Benedict Cumberbatch

Benderdict Cuntberdinck is a ginormous cunt… When asked why he hasn’t put his huge amount of money where his big mouth is and took in some of his ‘beloved’ ‘refugees’, what he said was hilarious…. Cuntberdinck said he ‘couldn’t’ because his ‘house (ie: mansion) wasn’t ready yet and it had no electricity’…. The cunt is a millionaire and could buy a whole street of ‘normal’ houses if he so desired… He could also pay rent and suchlike for a good few ‘refugee’ cunts if he wished to… Truth is he obviously doesn’t, but he expects everyone else to welcome these freeloading filth with open arms… Same goes for the human oil slick, Lineker, and Lily the singing spaz… There’s one thing worse than a bleeding heart cunt, and that’s a plastic bleeding heart cunt….

Nominated by Norman.

Who were the others who promised to take in refugee families? I’m sure Geldof was one – we need to get some updates as to which of these bleeding heart cunts has actually delivered on their accommodation offer. I’m guessing not a single one.

Nominated by Fred West.

208 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. That’s exactly it, Fred…. These celebrity knobheads don’t – and never will – have to live near these migrants… Cuntberdinck and Lineker won’t have to put up with these human rats jumping the queue when they go and see their Harley Street celebrity specialist… Lily Mong will never live in fear like the women of Sweden and Germany do now… And Geldof?… Well, what can we say?… He’ll do anything for them (as long as it’s other peoples’ money), except live with them, of course…. Yet these cunts berate and wag their finger at honest, decent working people and families for being ‘beastly’ to these ‘refugees’ and not wanting a mass of thieves, terrorists, welfare scroungers, fanatics, and rapists in their communities…The message to these celebricunts is simple: You like ’em, you live with ’em… Except they wont, and that just shows what liars and hypocrites these cunts really are…

    • Emergency Cunting. Emergency Cunting Emergency Cunting.

      Tony Bliar.

      As if this utter cunt of a cunt has not done enough damage to this once almost green and pleasant land and it’s (mainly) hardworking citizens, to say nothing of the illegal wars the cunt sent our brave sons and daughters to fight overseas for a worthless patch of shithole desert that even the locals won’t stay in… Now the fucker surfaces again to persuade the population to ‘rebel” against Brexit and for remainers to persuade the leavers to change their vote.

      My god the arrogance of this deluded evil bastard really does have no end.


      • I can’t wait for a Remainer to attempt to persuade me, preferably on my own doorstep.
        Ultimate stress release coming up…

      • Basically, we say to you all, regardless of whether you are pro or con Brexit, Do you really want to be associated with this lying, devious, underhanded, deceitful, dishonest, unethical, dishonourable unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, treacherous, duplicitous creature? ( verbatim from – and there’s more)

  2. You’d think Geldof would have plenty of room,what with most of his family dying of drug overdoses.

    None of the cunts will actually take in any of those parasites . The “stars” have done their bit by showing us ignorant plebs just how much more evolved and caring they are,now it’s up to the taxpayer to fund their bleeding heart ideas.

    We should hang our heads in shame that were not further up the evolutionary scale,like our betters….Cumerbatch, Lineker et al.

    Stop whinging Cunters, bask in their Magnificence,and just feel grateful that we live in the Times of The Superior Beings…. Now get your cash out and “Give us da fookin’ money.”

    • Indeed, while they avoid tax through dodgy schemes and plead ignorance when they are caught out.

  3. I don’t believe that star spangled wankers like him are talking to you and me. This bollocks is for their fellow tossers to gobble up and regurgitate to any reptile journalist that will listen. They do very little that isn’t designed to get attention ,they drink it up,TV interviews ,magazines anywhere so we don’t forget them.
    Sadly we are gifted with some of the worst press that ever failed to run down their mother’s leg.

  4. Like his alter ego , Benzedrine’s ‘mind palace’ is fit only for abstract refugees who won’t soil his satin sheets. It’s surely enough that he is here to educate us immoral brutes.

  5. Geldof is a righteous cunt and the only band aid I want to hear about is the permanent one stuck across this annoying cunts mouth!!

  6. Geldof is a self righteous cunt and the only band aid I want to hear about is the permanent one stuck across this annoying cunts mouth….. ah that’s better..

  7. Look at the cunts eyes.
    Very similar to Tony Blair.
    Very similar to LIZARDS !!!!!

    Does Bendadick Cuntersplat have the most variations of a cunts name on ISAC ?

    • Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch.

      There was no way he was going to end up playing a mechanic in Coronation Street with a name like that.

      • I wouldn’t mind playing Kevin the mechanic in Corrie…every night would be bath night for Rosie and Sophie.

        • I actually fucked up there.
          Kevin out of Corn Doagie (Scottish for Corrie) gave himself a French sounding stage name.

          I haven’t seen Corn Doagie in years, so I’m not up to date with the tarts in it, innit

    • The cunt went to Harrow,probably where he developed his superiority complex and a taste for buggery.

      • Been thinking up some alt names for our fav sleb cunt.
        Benterdick Cunterfuck
        Phlemerick Mingingcunt
        Mentalcunt Slumberbach
        Slimeytrik luvviecunt

        I could go on but you’ll get bored…

        So I’ve settled on my personal fav to end…


  8. The only cunt to play Sherlock Holmes who has a more cuntish name than Sherlock Holmes…..

  9. McDonalds customers are cunts….
    They are probably responsible for 70% of the litter that seems to be everywhere these days. Some scum cunt has just finished his ‘happy’ meal, so the window of the chav chariot goes down, and the multitude of crap that his shit food has been wrapped in goes flying out the window. Never mind that there may be a litter bin ten feet from the car. This is why you never see a signpost for the place, all you need is to follow the brown bags, red fries boxes and fucking coffee cups, and you are there. Dishonourable mentions also go out to KFC and Burger King customers too, for keeping it real….filthy. Pick up your shit you fucking scummy cunts!
    I’ll tell you what. I’m not loving it…..

