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  1. Problem is the voters of Manchester would have voted for Jimmy Saville if he wore a red rosette. How’s about that then.

    • MOST voters in Manchester. I certainly didn’t vote for the cunt.

      • Neither did I… Burnham is the sort of slippery cunt who would have crawled around Hitler’s arse in order to get himself a position in a German puppet government….

    • Apparently GB is home to 23,000 jihadis (and I bet that’s a conservative estimate).

      Round the cunts up, first flight out, and drop them into the sandshitepit from 30,000 ft.

      Disappointing, really, as we all know that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

      • Nah.. If we deport them,the greasy ay-rab filth will just worm their way back to Blighty… Either as ‘reformed characters’, to see ‘relatives’ or posing as ‘child refugees’…. They should all be thrown into a vat of bacon fat and then gassed to death…

        • Piss on that, ship the fuckers off to the ”happy” camps and be done with it!

  2. It’s just like the song says,

    “Just stop your crying it’s a Sign of the Times,
    We gotta get away from here,
    We gotta get away from here.” 🎵

    Harry Styles, poet.

  3. Fucking two faced, Blairite, Muzzie loving, dishonest, Scott Tracy lookalike, self serving cunt. Wanker got the bird at Anfield so decided to champion the scouse Hillsborough weepfest but , like all scousers, never mentions Heysel. This cunt makes sure he never walks alone. As an MP claimed 17 grand a year to rent a flat while renting out a flat he owned within walking distance of Parliament. Duplicitous, untrustworthy snide little cunt. Don’t be surprised if he’s Prime Minister one day. Bastard.

  4. A A A O A-A O-A-O A!

    That’s Burnhamesque for “a Greater Manchester resident” just like the London deaths were caused by “some bloke from Kent” – courtesy of the capital’s mayor.

    This week I have been exiled in a place with no WiFi and my cunt mobile provider O-fucking-2 do not allow access to ISAC unless I provide credit card details!?! What the fuck for I have no idea as I have 5GB of “free” data. Free so long as the Internet Stasi think so! So called free world eh!

    Well anyway fellow cunters this week my piss has been boiled so much in respect to our “peaceful” problem that it has evaporated, turn to steam and finally superheated into plasma!

    Not one news agency outside of Fox will call it for what it is, a problem beginning with ‘M’.

    And the think that rankles most is that the authorities – rather than worrying about the next “peaceful” attack – were more concerned that “citizens” should report hate crimes (in my day, at school, we called that “name calling” – ahhhhh, presh).

    Katie Hopkins has been reported for daring to use the two words “final” and “solution” next to each other. The difference being – as she was afforded to explain but only on Tucker Carlson on Fox – was that during the 30’s the Jewish people’s were not blowing the fuck out of their native countries and while they followed that religion they were also proud to be German, French, Swiss, Polish, etc. Unlike these “peaceful” vermin we have to deal with now – whether home reared or imported courtesy of Frau Merkel’s master plan!

    Surprise, surprise on this morning’s ABBC 3 Counties radio (which includes such “peacefulness” in the likes of Lutonistan) was the number of “hate crimes” being reported against their beloved “peaceful” population (no doubt someone normal fed up of the appeasement shouting “bomb maker” or “rag head”, or summat) which is far worse than some cunt setting off a nail bomb in a national venue for star gigs!??!

    I fucking guve up, I really do. What kind of bent logic do we live in these days where the cunts doing the atrocities are considered less heinous that ordinary cunts calling them out on it???

    Apologies if this sentiment has been echoed time and again over the last few days but I had to vent my fucking spleen!

    Oh and Andy Burnham can fuck off! I wouldn’t let that cunt mind me car never mind a city! Feckless cunt!

    • You should try using a VPN to access ISAC, however I don’t think you would be able to post comments.

      Actually a lot of 4x2s were acting the cunt in Germany in the 1920s and 30s, but not in the name of Judaism but rather the failed religion of communism. That is where Hitler’s hatred of them stems.

      • VPNs shouldn’t be a problem unless the IP address is on the banned list in which case you can’t access the site at all.
        Thank Prickie for that one.

        He seems to have buggered off from The Ranting Penguin. Couldn’t take the trolling.
        Oh the irony…!

        • I use a vpn on my wifi but can anyone tell me if I use it on 4g will I be charged for using say a Canadian ip as if I was using it in that country ?

        • Oh Indeed Dio…Just when it was getting interesting too.
          Should you be interested, his former associate is on Linkedin and twatter. Company Director Records will direct you.

    • When I’m not on WiFi those fuckers at O2 want proof of being over 18 by giving credit card details as proof. I’ve had a contract with them for 10 years the stupid cunts.

  5. Something Andy Burnham, Owen Jones, James O Brien the stupid lickspittle cunts would say not realising how fucking hypocritically stupid they are in the same sentence of their argument http://imgur.com/a/dxOvv Tell me I’m wrong this is something they say all the time again and again

  6. Gentlemen, I implore you to support an emergency mass cunting for Chris Spivey and his deluded “believers”. Go and have a look at the comments and opinions on this cess pit of a blog regarding the tragic events in Manchester.

      • Dogman showed up here a once a couple of months ago.
        He was telling us to check out Spiveys latest nonsense and slagging the guy.
        I asked him if he was the Dogman from Spiveys site but he never replied.

        Fuckin double agent.
        Beware. 🙂

    • Took a look. Never visited that shite ( sorry site ) before. Very chaotic and weird. What exactly is the chemical in use on that blog? It must be very potent.

    • Be aware it usually takes around 40 minutes to scroll down through all those photoshopped pics to get directly to the comments.

      • Yeah, chaotic site, weird…fucking weird..and that dogman ?? Is he sane?

    • An interesting read again, CMC. However I’m not so sure about your assertation that “many people in the non-exist “Moslem Community” hate and fear the same people the rest of the population does.” I don’t believe that most of their “community” hates them at all. They are quite happy to shield the extremists,not through fear,but because their religion tells them that the extremists are justified in waging a war against the Unbelievers. People can continue to try and convince themselves that it’s just a few rotten apples,it’s not. By their inaction and tacit approval,the vast majority are guilty of condoning the actions of the terrorists and bombers.Even when confronted with the aftermath of some outrage,the terrorist’s family and friends,in the main,refuse to accept that “little Abdul” could have had anything to do with it. The trips to terrorist training camps(funded by who?) are explained away as “Oh,no,he was doing humanitarian work.”… No one is as blind as someone who just doesn’t want to see.

      Enough naivety. Until the whole “community” demonstrates that they are prepared to root out the extremists,they should all be tarred with the same brush.

      • I profoundly disagree Mr Fiddler. If people in these “communities” were given a genuine choice, most of them would be down the pub eating a bacon sandwich before you could say “Muhammad is a cunt.” Islam is a totalitarian, anti-human ideology that only exists because of fear. Without that fear it would be a niche pursuit like Morris dancing or train spotting.

      • It is my belief that the Religion of Peado community are MORE than happy to give tacit support to the islimic terrorists. End of.

        • One of the reasons given that the government ‘Prevent’ strategy was not accepted by the peaceful community was that it offended conservative Islam. An interesting description of the fuckers. Conservative as in savage deluded murderous cunts.

          • Conservative Islam is very devout. It is a sin to examine or question the authority of Islam, and that sin is punishable by death. As HBelindaHubbard says, Islamic support, tacit though it may be is assured. The reason for that is that to deny support is to deny Islam. As they believe, they will give consent. Barbarism, they couldn’t give a toss.

  7. Burnham is a cunt. Its as simple as that. He’s a cunt. Mayor of Manchester? He’s a cunt. On Thursday’s Question Time, he was a cunt.. The guy who accused the local mosque was closed down ! Burnham said nothing. When the guy tried to show a flyer from the mosque in question, he was closed down. Burnham did nothing. When the young muslim lady supported, corroborated, and said that it was urgent to call a halt to immigration. She got closed down. Burnham did nothing. As Mayor of a city that had been attacked, I would have demanded that an enquiry was held! Burnham did fuck all. He’s a cunt. Instead of grasping an opportunity to call out the plants in the audience , Burnham did fuck all.
    This useless waste of fucking space, is also a waste of his fathers gonads. The Oily greasy little turd. Burnham was elected to office as Mayor by the people of Manchester. Is that the best they could do? Cunts.

