I would like to cunt the Remainers or Remoaners or whatever they are called these days. Like a bad smell they just won’t go away. It seems they are now plotting another coup headed by Tony B.Liar.

Anyway, I nearly spat out my genetically modified cornflakes, as I read Teflon Tony is thinking about another comeback. He has had more incarnations than the iphone. Unfortunately, unlike the iphone, he is only unidirectional. He speaks but never listens.

I’m guessing since he heard how much his pals Killary and Bill (sounds like the title of a new Tarantino sequel) have creamed off over the years, somewhere in the order of 90 million pounds ( 110 mil dollars) he felt he and his mon Cherie were being left behind, with a mere 50 million quid. So, in the spirit of 1990’s optimism, the “People’s Prime Minister” feels there is plenty more filthy lucre in the world to be trousered and since his pockets are not bulging to bursting point yet – or at least that’s what his Mon Cherie tells him at bedtime each day – he must crack on, or is it crack one off, whichever.

So just like a perennial weed, no amount of Round-Up can get rid of, he re-appears to spread his roots deep and wide, infesting the British countryside, well, in fact any country’s side, back or front, wherever a pound, yen, dollar, euro, swiss franc, ruble, shekel, dinari, won or yuan can be made.

Fresh from having stuck the boot up poor old Corbyn’s jacksee at every opportunity, with the help of a certain PR firm, he now seeks to defecate on pastures new. Planning coup after coup, like an El Presidente dictator of a banana republic.

Since, he survived Chilcot, his armoured coating slightly scratched but not dented, he is free to crusade. This time it’s against Brexit.

Watching his beloved European Union gravy boat get holed – but not sunk – by the HMS Brexit was a painful, as opposed to, gainful experience for him. Yet undeterred, good ol’ Cap’ain Ton is now hoping to scupper the good ship Brexit like a Somali pirate, to plunder and pilage it and relaunch the E.U battleship Bismarck complete with a crew of old sea dog remoaners.

Using the same PR firm, for the JC (Jeremy not Jesus, even Tony wouldn’t try that) shoeing, to manage the new campaign, plus his merry crew of bandits, including Long Dicky Silver Beardy Branson (a real modern day Judas Iscariot) and his chest full of pieces of silver…well OK….a measly 25 grand…and Nick One Leggy Cleggy, Tim Far- rong and other swashfuckling remoaners, they have been plotting a mutiny for months. Every bit of effort has been put into this mutiny using the collective cunning of a fox chased down it’s hole by Tory toffs on a weekend hunt.

So, don’t be surprised if we hear old friends, like Alastair Scumball and Peter the Prince of Darkness, spinning furiously in the background. A cast of hundreds will be feverishly beavering away in the MSM ( More of the Same Misinformation) to support this cause backed by the rich and (in)famous, like Bob – give us yer fookin’ mooney – Geldof, adding his mouthiness to the cause but needless to say not his money. I wouldn’t be surprised if they register the new campaign as a charity at the UK taxpayers expense AND domicile it in Luxembourg, probably getting a tax rebate from the EU in the process.

Maybe, Wikileaks will be able to spill the beans and come to the rescue, before they drone Julian or he gets shipped off to Guantanamo via Stockholm on a one way ticket, never to be seen again.

Finally, we can hope the Dutch, French and German people see sense and join the good ship Brexit in 2017. Where is a U-boat when you need one to sink this motley crew, the Brussels mobsters and their Fuhrer Frau Fuckface, once and for all?

