Praising McGuinness

We shouldn’t be surprised at the list of our favourite cunts who have queued up to pay tribute to the late great Martin McGuinness. The only thing we should be surprised at is that he’s never been cunted on here before!

Nicola Sturgeon released a statement on Tuesday saying that without his “hard and brave work to bridge the divide” that “peace would not have been achieved” in Northern Ireland.

Bill Clinton : “He believed in a shared future, and refused to live in the past, a lesson all of us who remain should learn and live by. May he rest in peace”

Tony Blair : “For those of us able, finally, to bring about the Northern Ireland peace agreement, we know we could never have done it without Martin’s leadership, courage and quiet insistence that the past should not define the future.” Apparently he had “genuine affection for the man I came to know and admire.”

Jeremy Corbyn declared himself “very sad” to learn of the death of McGuinness. IRA sympathiser John McDonnell said ‘bombs and bullets could unite Ireland’ and joked ‘gutless wimps’ opposed to Sinn Fein should have their knees blown off’

Alastair Campbell said “A great guy, a good guy, I liked him a lot” The same Alastair Campbell who said people who voted democratically leave the European Union were “Thick, fascist, racist, xenophobic cunts”

The list is endless. Even the BBC has sunk to new lows with this one and has been accused of ‘fawning coverage’. Jon Snow summed it up with “A great loss; an extraordinary life that culminated in great service”. The BBC coverage has been endless and never a bad thing to say about the man.

Martin McGuiness was an evil cunt. The only good thing about him is that he’s now a dead evil cunt.

Nominated by just about everyone who comments on this site

252 thoughts on “Praising McGuinness

  1. Fucking ell, Charlize Theron is one sexy older woman. I would definitely stick my tongue up her asshole if she asked me nicely.

      • Sorry fellow cunters I know it’s a thread about that cunt McGuinness, I saw an advertising pic with her on it and I thought what a lovely piece, had a bit of the white stuff last night so that may explain my wording. Wouldn’t surprise me if she is a total cunt Birdman, most of the surrounded by yes people are I’d make an exception though and fuck her every night. I bet her pussy tastes like the finest Rum. Mmmmmmn.

        • I don’t know what type of rum you have been drinking but in my experience, if a ladies’ cho cho tastes of Captain Morgan I think she is probably unwell. Possibly dead.

          • Captain Morgan! Nah I’m more of a Appleton 21 year or Ron Zapaca for special occasions, I used to like Captain Morgan when I was younger but it like treacle to me now. Surprising how much different Rum is out there, stick to Caribbean and South American though in my opinion.

          • Ive got a lot of competition Dioclese, Tim Farron and Tony Blair are already way ahead of me.

          • Morton’s OVD (Old Vatted Demerara) is a nice drink, if you can track it down. Think it’s bottled in Glasgow, seemed more available in Scottie. Reasonably priced, from what I remember.

            Drink, Feck… (not Sturgeon, bet her parts are as toxic as a Fugu fish’s. All the same, put her in the Magimix, boil it up and donate to tramps round Waverley station.)

          • aptain Morgan! Nah I’m more of a Appleton 21 year or Ron Zapaca for special occasions, I used to like Captain Morgan when I was younger but it like treacle to me now. Surprising how much different Rum is out there, stick to Caribbean and South American though in my opinion.

    • The talk in my living room is that she’s not a nice lady to work with, and is up there with Naomi Campbell.

      And Stuart Townsend probably had his Irish cock up there.

      Tongues in arseholes ?

      Tongues in arseholes ?

      You’ll get herself banned, Black and White Cunt. 🙂

      • What you on about Freddie The Frog? I’ve got £50 in the bank, I’d buy me and her some Greggs, and I’d even buy her a cake. She would then know she’s with a winner.

        • Fuck you and your swanky lifestyle Mr. B and W. I hope the scrubber gives you a dose of syphillis you fucking show off.

    • Diane Abbott’s on the lookout for help getting some sweetcorn that has become lodged up her shite-trumpet removed. I’ll forward your name BaWC….you can thank me after the dirty deed is complete.

      • Thanks Dick Fiddler, can you tell Dianne that discretion is needed though as although I find her very attractive I wouldn’t want our exploits to tarnish her incredible career and reputation.

        • Ha ha ha ha. Urrrrrrr!
          If that doesn’t deserve a cunting I don’t know what does!

          My next nomination: dick fiddler and black and white cunt 🙂

          I’ve always thought of myself as having a strong stomach. I regularly eat food well beyond its sell by date and my cooking is enough to make a pig puke!

          But now thanks to dick fiddler and black and white cunt I have the image of someone removing sweetcorn from Piefan Flabbotts bumhole with their tongue!
          Now I’m going to need counselling and I doubt I’ll be able to keep a meal down for the rest of the week!


      • Its amazing how quickly someone praising Charlize Therons beauty can turn into talk of plucking sweet corn out of the Flabbots arse with a tongue.

        • Cmon Birdman you know if Dianne and Charlize were in front of you asking for a rooting (love that saying, I’m nicking it) you know you’d pick Dianne.

  2. He was a terrorist and a thug, not only that he ordered people be taken from their houses and be tortured, murdered and buried in unmarked graves (so we can only assume he was a nastier cunt than the ones who did his biddings in fear of him)
    I can’t think of a nicer chap to praise………………………
    The world has gone fucking mad, that’s all I can say, fucking mad (Paisley was a twat too) and fucking Jerry Adams I wish he would fucking hurry up and die too.
    what a bunch of peacemakers they were.

  3. Some silly twats have likened McGuinness to Mandela. The difference being Mandela did 27 years hard time for his crimes while McGuinness got a nice cushty job and complete immunity for his murderous ways. Who says we never give in to terrorists? How long will it be before ISIS lay down their weapons and are hailed as men of peace? We should have crushed the IRA by using their own tactics and done the same to their enablers in Sinn Fein. They are all still there, ready to take up arms again as soon as things don’t go their own way. A bomb went off today in Strabane, a border town targeting the security services so the MO is definitely IRA.

    Instead of pissing around in Estonia or Iraq our forces should be fighting this scum on UK soil.

    • Yeah! Likened to Mandela. They are quite correct of course, both were murdering cunts, and both are now fucking dead. I call that a result.

  4. If ye lose wait yer a hero

    If ye stop smoking, yer a hero.

    If ye give up the booze, yer a hero.

    If ye give up murdering and ordering murders, yer a hero ?

    Not quite right is it ?

    Ian Brady stopped killing, but he’s still a cunt.

    The Yorkshire ripper hasn’t murdered in years.

    Its like in a filum when some guy causes mayhem, killing loads, but is lauded as a hero coz he saved a kid.
    Yet if he hadn’t been a cunt, no one would have died and the kid wouldn’t have needed saving.

    A bit of a muddled post, but ye get my point.

    Ye do don’t you ?

    Don’t you ? 🙂

    • The ripper was nice guy, he was just misunderstood.
      And I gather the Krays were loverly towards their mum. Great blokes and role models…

      And while we’re on the subject of McGuinness, can we stick to the topic rather than trivalising it with fucking horsehit?

      Just asking….

    • I feel a little short changed, I heard that he died in bed with his family, next thing I know they are not dead very confusing.

