Supreme Court

I’d like to nominate The Supreme Court for a cunting.

They have ruled that the government cannot trigger article 50 without interference from everyone and their dog in parliament sticking their oar in!

The vote was a majority of 8:3 – so we have 3 loyal servants who agree with the people and 8 traitors who agree with some Guyanan cunt who doesn’t realise how lucky she is in being able to enjoy the freedoms of this country!

Tell you now if they think they can stop the Brexit Theresa May advised of last week (out of the EU, out of the single market, out of their laws and out of having to suffer every Tom, Dick and Stavros coming here) then the marches on London will make the ones against Donald Trump look like a card school in comparison!

I’ve never marched on anything in my life but I’ll be at the head of the queue on that one.

Utter, utter, traitorous cunts!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

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  1. Disclaimer:I am getting slowly hammered so if I go on an illiterate rant in the coming hours don`t be surprised!

      • What you drinking? just personally picked out a few assorted ales bitburger,newcastle brown and someother one but not sure if I should drink them now or hold off

        • Get the fuckers supped now T.S. I’ve got my eye on a bottle of port followed by Frosty Jack/ Stella snakebites with a tincture of Barley wine mixed in. The local paper will probably be reporting on my subsequent actions in a couple of weeks time….again.

          • Thats more like it Dick Snakebites are good last week I had yukon jack snakebites and also mixed yukon jack and milk with ice kinda tasted like vanilla kahlua a bit….

            Screw it I think you talked me into it and drinking will at least keep me from touching myself

  2. Judas cunts… Traitors to Britain… Shitting on the will of 17 million people and thinking nothing of it… Miller should be charged with the highest of high treason… How does a foreign ‘ex-model’ (nudge nudge say no more!) who loves the sound of her voice get to tell the British fucking government and millions of people (fucking millions, mind you) what to do and when to do it?!…. Is this the same country that kicked Bonaparte’s arse, battered the Hun twice, and then stuffed the Argies when they tried it on?… The answer to that of course is no… Sadly, it isn’t….

  3. How can five coffin dodging old doddering cunts (and one banana tree trollop) derail a democratrc vote by 17 million people?… Nobody should have bothered on June 24th… Every vote in Britain now is worthless… If we are to be ignored and the rich cunts simply do what they want, Hitler might as well have won… We’re gonna be ruled by Germans anyway…

      • Hope you’re right, pal… It just makes me sick… Nothing this court or Miller has done is anything to do with concern for ordinary working British people… I wouldn’t even waste my spit on them… Lowest of the lowest of the low cunts…

  4. And no thanks to the cunt traitor bitch Gina Miller, it’s a shame she takes no interest in the country of Guiana, where she was originally from, it’s justice system is shocking, either way, BREXIT is happening, all she’s done is get her face on telly. I’ve worked under two women managers and they have both been shit, corrupt and appalling. Women in power are shite. Your a stupid bitch Gina Miller….traitor!

    • Miller is a traitorous bitch, but she can’t be a traitor to Britain, because the slag isn’t even British to start with… Wonder if she’ll get a record contract and record ‘The Banana Boat Song’?…

    • Interesting to see all the photos on Google are Gina Miller trying to look like a supermodel.

      Super fucking tugboat more like.

  5. Never fear, the more they fight, the more they use every tool available to them, the more they expose themselves for the selfish globalists they are.

    The more and longer it is going to hurt them once we leave the EU and the war is won. Their small victories are going to mean nothing to us or indeed them when they are tasting the final and complete defeat that is in front of them.

  6. Vagina Miller has said ” the brexit judgement isn’t a victory for me, but for our constitution.
    “We remainers have won in the supreme Court. Now we must have a proper examination of brexit”.
    And there was me thinking that brexit was a victory for us leavers.
    Are we meant to respect this “victory” ?

    Or should we get some cunt from South Tobago to bail us out the shite ?

    Why are we incumbered by eejits who can only respect a result when it goes their way, and they claim they are the only ones on the side of democracy ?
    I believe they are too far gone, and the only solution will be violence.
    There is no talking to these cunts.

    In hope I’m making sense, coz this bitch has warped my tiny fragile eggshell mind.

    I think Vagina Miller is definitely cunt of the century.
    Tim Farron is a nobody and utterly harmless.
    This bitch is trying to make Britain in her image, and she’s nearly getting there.

  7. Any remainers who think this is some kind of victory are fucking deluded, Brexit & Article 50 IS going to happen and we can finally cut ourselves free from those corrupt bunch of fuckwits.

