Bus passengers

I would like to nominate bus passengers as a bunch of inconsiderate cunts.

I get a bus daily, to help the environment but mainly because I like a drink after work. If the bus is busy, what do these twats do? Sit in the aisle seat with no intention of moving over so you have to ask them to move. If you can see it’s getting full, fucking move over, pricks. And take your massive fucking handbags off the seat next to you, you’ve paid for one seat, not both.

And if you’re an old fucker and turn up at the bus stop just before it arrives, if I’ve been waiting 10 minutes in the pissing cold and rain, I’m getting on first, so stick your misguided entitlement up your cunt, cunts.

And don’t get me started on the twats who put their feet on the seats, someone should take a shoe covered in dog shite and rub it in their fucking faces.

Nominated by: TheBournemouthRed

39 thoughts on “Bus passengers

  1. I haven’t been on a bus in years.
    I wonder if I’d still get a raging hard on, sitting up the back.
    Don’t tell me that I’m the only one that happened to.
    It used to be painfully embarrassing having to walk down the aisle, passing everyone when it was my stop.

    First comment, and I’ve lowered the tone already……..

  2. I’d rather walk than get on a bus.
    Full of inconsiderate cunts.
    Loud cunts on their phones.
    Cunts coughing and sputtering.
    Cunts with B.O.

    The term ‘bus wankers’ comes to mind…

    • Good place to catch a illness, people coughing uncontrollably and sneezing in your face. Buses also smell of Piss and I also have the feeling of constant paranoia on buses….

      Well it doesn’t help when you see a few radicalised muzzies talking their haji-ho language or bunch of thugs cackling and grunting like a bunch of diseased animals It takes a brave soul to ride on one of those horrid cunt wagons nowadays

    • The ones that piss me off are the militant old cunts who try to get on the bus at five minutes to nine in the morning (the free bus pass seems to operate from 9 am) and then get into a deliberate argument with the driver, hoping to keep it going until 9 and thereby holding every othef cunt up. Then there are the cunts that appear to live on garlic that stand about two inches away,facing you. Buses are truly cunt wagons.

  3. And those fuckers with buggies that take up 3 seats and the old bastards that come on & sit in one seat & put their trolly bag in 2nd seat. ..

  4. I agree with all these comments, but the thing that gets me more than anything is when someone gets on an otherwise empty bus and sits right behind me, when they’ve got the choice of every other seat. I feel like telling them to fuck off and give me some space.

    • OMG! I missed this particular behaviour in my list of cuntish things people do on buses. Some people just don’t seem to understand personal space on any level.

      When I park my car, I always park as far away from everyone else as I can. That way I avoid door dings. Then, when you come back to your car you see the massive amount of open spaces all around it just like when you left, but some cunt has parked right next to you. What the bejezus fuck is wrong with people?

  5. In Germany, the “ultra” right are having an anti Merkel protest. Some are holding flags , others are holding hand written messages that i don’t understand, as its in German.
    On the other side, the lefties had gathered and for some reason most of them had love hearts printed on sheets of paper.
    Apart from one tart. She had a printed sheet that read “Death to Fascists”, you couldn’t make it up.
    After this report, they then went in the streets of Madrid to ask more lefties , what the thought about the rise in islamaphobia.
    Innocent Europeans get slaughtered by foreign terrorists, and the left are worried about Europeans getting pissed at a swarm of foreign soldiers out to eradicate us.

    • Well they do say that a society that cant and/or wont defend itself deserves what it gets. Social Darwinism really. Weak pathetic sad cunts. Has the bloke on the piano turned up in Berlin to rendition “Imagine” yet?