    • Like that bitch, Leni Riefenstahl… Later claimed she was ‘naive’ and ‘misguided’ when she directed and produced Nazi propaganda films… When the truth was she was so far up Hitler’s arse and she probably took it up the arse off Der Fuhrer… Now she is lauded as some pioneering cinema genius… Bollocks! She was a fucking cunt…

      Question Time should be interesting… No doubt there will a handpicked platoon of snowflakes: all ready to lick muslamist arse and appease the smelly dirty murderiing filth….

  5. All this hate, fighting and killing has religion at its roots. Maybe I’m not too bright but why don’t these wankers, who are fucking obsessed with the next life, just slash their wrists, fuck off to their wonderful heaven and leave the rest of us to get on with what we’ve got? Just hearing on the radio there are some cunts around Westminster with guns and knives and shit. Might be bollocks but at least it’s the right target.

  6. Nowadays anybody who dies immediately becomes a saint. Although the praise for the vile creature McGuiness takes it to ridiculous lengths,even the most insignificant scrote who gets killed running from the police,or junkie who O.Ds suddenly become “a loveable rogue”. Flowers and cards are left “An angel taken too early” or “Sleep tight babe,another star in heaven”.

    McGuiness was a murderer,who,due to the weakening of this nations resolve and moral fibre,and the treachery of Blair,prompted by the sentimental ignorance of the Americans, took the opportunity to achieve his aims.

    Lets be honest,the sugar-coating of the history of McGuimess is no more than we should expect for a country that can no longer hear the truth without “Twitter” or “Facebook” being “Outraged” at the least criticism of anybody,no matter how disgusting they happen to have been.

    I think that this all started when that slack-jawed slapper Princess Diana died,and has culminated in this beatification of a murderer. Fuck knows what we’ll get when Ian Brady dies…probably a national day of mourning that a “misunderstood angel,who was very nice to his Granny” has been cruelly “Taken to Heaven on the Wings of Angels,before his time.”

    People die,and being dead doesn’t change what they were. When I die,no doubt I’ll be described as a “character” or a “loveable eccentric”,when,in fact. I’m just a nasty,bitter old cunt who probably takes more pleasure in other peoples misfortunes than I should.

    • When I shuffle off I expect no one will take any notice. That’s how big a cunt I am.

      • Oh, someone’ll take notice S.E……where there’s a chance of a will,there’s sure to be some cunt crawling out of the woodwork…even if it’s just to call you an old bastard for spending it.

  7. It’s all kicking off apparently. A load of Camel drivers with “psychological problems” are going mental. Politicians are shitting their pants and having it away on their toes. Cunts!

  8. I’m hearing that a car knocked down eight on the bridge pavement and a copper was stabbed in the grounds.

    The polis have shot the misunderstood cunt dead.

    I’m not being a spivvy, but there doesn’t seem to be any panic.
    Its all the usual strolling with hands in pockets.

  9. …………..You can”t beat a tangy bumhole…………..says the wife…………………….




  10. It’s, on BBC 1 now, coppers all over the place. No reports of dead politicians……fucking shame. More money needs to go into mental health services to help our Camel driver friends. I blame that cunt Trump myself.

    • ’m hearing that a car knocked down eight on the bridge pavement and a copper was stabbed in the grounds.

      The polis have shot the misunderstood cunt dead.

      I’m not being a spivvy, but there doesn’t seem to be any panic.
      Its all the usual strolling with hands in shame. More money needs to go into mental health services to help our Camel driver friends. I blame that cunt Trump myself.

  11. Really just a misunderstood bloke people got him all wrong, probably someone you’d want to have a pint with…. although if he orders a irish carbomb on the side you might wanna run the fuck out of the pub just to be sure hes talking about the whiskey cocktail and not the actual thing lol

    Sorry cunters the lamestream propaganda almost got me for a sec cause the crazy thing is everycunt on news are saying great things about him and basically fuck the victims weird world perhaps fake news? or am I living in a alternative timelime uhh nevermind

  12. Slightly off topic, but kinda not.

    I watched the movie “Patriots Day” last night about the marathon bombing in Boston. Slightly shit film but at the end they had this guy who’d had his legs blown off saying that he saw all the victims, not only of Boston but Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin and Nice etc. as not really victims but “ambassadors of love”. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE CUNTS!?

    Abdul must be sitting in his squalid tax payer funded shit hole asking himself the same question as he sharpens his axe.

  13. I was surprised to see him on TV resigning due to ill health. He clearly looked as if he was shitting bricks in the face of death. I assumed he had cancer, but it was heart trouble. I think someone with his experience wouldn’t be afraid but he was. Oh well. How did he pass the required CRB check to get into schools then?

    • Heart trouble? That cunt McGuinness didn’t have one to have trouble with.
      Try and remember all the cunts who are praising the long overdue dead bastard. They need to be constantly reminded in the future that they are child killing terrorist sympathisers.

  14. I was surprised to see him on TV resigning due to ill health. He clearly looked as if he was shitting bricks in the face of death. I assumed he had cancer, but it was heart trouble. I think someone with his experience wouldn’t be afraid but he was. Oh well. How did he pass the required CRB check to get into schools then?

  15. Good fucking riddance, the most offensive thing ever to come out of the whole peace process was the “chuckle brothers” the two cunts that did more to ferment the hate and keep the bile boiling suddenly deciding they could work together for peace after all.

    Now both are lauded as “peacemakers”, to me they will always be murderous cunts.

    Terrorism should never lead to a seat of power, the only seat terrorism should lead to as an electric one.

  16. I see we’re marking the passing of St Martin by attacking Westminster.

    Suppose I should have expected nothing less really…

  17. At least the amateur terrorist attack in a hire car has stopped the fucking BBC rimming Martin McGuiness’ dead, murdering, puckered old arsehole.

    Just listening on the BBC to all the yellow bellied money grabbing politicians who are in “lock down” in Westminster, fucking cowards.

    Wow, a fucking COBRA meeting is being called, big fucking deal.

    Politicians humour these fucking terrorists and then shit their pants when it comes back to bite them.

  18. What a load of bollocks this “Westminster terror attack” is. It’s obviously just one mental cunt involved who was shot dead by some copper. ( Take the next year off while we see if we can stitch you up as a racist cunt who has been watching too many Clint Eastwood films) We don’t even know if this nutter is one of our Camel driver friends. He could be any loony cunt. It’s bad enough that our football hooligans got the shit kicked out of them by the Ruskies last year but now we can’t even produce a half-way decent group of Camel driving terrorist cunts who can slaughter dozens of innocent people at the drop of hat. What the fuck is happening to this country? Dial 999 immediately if you have any information!

  19. Where are all the hand wringing bleeding heart cunts now? Probably hiding in their panic rooms in fucking Hampsted. Is that chavvy poundshop skank Lily Allen listening? Bet it was one of her so called child refugees.

  20. I’m too young to fully remember”The Troubles”, but I completely understand that McGuinness was a murdering cunt.

  21. Stinking, filthy Oirish cunt, I hope he rots in a boiling cauldron of piss and shit for all eternity.

  22. Islam needs a good cunting. Showing the world how fucking peaceful they are again by killing innocent people. When will the fucking world wake up to it not being compatible with the modern world?

  23. Tony Blair: ‘ the past should not define the future’ you stupid stupid cunt. thats precisely how many many peoples futures were defined, by what those those evil fuckers did including Mcguiness. try telling that to Norman Tebbitts wife, who has spent the last 30 years in a wheelchair. . he himself suffers pain every day. try telling that to the 10 children of Maureen MConagil, was who whisked away and never seen again, the list goes on and on. they live with the past every day you thick sod.