Nominated by: Mike Oxhard

54 thoughts on “Remainiacs

      • I say bring as many has been politicians, washed up pop stars and clueless z list celebs to the block brexit campaign. It’s the very thing that drives ordinary run of the mill joe public to vote in the fucking opposite direction. Nothing is more puke inducing than to have some holier than thou ivory towered skid mark who never uses public transport, nhs or state education schools telling people what is best for them. So get ya scruffy cunt geldof, talentless lilly allen, mincing eddie everard, preying mantis mandelson, lying smeg stain alistair campbell and war criminal blurghhh to name but a few to keep the shite spewing from their mealy mouths. They’re doing a far better job than any leave cunt could dream of. I don’t seem to remember when we voted to go in the cunting common market the the defeated side kicked off like a shower of cosseted titty sucking spoilt bastards. Cunts. And while I’m on what the name in FUCK is this fucking single in the memory of joe cox all about. I can think of many many good people who deserve remembering. But no, this is just another sickening underhand way of blaming the leave side as racist thick cunts who don’t know shit. Glad I won’t be here in 50 years. It’ll be a fucking offence not to be fucking gay or black or trans. CUNTZ

      • I second that ; great cunting . The remoaners’ bleating (to wit E. Lizzard and co) pre – referendum undoubtedly strengthened the resolve of the pro-leavers and decided many undecideds , who are sick to the gills of the patronising , holier than thou , ivory tower cunts , to vote Leave just to see the outpouring of ‘grief’ from the sanctimonious twats.We were the Brit version of the ‘Deplorables’ so go forth and multiply losers , and eat humble pie.

  1. Please understand the following equations:

    Remainer = Intelligent + Considerate

    Brexiter = Thick + Racist

    These are the only equations that the popular press and meejah understand or care to report on and are not biased in the slightest.

    • Remainer = Greedy, Selfish, Naive, self serving

      Brexiter = experienced, patriotic, observant, forward thinking

  2. I’ve just backed magic city,5.15 at wolves,If it looses and i ask the turf accountant for my money back and try another bet to see the outcome of that he will tell me to fuck off,Same thing in my eyes.

  3. I’d like to post a posthumous cunting for Linda McCartney as,when you think about it, you just know that big bag of grass they found at Tokyo airport was hers.

  4. They clearly haven’t thought this through. If they do manage to stop Brexit the fallacy of Democracy is exposed. Brexit was the biggest turnout in my life time. The issue divided people but also got people out to vote, it was the one time people felt their vote could make a real difference. General elections have become meaningless, you get LabCon either way.

    Go on cunts, overrule Brexit and watch a lot more of the sheep lift their heads and wake up. If Brexit is stopped in the courts or in parliament it is the end of the illusion of democracy, even many remainers whom at first will be overjoyed will eventually realise the implications.

    • Yep
      By stifling what we voted for, they are merely slitting their own throats.

      I can see the whole of the remain an south voting lib dem at the next election.
      While the whole of the leaver north votes ukip

      The days of the 2 party system are gone.

      The country is on fevidedalong the lines of those in favour of globalisation.
      Against those who want to save England.

  5. An admirable cunting , worthy of The Spectator (in a good way).
    Incidentally Tony Blair has the credibility of a turd in a jewellers. Largely responsibe for stirring the hornets’ nest,he then becomes Peace Envoy in the Middle East!!!!!Fuck me sideways-what a way to make a buck-just like those American cartels post Iran/Iraq.
    Just hope Cherie post-box mouth doesn’t try to do a Hilary lite. She wouldn’t , would she?

  6. How in the worlds fuck is Tony Bliar (sic) still free to walk the lands of this fine Earth?

  7. I know i might sound like a bitter Leicester fan, but i think Jermaine Defoe gave a black power fist salute when he scored.
    If so, an instant three match ban, a fine, an official inquiry and being trolled on social media are in order, followed by a weak apology……….

    • Probably after she received a nasty “tweet” from a Brexiteer pissed off with her overt remain leanings.

      Had it been from a “peaceful” cunt it would have been cast off as a bit of hijinks, however as it was from a native white male then the police, serious crime squad, MI5, MI6, hell probably even the FBI, CIA, NSA and ATF have been mobilised and arrests made.

      As a “democracy” (allegedly) the UK enjoys the right to “free speech” – just so long as that free speech conforms to the socio-libero-globalist view of the world.

      • If it had been tweeted against Nige Farrage all the news channels and soppy leftie twats journos would have been sarcastically laughing and sneering and playing it off as a just an off the cuff comment by a completely decent and tolerant person frustrated with the way the country is being infiltrated by the nasty underhand lying right wing facists. Hmmm, Liberalism springs to mind. Pussy cunts.