    • … and when the guy that mentioned the astronomical over-seas ‘aid’ budget could (should) be spent protecting the UK citizens … he was closed down.

      .. and to touch on Millenials from the earlier thread .. there was a ‘hipster’ Cunt with a bun, being interviewed on TV about the Manchester tragedy, he said .. ‘Although I never knew any of the people, I spent the whole day crying …. ‘
      WTF … ?

  8. Burnham was voted mayor of Manchester by all the peaceful cunts who live there and the cretins who would vote for a dog turd if it had a labour rosette pinned to it. He is a power hungry cunt of the first order, jumped the sinking labour ship for a shoe in job kicking the people of Manchester in the nuts on a daily basis.

    • Agreed Skidmark, as the Ruskies used to say they know a useful idiot when they see one.

  9. Burnham is no better or worse than any of our politicians. Not one of them dares to utter the dreaded “Muslim” word when it comes to condemning the acts of the filth who they all seem so terrified of offending.

    The whole rotten bunch of them would do or say anything,as long as it meant that they couldn’t be accused of committing the cardinal sin of being “racist”. Not one of them is prepared to ruin their career by bringing the ire of the twitter-generation down on their head. What’s the death and maiming of innocent people matter,when compared to the risk of being labelled a “Hater”?

    We are just as responsible,because we have allowed these second-rate,self-serving political pygmies to dominate,riding on the back of a generation which seems to hold such a childish,blinkered and naive view of the world.

    As a fellow Cunter pointed out to me previously (S.E).We get the politicians that we deserve. How true.

    • This is what does my head in! Not one of the cunts will call it out for what it is, a “peaceful” problem and actually use the “M” or “I” words.

      Like I say, it comes to something when Katie Hopkins becomes the voice of reason and says it like it is, and then gets pilloried on social meejah by the same cunts lighting virtual candles with their “thoughts” for those in Manchester.

      Those permissive enablers with their hate speech against ordinary (non-“peaceful”) folk are almost as bad as the “peaceful” cunts themselves.

      And here we are on the ABBC settee with Charlie and Naga discussing how the “Muslim community is feeling alienated” and the “pressure that they feel” when an attack like this takes place.

      Well boo-fucking-hoo! My heart metaphorically bleeds for these “peaceful” cunts unlike the physical heart bleed that the victims suffered, which – as we now know – is insignificant when compared to our “peaceful” friends’ hurt feelings!

      But – here’s the thing – can you imagine the associated press’ outcry and outrage if a similar incident was to occur inside a Mosque? Oh but only if committed by a non-“peaceful” o’course. If it was “peace” against “peace” then that wouldn’t be newsworthy at all (as per fucking usual).

      Why is this pandering to these “peaceful” cunts so prevalent? I could understand it if there was any benefit – even selfish ones to the likes of the cunt political establishment – but there isn’t one good thing, in my mind’s eye, to come from gifting this nest of twats a free ride (in all aspects of UK life from bens to just being “misunderstood” in the light of atrocities)???

      Can anyone please explain how appeasing these cunts and worrying about their poor wee hurt feelings is of any benefit whatsoever to our indigenous society?

      They’re all fucking takers to a one and contribute fuck all to our society, they are only interested in their community – the “peaceful” community – and transforming the UK into a “peaceful” state.

      Isn’t it about time we said enough is enough? If you live in Britain act fucking British! If you want to live in a society that’s just like downtown Islamabad, Tehran or Riyadh then please feel free to fuck off their and enjoy the delights of those cities – YOU CUNTS!

      • Superb rant Rebel, could not of put it better.
        You should go on question time and recite it to the BBC in front of the nation. But you do realise that you will have to detonate your suicide belt straight after , after all you probably would not get out alive anyway. A blaze of glory. You could say something just before like praise be to Katie Hopkins.
        Play at their own game.
        Please don’t take me to seriously though.

      • Islime is totally incompatible with life in any civilized, modern country. Therefore, regardless of their place of birth, they should just fuck off to sharia-infested shiteholes, and fuck their own goats and babies. Btw, they’d be allowed to take the Spasmotrons (Linedancer, Church, and lilythemong) with them if they are desperate for white pussy…

    • Our politicians are traitorous cunts.

      I don’t think we’ll be dealing with the Muslim problem until we’ve dealt with the lefty’s first.

      Unfortunately illiberalism too entrenched in western society to deal with easily.

  10. Sexual Emergencies.

    The Afghan convicted of the rape of a young woman in Austria, who in his defence argument stated that it was a “sexual emergency” that made him commit the offece, has just had his 7 year sentence reduced to 3 years by a sympathetic appeal court Judge.
    So gentlemen, should we ever feel a “sexual emergency” emerging, then Ryan Air flights to Austria are particularly cheap. ( Sarcasm, not to be taken literally )

    • Precocious Brats need a cunting. There is an article on the BBC website today about an 11 year old girl who complained about the collective punishment of her class for one kids behaviour by describing this as a war crime under the Geneva Convention. Instead of being told to shut up until she has tits,she is now being hailed by some as a great thinker and being promised a years worth of icecream. Jesus wept. You dread to think what this is going to grow into.

      • A J. Cox clone complete with virtue signals!

        If I’d have come out with a twat comment like that when I was 11 at school I’d be busy rubbing the chalk dust off my black sweater where the board rubber had twatted me in the chest having been launched at me by the teacher in question!

        And you’d have to make sure that it was all off before you got home for fear of getting worse there off your Mam (with her 100hz slipper) for being cheeky to the teacher!

        This is why we’re casting generations of such cunts from an early age and into snowflake adulthood because no one has told them “NO!” or given them one upside the head for being a cheeky brat!

        I was a good kid at school and never got into any bother but the threat of the cane, or in-class discipline (or worse when you got home) was a great deterrent from being a little cunt!

        If bringing back the caning of minors is so abhorrent to their snowflake Poppy and Tristan parents then how about this: if your kid kicks off or acts like a little cunt then each parent gets six of the best across their knuckles?

        My kids are still at school. I’d take that risk because I already deal with them myself if they ever head towards cuntishness!

          • Common sense still prevails in Japan. I don’t think they allow peacefuls to set up home there either.

        • And there you have highlighted the problem. A large no. of cuntparents do bugger all at home to discipline their sperm of satan.

          A lot of psychologists say that children have no idea of right/wrong before a certain age.

          At the moment, I’d include most people under about 35 (years, not months !)

        • From my experience, most teachers were cunts who deserved everything i gave them.
          Bring back the cane?
          I asked a teacher for a square go outside and i got three days suspension/HOLIDAY for it.

          No way is some cunt getting permission to hit my kids.
          I don’t hit my kid.

          Kids should be taught to respect respectful people but should also be taught not to suffer cunts.

          • You must be 10yrs or so younger than me birdman cos most of my teacher’s would’ve happily obliged and kicked the fucking snot out of me!

            You weren’t by any chance still in school when Blair was on his throne? That was the era of schools becoming liberal concentration camps!

            I can still name every teacher I had from infants to polyversity and they were all decent. Most of them wouldn’t tolerate being pissed about but they all steered me well.

            That all changed in 1997 – along with numerous bad things!

            Fucking cunt New Labour!

          • I’m 42 and a sixth and started primary in 1980.
            Im aware there are little cunts that make teachers lives hell, but there’s also teachers that make kids lives hell.
            If a teacher done their job with no nastiness, i paid attention and respected the elbow patch wearing cunts, but if a teacher was a cunt or bitch cunt , then i gave double back.
            The teacher should definitely be respected but when they bully kids they should be given some mental torture.

            Hey , teacher
            Leave them kids alone.

          • And there you have the dilemma! Everyone wants mouthy kids given a slap…….er…..as long as it’s somebody else’s kids. Every cunt who breaks the speed limit should be banged up……except me of course, because I can do it safely. If only cunts could walk a thousand miles in my moccasins.

        • There’s an old saying “spare the rod, spoil the child”. I think this truth has come home to roost.

