U2 (2)

U2 are cunts…

The cuntitude of their frontman is legendary… But this latest stunt really is taking the piss…In 2007 their ‘Joshua Tree’ album was reissued as a ’20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’… This contained unreleased and rare tracks, DVDs etc and was reasonably priced.

Fast forward to 2017: and a ’30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ is coming out… It’s the same as the 2007 one (without the DVD and some new flash packaging) with (it says) ’25 unreleased tracks’… 18 of the tracks are from a live concert recorded in 1987, and the other 7 are ‘new remixes’ of Joshua Tree tracks… And the price for this ‘new’ set borders on the obscene… For a live CD and a few pointless remixes… Cunts….

Nominated by Norman.

58 thoughts on “U2 (2)

  1. Nothing surprises me about anything cunty i hear about bona .

    His a self righteous prick who sits aloft his ivory tower sending down his commandments to us, the ill informed dirty masses as we could not possible have a thought between us.

    him and his gimp Geldof are pure wank extract. Neither can sing or have any real talent just lucky chancer’s, who don’t realise how little they have given for the amount they have recived.

    Take your shite cds and use them to stove your own head in Bona.

    • “Pure Wank Extract”. Loving that phrase! Entirely true as well. The new Bonio on a 17 Plate comes complete with the integral God Complex as standard. Never bought any of their albums…never will on principle.

  2. what normally happens with most artists is that they have a massive hit and become well done and they are the flavour of the day but how often do they follow it up? they just keep releasing shit album after shit album full of totally unmemorable dross and hope their loyal fanbase go out and buy it and they do !!

  3. Only a problem if you buy this shit. What was so good about Joshua Tree that these sanctimonious cunts think it’s worth repeating again and again.
    Fuck them and mostly fuck that obnoxious hypercritical little cunt Bonio.

      • I second your comment, Dioclese. Dire Straits debut album was a great record in my opinion, although their Brothers In Arms tour alone was extremely long, among other things. To their credit each performance was sold out. And as far as I know Mark Knopfler is not weighing in with his political/social/moral opinions every fortnight.

  4. Just how stupid do these talentless bog hoppers think people are? I know bonio thinks he is God’s gift but even he must realise that releasing the same fucking album 3 times is taking the piss.

  5. Just watched Farron`S aka C.O.T.Y speech.Surely this muxt be a prank ?No one can be that annoying and display such cuntitude.His face would be perfect for Viz`s section “People you would never get tired of punching”.

    • He also said Theresa May is about to throw us out of a plane without a parachute.If she does this to Farron I will personally write her a campaign check.

      • Little Timmy should be grateful that nobody listens to a word he says….he may as well be reading out his shopping list. He longs for the days when the great unwashed didn’t have a vote not realizing that in those days some cunt would have been holding up his bonce shouting..”Behold….the head of a traitooooor!”

  6. Never liked the egotistical up their arse fucking wankstain cunts. I remember going to the pub and the majority of my fellow drinkers use to wank hysterically about them. Bonios great, what about the edge isn’t he the greatest guitar player ever. When I use to say to them I didn’t have any interest in U2 they thought I was a non-music loving weirdo. I use to like Floyd massively, Echoes still a favourite though I don’t listen to them much now, in fact, hardly at all.

    • Love pink Floyd although the last “album” that they released a couple of years ago was total Wank.

      Still not as shit as u2. Never understood how bona got so much money. Thought you needed talent to get that rich but I was wrong.

      Hello hello yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea….

      Utter SHITE!!

      • I think Roger Waters persistent belly aching has put me off Floyd Deploy. I know some of Floyds albums were very much just Waters creations, but when I see or hear anything about him, I think cunt.

        • I know what u mean ballsac.

          Am I just getting old or is ALL music utter bollocks these days?

          My parents used to say it to me and I just thought “old cunts” but now ….

          I think young people these days are all twats too but that’s probably just me being a grumpy old cunt. (I’m not even 40 yet).

      • U2 are repetitive cunts. Pink Floyd are not but not all of their albums are top notch. The early ones, with Sid Barrett, were mainly too experimental and psychedelic for me. Once he had got LSD’d himself from the band, PF came into their own, with DSotM and WYWH the best. My present favourite is The Division Bell, which I listen to regularly.