    • Fuckin right .
      Every evening, along the beach front, there’s cars with piles of shite lying outside their car windows, feet away from the bins.
      The local council done it up a few years ago, and its nice, with a cycle path, trees, benches, lay bys, and loads of litter bins.
      And these chav cunts arrive by car, empty shite out of car, and then leave by car.
      Not once getting out to see how nice it was and putting shite in the bins.
      It should be easy enough for the polis stop and fine the scumbags.

      I was waiting outside the hash house the other week, and i had finished a can. There was no bins, so i held onto it.
      A guy i know stopped to talk to me, and told me to just throw the can in the gutter. I said, its alright, I’ll put it in the bin later.
      The cunt grabbed it out my hands, and threw it on the floor.
      Right outside his house.
      That’s just fuckin shameless.

  10. Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for Labour. Then I remember that ALL their problems are entirely self inflicted, and I stop almost feeling sorry for them.

    Today, I’m nominating Navid Hussain, an ‘activist’ for Labour. I’m sure we all know, but I’ll point out anyway that activist is actually political speak for ‘immoral, vulgar, crass, honourless cunt, who isn’t good for anything else’. Navid has been caught sending a text message to Stokes Muslim population, in which he implied that if they didn’t vote for Snell, they would experience bad things. He also said that a vote for the two Muslim candidates, one of whom was a Lib Dem, would be a vote for ‘Anti-Islam UKIP.

    The text reads:

    Aslamalaykam My Brothers and Sisters.
    In this country, we must vote due to necessity/Majboori.
    This does not mean we can vote for any Tom, Dick or Harry.
    This means that in order to stop the far right, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Islamic UKIP Party, we must vote for the strongest candidate. If Dr Ali takes 500 votes and Yaqub Mirza takes 100 and UKIP defeat the Labour Party candidate Gareth Snell by 550 votes, then you will have succeeded in electing an Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim MP. Okay, you will have made Dr Ali and Mohammed Yaqub Akram (Mirza) happy losers and you will have given a slap to our local Councillors.
    But you will be able to answer for this in the grave and on the final day???
    “I helped the enemies of Islam because….”
    May ALLAH TALLAH grant us all hidayat,

    There was also a Facebook post which read:

    Stoke-on-Trent Central MP election on 23rd February 2017.
    In my opinion, you must vote for Gareth Senll (poster’s spelling) the Labour Party Candidate.
    Any vote for Dr Ali (Lib Dems) is the same as voting for UKIP.
    There are only two candidates who stand a realistic chance of winning, the Labour Party candidate, or the UKIP Party candidate.
    Is is (again, poster’s spelling) essential that you vote Labour.
    Every vote matters.
    This election could be won or lost by a few votes.
    Every racist is voting for UKIP.
    UKIP are a racist, divisive, far right party who hate Muslims and all immigrants, their leader who also their candidate Paul Nuttall hates the NHS ans (poster) wants to privatise the NHS.
    Don’t be complacent, hundreds of UKIP supporters have been brought to Stoke-On-Trent to campaign for UKIP, they are spending massive amounts of money on the campaigh (poster) (which will be investigated afterwards)
    Vote Labour
    Vote Gareth Snell.

    Naturally, Labour are denying all knowledge of the messages. The irony of this, is that it’s the anti-Democratic Limp Dumbs who have complained to the police about this blatant attempt to influence voters. And for once, I’m on their side. Trust it to be a Labour supporting camel fucker who disrespects the British people and our democratic system.

    Calling people racist because they vote UKIP is fucking pathetic. I’m not a UKIP supporter, but I’m pretty sure that they’re neither Anti-Muslim nor Anti-Islam. They wouldn’t have Muslim members if they were. And since when did Islam, or Muslim count as a race? Never. If Labour had a decent leader, Hussain would be out on his arse without so much as a goodbye. Under Corbyn though, they don’t even have a leader.

    I’ve said on many occasions that I don’t like Muslims. And here are more reasons. They are fucking corrupt, they couldn’t tell you the truth if you put a gun to their heads, they have nothing but contempt for OUR democratic system, and they certainly have nothing but contempt for the British people. They’re just…fucking dishonest, lying scum.

    • How dumb are they that they think they won’t get to meet the big A if they don’t vote labour, just because some cornershopian says so?

      • This says it all, Labour are the party of islam in the UK.

        It is nothing new of course, remember Mohammad Lutfur Rahman? The former labour councillor was voted mayor in Tower Hamlets but was later stripped of his position as it came to light he was “personally guilty” of “corrupt or illegal practices, or both” i.e. electoral fraud.

        I have always said this about the left, they are fanatics, almost like religious fanatics. They are so convinced they are right, that their way is the only way, that they will stop at nothing to get power. Just like ISIS.

    • Another classic example of people who don’t understand English. If you’re anti Islam you’re not a racist because Islam is a religion not a race.

      Also being patriotic or xenophobic or putting your country first isn’t racist either. These cunts should learn proper English. The racism is coming from them. They hate Caucasians – and that is a fucking race!!!….

  11. Another festering pile in today’s ” not so ‘independent……..
    Apparently ” the UK will be a weaker place outside of the beautiful EU” who said that??
    None other than uber cunt head honcho of EU Claude juncker, and if you don’t believe this drunken old federalist cunt give “back of the queue” Barack a call as juncker quoted him, so it must be true then?, Obama was a fuckin puppet of the bankers Goldman sachs, Morgan Stanley and co, who unsuccessful tried to get the UK to vote remain by any threats deemed necessary!!, when that failed over came Obama to threaten us ,the whole things a fix gone wrong for the elite, there’s a new blowing and they don’t like it one bit, look at all the anti trump hysteria!! He can’t fart without the BBC SKY or CNN jumping down his throat!!, things are going to get even dirtier…….

      • He fuckin does, the cunt. His cunt of a dad actually. If he’s brown bread I’m gonna shit on his grave. Horrible money grabbing fuck wad with a cunt of a son.

    • I can feel a Play Station game coming up. ‘Hit the Cunt’. Choose your preferred weapon, piece of wood with a nail in it, extra sharp wood saw or Dieanne Flabbys rancid jamrag and smash your chosen cunt of cunts to a quivvering pulp. Best time wins.