      • Well done to her parent for posting it on line.
        Their kids likely feels a complete cunt now and is being laughed at.

        On the other hand she could be revelling in her new found celebrity…?

        • You’d like to think that it has been publicised to show up the gobby little twerp, but sadly it is probable that these parents are the competitive type who want to brag about their clever and already politically aware offspring. I bet some cunt has already told her she will be Prime Minister one day! She will be writing to her MP next. We taxpayers ought to get a rebate in respect of the education of any kids who turn out to be cunts.

    • No need to go to Austria,ASA. Just change your name to Mohammed,buy a taxi,and move to Rochdale As much young,white meat as you fancy,no jail time,free house and benefits,and an Establishment that’ll excuse your peccadilloes….. ” It’s cultural,we must understand and empathise. Haters gunna Hate.”

      • It’s another great “benefit” of living in a “peaceful” multicultural society.

    • To be fair there are very few goats in Austria and you usually have to climb a fucking mountain to get to them.

      • Thanks skid, my copy said “young woman” Looked on new site and you are spot on 10 yr old boy !!! Which actually makes this far worse!!!!! Cheers

        • Apparently the sentence was reduced on appeal as the prosecution had not adequately proved the 10 year old boy being viciously arse raped by a grown man had made his objection to the attack sufficiently clear.

          This really is some Alice in wonderland bullshit.

          • Well, what can you say to that skid…? I really can’t believe that that is the case…but ..in this crazy fucked up world..! What 10 year old child is going to fight off a grown man, and what kind of people allow judges like that to expose the children to some ragheads notion of free gratis. If that had been my child I would fucking kill the bastard in the most painful way.

          • So, a 10 year old gets raped by a peaceful cunt, since there’s no way a 10 year old would consent or ever be able to fight off a grown man, still isn’t proof enough for these wanker judges?!

            Fucking hell, if that was my kid, I would kill the rapeugee and the judge for this one!

  11. Greater Manchester Police chief Ian Hopkins is also a massive cunt, already trying to paint the peacfuls as victims with a reported rise in ‘hate crimes ‘most of these i suspect involves being called a paki or told to fuck off home. The same force that stood around with its thumb up its arse for years while muslim paedophile gangs went unchecked for years. Burnham and this fucker are made for each other.

    • Sadly you are right. I saw a clip on TV showing various locations in the city being policed by full bearded peacefuls who incidentally, and with their long hair, look fucking stupid with those fucking helmets jammed on. Are the traffic dept equipped with camels?

      • It bothers me to see who the police are taking on these days. Should we have confidence in their vetting procedures?. I seriously doubt it.

        • prob is that it’s no longer the police “force”…

          it’s the “service”

          “You are in a queue, please hold and a useless twat will answer your query in about six hours.

          If you want to speak to Cressida about a dick up your arse, press 1”

      • They’re not really coppers in the real sense, they’re there to point out directions to the nearest DHSS office for any “fresh off the boat peacefuls”.

        They have to use “peaceful” coppers because while non-“peaceful” coppers would happily give them the same directions to the DHSS they wouldn’t be able to tell them in Urdu or Arabic…

        • Aren’t they called community police?? And the community they serve is trumpton!!
          We need real police officers not fuckin social workers masquerading as law enforcement…… Cunts……

    • Is he the fucker who apologised for an actor using the phrase Allahu Akbar during a terrorist exercuse or was it another useless fucking arsehole who should be nowhere near the top ranks of our police service?

    • When the Authorities define the thoughts and feeling of millions of law abiding people as a “hate crime”, something bad is going to happen at some point

      • Quite right AndyC. A fucking swift kick in the balls at the ballot box will not work, as they are all in the same PC cock sucking club. A bloody good show of civil disobedience may do the trick, but that would probably be countered by the surrender brigade. We should all take a leaf from the book of history Wat Tyler may have lost his head, but by the fuck he scared them all shitless.

    • I am a copper and yes that chief cunstable is a cunt. The police service is now a culturally marxist think tamk. The next commisoner will be an indigenous Australian black autistic disabled non binary trans who is a wickan who is also visually impaired and Hindu on alternate thursdays. There partner will be a amazonian pigme with adult ADHD who drags up on Friday afternoons.

      Don’t laugh. The police service has gone mad. We now have a transvestite who has two warrant carfs woth two genders and two names. When this fucked up ,sorry confused, snowflake otherkin
      was asked what would happen if he came to work as a she and decided mid morning that they wanted to revert back this donkey said that they would have tp remain in that gender for the rest of the day but that it sucked. Well fuck me! Get me a tissue… BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS! GET ME SHAMI SHARABATTY BOLLOCKS ON THE PHONE NOW!

      I am gay so tommorow I am going to demand a massive rainbow flag in my office non stop kylie records and I demand the Commisoner (her of poor hairstyle) to provide me with rent boys and GHB in work time at taxpayers expense.

      If one of my colleagues can prsncs around in drag…..

      • Brilliant,thanks Kravdarth!..will you be insisting they all learn Polari as well?.it is depressing but you can sometimes have a bit of fun at the expense of a PC cunt…they tend to have no sense of irony so are very easy to wind up.

      • Kravdarth, I must ask you how as a rational, sorted individual you can put up with the shitfest you are being served. You have my admiration but get out before your head gets completely fucked up.

  12. Good to see The Charlatans relaunching their career on the back of the Manchester bombing. Good grief.

    • The Charlatans have been doing FREE stuff for the last month in Manchester to promote Different Days released May 26th, their best album in 20 years.
      So yer talking shite.

      Yer bait was set…….

    • UKIP,without Farage,are like a Punch and Judy show without Mr Punch. They need Mr Punch back being “beastly”,or they might as well just bin it all and fuck off home.

      • It’s a fucking circus isn’t it!

        With nutall as the head clown.
        …did I say clown? I meant cunt.

        • It’s what happens when you put a cunt like Nuttall in charge of a party.

          • Nutall will jump ship that often to stay in his (emaciated) position as UKIP “leader” that they’re thinking of having bridges installed between each of the parties.

            I mean for fuck’s sake! A scouser who had to *PRETEND* to be personally affected by Hillsborough???

            And then the Stoke result. Stoke is one of the most anti-EU cities in the whole of the UK and he *STILL* couldn’t win there! In fact the cunt couldn’t even win a game of blackjack if he was holding a king and an ace!

            Farage didn’t stand in Stoke because he thought the result was a given and Nutall even managed to fuck that up! What a useless cunt he is!

            If I wouldn’t let Burnham mind my car then I wouldn’t let Nutall mind a bike I chucked on a skip 2yrs ago!

    • No chance, Moss side is one of the most “peaceful” areas in Manchester.

      It had a bad rep 30yrs ago but it’s a lot fucking worse now due to all of the “integration” of “peaceful” multiculturalism.

      Even so, if bombs are your fear then go live in Luton.

      Sure it’s like downtown Karachi these days and the only non-“peacefuls” you’ll meet have thick eastern block accents but hey, you stand no chance of getting blown up – unless one goes off accidentally in the many bomb-maker residences they have there – what a bonus eh!

    • Sky are a set of fucking useless cunts who wouldn’t be given a job on any other news channel. Kay Burley is particularly loathsome. I have not had the shit pump on since the bombing preferring to get my news from more reputable sources like ISAC.

      • Kay burley!!! One of the most loathsome, overly opinionated, bigoted cows on TV…… 😡

    • I fucking hate Sky.. I agree the endless loops are also accompanied by sad piano music which appeals to all the Chavs.

      • speaking of Sky, has anyone seen that cunt Ian King Live ?
        He’s like some highly dishonest cockney spiv in a camel coat.
        Probably sells cut and shut cars that have been clocked on ebay.

        • I like him only coz he swore loudly on air.

          Don’t think any kids watch his show so he got away with it

  13. The next cunt I hear whinging about hate crimes again the peaceful goat fondlers will get dumped in Afghanistan by me to show them how tolerant Islam is. I’m sick of pandering to these fucking violent, barbaric, goat lusting, paedo worshipping cunts.

      • Tell you now I’d go there to live!