    As for who want a 2nd referendum Clegg, Wee jimmy krankie et el..feed them to the fucking pigs.

  8. Those cunts need shooting but above them is Cunt Miller. Just seen her ugly fucking face on the news spouting bollocks as if she has done us all a favour. Fucking Brexit denier.
    Also seen yesterday’s man Clegg saying he will vote against the bill to trigger Article 50 if this or that doesn’t happen. Undemocratic cunt.
    Of course wee Jimmy Krankie is on the bandwagon saying they will have a vote even though it’s going to mean jack shit. All in her plan for another referendum on leaving the U.K. Fuck off you poisonous little cunt.
    These cunts should be executed. No trial, just taken away and put down.

  9. It would almost be worth having World War 3 so as to rid Europe of the threat of German hegemony instead of being shat upon by the insidious creep creep ‘soft politic’ fuckwittery of our Teutonic ubermenschen , ably supported by the sly , complicit quislings in our own ranks who want nothing more than to celebrate a bland , homogenised , soulless , unidentiafiably British entity.
    I am a pacifist , but for fuck’s sake lets have honourable politics rather than weasly , milk-sop shittery.

  10. The cunt Cameron should have signed Article50 the day after the result was announced.
    He is responsible for all of this fuckwittery. The cunt chose to resign and leave the door open to all of these democracy denying bastards to delay and fudge what the majority voted for regarding “Brexit”.

    Miller,Farron, The Judiciary, Sturgeon and the rest of the cheating cunts wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on if that fucking shit had done the honourable thing and fucking well signed it before running away.

    Blair and Brown might have been total cunts,but Cameron runs them a bloody close second.

    • I agree – it was certainly down to Conservative incompetence ( hope it was nothing more sinister than that) in not making it an executive decision , when drafting the Act that facilitated the EU referendum , to rubber-stamp the legitimate Brexit outcome , rather than leaving it open to the legislature to process the exit . All this judicial , faux democratic tosh could have been pre-emptied quite easily.

    • Well said Dick, cunt cameron on his toe’s rapid like. Cunt should have signed article 50 day after the vote, gutless shite. And now we face lots and lots of bollocks, drivel and more bollocks till a. Article 50 is signed or b. Fucking war!! (Ordered the crossbow) not allowed real guns now co’s of the illness.

    • and unless call-me-dave’s thicker than he looks he knew the referendum bill was inadequate for an immediate exit – wot worries me more is that none of the pro-brexit politicians saw the flaw
      fuk it – he’s going in my next dead-pool pick the cunt along with osborne

  11. Usually when our courts make a ruling those cunts in the so called European Court of Justice overrule it. Can’t see that happening in this case. This country is a fucking shambles, democracy!!!. absolute bollocks.

  12. What a bunch of twats no wonder the country’s going to the dogs
    I voted out and nobody’s taking notice I’m off to see a lawyer as my human rights have been abused
    And as for Rab c Nesbits wife it’s coming up to burns night,I say put her on the top of the bonfire

  13. Never really had to think about the supreme court before, magistrate courts cause individuals some angst, crown courts screw over individuals and small groups, the Supreme Court fucks millions of us at a time.

  14. A programme has just started on al Jazeera called ISIL in Brussels.
    I half jokingly asked the missus “how are Al Jazeera going to make this a puff piece ?”

    Fuck ,was i not wrong.
    The opening scene had an obscured face and voice saying “you came to our country and bombed and killed us, now we are doing the same to you”

    I truly believe that Al Jazeera are a tool to spread Islam and Islamic sympathies.
    Every documentary is billed as from a Muslim point of view, including a recent one on their part in WWl andTunisian immigrants in Australia.

    They are already starting to blame Trump for new settlements being built in Jerusalem.

    The missus watches it, as her Spanish is shite and she doesn’t understand their news, so its hard for me to ignore it.
    If i had my way the cunt channel would be deleted.

    What ever happened to news ?
    Now its just opinions, and the scary thing is, they all seem to share the same opinion.

    • They all seem to share the same opinion even though common sense tells you they are off their fucking rockers .
      That should have ended on.

      • Spot on Birdman. Bush was once quoted as asking the question “can we not just bomb al jazeera?” And many laughed, under the impression he thought it was a country.
        More like, the little fucker knew more about al jazeera than he was allowed to let on. It needs to go! And soon!

    • In fairness if it was a BBC piece they would have them on saying how much they love life in the west and just want to be allowed to live amongst us in peace.