  6. For a while I took the Park ‘n’ Ride bus downtown, but absolutely hated it and went back to driving in grid lock and paying for daylight robbery parking. Why? Here’s why:

    – fat cunts who squish you because their lard arse can’t fit on half the seat;
    – cunts with headphones playing music so loudly you can hear the shite they’re listening to from 5 seats away;
    – cunts who use the bus like it’s their personal fucking ‘phone box;
    – cunts who carry on a fucking loud conversation with their friend which the whole fucking bus has to hear;
    – cunts who carry on a fucking loud conversation with their friend when their friend isn’t even sitting next to them;
    – cunts who sniff and snort the entire journey – ever heard of a tissue you cunt?
    – cunts who cough the entire journey – ever heard of cough medicine you cunt?
    – cunts whose job is so vital to the continuation of the species and survival of the planet that they have to work on their fucking laptops right next to you;
    – cunts who take a fucking age to move their lazy arse when you’re next to the window and it’s your stop;
    – cunts who bring their fucking evil germ bag kids on a commuter bus then make tax paying working people stand because little Johnny bastard and insufferable Susie need to sit down;
    – cunts who finish their latest fag 4 nanoseconds before getting on the bus then funk out the air around them with their rancid breath and stench ridden clothes;

    Why can’t people who use public transport just sit down, shut up, get to where they’re going then fuck off without pissing off anyone else. Why is this so hard? Cunts!

    • I totally concur with you. . I wonder if they look at you and think “what a fucking cunt you are” lol
      and why do these African women with big fat arses shout on their expensive phones so everyone can hear?

  7. Had a nightmare last night,I was on the bus and Lauren Harries got on at the next stop and sat next to me,I woke up shaking.

  8. Used the bus twice this year and each time it was crammed with Japanese students, plus a couple of pensioners and a hollow-eyed scratter obviously fixated on his next joint, red bull or can of Spesh. Probably all three.
    Noisy, smelly and uncomfortable, like a Ryanair plane with the wings sawn off…

    • The fucking things never seem to get cleaned either these days. It doesn’t pay to look too closely at the floor,turns your stomach. All you need is some livestock on board and some battered suitcases on the roof and you could be in the third world.

  9. So Hope Not Hate are crowd funding in the hope of suing Nigel Farage about hs comments made about Brendan Cox the cunt. As someone pointed out why the fuck are these left wing tosspots crowd funding when they received a sizeable amount of dosh from contributions made by the public (fucking imbeciles). You can call me a cunt if you like but something is so very very wrong regarding this farce and I don’t need to read Spivey to come to my own conclusion. As for buses I would like to tie several cunts to the back of a bus and drive them up and down my high street

    • They want to silence “populist” political voices. Populists are in tune with the silent majority and give them an option they have not had for decades. The progressive liberal left are in meltdown as they face rejection across the west, they are now in decline and their last hope is using law suits to silence Farage and others like him.

      We can crowd fund his defence.

      • I’ve tried looking up the word populist and I’ve been hearing it everywhere, but maybe coz I’m a dumb cunt or constantly stoned, i cant understand what it means.
        If it means majority, why does it seem to get sneered upon ?

        • Populist is a term applied to the “proletariat” (that’s the working class) by the political class and so called intellectuals. The premise is we are too thick to understand what is good for us and easily led into following people who promise to deliver policies in line with public opinion.

          The average politician doesn’t believe we have a fucking clue and that we are best off watching soap operas and paying no attention to what they do in our name.

        • “Populist” basically means thickos in their world.
          They know best so patronising pat on the head and back to our TVs and leave politics to the grown ups.
          Meanwhile in the real world it means the right thing to do.
          These daft cunts just don’t get it and probably would still not even get it if the goatfuckers mowed down their family.

  10. Rogers profanisaurus from viz uses the phrase ‘scum shovel’ to describe a bus. And so do I……

  11. Every lefty in the West needs a cunting. And this will be a long rant, you have been warned. ALL of the attacks that have been carried out by followers of the so called ‘religion of peace’ are a direct result of the policies of left wing politicians and their cuntish followers over the past few decades. They claim to love multiculturalism, but that’s bullshit because (a) they fucking despise their own culture, British culture, and (b) most of these dicks are middle/upper class trust fund turds, who have NEVER dipped their toe in any of the multicultural shitholes that they created.

