James Corden (5)

I’d like to nominate that fat cunt James Cordon for a cunting. How did he get an OBE? Services to drama? My eye. He’s only done a failed sketch show, voice overs for cartoons and a bunch of adverts. Horne and Cordon was utter shite.

He’s a fat, indolent, toss pot who doesn’t really have any talent as a comedian or actor. How can confused.com use actors like him? The insurers they pimp probably don’t cover actors or lard arses. I think he should work in a chip shop.

Nominated by Anton Pillar.

Hang on there’s a steward’s enquiry out on the COTY result!

This just in from the Fox News desk.

“And on Tucker Carlson Tonight – the *only* non-libtard news show in the world currently – we’re pleased to have that limey fat cunt James Corden on our show after these announcements…

“Hi James. Great to have you on the show.”

“Hi Tucker, thanks for having me.”

“So James why aren’t you in some libtard march right now on Regents Street in London or moaning about anything Trump does or says, or – in a lot of cases doesn’t say – in New York?”

“Well Tucker I am actually in London, and I am here because I truly thought I’d been nominated for the ISAC Award of 2016.”

“And to explain – to those unfamiliar with ISAC – that’s the ‘Is A Cunt’ Award right?”

“Yeah that’s it. I mean for most of the year I have been laying the groundwork for being the biggest cunt of the year both here in the UK with my League of Their Own dross and over there in the states with my totally unfunny Late Show but – the clincher I thought – Carpool Karaoke. I mean how much more of a cunt can I be!?! I have no redeeming features, I’m unfunny and I make mates in order to further my own career. Well if that’s not the embodiment of being a cunt then I don’t know what is.”

“Well James you’re certainly leaning against an open door as far as Fox is concerned. So who actually won it this year?”

“Tim Farron.”


“Exactly! He’s the leader of a political party in the UK right now but no one knows who he is! He even had to wear blackface, white lipstick and a straw boater just to receive the award!”

“Hmmm, well we had a President do that same thing 8yrs ago James so I guess this guy must be a cunt as well?”

“Oh yeah deffo is…just not as much of a cunt as I am Tucker!”

“Ok well thanks for your time James, appreciated. Next on Tucker Carlson Tonight: did Hillary get her pissflap augmentation operation done free of charge courtesy of ObamaCare? After these messages…

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

67 thoughts on “James Corden (5)

  1. This utter cunt is about as funny as gout!! Somebody needs to explain to this blithering idiot that being fat and loud does NOT automatically make you funny!! Cordon is confusing being irritating with comedic wit!! CUNT

  2. Actually that fuckin picture perfectly sums up cordon….

    • It kind of makes his head look like a clitoris. Which is appropriate, considering the name of this site.

  3. I hope that one of his cholesterol filled arteries bursts while he’s live on telly,the thought of the fat wanker trashing about gasping his last breath while people laugh and point, fills me with delight,and is his only hope of ever raising a chuckle from me.

    If television has taught me anything,it’s that America is full of ignorant,obese,self-aggrandising,humour-bypassed blowhards. A perfect audience for the fat-fuck Corden. I just pray that the yanks don’t do a “Piers Morgan” and chase the arsehole back over here.

  4. Should have titled that picture 50 shades of fat folds.

    I really hate this cunt from his smug virtuous, “look how much of left tard i am ”
    tweets that he spews out with not a single ounce of fact checking it or any research.

    He can’t act he cannot sing he can’t dance why the fuck is this marbled liver having albino swamp whale on anything to do with entertainment i have no idea.

    He truly is one of the few people i would happily see on the news found drowned in a 1/2 inch puddle of piss.
    Absolute total mountain of a cunting cunt

  5. Speaking of shit self proclaimed comedians that stupid looking cunt Harry Hell was on the One piece of shit Show last night. I’m afraid someone’ll have to explain this cunt to me. I just don’t fucking get what the fuck he is supposed to be funny about. Big collar? Childish. Stupid voice? Childish. Making inane comments about a few videos that people have taken? Juvenile. Oh, forgot about the Beetle crusher shoes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A Cunting for the latest famine appeal in East Africa.