    • The future IS defined by the past.

      If you ignore the past you’ll never learn. It’s stupid thoughts like that that probably make the cunt so Incompetant and why we all know that if by some miracle b.liar actually got anywhere near power, he make all the same mistakes all over again. B.liar is definitely cunt of the century! …This one and the last!

      • Its a classic case of double speak along with “love trumps hate”, “slavery is freedom”, “ignorance is strength” and my personal favourite ” diversity is strength”. Trite little statements which sound like they might be profound but in actual fact is just gobbledegook. Unfortunately a lot of people fall for it. Bahhh.

  24. regarding this Westminster incident, i agree with Fred West . lets wait to hear what mr Spivey has to say before rushing to judgement. he will soon have it sorted after all he’s’ nobody fool ‘ as he has just told us in his latest ‘article’. i mean he’s never wrong about anything is he? he wasn’t wrong about the Glasgow bin lorry incident, he wasnt wrong about the Alton Towers incident, he wasn’t wrong about the Bath runaway lorry incident, he wasn’t wrong about the Shoreham airshow incident, he wasnt wrong about Lee Rigby incident, he wasn’t wrong about the Boston Marathon bombing, he wasn’t wrong about the Tunisian beach shootings and he wasn’t wrong about the NIce lorry incident.
    in case my sarcasm isnt coming across, he has just stated in his latest diatribe that the McCanns ‘ never existed’ . also Diana ‘ never existed’ fuck my old boots you have to laugh.

  25. Pictures on the net now of the cunt that the Old Bill shot in Westminster. He certainly does look “peaceful” laying there surrounded by medics and Plod.

    And McGuiness was an utter cunt.
    Hopefully, if Satan does exist, he’s busy doing his finest and most inventive “eternal torture” work…

    • Instead of trying to save the cunt, they should be taking it in turns to piss into his dying face. Glad he’s gone, who cares what he had to say for himself.

      • … I’d have the dead cunt’s body strapped to an almighty pig and paraded through the streets of every major city showing what will be done if anyone tries this milarky again !!

        • Nurse him back to health and then torture him for a week and drown him in runny shit!

          That’s just one of the million deaths this cunt deserves.

  26. There was a guy,who’s name I missed, on al Jazeera who’s wife died at the hands of the IRA.
    He’s part of a victims group who were part of the peace process.
    He said that for years he detested McGuiness and would regularly join rallies against the IRA and shout abuse at him.

    Then one day he met McGuiness and found him to be a warm caring family man, and they became great friends.

    I nearly kicked the telly in.

    What a cuckold cunt .

    Skidmark Eggfart mentioned earlier about ‘ambassadors of love’, well he must be one of them.

    To forgive is a noble thing, but the mass murder of innocent shoppers, revellers, kids and every other poor soul who’s life was wiped out by a bunch of evil cowardly scumbag cunts is unforgivable.

    Fingers crossed the beard and glasses gets it next.


    We weren’t allowed to mention the beard and glasses name his cunt parents gave him in our house.

    • Remember in the 80s, they weren’t allowed to let the cunts speak on the tv, so to get around that, they used to film them, and then have some cunt voice over the footage. I would have approved if they had silly voices like Graham Norton.

      • That confused the fuck out of me as a kid.
        The news turned into a Irish stew western.

  27. I thought that the relatives of those the murdering cunt killed should have the grave reopened so that they could publicly piss on the rotting dead cunt.

  28. From the pictures, the “attacker” sure looks like some kind of slimy kyke, wop or wog.

    No doubt he’s used the great British benefits system to fund this cowardly misguided attack on the people who have kept him (and probably a large family) in the unemployed, drug dealing luxury.

    When will the ruling classes wake up to these cunts.

    And did you see May sneak out like a terrified rat, reminds me of that Private Eye cover with George Bush….I’ma geddin outta here.

  29. Big time COBRA meeting tonight amongst the “locked down”.
    Slap each other on the back that we got away with it again.
    Prepare tear-filled statements about the muggy proles who died.
    Make sure that we are all on message and nobody says anything negative about immigrants.
    Only talk to our journalist friends from the BBC
    Remember to praise the bravery and courage of the emergency services and emphasise the Muzzies involved, especially if they were shown wearing a hijab on the telly.

    Please fill out your emergency COBRA expenses form and hand it to the nearest dogsbody.
    Let’s get pissed!

  30. One thing is for sure, I bet Saint Brendan will be fucking quiet about all this.

    Well Brendan, the loss of your wife may be tragic but this is the “appeasing of peaceful cunts” UK she wanted.

    So let’s see how “on message” you can be about this terrorist attack on UK soil!

    Also the ABBC richly deserve another cunting for painfully avoiding the “peaceful” categorisation of these cunts when we all knows it’s those cunts who are responsible.

    No doubt just another bunch of misunderstood Norwegians eh?

    Utter, utter cunts!

    And Gary and Lily, I hope you have a few more words to say now. Please, we’re all listening, so justify this shit you fucking shills!

    • Unfortunately not. St Brendan has already been on comparing this with the murder of his wife and calling for peace and understanding. Nothing to do with Islam, of course, just a deranged individual like the cunt that killed his wife. No mention of a Koran and religion filled with hatred versus an inadequate, individual piece of shit from Dewsbury.

      • Well Brendan, the loss of your wife may be tragic but this is the “appeasing of peaceful cunts” UK she wanted.

        So let’s see how “on message” you can be about this terrorist attack on UK soil!

        Also the ABBC richly deserve another cunting for painfully avoiding the “peaceful” categorisation of these cunts when we all knows it’s those cunts who are responsible.

        No doubt just another bunch of misunderstood Norwegians eh?

        Utter, utter cunts!

        And Gary and Lily, I hope you have a few more words to say now. Please, we’re all listening, so justify this shit you fucking shills!

    • Well Brendan, the loss of your wife may be tragic but this is the “appeasing of peaceful cunts” UK she wanted.

      So let’s see how “on message” you can be about this terrorist attack on UK soil!

      Also the ABBC richly deserve another cunting for painfully avoiding the “peaceful” categorisation of these cunts when we all knows it’s those cunts who are responsible.

      No doubt just another bunch of misunderstood Norwegians eh?

      Utter, utter cunts!

      And Gary and Lily, I hope you have a few more words to say now. Please, we’re all listening, so justify this shit you fucking shills!dsdssdxzsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  31. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogrup, is a cunt.

    So this arrogant cunt in a recent interview said that the countries from the south of the E.U spend all their money in women and alcohol drinks and then they come ask for financial aid.

    Well fuck me , but how can a cunt with his anecdotal, racist, sexist and unfair views be president of the Eurogrup?

    Sure some countries in the south have deficit ,debt and ask for financial aid but is more due to corrupt politicians and bankers and even joining the European union was economical blow to some, than spending money on women and drinks.
    Maybe they would like to spend their money on women and drinks but guess what there isn’t any left, instead taxes get raised to pay for the”help”, salaries stay the same or you get fired from you job due to cuts and it makes pretty hard to get to the end of the month still fuckin alive and breathing .

    And Jeroen Dijsselbloem after confronted with the media, apologised and said that he was misunderstood and was not thinking to resign his job.

    How can what he said be misunsderstood?

