A load of wankers were holding hands on Westminster Bridge in remembrance of the Camel driver attack. Who are these arseholes who have to make a public exhibition of their grief for people they don’t know and never met? They are a national embarrasment and a bunch of attention seeking cunts. Get a fucking life for fucks sake.

Nominated by Fredie the Frog.

Grief jacking no other word for it M8, its incredibly thick headed too, to gloat and say “hey no one is mowing us down today and killing us! stronger together wank” Its a fake sign of solidarity if u ask me.

Nominated by Tit Slapper.

No way on this earth will I be watching any of that talentless stomach churning griefjacking emotional blackmail shite. I’d rather paint my cock with maple syrup and poke it in a hornets nest than sit and watch that vomit inducing non-talent sleb circlejerk. The only people taken-in by this are the gullible sheeple who feel pressured into parting with their cash for yet another lost cause in Africa. What has it achieved over the years? Merry fuck-all. Nothing has ever changed for the better out there. Nothing ever will. What goes on out there is not my concern.

Nominated by TwatVarnish.

112 thoughts on “Griefjacking

  1. i think the jihadis are missing a couple of tricks here
    1st strike for the main attack
    2nd strike for the responders
    3rd strike for the griefjackers

    • Fucking good idea, anything to keep these weeping, self-absorbed exhibitionists off my screen. Let’s face it that’s what it’s all about…a load of narcissists desperate to get on the telly and show how caring and virtuous they are. When it comes to these terrorist outrages I want to see politicians weeping and laying flowers because THEY FUCKING CAUSED IT!! If they had the balls to do that I’d go down there myself just to gob on the cunts. Put THAT on the BBC News you wankers!

      • Most politicians are cunts, and quite a few have blood on their hands, but its the cowerdly terrorist scumbags that cause it.

  2. Times change, and mostly for the better, but there was a time when cunts had stiff upper lips and would never show any sign of weakness.

    Nowadays, being sad or showing people things upset you has become a badge of honour.

    I first really became aware of grief jacking when murderous scumbags carried out the attacks in Paris.

    Hash tags and French tricolours all over the internet.

    It was the first time I noticed this sort of behaviour, and I was instantly disgusted with them all.

    I believe a lot of left thinking people thrive on this shite and are secretly hoping for the next time some carnage comes along to give them a chance to have a jolly.

    And they never seem to be angry.

    Poor souls slaughtered and the only emotion shown is sadness.

    People openly crying on the telly or in public deserves a good cunting itself.

    There’s nothing wrong with crying at a personal loss or if yer on the bones of yer arse with no way out.
    I get that, its a human emotion.

    But today, cunts cry for anything, even people being nice to them, and don’t get me started on the cunts that try and dry fake tears by waving their hands backwards in the air…. cunts.

    Anyway, these cunts need to get a grip and replace fake sadness for true anger.




    • People who cry at anything:

      I don’t watch xfactor/voice/no talent etc, but I can’t avoid the clips.

      How is it physically possible to cry when ye hear someone sing ?

      Amanda Holden and many more of these bullying cunts break down blubbering when someone sings in an “angelic” voice.

      That to me says they have some class of depression and should be seeking professional help.

      Think about it, someone’s voice makes you well up with tears ?

      If ye act like that,yer a fuckin weird cunt.

      Amanda Holden is a cartoon faced cunt.

      • Couldn’t agree more birdman! It seems to be trendy nowadays to be an utter pussy.
        You’re right, whatever happened to stiff upper lip!
        Chin up and cracking on!

        Can’t say I’ve ever actually cried listening to someone sing but this one almost got me.

        ….I am a bit of a wierd cunt though!

        • Thank fuck it wasn’t Avit Maria that little dutch girl sung.

          Avit Maria either has me crying or kicking fuck out of a door.

          Quite possibly the worst, most annoying song ever.

      • I saw that Honey G. That brought tears to my eyes!

