Kingsley Manning

Allow me to introduce to you Kingsley Manning first class snowflake, total buffoon and former head of the Health and Social Care information centre.

Next as to why he deserves this honour? Well let me explain a few minor information sharing points of the NHS, if you were to say accidently kill your wife and in-laws, up sticks to somewhere and register with your new local doctor, well they are bound to share this information with plod, Likewise should your child attend A+E with unexplained injuries on a regular basis they will wave a little flag for social services and plod to see (you recall Baby P the failing of the system).

So now try this on for size. Mr Kingsley Manning objects to sharing information with the home office about illegal immigrants registered with the NHS, furthermore he is shocked that they receive requests for information on 10,000 a year. I can’t see any rationality to his problem, the NHS claims to be underfunded and overstretched so surely it would be his obligation to his employer (and the Taxpayer) to help weed out the freeloaders.

I wonder what Manning would do if he were to come home and find a family of illegal immigrants camped out in his back bedroom and helping themselves in the kitchen? Probably shop them I would imagine but his social and professional standards differ because its not his money, which then puts a rather large question mark over his suitability to do the job in the first place. What an utter cunt, good riddance go and work for Amnesty International with your “ethics”.

Nominated by lord benny.

132 thoughts on “Kingsley Manning

  1. Sounds like we have a new Cunt to add the The quickly swelling ranks!! 2017 has certainly started with a bang, can it hit the giddy heights if 2016?….

    • I love this site I read it everyday for several years,
      Now, for me, there is a frustration.
      We should be able to convert a cunting into a petition to get wider appreciation of the ass-pumping proletariat searching for someone to hate.

      There is an obvious need for ‘The New Private Eye’. The ‘Brown Ringpiece’ might be better title. I am sure there are millions of people who want to rant and express opinions and frustration at these cunts and appreciate good cuntings. If it were a magazine I still won’t buy it as dirty bastards don’t wipe for fear of expulsion from the Dirty Bastards Club. But the world is crying out for aa replacement to the Spitting Image fucking rubber puppet show. Probably, you are a cunt like me and won’t do it. My preference would be to take a 1,000 pound annual subscription.

  2. Problem is this cunt can afford to be a cunt. illeagal’s do not affect him, getting a house from a housing association does not effect him, not being able to get to see a doctor does not effect him, doubt if he would have to wait long for any operation he required, he may be hassled by romainian pikeys when he is out and about but most likely finds the experiance novel. In short the twat is middle class and has enough money to basically do what he likes. He has not one fucking iota of understanding about how those of us who have “benefitted” from the tide of left wing pc cuntishness that has totally (nearly) destroyed everything that was half decent in our World really think. Look cuntly manning these fuckers have broken the law they are not supposed to be here; why should they then benefit from whats left of the system my parents and me paid into all our working lives. You manning are a massive pc lib marx non judgemental cunt oh yea and a traitor to most of the people in this blighted isle however you are not a traitor to your class, pc lib marx cunts. So not all bad eh.

    • Shit, was really pissed when I wrote the above so mixed up effect with affect also lost the plot a few times, gentlemen and ladies I apologise for my cuntishness. I am still pissed but am able to walk now. Richard Branson, Beckham really are massive cunts.

  3. Totally out of touch cunt. Then again that sums up most of the people in power nowadays

  4. This is typical virtue signalling cuntishness. What we need is new structure to our taxes:
    – Normal taxes for everyone which pay for the essentials of defence, law and order, essential healthcare, education etc.
    – then a voluntary “virtue signalling tax” to pay for all the bollocks like the vast majority of overseas aid, non-essential health care (e.g. “gender reassignment”), health care for those with no right to be here, etc, etc. I’m sure all the cunters on here would be able to add their own favourites to the list.
    I wonder what proportion of the population would choose to pay the extra?

    • People are perfectly free to pay extra voluntary tax contributions if they see fit, something that grinning beardy twat Branston should be reminded of on a daily basis.

      • Speaking of cunt face Branston, did anyone get an e-mail warning them against using Pirates Bay?

        It seems like the grinning cunt isn’t making enough money and wants to stop people using P2P software to share files. While I have not received any such communication, I noticed a couple of days ago my torrent server stopped working, I stated getting torrent download speeds in the single figures in bytes! Long story short I installed VPN software and now it is working at full speed again.

        Birdman, you are in La Linear, right? Who is your ISP and have you had the same problem?

        • Yer talking to a Luddite here, Skidmark Eggfart.
          I hope I’m answering yer question properly.

          My WiFi is from ONO, and for the last week it has been practically nonexistent.
          My phone is YOIGO and for a couple of days last week it came and went, but seems to be normal now.