    Aided by cunts like Blair, they opened the immigration floodgates, without asking the permission of the British people, without bothering to check who they were letting in, without giving a thought to where these newcomers were going to live and without giving a shit about the impact it would have our infrastructure, which has been devastated. They allowed in all and sundry, as it turned out; “To rub the right’s nose in diversity”.

    Of course there is a limit to the lefties tolerance and love of multiculturalism. And that limit is living among the people they allowed to overrun our country. Because the vast majority of these cunts, moved into working class areas and, in a lot of places, turned them into virtual ghettoes. And I said, the lefties have never even seen these places. They prefer to sit in their little enclaves, such as Hampstead, where they’re among other well to do lefty do assholes.

    And whenever anyone dared to stand up and question the decision to allow in so many people, they were viciously shouted down as racist and treated in the most merciless and disgraceful manner. All for, rightly, expressing concern. Look at Rochdale and Rotherham. Two places where, for years, young white girls were routinely raped by racist asian paedophiles. Not only did the likes of the Police and Social Services do nothing to stop these unfortunate young girls from being abused, they actually accused them of LYING and pretty much accused them of leading the paki’s on. And not a single social worker or police officer has faced disciplinary action for what is effectively aiding and abetting the abuse of children. THAT is the left for you.

    Every time a muslim commits an atrocity, from 9/11 to 7/7 to the Charlie Hebdo massacre to Berlin, some fucking left wing tool comes forward and protests; “But those who commit these atrocities are not true muslims”. BOLLOCKS! I’ve spent time in muslim countries, and I’ve read the koran. And believe me, these attackers and ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and all their supporters, very much ARE true muslims. And Islam is NOT “THE” religion of peace. It is THE religion of violence and war. Buddhism is a religion of peace.

    They call the “far right” Nazis, conveniently forgetting that the Nazis were Socialists, which is a leftist ideology. But the simple fact is, the left wing are far, far more dangerous and evil than the right. Their obsession with multiculturalism and diversity, and hatred of their own people, is so strong that would they happily put their own people in danger to ensure that they dilute the ethnic make up of whichever country it is that they are in.

    Only a couple of days ago, we read about the heartbreaking story of a man who was forced to listen on the phone, as his wife was murdered by a schizophrenic Eastern European. Here in the UK, we have rapists, murderers thieves and fraudsters from all over the world, but mainly from eastern Europe, because the left wanted to have as many foreigners as possible in the UK, and even now, the likes of Corbyn and fat cunt Abbott, are calling for MORE immigration.

    Scandinavian countries have seen a monumental rise in the number of rapes committed by muslim ‘refugees’. The last one was an hour long gang rape by Afghans, on a young boy. In Gothenburg, muslims have become so emboldened by the soft, left wing government, that they have been posting notes through the doors of Swedish citizens demanding that they “convert or die”. The police in Scandinavian countries have so little interest in doing their jobs, that vigilante groups have been formed to try to protect their own people.

    Here in the UK, Muslims have been given free reign to do whatever the fuck they want by the left, who created a new word to throw at people who raised concerns, “Islamophobia”. Only last week, about 1,000 muslims gathered outside the Syrian embassy, chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and calling for the formation, by force, of a global Caliphate. And what did plod do about the intimidation and threats that were being thrown about? Fuck all.

    France and Germany have both experienced waves of terrorist atrocities, as has Belgium. And it’s all because of ruling Leftist parties insane open borders policies. Not to mention Merkel’s fucking bat shit crazy invitation to ‘refugees’ to come to Germany. And we saw in the summer the chaos it caused, not just in Germany, but in Austria, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Serbia. The woman is becoming a bigger menace to her own people than fucking Hitler.

