German Car Syndrome


“German Car syndrome” (AKA “Panzer Fever”) a complaint which transforms even the most reserved, mild mannered individual into a selfish impatient lead-footed cunt, the minute they slide behind the wheel of an Audi, Beemer or Merc.

VW beetle owners can be cunts too, sneering down their noses at “lesser” classic motors while preaching the virtues of their nasty, rattly, draughty Nazi-memorabilia-on-wheels.

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

136 thoughts on “German Car Syndrome

  1. Fuck me Mary wot a fucked up world,I thought i was strange liking women sqirting milk out o f their big tits,I feel ok about it now,Fucka me wots it gonna be like in twenty years time.

  2. Well bollocks to you all, I have an Audi and a VW and both are fucking great and I am a cunt.

  3. Had to watch the end of Sherlock to see Yoko Watson get killed off… Supposed to be sad, but it was fucking hilarious… The killer was like Tweety Bird’s Granny, and there was the usual cheesy ‘slo-mo’ bullet aimed at Sherlock Cuntberdink, and then Mrs Wonderful Watson dives in front of him (in ‘slo-mo’ naturally) after the bullet has been fired… How the fuck can the daft cow be faster than a fired bullet?! Is she Super Token Woman? Faster than a speeding bullet (and a tax bill!)?!… Funny as fuck… And her death scene? It was like some terrible cross between the death of Nelson and the Prince Regent copping it in Blackadder The Third… And for someone just fatally shot near the ticker, she didn’t half babble on and talk crap for several more minutes Waltons style, and everyone is blubbering like babies (wasn’t she an ex-heartless contract killer/mass murderer?)… But was it over? Was it fuck as like…John Freebloke showed his ‘grief’ by grunting and going ‘Nnnnnngh!’ every five seconds, and Mrs Wonderful came back from beyond the grave: giving Sherlock (who is supposed to be the world’s finest sleuth) ‘instructions’ on ‘what to do next’…

    Best bit of BBC comedy I have seen in years… Moffatt and Gatiss are still cunts though…

    • Sounds Emotional. Did CumberCunt reappear at the end to make an emotional but inaccurate harangue against Western policy in Syria and oppressive attitudes towards terrorists, sorry, cheerful “rebels” .

      • Engeldict Cuntberdinck blubbed when Yoko Watson snuffed it (after her babbling melodramatic crap for several minutes before she actually did so!), while John Freeman grunted and moaned like the creature from Young Frankenstein… Utter steaming, flyblown shite…

  4. Any debate this long that does not mention that Jeremy Hunt is a waste of a perfectly good birth certificate and makes as much sense as a skunk dead of venereal disease viewed through the matrix is not a complete debate. And him with that brain-damaged grin all the time.

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