          I hope i answered correctly,and never made a tit of myself.
          And yeah, i live in LA Linea De LA Concepción.
          Sounds nice dunnit ?
          Its not.

          • Cheers, Birdman. I know la linea, being a semi regular visitor to Gib. I heard it is a bit rough, a lot of crime related to smuggling stuff over the border.

        • Hello Skidmark,
          Could I ask which VPN software you are using? I use torrent for watching footy and sometimes it is dogshite, I use Sopcast but find the links few and far between these days. Any info would help, thanks in advance and apologies for spoiling the cunting if you happen upon this babble 😉

          • Hi Cunto
            I have a free 30 day trail with Whoer. It is just a stop gap though, I will have to find another work around the P2P ban as I’m not paying for it. I might try Tor, I had that running on a linux system and it was OK but don’t know if it will get around the P2P ban.

  5. Problem is, this is how these Civil Service/charity/education London based cunts think. Well insulated from reality and liberal with every fucker else’s plight. But not their own. Try fracking, house building, road & rail building anywhere near them and things become a bit different. And it will be for the ‘environment’ of course. Not petty self interest.
    We need a clear out of these cunts.

  6. Cuntypops the answer to your question is virtually nobody as the Cunts that throw around taxpayers money like confetti are the sort of Cunts that duck out of buying a round up the pub. Full of grandiose ideas that their sycophantic liberal mates love , they will spend public money with abandon on pet projects as long as they don’t have to put their hand in their own pockets! ,To them the taxpayers are nothing but cows to be milked…. sheep to be sheared…. Cunts!!!

  7. The Home Office has announced that it will stop receiving refugee ‘children’ via the Dubs amendment at the end of March. Get prepared for the libtard shit storm this is going to provoke.

  8. After years of bull shit liberal agenda it’s so so sweet that the boots on the other foot, hearing them bleat has become my favourite sound….

    • I used to bathe in liberal tears, but now their crying has become a cacophony and even senior government figures, like Bercow are joining in. Society is becoming increasingly polarised, UK, USA in 2016, maybe France, NL, Italy and Germany in 2017. It is not just differences of political opinions any more but a fight for the preservation of Western civilisation. The cry babies of the left, for all their “LOVE TRUMPS HATE” placards have shown themselves to be ready and willing to use violence against any who disagree with their simple minded ideology. Western civilisation hangs in the balance, and it could get nasty.

  9. onto more important matters. i would like to cunt Andrex toilet paper. fucking hell what has happened to it? couldnt get the stuff i normally buy so i got some ANDREX. its fuckin useless !. its definately a lot thinner than it used to be, but more expensive obviously, yer fingers just go right through it. useless. i highly aloe vera toilet tissue from LIDLS. Its very thick , almost quilted and a lot feckin cheaper too.

    • Lidl have now brought out their own cosmetic range…..

      Lidl…..because you’re worthless..

      • Classic! Do you make these things up? You should put them all in a book and flog it on amazon.

      • I recall a story about paint stripper or something being found in Lidl gravy mix… More upset stomachs than usual last Christmas..

        • A couple from Yorkshire are on a self catering holiday in Spain and as the wife is preparing dinner she realises they’ve forgotten to bring any gravy and suggests to her husband to go and ask the guy in the apartment next door, because he’s English, and might have some.

          The husband knocks on the door and when it’s opened says “Hi, av ya any Bisto?”

          The guy stares at him looking slightly puzzled and says “Fuck off you Spanish cunt”…..

      • Worth less, as in had your pittance taxed to fuck to pay for virtue signalling cunts as above, and ungrateful traitors like that Dubs cunt.

  10. That fucking waste of oxygen Tara Parsnip Stonkington has been found dead age 45,brain tumour apparently,it was probably melted with coke abuse

    • She was William the Cunts nanny, wasn’t she ?
      I wonder how she’ll be portrayed.

      As a role model in the young Prince’s life and steered him through the heartbreak of losing his Mater ?
      As a coke head tweaker skank that has fucked her way around high society ?

    • A great talent and a tragic loss. I am heartbroken that I didn’t have her in the dead cunts pool.

      • Tara Palmer Thompkincunt… Arguably the pioneer of the ‘ladies/slags’ crossover… Along with other shagbags like Sadie Frost and Pearl Lowe (Daisy’s mater), Palmer Thompkincunt brought he acts posh and classy, but is a total slag type of slapper to the fore in the 90s… Wonder how many Britpop cunts she boffed?…..

