The racist card


I want to cunt anyone who plays the racist card.

I’ve had all I can stand of these fucking morons whose sole argument is “that’s racist”

Any debate would show these cunts up for the fuckwits they are. I no longer pay any attention to matters of racism, because thanks to these twats it has lost all its meaning and become a bad joke.

Change the fucking record you boring bunch of shits.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

19 thoughts on “The racist card

  1. Hate the fucking racist card, it boils my blood and has no meaning whatsoever and deserves a good cunting. I went to buy some blue curtains the other day and left empty handed, I couldn’t ask for blue just in case it was racist towards a smurf. What the fuck has the world come to. I bet brown sauce is next on list list then my Sunday morning bacon sandwich is fucked, if I’m even allowed to buy non halal bacon because now that’s definitely racist. For fuck sake!

    • Fair point, well presented. I fucking hate smurfs, little blue annoying wankers piss me right off.

  2. But you’re correct Duke, the use of the word has become so everyday that it has even started to water down the ACTUAL struggle of racism that some poor cunts have had to endure for generations.
    Saying you think a certain set of people need to stop being lazy/dirty/dangerous, cuntish doesn’t make you racist, it makes you socially responsible.

    • My point exactly.
      The original cunting was in response to some chavs father crying “racist” when his daughter was sent home from school for having ridiculous hair extensions.
      With arseholes like that and hundreds like him any legitimate claim of racism has been obscured a long time ago.
      Add to that the slightest criticism of anything or anyone of a different culture and you are automatically branded a racist and your point of view is invalid.

      • And softarsed cunts who cash in on the race card are cunts… Like some spotty ginger haired cunt who sued his employers (some crappy fast food job) because his workmates took the piss out of him…. Said ginger cunt said his ‘abuse’ was ‘racist’… Someone should tell the carrot topped twat that ginger cunts aren’t a ‘race’… Same goes for those Scouse cunts… Their usual ‘always the victim, never our fault’ bollocks has now had a remix… The Dirties have now added ‘racism’ to their list of self pity greatest hits… Scousers aren’t a race…. A plague, yes, but not a race…

        And of course anyone who questions or criticises the non-British, avaricious and morally bankrupt Gina Miller gets the ‘Racist!’ siren in their ears… And don’t get me started on that cunt, Diane Abbott…

      • Flabbott is a fucking racist. No doubt about that at all.
        Like other cunters above I agree that true racism has been diluted. The first reaction of someone who has either lost an argument or has nothing sensible to say on an issue grabs the racist card in order to shut down any discussion.
        Usually these racist card grabbers are naive, know nothing of life cunts who cannot think for themselves and who have been programmed to react as they do.
        I suspect if you asked them for a definition of racism they couldn’t give it to you.

      • Having spent a large amount of time in both cities you’d be surprised how similar scousers and mancs are despite declaring themselves mortal enemies of each other.

  3. I see it’s been reported a senior EU official’s student daughter was raped and then murdered by a teenage Afghan migrant in Germany in October. Frau Merkels open door immigration policy is clearly working wonders in ze Fatherland…

    • But what about the kebab shops LF? if we give up on the kebab shops all is lost, That is literally the only benefit of diversity. There is no other benefit I can think of apart from the occasional jihad or random attack.

      Having abunch of ungrateful ugly violent raping haji mutants and their ugly bag slags is no benefit in my opinion but hey I’m just a hateful racist so what would I know?! cause we all know hatred of skin tone is the real culprit here right?

      • Fuck the kebab shops. If they weren’t there it would mean no shit stained sheets in the morning…………………..or is that just me ?

  4. The “R” word replaced “Fascist” which used to be the default setting for malodorous student/hippy types to scream at anyone who disagreed with them. Even the definition of “Fascist” would get changed to suit their requirements which had the amusing result that the word could be turned around and used on them.
    Only one opinion allowed… Fascist.
    Violence and intimidation against anyone who holds a different viewpoint… Fascist.
    Hypocritical snowflake cunts…

  5. What gets me is that there IS a difference between races,pointing out the glaringly obvious doesn’t mean that I necessarily think any the less of one race over the other.
    As a rule black people tend to be better at sports,Asians at sciences…. Muslims at bigotry,whites at being terrified to say anything for fear of upsetting some cunt.
    I couldn’t give a fuck if someone accuses me of being “racist”….I am…and the sooner that people acknowledge the fact that that the races are different the better.

    • Yeah I agree with what you said mate, schools today are literally white guilt machines and with marxist leanings and a perverse social heirarchy(social climbing, group think,etc.) too boot.

      I just don’t trust them and I personally wish I wasn’t sent to such screwed up schools when I was a lad. My experience with school was actually much worse then my experience with work or church Then again my teachers were boring authoritative arseholes so I dunno

  6. Racism. The clue is in the word, race. All these cunts who say things like Brexit was voted for by racists? Last time I checked most poles, and other Europeans are white and they are part of the Caucasian race. The word racist means you are prejudice against other races than your own. In this day and age most racial lines are blurred anyways. All these dumb Americunts who think they are pure white and the Black African Americans who probably have a few white ancestors make me laugh. I have my racist stereotypes for all races. I don’t discriminate.

  7. Would I be classed as racist if I pointed out that the enclave living cunts seem to have intergrated very well with the benefits system, NHS etc they have no need to intergrate they do not have to. All we have to do is pay, pay, pay. Just like home but with non stop handouts. Intergration would happen if one was forced to intergrate ie no benefits unless you’ve worked ten years and so on. Better still, we are full fuck off.

  8. My first wife was from the Adritic coast and has olive skin fact.
    So one day a Persian chappie suggested that I go the extra mile bend a few rules and sort him out, I said no simply because I don’t like him.
    He then proceeded to call me a racist, I have to admit I lost it, all customer relations went out the window, my colleagues actually say that I went white and exploded.
    I think my exact words were “racist! My wife is blacker than you, I won’t do it because you are a wanker and you can totally fuck off now”
    All the above was said with real feeling and I got away with it (kept my job).

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