Not signalling at roundabouts

I’d like to cunt those lazy, selfish, useless shit for brains cunts that don’t indicate at roundabouts.

Is it really so hard to flick the stick that is 5 cm’s away from your hand down to let me know that you’re turning left and not going straight on? It fucking self cancels for fucks sake so you don’t even have to flick the stick back up!

Lazy cunts!

…let’s put a sniper on every roundabout to solve the problem once and for all!

Nominated by: Deploythesausage

89 thoughts on “Not signalling at roundabouts

  1. I agree,

    Having said that the more expensive the car the more prone to failure the indicators are, must piss the owner right off spending all that cash on a motor to find the indicators don’t work. I would be fucking furious.

    • I don’t think indicators are fitted to Audis. Durchsprung Dirch teknik (or whatever) means driven by cunts.

  2. Did you know it is an offence not to go around one of the little painted on roundabouts. If you drive over them, an the pleece see it, it’s a 3 points job. Cool eh.

  3. Fucking hell this does annoy me down where I live in Bognorvitch the eastern European have no concept at all of lane discipline or signalling anywhere and roundabouts are a fucking lottery trying to guess where the cunts are going cos left hand lane sure as shit don’t mean the stupid cunt won’t go right or straight or all the way round without indicating once. Use the indicators and very in the correct lane you useless cunts. And if they are gonna live here foreign licence should expire after 3 months and make em take a UK one along with a English exam.

    • It can’t be hard to draw up a table of driving exams from around the world. I’m pretty sure we would be near the top, for requiring a standard of competence to pass the fucking thing. So, if your basket case country’s driving test is easier than ours, your driving licence is not valid in the U.K. until you have passed a test equal to ours. Fuck diplomacy, I want to be safe on the overused roads. It’s bad enough with selfish British cunts, without all the other cunts turning it into the wacky races.

  4. Yep annoys the fuck out of me, these cunts totally fail to indicate then glare at you or give it large because you assumed from their lack of indication they were going ahead and not coming round like an F1 one driver.

    Many time I have wish I was driving a military spec Humvee so I could just pull out on the cunts

  5. Piss boiling imminent:

    “British taxpayers’ money will no longer be used to fund a five-member Ethiopian girl band, the government has said.
    International Development Secretary Priti Patel announced a review of the funding last month after reports that pop group Yegna received £5.2m.
    Girl Effect, the Ethiopian group which manages Yegna and promotes women’s rights in the country, said its aims had been “wilfully misrepresented”.
    But the government said there are “more effective ways” to invest UK aid.”

    So the government has ben financing Ethiopian spice girls to the tune of 5.2 million until some cunt with common sense pointed out this wasn’t the best way to spend money.

    Hard to make me more angry about this considering we cant fund health care, housing, look after the old and all the other shit that we pay for and doesn’t happen.

    Who could possibly make me more angry about this?

    “Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor said it was “really unfortunate” the project “was being rubbished”.
    Humanitarian aid was “not just about food parcels”, she said.”

    The socialist cunts in Labour, that’s who.

    We are constantly told by left wing progressive cunts that we must respect our guests cultures and customs, why then are Labour so keen on pushing their LBGT\Feminist agenda on nations where it is not acceptable?

    I don’t find Ethiopian culture compatible with my way of life, that’s why I don’t fucking live there and I don’t invite the cunts to come and live with me.

    • What really boils my piss,is that the U.K is massively in debt,yet borrows money to hand over to a load of corrupt,scrounging gollies and diddleywacks who despise this country,and our way of life.

      That areshole Cameron upped our aid budget merely to counter the claims of the Tories being the “Nasty Party”. So,billions are wasted for political ends and that pricks vanity. His two great achievements,he believes,are lagalising gay marriage and enshrining a huge overseas aid budget into law. What a fucking cock.

      The overseas aid budget should be immediately diverted to counter the greatest threat that this country has faced since the Second World War,which is the Islamification of the Western World.

      I couldn’t give a fuck about starving gollies and the like. Sort this country first.