        • And let’s not forget Palmer-Tomkinson’s main IT girl partner in crime: Tamara Beckwith!

          Both famous for simply being over-privileged socialite harridens.

    • I am not sure it was the brain tumour that killed her.The tumour she had wasn`t malignant apparantly so although it can indeed kill you it is less likely.Benign brain tumours can still kill and can indeed turn malignant.

  11. What a prick, that’s all I can say. Bet he’s got a nice cosy house, money in the bank, a fat pension. I’ve got none of them fucking things due to meaningless low paid shit jobs as the country is sinking with paying out tax and more tax out my pay to fund the tsunami of immigrants. Benefit turds who have fuck all wrong with them and get a house and free rent!!

    Changing the subject – anyone have have Tara(born with a silver spoon in my mouth) Palmer-Tonkistoned in DEAD POOL???

  12. Anybody see Christie Brinkley doing a swimwear photoshoot at the ripe old age of 63 ?

    Billy Joel dumped her over fifteen years ago, and was quoted at the time as saying she was getting too old.

    Little ugly cunt.
    I bet she looks better than whatever he’s got now.

    • I still would…
      Amazes me how a bird like that married a ‘Noo Yoik’ pug like Joel anyway…

        • …. Norman, looks like you could be in with a chance… just Googled her … fuck me… ex-boyfriends and husbands abound … seems she’s been cocked more times than Davy Crocketts musket … !!!!

  13. Anyway, back to Timmy Mong. He’s had his attempt at an amendment to force another referendum on leaving EU well and truly kicked into fuck. Tim, Tim Tim, when will you realise that no cunt on this earth is interested in any way what so fucking ever about anything that spills out of your little Battenberg cake hole. The one and only thing you have or ever will achieve is making it onto this site. No go away and carry on with your Alan Bennett novel. Spunk stain.

    • And if that second referendum went against him do you think he would accept the result ? would he fuck.
      Just like the SNCP bitch on and on until you get your own way. Well, cuntface it ain’t going to happen so just fuck off and leave it to the big boys.

  14. Article 50 vote done and dusted. May has parliamentary authority to give notice to leave the festering pile of shite commonly known as the EU!!!
    Shadow cabinet cunt Clive Lewis fell on his sword, I just hope it’s a really slow death for the quisling motherfucker!!!

    • It was actually a very smart tactical move to allow so many amendments to go forward in order to be voted down – will make it much harder now for the House of Lords to obstruct the bill.

      • Indeed Fred .It was inadvertent though as those who tabled amendments wanted to through spanners in the works or hold up the process but nonetheless it has strengthened the pressure on the Lords.

        • If the lords vote against the bill, having been passed by such a large majority there will be a constitutional stink the likes of which we have not seen since Cromwell.

          I’m polishing my helmet as I type.

    • Great to see Little Timmy Farcunt nearly in tears. Fucking little wanker. Even now he just doesn’t get it.
      Along with the fat slap head cunt Gapes (my MP. – cunt) supposed democrats but crying like bitches cos the result didn’t go their way.

      • Farron looked like he was trapped in a phone box with someone else’s stale piss stench. He’s a thick cunt too, as he still doesn’t understand the question asked in the referendum. And his fucking eyebrows look silly. When the lib dems elect a new party leader, they must just look for the biggest twat in the room. Tough choice too!
        I think there should be another referendum, and I will try to word it as clear as possible. Here goes….
        Would you prefer to see Alex Salmond drown in raw sewage, or choke on a horses cock?

        • I kicked a girl in the cunt once, she deserved it for trying to knee me in the plums. This was many years ago mind but the look on Flabbot’s face brought it back to me for some reason.

    • ‘Fuck sake, Shaun! You could have warned us that Gobshite Salmond got the last 3rd of the video all to himself. Not bad coverage for a party which only polled 4.7% of the vote in the last election. Cunts.

  15. Need to cunt SNP cunt Joanna Cherry. She actually had the brass neck (and with no hint of irony) to say during the Brexit Bill debate that “this bill has been railroaded through this house with scant regard for democratic process”
    For fucks sake what was the process on 23 June 2016 ? The biggest democratic process the country has ever seen but apparently not democrTic enough for this cunt.
    Oh, I forgot, it only counts if they get the answer they want.
    Absolute cunt.