    Last Christmas, we saw the mass sexual abuse of women in Germany by so called male ‘refugees’. Barely a day has gone by since then that we haven’t heard about an attack by male ‘refugees’ on German citizens, including the recent rape and murder of the daughter of a high ranking EU official, by a 17 year old Afghan ‘refugee’. And every time we read about another attack, it’s accompanied by mealy mouthed platitudes from left wing twats, who will exactly nothing to stop any more attacks.

    The left continually harp on about the ‘far right’, although it’s somewhat confusing as to what actually qualifies as far right. Slightly right of centre I think. Recently, a group supported by the prick who murdered Jo Cox were officially classed as a right wing terrorist group. Then you have the EDL and Britain First, who the left would have you believe are every bit as dangerous as the SS and the Gestapo. The truth is though, they’re NOT dangerous in the slightest, because they have they absolutely NO power. All they can do is stage protest marches, and that’s it. And even then, they’re accompanied by a heavy police presence, and the likes of far left wank stains such UAF.

    And now, in Berlin, 12 people are dead and 50 injured as a direct result of Merkel’s open door refugee policy. And even now, there are assholes willing to come forward and defend that policy. A policy that HAS killed German citizens. Only today (20th December) Jo Cox’s widower had a go at Nigel Farage, because Nigel had the audacity to tell the truth, by saying that Merkel was to blame for the Berlin atrocity.

    It fucking defies belief, but it’s not a surprise. Because lefties would rather cut off their own genitals than admit that they are in any way wrong over the issue of immigration. Well whether they like it or not, the fact is that THEY, and every other left winger in Western countries, is responsible for EVERY crime committed by an immigrant in a Western country. They have the blood of EVERY terrorist victim, every victim murdered by a foreigner to their country, every victim of a foreign robber or mugger. And no amount of screaming or foot stamping or shouting ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobia’ will change that fact. The Left are biggest threat to peace, security and democracy than any other people.

    You only have to look at the behaviour of lefties since the EU referendum, and the election of Donald Trump to see just how insane, spiteful, anti-democratic and downright nasty the left are. Those of us who voted for Brexit have had smears, insults and innuendo thrown at us on a daily basis by left wing assholes.

    In the US, lefties are doing their damnedest to steal the election from ‘The Donald’. They just will NOT respect democracy. And from that election, another ridiculous word was created, a racist one. Though considering its creators are non-white, it will never be officially classed as racist. That word is “Whitelash”. Yep, Donald Trump won the election because Whitey is a racist cunt, who only voted for Trump because they hate Obama and want to punish him. And that’s despite the fact Obama is on his way the fuck out of the Whitehouse. Dumb leftist twats.

    I’m hoping that next year will prove the pivot point. Germany, France, Holland and Italy all have elections coming. And for the most part, right wing groups are proving to be more popular right now. We’ll have to see what happens, but I’m hoping that the left’s grip is beginning to loosen.

    • I read every word of this. Excellent stuff.

      I, too, cannot wait for the elections in Europe next year.

      A change IS a coming……..

      • Nazi’s lefties Quick Draw? not so sure about that mate I know hitler charmed both parties but…. Then again a leftist 80 years ago was more right wing then left

        Todays liberal viewpoint have changed drastically, now todays lefty is more worried about transexuals, making little boys into girls against their will, open borders for violent criminals, gender pronouns and protecting ISIS/BLM to give them a safe space to massacre people.
        12 Days of Trumpmass Make christmas great again buy pointless shit for your family fellow punters do it anyway you cheap fucks or at least make something I’m making birdhouses pray that I don’t chop my hand off, or I might not be texting here in the future lol http://grrrgraphics.com/uploads/7/4/7/3/74734153/xmas-cartoon-ben-garrison_1_orig.jpg

        • Yes, they were definitely lefties. Like I said, they were Socialists, it was part of the party’s real name.

          • With you too Quick Draw McGraw.
            Left is power to the state for the supposed collective good.
            Right is power to the common man.
            Hitler, like most Dictators, started on the right (or at least claimed to be for the common man), then when there’s a hint of power, the greed kicks in and they protect that power with a switch to the left. I.e. when the switch to the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party too place.
            The EU will show their teeth soon. Hopefully before their Gestapo-esk army is assembled to supress us.