    So Mister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sincerely understand this,

    Go fuck yourself sideways, you arrogant cunt!!

    • Well, as someone living in Southern Europe I can confirm it is true.

      Any excuse and they are having a festival of so and so or a fiesta of this and that or a feria what’s his name. So far this year they have 3 in my small town, and it’s not even the end of March yet. Easter will be the next one. And each one goes on for several days, the entire town closes down while they all get pissed up. We are talking about erecting a big marque in the square, having bands on followed by big fireworks displays. And where does the money come from? The EU, is where.

      When they are not having a 3 day piss up they are not exactly industrious either. In fact it’s difficult to tell when they are working and when they are not, lazy fucking cunts. Feckless and thick as pig shit and all, most have never done a good days work in their lives and are completely disinterested in doing so. Customer service is a foreign concept to the cunts, they are doing you a fucking favour by selling you stuff so you had better not complain, not that it would do you any good as all they’d do is shrug and carry on smoking a ciggy.

      As for corruption, it is endemic. What little actually does get done only does so because somebody knows somebody else’s cousin who works at the town hall. It is not just the politicians who are corrupt, it is all of them! They have a word for it, which I can’t remember but it is basically an informal system of patronage which works all the way from the bottom to the very top.

      Birdman said earlier it was like living in a 3rd world country, and he is right. In fact I have lived in Africa and parts of it are better sorted out than Southern Europe.

      • I also live in southern Europe and thats a pretty big generalization, sure he have big parties and festivals but they also serve to generate money, what can i say we like to enjoy life.
        There is costumer service not bad not good simply average the only thing you are right is corruption and crime , because even if we get money it gets lost in their hands.
        Even adopting the euro coin make things get priced almost the double that was before.

        So as i said we would like to spend it on women and drinks but there isn’t any left.

        • The lazy greasy dago might be a cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason, they generally have more than a seed of truth to them. In my estimation they are feckless inbred peasants.

          I’m glad for you that you like the place, you are welcome to it. I’ve been here since 2000 and can’t wait to leave and go somewhere civilised like back to Africa.

    • Joroem djizzbloom is a proper cunt.

      Just shows why the eurotwats are so hated over here.

      Hopefully our Mediterranean friends will join us soon and we can destroy the reich together!

      • I wouldn’t hold your breath, M8. It might mean they have to work for a living. Southern Europe has done very well out of the EU and will be loathed to give up the money teat.

        • Oh shit I was hoping to get some decent tapas.

          Guess I’ll have to keep taking the plane for now.

  32. wow! it seems the perpetrator is a well known British Muslim. i’ve seen him loads of times on TV. JEEZ.

    • Indeed. The picture evidence on the Sky news site seems pretty conclusive. The BBC have given him airtime on a number of occasions to spout his poison.

      Let’s see how the cunts at the Beebistan Broadcasting Caliphate spin this one out, and how the usual bunch of libtard lefty snowflakes justify why it’s happened and that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions blah blah blah.

      Why don’t they understand that the religion of peace indoctrinates from birth, the cult followers it creates will never change their beliefs and will kill every last one of us in the west if they can.

      When will our so called leaders realise this. Cunts.

      • oh. just a minute. i got my info from C4 NEWS. now they are saying trevor brooks could still be in prison . so fuck knows. this always happens, always fuckin confusing in early stages.

  33. Glad to know McGuinness is now down in the hot country. To quote some lyrics from “Fuck U”…”There’s a space kept in hell with your name on the seat, with a spike in the chair just to make it complete”. These libcunt unicorn farriers living in the inner fringes of Narnia who go on twatmedia to “praise” him are fucking deluded. No doubt the plethora of 17 year old SJW’s will wade in and voice their vast life-experience opinions, when in fact they know cunt-all. Cunts.

  34. Have they announced who it was then?

    Fuckin snowflakes releasing these cunts back onto the streets are trators!

    If I ever got my hands on one of these cunts I’d make ramsay Bolton seem like mother fuckin Teresa.
    ….for anyone that doesn’t know who ramsay Bolton is, he’s the guy on game of thrones that skins cunts alive and shit.
    Hanging is too Good for these cunts.

    …Sorry but they make my fuckin blood boil!!!!!!
    We’ve got hundreds of the cunts in our prisons and my tax money is used to feed and clothe them.

    • The ABBC are acting all ‘shocked.’.. But they’ve been welcoming, promoting, apologising for, and turning a blind eye to these dirty stinking muslamist filth for a long time now… They were cheering the cunts on, as they brazenly swaggered through Croydon via the Calais Shitheap…

      And I wonder what the snowflake high council of Gary Linekunt, Jim/John/Jack /Joe Monroe, Benderdict Cunteberdinck and Lily Mong have to say tonight?…
      Not much, I’ll fucking bet…

    • This is difficult to analyze without context.People react oddly in horrendous circumstances.This woman may have been squeamish and wanted to let those around the casualty get on with helping them.When I had a man have a massive seizure in front of me in the seat too many fuckers crowded round him and made things worse.Also my Aunt was in a massive train crash had a panic attack and just ran away in distress and shock.

      • Ever hear of Occam’s razor? It a problem solving tool invented by a monk in 14th century. Basically what it says is the simplest explanation is generally the best. The woman may be in shock, she may be having a panic attack, she may be any number of things, but the simplest explanation is she doesn’t fucking care.

        • Possibly but I think it is unfair to judge a particular picture at one snap shot.people don`t behave rationally in such situations.Like my Aunt a trained life guard and first aider was in a train that overturned and had some sort of breakdown .Just climbed out the train and was found aimlessly wondering around by emergency services.Apparently she said she can only remember thinking I need to get out of here find a phone and ring my mum.She doesn’t`t remember too much of it to this day which is probably a blessing.

          • I’m not arguing with you, Shaun. I was in a car crash once and afterwards all I could think about was buying some shampoo.

            But once again, Occams razor; if it looks like a dog, smells like a dog and barks like a dog it is probably a dog. If it looks like a couldn’t care less heartless peaceful bitch that’s probably what she is.

  35. McGuinness was a cunt and the only one speaking the truth was Tebbit.The BBC and Blair arselicking of this terrorist cunt made me want to puke.

    • He was certainly no “man of peace.”

      Cunt killed more children than any paedo and slaughtered more people than any cereal killer!

  36. McGuinness was an evil murdering cunt: who ordered attacks against military, police, royalty, civilians, politicans, children, war veterans and pensioners alike… The bastard was an enemy of the British just as much as the Germans were in both World Wars… And what horrifies me is that this cunt’s heinous reputation was being airbrushed long before his death, and that revisionism will now go into full ‘Che Guevara’ mode (Guevara was a murdering cunt too).. Scum like McGuinness and Addams were inexplicably tolerated and even respected eventually… Not by Maggie: she rightly despised the Fenian cunts… But Major and then that fucker Blair: bowing and scarping to these killers and allowing them into Parliament?… What the fuck is all that about?!… That’s the mistake May is making with Wee Burney Sturgey and Salmond The Hutt… These two sacks of shite and their party loathe the English and brazenly spread anti-English hatred… Like Sinn Fein in the the 70s and 80s, Krankie and her SNP should be banned from English radio, television, and internet… Banana Gob Miller is another enemy of the English: who incites trouble and has committed treason by going against a democratic proccss, and she shouldn’t be allowed to…

    As for McGuinness, (dum-dum-dum) another cunt bites the dust… Shame it wasn’t agonising and he didn’t suffer, like so many people did at the hands of him and his provo troop… The fucking Fenian cunt…

  37. oh dear it seems it wasnt trevor brooks. this could get interesting. will he now sue C4?

