Laurie Penny [3]

For an Oxford educated individual Laurie Penny is as thick as an uncut loaf! Usual adage applies: more degrees than a thermometer and not an ounce of common sense!

Usual “…immigrants are a net benefit to the UK economy…”.

Yes Laurie, yes they are, paying taxes into our economy to the sum of millions right now.

Alas, what no cunt then follows up with is the fact that those moneys “now” do not pay for houses, schools and hospitals “now” and the more it exacerbates the worse it’s going to get and impact more and more on the services available to everyone, which – unfortunately – includes those folk who were actually born and bred here (as much as that group is despised in this country these days).

It’s virtue signallers like her and her ilk which genuinely makes me feel unwanted in my own fucking country for fuck’s sake!

Also, when free movement of trade is mentioned, why does no cunt ever ask what the figures are, ratio wise, between the UK and the rest of the EU?

I bet it’s pretty much 1:1 for France, Germany, etc., the western European states. But I bet it’s 10,000:1 for the former eastern block/soviet states.

So Laurie Penny, you explain to me how the disparity of numbers IN vs OUT is even remotely fair!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

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  1. “Alas, what no cunt then follows up with is the fact that those moneys “now” do not pay for houses, schools and hospitals “now” and the more it exacerbates the worse it’s going to get and impact more and more on the services available to everyone”

    – Since immigrants cannot guarantee how their tax take is spent, there’s an argument for saying that this is actually the fault of successive governments, both New Labour and Tory, for not investing in the necessary expansion of public services… but perhaps that’s a tad too nuanced for the Daily Mail brigade? I’m no fan of open door immigration (as all my previous posts on here make clear) and firmly believe we need something akin to the Australian points system for skilled workers, but the lack of public services is the fault of no one but government.

    • The only way you could argue that immigrants are a net benefit to the economy is by dramatically narrowing what you term as an immigrant. If “immigrants” are those who have applied for residency as skilled migrants legally, then yes, they are a net benefit. What tossers like Laurie Penny do is use these figures when it suits them to peddle this argument. What is left out, of course, are the asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, and the biggest con of all, family reunification visa holders. Your one net benefit immigrant becomes an overall net deficit when these are added.

      • Another example would be ex-pat (shit cunt joke-of-grandparents) spending their money in the local economy and lapping it up in spain.
        Patting each other on the back for a job well done, whilst completely forgetting that they fucked us off to their parents every weekend/school holidays when we were kids. Now it’s their turn (as it will be mine in 15 /20 yrs I hope), they fuck off!!!
        Fucking cunts the lot of them, english fucking gypsys! and the scum of the earth.
        The worst of it is, the selfish cuntstains for parents even have the cheek to vote remain. And why??? Because almost all are still registered as uk residents. Making no contributions to our society, but claiming our full nhs benefits so they don’t have to pay in Spain. Cunts!!!
        Needless to say I’ve been cut out of the will, but I couldn’t give a shit about that anyway. I just want my kids to see their grandparents like I did (not as much, but they need it)

        • I with you on that one, the baby boomers have fucked up the country, then fucked off out of it with their final salary pensions whilst telling us we can’t have a final salary pension because “it’s too expensive” which is code for “fuck you I want more money and I want you to pay for it” I currently reside ( for the next 20 months) in a country that is full of ex pats moaning like fuck about brexit, etc etc. The only thing that makes me laugh about the pricks is that when the Greeks fucked up their banking they drew a levy against anyone that had more than 100k in their bank and legally stole money from the greedy ex pat cunts, now they are all skint and want to come back but can’t afford a house so are stuck here.

          • It’s a shame for the rest of us.
            I’ve worked in the pension industry since leaving uni and what you speak of final salary (defined benefit) schemes is true. They rely on either; BOOM only growth or the increasing contributions of new active (working /contributing) members to sustain them, rather like a ‘Boiler Room’ investment scam.
            They are not sustainable and if you ever think they are then imagine how much you would need to save over a 40yr working life to provide an income for an average retirement of 30 yrs, with inflation proofing, you are looking at 100% of your pay and even then you’d need so much luck with tour investment choice that you’d stand more chance on the lottery.
            Final salary pensions’ promises need to be scrapped or they will bring our country crashing down.