      Think Al Jazeera is more honest in its out put in that way,

    • Al Jazeera?! What has what Britain does -or what the British people want – have to do with these towlheaded, kebab eating, Osama loving cunts?….
      I’d do a Keith Moon, and chuck the telly outthe window…

  15. Keep a close eye on your own MPs in this vote. Mine is Fiona Bruce, who to be honest, normally does a sterling job. If she votes No or not at all, then it’s UKIP all the way for me at the next election. Sign in the front garden the bloody works…
    We need to be smart about all this and play the system with our votes (in the unquestionable general elections).
    If we march, then the cunts will wind us up into violence, the press will demonise us and we’ll be oppressed as rebels.

    • The press would demonize us if it turned to violence, but they are demonizing us anyway as thick, racist yobbos.
      Even though they excused rioting, vandalism and death threats when the lefties lost the American election.

      We are already seen in a bad light, so fuck it, we might as well start acting like the way they already see us.

      The missus and myself are the only brexiteers we know out here, and Gibraltar voted 99.9% remain, so my protest may not make much of an impression.
      Unless i stab the chief minister. 🙂

      • I do feel your pain Birdman and 17+ million is one hell of an army, but let’s face it, not even 1.7million of us would be prepared to march (I would, but I’m pationate about all this and I dispise the 4th reich) and 17 million votes are a lot more powerful.

  16. The whole fisaco has been a complete waste of time and money. All that’s gonna happen is the goverment will get a bill passed and then trigger the big 50. If Labour start fucking about saying they’ll only support on certain conditions they could be signing their own death warrant. By elections coming up soon so if they start pissing off their supporters then they’ll just fuck off to ukip thus rendering Labour dead. Jimmy Crankies fucked, just a load of noise coming from them. Theresa May should just call her bluff and say go on, have your wee referendum this year. I dare ya, I double dare ya. In the cold light of day the scotch cunts would know what the only choice is. The pathetic argument that during the last referendum they were told the only way to stay in the EpUke was to vote against independence. They fucking knew an EU ref was on the way and there was a possibility that we could leave. So shut fucking up. And these cunts demanding we retain some kind of membership of the single market fuck off as well. That’s called staying in. Thick cunts. So don’t fucking insult me with your pretend acceptance of leaving, you lost so fuck off. We were lied to on entry to the wank club so we are going, gone, out, finished. Piss boiling cunts.

  17. i’m fuckin well confused by this. say You’re an MP who voted to remain but your constituents voted for brexit. which way do you vote?. do you stick to your principles? or do you do what your constituents voted for? seems whichever choice you make is wrong.

  18. Apologies on advance After 4 or 5 fucking large whisky,s so don’t blame me if I offend I’m going to say miller should be tucked with a slowly rotating pineapple,i can’t beleive some immigrant suit stain has caused all this bullocks, Cameron has been taking lessons from Teflon Tony and is an ubercunt,the dusty old ducks at the supreme court should be hovered up and flushed like the verbal diarieh they spawn, the immigrants should go strait into the army for 5 years before they can claim any benefit and the pm should grow some balls like Thatcher, I never thought I would admire her for anything but this bullocks wouldn’t still be happening if she was in charge…… and the fact that this miller count is getting threatened is what you get for banging your bongo drum……fuck off back to the fly blown shit hole you came from….I reckon there will be riots if the cunts completely puck this up…..fucking hell it will give garrotte church and Lilly the mongo a break from being the most hated slags in Britain…. but at least they are Brits even if they are cunts………the immigrants is why we voted for brexit…….get rid of the cunts or make them useful….. if they have work they wont want to come here……..fuck off you cunts

  19. The people that have lined up against Brexit is a who’s who in cunt world, from tax dodging sunbed lounging bearded cunt Branson thru to those two cunts cleggers and farron who have the fuckiin cheek to call themselves democrats??, throw in gobshite troll faced sturgeon and rent a Cunt Blair and it’s a fair turn out, aided and abetted by the BBC, SKy , leftie wank rag the guardian and the not so independent!! It’s been a deluge of smear and lies, but heads and shoulders above them all towers the titanic cunt Gina miller, after the ruling today she said that the Brexit supporting MP,s should be ashamed at how they have behaved??? she somehow sees herself as a champion of the people??? Seriously how FUCKIIN deluded is this cunt??
    Let’s all hope the government get things moving along swiftly and trigger 50 asap!!
    I bet old gobshite sturgeon almost choked on her porridge when the court announced devolved countries consent to trigger 50 wasn’t needed, at least those useless out of touch Cunts at the Supreme Court got something right….

