Theresa May [6]

What a cunt, May has called a press conference for 11:15. The media suspect she is going to announce an election. Why do that, hardly fair on the others is it. Labour don’t have a leader and the LibDems have Tiny Whiney Tim. UKIP have imploded into a comic side show. So I have a wish list of announcements she may make.

She is having Teflon Tony arrested and put on trial for war crimes
She is going to bitch slap Tim Farron
She is exiting the EU now no more fucking about
She has found David Cameron’s balls and she wants him to come and collect them

Who knows what the daft old biddy wants to tell us?

Nominated by sixdog vomit

45 thoughts on “Theresa May [6]

  1. shes all in, winning hand, knows the people will back her(i dont like tories but atleast when they fuck you they tell you to your face). an what i mean by that is, they will give us brexit, but they will fuck you over when its done. lining their pockets, laws for their mates and not being accountable if they fuck it up.(blame last gov). its a patriotic time for the people. and the establishment know… we will get our identity and freedom back, no matter what

  2. This general election is going to be an extinction level event for the Labour Party….
    The British electorate are just about to get the chance to show corbyn and his army of clowns at momentum exactly what they think about them, it’s going to be a bloodbath, one from which corbyn will never recover, same goes for that posturing runt farron!, I saw in some reports that cunt of the century BLAIR is thinking about campaigning for the lib dems?? Oh I fuckin hope he does! What an absolute coup for Theresa May if that comes to fruition…….

    • With the opposition in complete disarray, May’s being clever here. Or is she? If Corbyn gets his arse handed to him at the polls, he’ll lose his job and May will then have to focus on a new Labour leader. Who might be more of a challenge. Who knows? Plus I wish Blair would fucking die. What a massive cunt he is.

      • When Corbyn gets handed his arse which towering intellect of the Labour party will be a challenge? They have rigged their constitution to make only loonies and overgrown students likely to win through. They are fucked.

    • Blair, campaigning for the Liberals?….A mouth watering prospect Quislings!…Just think..a Britain with Labour fucked….Liberals fucked and a Green Party poured down the shithole where green stuff belongs. Oh I do hope you are right!

  3. We’re not going to do this, we have no intention, it’s out of the question, rest assured we won’t even consider it………………oh go on then, we’ll do it.
    Politicians. Professional liars every one of them.

    • I’m right there with you, Allan. Anyone who actively wants to be a politician has something wrong with them mentally.

      Same with cops. “Oooo I want to protect and serve my community”. Bullshit! You want a gun and a badge so you can push the rest of us around. Cunts.

  4. Wouldn’t trust this bitch with my shopping list let alone any of the promises she makes in any of her flowery Churchillian speeches. Bullshitter. What about all those speeches she gave, as Home Secretary, promising to reduce immigration? Liar, liar expensive pants on fire.
    Still it will be interesting seeing the remoaners bursting with fury as they get another battering. I also look forward to Jezzer being replaced by the Flabbott. Oh yes..first woman leader of the Labour Party, first black leader of any Party. How can the comrades of Momentum resist that? Mark my words.

  5. I hope voters ditch Remainiac MPs in the relevant areas. We’ll need every bit of positivity selling Britain and carping cunts who have contempt for democracy will only hinder that process. I don’t like old Griselda much, but calling the election now was correct.

    I also saw Sturgeon seething and fuming which further corroborates that it’s a decent decision.

    Finally Farong Mong is a cunt. MPs not even in double figures.

  6. Corbyn is like a wounded zebra on the savannah finding a tree to lie down and die under, and the vultures are circling sniffing for a shot at leader. Flabbott would be hilarious, May would eat her up at PMQ’s and fart her out for teatime. Chuka Ummuna is my bet, sly wog with a legal background like Citizen Khan.

    • No way would I ever vote for a w@g to lead my country!
      Especially the greasy cunt Chuck me mamma…. Ive shit better things down the bog than that cunt.

  7. Can we arrange for a COTY rosette to be sent to Timmy Farton to be worn throughout the election campaign. I think seeing this soft little cunts mush on telly for the next few weeks will sway any cunt who was gonna vote limp dem to really question their sanity. Imagine that annoying jizz stain as PM. Mind you remainers are capable of anything to stay shackled to their eu gods. Cunts

    • I look forward to the extinction of the Liberal Party, and the demise of that tiresome little twat Farron.

  8. Bring em on. May’s got some great weapons to help her win. Blair, Major, Meddlesome, Campbell(end), Kinnock, Ashdown, Soubry, Clark, Hessel once upon a tine. Maybe they’ll wheel out Oh Bummah.

    • ….And, hopefully, we can expect a contribution from that towering intellect, social justice warrior and world’s richest drug dealer, Sir Bob Goboff.

    • Only if they can drag Obama off Geffens fucking massive yacht!

      Amazing isn’t it that advocates of socialism don’t seem to want to live in the socialist paradise they want to create for the ‘ordinary’ people.

      Orwells Inner party springs to mind.