        What amazes me is how so many Polish folk still come here knowing that we’ll be a “peaceful” state in a couple of generations time.

        I wish our politicians would put our people first like the Polish ones do!

        Fuck the EU!

        • The only reason they come here is to earn better money. The salaries are shit over there.
          But their is still a lot of common sense in Poland , They teach there kids well and have respect for each other and don’t take any bullshit. They value their freedom unlike the snowflake generation here, and are not afraid to call a spade a spade.
          Yes i know their are a lot in Blighty but unlike the peacefuls they assimilate and blend in.

      • I have always said that the Poles are a great and proud people and, for the best part being at least nominally catholic, will take no shit from goat/baby-fuckers. They were brilliant during the war in the RAF, as well, and Britain should be grateful.

        I lived in Vienna for two years, and I am acutely aware of how unhappy not just the Poles, but also Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks are about the islime problem.

        Of course, every country produced a mega-cunt; I guess Poland is “quite embarrassed” by Tusk.

        On another point, good to hear Trump having a go at the German douchebag about car imports. If I were in the USA, I’d support the local economy, buy American.

        Sickening, though, to see obummer and the douchebag enjoying some love-in on a platform in Berlin.

  14. Burnham gets orf a plane. “I am holding a piece of foreskin in my hand”…

  15. Sure little girls being blown up by homemade nail bombs is bad but do you know whats even worse?……. Racism and skin hatreds! Just think how hurtful and racist it is to be called a terrorist can you even imagine the skin hatred this little girl must feel?

    While privileged white racists will never know how it feels to be accused of terrorism because of their christian faith or lack thereof, most of them will agree that it would feel far, far worse than burying your child after a terrorist attack. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4544604/Muslim-says-young-daughter-branded-terrorist-school.html

    • Just read the article,TS. Apparently the kid was asking her father,on the way to school..”What’s a bomb? Daddy,….How big is a bomb, Daddy?”. She should just have a look in her brother/cousin/uncle’s room,he’ll probably have one under construction that she can have a good look at.

    • Bad innit, TitSlapper?.

      I’ve been struggling to respond without overstepping the line.
      They say that some good can come out of a tragedy.
      I hope a serious backlash by the British people is that “good”.

      At this moment poor devastated people are organizing funerals and their shattered lives yet some goat fucker is upset at playground name calling AND it made a national rag, and the national rag are upset.

      They can go fuck a goat.
      Fuck a goat!!!!!!


      • No complaints there Birdman!

        It’s typical isn’t it? People are dead or maimed or traumatised yet it’s all about the poor Peacefuls copping a long overdue backlash.

        Makes me sick.


        • Sorry, BM but I don’t think anyone is going to do anything anytime soon and unless it is done soon it will be too late. It is already too late for most of Europe, without a radical reversal of political power Europe is doomed to be over run within the next 5 years.

          UK has slightly longer and with Brexit the British people have shown they can ignore all the leaders, ignore the experts and ignore the media and make a decision for themselves. So there is still a glimmer of hope. We are also an island, which is a huge benefit in holding back the hoard that will surely engulf Europe in the near future.

          I for one am getting out of Europe while I still can. I’d recommend anyone else who does not want to live in a caliphate within 20 years to do the same.

          • The appeal for unity, came from the very same audience that closed down two very important people who had something to say. It was patently obvious that they wanted that conversation not to happen. The Muslim girl who wanted to speak, was interrupted several times by the very same people who are coming up with all this “unity” shite. I watched it and saw it and it was shite.
            No one on that panel wanted THAT to be aired or persued.

    • That cunt can fuck off and all. Doesn’t like him or his being called a “bomb makers” then out the cunts in *your* society who fucking are bomb makers and make their lives such a living hell in *your* society that they either tow the line, or – preferably – fuck off!

      No, didn’t think so! Cunt!

  16. Any Burnham like many Labour representatives is never going to say a bad word about Islam, his job depends on immigrants, that’s why Labour made a priority to get as many to come here as they could when last in government. Corbyn intends to repeat the same trick.

    Everyone is now scared to have an open discussion on Islam in case they end up prosecuted for hate speech. I heard a young man, who had been a radical Muslim explain his journey out of radicalism and eventually out of Islam on the radio (LBC I think). He understood how he had been radicalised by Wahhabism. he understood that Saudi Arabia is spreading their hateful brand of Islam throughout the world.

    His father or grandfather told him the form of Islam he was following bore no resemblance to the Islamic faith they followed, this made the young man question Wahhabism and study Islamic history and other forms of Islamic faith. He learned the real history of Islam and how murderous it had been when a power in the middle ages, that gave him perspective to see all empires commit crimes against humanity and that Muslims were not under attack in particular.

    He eventually walked away from Islam and is now an atheist. Interesting fella who will probably be a target of his former Wahhabist’s now.

    Saudi Arabia is attacking the rest of the world, it gave us Bin Laden and funds terror across the world. The nations the west has attacked on the whole have been the secular more free Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia a human rights free zone who’s royal family are descended from camel loving bandits is the source of the problem.

    I don’t dislike individual Muslims, I do despise their backwards ideology disguised as a religion and most of all I am comfortable stating Wahhabism is at war with me.

    • And Uncle Sam is selling them state-of-the-art weaponry.
      Is America as deluded and suicidal as Europe?

      • It’s not the people who profit from the weapons who’ll be on the receiving end.

    • I heard that. It was on Nigel Farage’s LBC stint this week. Here it is (right at the start) and deffo worth a listen: https://youtu.be/GudSReMo6h0

      If this bloke can go from moderate, to militant, to the realisations that it’s “all a load of bollocks anyway” and still as a young man then many other “peacefuls” could make the same journey themselves.

      O’course it would require their own “peaceful” community to pillory and ostracise the radical/militant element from within but they won’t. Why? Cos most of the cunts support them and their heinous acts against the infidel that’s why!

      And that’s why I have no fucking sympathy whatsoever for the lickspittle above cheesing off about his daughter getting a bit of name-calling at school (while other’s daughters lie in bits on the floor of an arena) and how bad it all is…blah, blah fucking blah!

      Hey cunt don’t tell me, tell the fucking twats in your mosque every fucking Friday night because – in case you missed it – we’re not the problem but you “peaceful” cunts definitely are!

    • Quite right sixdog.

      And you can always tell when your entering the more “ethnic” area around me by the rows of vote labour signs in the front garden.
      Pretty much every other cunts garden has an estate agent style vote labour board.
      Fuck you cunt, I’ll vote for who I want!

    • Fuck me…you’re right ! Those eyes…there’s something about those eyes..

  17. To sum up Andy Burnham, he is the definitive sellout/whore.

    When all the New Labour era cunts, to their credit, showed their displeasure with Comrade Corbyn being leader all buugered off to the back benches, Burnham happily, despite being a leadership rival, joined his shadow cabinet.

    Burnham is the sort of cunt who would have ratted out any hiding Jews to the Nazi occupiers.

    Burnham is the sort of quisling who would become a head chopper for ISIS if he thought it would save his own skin.

    Burnham would join the Tories if he thought he could get a position of power with them.

    Burnham would become an arch hate monger for the peacefuls if it gave him power.

    Burham it the worst kind of sellout cunt.

    • Having endured the “pleasure” of hearing him speak on television on several occasions I have to say to you that replacement televisions are fucking expensive.You are so right about this little shit, he is without doubt the type of squealer that all schoolboys hate the most, the type of snitch who grasses up everyone to get in with the teacher. Political ability, well he has all the right credentials doesn’t he?

      • Apart from one key ability – the ability to actually do a job.

        Mid Staffs springs to mind.

        • Burnham makes that place look like the panacea of health care!

  18. Even though I’m mad at Trump for a number of reasons (I could list them if you want there are so many), some he can’t control because the stupid russia conspiracy. Which isn’t even a proper conspiracy just lies from the slanderous terrorist loving mainstream media and deep state……… but at least hes having a larf at Burqa Merkel and Juncker’s cuntface friends https://i.redd.it/d3ktae7tt20z.png

    • Fair play to him, why do that poncy, disingenuous ”walk of unity” when it’s a blatant lie?