      • Why the fuck Cameron pushed Gay Marriage I don’t know, there are not enough gays that vote tory to make a difference are there?

        Gay men are not really well known for long term monogamous relationships, some do I am sure but the Gay scene is very permissive and when cottaging is a lifestyle choice you are hardly telling the world you are looking for forever love are you?

        Whilst we are giving millions to some shite girl band trying to influence other peoples cultures and impose “our values” the Chinese are building roads, railways, factories, schools, the things we condemn ourselves for when we were building an empire.

        The Chinese know that every dollar invested in Africa has to come home doubled. Aid money is mostly wasted, if you are going to finance Africa you don’t do it until it’s on its feet, you do it forever, as it isn’t ever going to stand alone and become self sufficient.

        • Or even a ‘diddleywack’,

          Thinking about it, can we have an edit function for us cunts that don’t bother to check spelling etc before posting? Especially for us cunts that have been on the sauce and too pissed to notice that our ramblings make no sense whatsoever.

          • My neighbour – a right old Colonel Blimp type – still calls them ‘Johnnies’ from the Old Empire days…

            While someone I used to work with called them ‘Stanleys’… As in Parking Stanleys…

        • ‘Fraid it’s what we tend to call Asians up here,,,as in something crappy and plasticy is probably “made by a diddlywack paid two bowls of rice a day.”

      • i think it allowed dave to enshrine to his cock up clegger’s arsehole – and clegger let him raise student tuition fees (that worked out well for the libdems didn’t it)

    • Might as well spend the foreign aid budget here, we have most of the third world here anyway. It would save on the postage

    • Let me get this right… Poor people in the UK have to go to food banks, a lot of pensioners can’t afford winter food or heating, people out of work get treated like criminals (while criminals get treated better!), and genuinely sick and disturbed people are told they are fit for work just before dying or topping themselves after being hounded by ‘civil servants’… Not to mention all the ‘budget cuts’ to public services, the NHS, libraries, schools, and the bins getting emptied once a fucking month…

      But the government gives millions -fucking millions!!! – to fund a sambo All Saints in Bogo-Bogo Land?!? There should be riots over this, but there won’t be… Great Britain now exists in name only…

      • Its fucking true Norm wot you say it knocks me sick,Have you seen the state of the hospitals,Its a fucking joke,Theirs to many of em over here they forget were only a small island,I can’t even get to see a fucking dentist.

        • Isn’t it funny, that if you wanted to open a nightclub for example, there would be a limit to how many people the building could house, there would have to be facilities to accommodate that amount of people, enough fire escapes and so on. All common sense really, but the same never applies to a population, especially an island one like ours. What we can afford, in space as well as resources, must dictate our capacity. But, between the bleeding heart cunts, and the greedy business cunts, we are fucked.

  6. Top cunting. Worth a mention is the waste of good spunk that wants the third or fourth exit on the Roundabout and puts on his left indicator as he enters the fucking thing. Thus giving us all the impression he or she is going to get off at the first exit and so on.
    It would be unfair to mention that of those anal klingons I have observed doing this , a majority seem to be of limited growth and of a darker appearance. Probably just coincidence.

  7. Another one is dickheads who either don’t realise or don’t care that on a roundabout, you give way to traffic coming from the RIGHT. There’s a small roundabout near where my mother lives, and I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve had slam on my brakes when going around a roundabout, because some dozy asshole didn’t think to look to the right before proceeding. Most of them don’t even slow down.

    Then there’s the stupid motherfuckers who don’t even go around it. If they want to right, they’ll simply turn right and cut across in front of you. I received a police caution for assault a couple of years ago because some dumb cunt did that, nearly taking my front end off in the process. Naturally, this was MY fault, even though I was stationary at the time. So I turned around and followed the prick. When he eventually stopped, we got into an argument and I ended up punching him. Unfortunately, I hit him hard enough to knock out his two upper front teeth. I was cautioned because witnesses told plod about what the knob had done at the roundabout.

    I think there should be a requirement for driving instructors to dedicate a certain amount of time per lesson to driving at roundabout. And there should be sections in both the written and practical tests on roundabouts.