        Until I wound up the old WW2 air raid siren. Ahhhhh, that’s better…

        • I consider myself truly blessed to never have heard anything from honey g.
          One look at the cunt and I’m sure that however bad I imagine the cunt to be, she’s almost certainly 1000 times worse!

          • I’ve watched a clip of her for cunting purpose, know yer enemy and all that.

            You should have a geez.
            This tat used to pass for comedy in the early nineties.

            She’s a mixture of Harry Enfield’s surly teen and Roland Rat.

            Yet she gets “praise” for being a serious (c)rapper.
            She’s comedy gold.

  3. I was in darkest Africa at the time but didn’t this shit start with the drink driving incident in a Paris tunnel when the most perfect person who ever lived got twatted along with her peaceful consort?

    • Well, cunts have wept over the death of famous people going back to Rudolf Valentino (poof) and probably beyond. But I make you right, 1997 marked a definite turning point. That was just complete madness, total mass hysteria all whipped up by the Campbell inspired media. You had to live through it to fully appreciate those crazy couple of weeks and how you can easily manipulate the masses……and, of course, how fucking dim the average cunt in the street is.

      • My mates Da owned a newsagents in Clydebank and was knocked out by some cunt for opening his shop on the day of her funeral.

        • I actually went out to the local off licence on the day of Lady Died’s send off… I had a joke with Rod, who owned the pace back then… He said ‘Will she pay my bills?’ He didn’t give a fuck, and why should he?… He was actually pretty pleased: because loads of griefmonkeys had come in and bought candles over that weekend…

    • I was in deepest darkest slavia when that happened and a Croat told me the news he was rather surprised when I questioned his reason for waking me.
      Lady Di is dead and the JNA are launching an offensive (wake me up) Lady Di is dead.well we could discuss this over breakfast and no I will not be hit with balkan hysteria.

        • I was getting royaly rat arsed with some Irish Road racing lads on the IOM suffice to say the drinking continued as did the chatter about motorbikes but not much about her.

  4. The sickening circus that was the demise of the media whore that was Lady Died started a griefjacking craze that has never gone away…. Everyone from cricketers, to footballers, (who weren’t actually dead!), French newspaper staff (?!?), and reality TV scum who aren’t worth a shit (like Jade Baddy) get the full whack of hearts and flowers… And now black armbands are worn at every opportunity… I recall and England match at Wembley: and the teams wore armbands because (wait for it!) there’d been a fire in a nightclub in Brazil… Not very nice and all that, but what the fuck did it have to do with the England team?!… And anyone who snuffs it is automatically upgraded to ‘genius’ and ‘legend’ status… Like Victoria Wood and Saint Caroline ‘How Dare You Say She Was a Pisspot Husband Beater’ Of The Blessed Merton, when they were either OK at best or just total crap… And of course there is now the professional griefjacker… The cynical cunt who will milk a tragedy or demise with nothing but publicity and money in mind… Masterfully done by those Scouse cunts over Hillsborough (but not Heysel, eh?), and now practiced to a fine art by the McCann cunts and St Brendan Of The Holy Cox… That mincing, doughnut punching cunt, Paul Burrell, also deserves a mention for his pioneering griefjacking as he constantly cashed in (and still does) on the aforementioned ‘Princess Of Hearts’…

    And here is two griefjacking icons/cunts for the price of one:

    • If I could get my hands on the cunt who penned the song “We shall overcome” I’d fucking throttle him. Sung at every fucking occasion of grief. Fuck me rigid.

      • Throttled ?

        You may have crossed a line there, Asimplearsehole.

        There’ll be a candlelit vigil, mainly attended by black panthers, at the bottom of yer garden if yer not careful.


  5. Feelings…..
    I remember when the princess of the people? Diana died, the cameras were outside the palace and everybody was crying, one black lady was wailing ” Diana Diana!” I can understand some people feeling sad but unless You knew the person who has died really well I just don’t get it!!, public grieving just seems to be the norm nowadays, holding hands?? FFS, burning candles?? Or fuckin please!! , the old stiff upper lip appears to have been replaced by a quivering lower one!! I find it all rather embarrassing and think like most of my fellow cunters that these idiots suffer some kind of psychological problems!! It’s utter fuckiin nonsense….. Every time I turn the TV on some Cunts crying!! These people seem to revel in grief?? It’s all odd, very odd indeed…..