        • Have ye heard Dave Gilmour’s album ‘On An Island ?

          Its just a slower copy of Division Bell.

          I hate Stephen Hawkins, but Keep Talking is great.
          And High Hopes.

          Fuck, I gave all my Floyd albums away coz I got bored of them.

          Now I miss them two songs.

          I did keep my copy of The Wall filum (geldof) coz one of my favourite songs is Run Like Hell.

          • Meddle is an ace album… And that thieving cunt, Andrew Lloyd Webber nicked big parts of ‘Echoes’ for that ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ shite…

          • Andrew Lloyd Webber is indeed a cunt Norman. As for the Scissor Sisters and “Comfortably Numb”, what the fuck was David Gilmour on when allowing those cunts do a cover version. Geez fuck a duck.

    • … same, same .. I’d ‘mates’ back when ‘Rattle and Hum’ came out, they were ejaculating while telling me about how great it was …. They could see my misted over distant look of ‘get a fucking life’ … and tried to ‘convert me’ …
      I’d rather eat worms than be brainwashed by any of that shite … I’ve never got,nor will ever get any of the U2 bollocks that’s on offer.
      It’s not for the liking of Iish muisic, and I’m not a ‘left footer’ .. … Saw Doctors, Pogues, Thin Lizzy, etc … they are what they are and don’t ( didn’t in Thin Lizzy’s case ) ram their shite down your throat.

      • Never got to see Thin Lizzy Boilsmypiss but I did get to see Gary Moore live. Thought he was a decent guitarist and as I write this I hear “Parisienne Walkways” in my head.

      • … re-reading, that should be .. ‘not for the dis-liking’ of Irish muisic … I’ll listen to anything, but if it’s shite and promoted as being the best thing since sliced loaf .. then you can fuck off.
        We once had a ‘big boss’ at work who would blast out Frank Zappa on a ‘gheto blaster’ in the gym … he asked our opinion .. it was pointed out to him that all muisic has it’s place .. and his should be in the fucking bin !!!

          • Hadn’t seen that before. Did anyone else notice he was playing that with a broken e string? He was the business.

          • @ Boilsmypiss Not all zappas stuff is bad mate. Take in consideration that nothing zappa played was exactly commercial hes known as the comedy rock/sex rock guy but truthfully he played more instrumental music/ Rn’B then anything. Hes hard to classify Sheik Yorbouti and overnight sensation are his most commercial technically speaking

  7. Decent cunting for sure. It is such a shame that U2’s progress and evolution went the way it did. There are some really good songs on Boy, October, War and The Unforgettable Fire. The first 3 albums saw a band finding their sound and direction. By the time TUF came along, the signs of pretentiousness were beginning to show. They became fully formed on The Joshua Tree. Some of the material on that album though was so well crafted that you almost wanted to look past the hype and ‘none holier than thou’ stance. Almost. Then came Rattle and Hum, hot on the heels of TJT and for me, that’s when Bonio just catapulted himself to a level of self aggrandisement that was simply jaw dropping. Credit to the mick though, he has continued to grow ever more delusional and cuntish with each passing year. That takes effort.

    You could make the argument that the other 3 aren’t cunts, but what exactly have they done to rein in His Lordship? Close to fuck all as far as I can tell and that’s just lazy. Three against one with the simple message, “Oi Bonio, we knows yer de lead singer an all, buut can ye knock it on ye head withall de politix an that”. Or should that be ‘tree’ against one? I wish a fucking tree would land on Bonio. Three trees even better.

  8. Rattle and Hum.
    Sounds like my arse after a few beers and a curry.
    Come to think of it, so does U2…

  9. Anton Corbijn has got to be included in U2’s cunting.

    It is all his art direction that gave Nobo the idea he was a god.

    The same thing happened with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode.

    But Dave spared us all the shite and became a junkie.

    Look at the artwork from both bands albums, and their music videos.
    Pretentious shite.