  9. They’re still focusing on the fact that she called an election rather than *why* she called an election.

    I’m sat here watching Victoria Derbyshire (usual open mic for libtard remoaners and continual interruptions of anyone in favour of democracy – ABBC cunts).

    The pointless cunt Kinnock Jnr is on (what job outside of Whitehall has that cunt had?? Another career Labourite politician cunt – just what the country needs) stating: “The country needs stability and this decision [to hold a referendum] throws in the face of that!”

    Well Kinnock Jnr – you easily forgettable cunt – that’s what May wanted and who wanted to get on and deliver a proper brexit. Alas you and your interfering ilk wouldn’t let stability prevail and so you forced her hand.

    So rather than cry about an election being called, how about going out to YOUR electorate and telling them exactly what your plans are for brexit, because whoever gets in, that’s your ball to run with.

    Please understand that we DON’T want the free movement of people and that we DON’T want to be governed by EU law. If that precludes us from accessing the (diminishing) Single Market then so be it. The benefit of making our own laws and being able to turn back the floods of eastern blockers coming in far outweigh any involvement in a market where several EU states are on the verge of economical collapse!

    And when they do collapse, where do you think the displaced and “disgruntled at their lot” cunts will head for? Another failed EU state or – possibly/probably – “Fantasy Island” (the UK) who is still economically strong (despite the brexit nay-sayers continually stating otherwise and continually being proved WRONG)!?!

    If we still have freedom of movement and have to capitulate to EU law then we won’t legally be able to do anything about it! Well fuck that!

    So MPs of all colours please focus on what you’re going to do to deliver what the people voted for and less on being ass-hurt that an election was called and twisting about “U-turns”/opportunism on the part of the PM.

    You brought it on yourselves, deal with it! Cunts!

    • I can tell you what Kinnock Jr. Did before he got his greasy arse into Westminster in 2015. The cunt was a fucking EU penpusher in Brussels where he met his papershuffling wife who later became PM of Denmark no less. No doubt Mummy and Daddy have given him all the best advice on how to fill your pockets with the muggy taxpayers’ dough. He sneaks under the radar but, for obvious reasons, he’s one of the biggest remoaners of them all and a snidey cunt on the way up. Watch out for this bastard, the fruit never falls far from the tree.

  10. Oh Christ no, not ANOTHER election. That means squads of red-rosette-bedecked, long-black-coat wearing cunts roaming my area (safe labour seat anyway) offering their arses and other assorted freebies for my vote.
    I’ll just lie to get them to go away this time, then vote against the twats anyway…

    And what is it with those long black overcoats the labour canvassers around here alway wear? Just makes them all look like Herr Flick…

    • Yeah we get those cunts in this area too – regrettably another Labour stronghold – but I still vote Connie, and happily tell them so.

      I also tell them that Labour’s mantra of “the working man” (which they love to labour – pardon the pun) hasn’t been relevant for over 40yrs and that they piss money up the wall (on the undeserving) and then borrow to pay for it!

      I especially relish when they turn up in the black Dannimac overcoats. Last two Labour fuckers who turned up at my door (a bloke and a woman in matching black Dannimacs and Labour rosettes) got this as my opening gambit (after their introductory drivel): “And how is the campaign going in The Matrix?”

      The woman looked completely nonplussed (a Harriet Harmon wannabe but without the looks or the personality) but fair play to the bloke, he did have a laugh at that one.

      And then I let rip into them and was able to out-debate them on any topic they dared venture near. They were gone in less than 2mins (I could’ve gone on for ages) but the woman gave the bloke the “We’ve got a live one here!” look and they fucked off to look for one of their easily lead sheep voters for whom they *STILL* do nothing for, cunts!

      I recommend everyone use The Matrix line and throw the cunts off balance before they even say a word!

  11. So theres gonna be an Election,
    What a piece of cunt.
    I am from a traditional Labour voting family although I cannot bring myself to vote for those useless cunts, being from a working class background the Tories are cunts who I cannot bring myself to vote for and I dont need to say anything about the Lib Dem Cunts. Being a half Black and half White cunt I can’t bring myself to vote Ukip as they are full of those ‘I aint racist but…’ cunts. I am in a weird place in my life, aged 38 with fairly right wing views in a lot of areas (especially immigration, EU etc) yet there doesn’t seem to be a party for me to vote for, Labour are a fucking joke and under Cunt of the Millennium Blair they have fucked this country and when I walk down the street and see a load of cunts from fuck knows where prancing around like they own the fucking country it pisses me off.