    Once again we are being urged to donate to prevent a “humanitarian crisis” (Yawn). What on earth is the point? We’ve been dishing aid out to the indolent sods for years,and it has achieved fuck-all,except for enriching a few warlords and corrupt politicians.

    The lazy bastards live in a fertile part of the globe,but are just too feckless to get off their scrawny arses and do something for themselves,it’s not helping them by giving them aid,all it does is allow them to keep spewing out more whelps who they can’t feed. They are like rats who,if there’s good pickings,will breed twice as hard as when food is short.

    What good do they contribute even if they were all kept alive? They will always just be a drain,and in the lack of a good plague to thin them out,nature has come up with another method to keep their numbers in check. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says,looking at the pictures of them,they are the “Missing Link”,neither human or ape,just a mix of the two species.

    Sir Mo Farah is spearheading the latest appeal….a cheating,tax-dodging, British-when -it-suits,dishonest cunt. I wonder how much of his own money the little shit has given. Farah might be a media-darling and pin-up for multi-cultural Britain,but I reckon that most have seen through the shit,and recognise him for what he is….a one-step-away from being a rapist/pirate/thief,like his brothers. I hope that his presence causes more harm than good to their appeal.

    Let nature take it;’s course. Stop sending overseas aid,be it private donations or tax-raped. Pull up the drawbridge and let the cunts get on without the wicked,colonial white mans aid.

      • Truth is always a bitter pill to swallow M8 This is why I hate immigrants “I’ll be british when I want to mentality but I’ll keep on being a proud somalian living in america but not actually live in somali”

        After President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily suspending the immigration of Somali-born U.S. permanent residents, Farah made a statement on his Facebook account stating that “I will have to tell my children that Daddy might not be able to come home.” How about just go back to somali you fried moslem cunt where your haji brothers Al-Shabaab are allah ackbarring innocent women and children raping looting and killing them

        • Hr was just being a cunt again for the third time .

          It was was never going to effect him at all, as he doesn’t have a Somali passport or duel nationality he has a British passport!!! .

          he is a good runner no doubt but he seems to be very thick or thin skinned cunt .

          Like the previous 2 times he claimed he had been racially abused and had to back track on both occasions, as he was completely wrong and was seeing racism where there was none .

          another mongoloid.

    • Mo Farah can fuck off. If he’s THAT concerned, he can donate a large portion of his own money.

      • … it was calculated that each Team GB gold medal, won at the Rio Olympics 2016, had cost £4.1 million in funding. Now, I take nothing from the athletes willing to train at all hours etc.. but how about Mo Farah tells them … ‘How about we’ll knock any funding on the head, and that money is sent to Aftrica for aid …?’ … try that on and see how far your sad face gets you !

    • They act like savages because they are allowed to act like savages. Personally, I have a lot of admiration for the way that the American Police tend to deal with gun-toting gollies….robust and effective.

    • I know they’re starving, but they don’t deserve to have that shite forced on them.

    • Exactly Mike the aid money would eventually end up in the terrorists hands or somalias corrupt military officers who are just as heartless or even worse then the terrorists themselves, no bloody kidding.

      Fuck off with the aid shilling Mo and invest in your own cuntries future but which one is your country britain?, somali?, or america? Prick!

    • i don’t know why, but whenever I see the word “dishonest” I automatically think of Sean Connery the ex-pat independent jock

      • Although I love old Sean’s outings as James Bond, even including Never Say Never Again, it has to be said that pretty much everything else he has appeared in was a bit shit.
        I offer the 1974 science fiction film “Zardoz” as damming evidence for the prosecution.
        It’s just shit…

      • Dishonest ?

        Let’s see,
        He grew up in Edinburgh yet supported Celtic and when he was offered free hospitality at Ibrox, he became a Rangers fan.

        Dishonest ?

        Yep, that’s what the cunt isshh.

        • So much aid money has been poured into the Horn of Africa the place must be fucking paradise. Most of the “skinnys” live in Milton Keynes anyway are they getting some as well? Has not the cunted saint Bob been spewing bollocks about this crisis? Is the famine etc caused by the fact that lots of pirates have been blown to fuck by the Russian navy? So many questions so many tales of woe. What we need is Band Aid it worked so well the last time co’s all the problems were solved or was that bollocks as well? Fuck it all who cares.