  16. I’d like to cunt certain drivers on the road, and for a change, not cyclists, (although they are ALL cunts).
    Now, obviously there is a huge fucking choice to pick from, the cunts who don’t indicate at roundabouts, the cunts who think putting their front fog lights on mean that they magically become ‘daytime running lights’….no, they’re still fog lights you cunts, and it ain’t fucking foggy, etc, etc.
    I’m sure you’ve all had this scenario; in a big long traffic jam, literally 3 miles fucking long, and you’re late for work. In front of you is someone who we’ll call a ‘Spacey’. Spacey thinks that it’s completely justified to leave a 70ft gap between him and the car in front, presumably ‘just in case’ that guy brakes suddenly whilst zooming along at 1mph. Now, I realise that being up someones arse in traffic, as in literally mounting your bumper can be fucking annoying, but deciding to play ‘traffic cop’ and leave your own ridiculously huge ‘safety zone’ is more annoying x 10.
    Sure, there is no danger of him rear-ending anyone, but if you’re stuck behind him, and there’s a turning left coming up that you need and he doesn’t, you’ve gotta wait for him to snail-crawl his way up. Also, if every fucker left a massive gap between each car in a traffic jam, the bastard jam would stretch about 30 miles. I normally find that these cunts are the same ones who will drive every so carefully in the above scenario, and then also do 43mph in a 60mph zone…….but then continue to do 43mph in a 30mpn zone.
    CUNTS !

    • This always happens when I am in a hurry. Some arsehead who can’t or won’t get out of second gear and poodles along like a cunt is always in front of me.
      Just as dangerous as mad speeding cunts.
      On a driving point what about the cunts who won’t let you out of a side road because the 5 extra yards they travel are so fucking important and they can’t be arsed to wait another 10 seconds to move on so you are left there fuming at the ignorant cunt.

    • Usually, the gap is left by fucking cunts who need the extra distance because they are looking at their phones. I have to suffer this cuntery every morning and evening.

    • Australia, as a nation, just don’t even fucking bother giving way to any other vehicle on the road. You can be trying to pull out of a side road and traffic will crawl past, desperately trying to avoid eye-contact. Needless to say, this warrants fist-contact with fucking jaws.

      I was once driving with a hopeless 19 year old Aussie collegue in the van. Some kind individual behind me saw me indicating and flashed to let me in on the freeway. Probably the only bloke in the country that would afford me such a courtesy. I flashed my hazards to say ‘thanks’. The ignorant wanker next to me said, “What are you doing that for?” “I’m saying ‘thank you’, you complete fucking arsehole!” Where’s your cunting manners?

      The standard of driving in this country is as bad as anywhere. In the time it’s taken to write this post, I’ve had to slam on my brakes three times.

  17. I would like to nominate the scum cunts the Mccanns again.They lost their supreme Court appeal so will either have to pay the Portuguese copper £400000 in compo or go to European Court. No mention of these fuckers on the Abbc being fucked and only remembered they existed cos they were moaning about the Abbc drama about the Shannon Matthews abduction which mentioned them. Saw this headline and thought who keeps lawyers on speed dial apart from criminals or cunts.

    • And who calls Sky news before the law when your 3 year old daughter goes missing? Guilty as sin.

    • Can they sue for libel ?
      Its just a point of view, surrounded by more points of views.
      If i was a swarthy portugezer, could i sue them ?
      Coz that’s where they laid the blame, with no evidence.
      Then it was Moroccans, then eastern Europeans and then south Americans.
      The cunts played tennis the next day, were seen laughing their tits off, and sniffer dogs smelled a corpse in their hired car.
      No matter what happened, these cunts left their kids alone to get pissed, and have never faced charges for that, coz they’ve seemingly been through enough.

      OK then, we can all do damage to a loved one, safe in the knowledge we won’t be prosecuted, as we are already suffering.
      No we cant.
      All my life, kids going missing and being found dead has hurt me, a stranger, yet these two are the smuggest cunts you will see outside of Parliament.

      Jail the Portuguese two.

  18. Anybody Watching the Commons live last night would have been so proud of our Cunt of the year farron, given he was amongst some really impressive cunts, seasoned veterans like cuntasaurus CLARKE, Anna soubry and co he could have easily disappeared into the crowd, but again he showed the cunting class that made him our champion..
    When his amendment was read out he jumped up like a FUCKIIN 5 year old on Xmas morning , so excited he could barely read it out ” blah blah 2 nd referendum, we voted to leave but not the destination blah lag” chirped our champion, unable to voice a decision division was called, at this point farron had the appearance of a man about to cum in his pants , after months of bimbling around this blithering cunt was going to stick it to Brexit!! When the result were read out it was the heaviest defeat of any amendment !! Losing by a majority of over 300!! After that humiliation most people would take stock!, but our Cunts a real champion and said ” we may be able to get this amendment in the lords” At that point he should have been made to put on the dunces hat and stand in the corner facing the wall….