  12. I see shitty shatty shatrabarti or whatever her fucking cunty name is, is on Question Time tonight.

  13. New Sinn Fein leader Michelle O,Neill is a cunt in a long line of fucking cunts.
    The soppy cunt turns up to speak at memorial of 4 Provo cunts who were shot by the SAS after attacking a police station in County Tyrone, the fact that these 4 cunts and half her own cunting family were up to their fucking fenian eyeballs in terrorism and murder seems to not worry this cunt oh and all this happened 25 years ago for fuck sakes so much for moving on you shit cunt slag

    • Just saw the bitch extolling the virtue of the heroic four – reminded me of the 8 Loughgall ‘martyrs’ , so cruelly dispatched by the SAS in 1987 . when all they were doing was larking about with a JCB digger truck full of semtex at a police station – they were only trying to give the RUC men a bit of a fright. BOO HOO.

      • Thankfully, the rank of martyr is a title bestowed posthumously. Good enough for the cunts.

        • Pity is that it’s valuable currency for the IRA apologists who are now a ‘legitimate’ part of our democratic process , and an incentive for those evil Cunts who still yearn for past ‘glories’.

  14. I keep saying I won’t watch Q Time again, ever. I always end up watching it though. Cunts

    • It’s Erasure.
      Andy Bell on the left and Vince Clarke on the right.

      That’s what they look like now, its bang on.

    • Both look like they’re extras from a Hammer House of Horror movie. Just imagine meeting those two up a dark alley one night.

      • Bring back the death penalty for cunts like this. They have no doubt lived their entire miserable existence living on state hand outs and will now live out the rest of their existence costing the tax payer even more money. Take em down the local halal slaughter house, slit throat, hang em up to bleed out and then dump em in a pit full of lime.

  15. Watching the news and Donny boy put down BBC reporter Jon Sopel and BBC by comparing them to CNN. BBC fucking cunts and Sopel is a smug looking turd. My blood pressure is going up and Question Time hasn’t even started.

    • Consider yourselves lucky cunts – I have to get through half an hour of our home grown political tomfuckery -fun and frolics at Stormont – before sampling the delights of sniffy Limpleby and little miss clitshine Chuckyerbatty.
      A trip to Redifusion beckons.

    • Jo Cox, Hillsborough all the same. They fucking love blaming someone or something and wallowing in their own self pity. Grow the fuck up.

        • Saint Jo Of The Blessed Cox… Patron saint of snowflakes… The only reason that the libtard hordes worship Cox is because she cared more about the deodorant despising rapeugee filth from Bogo-Bogo Land, Syraqistan (all the same), and the Calais shitheap than she did about her actual constituents and British people… She didn’t give a fuck about her own kind…

          If someone off the snowflakes ‘we don’t don’t like you’ list had died instead of Cox… Say, if it had been Farage, the cunts would give it the ‘Well, he did provoke people… He was racist… He knew the risks’ bullshit… The thing with these snowflake scum is their hearts bleed only when it is something that is ‘suitable’ or matters to them… They are vermin…

  16. So cunts in the SNP want independence from us whilst being in favour of being Junckers bitch.

  17. If we gave the SNP everything they want in the negotiations they would still want another independence referendum.

    Shit Mundell is fighting back haha.Dimbleby shouts too much.

  18. I would like to cunt this fuckin HIVE shite they are plugging relentlessly ATM. You know that stupid fuckin thing where you can turn yer heating or lighting on through yer mobile. What the fuck for ? Classic case of technology for technology’s sake, just ‘Cos somethings possible doesn’t mean it’s necessary . Oh and it costs £9 a month.

  19. That’s it for me, if I watch another minute of cuntwatch, I am going to have a fucking stroke. Why is it when most of the young people open their gobs, a load of shit comes out? Mind you, there are no young people on the panel, and they are all talking shit.

  20. Some Scottish people are as thick as some of the porridge gloop I have eaten and as disgusting.

    • D’ye want to know how fucked up a lot of Scottish folk are ?

      I’ve seen cunts, family included, that get wound up if ye put sugar on yer porridge.
      They call ye an English poof.
      They take pride in putting salt on cereal.

      Also, beans on a fry up, pisses them off.
      Again,”yer an English poof”.

      Also not pronouncing the “ch” in “loch” as if yer coughing up phlem.
      Again, yer an English poof.

      I have a mainly Scottish accent, but as i was brought up by English, i spoke differently to people from my town.
      I pronounce loch the same as lock, and honestly, it really boils their pish.
      So, i was always the English poof.

      There’s no reasoning with cunts who think like that.

  21. Shiity Chakribati is your typical middle class, shite talking, head in the clouds fuckwit. Goes to pilates once a week, sits on a couple of no mark commitees, goes to dinner with friends and all agree to put the world to rights, So far removed from the real world of everyday people but on the other hand condescend to bestow their virtuosity on us mere sewer rats.

  22. Chuckyerbatty had the sheer hypocritical gall to accuse Theresa May of undignified behaviour in her meetings with The Donald , ie holding hands (more likely he made a grab for the prime ministerial pussy and missed) . Yes, the same Ms , now Baroness C….who time-served as whitewasher- in – chief on the Corbyn convened inquiry into alleged institutional anti – Semitism within the Labour Party. For this truly unprincipled behaviour she gets elevated to the Lords !
    Cunters will recognise the career trajectory – rich , trendy barrister , Londoncentric Amnesty champion of oppressed oppressors , overnight Labour dahling and aparatchik and now Baroness.
    Most significantly undignified , hypocritical , what’s the word , oh yes CUNT.

      • Oh God aye . Nothing whatsoever to do with colour , gender or creed . As you say – supercilious , and just prissy and a bit up herself.
        I laughed when she got all huffy and ultra defensive when Limpleby referred to her as Barrrroness – thinking he was taking the proverbial. Her automatic defensive attitude , a sniffy , ”I’m glad I’m allowed at the table ” , spoke volumes!

  23. That photo of him really says it all doesn’t it? just had a cognac nightcap followed a brandy alexander, and a beer to forgot about cunts like benedict who is in fact a cunt had Arthur Conan Doyle known of his existence would of no doubt kicked his cunt in

  24. I can only imagine that Blair is jealous of Farrons Cunt of the Year 2016 award. Why else would he announce that it his “mission” to change peoples minds about “brexit” and get them to “rise up”. Once again, we voted in the referendum”without knowing the true terms of brexit”. Apparently this creature wants to “build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge”. The cunt is in the Shitty of London today so with any luck the wanker will take a bullet between the eyes.