  20. So what the fuck is Theresa May supposed to say to these moaning undemocratic cunts. Oh I know you’re not happy with the vote so we won’t leave then. Is that ok?
    Kiss my fucking donut.

  21. I’d like to nominate Brian Blessed to go over and negotiate for us. Cunts wouldn’t know what hit em!

  22. I’m not so sure that this court case is the great victory some on the Remain side are claiming. All the Supreme Court have said is that Parliament must vote on Article 50. In the current fervid political climate, any vote will be subjected to intense media attention. MPs who vote against Article 50 may well be turning thousands of their constituents against them.

    This is a particular problem for the Labour Party; many (most?) Labour MPs are pro-Remain but many (most?) represent constituencies that voted Leave. You can almost hear the sound of Labour voters moving to UKIP. Stoke was the most pro-Leave city in the U.K. so the by election result there will be very interesting. Having said that, UKIP seem split between the Nuttall “let’s replace Labour” faction and the Carswell “small government and business” faction. Only loyalty to Dear Leader Farage kept them in the same party.

    I’m too young to remember the 1975 referendum but I do remember the 1983 election. Labour went to the polls with a policy of withdrawing from the (then) EEC. Michael Foot and Tony Benn hardly fit the stereotype of all Leave voters as thicko, knuckle-dragging racists.

    When the entire Establishment are in favour of something, I’m always suspicious. 99 times out of 100, it is because there’s money in it for them and their mates from public school and Oxbridge.

  23. I reckon that any budding Del-Boy type who gets himself a load of Gina Miller dolls will make a fortune…

    As it said in ‘The Rutles’, ‘People were buying them just so they could burn them’…

  24. Tony Benn did indeed hate the EU and there are various clips on you tube where he rips into them and also the successive governments that gave away executive powers to the EU, as he correctly stated the people elect the party they want to govern and with that goes all the powers, what they are supposed to do is go out into the world and use them for the good of the country then if they lose the next election return them to the next government, not give them away thus returning diminished powers, unfortunately it’s been going on for decades.
    On my previous post the cunt factory I’m actually embarrassed that Owen smith slipped thru my net, didn’t his constituents voted leave? But this odious little Cunt knows better and intends to vote against 50, so I suppose he is being democratic??? Cunt!!!

  25. The problem is that the interference that this will cause will virtually guarantee that our “exit strategy” will result in the worst of both worlds for the UK: a poorer trade deal within the EU (where we are currently in a strong position with a trade deficit with the EU to the sum of billions of pounds), whilst still having to stomach their laws and the free movement of EU peoples into the UK.

    When that happens Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon and Ken Clarke can all pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

    O’course the fact that this will be disastrous to ordinary UK folk (as trade is stiffled and wages fall lower to help achieve the parity of shit wages across all EU nations – as per the EU agenda), so long as justice is seen to be served then that’s ok then.

    Well that’s great, thanks for that. Er, just out if interest, how many MPs and Supreme Court Justices are struggling to make ends meet?

    It’s funny how this sense of democracy never affects them directly does it. They are the “pleb masses” and we know what’s best for them.

    Last week when Theresa May made her speech and gave “leavers” the exact exit outline they all wanted: out of the EU and out of the single market (because we don’t their laws and freedom of movement of people – which I would have thought was obvious – unless you’re a well paid liberalist shill). I for one could not have been happier and was amazed at the language used in the speech (to the tune that I actually shouted at my TV “Go on girl! Stick it too them!”).

    The idiots in the Supreme Court have been pissing about on their decision for weeks, so to think there was no consensus as of last week (give or take a vote out of the 11) would be folly.

    My question is this: was it easy for the PM to give the speech she did (a two finger salute to Brussels) safe in the knowledge that the vote was going against the Govt and that we’d end up with a soft Brexit “worst of both worlds” deal because the likes of Farron and Sturgeon would have the right to stick their oar in and fuck over democracy? I.e. a speech given by a PM which makes them look like a strong leader but safe in the knowledge that they would never have to make good on those pledges?

    I truly hope not but it does make me wonder.

    Democracy: for the people, by the people. What a joke! And there was me thinking that “La La Land” was an Oscar nominated movie rather than a documentary about Westminster!