    • In the 80s we referred to Depeche Mode as “Wimp Rock”
      Nary a chin between them…

      • Depeche Mode are poofy wankers always sounded like Dave Gahan was about to spunk when singing… suppose that was the appeal. Probaly would of sounded better as a instrumental synthpop band and ditch that Gahan nutjob

        Not to mention their albums more or less preached communism in cover art and lyrics. True, Anton Corbin is a cunt and who ever introduced sunglasses to Bono should be imprisoned for life

        • Depeche Mode were always overrated… Preferred New Order and The Human League… Prefer the Oakey/Ware/Wright/Craig Marsh line-up, but the more commerical ‘Dare’ incarnation were good too…

          • I think you chaps are being a tad harsh on Depeche. Naturally they’ve had their day but did some wonderful stuff. Unlike U2 they haven’t pulled stunts like Apple forcing everyone to own their latest album/pile of faeces. Gahan was a bit up his arse (mainly drugs) but never hypocritically wagged his finger at politicians whilst his accountant shifted his million around quietly.

  10. Snowflake by chas C.


    Sorry lads, but lets put things into perspective when you cunt on about Rock stars.

    • Never claimed to be a rock star, just an old git doing what he loves. I don’t like U2 but I’ve heard worse. It’s Bonio’s supercilious shit that’s the problem, not the music.

      And thanks for the plug. No such thing as bad publicity! And even if you hated that track, at least you listened to it first.

      • I never did understand why people think if you are a musician, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on a successful artist. Not jealousy, just an informed opinion, also you like what you like, and vice versa. Cunts….

          • Indeed he didn’t. The people who annoy me are those like a bloke I know who was a professional opera singer before he retired.

            He reckoned he’d never listen to Russell Watson because he was shit. Quite how he decided that never having listened to him I never worked out.

            Music is subjective. I might like it and you might hate it but neither of us is wrong…

  11. I’d like to nominate the modern remake of CHiPs for a cunting!

    I used to love that series as a kid (even when the Kawasaki KZP bike mysteriously transformed into a scrambler of some description for the jumps).

    Now the remake is some piss-poor comedy affair starring some “wacky” cunt from other purile shite comedies and – shame on them – Michael Peña & Vincent D’Onofrio (who are both 1/2 decent actors).

    Remakes are shite in general but this has to be the diarrhoea of remakes. Fucking Hollywood cunts!

    • Fuck no !!!

      D’onofrio is one of the best

      Goren kicks ass.

      And Michael Peña can be hilarious, but no, FUCK NO!!!!!!!!

      Time for Gotham. 🙂

        • Episodes 3&4 tonight.

          PC warning.

          The Penguin comes out the closet in series three.

          Don’t ye get Paramount Channel in blighty ?

          • I get to see Gotham on Channel 5 birdman. Not surprised about Penguin being gay, still my favourite character though. Fucked off that the writers feel it is necessary to create gay characters just to appease fucking twatheads. If a programme needs a gay/lesbian/ trans or whatever then I am ok with that, not my thing but if it is part of the storyline then so be it. But don’t do it just because you feel you need to.

  12. Anything involving Bonio is a cunt. Never got into U2 and very happy that I didn’t.
    Short arsed wanker in a hat and oversized sunglasses. Cunt Bonio.

  13. In a world of Premier League Cunts and worse Champions League cunts these four turds are lifting the Jules Rimjob trophy of World Cup-level cunts. The second-rate, meat-and-two-veg blandness of their music consequently dressed up as something special is a triumph for marketing over art. Listening to their tepid rubbish must be like supping a bowl of lukewarm diarrhoea.

  14. I suppose if someone buys the ‘new’ super deluxe Joshua Tree box set just for a load of fancy packaging, a live relic and a few ‘specially made’ remixes then they are the cunts… U2 are just cashing on peoples’ stupidity, and it’s a great way to make money…

  15. Just remembered that south park episode where the largest crap ever recorded turns out to be bono.

    ….how true!

    • That episode is glorious. Possibly the best summing-up of Bono – just one big, smelly stool.

  16. always enjoyed the paul whitehouse and harry enfield sketch of the edge and silly bollocks made them out for the complete cunts they are

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