          • Excellent piece quick draw.
            Very thorough…

            Like you said.. Hopefully we have passed over the summit of lunacy already.

    • World class cunting and I cannot take issue with anything you say.
      Let’s hope the sensible people of europe do the right thing and vote these cunts out at their elections next year.

    • Brilliant piece, Quick Draw McGraw.
      You need to get your comment distributed to a wider audience.
      It was excellent reading,and i hope more people get to read it.
      The missus loved it also, and your comment………..

  12. I fucking hate buses. Yep, great cunting, this.

    I particularly hate the cunts who get on, tell the driver where they want to go, the driver tells them how much, and only then proceed to rummage around in their fucking bottomless handbag for their fucking purse and take the rest of fucking eternity to find the cash to pay the driver.

    That one really fucks me off. I’ve been heard quite a few times purposely thinking out loud telling them what I think.

    I’m getting the bus on Saturday into town. I’m fucking dreading it.

  13. I drove a bus for a while when I was hard up for a job. Everything about buses is cuntish. All passengers are cunts, the companies that operate the buses are cunts and I would rather walk a thousand miles than board a bus again.

  14. I also forgot to mention the twats who get on the bus at 6.30 in the morning and expect the driver to have change of a £20 for their £2 fare. Fucking morons.

  15. Buses are the true mobile scum-skates of our times. I haven’t been on one in years as I’m an antisocial cunt and prefer driving to wherever on my own.

    Usually it’s the standard mixing pot of jabbering foreigners, screaming cunt-turd bastard kids, a fucking spikey-haired cunt manchild with his stinking onion sarnies on his way to a plastic gangsta gig, some right-on hipster Rupert Bear prick and his tinny earphones that sound like a wounded budgie or the usual, nearly at the undertaker’s driveway casket-dodgers and their “I’m old and I use it as a bloody good excuse” crew who demand that the bus drops them off right outside their own front door as if it’s their own personal transport service?

    Being in your 80’s still doesn’t prevent you from being a cunt.

    Why is it that underneath the bus seats, there’s always dried fucking blobs of stale chewing gum? They hang down in rods like a fucking show cave. I’ll carry on, on my own. At least that way I can drive away from the cunts, rather than be crammed into a shitbox next to them. Fucking disease ridden cuntcarts.

  16. Being a bus passenger is shite?Try driving one.Ive had the licence ten years and fall into it periodically when all else fails.Passengers only have to put up with it /me for 25 minutes Ive got to put up with the cunts all day.£50 notes at 7 am obvously angling for a free bus ride whilst practically calling me a useless cunt cos Ive got no change.Ive been sacked twice because the bastards complain about fuck all and the cunt company believe them not me but the scum that travel should be treated like royalty blah blah blah.You dont get a minute to yourself your whole life is running to some virtually impossible timetable everything has to be done to 100% perfection for not perfection money .Shiftwork up at 4 am dare have a couple of pints the night before? No regular breath tests show your licence every shift even though they last saw it 5 minutes ago.Ten minutes to get you running sheet from office while some twat stands there talking to his mate Bob about his life story 10 minutes later Im already late and the bus needs me to do an mot inspection before I get it out of the yard requiring the re parking of three other scum shovels that are blocking me in. “AH cum your so late?” Some promoted twat on a power kick that forgets that he used to be a cunt like me.The company are cunts the management are cunts .Other road users hate us cars taxis cyclists people in scaccy chariots everybody!Shiftwork lates getting home at 2 am to an empty house .I could write a book so next time your thinking its national have a go at a bus driver day and your in a bad mood /late etc or youve got piles hanging out of your arse like a bunch of grapes please think twice.Any bus drivers out there get the drift or understanding passengers for that matter?And what the fuck is a discoplinary for fuck sake?Like going to see the head master.

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