      As for the yanks complaining about (alleged) foreign interference in their election, I’m pretty sure that they really can’t say anything about THAT.

    • I’m surprised Macaroni isn’t wearing a gimp suit and being led on a chain by his fuhrer.

  19. The Moslems kill us randomly, non-stop We are being slaughtered by these people, and it is incredible that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often. No time in history have we ever seen any situation like what we have right now. A situation where we are told by our governments where we have to be kind and protect an invading army that is slaughtering us on the streets, this is by definition a civil war but also overtly supported by EU and deep state this is complete fucking madness.

    The type of person who would white knight for haji women is probably the worst type of person of all in the world and they deserved to die no doubt about it. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/05/26/two-killed-one-injured-in-stabbings-on-portland-light-rail.html

    • Didn’t know it is ramadamadingdong.

      I was looking forward to a quiet night but i suppose if needs must, I’ll go and puncture some tyres.

    • Fuck me! A convicted criminal and nutter stabs 2 innocent people to death on a train and you make him a hero? Get a grip and lay off the booze for fucks sake.

      • Why you mad? they were not innocent lad they were two poofy faggots who deserved death he rightfully killed those terrorist abiding fucks Look it doesn’t matter what I think your right he probably wasn’t a hero but who gets in a middle of a fucking fight like that?

        I’m sober btw I haven’t even started drinking been at least 3 days although I did buy booze today

    • It is a screwy story that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Its weird that he randomly started yelling at them I mean how did it escalate into a knife fight so quickly? Then there is the new age mother of one of the victims which is just weird https://i.redd.it/9ki98u48740z.jpg Yeah it just seems politically motivated or something I dunno

  20. When it comes to discussing the Islam/Muslim problem within the UK, it appears the Government and cunts like Burnham are trying to implement a similar policy mirroring the first rule of fight club…..which was obviously stolen from mute club….

    • Does anybody like Fight Club ?

      I’ve watched it a couple of times, and fuck knows how, but i even own it.
      I don’t think its crap but its not as good as they say, is it?

      • I loved the film when it came out birdman I watched it a bunch of times but upon watching it again a few months ago. On reexamination I forgot how long winded the movie was aside from a few cool scenes it drags like crazy and its so puzzle-like that you forget certain elements of the plot

        @J R Cuntley Tosser May said terrorism happened because of mean words on the internet and we have to do something about the right wing who voice their opinion on moslems. That was her brilliant argument she wants to punish tech firms also who grant free speech to these individuals but her excuse is to stamp out terrorism

        • I love it! It is my favourite movie. I have autographed photos of Brad Pit, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter on the wall of my home cinema. I love Chuck Palahniuk books, they are subversive and dark. I haven’t read all his books but I’ve read quite a few. That’s how big a cunt I am.

          • The books is superb. Don’t read any more as he shot his bolt with Fight Club. Choke is readable, but the rest are toilet, personally speaking.

  21. Elections are a complete cunts… Voting is a cunt… Anything to do with politics is a complete cunt… I am sick of it all.

    A tactic of the left is to bore you into submission when they want to get away with something progressive.

    I think this tactic is being used on us all to turn us into a dictatorship. They are literally trying to get us to the point where we all give up and say who gives a fuck.

    Well I for one welcome this heinous plan. With some kind of dictatorship crime will no longer be an issue, no cunts will protest or moan, no one will give a shit about offending people or trying to please people… Shit will just get done… Elections will be so much easier with only one person to vote for and no campaigning.

    And who should be the dictator I hear you ask? I couldn’t give a fuck as they will still most likely be a cunt but it’s everyones fault as everyone would have voted for HER.

      • The fragrant Diane Abbott, perhaps? It’s about time we had a person of colour in one of the top positions.

        • The only thing fragrant about Jabba the Abbot is the noxious odour of racism combined with the odious scent of hypocrisy mixed with her vaginal discharge.

          • I’ve come to the conclusion that calling her Jabba th Abbott is a major insult to Jabba the Hutt – he’s far more charming and better looking!!

  22. Doctor Who today…. Jesus Cocking Christ…. Black lezzers, a dwarf in a chemical plant (wouldn’t that be against health and safety?), the leader of the Chinese army is a woman (oh, my fucking sides!), a snide anti-Trump ‘gag’ (from the black lezza) and The Doc still doing a Stevie Wonder impression that serves the story in no way whatsoever… In a word (or four): Utter PC fucking crap….

    • Norman, I’m surprised at you! It’s essential that a TV show about an immortal alien who travels through time and space reflects the reality of multicultural gender fluid Britain in the early 21st century.

  23. The thing I don’t get about all the ‘Welcome Refugee’ lot is that surely they understand it’s not sustainable. I mean, I’d love to help people out. But you help a few hundred and a few thousand more show up. Where do you draw the line? Civilised countries all over the world are catching water in rusty buckets. Meanwhile the taps are still on full fucking blast. I don’t know what the solution is because it’s not our right or obligation to police the world. It’s all going very wrong at the moment though.

  24. Wouldn’t it be great if people were to take photos and make films of people having sexy time and put it all on the internet? You could call it something catchy like STMFHGTWT (Sexy Time Movie For Horny Guys To Wank To). I think you might even be able to make some money out of it. I think I’m onto a winner here, I’m going to be richer than God.

    • Brilliant idea. Sign me up S.E…I don’t think that the Kays catalogue can take much more punishment.

  25. I’d like to give Sean and Caroline Bondarenko a Cunting.

    This couple tried ti sue a hotel in Crete for £10k,claiming that they suffered food-poisoning.Unfortunately for the greedy chancers,the hotel has counter sued for £170k.

    The Bondarekos waited 3 years after their holiday to sue,and did so with the encouragement of a Claims Company.What they didn’t reckon on was the hotel trawling Facebook and finding evidence that there was nothing the matter with the crooked sods.
    Apparently holiday sickness claims by British holiday makers have risen 700% in the last 18 months,due no doubt,to these ambulance chasing crooked lawyers. If they’re not suing for whiplash or sickness,they’re suing the military on behalf of a bunch of sandwogs.

    I hope the Bonderenkos are ordered to pay every penny,and the “legal” firm which encouraged them is also sued,the directors imprisoned,and the firm closed down.

    • You can actually claim compo for getting the shits on holiday?! What is the slogan of the claims firm?

      “If there’s a stain, there’s a claim”

      What ever next? Claiming for the emotional distress of going on holiday and finding that foreign beer tastes like old man’s piss? Fuck me! What a cunt.

      • I’m currently preparing the evidence in my case against the Guinness company. Thirty five years worth of festering,skidded boxers which I’ve carefully hoarded should be enough to sway the Judge.

    • I wanted to cunt the “Sick holiday” cunts the other day. Is there no loophole these cunt lawyers won’t exploit? How can you claim and win for being ill on holiday? How can you prove it? I heard some hotels/travel companies are thinking of charging Brits more than other cunts because of this. What’s next? I’m suing because I fucked a prostitute and caught herpes. The cunts.

  26. What the fuck is wrong with actors and cunts in the arts?
    Why on earth is every one a fucking retarded, anti Trump, anti brexit, anti common sense, pro EU, pro trans pervert, goody two shoes, Social Justice Wankcrust, “ooh look what a good person I am coz I eat leaves and drive a shit car”, pathetic, lefty, pointless, “someone stick a cock up my arse quick!”, overpaid, stupid, self obsessed, over rated, limp dicked, limp wristed, whinging, whining, snivelling, illiberal, anti democratic, forth reich promoting, CUNT!

    And who the fuck told them that their jobs were important?
    Being a nurse is important….
    Being a policeman is important….
    Fuck, even making burgers in Mcdonalds is important! … fuckin is to me anyway.
    Mincing around in a stupid costume, pretending to be someone else is probably the second most pointless job in society.
    Second only to “I bet I can throw this stick further that you” sportsmen or twat face footballers.
    Yet for some reason they seem to be about the highest paid jobs in society.

    So thats the message we’ll send to the kids (they’re cunts as well) is it? The more of a useless cunt you are, the more money you’ll earn.