    • Too late for a points system Fred, we have to cease all immigration until we can sort the mess made by successive Labour and Conservative governments, enough of the new Labour bollocks, mass immigration into the UK predates Blair and goes back to the 50’s.

      We need to find a way to get people to fuck off home. We never needed 10 million migrants to begin with. Your right that the shepherd is the cunt that left the gate open and it is the Shepherd we need to deal with. We do this by never voting for LabCon again.

      • I agree, we need to stop all immigration until we can sort out things like housing, the NHS, and even our transport system and road network. For a start, we need to kick every failed asylum seeker and criminal. And if they won’t say where they came from, tell them to pick a country and we’ll send them there instead.

        Pretty much every problem we have in the UK right now comes to down to one thing, there are too many people on our island. And yet we have anti-British asswipes like Farron, Corbyn, Fatbot, Balls-Cooper, Clegg, etcetera calling for MORE immigration. I have a solution to this problem. I call it; “Straight Swap”. It’s really simple, everyone who has called for an increase in immigration agrees to swap their family’s place in the UK, with a refugee/immigrant family.

        This way, the lefties get their increased immigration, but there’s no actual increase, because it’s been offset by the fuckwit lefties who wanted it leaving the UK. The only downside is that the lefty gobshites would never agree to such a thing. Give up their middle houses for a hovel in Afghanistan? “FUCK RIGHT OFF”! They would cry.

        What we really need, is a politician in Westminster who has the cojones to start kicking out everyone who does not belong here. And to stand up to cunts like the UN and tell them to fuck off an mind their own business, whilst reminding that WE are one of the largest financial contributors to the UN, along with have the second largest aid budget in the world. Unfortunately, there is no such politician in Westminster right now.

  2. If immigration was such a great benefit, why the fuck are we running a £19.1 billion National Deficit ?

  3. I despair at the lack of nuanced thinking displayed by a sizeable percentage of those self-regarding , paragons of liberal virtue who inevitably conflate the justifiable expressions of trepidation by “ordinary” folk on excessive , usually localised immigration , with the extreme xenophobic views of some nationalist extremists . Is this because they are naïve ? Partially , perhaps , it is a form of naivety borne of a virulently snowflakish , self-centred complacency. On the other hand , I believe , these wonderfully moral advocates of a lovey-dovey , embrace all immigrants type philosophy are disingenuous cunts who wish to further their self-perceived ethical supremacy at the expense of decent , concerned citizens .I honestly believe they would gladly deport millions of their own countrymen in order to accommodate a commensurate number of immigrants from where-ever . They don’t seem to grasp the fact that real national identity is founded on a coalition of disparate indigenous people , some of whom mildly or strongly disagree , with a sensible intake and ingestion over time of viable , credible “outsiders” over a reasonable period. These libtards are the embodiment of a spirit of insularity and even fascism that they purport to abhor . Fuck them all.

  4. They will show their true colours again come new years eve,They will have their cocks at the ready in the town squares mark my words boppers,They be cunts.

    • The stinking cunts are probably raping their own sons and daughters in preparation. Hope a few “NazI thugs” are ready to kick the cunts into a coma.

      • I hope someone does fucking stand up to them when these cunts start feeling up the wimmin again on New Years Eve.

        Thing is, only the media will say they are Nazi cunts when in reality, they will just be the indigenous people trying to protect a law abiding respectful society because they have finally had enough.

    • Sargon of Akkad AKA Carl Benjamin has done some videos about her on his Youtube channel. Go check them out.