    • I remember when Lennon was shot… My mum was a bit upset… Not hysterical or anything like that… But she was sad because she was a Beatles fan and their music was part of her young life… But that was as far as she went with it… She played his ‘Plastic Ono Band’ album once after he was shot and that was that.. But I also remember all those stupid cunts in Noo Yoik wailing hysterically and singing ‘Imagine’ for about three fucking days… Crying into news cameras like their brother or son had been murdered… I recall my dad saying ‘He was a pop star they never knew… They’re complete wankers…’ And he was right…

    • Very true. I don’t watch any of that CuntFactor bollocks, or any other “look at me” manufactured sob story came-from-nothing cuntishness, but everytime some five minute famer sings a supposedly emotional song, the griefwanking camera crew cuts to people in the audience with tears rolling their faces like a cunting onion-chopping marathon? It’s more than tragic and is a free licence for a mass teary-eyed sugarwank.

      These hipsters are under the genuine impression than standing around in wooly hats & holding candles at midnight will actually change something? That’s like trying to fend off a pride of lions with an egg-whisk. They don’t give a rat’s cock because it doesn’t affect them. As soon as it’s over, they head back down to StarCunts for a mega latte frappocunto-chino twatocachi or whatever they’re called and back home to their affluent apartments to watch some arthouse shit. As the saying goes “You can’t put anymore shit into a full bucket”. What a brewed mug of cunt.

    • Remember when Michael Jackson died!
      Fuck me!
      The wailing, crying cunts that’s never would’ve got within 100 yards of him without being beaten senseless by his security guards screaming about him being their best friend.

    • Instead of blarting and blubbing over someone like Diana who didn`t know them and wouldn`t have given a toss about them if she had the griefjackers should save their tears for when someone truly close to them dies. They`ll know what grief really does fucking mean then.

    • As the “If” cartoon had it, “she was too tall to be a penguin (topical at the mo, coz she might have had a decent paying job with British Gas), and too rich to live in Peckham”…

  6. Fio Rerdinand is the latest ‘star’ to cash in on the griefjacking boom…
    Not a case of ‘Get the violins’ out!’ More like ‘Get the Royal Philharmonic, Yehudi Menuhin, and Mantovani… And we’ll do it on TV to show what a nice guy I am… Crocodile tears guaranteed’

    Naturally, the bits about him shagging every stripper, soap star slapper, coked up prossie, orange skinned skank, and Page 3 bimbo in Manchester behind his wife’s back were left out…

  7. There’s one thing about the Diana bollocks that’s always stuck in my head. If you remember, Elton John (poof) released the re-worked “Goodbye Englands Rose.” (Oh please fuck off) On the news they showed a shop opening its doors and a load of fat women burst in shoving each other out of the way. They went straight for the display and started scooping up armfuls of the fucking things. What the fuck was all that about? Fucking madness.

    • That’s wimmin for you, Freddie… Dark side of the fucking moon….
      And as for Lord Elton’s ‘tribute’? A song about a bottle blonde media whore slapper, recycled for another bottle blonde media whore slapper… Money for old rope (or old slags)…

    • I remember that! Truly sickening shite!! Utter nonsense gobbled up by the grieving masses….. 🤢

      • The police should be given new powers to arrest anybody….
        A …. over acting at the scene of a funeral…
        B… grieving with undue care and attention!!!
        Utter Cunts……

  8. I roll my eyes following any atrocity these days. Within hours the grievers turn out, and incidentally they don’t know any of the fucking victims personally, and many have travelled fucking miles not to miss out on the event. I think the terrorists must laugh their cocks off at the pathetic and wasted effort of the Libby kissing fuckers howling into the night. And what about that Charlie Hebdo shite? What the fuck was that about? As if candles and prayer groups were going to make matters better. Any of the peaceful ones watching that shite must surely finally convinced that westerners are indeed the worlds fuckwits!