    • Exactly, GB – let’s have some really good cuntings of Smirking ‘War Criminal’ Blair and his mission to overturn Brexit, and Shaun or I will put the most creative and/or vicious ones on the front page later today.

      • Absolutely Fred.As soon as I heard the news I was thinking the exact same thing.Make them as vicious and mean spirited as possible cunters!

        • Also if anyone. Knows how to photoshop can they do one of Cherie fucking Tony up the arse with a strapon so me and Fred can use it in the post later?

          • My photoshop skills are legendary – but tempting though it is, that might be just a tad over the top?

            I remember doing something similar when the Scottish Referendum was on. Sturgeon and Salmon with one of them say “That was great! Now let’s go fuck the country…!”

            Happy days…

    • Ha ha yea that’s what i thought when I saw blair on the news earlier!
      He’s obviously jealous that farron beat him to such a prestigious award.
      We can’t rerun the cunt of 2016 referendum but I think that is one referendum that he could change people’s minds on.
      Fuckin cunt’s running in first place for 2017 though I have a feeling this is gonna b a bumper year for cuntishness!

      • Who says we can’t re-run cunt of the year 2016 referendum. I didn’t know what we were voting for in voting for when I voted for Timmy (Although I did suggest that the odious B-liar thing was given
        a Lifetime Cuntcheivment Award) I demand a Re-cunt!

          • I’m suffering from cunters remorse. I voted for Minor Fart (anag) But I didn’t understand how bereft I would feel knowing that the reptilian delusional arsewipe that is T B-liar would go unrewarded for his unceasing cuntishness.
            I demand a re-cunt! Justice must be done.

    It’s just been announced on BBC 1 that 90,s pop sensation chesney ” I am the one and only” hawkes has released dates and venues for his highly anticipated UK tour…..
    Romford municipal toilets 26-2
    Havant pay and display Car park
    Guildford phone box on townfield road. .. 3-3
    Apparently tickets are strictly ltd?? I presume they have only printed half a dozen or so, don’t miss this opportunity to see one of Britains biggest one hit wonders…
    His press office has predicted literally nundreds of fans are expected…..

    • That little cunt Cheesy Hawkes only got a record deal in the first place because his dad was in some Third Division 60s band, and he was ‘great mates’ (Smashie style) with schlongs like Cunt, Aitken and Waterman and other ‘muso’ twats on the late 80s ‘scene’…

      More puke inducing Chesney Cheese here:

  26. Oh fuck !! Cunt of the ages Blair is making a speech today!, this sites gonna go ballistic!! Can’t wait 😊

  27. O , the grand old puke of Dork ,
    He had thousands of men,
    He marched them off to nab Soddem,
    And he marched some home again.
    And when there were fuck all MOWDs,
    Ol Tony didn’t care.
    He fixed us all in his reptile eyes,
    ”It’s a cross I’ll have to bear”.

    So he stirred the hornets’ nest,
    And he met with some rebuke,
    But the cash came in Kerching , Kerching
    Though he didn’t find no nuke.
    Now he’s back up on his steed,
    Doing what’s best for all,
    Putting the brakes on lemmings’ feet,
    ‘fore Brexit fucks us all

  28. Emergency cunting needed for the War lord and former prime sinister Tony B.lair , who gas announced that 16million ppl need to rise up and over throw the brexit decision . Because he lost and doesn’t like it that he did .

  29. Blair is a Cunt for the connoisseurs, no flash in the pan like the Gina millers of this world, a proper seasoned veteran with a proven track record, he definitely has the X factor that all legendary cunts possess, a complete and utter lack of self awareness!!
    Forget the 100 year war , we are in the times of the 100 year cunt!!

    • Funny how Blair is calling for a rise up against Brexit when he ignored the rise up against the Iraq war!

      • Isn’t Blair’s ‘rise up’ statement incitement to riot and also high treason?… The cunt should be brought down with a bang.. Never mind that Chilcott bollocks… May and her government should do everything in their power to finally nail, discredit and destroy this disgusting murdering self serving cunt…

        • The heavily edited chilcott report is a fucking joke he should of been held accountable years ago so no it shouldn’t be forgotten about. His proposal to “start attacking brexiters locking them up to save democracy” is sick shite

          May and Blair are birds of a feather . What would May do? She isn’t gonna do a damn thing! Its a nice thought tho I’ll give you that

          • Allow me to summarise and clarify Chilcot. ‘Blair is a lying cunt who KNOWINGLY and I stress KNOWINGLY misled and lies to Parliament about the strength and provenance of the intelligence of Iraq’s alleged possession of WMD. Despite Blair telling the house that it was ‘beyond doubt’ that Saddam possessed them, there was fuck all in the intelligence, mistaken or otherwise to merit this claim. A right fucking porker it was. The Cunt should now have sedition added to his rap sheet.

  30. Once again I’m totally amazed by Tony Blair. Amazed by the cunts arrogance as he spouts his diatribe dismissing the will of the majority, in his William Shatner, Captain James T Kirk, stop speaking half way through a sentence impersonation.

    Encouraging people to rise up and attempt to overturn a democratically derived decision, even through non violent means, is surely traitorous.

    These cunts don’t even manage to get my dander up anymore, they’re just a bore.
    The ballot box was padlocked long ago. Live with it.

    The level of cuntitude oozing from cunts like Blair is at a level previously unknown to humankind.

    “It’s a cunt Jim, but not as we know it”……

    • Tony tony with your cheesy smile,
      You have been PM for a very long while,
      Licking ‘Bush’ in more ways than one,
      You remind me of the Devils Son.

      So when you go what will you do?
      Go to the U.S. and start a chat show?
      Tell the yanks how great you are?
      And how in politics you raised the bar.

      Your policies are shit, your wife’s a dog
      You have left the UK in an immigrant fog
      with nowhere to turn I will say this
      My life is no longer bliss.

      This country sucks and it’s all your bag.
      Well you, your cabinet, and your deputy fag.
      I hate it here I have to move.
      I have to find some English groove.