      • Sargons alright I guess but I stopped watching his vids years ago. After he blamed plod and not the actual rapists who got charged and kept making excuses for the politicunts who covered it up

        He just seems too “middle of the road” for me he goes back and forth alot on certain topics which irrates me

  5. Penny is your typical silver spoon up her arse mummy and daddy are paying never been in the real world or actually worked cunt…. Nor will she ever have to live with or near these stinking rapeugees, white w*g gyppos or bogo-bogo cunts… Easy to scoff when you’re a million miles behind the lines…

    That in the pic looks like that Zooey Dethingy cunt…

    • Yeah its Zoey with two o’s typical hollywood slapper, cute girl tho got a nice baby face

      Oh yeah debbie reynolds just kicked the bucket hahaha not even 2 days since Carrie died and it was a stroke probably brought on by stress

  6. Having now googled Laurie Penny, it turns out she’s an English feminist, columnist and author.
    They three descriptions basically means that she whinges for a living.
    Its nearly 2017 and we still have feminists. The missus hates them, especially when they “speak” for her.
    If i got a job because of what or wasn’t between my legs, surely that’s sexist, so how come coz she’s a female, she gets paid to give outdated feminist thoughts ?

    2017 and we still have professional feminists, c’mon….

    How many men does it take to sweep a floor ?

    None, its woman’s job………….

  7. Cold “remedies” adverts are deceitful cunts.
    I’ve luckily not had a cold for over a year, but I’ve got one now.
    On the telly, there’s an ad for Johnson &Johnson’s Frenadol Forte. In the ad , the soppy dad has a cold and cant be bothered to take the kids out.
    Then he takes Frenadol soluble , and cue a Queen song that goes “don’t stop me, don’t stop me, i don’t want to stop at all” and all of a sudden the dads mad for it, with a big smile and full of energy.

    Bag of shite.
    After many glasses, I’m still lying here with snot everywhere and no energy for fuck all………

    • Pork scratchings and Tizer mixed with a triple dose of turbo power brufen, nighty night sleepy time for a day or 2. Works wonders for colds but you may soil you pants whilst kipping, no worse that snot pillow though.

      • Haven’t had Tizer in years, now i want some.
        I’ve drank five cans of Power King (cheap red bull) and that’s done fuck all apart from numerous , tiresome toilet trips to try and squeeze a piss out of my shrivelled up cold laden cock.

        Where’s a bag of speed when you need it ?…….

        • Three grams of Coke and 2 red bulls will have you swimming the Atlantic Birdman.

          Only joking Birdman, that is a guaranteed heart attack. I have had loads of colds etc and I usually take a load of vitamins (those high strength dissolvable ones) drink a load of orange juice and wear loadsa clothes to bed and sweat the cunting cold out the system.

          • I’m trying to sweat it out , but the unsympathetic missus is telling me that I’ve to take the dog out as its to dark for her, even though i live opposite the Guardia Civil compound , the Policia Local is at the end of the street and the Policia National is two blocks behind.
            Safest place in town, but still too dark and scary for her………

  8. Yea they could pay double the standard rate of tax and still not even nearly cover the cost in medical care, housing and education for their kids that we shell out.
    If mass immigration benefits the economy so much how come we are up to our eyeballs in debts and cuts?
    With the ludicrous about of immigration we have we should be the richest country in the world.
    As for the eu, I loved the question by Peter bone at pmq’s when he enquired how much the eu would have to pay to access the UK market.
    Fuckin deluded snowflake cunts with more degrees than brain cells. Not a fuckin shred of common sense between them.

  9. Shame to read about Dioclese.Hope everything is ok down his way.He has done a marvellous job indeed!

    • Sad news.
      Thank you Dioclese,your work is very appreciated, and I’ll be forever grateful and i wish you well.


      • Oh no! Hope all is well with Dioclese and many thanks for all of the help, advice and saint-like patience over the years.

        All the best to you and yours.

      • I have too and I love this site. Some comments are a bit close to the bone for me, but I’m a fan of freedom of speach and appreciate that I’m quite often wrong.
        If I can help too then please let me know 👍

        • Shit just re-read that.
          I don’t mean help with the site as I’m shit with computers. I mean help with anything else so he can continue.

    • What now? He is quitting for personal reasons? That is political speak that means he got caught with his dick in the babysitter, or taking bribes.