    • You don’t know what her missing.
      Last night I made quorn spagbol and tonight its worn chicken kebabs.
      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 🙂

    • They wanted to run things themselves and got rid of the wicked white man who was earning a fortune out of their country. However that white man was employing people, keeping business running etc. He gets chucked out and the place goes to fuck. Then what ? Hand firmly out for white mans cash.
      Well bollocks to that. Help our own first then look abroad.

  7. I literally can’t think of a bigger cunt!

    I think it’s doubly vexing that he’s made a successful career, a shit load of cash and millions of adoring fans…based on what?! Being a fat cunt? He certainly isn’t funny and a more arrogant prick you will not meet.

    My uncle, a typical member of the UK population, basically a total cunt for whom Celebrity Juice etc is comedy perfection…he went to some awards show and was seated behind Corden. He couldn’t have been more excited to meet the fat fucking dope. Anyway, turns out Corden was hugely rude and full of himself. What a surprise! If you can’t tell that from his demeanour on TV then you really do deserve to find out the hard way.

    Fuck off Corden.

    And you, Uncle Mick.

  8. Does anybody know if those tattoos of Corden are legit or photoshopped? talk about a occult symbol show off When in doubt about how unfunny cunts like Corden get famous “See who they are signalling” cause its most likely his masters (effendi)

    • I’d like to tattoo “Fat Cunt” across his forehead using a pair of 6 inch nail studded boots, that might wipe the smug look off his overfed face.

    • The tats were painted on for the photoshoot to make him look hard. They make him look an even bigger cunt.

  9. Just heard that Royal Marine Sgt Alexander Blackman has had his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. There will now be a separate hearing to determine his sentence. Given that he’s already served three years, and that people who’ve gotten pissed and killed people while behind the wheel of a car have walked free, he should be released. Still, this is good news, and it shows that there are at least five judges who can actually do their jobs properly.

        • Killed a taliban officer his opposing enemy? Serves him right for protecting his country

          • I heard he’d been hit by rounds from an Apache’s cannon. If that’s true, I’m surprised the goat fucking prick was even partially alive. I’ve seen Taliban take rounds from that cannon, fucked ’em right up.

      • 100% right. It was a fucking war. People die. Rather it was the enemy than one of ours. That’s how wars work. Kill more of them than they kill of ours and we win.
        To charge someone with a crime for doing his job is a disgrace.
        Why couldn’t the helmet cam footage have been “lost” in the first place.

    • Should be a thorough enquiry as to why and who instigated this witch hunt. They should be tried for treason and Sgt Blackman should receive the highest honour for ridding humanity of a piece of the lowest form of scum.

  10. I want a this cunt fuck placed in stocks in the middle of london i want his pants pulled down and then a behind him i want little warick davis placed in a cannon and then i want little warick davis fired up his shit scoop,cordon is a cunt,he knocks me a fucking sick hes a cunt.

  11. Hi Dick,Just had 2 trebs up to now, hunt 1.45 christmas in april ,chel 2.10 oo seven,chel 4.10 cantlow and the other treb new 5.50 ryan the giant ,south 4.35 viva verglas,south 5.50 royal holiday,and i mite back bakmaj 5.30 chel but not sure yet??

      • Hi Bird im gonna start my work outs soon ive been a little busy watching porn,Sorry i mean ive been busy working lately ,Hope you and Dick and all the rest have been having fun,Its good to be a back.

        • And its brilliant to have ye back, ANDZ.

          Remember, if you change hands at regular intervals, porn can be a good workout too. 🙂

  12. Clayton Williams deserves a cunting. This is the piece of shit who killed PC David Phillips in Wallasey, whilst driving a stolen vehicle. Last year, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter. Well it seems the cheeky little twat thought that somewhat unfair, so he appealed on the grounds it was too long. Today, a judge kicked the appeal out.