  8. Its like fucking Wacky Race’s where i live with the black women drivers and the little druggie drop off drivers,Drivers me up the fucking wall.

    • Do the middle aged black women drive everywhere at 40 mph there too? Staring straight ahead eyes wide open?

    • Horses are terrified of black people. Apparently they think that it’s a monkey jumped out of a tree to try and bite them in the back of their necks.

      I know this to be true since I dressed up in a gorilla suit and jumped out of a tree as my horsey neighbour rode past. The horse was terrified,and my neighbour didn’t look too happy either.

      • Interestingly horses are not afraid of fire, so what would happen if the black person was on fire, would the horse still be scared? It’s making my head hurt trying to sort that one out. i’ll not sleep a wink tonight now.

        • Perhaps if we stuck a rolled-up burning copy of the Racing Post up Lenny Henrys ares and released him at the finishing post of the Derby,we could solve the mystery of whether horses are frightened of blazing black men.

          The nation deserves to know the truth.

          • Some of them are as thick as spam, one a year or so was in a side road in front of me just stopped. “what’s the problem?” I enquired and she said she couldn’t get her car through a gap because a car was parked there.
            You could have got a fucking ten wheeler sideways in there, no problem ,she had no fucking idea about space or judgement . I said as such and she got out and said ‘will you drive it through there for me?’
            So I did ,slowly, and she saw what a brass bound cunt she was being and mumbled thankyou and sorry ,only been driving for a month etc .
            She had an arse like a buffalo so she should be used to squeezing through fucking doors. Dim mare.

        • Indeed, Dick, an experiment is required. Perhaps you could recreate the situation only this time setting the gorilla costume ablaze before the leap? Later to report the conclusion to my insomnia inducing conundrum.

          I would experiment myself, although while I have two horses sadly, do not have any black people. Blacking up is an option, I do posses a flared yellow 3 piece suit with oversized lapels, a ruffled shirt, brown fake crocodile shoes (size 14) and some knock off mirrored rayban aviators and some dreadfully gaudy gold plated jewellery however I think the horses would see through the disguise and render any result meaningless.

          Now, I suppose I could ask my neighbour, Lee, to perform the task, and while he is bald and would black up a treat, reckon we could easily get that central African shiny bluey-black look, the whole clothing ensemble is made to fit my dimensions, 6’5″ and 22 stones and sadly Lee is barely 5’2 and skinny. And Chinese. The horses, although not blessed with brains, would smell a rat.

          Mind you lee and I are not on the best of terms at the moment, I have asked several times what he does for a living and, perhaps my fellow cunters can help me out here, I get the same response thus; ‘me a creener a hee frow hair pour ruggidge recraim’ and I am still none the wiser, we fell out after the fourth asking when he replied nostrils flaring and with raised voice ‘wa wong wi u, u sum def cun or wa’ so perhaps Lee would not volunteer. We call him Lee but his full name is Ho Li Fuk. I shit you not.

          • Lee’s job….best guess.

            A cleaner at Heathrow airport baggage reclaim.

            Any good?

          • Well that’s what I thought, but we live in Devon.

            Never underestimate the Chinese, they must be super brainy to work out what their scribbly bollocks language actually means.

            I steal most of Lee’s mail (his kids have very generous relatives) and some of it is in Chinese! I can only make out four characters, a wobbly house, christmas tree, and if I squint a bit, Peter Sutcliffe and a shitting dog, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Brainy fuckers I tell you, keep an eye on them.

          • I find it easier to address all Chinese people,male or female,as “Chairman Mao”,and just assume that they all work in Chinese restaurants. I,of course,sent them packing when a family of them turned up to try and buy a terrier pup off me. “Velly velly solly, Chairman Mao,no eatiee tellier,bad,bad Mao” I explained to the yellow perils as I sent them packing.

            I haven’t forgotten the Boxer Rebellion.

  9. Audi drivers are the culprits and women, mini roundabouts should be scrapped because people haven’t a fucking clue and freeze when approaching, not indicating should be a fixed penalty offence, 3 points and a fine!