      On a serious note, hope you are OK Dio and thanks for doing a top job of moderation. Just hope you did not get caught with your dick in Laurie Pennie

  10. Can`t seem to access your link in the news Eye but I would be willing to help run the site.

    • Nice one, Shuan of the Dead 69.
      I ain’t got a clue, or I’d offer my services.
      Right now the world needs a fucking hero.

      Step up heroes………

      • Well I dont know if I have but I have ran web pages before and have been visiting this site for a few years now so I think I get the rough gist.Don`t want to see it collapse.One of the only sites with good unfiltered opinions.

        • Most of the hard stuff comes when trying to combat twats like Dickie Two-Days.

          Most folk know to tow the line but you need astute mods to pick up on when stuff becomes, or heads towards being libelous.

          The libtards will no doubt be aware of this site and would like nothing more that to have it banjoed on a technicality.

          I’ve only been in the site a few months and it’s been a breath of fresh air. I wish you all the best Dioclese.

  11. In the spirit of the season , I would like to propose a cunting of Benjamin Netanyahu for the sheer arrogance and petulance he has displayed since the UN censured Israel’s illegal settlement of occupied territories.
    Ya Boo’s toy throwing truculence has displayed a high level of cuntitude that highlights the ugly side of militant Zionism . He seemingly would like to extend an open invitation to all within the global Jewish diaspora to come and colonise land to which Israel has no sovereign claim.
    Given the delicacy of the political state of affairs in the Middle East generally and the protected West Bank territories in particular , he is playing a dangerous game in putting two fingers up to the UN security council. For once , the Americans appear to have acted sensibly in sanctioning Israel’s government.
    For seeking to sanctify Israeli expansionism whilst further marginalising the Palestinians , I feel Netanyahu is a cunt.

    • I cant agree with you on this one, Simon de Cuntford, Benjamin Nuttyyahoo is a hero.
      I don’t respect many politicians , but have full respect for him.

      The Palestinians are welcome, as long as they behave, but it seems impossible for them to do so.
      Every border in the Middle East could be debated , and as I’ve said, Israel has no problems with law abiding Palestinians who respect Israel.
      I mentioned the other week that the policy of “you kill my cat , I’ll kill your dog” is the only way to deal with monsters who want to deny Israelis a safe home.

      I have no religious leanings, but my grandmother on my fathers side was Jewish, so maybe I’m biased, and i let that get in the way, but i fully support nuttyyahoo……..

    • Can you not come back and bring some dollars back with you?

      You only need enough for you, your family, a family of immo’s and a couple of 2nd/3rd generation benefits fraudsters that you’ll need to support.

  12. I’m not sure whether to believe what’s said about Dioclese in the News part on the home page. Let’s not forget Rickie Doublecunt is trying to sabotage this site. Maybe check Dioclese’s own page for updates.

  13. Best wishes, Dio. I hope everything works out for you the way you’d want it to.

    I hope someone with the time, know-how and passion will step up and fill the void.

    I visit this site multiple times per day because it’s so ace. Some of the biggest laughs I’ve had since leaving school (a long time ago) have been because of the banter I find here. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to post, entertain, amuse and educate me on what seems to be an ever increasing proliferation of utter cunts.

    Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

  14. I wouldn’t believe anything till you hear it from Dio, we all know who is trying to sabotage this site.

  15. Been away for an extended Xmas binge, has the site been having troll cunt problems?
    Do fuck off Prickie, there’s a good cunt…

  16. The million plus goat herder’s in Germany must be a skill asset, the German economy must be enjoying a boom with all this new talent, or maybe just a bomb…

  17. has anyone seen the latest Spivey ‘article’ ? for those unaware of his site its he could have actually gone too far this time, either that or he’s onto a disgusting fraud. i think he has gone too far. how would you feel if your child had died of cancer and you are accused of setting up a go funding site with the sole purpose of making a fast buck? how would you feel if in fact you were told your child had not in fact died? i think Mr Spivey could be finding himself in court again, thats of course if those accused are even aware he exists. perhaps i’ll let them know.