  8. I’d like to cunt those people who think it’s a excellent idea to go to a heavily populated area with their slobbering brats in 2-way or sometimes 3-way pushchairs, ( or even just the one pushchair). And why they think we should get out of their way immediately,as obviously they are far superior and should have right of way through a crowd, so their precocious snot-laden offspring can be transported to, ideally, a small cafe where any small amount of room can be taken up by said fucking pushchair.
    I went to Lincoln market today, and the above was fucking evident. It was absolutely fucking heaving, with literally every square inch being populated, so you’d think that there might be common-sense used, re taking fucking little Johnnie and Michelle and instead being left at home with the grandparents, or whoever……but oh no, let’s take the little fuckers to the market in the biggest pushchair possibly and then look indignant when the crowd fails to scatter out the way.
    Cunts. I’d like to take your pushchair and whining brats and throw them in the fucking river.

    • Quite agree,Mr Sausage.
      I reckon that a lot of the trouble is that these soft parents seem to think that their dull,unremarkable children are some kind of demigods. They believe that their “bundles of delight” are a delight to everyone and therefore everybody should defer to them. The days of children being seen,but not heard are long gone.
      Children now are spoiled,soft,selfish brats,and I blame their equally spoiled,soft,selfish, brattish parents.

      • That’s true. These late-for-school-run mumsnet social legends really steams my piss in a serious way.

        Another thing which riles my shit are these cunting stupid “Baby on Board” stickers in car windows. Loosely translated it means “I’m the only woman in the world to have a child…My other half is a limp wristed hipster cunt who keeps his bollocks in my handbag and my child is the centre of the solar system and you WILL move out of the way”. Cuntish behaviour illustrated.

        I put it to people like that, that I don’t give a well-rounded first wank if there’s a “Baby on Board”. What cuntish difference will that make to me? Bugger all. What’s next? “Second Cousin Thrice Removed Inbred Weirdo Shit-Slurping Mong Farrier on Board”. What a load of Generation Snowflake, Entitlement-Era mule shit.

        • Spot on. More like ‘Spoilt, whining little cunt on board’.
          When I see them, I think, “well I WAS going to crash into the back of your brat carrier at full speed, but now you’ve put that sign there, then obviously I won’t”.
          Stroll on, what a lot of cack.

    • ….. on a similar ‘child handling’ charge, I’d like to Cunt (running late) mothers dropping off or picking up the brats from school.
      In the morning they will do anything to get the kids dropped off right at the school fucking gate … I’d a pyjama clad fucking mother drive a good 50 yards up the wrong side of the fucking road (that was my side) so the kid could be dropped off at the gate. I couldn’t figure what was happening as I thought she was only pulling in ‘down the street’ to drop the kid off … No, no, no .. pull in, yes… but keep driving up the wrong side of the road. I’d to pull across the street and she still didn’t acknowledge I was even there.
      And at the end of the day .. if you are within a quarter of a mile of any school at around knocking off time.. look out, ‘Late Mummy’ is on her way … she’s late and couldn’t give a fuck about any other road user. She’s had big Winston round since the kids were dropped off, had a bit of a snooze, forgot the time , then suddenly realised her kiddy winkle needs picking up. She can’t be late as her old man will ask her why. She then drives like a fucking maniac to the school gates.
      Next time you see a single woman drive like a fucking idiot mid afternoon … check your watch .. it will be ‘the back of three o’clock’, and you will be within the vicinity of a school.

      • Sexist trigger warning (just in case any fucking femtard snowflakes are watching).

        Fucking wimmin doing any sort of school run are twats of the highest…. Some of the cunts around here would drive into the fucking classroom if they could.

        Last night I dropped my missus off with my youngest at the school disco (they do a bar for the parents, mostly mums). Some cunt had parked not only on the school zig xag lines but opposite a residents car thus reducing the width of the road to about the size of my very small car.