  38. No matter what these terrorist cunts do

    You will NEVER stop me from doing what I want to do in my own country
    You will NEVER scare me from going around my day to day business
    You will NEVER win, you have to get past angry cunts like us

    In fact, put your guns/knifes down, fight like men with fists, you soft, dress wearing cunts, whose beliefs are no more believible than the Easter fucking bunny.

    You are cowardly incest loving, smelly, fucking scum, enjoy burning in hell (as your promised land does not exist, its bull shit) you smelly unwanted turds.

    • Fuckin damn right!

      Why do the cunts go after civilians and little kiddies?
      Coz they’ve got no fuckin choice!
      Stand up against an army, police force or even a few normal men they’ll get fucked up bad!

      They’re not soldiers like they think they are. They’re not even men!

      Pisses me off when they say “lone wolf” attack.
      A Wolf is a cunning predator.
      “Lone rat” or “lone roach” are the only terms that apply to these cunts.
      Scuttling about in the shadows and scavenging on easy meat.

      As birdman would say:
      “Ye weak cunt!”

  39. The missus has just came in from work.
    She had a massive argument with a Spanish colleague coz the Spanish bitch blamed the attack today on …….Brexit.

    It just goes to show what happens to doss cunts who’s minds are ruled by the media and sleb nonsense.

    The missus gave up as she was vastly outnumbered.

    • You should’ve married an apache birdman: ” always outnumbered, never out gunned!”

      Or maybe that’s the helicopter!

      Oh yea, it was the helicopter.

      …not sure if that’s legal.

      • Married ???

        I don’t see no ring on this finger.

        I call her my ‘missus'(not to her face) coz girlfriend sounds like we’re young sweethearts, we’re not, and partner has a, I don’t know, a gay sound to it.

        We have a daughter, but there’ll be no wedding.

        And anyway, she’s already been married twice, and hasn’t even divorced her last one.

        She’s 38.

        No, marriage ain’t for me.

        And not being married has probably helped me last longer than the last two.

        Well that first one anyway. 🙂

        • You’ve somehow managed to get that awful beonce song stuck in my head.

          …I fuckin HATE beonce.

          …Thanks mate 🙂

          • Beyonce: the fat arsed hypocritical coconut (brown outside, white inside)… Makes all the noises about being an ‘independent woman’ and proud to be black… But is married to known misogynist and uppity plastic gangsta cunt with form, Jay-Z, and also goes out of her way to appear white and to sell herself and her crap to white audiences… A total cunt…

          • Ain’t it ironic that Boyonce sacked the other two from destiny’s child yet can’t give a ‘performance’ without tarts dancing in sync behind her.

            True what you said the other week, Norman, about her and her hubby calling for equality yet wanting to be treated like the royal family of America.

            She does have a cracking body, but the hotpants and heels is a but old hat after more than a decade of it.

          • Yea we had heart tv channel on in the office the other day (not my fuckin choice!) and they had an endless stream of beonce videos.
            It was all electronic bongos, keyboard played to a standard that would be embarrassing for a first grade 5 year old and women dressed as sluts, pulling wallets out of mens pockets and yelling about girls being in charge.
            …try to take my wallet bitch! You’ll see who’s in charge then! Ha ha.

    • How in the name of freshly brewed fuck did they get from islamist terror attack to Brexit? What kind of convoluted twisted contortionist style logic is at work. Oh yes, Spanish. Say no more.

      • That is pretty fuckin dumb!

        How many were killed in the French attacks?

        Are France a fully paid up superfan of the reich?

        If anything brexit is the reason we haven’t been attacked anywhere near as much as we would be if we were a member of shengen.

      • And that stupid squatting jelly arse ‘dance’ Beyonce always does… Looks like she wants to have a shit…

    • Douchebag Juncker again, again, again, and forever needs cunting.
      Roger’s Profanisaurus has just been republished with a 1,000 page section devoted entirely to this shitebag, scumbag, weasel, syphillitic ringpiece, self-delusional fraudster, snake-oil merchant, pox-ridden goon, oxygen thief, … He said he hates Nazis, but he seems to have turned into a satanic amalgam of Heydrich and Himmler, with a touch of the Goebbels ranting for good measure. (The abused becoming the abuser…)
      “Britain’s example will make everyone realise that it’s not worth leaving” is his latest…
      As far as HBH is concerned, tomorrow we bomb Belgium, Luxembourg or anywhere else this bastard will no doubt be in hiding.
      Look at a pic of him and Verhofstadt-Goebbels together: “Should have gone to Specsavers”.
      Silly cunts. His mother should have been well dosed-up with Dr. J. Collis-Browne’s Tincture. Maybe she was…could explain a lot.

  40. otal fucking chaos here in London caused by some loan cunt armed with a car and a knife. If I were one of these Jihadi cocksuckers I would be wondering what I could do with half a dozen cunts jumping out of a car in the middle of Regent Street armed with AK47s. Of course us real Londoners remember 7/7 but that was 12 years ago. It doesn’t sound much but the world has changed in just that short time. We all know that the Muzzies are untouchable and the copper who shot this cunt is going to be well stitched up. Prepare for loads of tinkerbells on the telly blaming it all on brexit or Trump. I can hear the voice of James O’Shithead as I type.

  41. and where the fuck was the minutes silence before the England match tonight for todyas events??, is it un-pc now or was it not done because it might offend others?

    • I heard there wasn’t any minutes silence in case it offended the scores of sandspades and rapeugees in ze fatherland…

  42. The man is Abu Izadeen aka Trevor Brooks a well known Islamic exetremist who was deported back here from Hungary.

    • Shit yea I recognize that goggle eyed cunt!
      Should’ve killed him when we had the chance. Fuckin snowflakes protecting the cunt and giving him publicity!
      ….Wonder how many cunts he’s recruited over the past years.

    • yeh thats what c4 said originally but later they said he was still in prison. i must say the pictures of him after he had been shot indicate it could be him.

  43. Breaking from Sky News;

    Will attacks like these become more common after Brexit? After all, we depend on the EU for our intelligence so after Brexit we would be blind to such attackers.

    What a bunch of cunts, pose a hypothetical question and then justify it by using bogus information thus implanting in the heads of the thick cunts ( that’s us ) that islamic terror will increase after Brexit.

    Just for you Sky news;

    1 The UK has far better intelligence than all the EU put together. They will be coming cap in hand to us after Brexit.

    2 No one is saying intelligence sharing would stop post Brexit.

    3 UK’s a member of five eyes, the largest intelligence gathering and sharing system in the world. And non of the member countries are in the EU.

    4 If the terrorist de jour turns out to be British, which at the moment seems likely, how would EU intelligence help us?

    5 The Germans, French and Belgians cannot protect their own countries. How are they going to protect us?

    • Couldn’t agree more!

      Five eyes is the only organization that I give a shit about.
      I think the threat to leave nato would be a good bargaining chip in the brexit negotiations.
      If we left, no doubt the amaricans would follow.
      They’d shit it if that happened!
      Five eyes all the way mate!