      So I am off to land to start again
      Away from you and number Ten.
      Goodbye Tony and thanks a lot.
      For all you have done, you stupid clot.

      Goodbye England I will miss you loads.
      But I cannot stand these foreign toads.
      Taking all thats mine and all I had.
      Like all of you I am very sad.

  31. I recommend Tom Bower’s biography of Blair in government to show just what a deluded, incompetent, greedy pair of cunts the Blairs are.
    And as Bower hasn’t been sued then the revelations are certainly true. Much of our current problems stem directly from this vain cunt’s incompetence.

    • Strangely, I have a copy of “Tony Blair: A journey”. Not sure why as I’ve never gotten round to reading it in case the Kindle can’t take the strain…

  32. I wonder how generation remainer snowflake feel about getting into bed with a war criminal sex offender? No, sorry, what was I thinking? Of course they will be OK with it, they have already embraced the religion of peace so why not that cunt?

  33. I’d like to nominate Tony Blair for a cunting.

    His utter contempt of the British people as being “too thick to decide” with regards to Brexit (and that cuts both ways against those wishing to leave as well as those wanting to remain) just exudes everything that is wrong with him and his faux left-wing cronies, i.e., “Ours is the party of the people! Now let us dictate exactly how you live because you cannot be trusted to make any decision for yourselves. Power to the people! We just don’t expect you to use it, we’ll do that for you.”

    The conceited superiority of this cunt really needs slapping down! And would he have been so vocal had the result gone the other way? His way, the gravy train for him and his cronies way?

    It’s no secret that Tony B.Liar had designs on the top seat in the EU with all of his toadies in tow like Mandy Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, which halted as the WMD scandal hit.

    But now the cunt is back and is shilling for another seat in the EU and his vehicle is to rabble-rouse the remoaners into kicking off (not that they need much of an invitation), even after parliament has now decided and passed through that Article 50 should be invoked (House of Lords aside – another nest of unelected cunts).

    The cunt has obviously been promised something from Juncker, Tusk or Verhofstadt to attempt to derail democracy because once invoked in the UK they’re bricking it that their house of cards will collapse all over them! And let’s face it, that would be no bad thing, unless you’reof the ilk of Tony Blair and his cronies!

    Tony Blair, you are a cunt. An educated lawyer type of cunt (to worm you way out of shit with your smarmy legalese) but when it came to Brexit yours was one vote. When it came to Brexit, mine was one vote.

    Your vote does not count more than mine just because you are a cunt of undefined proportions!

      • Monster…

        That demon eyes poster pops into my head whenever his name is mentioned. Chillingly accurate and about the last ever thing the Tory cunts got right.

        • Remember the baddie Dracula blokey in the original Salem’s Lot? “Mr Barlow” he was called by the James Mason character.

          Tell you now, photo-shop a baldie on Blair and he’s the fucking spitting image! Teeth and all!

      • Encouraging people to ‘rise up’ against a democratic mandate is surely sedition.

  34. Have ye seen Ceuta on the news ?
    About five hundred men clashed with border control and made it into the centre of Ceuta.
    Coz of legalities, once these cunts crossed, they have to be processed, rather than just throwing the cunts back over the fence.
    This was a fuckin attack. Worse, an attack on an international border.
    Ye should see the savages. They’re whooping it up and dancing in the street, when they should be cuffed and bashed.
    Not one of them was under weight, they were all fighting fit , as per usual.
    Its amazing that these cunts get away with violence against European border control, and a bit ironic that they are all supposedly running from violence.
    Some of the cunts sustained injuries, whilst attacking the Guardia, but Al Jazeera cut away there, coz we don’t want to hear about them violently attacking anybody.

    • My whole point was, if Tony Blair thinks we don’t understand brexit, scenes like these show we know what we voted for.

      Stoned again, and the minds a bit foggy.

      • I nearly got myself stabbed up in Ceuta, by a pimp down near the harbour.


        How come we have not seen any of this on English TV? Neither anything about the same w@g cunts kicking off in Paris? Absolute news blackout.

        Fake news isn’t just news which uses false facts, edits statements until they mean the opposite of what was actually said or panel discussion shows which turn out to be anti-Brexit, anti-Trump echo chambers. Fake news is just as much about what isn’t reported at all, as if MSM does not report it, it never actually happened.

          • Don’t be giving them any ideas. If a horde of kermits managed to storm the border into Gib, would they then have a right to come to mainland UK?

        • Never been to Ceuta, and I’m never going.
          I can see street lights, houses and cars, on a clear day or night.
          That’s close enough for me.


          I cant believe the Paris protests haven’t been mentioned on here, this past week.
          Maybe coz its off the wall, bat shite crazy ?
          What I’ve heard is, a black man, not a Frenchman, a black man, was arrested by the polis, and was raped with a truncheon.
          After an investigation, the French polis sayed it was an accidental rape with a truncheon.
          That’s hilarious, and it cheered me up.
          I hate the polis, and i know they shouldn’t be accidentally raping black men with truncheons, but ye’ve got to laugh at the findings of the investigation.
          I am.

          Quality polis.

          • frogs are in the process of simplifying/legitimising shooting the rioters, even if they’re running or driving away – obvoiusly shit scared of “President” Le pen

      • Dakka dakka dakka.

        They’d just end up dancing to that.
        It would be like fish in a barrel.

        Why were more black soldiers killed in Vietnam, than white soldiers ?

        Every time someone shouted “GET DOWN”
        They all started to boogie.

        • Laughing at that one was a bit like rooting the sister-in-law – you know you shouldn’t, but you did anyway! 😁

          Fuck it, I’m 3 down on a 4cer of Shepherd Neame 1698 beer, fucking glorious stuff (especially alongside some Anglesey Sea Salt pork scratchings, or “peaceful vampire” garlic as I call it).

  35. This from that slimy smear of shit, Gary Lineker:

    ‘Whatever you feel about Tony Blair, and yes Iraq will forever stain his reputation, he’s a marvellous orator and speaks much sense on Brexit…’

    Well, if the jug eared crisp eating goalhanging cunt is going to play that game, I could say ‘Whatever you feel about Pol Pot, and yes the Cambodian genocide will forever stain his reputation, he agreed with one thing I approve of….’