    • Was Theresa May a Trojan Horse Brexiteer who espoused the Remain argument for the sake of political self-advancement , knowing she would be more palatable to her Remain Conservative colleagues and thus enhancing her leadership credentials in the event of a Leave victory?
      Was she , and does she remain a Remainer , who as you say , has the safety net of a diluted , ineffective Brexit , while propounding a hard line for public consumption. If so was she , along with other members of the Government complicit in their ‘incompetence’ in failing to oversee a pre-referendum drafting of the procedure that would allow the executive to implement the triggering of Article 50 and thus by-passing all the legislative shenanigans we now face?
      Is she a true pragmatic democrat who wants what’s best for the UK ?
      I think we should be told but , unfortunately , even history won’t reveal the truth of it all – unless May goes down the confessional route.
      By , Jaysus , it’s a rum game , politics . Even Machiavelli would be confused.

  26. Does anyone know if there has to be a minimum number of votes cast in Parliament (abstentions aside) for or against to ratify/dismiss any white paper on Brexit? I can’t find any info online.

    If so, very easy to rig a parliamentary election and claim not enough MP’s voted so Brexit won’t happen, if not then effectively only 1 MP voting can ratify/dismiss any white paper if all others abstain.

  27. Well Farron, the greasy shit, has apparently come out and said

    “The UK’s final Brexit deal must not be decided by “a stitch-up between Whitehall and Brussels.”

    So I am guessing that it 100% will be.

  28. Well I bet the Anti-BritishBroadcastingCompany is steaming pissed right now, donald trump just restricted illegal immigration from major moslem countries

    Remeber Fred when you said this wouldn’t happen? well guess what Bane Trumpenfuhrer just did it and the Wall will go according to plan!

  29. I see La La Land is up for a best picture Oscar, apparently its a fly-on-the -wall style documentary on the inner workings of the EU.
    Contributers include ignorant retarded bint Lily Allen on how Britain invented slavery(one of the 1st to abolish it) , Bob ‘give us yer fucking money’ Geldof on foreign aid(UK biggest contributer after USA £12 billion+) and part time MOTD presenter & full time cunt Gary Lineker on child refugees.

    Maybe they can collect their Oscar in Raqqa in Syria, sure that beardy billionaire tax exile Branson wouldn’t mind flying them over in his balloon. They would be on You Tube with their head on a pike before they could scream RACIST.
    Any other whinging remainers with half a brain cell and a twatter account would be minced down for halal meat & sent as an emergency food parcel, courtesy of 17.4 million patriots…keep the faith.

  30. Calm down everyone, Brexit will happen.
    I voted leave.

    I have worked out that although Gina Miller is a cunt of the purest form she is a nobody cunt trying to make an name for herself after spotting a Government fuck up. The government tried to start the process of leaving without Parliament’s consent and although I agree Brexit should happen ASAP this countries law as a democracy state Parliament must have a vote to carry it through.
    Imagine if the government (Tories) decided to bring in an law that said you can only have one drink in the pub that’s it. There would be uproar, which is why they would have to get Parliament to approve the one drink in a pub law. It’s the same with Brexit, the government tried to start the process without Parliament’s go ahead and that all about me cunt Gina Miller saw an opportunity to take the government to court to make a name for herself and also she knew she would win as it’s the way this countries democracy is set up.

    I question why the government wasted the money going to court and then appealing the decision when it knew it wasn’t going to win. So we’re at a stage where Parliament have to vote for the triggering of Article 50, they will vote to trigger it and all the Farron cunts whinging won’t matter. This whole process of going to court hasn’t been one big waste of fuck knows how much money (could’ve housed a thousand British homeless no doubt) for what? All thats happened is Gina Miller is now a well known cunt with a book coming out some time soon, the government look like a bunch of clueless cunts who couldn’t organise getting high with a kilo of Coke on the table, and us the public aren’t listened to and told to shut the fuck up and see what happens.

    Brexit will happen cunters and I look forward to it.

      • It appears the press are now turning on Miller… The Mail had a go today, let us hope others follow suit… If they can hound the late Graham Taylor for failing to get to a World Cup, they can hound this jumped up bitch for larging over 17 million people…

    • You are right B&W, if there was no prospect of it happening cunts like Miller etc wouldn’t be going to such amazing ridiculous lengths to stop it. I suppose it has occurred to these cunts that if things did go their way,it might be their own democratic vote that gets stuffed another time. When Brexit happens the Government should be seeking costs from anyone who tried to challenge it. And these protesting cunts should be charged with public order offences as well. The layabout scruffy waste of a skin cunts.