  44. Just heard the May slag’s pathetic attempt at a Churchillian speech outside No. 10. What a load of fucking old bollocks. You were Home Secretary for 6 fucking years and what did you do to stop a single Muzzie waltzing into my country? Fuck all bitch! Now fuck off, stop panicking because one of them came within 400 yards of you and fucking hang yourself you useless whore.

    • May was spouting the usual standard bullshit: ‘We won’t give in to terrorism… People will carry on as normal etc…’ In other words, she and her bunch of clowns are going to do nothing to weed out these barbaric savages and wipe out the festering infestation of muslamist filth… She will just say this after the next attack, then the next one… Just like that cunt Holland does in Froggieland..

      And trust the ABBC to interview a muslamist eyewitness… Still doing the ‘Hey, they’re not all bad’ shite… Fuck them….

        • Wrath of Khan Not all moslems

          Pray4london 1 prayer = 1 respect

          I’m sick of caring about this. How many bloody times does this need to happen? Moselms are violent. It’s as simple as that. Even if only 1 in 10 are violent, there’s no way to be sure all the violent ones are filtered out no matter how stringent your security is.

          The people who were murdered lived for nothing. And then they died for nothing. Nobody will remember their names next week but there will be a huge outpouring of prayers and support the next time another of these maniacs goes off the deep end. Every single person who has supported this agenda deserves to be lying dead on that fucking bridge but they are not lucky cunts

        • Put on all Jazeera, they’re playing Sad-dick Kant’s pre written but not memorized speech complete with strategic pauses, every half hour.

          Its the first time I’ve seen the dark eyebagged sinister looking cunt on telly, and it wasn’t pretty.

          How did he get any votes, never mind get to be mayor ?

  45. What’s the betting on Al BBCzeera breakfast tomorrow they will be some Citizen Khan style ‘community leader’ appealing for calm with the usual bullshit of ‘islam being a religion of peace’ and not forgetting the rise in hate crimes.

  46. Oh hey, I can finally post again. ‘Bout bloody time.

    On another note, the only shame about McGuinness croaking is that the bastard died of natural causes. Immolation or feet first into an industrial mincer would have been more appropriate.

    Let’s hope he’s getting butt tagged in hell…

  47. Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley just make a statement assuring the peaceful community about the far right wing cunts.



    Why don’t you concentrate more on flushing out the terrorist cunts and doing something about them?
    …I think the extreme right wing idiots are the least of anyone’s worries!

    The normal police offices are heroes but their leaders are lefty cunts.

    Why can’t he just say:
    “We’re gonna find you and we’re gonna fuck you up!!”

    • This is half the problem….Worrying about perpetrators instead of the victims. I’ve had enough of this constant kow-towing and scraping to a minority who detest us. Fuck them, the country shouldn’t be driven by the needs and wishes of a group who desire nothing good for the British people.

      The government should concern itself with safe-guarding the rights of the British people not to be treated as second-class people in their own country. If this happens to offend a bunch of murdering,sponging,dishonest savages….well,too bad…they can fuck off back to whichever shithole they came from.

      • Mark Rowley is a ISIS sympathising cuckold and I encourage any of you cunters to throw dogshit or any shit for that matter at his stupid fat dumb head

        The big bad alt right? what in the actual fuck? they are not the ones committing random attacks you stunned cunt if anything they come up with the most logical solutions regarding terrorists

    • I think Rowleys statement was as predictable as it was nonsense. I bet we are all feeling safe after hearing that. Khan eventually trotted out the by the numbers speech you expected from him. May, and her ‘you won’t divide us’ crap. You can’t divide something that wasn’t united in the first place. Elsewhere, peaceful cunts will party, because one of their deluded followers killed a few innocent unsuspecting women. What a fucking world we live in.

  48. May had a chance to look the part and get tough.
    Should’ve finished with “the gloves are coming off”

    Hash tags, cuddles and candles will get you nowhere….

  49. Politicians kick Muslim arse and bomb the fuck out of them when their rich masters tell them to. When the cunts take their revenge on us we’re supposed to take it and cry for them. However when it comes close to the politician cunts they shit their pants. Total bunch of cunts.

  50. Maybe Trumps flight ban could be something considered here?

    I dare anyone to ring LBC to suggest this, suggesting this on Question Time would be cut out.

    I just want a safe country, nothing else, just commonsense without being hurled with coments such as being a racist.

  51. Not often that I’d tip my hat to any M.P.,but at least Tobias Ellwood tried to help,instead of locking himself in his office.

    Hope the member of the public who was taking “selfies” while posing in front of ambulances gets beaten to death with his own selfie-stick.

    • The piece of excrement that is the ‘ambulance selfies’ cunt should be chopped up, put in a blender bit by bi,t and then flushed down the bog…

      • I think the cunt is in for a well deserved rough ride, his mong like mug is going to be in all the papers tomorrow. Worthless fat sack of shit.

  52. Angela Merkel states: “We stand in solidarity with the UK when it comes to terrorist attacks.”

    Ok Angela, do a fucking Trump and close the bastard door that *YOU* opened! You fucking Les Dawson lookalike cunt!

    • I would get them to spray several rounds at the cock & bollocks area.

      Hopefully they’ll still die from blood loss but at least they’ll be in agony for a while beforehand.

      What these appeasing cunts never realise is that when the shoe, or sandal for that matter, is on the other foot do you think they’re concerned about cutting people’s heads off in the most humane and pain free manner?

      No, they don’t give a fuck, and neither should we. Cunts!

  53. I wonder whether the latest Muslim terrorist, I mean “religious person” was shouting anything before he ploughed down innocent people. Could it have been, “Freedom of speech, equal rights for all, meritocracy and peace”?


  54. It took Sadcunt Khunt 5 hours before he appeared before cameras to make a statement, 5 fucking hours for the mayor of Londonistan to comment on a terror attack in the heart of Londonistan. What a peaceful cunt.

  55. I’m sick of fucking hearing that islamic terror attacks are a proportionate and reasonable response to the West’s military incursions in the peaceful lands. It is our fault for attacking them in the first place. Complete cunting bollocks. Since its inception. islam has been a religion which sanctions, in facts compels holy war ( jihad ) in order to spread its sick ideology of submission.

    Year zero for islam is 622AD, by 624 Mo the peaceful had all his jewish supporters executed or banished. 624 also sees the first islamic battle, Battle of Abdr. By 630 they had an army of 30,000 which attacked and took meca. 637 they have taken Jerusalem. 711 the army of peace had taken Syria and Iraq, the whole of North Africa and Southern Spain where they continued to rule until 1491. But that wasn’t the end of islams attempt to take Europe. They continued to attack Europe until they were defeated at the battle of Vienna on 11th September 1683. 11th September, ring any bells? Hardly a history of peaceful people, is it? For reference the first crusade was in 1095, 384 years after Spain fell to islam.

    And if the cunts aren’t killing the infidel they are killing each other. Take a look at any place where there is islam and at any point in islams’ history and it is a story of violence.

  56. And the ABBC STILL refuse to use the ‘M’ word in relation to the “peaceful” filth who committed this act of terrorism (unless they eventually use ‘M’ for misunderstood).

    Above I mentioned that Saint Brendan of Cox would be keeping his gob shut and let all this bollocks drift over but no, this morning the cunts at the ABBC gave this twat airspace to essentially excuse what had happened as act of hate by a single individual (while either side of this cunt’s drivel the ABBC were reporting of raids across Londonistan and Birminghamrabad) and that we are allowed to feel sad (cheers for that Brendan) but not to loose perspective. Blah, blah, blah!