    • He really is like a little puppy, amusing at first, then irritating then something you want to kick to fuck because of the yap yap yap that persists.

  19. Well the ABBC are still clinging to the notion that we won’t leave the EU.

    Today they reported last night’s vote as: “…and now the pressure is on the House of Lords.”

    Except their inference was “pressure” to block it. Well if the House of Paid-For Cunts even wobbles on seeing democracy served then it should be disbanded. No one elects these cunts and therefore them having any say – especially to overturn a democratic decision made by the people – is ludicrous.

    And yet they have already shown that they are prepared to go against a government vote in recent times (against Cameron), being unelected, are they prepared to go against the will of the people too?

    Well considering that most of them are former shits from the House of Cunts, and their obvious disdain for ordinary people, then the answer to that question is: probably.

    Expect senior remoaners across all sectors (TV, business and politics) – especially the the cunts at the ABBC – to be lobbying the House of Paid-For Cunts to overturn democracy.

    It’s too late you ABBC cunts! You’ve tried your best to derail democracy since Cameron called for the referendum, and have failed miserably at every turn – even with all of the false and negative propaganda – so just live with it you cunts!

    • ABBC should stick to what they’re good at… Producing crap telly, promoting ‘peaceful’ camelshaggers, and sheltering kiddyfuckers, guys ‘n’ gals….

    • Did you also notice that the Brexit Bill vote was the third item on the news. The cunts led with a “special investigation” concerning that sacred cow, the NHS.
      One of the biggest (if not the biggest) decisions taken by the country and Parliament and only the third item.
      You can bet your last euro that had the vote been the other way we would have had programme interruptions to take the breaking news.

  20. Why oh why don’t all these moaning cunts, bleating on about how fucking poor the country’s gonna be, cliff edge, no jobs NHS and social care in ruins, put their powers of prognostication to good use and forsee the fucking winning lotto and euro millions numbers. If your ability about future events is so fucking good you won’t need to give a fuck about brexit. You can just go buy the island next to Branflake and have money counting parties. Cunts. Fuck off.

  21. I saw some doddery old cunt waffling on and on the other day in the House of Lords, he spent a good 5 mins saying absolutely

    nothing, just utter rubbish, the camera panned away to row upon row of Empty seats, one old duffer was actually reading a newspaper , another appeared to be asleep in the corner , on and on droned the relic , the highlight was somebody coughed! , I suppose they will all turn up for the high profile article 50 and fuckin posture and do their thing, but any nonsense from these out of touch unelected people should be the beginning of the end for them, any blocking or amendments should be dealt with swiftly and with the maximum force that the government can come down on them with…..
    My patience listening to Cunts like farron, the snp , clegg and co has evaporated, let’s get on with leaving the EU…….,

  22. Your description of the doddering House Of Lords cunt reminds me of Michael Foot… When he used to drone on and on with regular ‘Errrrs’ and ‘Gahhhs’ amongst the dribbling…That said though, I reckon old Footie would have been all for Article 50….

    Farron, Clegg and co are a disgrace…. British stiff upper lip? Dignity in defeat?…Not with these cunts… Grown men and politicians close to blubbering because they didn’t get their way?! Nobody will vote for a spineless smear of slime like Farron, and Clegg is no more than a political whore… Come the next General Election, let us hope the steaming turd that is the Liberal Democrats is flushed away for good…

  23. Madogga in the news again for adopting two more kids from Malawi. What did those poor little fuckers donto end up with fish minge.
    The old slapped posted a picture of her and the kids with the accompanying message including a request for the media to “respect our request for privacy during this transitional time”
    Now either she is transing into a bloke or referring to the time between now and when she pops back for some more.
    No hint of irony in her post either. Publish a picture and ask for privacy. Absolute cunt and media whore. Nasty piece of work.

    • “respect our request for privacy” Unbelievable I hope Trump drone strikes this silly bitch I’m so tired of her virtue signalling and her pet child adoption program “to save the world”. Maddogga doesn’t understand ageing gracefully because she thinks shes 27 in a 67 yr old body… pathetic!