  10. The title of this thread got me thinking about the band ‘Roundabout’…
    Searchers drummer. Chris Curtis, recruited Jon Lord and then eventually Richie Blackmore to form Roundabout… The idea being the three core members with extra musicians and singers coming and going: like getting on and off a roundabout… Curtis was too ‘out there’ though and he left the project, while Lord and Blackmore evolved Roundabout into Deep Purple…

    Chris Curtis was a brilliant bloke, a one-off… But he was crackers with it…

    • As soon as I saw roundabout in the title this classic Yes song briefly played in head

      I didn’t know about richties band good to know wonder if they have a few singles… which is weird cause I knew about the other bands that sprang out of DP “The government, Episode Six and the short lived Santa Barbra Machine Head all bands worth checking out btw especially if you cunters like Deep Purple

  11. Thank fuck i gave up driving.
    The amount of cunts yous are describing, fucking up on the roads and all yer reactions to them.
    Yeah, thank fuck i gave up.

    There’s a roundabout near me that is about two foot high and the edge is concaved. There are tyre skidmarks all around it, even up to the top.
    I’d love to see how some cunt managed that.

  12. Biased towards young English footballers is a cunt.
    We’ve heard it before, some English boy plays OK for a few games and he’s now world class and worth millions.
    Last night, Man City beat West Ham 0-5. John Stones scored the fifth, his first ever goal for city.
    John Stones has had a shite time since joining city, but coz he scored (the fifth goal) , Five Live were all over him at the end.
    They had Willie Caballero there too, and all they asked him was how good Stones is and how good he’s going to be.
    It was cringe worthy.
    There are loads more young English players being heralded as world class, by the media, who are meant to be football experts.
    Their favorite mistake is Theo Walcott, every ten games or so, he has a good game, and the press try and convince you that he’s world class.

    To nights ago, I was watching Barca getting beat by Athletic Bilbao. Near the end a young Spaniard came on for Barca, who are probably the best team right now, and all the commentators mentioned was the substitution. No fireworks or cheerleaders.
    A young English boy comes on for a big English club, like say Leicester, and he is going to rule the world.

    There’s too many players that never reached “world class” to mention.
    But just think Wayne Rooney.

    • all these young world-class young english footballers coming thru we should piss the next world cup and euros – best get your bets on early before the bookies twig

    • All that shite today about Rooney equallng Bobby Charlton’s record…
      The fat, whoremongering, syrup wearing, grannyfucking Scouse cunt will never be as good as Charlton as long as I have a hole in my arse…

      ‘Wazza’ is also well behind Law, Best, Tommy Taylor, Violet, Cantona, Hughes Van Nistelrooy…

      • I mentioned Wayne Rooney as a failed prospect, not knowing that earlier that day the cunt had broken a record.
        Felt like a doss cunt when I found out.
        I should have put Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.

  13. Liam Gallagher, what the fuck has happened Liam Gallagher.
    Not long ago, he was apologizing for tweeting the phrase “batty boy”. This is from a guy who never backed down and was never afraid to call a cunt a cunt.
    His latest tweet says “very proud of my boy Lennon for doing his first catwalk today”.
    I know a lot on here hate the guy, but for me, he was one of the few i respected.
    Now though, nothing.

    I want good things for my kid, but if she was to ever take part in the soulless, selfish act of walking down catwalks, I would definitely not be singing her praises.

    And after all, yer sons a catwalk model.

    • Maybe the “batty boy” apology came because there was a…..”dad I’ve got something to tell you” moment in the Gallagher household.

      Give the lad some credit though…walking 30 feet in a straight line would make any parent proud…..

      • I wonder if He’s actually a good father or if hes just trying to look like one I’m sure he has a iffy relationship with his kids
        Anywho, Liam gallahger is a cunt and beady eye sucks

        • My favorite band of all time is Beady Eye.
          All them Oasis fans begging for an Oasis reunion, fuck that, i want Beady Eye.

          Eat one if your hash brownies and listen to Morning Son.