    • The cunts must just sit at home watching the news waiting for the next terrorist atrocity or some famous cunt to drop dead before bolting out the door with a pocket full of candles, a quick drive down to George Micheals house, stand around crying for an hour of two, fuck!! A cars mown down a load of Cunts in London better get up there sharpish, hold some complete strangers hand and light my candle…..maybe these fake mourners just suffer from having a morbid curiosity??

  9. Nothing new here, normally brainwashed people do griefjacking, and its becoming a worldwide phenomenon like after the terrorist acts in France.
    I cant stand those people who got t-shirts and papers with je suis Charlie post on , yesterday you didn’t even care now, “let me post THIS ON FACEBOOK SO EVERYBODY can see how i’m the biggest solidary cunt on the planet”,
    In next day resuming their lives of total cuntitude but hey a least they posted on facebook right?

    • Half the cunts probably condemned hebdo for showing Muhammed in the first place.
      Griefjacking, band waggon riding cunts!

  10. I dont understand grief for people who’ve never done anything for me. I find it hard to even bother about people who I do know dying,never mind people who I have no connection with. Only time I’ve ever been bothered was when my old dog was to shoot.

  11. Celebricunts who griefjack are disgusting… Remember the Paris attacks, and that self serving kippercunt, Madogga, turned up with TV and press in tow as she paid ‘tribute’?….
    Of course this dirty old gluebag hasn’t ‘paid tribute’ anywhere else there has been a terror attack…Not enough publicity in it, you see… Mind you, she makes up for it by ‘looking good’ as she buys up yet more brown babies… What a fucking horrible cunt she really is…

    • And those Eagles Of Death Metal cunts will dine out on that Paris incident for years… Funny how they escaped unscathed and pissed off as fast as they could while their fans were being killed….

      • Said Eagles Of Death Metal later joined ubercunt Bono and U2 onstage in Paris for a major griefwank… C u n t s !

  12. People are cunts, this is not news to us. We can’t be surprised about griefjacker’s, we live in a nation where people raised a petition to free a fucking soap opera character and even the PM though it would be fun to raise it in parliament.

    A distraction from the real problems we don’t want to think about.

      • Deirdre would of shagged her way out of it, she was always a right slapper.

        • And Deidere cottoned on to the ‘migrant toyboy’ craze before it became fashionable… Remember that ‘Me no speaky Engleesh!’ foreign muzzie cunt, Shammy Leather, who was Deidre’s w@g on the side?… I recall he also met his maker when some ‘nasty far-right white hooligans’ gave him a going over… And people think this snowflake shite is new…

          • Deidre also went for an ‘Indian’when she was poked by Dirty Dev….He was up her tubes, Jeldi….

          • ……And don’t forget Mike Baldwin, he gave her a right good shagging. Mind you, Ken put it about a bit the randy old cunt.

          • So at the end of the day it turns out that Deirdre is Coronation St’s biggest ever slapper.

            Ye’d have thought it would have been that slutty gilf Beverly Collard.

            I wonder if Bev’s cuffs match her Collard. 🙂

  13. When the IRA planted a bomb we used to get people out protesting with Paddy go home placards and so on. Now when a camel Shagger from the religion of murder goes on a killing spree we have these grief jacking snowflake cunts linking arms with Muzzie rag head twats across London bridge.

  14. Its one thing to griefjack after there has been a death or a terror attack but the cunts are at it now if they lose a fucking election! You can say it all started with the death of a well known whore, sorry I meant princess but in reality it started a long time before that. I’d say it was the 1918 representation of the peoples act which caused the rot to set in for this is when wiminz got the vote. Since then everything has become more lefty, more touchy feely and more about emotions than facts. Now the general public are feminised infants, incapable of rational thought but compeled by their emotions to scream in anguish in public because some body told them “no!”. The feminisation of society has reached such a point where boys are actually encouraged to say they are girls! Meanwhile mo the mighty and his third world boom boom boys can’t believe their luck. After 1400 years of trying to take Europe, Europe has become so feminised they are rolling over and surendering to the camel jockey cunts, and if you dare say anything about it you will be locked up for “hate” speech. Cunts!