    Lineker is a prize cunt, and for all his liberal bullshit, he has the morals of a turd… I suppose if The Yorkshire Ripper said he hated Brexit, Lineker would like him too… What a fucking premium cunt…

    • What next from Lineker? ‘Whatever you feel about Ian Brady, and yes raping, torturing and murdering kids with his bitch Hindley, and then burying them like dogs in unmarked graves will forever stain his reputation… But he also doesn’t like Brexit, so I say wipe the slate clean and let him off…’

    • Well when the invasion that Lineker is welcoming in won’t actually affect him will it! Cunt!

        • Adolf Hitler was a “marvellous orator” as well

          “And whatever you feel about The Holocaust and Blitzkrieg staining his reputation, he spoke much sense on getting buses and trains running on time…”
          etc etc

          • I’ll tell you of two great orators IMO who I saw live. The easy one was Sir Patrick Moore who gave a lecture in Stoke in the early naughties, well into his dotage, but for a relatively dry subject I was hanging on his every word and what went on for an hour and a half was like 10mins.

            The second was a few moons earlier when Brian Sewell did the rounds at the local uni’ (Keele) and Poly (North Staffs). When he came on I thought: “Oh fuck that plummy cunt who they drag out on TV from time to time! Right time to get beers in then”

            But actually he made a lot of sense, quite witty, and endeared himself to the folk in the lecture hall.

            O’course that evaporated when he continued to be a cunt of TV but live – as we say in Stoke: ” ‘e wah o-rate!”

  36. Sadiq Khan is a cunt. His latest stroke of genius is to raise London’s congestion charge by a tenner for vehicles over ten years old. In other words, penalising drivers too poor to buy a newer car or punishing them for not buying new products.
    The party of the working man…

      • So any poor self employed sod who works in London and runs an older van because it’s all he can afford will be financially fucked. More small businesses shafted, more little people getting a kicking, more usable cars vans and bikes getting scrapped or sold off at a loss and more shiny new products being sold on the never never to desperate cunts that can’t really afford them.
        And all for the sake of “The Environment” of course.
        How long before the Congestion Charge goes Nationwide?
        Because it will…

    • I had the misfortune to hear the envoy of the religion of peace aka Sadiq Cunt Mayor of Londonistan on the radio news this evening. The beebistan broadcasting caliphate were more than happy to let the ‘peaceful’ cunt spout his drivel.
      I think it it may have been an erstwhile cunter on this site who pointed out a while ago that his only real true mayoral role is to keep the tubes and buses running on time…..

      Yet… He waffles on about air pollution, numbers of cases of illness all across the country, the big threat polluting vehicles pose, time to tax the worst offenders…

      A tip for you Sadiq old chap. No one outside of the Islington bubble gives a flying fuck about you or what you may think about air pollution and certainly around these parts older dirty diesel vehicles are the life blood of the more rural communities. So get back inside your London safe area and shut the fuck up preaching to the rest of the country. We are not interested, you cunt.

  37. That treasonous sack of shite, Blair, should be done away with, November 5th should be made a bank holiday and the bonfire festivities should be officially renamed ‘Blair Night’, and effigies of the cunt should burned forever more…

    • When you think about it Norm, Guy Fawkes was a traitor but he only had one offence (well 3 actually). Tony blair on the other hand has thousands of equal or greater measure million times the traitor. We should definitely change it from guy fawkes night to tony blair night I vote in favor of that

    • You could could call it the Which Blair project, as in which Blair you would chuck on the bonfire first…..

  38. There is reason why they called the cunt Teflon Tony . No matter what the shit stain does , and how blatant the rat faced little scrot is he just walks off smiling that demented smile free as a bird and some how financially far better off then he was before . Fuck him and that bog monster he calls a wife pair of putrid cunts.

  39. Has mike Russell of snp had a proper cunting? If not he really should have, from lying back in October 2016 that he had positive conversations with Spain regarding Scotland joining the EU, to his failure to understand that 49 is a larger number that 11.9, the 49 billion pounds of trade that Scotland do with the uk is apparently not as good as the 11.9 Scotland does with their beloved EU??, Scottish trade with the EU has been flat lining since 2002 whilst trade with the UK has been booming!!! , but according to this wonky eyed remainiac the single market is the really important one for Scotland?? Go figure?, all became clear this morning on parliament TV, want he wants to see is Scotland in the EU but have tariff free engagement with the UK!!, to coin the over used and annoying EU expression sounds like he is “cherry picking ” Cunt!!

    • The Beeb are pumping it out at full throttle. I think they’re quite happy to see their hero plotting his resurrection. Even the tone is like ‘back in the game’. Another sad day for democracy.

      • Everyone knows the Beeb have a left wing london centric bias that is present to their very core.

        • It was funny, hearing John Sopel reply to Trump at yesterday’s press conference, after Trump, on hearing he was BBC, said here’s another beauty, to which Sopel replied “impartial, free and fair”. The cunt sounded like he believed it himself! Neither impartial or fair, and £140 quid a year is hardly free…..

          • Sopel is like a schoolboy snivelling version of a cunt…
            POTUS Trump wiped him away like the turd he is.

        • Not left wing, “liberal”.

          Liberalism is the new evil in the world especially as it’s current bastardisation is basically fascism!

  40. Nothing to do with with Blair, Brexit etc…. but just heard Stevie Nicks on the radio singing “Landslide”…..Fuck me,she was good.

    • Good at snorting coke you mean haha she had a decent voice I guess. Have you got a soft spot for fleetwood mac? Personally I preferred the peter green danny kirwan bluesrock lineup of the band more. Then Play On and Kiln House were pretty good albums

      • I do like a bit of Fleetwood Mac, but I think what got me today was that I was coming back from the funeral do for a lad who got blindside punched by some pathetic little plastic gangster, and this song came on as I was driving home.

        Makes you stop and think, I guess.

