Womens lingerie


Womens’ lingerie is due a cunting.

I’ve walked past some of these shops and although I like a woman in a Fishnet bodysuit most of it is crap. What a load of overpriced shit, give me a woman dressed in a long coat and knee length boots and nothing else.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

48 thoughts on “Womens lingerie

    • Keep your coat and boots Norman, I’ll have her wearing whatever the fuck that is she’s got on in the picture.

  1. Never been able to figure out why the less of it there is, the more it costs.

    Top of the range stuff is about £150 for a pair of knickers that look like two bits of string and a 3″ triangle of lace.

    My boxer shorts are three pairs for £12 at Marks and Spencer.

    • With the exception of your average Maori woman. They end up looking like 100kg of rump steak trussed up with butchers string.

  2. When Ted and Dougal end up in the lingerie section of the department store… That was ace… Probably one of the last great Christmas programmes ever made…. Now all we get is Doctor (Politcally CorrectThat’s) Who, Citizen Cunt Khan, and ‘Mammy’… What a load of bollocks…

  3. The trouble is very few of the women buying the stuff look remotely like the models flogging it. What looks great on a 25 year old hottie doesn’t look so great on an overweight 40 year old heffer.

  4. Dont you just hate it when you click on the image and it stays the same size !

    or is it just me that is that sad ?

  5. What I took to be a loose bit of ribbon hanging from an ex girlfriends frilly knickers as she got undressed one night,turned out to be the string off her tampon. I’d always been warned not to pull on loose threads,but no I knew better. Lesson learned.

  6. Sorry guys idont like a whore to look too good,Big tits and arse for me,I like the old slag look,Got a soft spot for andrea dalton ,You know the one.

      • I would have fucked Divine Brown before Liz Hurley any day.
        Liz would still get it , but Divine would have been first.
        All the outrage in the press about cheating on Hurley with a tart. I’m sure the tart has more soul than that billionaire’s spunk bucket………..

      • Well said bird Divine looked like a true ho,Looked the type to do anything for a dime,What a shame for hugh i bet he was just a ready to shoot his load when he got caught,He took a great mug shot,He’d fuck anything with a pulse would Hugh,Heard he was caught with his pants down in the sex clinic,Im surprised his fucking cock has’nt dropped off,Hes got issues.

  7. I think the trashier the better when it comes to lingerie, forget the overpriced Agent Provocateur, I prefer the cheap clothes in the local Sex shop. You can pull on it and rip it and know it ain’t gonna cost a fortune. On the plus side she’ll think your a wild cunt.

  8. A sex shop is situated one block behind me right next to the supermarket.
    It has two windows, one round each corner, full of mannequins wearing crotchless and peephole lingerie, nurse outfits, maid outfits and other slutty attire.
    Years ago that would be “shocking” but there’s always wimmin of all ages having a geez. Lingerie used to be discreet and naughty, kept for later. Now its in yer face (hawhaw) and its losing its appeal.
    Last year, i saw a woman going out with a short skirt and stockings. The stocking tops where about ten inches lower than her skirt.
    It just ruins the surprise for me……

    • Sex shop you say ? Does it sell mags showing tarts pulling their piss flaps apart so you ca.n see right into to their gapping hole? If not, its not a sex shop . Sorry but Im rather old fashioned that way.

      • Yep, its got everything, even six wanking booths where you can test drive a DVD your interested in.
        As for mags showing everything, you can get that in newsagents and kiosks here. They also sell hardcore DVDs for €6.95 containing three full length filums.
        They also had free hardcore on the telly late at nights, but that got pulled about six months ago.
        Cheap, easily available porn is excellent, but the downside is that its getting harder to hide my stash coz its massive……….

      • Was a watching a bit of that programme the other night,Embarrassing Bodies,And they were telling people and showing people how to wipe their shit holes ?? Whats the world coming too.

      • I think I’m in xhamters top ten customers.
        Tonight I’ve been mostly downloading Alicia Rhodes ffm threesome in stockings and Josephine James interracial ffm threesome………..

        Porn made in Britain…………

      • Alicia Rhodes is cute, curvy with a beautiful smile and innocent big eyes.
        And then the dirty, filthy, sexy, dynamite slut gets down to business.
        Truly delightful , and iv’e been a fan for years.

        Is that how you spell business ?
        Looks weird to me………..

  9. Here’s a good one for you.
    The Germans are cunts.

    If you thought we had lost the plot due to the liberal infiltration of everything.
    Soldiers getting life for killing the enemy or the national football team appealing against fines for wearing a poppy instead of just telling them to fuck off.

    If you thought Sweden was an insane asylum for treating refugees who claim to be children, as children, as long as they look below the age of 40.

    The Germans are the new liberal fucktard Kings. A total and complete reversal of everything they used to be.
    Totally devoid of pride, honour, wit or common sense.

    So the Xmas market terrorist is the subject of a nationwide manhunt.
    The authorities know his name and what he looks like. A Tunisian refugee.
    You can’t be a refugee from Tunisia.
    It took them 2 years to figure this out and in July decided to deport.
    They issued him deportation papers and then went back to get him but couldn’t deport him cos he threw the papers away.

    The secret service knew he was Isis and was taking orders. They didn’t grab him and get him off the streets. They didn’t watch him.
    Just let him be while they squabbled about how to deport him for 6 months.