    Fuck off Brendan Cox you cunt! We all know you want your wife’s MP job next election around and that you’ll need the massive “peaceful” vote in your mini Mecca constituency in order to get it but do not used this heinous act of terrorism as a means for you to cheese off and appease your “peaceful” community in order to lay the groundwork for your nomination, YOU CUNT!

    And you – ABBC – can double fuck off because when Sait Jo of Cox was murdered, the man in question was named, was explicitly stated as being a “white male Christian” and was branded as a “Nazi sympathiser” within two hours of her death!

    Yesterday no name, no mention that it was obviously a “peaceful” cunt who perpetrated the crime, and no mention of Islamist Extremism even after many hours had passed. And only begrudgingly so today.

    I don’t mind if you name and shame cunts ABBC but at least have the decency to be consistent across all sectors of the UK populace. These “peaceful” cunts do not deserve any special treatment! Cunts!

  57. I despise that horrible little paki Sadiq Khan, terrorist sympathising super cunt.

    • I have gleefully shat out less pungent turds than the current mayor of London.

  58. McGuiness a terrorist, Mandela was a terrorist, Moshe Dayan was a terrorist, they all obtained power through terrorism and gained respectability.

    Allowing terrorists to gain from their vile evil acts encourages the next bunch of cunts with an axe to grind to follow the same path.

    Fucking obvious to me that the only outcome of terrorism must be death

  59. Fox News deserves an un-cunting for describing the London attacks as “Islamist Terrorism” (are you watching ABBC cunts).

    Nigel Farage deserves an un-cunting for saying how it is.

    And Katie Hopkins deserves an un-cunting for saying what every other cunt in the UK is thinking right now away from the libtard appeasing cunts who get all the airtime on the anti-democratic ABBC!

    Her bit is about 1/2 way through and is worth a watch.

    • 25 minutes into Sky’s “all out politics” and still no mention of islam or the m word. Cognitive dissidence on a heroic scale.

      • Shit! Just as I posted someone mentions Islamic State. But only in the context of it being a tiny minority and if we let it poison our minds against peaceful folk then ISIS will have won. As usual, make the lie big and repeat it often.

    • Well, Nigel and Katie are going to get all kinds of shit thrown at them for that performance. Doesn’t make them wrong tho’ does it? I particularly liked Hopkins’ point that there should only be opinions, not right opinions and wrong opinions. Agreeing to disagree seems to be a banned option these days.

      The weekly cuntfest that is Question Time should be especially sick making tonight. Not sure I can bear to watch it.

      I blame Brexit. After all, everybody with a right opinion does so, so I must be wrong…

      • I don’t know, but I took Katie to mean morally right or wrong opinions. In other words virtuous opinion and evil opinions. The liberals always try to claim the high moral ground, but then again so did the Nazis, “Gott Mit Uns”. What was that about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

    • No doubt the muslamist sucking libmongs will throw the Jim/Joe/Jack/Jed Monroe thing at Hopkins, even though it has nothing to do with what Katie said about yesterday’s atrocities… And I’ve also no doubt that the aforementioned smug gonk haired identikit lezza snowflake will show his/her smug mug and say ‘See… I was right, wasn’t I?’ (and then tell everyone for the millionth fucking time that she ‘won’)…

  60. How ironic that news of McGuinness’s funeral was bumped down the headline order due to an act of terrorism.

  61. Good stuff from Nigel farage but as usual the liberal Cunts aided and abetted by BBC and Sky will eventually start the one nation, one people propaganda, I saw Brendan cox on the Beeb this morning talking up our Muslim community’s, after the initial outrage all the quisling Cunts like Blair, clegg, cambell and co will go into overdrive, farage will probably get hung out because he actually says what the silent majority think!
    Will anything change?? Don’t bet on it!!

      • I could not believe how politically correct the BBC’s Newsnight programme was last night. They were using every possible technique to minimise the Muslim factor, including the elite’s current ideological weapon of choice, the jihad as mental illness “not real islam”.

        They then brought on Muslim propagandist Sara Khan who is paid by the British government (I’m not joking wish I was) who pushed hard on the dangers of the far-right(yes the ones who don’t attack people), lumping jihad and forceful resistance to jihad together under the rubric of “extremism”. “We will never waver in the face of terrorism.” Boy that Theresa May is a mentally retarded two faced witch isn’t she?

        • Really am finding it hard to stomach the BBC at the moment. I used to watch Breakfast regularly in bed over a cuppa. Now listen to ITV when Piers Morgan is fronting and Sky the rest of the time. The ads get on my tits, but not half as much as that giggly twat Menchen…

      • I feel sorry for the guy having his wife murdered – but capitalising on it to get yourself elected as an MP is a bit beyond the pale IMHO…

        • Strange, if you are an islamist jihadi you are actually just mentally ill and if you are anti-islam you are suffering from a phobia, another mental condition. It makes it difficult to know what is the sane position to take.

  62. House of commons now patting itself on the back for being brave heroes and going back to fucking work defending democracy. All apart from the libtards and SNP who aren’t too keen on democracy.

  63. If you switched on half way through, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d spent the night in Nakatomi Plaza….

  64. One silly cunt was talking about the comradery and the brave response of the house?? since when did locking your door and hiding under a table constitute bravery?? What next?? Maybe some will be expecting the victory cross!! 😡😡

    • To be fair, the House was locked down by the security forces. MPs had no say in the matter. Standard procedure in the event of a terrorist attack.
      When they’re after destroying your government, the priority is to protect the chain of command

      • That’s 100% correct but they really should just acknowledge that fact and stop talking utter bollocks and trying to appear as if they did something approaching bravery!! Cunts……🐔

      • Is she 🙂

        Theresa May…

        But from what I’ve heard of her speeches today, she won’t.

  65. The real pity is the terrorist cunt didn’t bump into sergeant farron , corporal clegg or brigadier Blair……


  66. More ABBC selective shite… British-born attacker ‘known to MI5’… No surprise there (as Lee Rigby’s family know all to well), but British born?… Do fuck off! That tells us nothing… Could have been born here or in a British territory abroad, could have been brought up in some middle eastern shithole … Of course the ABBC are trying to deflect blame from the ‘peaceful’ filth (like their ‘reports’ on the muslamist sandsambo referred to as a ‘Norwegian’ attacker that was later downgraded to a mere ‘street attack’)… But instead of saying ‘British born attacker’ they will not tell people the truth: that yesterday’s killer was a murdering muslamist turd shat out of Satan’s arse….

    And ‘Citizen’ Khan is a gigantic cunt…. Terror attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city?! Well, they are if the dirty savage bastards are allowed to run amok, are indulged at every opportunity, and there is an apologist/sympathiser in charge as mayor… What a fucking cunt he really is…

    • It makes it all the more disturbing knowing he was British born, it means we have potentially millions of the fuckers already here, but that doesn’t get immigration off the hook. He may well have been British born but he didn’t look native British to me, he certainly came from immigrant stock so immigration is still in the equation somewhere.

      • British ( implying ethnic Briton ) v Brish. ( anything including a dog turd that is within the isles of said Nation, and not of ethnic stock.