        • The blindsided punch brought him down eh? well at least his soul can be at rest and can go its own way, no body jumped in to save him dick? um heroes are hard to find

          Sorry I can’t think of any other references to fleetwood mac songs … Oh Well, guess your friend wasn’t a Man of the world hopefully hes on the sunnyside of heaven now Sorry bout your friend

  41. That filthy tube of smegma Blairt needs fucking disemboweling in fucking Trafal-fucking-ger square. If this doesn’t propel the cunts in Stoke to back Vivyen Nuttall next week then we are all fooked. Hopefully this Key-UNT war monger speaking out will be the best thing that could have happened for Brexit. The monumental preek dunt give two monkeys for the people of this country. He is just a megalomaniac desperate for EU presidency. I put the cunt on a par with David Ike with his deluded visions of seeing himself as some kind of Idol. Can’t think of any words to adequetly describe how much I fucking detest this vile excuse for a human being other than CUNT. Napalm the cunt up his choccy starfish along with Cuntiker.

    • Blairt lol was that misspelling intentional? Sounds like shart where you fart but shite comes out HAHA Tony Blairt the master sharter

      Hey mate David Icke hasn’t killed anyone so how is he even on par with the likes of Tony Blairt? Also David Icke saved my life by telling me about the reptilian overlords who control this sick world

      • Well that’s true TS. I spose David Icke does have a point. Blurt is a fucking disease spreading his virus to gullible wankers who for whatever reason think the EUseless is worth dying for. Can’t fucking fathom it me. Think I’ll get smashed then see if it makes any sense.

  42. Sorry I havent put Blaires nomination up.Out on the piss for first time in a while:p

  43. If I was a manager/owner of a construction company and I didn’t abide by any Health and Safety rules/regulations , I fully knew that I was cutting corners and it was wrong and I asked my employees to take risks in their jobs knowing that they could be injured, maimed or even killed by the results of my actions, I would have everyone crawling around my workplace making sure that I was a total cunt in ignoring all Health and Safety issues and putting my workers at risk when not necessary and if a worker(s) dies due to my incompetence I would expect a prison sentence and a fairly heavy one. Now let us have a look at that smarmy smiling cunt Blair. A war based on nothing but lies, I believe Blair knew that they wouldn’t find any WMDs, but that wasn’t going to stop him sending troops to their certain death. Wars will always have deaths and casuailties, no escaping that but to fight an unjust war and then become a Middle East peace envoy and show nothing but arrogance and contempt is a fucking crime in itself. To watch this cunt on the news earlier and talk about his “mission” sent my blood pressure into overdrive. I hate this cunt probably more than any other Prime Minister that has served this country, and we have had a few fucking wankers in at No.10

    • Actually Blair probably did ‘believe’ Saddam had WMD’s because there was fuck all in the intelligence reports to support this. He took us to war not on evidence but on his inner ‘belief’.

  44. first time comment, long time follower (since nov 2016) i felt the need to come on this site and leave a comment because, only tony bastard blair is back on the scene inciting anti-brexit cuntishness, with the audacity to get on national tele and stir remoaners emotions to fight brexit. what a cunt.

  45. It’s official, Blair is a cunt, I can see what he’s doing, he’s trying to get fans after becoming hated for the Iraq war. I think he thinks people will start liking him again if he backs the remain cunts. Sorry to disappoint fellow cunts but I like Benedict Cumberwumba. I also like Sherlock, I’m just hoping it’s a blip and he’s trying to say stuff to.keep in with the BBC?
    I’m shit faced tonight. I’m now redundant and had my last day at work, don’t hold up much hope, all there is in the best city in the world – SUNDERLAND!! Is care work, and apprenticeships – I’m not aged between 16-24 so I’m fucked on that one to, apprenticeships seem to be replacing people in jobs like I did on the cheap, I’ve been replaced by a apprentice.

    • Filling in the application form now, hopefully I’ll keep sunderland up but more chance of my hair growing back as I’m a slap head

  46. Grinning jackanapes blairs intervention yesterday has been as warmly received as ” back of the queue ” obama was, it appears to have spectacularly backfired!!, even remain backing papers the guardian and FT,s have openly mocked “The mockney ” man of the people!!, blairs arrogance and utter lack of self awareness have staggered even old political allies, only true remainiacs would have enjoyed his petulant nonsense, “rise up” pleaded the fake messiah, blairs a busted flush and after yesterday’s performance everybody on both sides of the argument knows it..
    Let’s all hope Blair continues to intervene as it will only galvanise the People’s decision to leave…

  47. Think I’ve mentioned this before, but seeing as I’m on a train now:

    Those cunts who sit on one of the seats in a train and either leave the adjacent seat empty or put their coat/bag on it. This sort of cuntishness I can see right before my eyes, as other commuters are left standing in the aisle. How can people be such selfish fucks? Really, what goes on in these cunts minds? Have you paid for a seat for your fucking bag, or is it Casper the cunting ghost sitting next to you? Pricks!

  48. Smart move by Tony, he must of took some time thinking about this. He has been fading into the back ground, once the biggest cunt in the country with no real competition he has had to sit back and watch other lesser cunts try and take his rightful crown.

    Cameron, Farron, Clegg in the political arena have all staked claims to be Britains biggest cunt.

    Even celebrities have made a stake to the title of BBC (Britain’s Biggest Cunt). Tony has sat back and rolled with the punches, he has not wavered in his commitment, he knew these pretenders may take his limelight, they may grab the attention of the public and even us Cunters were lulled into believing Tony was a spent force and a shadow of the cunt he once was.

    Tony however picked his moment and in what is comparable to the rumble in the jungle shook off the years to prove to us all not only does he hold the BBC title he is world class.

    Ladies and Gentleman please welcome the undefeated, undisputed biggest cunt in the world.

    Tony Blaire

    • Fuck! Wickle Timmy Farron is going to have a right job to retain his title now that Tony B.Liar is back on the scene for 2017!

  49. Sv your absolutely right Blair is undoubtedly the king of Cunts!!
    Where others huff and puff their way to being a cunt for Blair it is all so easy, the old adage “practice makes perfect ” holds true, Blairs been honing his skills for over 25 years!!, he has turned being a cunt into an art form….