    • I had to have a look, didn’t I! Now I’m fucking disgusted at the fat bald, benefits scrounging vermin. How retarded are the scum that read and comment on his nasty, pathetic bullshit? Also, I wonder how much cash the low life prick gets in donations to his bottom feeder site, and does he declare it against his dole? Arse cancer would be too good for the dreg, as he would love the sympathy.

    • Richard1 – I take issue with your reference to ‘Mr’ Spivey.

      The correct term of address is ‘the cunt Spivey’.

    • Holy fuck, i had to give up .
      How fucking long was that pile of nonsense ?
      I kept scrolling down, and it kept going.

      There’s one thing professional conspiracy theorists have in common, they want money. Be it selling merchandise or asking for donations, its all about the money………

  18. I have been reading this site for under a year and commenting since September.
    When the missus is being a bitch, there’s always ISaC.
    When Leicester are shite, there’s always ISaC.
    When work is boring, there’s always ISaC.
    When the world is a weight on my shoulders, there’s always ISaC.
    When my poser mates don’t listen to reason, coz they are only interested in clothes labels, there’s always ISaC.

    VIVA IS A CUNT………….

  19. Only been on this site a few months, been a breath of fresh air to me especially as I have found people out there who share the same thoughts, and the humour at times has been fantastic. Often I have laughed out loud and I would like to thank my fellow cunters for that. Obviously a big thank you to Dioclese for running and keeping this site going, I wish you all the best. Not sure I would be much good at running a site like this as I am fucking useless. Anyway cheers Dio.

  20. Remainers are a bunch of cunts. Especially the likes of that foreign cunt, Gina Miller. Not content with making herself less popular than dog shit on the sole of a shoe, she’s now going BACK to court to fuck things up further by trying to get a debate in the House of Lords, where the Tories don’t have a majority. On top that, four anonymous cockwipes are going to the High Court to try to force the Government to give MP’s a vote on the issue. The thing is, they’ve already voted TWICE. Once to decide whether we had a referendum, and the second time in the referendum itself. How many fucking votes do they need?

    I am sick to fucking death of these shit stains. If Miller is so against us leaving the EU, then she should pack her bags and fuck off back to British Guiana. She does not deserve to live in a country that has seen so many men and women die fighting for freedom and democracy. And neither does any other Remain parasite. If you are against the UK leaving the EU, then you are against democracy, you are against freedom, but worse still, you are against the British people. And that means you are a traitor.

    In large part, this is May’s fault. She’s been dragging her kitten heeled feet since she got into Downing Street. Personally, I think it’s partly because she herself is a remainer, and partly because she hasn’t a fucking clue of how to deal with this issue. She should have triggered Article 50 the second she was made leader of the Tory party. It wasn’t even a priority for her. Now, we have an increasing number of traitorous parasites queueing up to try to put a spanner in the works of Brexit.

    If you are so in love with the undemocratic, corrupt, anti-British EU, then fuck off to an EU country. You don’t belong in Britain, and you will not be missed.

  21. Hi , Birdman . I think a lot of the problems in the Israeli / Palestine impasse , for want of a better word , stem from interventionist policies by successive US/UK governments in the early 20th century.(to wit the Balfour Agreement).For the sake of political expediency , measures were taken that still resonate strongly with the Israelis and Arabs in the region , and laid the foundation for bitterness and resentment on both sides.
    Not for one moment would I deny the right of the existence of an Israeli state. Nor would I countenance the refusal to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians to inhabit ( peacefully) their own homeland.
    It is inevitable that feelings on both sides of the debate will run high but please God let there be political dialogue and not triumphalist sabre-rattling or , worse still , acts of savagery on either side.
    I hope a delicate balance can be achieved to satisfy both sides and that , as in Northern Ireland , pragmatic moderation prevails. I know from hard-earned experience that compromise , where humanly possible , should triumph.

    • Totally agree with you there Simon, lets hope for peace.
      But as i said, the Israelis have offered peace, and want to live peacefully, but the Palestinians are the ones that can’t be reasoned with, and seem hellbent keeping the problems alive…..

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