    And will someone please tell Robert de Niro that he isn’t actually a gangster, he’s a faggot.
    If he tried to punch a daffodil it would probably turn the tables on him and get the upper hand.




      • Great post about fake people, fake values and fake lives. ( DTS )
        Everything about these people is fake. Not a single original thought transverses the narrow corridors of their peanut sized brain. False attitudes, posturing and overtly effeminate, or masculine within the guise of a crinoline , sexual and asexual at the same time, fluid and coagulated in apposition. I can,t think of a better collective of cunt mouthed fucking tossers, yoghurt noshers and pain in the arsehole celebricunts who always manage to get the prime opportunity to speak at us, over us, and of course DOWN to us. I am sure that it is a genetic defect that determines that you become a Luvvie and therefore an insufferable rectal discharge of purulent turgid shite.
        I second Deploy the Sausage’s Terrific and well justified rant ! ( Cunts )

        • Thanks ASA.

          There must be some kind of training programme for these cunts where they get turned into snowflakes and brainwashed into a deluded wank fest of of their own self importance.
          I wouldn’t mind so much but as you say they can’t resist talking down to everyone. ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
          Maybe if they had to do a proper job instead of pretending to do one they might have a firmer grip on reality.
          They may also learn that if you talk down to someone in the real world they’ll probably blap you one and tell you to shut the fuck up.

    • Top post Sausage.

      And one thing Robert de Niro isn’t is an actor. Useless…exactly the same in every film.

      • Cheers Ian and yes exactly the same.

        ….fuckin Joe pesci’s ass bitch.

    • “Hardman” actors should be cunted.
      Martin Kemp
      Samuel Fuckin-L Jackson
      Tom Hardy
      Joe Pesci
      James Gandolfini
      Etc etc etc

      They are actors ffs, who instead of being hoods were indoors learning lines, yet every cunt and his dog believes they are tough guys in real life.

      Pacino’s favourite passion is Shakespeare, yet chavs believe he’s Tony Montana from the vastly overrated Scarface.

      Oh to bash fuck out of Bruce Willis.
      Little scowling fanny.

      • When that thinks he’s God’s gift cunt, Bruce Willis had those ‘hits’ with dreadful covers of old Staples Singers and Drifters songs, I wanted to try my Doc martens on his bonce… Irritating ego wanking tuneless mekon headed cunt…

        And I only remember Scarface now for the extremely screwable Michelle Pfeiffer…

        • The Mater had that album and played it all fuckin summer.
          Something about “Bruno” it was called.
          I even went to highschool with a gorgeous brains dead tart that listed it as her favourite album of all time.

          Linda X, you were stunning and had great tits that put me off my schoolwork, but yer taste in music was shite.

          • ‘The Return Of Bruno’ it was called… Fucking dreadful… Bird I went out with back then was into INXS, New Order, The Smiths… If I ever hear that ‘Kick’ album I still think of Joanne Hewitt…

      • More ‘hard men’ luvvie cunts….

        Russell Crowe (tantruming phone throwing, digger softarse)

        Christian Bale (dummy spitter, who explodes randomly like a toddler after too many smarties)

        Vinnie Jones (about as good an actor as he was a footballer… ie: shite)

        Those two bald cunts off NeverEnders (Mitchell Bruvvas)

        Daniel Craig (Whinging whining dwarf Scouse cunt)

        The Rock (now in crappy barrel scraping Baywatch remake)

        Marlon Brando (most overrated luvvie of all time… Serial cockgobbler, closet doughnut puncher, multiple abortion instigator, pervo with an unhealthy obsession with Lurpak, and a total cunt)

        • And James Dean was also a sausage sucking pencil squeezer…. No wonder Morrissey worships the overrated cunt…

        • Ah, The Rock, wrestler and getting acting gigs…..

          He wasn’t even the first to do that in his family!

          His Grandfather ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia did it first.

          Maivia was a hard bastard and he was once a henchmen in You Only Live Twice.

          • I’m surprised no-one has mentioned cockney cunt Jason Statham. I’ve seen trees with more acting ability than this got lucky slap head twat. Plus he got to empty his sack all over Kelly Brooks tits on a regular basis, got bored with it and sacked her. Prize cunt.

          • She dumped him for Billy Zane thinking Zane would be the bigger filum star.
            That worked out well.

            Statjam is what he is.
            I don’t watch many of his filums but i love Blitz and the one about the Princess Margaret skin flick being robbed.

            Blitz is on Spanish telly on a monthly basis and i still watch it every time.

          • birdman mentioning Princess Margaret got me thinking about John Bindon…. A proper hard bastard who did a few acting roles and also tubbed Princess Margaret… It was also Bindon and Peter Grant who kicked fuck out of that security guard at Led Zeppelin’s Oakland gig in 77…

  27. The Us military has to be the most hypocritical and brainless organization around, their accidentally bombing innocent civilians and friendly fire is astounding

    Their response is always the same “Did we do that?”, “Whoops sorry about drone striking that family we thought they were terrorists” “We are looking into it” unfuckingbelievable! https://www.rt.com/news/389959-syria-us-coalition-strikes-illegal/ The UN is such a joke Just a bottomless money pit for cunts

    • You would be surprised at the budget and the expenditure of the UN. I googled for data, and was absolutely shocked at what they got, and what they wasted. One fucking ginormous quango of self serving career arseholes publishing reams of fucking shite. I read of one policy in particular that cost $19million to produce. Its outcome. ” It is our aim that all people upon earth have access to drinking water ” I kid you not. And for the accidental blue on blue, The often heard. “No shit, never mind, some cunt there must be guilty of something ” Fuck me!

    • I wonder if RT report when Russian warplanes bomb women and children? It’s a dirty pointless war, which I believe we should not be involved in, but being lectured by the kremlin media wing? Reading some of the comments on the article reminded me of spivey.

  28. I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thourouly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
    Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

    • She really is a disgusting piece of vermin. She even equated her support of the IRA with a hairstyle, as if deeply held political convictions are as ephemeral as bouffant fashion. What a cunt.


      And here is her boss, lying through gritted teeth about his involvement with the IRA.


      Add to this McDonnell saying the IRA dead should be honoured and we have a hat trick of terrorist supporting cunts who are happy to see honest British people being blown to pieces in the streets.

      And some people will vote for these cunts! That’s the real fucking kicker. They might actually win!!!

      • I’ll be totally fucked off if Labour get in.
        I can’t afford to emigrate…

        • Labour party is horrible but what are the other choices at this point? UKIP unfortunately doesn’t have a chance and I’d say the same about any remotely right wing pro british political party

      • That arrogant cunt Flabbot truly believes that she won that argument using an afro.

        Joking aside, she ain’t all there, is she?
        And who, who the fuck talks like that?

        I have to remind myself that I’m not watching a comedy sketch show when i see and hear her.
        How do other MP’s not crack up when she speaks to the house?

        Utter, utter cunt, but great comedy value.

        • Not so funny if she gets elected.
          I’m no fan of Amber Rudd, but Abbott…?

          As John MacEnroe once so eloquently put it :
          “You CANNOT be serious!”

          • Never mind Jabbott.



            Fuck, if that happens, I hope MI5 or someone assassinates the lot of them!

      • As unbelievable as it sounds she could be the Home Secretary!!
        I can’t remember anybody who has ever been more out of their depth in front line politics!!
        I doubt that’s going to happen but the conservatives election campaign has been a shambles, the social care bombshell has exposed the tories and has left the door slightly open, I still think May will win but the landslide is now looking decidedly unlikely…
        Flabbot simply isn’t fit for purpose, a bigoted racist of the highest order…….

        • Remember, everyone thought that syndrome Miliband was going to be PM last time, and that was proved to be wrong. The thought of Abbot, McDonnell and Corbyn in parliament gives me the shivers, never mind them being the new government. I said last election, you don’t vote for the one you like the most, you vote for the one you hate the least.

          • The upside to Downs Syndrome is that it enables you to push an extraordinary amount of shopping trolleys through a supermarket car park…

          • Frankly, I don’t give a fuck if labour get in, coz I don’t live in the UK!