        Any emergency services that may have needed to get through would be a bit fucking stuck.

        I would bet my fucking life that it was a woman cunt who parked like a cunt.

  9. Yes Boilsmypiss I have had similar situations happen to me with the fucking useless cuntress mothers and why do they always open the fucking door to let their priceless kids out the same side vehicles are passing , fuck knows how many accidents I have nearly witnessed.

  10. 26 member states , over 500 million people ,the second largest trading economy in the world and it’s going to break up because a few of the countries might well have a change of government?
    In your fucking dreams. not today probably not ever. It won’t, in fact it probably cant because nothing will impact worse on the world economy than that.
    There is loads wrong with it , but it will not go away because those who hate it ,want it to. We are about to find out how little we matter . gird your fucking loins because the wing and a prayer that led us to vote leave might not be enough.

  11. Ever since Trump winning in the USA has there never been a better time to mock the fucking left wing snowflake cuntdom.

    They are very much in the same mindset of any of the (young) Brexit deniers.


    Not matter how much logic you throw at them they will always respond with angry insults and in some case violence (how hypocritical).

    I’m a reasoned man and understand that the snowflakes are but a minority in numbers (my missus voted remain but she’s old and wise enough to respect the result – we still have sex and it’s still great, we haven’t fallen out over it) but my problem with it all is the MSM.

    Yet again they churn out the negative rhetoric to make everyone think it’s everyone that disagrees with the result (Brexit or Trump). Its not only sad, but it’s condescending.

    The only save in grace is (are?) the huge amounts of videos on Youtube mocking remainers/clinton supporters (depending what side of the pond they are on) and basically showing them in their true colours. Samegoes for SJW’s and that fucking Black Lives Matter bollocks (I’m not racist, but that movement just fucking needs to look at the facts – even loads of black people have a problem with it).

    • I’d never heard of an American “Cu(rre)nt Affairs” programme called “The Young Tur(ds)ks” before Trump and subsequently roaring with laughter at their inability to accept a democratic decision while – yet again – lording it over ordinary, decent folk who they consider to be scum.

      The 26 minute video of the election day: before, Hillary in no probs. During, what the fuck!?! And after, ladies and gentlemen The Young Turks would like to annouce that the world has officially ended. Utter, utter cunts of Jupiteresque proportions!

      Now hilarity aside (at their “butt-hurt” whingings) whilst perusing YouTube you hit upon the pre Trump stuff and for a set of so called liberal, intelligent, forward thinkers, they ain’t half a set of nasty minded cunts when it suits their agenda.

      The main protagonists being Anna “if you don’t have a vagina then you’re a cunt, or if you’re white and have a vagina you’re still a cunt” Kasparian, and – the Fuhrer of Cuntdom – Cenk “I wish I had a vagina and I’m technically not white” Uygur.

      They talk about the dangerous, uneducated, white Americans and their evil right-wing views, who are all Nazi racists (sound familiar), while in the same breath calling for “people” (socio-libbo brainwashed cunts) to be ready to “take control” if Trump dares fart in the wrong key!

      Wonderful democratic role models don’t you think? Kasparian in tears when guests are on talking about being “weight shamed” then in the next breath calling someone a “fat fuck”. Cenk pretending to be the doyen of civility and promoting discussion then in the next breath screaming at someone with a moderately right-wing perspective to “get the fuck off my set” (and having to be restrained in the process).

      They want to compartmentalise groups or whole sectors/demographics of society as being “dangerous” when all they really need to do, to find truly dangerous people, is take a long hard look in the mirror.

      Also, when I see Cenk’s face head-on, all I can think is: “Heeeeyyyyyy, Abbbbbotttttt!” 😃


        Ana Kasparian ~ “I’m BETTER than you!”

        For some of the bast takedowns of the Young Nazis, try videos by Devon Tracey AKA Atheist Roo AKA Atheism-is-unstoppable.