  15. Saw something that bent my head one day at Villa Park… I was at a Man United vs Villa game and Gary Speed had just topped himself… There was – as expected – mass griefjacking amongst Twittermongs and Facebook fuckwits… But some Villa fans held up a banner that read ‘Goodbye Gary, and thank you!’

    I thought ‘Did Speed ever play for Villa?’ And he didn’t… It was just ludicrous knee-jerk griefmonkeying… It’d be like me paying tribute to ex-Leeds goalie, Gary ‘careless hands’ Sprake when he died recently (which I didn’t)… I mean, why, for fuck’s sake?….

  16. Griefjacking has become the nations unofficial national sport, any tragedy, terrorist attack, murder or traffic accident and the cunts with the fluffy toys, balloons and barely illegible hand written sympathy notes are not far behind.

    If you have to grieve and actually knew the person, go and see the family in private and not bare you soul like some group hugging, hash tagging media whore fuckwit to the nearest camera crew.

  17. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the same people who light up buildings and create “prayfor[insertattackedcity” hashags are actually glad that Russians are dying….weird. Is it because the people doing the bizarre “not all Moslems” gross sentimental fanfare are Russia-hating?!

    • Yeah.

      It seems that the attack in St Petersburg is old hat already.

      Where I live, there’s loads and loads of flags, and when there’s an attack, they are always at half mast.

      Also, the Moorish castle in Gibraltar gets lit up in whatever nations flag.

      I’ve noticed that they don’t do it for any attack on Turkey, and yesterday I noticed that they don’t do it for St Petersburg.

      It really proves how much the mass brainwashing is working.

      Who tells them who to mourn and who not to?

      Coz they all seem to grieve in sync.

      • I’ve just seen May shake/sheik hands with they cunts.

        All smiley and jokey.

        Where was the female Arab leaders ?

        It was all blokes that came to meet her.

        That’s just not on.


        The chemical attack in Syria is rightly getting reported, but who were the cameramen that weren’t helping these kids in pain.
        There wasn’t one blurry shot either.

        True professionals.

        Also, as its a war, why are they giving us the numbers of dead and wounded ?

        An attack takes place in Syria, and within two hours we have HD footage, death toll and the number of wounded.

        Where does the power for the cameras come from and who’s the brave cunts running the ambulance service?

    • The Russkies had he temerity to abandon communism, which instantly transformed them into bad guys in the eyes of liberal types…

  18. Back in the 80’s there was a bloke called Bob who worked with me, constantly trying to undermine me and knife me in the back. At one point he tried to get my Fleet Administrator to dig the dirt on me promising him my job if he gave hime enough shit to sack me. (I fired my Fleet Admin when I found out for gross misconduct)

    Rather aptly, Bob was giving one of his staff an undeserved bollocking one morning when he had a heart attack and dropped dead across the desk.

    My guvnor said to me “Did you hear what happened to poor old Bob?”
    I replied “Good. He was a nasty little cunt”
    Guvnor said “You shouldn’t speak ill off the dead!”

    I replied “He was a nasty little cunt when he was alive and as far as I’m concerned he’s still a nasty little cunt now he’s dead…”

    Griefjack that, you bastards…

    • Yeah, the cemeteries are filled with dead good guys.

      I bet the guy who was getting the bollocking shat himself and hid anything that could be called a weapon.

      Holy fuck!!

    • Paul McCartney may be a cunt, but fair play to him for being honest when his old foe Allen Klein croaked in 2009… Everyone (including artists he’d screwed over) were eulogising the showbiz predator and making out he was a ‘lovable rogue’… Macca apparently said ‘Fucking Allen Klein? I couldn’t give a shit!’…

  19. Well recent narrative collapse for the Dumbo Diane Abbot, you see she was recently mocked for her blaming the Tory party for the croydon attack. Because this time Diane doesn’t have some white person to blame the attack on she never does anyway.