          • @ I downloaded that song and a few others and I can honestly say Its not that good. Nothing exceptional anyway very generic stuff IMO

            Alot of it sounds like 2nd rate oasis/ john lennon type songs also I find he mumbles abit His singing has sufferered a bit since his morning glory days but sings decent in spite the wear and tear hes put on it

          • Fair do’s.
            I cant see by them. The best thing for me is there’s no Noel Gallagher on it. When I listen to Oasis, i usually skip Noels whiney dour soft crap.

            beady, beady eye
            beady, beady, beady eye.

    • Liam -whatever his faults – was always what you see is what you get, and tough tits if you don’t like it… The idea of the Liam of old gushing over catwalk modelling would have been a non-starter… In fact he used to deride fashion conscious bands… It also goes against his working class roots… Oasis (love them or loathe them) were from the shithole that was Burnage.. They had a rough upbringing and nothing was given to them on a plate… Yet like so many other celebrity kids, Gallagher Junior just gets a modelling job in his lap… Also anyone who calls their kid after that monumental cunt, Lennon, has to be a bit of a cunt themself…

      • Sorry, I think the guy is a first class cock, but the jammy fucker was banging Patsy Kensit, who looked well fuckable, especially after the boob job, so I guess some respect is due for that at least.

  14. Well that’s it. Xmas is officially over, thank fuck.
    Yesterday was Three Kings (basically xmas day) and now the decorations are coming down.
    My living room is back to normal, and i wont be chasing bouncing baubles every time i dare look at the tree.
    The upside is i found eight chocolate baubles, the downside is I’m back to work tomorrow night.
    I’d love to know how its a mans job to put decorations away.

    • The moderation system does sometimes highlight weird things that it shouldnt.I can only assume it thought you were selling chocolate baubles.Rest assured unless you are trolling a page or spamming your post will most likely be approved.

    • I often see ladies from the religion of peace driving with the full face mask etc. Surely illegal? No peripheral vision. Or is it politically incorrect to prosecute the fuckers?

      • Would you stop one of em. Did you know you went through a red light madam?”


        Fuck that shiit

  15. Fuck me with a cutlass this is true. There are many drivers out there who shouldn’t be let anywhere near a motor. One thing I’ve noticed is that the mini roundabouts cause more confusion, yet the commonsense roundabout principle is the same. If these dumb arsed cunts can’t even remember “give way to traffic coming from the right”…they need putting away.

    I see it time and again. Usually either hippy spacedust dreadlocked hipster fucks with a cloud of pot smoke in the car with “Yeah man I’ve just shit the bed” on the radio, some 100 year old box dodger who can’t even see over the steering wheel due to cataracts like bottle tops, the usual Pippa Fortesque-Smythe in her old man’s Range Rover Sport (usually the special Pinot edition “I’m on a free meal ticket for life and I don’t have a cunting clue about anything” model), some Audifuck admiring his inflated powercock in the vanity mirror or Johnny Foreigner who doesn’t hold a full UK licence because he bought his dodgy one during the Third Crusade with camel vouchers.

    They stare through you with the look of a rabid dog, all glassy-eyed and vacant that can’t decide if it needs to piss or shit itself first. It’s a roundabout…not assembling a Pratt and Whitney turbofan for the love of sweet Christ. Grow your own clue, you retarded roundabout fucks. Employ a little commonsense thinking and life runs a little bit smoother.

  16. Been to the care home today on a visit to see aunty,Bought some Fugo fish cheap in the pub,Chef in care home said they will a love these he will fry them up later and all can enjoy at supper time,They look a bit like cod,Yum yumyum,Happy Days.

    • On another note backed Mr Strutter 8.15 at wolves in with a good chance tonite took 6/1 Fingers crossed.

      • Hi Andz,
        I’ve taken note of your selections that you’ve posted in the hope that you’re a tipping genius.
        Was just wondering if in the time since the solar system was formed and the earth finally cooled that you found a winner?