    The little fucker’s lawyer argued that he was 18 when he killed PC Phillips, and nineteen when sentenced and so basically, was too young to have such a long sentence. You killed a cop, a man who was infinitely better than you are, you little shite. You don’t get to pick and choose the length of your sentence. The only tragedy here, is that the same sentence is handed to ALL cunts who kill people whilst driving. There’s also the fact that you STOLE someone’s pickup truck. A vehicle that THEY bought with money that they worked hard for.

    Shut the fuck up and do your time, you whingeing little cunt.

  13. What is sliding in or out of his arse ?

    I hate hate hate this cunt.

    I’ve hated this cunt since he was a child actor.

    When I was a kid, he was always there to play the fat snobby slobby posh fat brat.

    Some of you lucky cunters have been “irked” by this cunt for a decade or so, but for me its been about thirty years.

    I’ll get that cunt one day.

    Was it in ISAC that I saw the photo of him and David Beckham sharing a bath ?

    How is a shite footballer sharing a bath with a fat cunt comedy ?

    Carpool karaoke is the same shite joke, over and over and over, yet everyone of them makes the news.

    I’m upset now. 🙁

  14. I’ve just realised that the cunt isn’t wearing a shitty patterned T-shirt.

    How does he come up with such gems ?

    Can you imagine him and his team sitting around a table discussing what funny gags are the most “hilarious”.


  15. Racer tuning boys are cunts.

    So this type of sad cunts drive by our roads and street’s with their silly cars, who only appeal to 5 year old children with attention deficit disease and stupid annoying clueless man child cunts.

    We get it! You like to call all the attention to yourself , by installing ridiculous very noisy turbos and horns , gigantic spoilers that make your car look like it could fly ,because you have a small cock or your daddy didn’t love you .
    Why not instead drop of your trousers and walk down the the street , it would be a better joke.

    To make matters worse this diesel/petrol cunts make terrible dangerous races in our public roads killing in fact quite number innocent people a year.

    The road is not a race track you cunts, don’t blame us if you are a stupid obtuse cunt who spend fortunes on your car instead of using to improve your life and don’t have the proper place to enjoy and drive it.

    Stop tuning to be a cunt and pretending that you are hot shit , you are the only ones missing the joke.

        • Those fat exhausts the twats fit that upset the engine management system and make the car run like shit.
          Makes me simultaneously cringe and laugh every time one of them splutters past

          • Soon to be recipients of roadside tributes of rotting flowers and soggy tat, and Facebook pages calling them legends, saying rubbish like ‘now you can sleep with the angels babes’. Not a problem, unless they crash into some poor innocent cunt coming the other way. Chavs. I fucking loathe them.

    • Had to reply to this one. Not all of us who tune our cars are knobheads obvious really I suppose law of averages etc. Anyway, my Nissan is supercharged and various other bits of engine have been worked on, the brakes , clutch, suspension etc have been uprated to cope with the extra power; stops quicker than a standard model now. OK exhaust is louder but no one has complained. The car is taxed, insured and mot’d and totally road legal. I do not race on road act the cunt on the road or harrass other drivers, I get harrassed by mongs trying to race me why? I’m not racing cos it’s not legal on UK roads but they think older cunt in sporty car have a crack. I enjoy driving my car and have raced in past so I have a resonable level of driving competance.

    • It makes me laugh that they actually seem to think they it makes them cool. The only way they could make themselves look bigger cunts, is if they tattooed the word ‘CUNT’ on their foreheads in two inch high, luminous green letters.

    • I lost a very good friend to cunts like this, she was riding along on a CB500 when two souped up cars burst into view side by side and the one on her side of the road plowed into her head on, killed instantly, then the cheeky cunt tried to say she was at fault but that got thrown out due to witnesses.

  16. Why is it, when you take a dislike to someone, they end up everywhere? Then you go from dislike to despise. That’s where I am with fat cunt Corden. I hope he suffers a fall from grace soon, I need cheering up, too much Sturgeon this week, I’m finding it hard to cope…..

    • Not to mention media overkill for Banana Gob Miller (again!), Prince ‘Can’t work! Won’t work!’ William, those Little Mix trollops, and ‘Jack’ the genderqueer snowflake gremlin (who sued nasty panto villain Katie)…

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