    She recently said this. “With rightwing politicians across the world scapegoating migrant crimes, refugees and others for their economic problems, we are seeing a deeply worrying rise in the politics of hate. We must make clear that there is no place for anti-foreigner myths, racism and hate in our society.”

    But Diane want if whites aren’t the only ones capable of racism? Is that even possible to you fat ugly retarded bitch? The attackers turned out to be darkie thugs of course, I knew it would be darkies when I heard it happened in Croydon. Only White’s left there are pensioners who can’t get out as far as I’m aware and chav wiggers who want to be black

    • The thing is TitSlapper, it is in writing that only white people can be racist.

      Something to do with whites not being able to suffer the same as our ethnic cousins or some shite.

      I’ve looked it up and its truthfully a steaming pile of tat, but it is in writing and once its in writing it must be true.

      Well any cunt that benefits from it believes it to be true.

      If yer brave enough and well sedated, have a geez at the study.

      Warning: computer screens may get covered in spit or house bricks.

    • “scapegoating migrant crimes, refugees and others for their economic problems”

      No, you still don’t get it you sanctimonious sack of week old soiled jam rags. We don’t blame the migrants, we blame YOU for letting the cunts in. The first duty of a government is to protect its people, something YOU have singularly failed to do. So people are taking their democratic right and duty to do something about it by voting YOU and your disgusting self righteous party out of power. It isn’t right wing hate, it is self preservation, you fat deluded victim junkie cunt. Now fuck off and stop wasting my oxygen.

      • Fucking Flabbot. How many times has that bitch spouted racist shit about whites? I find it hard to believe that she actually allowed Jeremy to stick his skinny winkle up her cavernous, overused, sloppy old fanny.

  20. Peaceful ones, ‘he was a good boy’ drug dealers, ‘never in trouble’ gang stabbing victims – good. Light the candles.

    As for anyone who did deserve some sympathy but probably wouldn’t want it anyway they just don’t fit in with these selfish, crusading bleeding heart cunts attention seeking view of the world. # wankers.

    • … many years ago now a local thief toe-rag Cunt, was being chased by the coppers, on a motorbike he’d just stolen … crashed and was wiped out dead.
      … Usual bollocks from the hanger on’s and the grieving relatives being interviewed for the telly… “A great wee lad, never harm a soul .. he’d give you the last 50p out of his pocket ” … what they were failing to grasp is the fact that the ‘last 50p in his pocket’ , had belonged to some other poor fucker before he stole it …..

  21. Speaking personally, if I carried out an atrocity and then saw a candle lit vigil I’d never do such a thing again. Noooooooo

  22. It’s like these cunty griefjacking just giving pages.
    The terrorist … Sorry… asylum seeker that got done over in Croydon has received over £23,000 in donations.

    Think I’m gonna get my face browned up and take a trip to Croydon.
    23,000 for a kicking.
    …sign me up!

    • I’ll give you a kicking you asylum seeking ponce, and we’ll split it 50/50.

    • Will the little cunt pay tax on that.
      That can’t be legal, can it?

      He’s not even eligible for a bank account.

      Maybe they’ll put it in his “cousins” bank account in Iran.

      I’m going to mug the little cunt, or better, phone the tax man.

      Twenty three grand and rising.
      Plus whatever criminal damages the little cunt gets.

      • I didn’t think of that!

        No doubt the cunt will team up with some ambulance chasing shithead and Sue the taxpayer for millions.

        ….bet they keep giving him his benefits too!

        Fuck let’s give him another kicking.

  23. Have I cunted the ABBC today? No? Ok here’s today’s ABBC nomination…

    Jeremy Vine show on ABBC Radio 2 this lunchtime: “Theresa May is in Saudi Arabia, a visit which has drawn condemnation from human rights activists, and where women aren’t even allowed to drive!”