    • How she bought -I mean – adopted those little brown’uns anyway is beyond comprehension… A self confessed sexual deviant who collaborates with convicted rapists, likes shooting animals, indecently exposes herself at every opportunity, and makes death threats and incites riots?! Perfect parent material. eh?… I wouldn’t let her near my cats, never mind any kids…

      Respect privacy?… And the reeking old kippercunt is flaunting the little black kiddies all over Instacunt and Twatter?! Get out of here, you old slagbag… The crabby old zit is trying to look good and virtuous after her disgraceful antics at the ‘feminist march’ and her death threats to Big Don… I do hope Trump hasn’t forgotten her bombing remarks, and that he (and his ‘people’) haunt and hunt the old witch till the end of her days (which will be soon, I hope)…

      • Talking of ugly anti-Trump media whore celebricunt ‘feminists’…

        If someone tubs that Amy Schumer, would they be done for besitality?…

  24. I don’t even know who this cunt is but as soon as I saw his stupid face this morning, I had the sudden urge to drop a huge stinky load of shit in the toilet

  25. Maynard James Keenan is a dumb delusional cunt he recently criticised people for marginalizing moslems following Trumps wonderful terrorist ban. Now this is rich get this, For anyone who doesn’t know who this piece of dog shite is, He was a edgy tosser pisspoor singer from a crappy metal band called Tool.

    Who’s whole fucking muzak career mind you was about marginalizing and making fun of christians and their beliefs even making fun of his mums beliefs. How’s about that for hypocrisy eh cunters?!

    • I forgot to put as emergency cunting* well not a emergency really but I definitely like to see it published in the next few weeks as I haven’t done a proper cunting in quite a while thanks

      • Didn’t realise there was so many tool fans here…. This whole time I thought it was a Lily Allen tribute band

  26. Funny thing, sometimes you can simply look at someone and think cunt!! Top of this thread is a case in point, Kingsley manning looks what he is, a Cunt, Tim Farron, Hiliary Benn , Diane Abbott, Clive Lewis, corbyn ,Anna soubry, nick clegg, Ed miliband, juncker, tusk, Hollande etc etc look what they are… CUNTS..
    It raises the question does acting like a cunt turn you into looking like a Cunt( facially) or do they think I look like a cunt so I will act like one?? It’s a modern day chicken/ egg scenario…..what comes first??

    • Not forgetting Banana Gob Miller… She really does look like a smug, self satisfied cunt…

    • Whenever I see a protest by the illiberal lunatic contingent , anti this , that or t’other , it seems to be creatured by strident lesbo and misandristic wimmin and anaemic androgynous ‘males’ who seem to crave said wimmins’ approval , thus validating their petty existence.
      That alone seems adequate grounds for opposing these limp , insipid and stupidly spiteful specimens .
      There’s definitely a strain of ineffectual , approval seeking ubermensch who are both vocal and stupid . They need to be bridled because I for one am beginning to find them deeply unamusing.

    • Q: What do you get if you put Banana Miller, Lily Mong, Gary Linekunt, Abbott The Hutt, Wee Burney, Tim Farron and Owen Jones in the same room?…

      A: a fire (hopefully)….

  27. These previously smug, self satisfied pricks have had it all their own way for far too long. The wheels on the gravy train have seized, the Remain engine has stopped and the fuel has run dry. Toys are all over the floor in SJW-land after being thrown from the pram.

    Time to savour the moment as these SJW cunts are being shot in the arse one by one. Sit back with a glass of your favourite tipple and watch their unicorns trot away and the little snowflakes melt into obscurity. In the words of Clint Eastwood in The Rookie…”That son of a bitch out there is hurting, and I’m fucking liking it”.

  28. And don’t you fucking tell me that for one micro fucking bastard millicunting second that their reason for all this a waillin an a whinin is because they are sooooooooooo
    fucking concerned about the poorer part of the societys jobs and lives. They DO NOT give two flying fucks for the likes of them. In fact they are completely ashamed of that part of our nation and just seek to keep them cowed and silent. The only concern they have is for they own shitty spineless bend over backwards and slam my arse agenda so they can suck up to their equally obnoxious counterparts that are up front steering the EU Gravy choo choo. It’s funny now that Shultz is saying don’t blame me, same with Junkett and all the other stupid stupid jizz wallahs. History shows that if you continue to take the piss and flaunt it in front of the proletariat they will eventually turn round and nip you in the butt. Get nipping people. Payback time.

    • Has the gobshite tweeted a response yet ?
      Its best we leave him alone, it’s probably our fault.

      • Soft cunt has got drunk on his own self righteous rantings without looking in the mirror and reminding himself what a cunt he is squirraling his money away from the tax man. Don’t get me wrong, we’d all try and pay as little tax as we could get away with but to start pontificating to every cunt puts you on a pedestal that some people want to knock you off of. So it’s no surprise the cunts been had up. Piss poor pundit, piss poor actor and now a piss poor unthinking cunt.

    • Let’s hope the Mail don’t let this go and keep nagging away at him.
      What’s the betting his “people” even now are busily trying to agree a settlement with HMRC which ultimately will have a gagging clause attached. He is good at silencing the media.