            I’ll just piss my pants (nothing too unusual about that though…) and watch the meltdown from afar. Once and for all the marxist bullshit can be consigned to the dustbin of history, or maybe, just maybe, corbyn can replicate the success of Venezuela…

            A word to all cunters out there, build yourself a business that means you do not have to stay anywhere for too long.

          • Absolutely right!!!
            They are all Cunts just find the least offensive one…..

  29. I’ve noticed that a few cunters are becoming concerned about a Labour victory, and i know I’m out of the loop, sorta, but really?

    They have their hardcore doss cunts who don’t want to upset the memory of their dead father, so will blindly follow Labour no matter how ugly they are, but surely they haven’t attracted many new voters.

    Imo the Tories are the strongest out of this weak shower and will wipe the floor with the other cunts.

    • All the Conservatives had to do was play it safe, keep their mouths shut and present a unified front and leave Labour to fuck it up. But they didn’t and have squandered a 20% lead which now stands at 5%. The conservatives should still win but their majority might be less than they already have which will be a de facto defeat.

      • Whoever decided to put that whole care for the elderly/dementia mess in the manifesto is a complete and utter cunt!

        What the fuck were they thinking putting something like THAT is the manifesto?!

        Even if you were going to do something like that, don’t mention it before a fucking election!

        Stupid, stupid cunts!!

        Please note that I do not condone any kind of ”dementia tax”, that whole concept is abhorrent and a slap in the face to those who paid taxes for so long ad could face getting shafted one more time.

        • That policy was actually not that bad, it is certainly better than what happens now. But it was relentlessly spun as a “dementia” tax by the media.

          However, it was a risk she didn’t need to take and it back fired on the silly old cow.

          I bet she is wondering if she should have done some leaders debates now.

          • No. Leaders’ debates are even worse, one wrong line and it can kill you.

            Besides, that’s more unwelcome Americanisation in this country.

      • Little would have definitely been more, but they’ve committed suicide with their social care reform sledgehammer!! Winter fuel allowance!! , social care desperately needs addressing but WTF were they thinking??
        If they were running against a functioning opposition I doubt they would have tried it on…

        • It’s like I said, if they really wanted to do that shit, DO NOT ADVERTISE IT BEFORE AN ELECTION!

          No politician in their right mind, quality of opposition or not, should ever put that in an election manifesto.

          How. Fucking. Naive. To. Even. Expect. It. To. Go. Down. Well!!

          Cunts, cunts, cunts, cunts, CUNTS!!!

          Someone ought to be shot for that!

          Brilliant idea to piss/scare off potential voters so needlessly!


          • I know, PMS, the leaders debates would have been a huge risk she didn’t need to take at the time. But in hind sight with a narrowing 5% lead in the polls and flip flopping about the so called dementia tax people might think she isn’t all she is cracking herself up to be, frit of an old commie cunt like Corbyn. Might be worth a few more percent to Corbyn.

  30. I don’t why people are panicking, it’s not like we don’t have a non LabCon option. Tim Farron could become PM, we could wake up on the 9th of June and watch Prime minister Farron set out his vision for what until a few hours earlier had been the United Kingdom.

    Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

    Nah that’s too far fetched

  31. Farron as PM?? I’ve got a vivid imagination but….
    worse still farron/ Lucas coalition….. run for the hills!!

    • Try the Unholy Alliance(tm) of Comrade Corbyn, Farron, Lucas and Sturgeon.

      That’s when you want certain forces to step in and take the fuckers out. Seriously.

    • I think Man with the Golden Gun was his best, but TSWLM was a close 2nd. I was actually rooting for Christopher Lee to kill the cunt.

  32. Just settling down to watch Barbara Bach in The Spy Who Loved Me……love her?…I’d be to pry out of her with a crowbar and a winch.

        • Funny how the two less celebrated Beatles got the better birds… George got Patti Boyd (and the young Olivia wasn’t bad either), and Ringo gets a Bond Girl… Macca lands Linda and John got Yoko… Wonder if George and Ringo ever had a pint together, and pissed themselves laughing about that?….

          • Wouldn’t surprise me f they did.

            Bet Ringo still laughs his arse off even now!

    • She’s married to Ringo Starr.
      Or her ring is star shaped.

      I don’t like James Bond filums but as everyone is always nominating their favourite Bond girl, then i say Tanya Roberts.

      She got her boobies out in Beastmaster.
      That was nice. 🙂

      • The fact that even her mother was younger than Roger Moore by that point was an issue for him.

        • Best Bond girls?

          Jill St John
          Caroline Munro
          Barbara Bach
          Barbara Carrera
          Carey Lowell
          Sophie Marceau

      • Her ring wouldn’t be star shaped by the time I was done…..more like a discarded wagon tyre.

      • The film actresses we get now are a poor bunch when compared to some of the older ones…..apart from Gemma Arterton,of course. And Kate Beckinsale.

          • That Japanese bird, Akiko Wakabayashi, who Connery tubs in You Only Live Twice was well nice…

            Worst Bond girl ever? Undoubtedly Madogga in ‘Die Another Day’… Mind you, actually describing that crabs infested dogs dinner as a girl is really stretching it….

          • Not just worst Bond Girl, Norman, bust also the absolute worste ever Bond song too! Fucking techno crap.

          • I th-i-nk–i-i-di-ie-a-ano-th-er-d-ay-ay.
            Fuck, does she need putting down.
            I used to fancy the lacy pants of that in primary seven.

            I’ll put that down to being a young daft cunt, and before any cunter has a go, scroll down further, Asimplearsehole says Glenda Jackson does it for him.

            Glenda Jackson!
            That’s what he said. 🙂

        • Favourite Bond girl of all time for me has to be Jane Seymour in Live and Let Die.
          When Live and Let Die was released I was an impressionable young scally and I think I had my own release thinking of her..
          Met Fiona Fullerton about 25 years ago too. She was utterly stunning.

          • If I had to pick one it’d be Jill St John in Diamonds Are Forever….

            Then again, Honor Blackman painted gold…. Pussy Galore?… Indeed…

          • That wasn’t Honor Blackman….

            Also liked the evil redhead in Thunderball. Seemed like she would be absolute filth in the sack.

          • Casino Royale with Daniel Craig is the best Bond in the best Bond film, although the first hour of Skyfall is ace (before it goes all Home Alone and shit). Moore was easily the funniest and most charming.

            Pussy Galore was the fittest, I reckon.

            Connery was an overrated, humourless robot with a dead rat glued to his noggin. Hypocritical, SNP-loving, plastic Sweaty.

      • Thunderball triple whammy for me…
        Luciana Paluzzi as crazy redhead Fiona
        Claudine Auger as Domino
        Martine Beswick as Paula
        … all at the same time…

    • Beautiful lady but my absolute favourite is Jill St. John in Diamonds Are Forever.

      Absolutely love a bit of proper red-head totty!

  33. The Amazon woman Grace Jones in View To A Kill could have had Bond and Chris Walken for breakfast and farted them out before lunch.

    • I remember that time she hit a tv host for not looking her in the eye while talking and talking to another guest. Grace jones has a good voice but shes batshit crazy

        • Well, all of you cunters need a lesson…you are all raving about his actress that actress, their tits etc. Nonsense, utter nonsense…you aint seen nipples like the nipples on the lovely delectable Glenda Jackson, starring in women in love. Watch the clip. Thats a horny cock enabling, sperm producing instant orgasm!

          You boys of today don’t know what you missed in Glenda Jackson. Oh yes…oh yes…oh .yes..yes…yes..yes

          • Anyone remember Suzannah York in the nud in the bath in that weird art-house film The Shout with Alan Bates and John Hurt?

            Nips like chappel hat-pegs!

          • Just had a geez.
            I’ve always been a bit creeped out by her and i think i still am.
            Fair play to you, Asimplearsehole, for being open.

            She had hairy armpits man. 🙂

        • And Halle Berry…. oh fuck it I need to go and get cleaned up now!

          • According to legend, Grace Jones hospitalized more than one stuntman while making Conan The Destroyer…

    • It’s ok cos the mayor of Londonistan has been saying that for they last two years.

      It’s all just part of life. We just have to accept it and embrace our “peaceful” friends (and just hope then don’t blow up as we do).