  50. Urg…..what a hangover, I’ve ran out of bog roll, I had a idea of Tony Blair bog roll and thought of maybe having his grinning face printed on each sheet would be a good idea, it would probably be a best seller

  51. I don’t want to be a cunt, but could our new admins do what Dio did and start new cunting threads a bit more often?

    • Cheers for the feedback Allan.I have poor internet connection where I am living at the moment so can’t always update as much as I would like to at present.Unfortunately Dio`s shoes are incredibly hard to fill.

  52. BA cabin crew; cunts. Most are well past their sell by date harridans or else mincing old queens. Now they are going on strike, again. They say their lot with BA is so bad they have to sleep in their cars and live on pot noodles. They say there is no future working for BA. If that is really the case then go get another fucking job. There will be plenty of jobs available once we kick all the Eastern European gypos out. Cunts.

    • What the fuck happened to proper Air Hostesses. It used to be great to look forward to the flight going on hols and seeing some of the bootiful birds struttin their stuff up and down the aisles listening to the rub of their stockings as they went past and getting a waft of their perfume. Happy fucking days. Now it’s your obligatory mincer or two and a couple of old fucking hags. I get the fucking train now if I go to the canaries. Cunts.

      • Thing is that’s both sexist and anti-LGBT these days.

        That’s why all the cabin crew ladies are chumly flabbots and the blokes are Graeme Norton wannabes (ridiculous fucking hipster beard included).

        And yet, and yet…you fly Emirates or Cathay Pacific, absolute knock outs and not a Norton in sight!

        That’s because BA is “with the times.” Yeah well fuck the lot of them because I can get treated to as many Flabbots and Nortons as I care for at a fraction of the price courtesy of SleazyJet or FlypanAir.

        British Airways: Overpriced, outmoded, out of touch.

  53. I have to offer a cunting, yet again to fucking cunt kids who run havoc in supermarkets whilst their fucking fat bastard cunt mothers just let them do what in the cunt they like.

    Ok, here’s the thing: It’s a supermarket, not a bastard playground. If one of these little cunt-turds slips over and brains itself on the side of a freezer, no doubt the shop will be liable even though it wasn’t their fault. This is a national pandemic of cuntishness. Parents…if you’re embarrassed by your mini cunts being bastards in public, drop them off in a playgroup, a child minder, a landfill site, a frozen ditch or wherever. I’d like to hear myself think when I’m out and about for once in a while.

    Unruly kids should not be seen or heard. I fucking hate them. I hate their over-entitled parents who are equally as bigger arseholes as their kids. Stop sponging off the state, go out and do something beneficial instead of fucking on the rug after a night on the pinot and stop inflicting your satanic pondlife spawn on people who don’t want kids, don’t want to see kids and don’t want to hear kids.

    Today’s formula for hipster supernanny cunts:
    Discipline = Alien Concept.

    If one of these little annoying screaming brats runs past me and goes flying with a crunch because it was pissing about, I’ll step over it or go around it on my way back to the motor. I care not about other people’s offspring. It’s not and never will be my problem. Seriously new age parents, just cunt off. Cunt far off. Cunt right off. Your havoc inducing kids are not my lesson to learn. Use a fucking rubber or swallow. Enough now.

    • I got lambasted yesterday for taking the piss out of a couple of hipsters.
      Cos apparently the PC term is conjoined twins….

  54. Patrick Stewart needs a cunting. Whilst in Berlin to promote the new Wolverine movie, this pathetic, left wing cunt trumpet had the nerve to apologise on behalf of the British people for Brexit. Apparently, he’s ashamed to be British now that we’re leaving the EU. Well fuck off to L.A. then, you whingeing, baldy cunt.

    I’m fucking sick of multi-millionaires assuming they have the right to speak for the whole of the British people on issues that only traitorous left wingers give even half a fuck about. And Mongy Allen has been in the news again, believing the bullshit from the failing Deutsche Bank, and celebrating the fall in the pound. Seriously, a bank that is struggling after paying billions in fines because of dodgy business practices, is really not a bank you want to be taking financial advice from.

    Anyway, back to Stewart. He can go fuck himself with a pinless hand grenade. Fucking left wing dick head.

    • Why doesn’t he apologise for something he has a stake in, such as saying sorry for the the pathetic behaviour of his fellow thespians? If the cunt wants to express an opinion, however misguided it be, that would be on him, but to apologise for people he doesn’t represent, about an issue he probably wasn’t eligible to vote for, living in the US, he can get fucked. I’m sure Blair started this shit of, apologising for slavery, the cunt.

    • Horrible actor too… when your best known roles are professor xavier from x-men and captain cunt(kirk is it? fuck I dunno) from star trek NG its time to shut your bald gobby virtue signalling mouth and piss off! These celebritcunts are so out of touch its unbelievable that other trekkie cunt george takei is also taking the piss

      • Perhaps he could apologise for Star Trek The Next Generation being pompous, self important, endlessly moralising and not a patch on Kirk, Spock and co.

        Mr Worf and Data stole the whole show off him anyway…

    • Stewart is a monumentaly stupid cunt who thinks the right to a free trial comes from EHCR. He clearly has no idea about Magna Carta and our Common law. Thick cunt.

  55. I think the cunts get a fucking booklet on how to be a soppy cunting conceited twat when they join Equity. Back to Blairt, I’d like to see him, Clagg, Farroon, Crankie, Alex Sadmong, Sheep shag Smith, Soubery, Nicky Trunchbull Morgan, Gideon, Faggoty IsHard and Billy Blagg all round a table with Sir Nige Farridge and thrash it out. I know it looks a bit unfair but maybe them cunts could have a couple more.

  56. Time for a change of cunts shurrely. Cannot stand any more orf that smirking Cuntersnatch. New cunts please.
    As to Blair he does have a dodgy ticker so only too happy to have the cunt stressing himself oit in front the cameras and taking frequent transatlantic flights acrorss multiple time zones and fucking up his body clock. Keep the cunt at it so he does a Tommy Cooper on live TV.
    Give us all a laugh.

  57. Bend In His Dick Cucumber Snatch is a cunt, his rendition of Sherlock makes him an uber cunt, poor Jeremy Brett must be turning in grave at Cucumber Snatch’s acting and how could we forget his sidekick, Tim from the Office (Martin Freeman) another monumental cunt

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