  29. Did anyone see the “fisticuffs” in the South African Parliament ?

    I thought all their problems were sorted as soon as the black man gained power.

    It was actually quite embarrassing, not one of these cunts could throw a punch.

    Mandel achieved nothing yet is held up as saintly figure.
    Same with Obama
    Same with MLK

    They all have one thing in common.
    Yes that’s right, they were all gobshites.

    • I have seen it and previous ones too they happen alot more then people think . None of these things were happening when africa was colonized just saying….

  30. I don’t know about you but I’m getting cunted off big time with the BBC and Sky going on about a “crisis” in the NHS and blaming it all on old people. One cunt on Sky today actually said to some old dear “You are taking up a bed in hospital that some one else should be in. How do you feel about that?” What a shit bag!

    Obviously it has nothing to do with the 330,000 migrants entering the country each year. No, couldn’t be anything to do with that…….

    Also the housing “crisis”. That is all due to old folks living in their family homes instead of going to live in a cardboard box under the flyover. Nothing to do with migrants either.

    • … I noticed that myself … and in the couple of BBC ‘special’ reports I said to Mrs BMP, I bet you don’t see a waiting room … sure enough I didn’t see any camera panning around any of the A&E waiting rooms. If they showed the waiting room at our local A&E there would be hardly a ‘local’ face amongst them. It certainly seems to be the ‘old folks’ angle on why our NHS is overladen.

    • Couldn’t agree more… Old age pensioners, who have worked and paid into the system all their lives, are being blamed, sidelined and treated like shite… While the BBC and Sky seem to worship these migrant filth who expect everything for nothing… Near where I work I was on my dinner hour and I saw a ‘migrant’ from Iran actually skiving out of ‘work’ (the Jobcentre put her there) with a ‘headache’ and the cunt demanded -and got -a fucking ambulance… I was later told by the manager of the place she ‘worked’ in that the ambulance crew seemed to know her, and that they had a ‘fuck me, not you again?!’ look on their faces… Turns out this w@g plays dumb (‘Me no speaky Engleesh!), does the dying swan act, gets the ambulance,i t goes down on record, and she pulls a sicky and ducks out of everything she’s given, and sponges into infinity…

      Thing is, my dad waited seven hours for an ambulance when he was 70 years old and dying… And my mother, who had cancer, never got an ambulance at all… Fuck these fucking migrant cunts… Scum of the earth…

      • But Norm They are gonna pay our pensions tho lol. Even thou 80%of them refuse to work, desire to turn our civilized world into a hellish 3rd shithole with no go zones, attack our elderly and rape our women and children because of sexual emergencies and “ethnic customs”

        I mean whats not to like? The people who run EU are pure evil cunts I hope the EU goes belly up with Burqa Merkel , Blair & Juncker being slowly tortured, the fucking heartless cunts!

    • Yep, me too. I said pretty much the same thing to Mrs Johnson a day or so ago. It seems the news cunts are working to the same script.
      “Fuck it we have lost the Brexit battle, what can we do next. I know lots of stuff on the NHS but make sure it’s all negative and point the finger at the old cunts”
      Fucking scum reporters (word used very loosely) and their libtard cunt bosses pushing the lefty agenda.

      • John Humphreys was churning out the al Beeb mantra on radio cunt four, how the NHS crisis is because people are living longer, same goes for the housing crisis, old cunts living in houses, when there are not enough to around. They NEVER ever mention the fact that every three years, a million extra people need these services. It’s not just the Beeb who bury their head in the sand, or willingly pump out their liberal propaganda, but the cunts remit is to be impartial.

        • And of course it is blaming the NHS crisis on the old as they are also the same old people that voted brexit and fucked up our utopian future for our young. Complete utter cunts. On a conservative estimate around 2.5 million net migrants will have descended on the U.K. by 2027 and no amount of money will build enough houses or expand hospitals to cope but the ABBC and Sky will keep bleating the same old stories as if just repeating it over and over will some how elicit an unexplained magic solution. Fucking hell sometimes I want to scream but then I see Ickle Timmy Fallon all crestfallen over Brexit and think nah fuck the CUNTS !!!

  31. Totaly agree boys. This country will be unrecognisable in 20 years if we don’t get a grip. By then it’ll be too late. Our kids won’t have an NHS coz it’ll have been bled to death by all the unentitled cunts that abuse it day in day out. Not to mention the vast amounts of money wasted by idiots that are supposed to be running these fucking services.. They don’t give a fuck as long as their pensions are getting topped up year on year. Fucked I tell you.