    If there was a party that had a manifesto that included:
    -No more immigration from the day we are in power onwards
    -Tony Blair to be exiled
    -All the Somali cunts get a one way ticket to North Korea
    -Tony Blair gets a kick in the bollocks every hour
    -All the Eastern Europeans get a one way ticket to Somalia
    -Barry Scott is banned from the telly
    -You have a pledge of allegiance to this country and if you dont you can fuck off
    -Black and white cunt gets to fuck Charlize Theron every night
    -Is a gets its own TV channel
    -Tony Blair gets a slap
    -Petrol is 70p a litre
    -The fans and casts of Towie, Made in Chelsea, Geordie shore etc are given a one way ticket to Turkmenistan
    -Everyone has to call someone a cunt to their face every day.
    -Hipster cunts get a kick in the bollocks everyday
    -Donald Trump has to have a skinhead
    -Free deodorant for those east london Paki cunts who stink out the fucking trains at 9:00am
    -Russel Brand is exiled to Antartica
    -James O’brien is forced to swim to America
    -We save the Gloucester Old Spot Pigs
    -Black and White Cunt as the next Bond

    Anyways you get my drift.

    Good Morning Cunters, its a good day.
    Remember Keep away from the Drakes…
    Unless its me,
    Fuck off.

    Black and White cunt.

    • Remember Keep away from the Darkies…
      Unless its me.

      Fucking spell predictor needs a cunting AGAIN.

      • Can I be Chancellor when you are PM, B&WC?

        I also propose –
        Dick Fiddler as Minister for Women
        Birdman as Foreign Secretary
        Dioclese as Chief Brexit Negotiator.
        Norman as Minister for Sport (with special responsibility for abolishing Liverpool FC).

          • Fuck knows – but nobody’s monitoring the pending comments and releasing them… And I’m sure as fuck not in a position to do it from here!

            Today I’m at Sossovlei in the Namib desert. Overnighting in a hotel in the middle of fuck all which has a piss poor WiFi connection but at least it’s a connection!

            Believe it or not we’re having a thunderstorm. In the desert. It’s fucking raining. Unreal!

            Only just heard about the election being called. Has Trump nuked North Korea yet?

            There’s a lot to be said for being cut off from the world…

        • You almost had the job Cunt’s Mate Cunt until you dared to suggest abolishing the mighty Liverpool FC. Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool
          Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool
          Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool
          Liverpool, LIVERPOOL.

          • Diocese can I have your Air miles? Surely you’ve amassed enough for a few round the world flights.

          • Liverpool are heading back to where they belong – European footy. We’ll show those useless habitual-failure arsewipes (Gooners,ManBlue, etc) how it’s done.

            I’ll vote for you but I propose I be the next Bond, and also part-time Sturgeon-baiter.

    • Sensible policies for a better Britain, B&W cunt. Even the Bond bit, you can’t be any less like Fleming’s description of 007 than that shortarsed gimp Danny Craig.

    • Black and white cunt for pm, president, King, fuhrer and supreme leader.
      Can I have sloppy seconds on charlize?

  12. Cressida Dick is a cunt.

    The new chief of the Met has announced that she is a lesbian. Well,what a fucking shock,who would have guessed? However,the reason I’m cunting the silly bitch is that she has announced that “diversity issues” will be a key part of her regime, while also announcing that solving burglary was now a low priority.

    Fucking great. Ignore the fact that people’s houses are being robbed,in favour of pushing minority agendas. …”Your house has been burgled,you say…Well tough shit, we’re too busy making sure that deviants and immigrants are taking priority over the people who pay taxes.” I’d have thought that keeping peoples homes safe is a bit more important than the Gay/Lesbian/Sandwog/Pikey/Extremist Alliance feeling “excluded”.

    • So we have a Muslim Mayor and a Carpet Muncher as Chief of the Met.
      I bet they get on like a house an fire.
      We shouldn’t have female police officers in my opinion, Jobs too dangerous for women. Look what that Manc cunt Dale Cregan did to those women officers.
      No doubt well get a load of man wannabe Lesbian Officers prowling the streets.
      Fuck this Im giving up the criminal lifestyle.
      If the Police are reading I know Naffink Abaaaaaht it.

    • Well what a shock huh? I feel sorry for the other fuckers that were in the running for her job 100% in the knowledge that they would be ‘also rans’ given that she is a woman (of sorts) and a rug muncher, how many fucking boxes does that tick in out glorious PC (no pun intended) world?

      With citizen Khan masturbating furiously over just how right on and inclusive he is over a woman and a lezzer being appointed as chief on his watch. Cunt

      The other cunts stood no chance of ever getting the job, so why the fucking charade?

  13. Yeah of course the Dicksplash was always going to get the job, despite being responsible for 4 bullets in the head of some innocent cunt sitting in a Tube train minding his own business. Hey she’s a lezzer, proof positive there’s no discrimination in the Met. Now we need a trannie as her deputy and we can all sleep soundly in our beds.

    • Eddie Izzard is lined up to be ACC. Grayson Perry will be the new press officer. It’s London innit.

  14. Not heard any bleating from St Lineker of Leicester over election, probably still crying into his bag of Walkers after last night.

  15. Is Mrs May some kind of dominatrix? She inherited a pile of shite from Cameron and she’s dealt with it. I though she called an election because she wanted a rest but she might be hard as nails and want to give is 8 years of the same.

    Like Thatcher in the 70s though if she snatched my milk I’d milk her snatch.

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