  31. The cunt who hacked Lee Rigby Head off with a butcher knife wants 25,000 compensation because his teeth were kicked in

    Seriously what a daft cunt I dunno if he was born in england or not but from the looks he seems somalian these somalian moslems are lazy and violent cunts They will kill your people, go live for free in your prison, then demand money from you unbelievable

  32. I’m fucking sick of paying extortionate prices for petrol – the hippy remainer who I work with blames brexit, along with high prices for food. It’s not brexit, it’s just greedy cunts taking our eyes out. There’s no need for the petrol to be that hight, why couldn’t that stupid Gina Miller of went to the high Court about petrol prices and did sumit useful to benefit us all instead of been a moaning about brexit cow.

    • Petrol prices are going up because of an agreement between OPEC and Russia, who are cutting production to boost the price of oil. Money grabbing cunts of the first order, but fuck all to do with the eu. Saudi must be going skint, poor fuckers. Where is the next gold plated Bugatti veyron going to come from?

  33. Ewan McGregor is a cunt…
    This shit soft bellend refused to honour an appearance on Good Morning Britain: because he didn’t like what Piers Morgan said about he ridiculous ‘womens march’ and Madogga in particular… What sort of a man is this shithouse?… Morgan is not my favourite Martian, but at least the man isn’t a filthy snowflake and one of the offended by everything PC mob… While McGregor spits his dody out because someone has offended his snowflake sensibilities and had a go at his luvvie cunt chums… Softarsed celebrity fucking tosspot…

    And he was fucking shite as Obi-Wan Kenobi and all… Twat…

    • Ewan McGregor is indeed a cunt.
      I saw him being interviewed on the orange carpet at the T2 premier.
      What fucking accent is that ?
      The cunts from Perth.

      Even though he’s a cunt, i cant fucking wait for T2.
      Even if it comes across as a remake, i don’t care.
      My only problem is i cant decide to watch it in the cinema with a bunch of Gibraltarians, who clap at the end of every filum, or wait for the DVD.

      Gibraltarians act like the cinema is a pantomime.
      I saw Scooby Doo there (don’t ask) and the cunts shouted “where are you” every time Scooby Doo’s name was mentioned.
      And you could hear the mopeds buzzing by outside.
      That was the last time I went to the cinema.

        • “Some cunts glassed that poor lassie and nae cunt leaves till we find out wit cunt dun it”

          Probably the best hard man character in any filum IMHO.
          He looks just as good in the trailers for the new one.

          And it was Begbie who coined the phrase “doss cunt”, and i love calling doss cunts that.

      • Those thick Scooby Doo cunts, Shaggy, Thelma, etc. could have saved us all a lot time with a couple well chosen questions to the cunt who owned the mask shop….

      • I’ll wait till it’s on the Pirate Bay and watch it in the comfort of my own home in 1080P for nothing

  34. Trump is backing US jobs, building the wall and is restricting movement fron known terrorist incubator countries until “We know what the hell is going on!”

    Fuck me, a President who is actually carrying out his pre-election promises!

    Make a note in your diaries guys and gals because any President (or Prime Minister or MP for that matter) making good on any promise they made in order to get into power is as rare as unicorn shit!

    Good on you Don!

    • There is something “unreal” about this situation. In recent history it is almost unheard of, that the promises made by a politician during the election are actually realized after the election I know he isn’t faultless or perfect but hes making some great progress Yet liberal shills and dem shills keep on attacking him

  35. May has already declared ALL EU Law will be incorporated in to British Constitutional Law.
    Hardly a Brexit is it!
    No wonder they stalled with the legal challenge in the supreme court, it was so they could shore up dodgy deals and get as much EU legislation into British Law before any Brexit finally (if ever) happens.

    FUCKING TRAITORS, get the rope boys….

    • Actually by doing this – to start with – it means that all UK products/services are still in line with EU law.

      This makes it far easier to negotiate a trade deal because as soon as we leave the EU we still meet the legal standards for those products and services.

      However once we do take control of our own laws – assuming democracy is served and we’re taken out of the single market after all of the traitors have had their say – then we can leave product laws as they are, and if it’s shit Europe will buy, align them with our laws but we get control back over judicial decisions/law making relating to how our country is run without having to play 2nd fiddle to some unelected twats in Brussels.

      So yes we adopt EU law to grease the wheels on a trade deal (sensible) and once out we can start changing the laws that allow the EU to put their neb in where it’s not wanted (even more sensible).

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