        Would be interested if you could put us on a cert though…

        • Fair comment J R,It was second ,Saturday iv’e always found to be a bad day on the horse’s i do most bets mid week,Had outlaw torn on a treb the other 2 let it down ,Should of just backed outlaw torn on a single was gonna do last night but i never so thats that,Ive got a few lined up ,Fancy Dor’s Law, 3.00 wolves monday,Lulu stanford will be the pilot,I shall be backing that.

  17. I’d like to see some of these muzzas do some astronaut training. They could still wear the bin bag over the suit no prob. And the capsule at the top of the rocket could be mosque shaped. Mars here we come. Fits the bill everyone happy.

  18. Indians are the worst!!

    Fuckin Indians should be banned from British roads.

    The little Indian women in the dented Nissan micra with scrape marks down both sides or the Indian men with Mercs the size of ships that take 15 attempts to get into a parking space.

    ….or African cab drivers. Especially those Addison Lee cunts. Man, they are SHITE at driving!

  19. A lot today has been said about aid going to these countries and i agree its all fucked up and wrong were sending millions to the fucking likes of india and their sending rockets into space and building nuclear weapons ,Fucking hell thats like giving Benny out of Cross roads a box of fucking matches and a can of petrol fucking madness.

    • The world is indeed a fucked up place.

      What happened to looking after your own?

  20. Shitty driving? Sounds like a euphemism for New Zealand. Every cunt on the road here is clueless and/or downright incompetent. Zero use of indicators, zero use of headlights in poor visibility, highways driven a la Mad Max. We are terrible fucking drivers, including yours truly. Driving used to be a privilege, now it’s a fucking nightmare.

    • Must admit,my driving isn’t great…. The chief magistrate said that I have a record to equal Toad of Toad Hall last time I was in court.

      Thing is, I reckon that I’m actually a fucking good driver,it’s the other cunts on the road who are the problem. They either crawl along,holding people up,or they drive far too fast,like fucking maniacs.

    • Indeed, years ago i would have welcomed and initiative that said only those with a degree could have a driving licence primarily because the same people would not drive too much owing to their academic dedication, however, these days when degrees are handed out like confetti would only exacerbate the poor driving problem.

      • Cunts with degrees are hopeless drivers,just look at that fucker Steven Hawking,hundreds of degrees,but you wouldn’t trust him to drive a bus.

        • Cunts with degrees seem to be useless at anything except getting up late and protesting. My thick cunt of an employer keeps taking them on, one has a degree in Medieval Italian Literature which seems to be nigh on useless. They mostly turn out to be thick lazy cunts with an attitude problem. These are presumably the ones that just want a degree rather than a career.

          • Seems like every fucker has a degree these days, I saw a job advertised by the environment agency a while back for someone to essentially ‘count water voles’ requiring a relevant degree and offering 13k a year salary, what fucking relevant degree? The job is counting fucking voles and 13k for a degree educated person? what is the fucking point of going to university.

  21. Did anybody see Stephen Hawking doing the zero gravity loop de loop.
    (Sorry , i don’t know what its called and that’s my best description just now)
    If he hadn’t had the look that he was about to come, i would have got the cunts responsible done.
    It really is a strange sight. A drooling, gurning , mangled creature floating about.
    I bet he did come.

    And pissed himself.

  22. You should see the dozy fuckers try and cope with roundabouts here in the States. I’ve never seen anyone signal on a roundabout here, not ever. On approaching they either freeze, sitting there shitting their pants not knowing what the fuck to do or just keep on going at 60mph, regardless of what’s coming round in their path. Watching for signals is the least of my concerns when some stupid bitch cunt slapper is texting, doing her makeup and slurping on her Starbucks while barreling through the roundabout in a six ton Chevy Suburban. You’re lucky to find people signalling when turning at a fucking traffic light, let alone a roundabout exit. It’s been a good while since I lived in the UK, but generally people are far more courteous there than the pig shit ignorance and psychotic driving I encounter over here. It still shocks the living shite out of me on occasion.

  23. The worst drivers on British roads are, in order of crapness;

    1. Black women
    2. Asian Women
    3. Chinese Women
    4. Really old cunts (any race)

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