Did you eat?”, you tiresome morons.
        Moreover, it is “have” a shower not “take” a shower. To practise, to license, to advise – they have an ‘s’, these verbs.

        Listen up, ladyboys: Compound words are helpful, practical even, but not beautiful. If you prefer side-walk to pavement, inter-section to junction or blow-out to puncture you are a dick-head;
        a bell-end;
        a fuck-wit;
        a cunt-bubble.

        American spelling is just childish.

        • Eh, my laptop’s spell check is set to American which is weird because I swear all my settings were UK….

          Eh, I ignore the spellcheck when it tries to correct words into their American versions.

          • American spelling is bollocks. Why can’t it just automatically go to proper English? No such thing as American English.

    • Stupid cunt students think they should get to walk into the job they want right away, fuckers have no idea about the real world.

      I have no sympathy for students, complaining about having to pay off their debts.

      Why the fuck should we, the taxpayers, have to fund these little cunts?

  5. Rayner is rapping on again.

    Now I don’t like the Saudi bastards but if we don’t sell them weapons, someone else will make money instead.

    Bitch would get rid of tuition fees, even though her party introduced them in the first place, she talks about how students will contribute to the future of the country. That in itself is a joke.

    There’s one young fella in the audience who seems to have a clue, so naturally he gets booed by the fucktards in the audience.

    Awww, graduate girl complaining how she can’t get a job that her uni course should have led to. Cry me a fucking river bitch, go get a regular job like the rest of us!

  6. Green cunt up again, seems to think money grows on trees, or that money is in the ”wrong hands”.

    So what are the ”right hands” then? Arsewipe.

  7. Thank fuck it’s over now.

    Christ, can we cunt this lot please?

    • Right!!!! Any future audience from fucking Norfolk must be checked for webbed feet before being allowed on QT

      • Apart from that one young fella and that old guy who hates the Foreign aid costs, it was full of morons, silly old bints and student cunts!

        Fucking hell, I think large swathes of the gene pool need purging in that neck of the woods!

      • The whole fucking kerbang was a load of shite. Politicians desperate to win a seat so they can sit back on their arseholes and feed from the fucking gold plated fucking trough. The promises the lies and the desperation for glory are puke inducing!

        • Fuck it, I said I was going to bed but more fool me, I watched it right to the fucking end.Christ that stupid bitch ( in the audience ) who wanted more fucking immigrants…..shoot the old cow.

          • Oh God no, it’s bad enough Pixie balls Cooper is still an MP.

          • I must admit, I would love to fuck her ! I met her briefly once at a bash, and she is really fuckable! As long as she does’nt open her mouth. Well she can when Im ready for that !`

  8. Yep, I was right. Cunt Ed Balls IS obviously laying out his credentials for a return to politics. Fuck me rigid, how much more has this poor old fucking country got to take?

  9. Same time next week then fellow cunters and what the fuck was Ed Balls doing just then ffs

  10. Chomski sounds like a Russian word for blow job. Like a latter day William Joyce, a traitor to his own kind. The old cunt enjoys the freedoms of the western world without acknowledging the cost of them.

    • Is freedoms of the western world? being run over by mentally deranged spics killing beautiful 18 yr old hottie teens I admire Chomskys self jew hatred at least hes honest at exposing the criminal nature of his tribe. I just wish he was a bit more honest… hes a doddler not a intellectual genius.

      He sure loves his tribesmen idea of filling white countries with brown people as heebs are the champions of forced illegal/legal immigration arab/mex/asians are forced on us because of “judeo-christian values” disguised as blackmail but yep blame it all on good goy Blair I mean he is the fall guy for are migrant problem after all sure Blair is a useful tool one of many like chomsky both hardcore globalist commies so chomsky has every right to these so called freedoms of the western world

    • I thought that Chomski sounds like a cheap dog food that one could purchase in certain Eastern European countries.

      Lovingly crafted from the very finest, but previously diseased Lithuanian equine stock.

      So go on, give your best friend Chomski, the meaty goodness he loves.

  11. Tempted to go to a certain seaside town to see a ridiculously hot girl.

  12. Off topic but listen to this ! The MET police now has a bi-gender officer. On some days she comes to work dressed as a woman when her female identity takes over. Other days he comes into work dressrd as a man. This officer has two warrant cards for each persona. Of course the cultural Marxist dyke led service have hailed this confused tranny as the new messiah! Well I am going to become a Sith Lord and turn up as Darth Vader. It is my right as I identify as a Jedi.However I am also a Jedi and on some days will dress as Obi Wan. The Muslim Protection Service (sorry Met poloce service) really are mad…..

    • Sorry I meant to say some days I am a Sith Lord. Vader was one.However I am sure you all get my Dora Swift.

      Keep up the cunting! PS: Diane Abbot is now my accountant. Apparently I am now very rich!

      • Sounds more like schizophrenia to me, multiple personalities and all that. While it has long been police policy to only recruit the thickest cunts to ever have drawn breath, now they are recruiting mentals and passing it off as virtue.

    • I’d be highly suspicious if some tranny dressed as a Copper tried to address me,never mind Stop and Search. I’d assume that it was some pervert who had a fancy for foul-mouthed old Cunts…..either that or I’d assume that it was a practical joke,and grab it by it’s tackle.

  13. C’mon Shaun! Stop fucking around with your hot lady friend and get another cunting posted, ya cunt!

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