      • Well fuck my old boots. Just watched a bit it, 10 mins. Enough to appreciate wot a narrow minded, yes, narrow minded set of liberal marxist retards they are. These cunts are given the platform after having been brainwashed by the people who really hold the power. Tv chief execs, lefty politicians etc, to spout their slurry in an attempt to make themselves appear more educated and fair minded than any other cunt. They may have been to uni but they know jack fuck about life. When I was young I couldn’t give two fucks about politics, I left it to slightly older more experienced people and politicians while I got on with making my way in life. It was only once I got past 40 I started taking any notice of stuff like that. So my message to these cunts would be go and fuck off and do something to benefit the economy by getting a proper career that actually produces something of value and stop the smug, conceited, arrogant, self righteous shite that dribbles from your pathetic orifices day and fucking night.

  12. While we are at it can I give a monumentous UnCunting to Julia Hartley Brewer who tore the fuck out of that novice horse faced up her own ringpiece sarah olney on her radio show the other day. The cunt went silent after 3 fucking minutes of the interview before her cunt of a PR twat cut in and said she had to go to another interview. Ha ha fucking ha. This just shows how fucking out of her depth the fuckwitted bitch is and can’t be taken seriously from this day forward. Makes some of the Richmond set look like they’ve had their pockets well and truly fucking picked. The fact that it was on radio made it twice as pants pissing. You could just see the cunt gesticulating thru the fucking silence for some cunt to come and rescue her. Can’t wait to listen to Fearron and Claggs explanation of that ameteurish debacle. She should go into fucking comedy. Cunt.

  13. Staff at Leeds University are being urged to follow guidance to help them deal with “change and uncertainty” following the Referendum result.

    The guide, compiled by the university’s staff counselling and psychological support service, warns staff that they may experience “grief and anger”, suffer from loss of sleep and become “news addicted”.

    It advises staff to use “mindfulness techniques” to “ground them” and to contact the counselling service if they are concerned.

    Can’t think of anything to say!

    • All part of the socio-liberal brainwashing which is happening from nursery right through to further and higher education.

      When they leave and then get jobs, where other folk haven’t been brainwashed, when they come up against a different opinion, they simply don’t know what to do and their heads go tilt – because they’ve never been exposed to a different way of thinking.

      I do blame Tony Blair for this because my school years were pretty much under Maggie Thatcher’s tory govt (apart from the very early bit under Callahan).

      In my schools you knew which teachers were tories (usually the maths/sciences ones) and who were lefties (usually the art/RE/languages ones) – you knew because in the latter years some would take the piss out of Kinnock and others out of Maggie by chucking in the odd topical comment here and there.

      I went through all of school, college and poly with my best mate. He was my best man at my wedding. He’s left-wing through and through, a staunch labour voter and loved every moment of the Blair years.

      I’m probably the complete opposite, so how is it possible that we’re friends??? Because we grew up being exposed to a wealth of different points of views and perspectives, and learned to live with those differences while respecting people’s rights to a different point of view to that of our own.

      Over the Blair years the educational establishment seems to have become a “liberals only” place and now – twenty years later – we’re reaping the seeds sowm with kids leaving school/college/uni with only a single perspective on life.

      Combine that with the embarrassment that is social media and it’s no the wonder these “millenials” are as fucked as they are.

      God help them when they get a real job and have to suffer the indignation of being told what to do, or that their work is a pile of shite (as opposed to an “always tries hard” comment on a report)! They won’t have the gumption to get on with it, or suck it up, they’ll probably ask where the work’s “safe space” is because that’s the only way they know how to cope these days.

      Generation snowflake indeed.

      • Accurate assessment indeed. Well cunted. Watched that tripe talking Liberal cunt Cleggy with Andrew Neill on Sunday Politics yesterday. The cunt was on the verge of telling him to fuck orf he was getting right agitated. You could see him sitting there thinking ‘why don’t you just go away and die you filthy porridge wog and leave the country to us tolerant fair minded younger intellectuals. Soon the country will be mine I tell you, mine mine mine’
        Deluded snake in the grass cunt.
        I wonder if he’s ever had it up the chuff.

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