    Aye aye! Where’s this going then? Finally the ABBC are going to get drawn into a bit of “peaceful” bashing! Excellent – bring it on!

    “So our question to you is this: would Britain be a safer place to drive if MEN were banned from driving? Nina Myskow your thoughts…”

    What an unbelievable pile of CUNT! 😠

    • Told my brother about the piece on vine about banning men drivers because women are safer. He was not amused, as a woman smashed into his stationary car just yesterday morning. Oh, the fucking irony…
      Mind you, that cunt from the mirror, Kevin McGuire was on there yesterday, what a massive cunt he is. The Mirror, a fucking mix of the morning star and the daily sport without the tits. Basically the guardian for slow learners.

        • The missus bought the Mirror last week, and there he was.

          Now he’s on the bottom of a budgie cage.

          Great thing about budgies, is if a cunt ye hate is in the paper, they get shat on. 🙂

    • It was a woman driver who knocked down my brother… Dead at 9 years old… And Vine is a libmong who wants shooting… Who the fuck would drive the trains for a start?… Not to mention the tanks if we decide to go and kick the Hun’s arse for a fourth time (1918, 1945, 1966)….

    • Love that “we couldn’t have done it without you.” If only those cunts had kept their stupid gobs shut they would have won…but they just can’t help themselves.

  24. Reported this evening . Daily Mirror.

    A member of the public has made a complaint regarding porters at Bristol Infirmary wearing a Union Flag brooch in respect of the murdered police officer in the incident at Westminster. The Hospital Director has banned the Union Flag being worn or represented in any way that may imply nationalism.


    • He should be taken out at dawn and shot for treason.
      …or just for being a cunt.
      Either is a good enough reason for me!

    • Oh, I was bo-orn
      Under a Union Jack
      A Union Union jack

      Was the cunts name and address withheld ?

      If it pisses the cunt off that much, he should go on telly, reveal himself and explain why.


      That’s the sound of an extra nail getting added to my stick.

  25. Just watching the Bloo shite playing United. Far be it from me and this might seem a bit radical but I would suggest that they get together in between games and practice a bit. Just a thought.

    • Somebody on the bench must have read yer comment and relayed it onto the pitch.

      Koeman had a good responce to people slagging Lakaku earlier.

      He said he’s the leagues top scored who has not scorer much lately.
      It happens in football and people who don’t know that, don’t know football.

      Good on him.

    • Yeah, outside of Londinistan!

      That’s right, you remoaner cunts may have had the majority in the shitty but a lot of (non “peacful”) areas of Greater Londondrabad voted out too!

      So Eddie, Marcus, et. al., stick to pedling your neo-liberal anti-democratic bullshit in Drury Lane where most of your libbo ilk guffaw and walk past homeless people before spending £10 on a coffee ahead of watching your piss-poor effort at comedy!

      Comedy! Hah! There’s more fun in half a glass of luke warm water! Cunts!

      • can i cunt myself, i just remembered there was an hour of spike milligan on bbc4 tonite which i’d intended watching
        spike puts the current bunch of cunts to shame

        • Pakistani Daleks…”Now you know what’s wrong with the country…Now you know what’s wrong with the curry!!”

          • I really can’t believe Marcus Brigstocke has never had people boo him and walk out of his show before. Judging by the drivel he attempts to pass off as comedy I would have thought it would be a regular event with or without Brexit bashing.

      • Odd way to spell Brigstock, Marcus… Do you by any chance have an cunty pronunciation, like Benderdick, to match ??!

  26. Surely Diane Abbot must me kicked out of politics for her racial slur the other day.

    If a white politician instantly blamed an attack on a white guy on black guys, he’d be fucked even if he was right.

    This is surely unacceptable, and she also has previous.

    Her thought was instantly “white racist animals”.
    That’s how she thinks.

    She is not fit to be an MP, and you can tell I’m seriously pissed off about it and her coz I used her real name.

    I’ll sign any petition to get her kicked the fuck out.

    Quislings, how do I make a red angry face ?

      • Cheers for that TitSlapper.