      • I say to hell with that!


        Why should we have to ”accept” that peaceful cunts will try and kill us?!

        • Egg-fucking-zactly!

          Oh but if you dare say there’s a “M” or an “I” problem in this country, Europe or anywhere else in the world – which anyone with 2oz of sense know there is one, a big one – then you get tarred with Flabbot’s racist brush, which is about as accurate as Picasso’s when he was daubing an eye on a picture in his cubist period!

          Fuck’s sake!

          • When you said everyone knows that there’s a big problem with islime and everyone knows it, the proof is listening to the news.

            One day last week i was listening to the radio and the first four items on the news were muslime related and the sixth item an’ all.

            Since then I’ve been noticing it more.
            If they aren’t reporting the upcoming election, then its mainly islime related shite they talk about.
            Sometimes islime even sneaks into election talk.

          • Apologies for being repetitive in the first paragraph.

            My proof reader was skinning up a doob.

            I’m not really a good advert for legalize the weed, am i ?

    • Really? A Koran?! Fuck me, what a diss that is to the 22 dead and dozens more injured!

      Hey, Police Chief! Why not leave you kids alone with them for a couple of hour while you’re at it?!

      • It’s like going to JFKs funeral with a sniper rifle. I hope that my family and friends are never caught up in an Islamic terrorist attack, because if the event wasn’t bad enough, having the apologists on every media platform 24/7 would kill me. I have been avoiding the news, we all know what happened, we know it will happen again, and we know fuck all will become of it. Yes, arrests have been made, and a couple of those cunts might end up in clink, but they let all these cunts back from fighting for IS in Syria and Libya, as if they are coming back from a fucking gap year holiday. If you can kill a load of kids at a pop concert, and still avoid the greater issue, then we are doomed.

        • A Chief Constable is a political appointment. There are no two ways about that. The Establishment get the Chief Constables that they want, and not what we need.CC’s conform to a specification. They are greasers, cock suckers and establishment whores. We have seen over the years a number of fucking awful cunts put into positions way beyond their ability. Thursdays Question Time showed the bitch Rudd as she truly is, Any CC serving under her will reflect her values, and her goals and all will toe the party line. I have great respect for police officers, but not the cunts that lead them. To be seen handling the Quran shit fest in the manner portrayed is a travesty, any cunt with principal would have wiped their arse on its pages and flushed them down the bog. Fuck the Quran and fuck cunts like that twat, licking the balls and tonguing the arse of the camel shagger. Amber Rugg(muncher) will be well pleased.

    • At least Judas was well paid for his treachery. This cunt is just a pathetic pen pushing apparatchik, who would stick his tongue up any butthole he’s told to.
      That photo reminds me of something…..hmmmm, let me think…..I know!……..Peace in Our Time.

    • Just looked at the photo Norman.
      Words cannot express how sick and beneath contempt that man must be.
      I know it’s the obvious thing to say, but how the actual fuck did a cunt like that get into the position he has reached.

      Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

    • That’s as wrong as it gets!

      People blown into bits & pieces by “peaceful” cunts and all this toad is clearly concerned about is their hurt feelings, just in case an ordinary Joe dares call them out as being a nest of fucking bomb-makers! Which they are, or, at the very least their lack of condemnation within their own community makes them as equally bad, if not more so!

      I therefore formally nominate Chief constable Ian Hopkins of Greater Manchester Police for being a duplicitous, appeasing and ignorant cunt of the highest order.

      Hang your fucking head in shame! I hope the families of the 22 victims – a lot of whom were children – make your life a fucking misery for the rest of your (hopefully short lived) tenure! You utter, utter CUNT!

  34. Roger Waters is a cunt…. Loved Floyd when I was younger, but this lefty windbag’s latest interview in Uncu(n)t Magazine shows what a blundering, harumphing snowflake old fool he really is… First of all, he compares Farage to Hitler: saying Hitler had it in for Jews, while Farage ‘has it in for’ everyone in Europe…. Someone should tell this old cunt trombone that not wanting you homeland infested with thieves, rapists, terrorists and benefit cheats is not the same as gassing millions just because you don’t like them… Gilmour’s nemesis then also has digs at Enoch Powell, says that Brexit is a ‘disaster’ that ‘disgusts him’, and also compares Trump to Hitler (Trump ‘has it in for’ Muslims apparently)… The cunt dodders on about Magna Carta and saying ‘the people should decide!’ Errr… The people did, Rog, and they voted out of the EU…
    Yet another rich as fuck country mansion cunt who will never have to live near Iron Curtain benefits thiebing gyppos, or muslamist human flith rapeugees… 22 people from my home city died because of these ‘they’re not all bad’ scum last week, so I am in no mmod for his pompous and self righteous buffoonery… Mind you’ he’s always been a bit ‘diificult’ with anyone who dares to disagree with him… The ex-members of Floyd could tell you that…

    • It baffles me that any expat celebrity who has lived in the US or anywhere else for a number of years has the balls to say what they object too in their home country. Especially considering most these cunts are tax dodgers or massive tax cheats of some sort.

      I never had a problem with Waters on palestine or BDS because I’m mostly antiwar but for him to call Farage and Trump hitler is an extreme accusation and a bit silly. I dunno maybe Syd wasn’t so crazy after all perhaps he just couldn’t put up with Waters huge Ego. Although I’m sure the drugs and toxic friends didn’t help

      • The old bag of wind says that it was disgusting that the likes of Boris and Farage should have been so heavily involved in Brexit… If not them then who?… Cameron? Osbourne? Basically Waters means he would favour anyone who agrees with him and wanted us to stay in the EU snakepit….

        Then there’s the ludicrous ‘another one (tyrant) comes along’ shite he blabbers on about… Starting with Hitler, he then places Enoch. Farage and Trump in the same category as The Fuhrer… That is just snowflakes in a bottle: ‘Everyone I don’t like or doesn’t agree with me is Hitler!’ A mantra echoed by Gary Linekunt, Lily Mong, Question Time audiences, Benderdick Cuntberdinck, millions of student tosspots, social media knobheads, and has-been rock stars who are still cashing on a certain wall from nearly forty years ago…

    • Sounds like another rich elite cunt with his head so far up his own arse you can no longer see his feet.

      What a surprise….

    • Surely nobody listens to the man that brought us Radio Kaos and The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking.

      I always thought that Dave/David Gilmour was the better singer but now i really couldn’t give a shiny shite about Floyd at all.

      They ain’t no Beady Eye are they?

      • Waters is so predictable… From angry young man to angry old man… Has never been arsed about Floyd fans (he used to gob at them), yet he spreads all this ‘humanitarian’ bollocks… So, the ‘Animals’ pig now represents Trump?… So, how come the old inflatable snorker wasn’t brought out for Reagan, Bush (both of them), Clinton, Obama?…. Oh, I forgot, Trump is the snowflakes panto villain of choice, isn’t he?…. And as for Waters labeling Big Don sexist, it was him who put Linzi Drew’s (rather nice) arse on the cover of the Hitchiking album…

        • Linzi Drew?
          Linzi Drew?
          Linzi Drew?

          Name sounds familiar.
          Quick Google search.
          Ahhhhh, Linzi fuckin Drew!!!!!

          Totally forgot all about her.
          I think I’ll be doing more “googling” later. 🙂

        • Typical… If a Floyd fan sent this old duffer a letter, it would be ignored…. Ask for an autograph, they’s get told to fuck off (or spat at)… But he can’t do enough for ‘brown babies’ and our peaceful friends (his ‘Palestinians are good guys and all great and Israelis are the baddies and total cunts’ noise is also nuaseating)… Everything that is except actually live with them (see Lineker, Geldof, Cuntberbadge, Lily Spastique etc)…

  35. Personally, just hearing the words “Andy Burnham” makes me wanna throw up..

    Enough said.

    • Substitute the word ”shit” for ”Andy Burnham”.

      Case in point, in need to go for an Andy Burnham soon.

  36. Wonder if Waters has heard of Godwin’s Law, because his rantings certainly follow it’s theory.

  37. Eva Braun’s grasp on English was fucking shit, especially when answering the phone..

    “Is a dolphin what?”…

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