    • Its already unrecognizable.
      I’ve been away fifteen years and come back definitely once a year, sometimes twice.
      I’ll admit that i get chauffeured around when I’m there, but the faces i see are different to the ones I left.
      I haven’t been to my hometown in over twenty years, but i hear from from the cunts i left behind, that its full if Syrian refugees.
      Fucking Syrian refugees in West Dunbartonshire.
      How many cuntries in between Syria and Dumbarton ?
      Fucking loads, that’s how many.
      And where i live now, is full of Moroccans.
      Everywhere you look its the same faces, and them faces are N.African or Middle Eastern.

      The created a boulevard from the frontier, to the town center.
      Something to make the town look better for tourists, and hide the plebs housing.
      All its done is create a place for Moroccan and Eastern European cunts to loiter all day, and lord it up.
      I’m scratching my head wondering why the Spanish chaval, English chav, or Scottish ned, is putting up with all this.

      • Got no balls anymore. We are being slowly emancipated by the MSM and PC into apologising for our past but worse than that our future. I’ve found myself at work apologising to my work colleagues for a remark which could be racist or when talking about something like mechanics for instance adding ” or she” because I’ve only mention guys doing a job. I work in an all white all male all Brexit voting company and yet the general tone of conversation has changed in the twenty years since I’ve worked there. I’d fight for what I believe in but how many others would join me I wouldn’t like to guess. Ask yourself this question ” if a terrorist attacked a pub in Central London would the armed police who see him running around with a gun shouting Allan’s Snackbar shoot on sight or give several warnings allowing him to disappear into the crowd “unfortunately I think the latter.

  32. Lloyds Bank and it’s advertising needs a cunting as far as I’m concerned. It’s actually a double cunting, including Roland and Curt from tears for fears. My first gripe is Lloyds using “mad world” as their latest theme whilst using an anti establishment track to promote their brand. Via some posh cunt with his piano and some twatty hipster art directors in London Town at a big agency obviously. Secondly Roland and Curt should have told them to fuck right off there and then, when they asked for the rights. “The missus needs a new car” or a “new kitchen” no doubt. It’s all shit…

  33. Has anyone seen or heard of vaGina Miller the last couple of days or has she finally packed her bags and sailed off on her banana boat.

    • Oddly enough she did Brexit a favour, the law lords confirmed that the devolved parliments have no veto on Brexit

      Thanks Gina

      • I bet the cunt didn’t think that would be one of the outcomes.
        I suspect that was the real reason for her action. If she won that point then the Jocks would have stopped Brexit for sure. Job done.
        Quite rightly the Supreme Court decided that the Uk Parliament would have the final word.
        If she has any sense she will keep her head down. Hopefully she will actually fuck off completely.

    • picture of morrissey and hilary clinton came up for me. Two egotistic self serving cunts…. bloody wonderful

      • “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”

        The salient words here are rights and equality. If any feminist can name a single right that men have that women don’t ( obviously in the civilised world, not rag head land ) I will gladly strip naked and run 10 laps of Piccadilly Circus with my arse painted blue.

  34. Tara Palmer- Tomkinson was an old junkie slapper….now she’s a dead old junkie slapper.

    Good riddance.

    • There was a time before her hooter collapsed that I would chanced my arm up there. Posh totty.

      • The silly tart snorted so much fucking blow her septum nasi collapsed due to her out of control cocaine addiction (This is rare but does happen to extreme addicts).

        Also she is related to royalty hence why shes a grade A cunt and was given such leeway being a socialite whore. Died under mysterious circumstances you don’t say? unpaid drug debt? rough & rowdy boyfriend perhaps,?…

  35. You’re totally right Mike. Crush the natives. Horrible world to contemplate. Fucking glad I won’t be here. I’ve warned my kids. They think I’m going senile.

    • Prize cunt Owen Smith has just done a Lily Mong in apologising on behalf of the British people. Well cunt, you don’t talk for me nor your own fucking constituents I suspect.

  36. That slimy cunt Owen Smith is only doing the political rounds for the same reason bulbhead Farron, is that they are very opinionated losers. I hope both smarmy cunts lose their seats, and promptly disappear up their arseholes.

  37. Spot on Mike, good post.
    Just to add, the NWO agenda included a review of the worlds abrahamic religions, they needed only one to enhance, encourage and promot to further their ends. It did not take long for the religion of peace to rise to the top. A ‘religion’ that by definition keeps 50% of its followers down trodden and third class citizens was perfect for an organisation that just wants us all white western europeans to be subdued and ultimate destroyed.

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