  67. Snowflake libmong cunts will be more bothered and upset about what President Trump had for breakfast, or what Farage and Hopkins have said than people getting murdered on the streets of London…

  68. fellow cunters I know it’s a thread about that cunt McGuinness, I saw an advertising pic with her on it and I thought what a lovely piece, had a bit of the white stuff last night so that may explain my wording. Wouldn’t surprise me if she is a total cunt Birdman, most of the surrounded by yes people are I’d make an exception though and fuck her every night. I bet her pussy tastes like the finest Rum. Mmmmmmn.

  69. Well fuck me , but how can a cunt with his anecdotal, racist, sexist and unfair views be president of the Eurogrup?

    Sure some countries in the south have deficit ,debt and ask for financial aid but is more due to corrupt politicians and bankers and even joining the European union was economical blow to some, than spending money on women and drinks.
    Maybe they would like to spend their money on women and drinks but guess what there isn’t any left, instead taxes get raised to pay for the”help”, salaries stay the same or you get fired from you job due to cuts and it makes pretty hard to get to the end of the month still fuckin alive and breathing .

    And Jeroen Dijsselbloem after confronted with the media, apologised and said that he was misunderstood and was not thinking to resign his job.

    How can what he said be misunsderstood?

    So Mister Jeroen Dijsselbloem sincerely understand this,

    Go fuck yourself sideways, you arrogant cunt!!

  70. I know I shouldn’t,but…….What possible debt could I have accrued with “Our Father” billyboy? I’ve never used his “miracle” service,and never bother going into “His house”,or,indeed,bothering with any of his representatives . However, I do enjoy a good sating of temptation.

    Oh,and I NEVER forget anyone who owes me.

      • I still want to know how much I owe….. I’m a bit short this week,but if our lord fancies nipping around next week,I can give him a tenner on account. Must admit though, the life that I’ve lead, the final bill could be quite a stinger….. Ah well, He’ll have to accept the same as the taxman…. FUCK ALL.

  71. Sky news love this sort of shit, it means they only have a single story to cover 24 hours a day. They will speculate endlessly for days as if there were no other news stories in the world. I thought we were supposed to take it in our stride, after all it is just part and parcel of living in a big city. ( although I can’t recall the last islamist terror attack on Tokyo. Maybe its because they don’t allow peaceful cunts in.) Cunts.

    • Sky are a bunch of Cunts!! You’re right about hours of speculation!!
      Whilst I can only speculate what our terrorist Cunt had for breakfast I know what he had for lunch!! A bullet!! Good riddance!!!






  74. How passionate is Billy Boy.

    Have a cigarette man.

    Inhale, exhale, enjoy.

    But stay of the energy drinks and wipe yer chin.

    Yer drooling.

  75. Billyboy bollockhead …..

    ‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?’

  76. His name is Rickie Doubleday and he lives at Acrefield, 9 Church Road, Upton, Norwich NR13 6AJ

  77. .His name is. Rickie Doubleday
    and he lives at
    9 Church Road
    , Upton,
    NR13 6AJ


  78. C’mon billyboy…pull up your pants, allow the goat herder’s goo to dribble out of your little sphincter and come talk to me.

  79. I’ll admit Chas C is an “acquired” taste…….ah well,even Mozart had his critics. Do you prefer a little taste of Back Street Boys?

  80. Shame,nothing I enjoy more than a bit of cunt……you,not so much, I’m guessing?…. C’mon one pervert to another…what gets those juices flowing?

  81. I love a good joke,but don’t get this one….why are you “Laughing Out Loud”? Have you cocked the punchline up? I know I often do that… Perhaps J R Cuntley could explain it to me? Hate it when I miss out on a good guffaw.

  82. I’ve never had a plate of revenge…Is it better cold? I’m guessing that it’s one of those fancy new dishes from Heston Bloomenthal? Is it garlic based? Garlic gives me terrible wind…..guess I’d better give it a miss and stick to a well-done steak.

    • So a bit like a Guiness shit? Funny,we were just talking about that the other day. A good clean out never hurts….amazing what gets flushed out after a good guiness shit.

  83. Does anyone know what sort of police they are OR are they police? outside Scotland Yard on the news? They have no ribbon round there hats and hats are all black? I saw a similar one standing near Parliament when I was at London on holiday in summer 2014.

  84. Chris Sutton is from Norwich and he has the most annoying voice ever.

    Is it just him or is that how all Norwich punters talk ?

    If you have something to say Dickie, then now’s yer chance before yer silenced.

    My ears/eyes are open.

    You seem to have problems, and I’m willing to hear ye out without mocking you.

    Get of yer chest boy.

    It might do you some good.

    If not, get well soon mate, and embrace life.

  85. Why do you keep lolling? Is it a nervous affliction? I know I had an aunt who suffered from Tourettes,fuck could that woman swear….is that why you keep lolling? If so,it’s in very bad taste to laugh at my cursing auntie….course she has been dead for 30 years so she probably wont mind… loll away billybob

  86. Billy Boy you rambling cunt. Go drown yourself in a sewage works and do us all a favour

  87. Outside Scotland Yard on the news. There’s blokes who look like police but they gave no ribbons round there hats. There hats are all black, who are they??!?? Are they security guards?

  88. Have no ribbons, bloody predictive text. I was just puzzled? Nobody must know who they are???

    • Triple baaaaaaaaaaaaaa with extra cheese on my dear!

      Is the coast all clear now…has Billyboy gone?

  89. ‘Hate will not divide us’, ‘Lessons will be learned’..same old clichéd 6 o’clock news soundbite bollocks. That parasite Blair was stood outside No 10 12 years ago saying the same thing yet here we are.
    The only lessons we need to learn is that when we catch one of these fuckers send them on their way to ‘paradise’ at the end of a rope.

  90. Paul Joseph Watson is a great source for cunting, pity about Milo Yiannopolis and his remarks, Alt Right have dropped him like a raghead with a bacon sarnie.

    • It was disgusting of Breitbart to drop Milo like they did, but it illustrates a problem with conservative/right wing ideology; you have to buy into it all. You have to drink the koo-laid all the way down on the right just as much as on the left. If someone says they believe in man made climate change you can pretty much know where they are going to stand on race relations, gun control, abortions, the environment, gay marriage and immigration. Similarly with the right, no deviation from the script is allowed, if you are against gun control you had better be anti-abortion or the right will dump you like a sack of shit. That doesn’t sound to me like people thinking clearly, it sounds like bullying and indoctrination.

  91. Ex president Clinton at the funeral of the murdering cunt. “President Clinton, who was central to the Good Friday Agreement peace negotiations, told mourners he “came to treasure every encounter” with Mr McGuinness.

    “Our friend earned this vast crowd,” he said. “Even more, he earned the right to ask us to honour his legacy by our living. To finish the work that is there to be done.”

    Has the fucking world gone mad or just that cunt Clinton representing all the mick loving wankers over there who gave their dollars so that more women and children could be slaughtered by those scum.
    Or did Martin suck the presidential hampton on their treasured encounters?
    Fuck me running, who are these terror loving spunkbags?

  92. Just watched the most nauseous crock of shit espoused from the lips of the Clinton Cunt in praise of a murdering bastard who” turned the corner to see the light.” I don’t think so…. McGuiness was rewarded with a position in government and immunity from prosecution by that other murderous bastard Blair. Clitoris Clinton needs to fuck right off back to his crazy cunt licking dog of a wife and get on with being a complete retired retard.

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