        Its double standards at its worst, innit?

        And she keeps on smiling coz she knows that the first black female MP is untouchable.

        What is it with the “black communities” obsession with the first black person to do X ?

        Why is being the first black person to do X so fuckin important.

        In the article, she just said that she was taken out of context and she doesn’t think like that.

        Aw well, no fuckin worries and no harm done.
        Now get back to berating Tom for getting his arse kicked by Jerry.*

        *My last comment was taken out if context and I doblahblahblahblahblah.

      • She is such a FUCKING RIDICULOUS INDIVIDUAL, she has become a parody of herself. Debatable which is the ugliest, her physical self, or her crass stupidity.

        Must go now, my piss is super-heating…

  27. Yo Birdman what’s the deal in mainland Spain for Rum and Vodka? Not sure if I should get a couple of bottles in duty free or buy it in Barcuntalona? Don’t suppose you know how much a litre of Grey Goose and also a litre of Havana 7 years? Also if my mate (not me of course) wanted to be a coke head cunt how much could he expect to pay?

    • The booze is cheap as chips in both places, so ye’d be better buying it in a shop close to where yer staying.

      Cokes never been my “bag”, so I haven’t a clue.

      I was the guy who’d dip his cigarette in some cunts line and smoke it.

      Speed bombs used to be my thing.
      Ye get yer speed, wrap it in a skin, roll into a ball and swallow.
      Work used to fly by and my boss was well impressed with my work rate.

      Is it this weekend yer going ?

      If so, wow!!!

      Easter in Spain.

      Be prepared for the mobs of catholics.
      Also, they have mass protests in Barcelona every Sunday, but that might be off as its holy week.

      Enjoy yer holiday, Black and White Cunt.
      Ye timed it right, its getting warmer.
      At last. 🙂

      Watch out for Africans trying to sell ye wooden bangles. 🙂

    • I just finished off a bottle of spanish brandy a few weeks ago, actually wasn’t half bad they were nice enough to put a safe pour on it… fumiador think it was called. Now I’m drinking st remy’s

      • Cheers Birdman, I’ll pick up the alcohol when I get there. I’ll still buy a bottle in duty free as it’s nice to pour a proper sized drink on the plane. @Titslapper I might give the Spanish Brandy a try although I am more of a Rum man.

        • Remember the measures here are double doubles.

          I used to drink vodka and red bulls in clubs and there was little room for the red bull.

          The beach and nightlife should be jumping as its easter.

          Enjoy yerself, mate.

          Oh were all off to sunny Spain
          Que viva Espana.

          Make sure ye wear long shorts, string vest, sandles and socks and ye best get a hankie to fashion into a hat.

          Let the locals know what yer all about. 🙂

          • Nothing wrong with rum B&W The french brandies are bit better I think but that fumiador wasn’t bad for one of the cheaper ones especially if cognac is out of your price range..

            Usually is for me too but I usually drink brandy cause my favorite cocktails are brandy based horseneck’s, brandy alexander, and sidecars also like it neat brandy is great for neat drinking or I’l have a hot toddy if I have a cold or flu sometimes it helps

  28. Diana, Jackson, Bowie, Michael.
    Along with many others, totally unimportant and irrelevant.
    Who REALLY gives a shit?

    Not me.

    • They definitely weren’t saints they were all degenerate drug taking poofs and diana was a pill popper,and boozer actually the whole royal family are mostly drunks true story

      • I have zero respect for the late Queen Mother, may God rot her soul. Surprised the crem didn’t explode when they did her and the pantomime princess Margaret; they were both about 85 % ABV. Given half a chance, she’d have happily had some House of Windsor-Himmler on the British throne – she never really liked Churchill, much preferred Mr. Baldwin, who I think she found “Such an appeasing little man”…

        Then they all pretend they’re persil-white, and try blaming EVERYTHING on Ed and Wallis.

        I wonder if “The Simpsons” is in HM’s fave list, along with Corrie ? Probably thinks Bart and Wallis Simpson are related…

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