    Then he went and killed a dozen people and maimed 50 and is now on the run.
    Likely to imminently slaughter more innocent people.

    Now they refuse to release his photo or details to the press so he can be found because to do so would breach his human rights.

    Mind boggles dosent cover it.
    Everyone who touched this case from Merkel down should be jailed for treason.

    Yet the Germans still support Merkel as the national consensus is to defeat those who want to kill you by being ever nicer to them.
    So as to dazzle them with your humanity and values.

    The popular revolution grows by the day in the face of such lunacy.

    • Biggest problem with Germans is most of them cunts are still surfing on the Nazi/ Holocaust guilt trip… Gutless Hun cunts…

      • Brainwashed into throwing flowers instead of potato mashers. Can you imagine today’s Germans doing blitzkrieg? The panzers would be scrapped for not meeting eu emissions laws, stukas would contravene noise abatement laws, and U boats have to surface every twenty minutes, for the solar panels to work. I think they are still number one when it comes to seriously nasty porn, like screwing farm animals and scat parties.

      • The UK is bad enough, but Ze Fatherland is the snowflake capital of Europe… That Berlin Wall should never have come down… Because whatever the situation (the war, the great war, the world cup, the EU, terrorism) a ‘Greater Germany’ always causes trouble and somebody suffers… I remember my granddad (who fought the Japs in the war) watching all those cunts on telly as the Berlin Wall came down… ‘Just you wait’ he said with his pipe smoking away ‘They’ll regret ever taking it down… Bastards don’t change their spots…’

        And how nobody has had a pop at Merkel yet, I’ll never know…

  10. “Ex-Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, who is serving life for the murder of an Afghan fighter, has been refused bail ahead of an appeal.”

    What did he do?

    “Blackman ordered the Afghan to be moved out of sight of the British Persistent Ground Surveillance System, a camera on a balloon above British Forward Operating Base Shazad, Helmand, covering the area Blackman’s patrol had been sent to. Video evidence played at the Marines’ subsequent trial shows some of the patrol dragging the man across the field and then kicking him Blackman ordered Marine B and C to stop administering first aid to the insurgentand eventually shot the man in the chest with a 9 mm pistol, saying: “Shuffle off this mortal coil, you cunt. It’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us.”He then added: “I just broke the Geneva Convention.”

    Ok so its plain to see that his behaviour fell well below the standards expected from British forces in the field of combat. But as the man himself said himself he wasn’t doing anything more than the Terrorist would of done to him and probably a lot less.

    This wasn’t a conventional war and they were certainly not fighting an enemy overly familiar with the Geneva convention and the cunts wouldn’t stick to it if they were. The Afghan invasion plans were drawn up before Sept 11. In fact it is said the invasion was given the go ahead on Sept 10th.

    So a soldier that should never of been there in a war we had no business taking part in is now in prison for an act committed in the heat of war. Due to our sense of morality and respect for the due process of law no matter the circumstances he is serving time in prison for murder.

    The man mainly responsible for sending him there meanwhile walks free, has made millions and is currently trying to engineer the denial of a democratic referendum.

    If this man who served his country at the risk of his own life and at the cost of his liberty is to be held responsible then Tony Blair must face trial, if not then Alexander Blackman must be released.

    • Why are the cunts now referring to the Geneva convention when the invasion that caused all this shit was not approved under it anyway?

    • Extremely appropriate cunting. Tony Blair s an enemy of the British people and should be put on trial the deceiptful cunt.

    • Somebody should tell these cunts all’s fair in love and war…. Especially war… Anyone think he’d killed Tinkerbell and Bambi’s mum the way these bleeding heart cunts are going on… He dispatched a terrorist cunt who probably had a history of rape and murder behind him… So they can fuck off….

  11. Another vehicle attack, this time in Canberra, where a van loaded with gas bottles has crashed into a Christian foundation.
    Thankfully theres no reported injuries.

    I’ve been watching a weekly documentary on All Jazeera, called ” tales from punchbowl”.
    I have never seen a bigger pile of propaganda shite than this.
    It’s about Lebanese immigrant living Punchbowl .
    If you can handle it, give it a go, but its not easy.
    One peaceful little cunt was having a whinge that after making jihad videos making death threats against authority figures, sometimes holding a machete and claiming to be an Isis devotee, he was sentenced to less than two years when the authorities should have recognized that he was lonely and need of help. Not punishment but help.
    Of course All Jazeera are on his side.
    There’s shite loads more nonsense like this, and as i say, give it a geez if you can handle it, especially our Aussie cunters.
    But take some class of sedative first, you’ll need it……….

  12. Coat and Boots hey how bout her? https://i.reddituploads.com/69a86d0fbb4d4fdb8650bd5c317551c5?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=9eb5765d225cc3b9ea438a23c44eb92b she shamelessy tried to ruin democracy hack the elections blame any criticism on the russians. Hilary was going ruin christmas and try to enforce moslem holiday el fart did as a non offending alternative for her lesbian love Huma. Kilary literally wanted to be a hybrid of Merkel and Janet Reno https://sli.mg/Pg0IFN.png Trump saved christmas mates and if any mexican looks at him the wrong way during christmas, the wall will get 1inch higher Hilary is worse then the grinch at least grinch redeems himself in the end

  13. Just seen sky news.
    Pissing down with snow in Aleppo.

    Fucking cunts.
    They aren’t even Christian so won’t appreciate a white Christmas.

    • Apparently the people of Aleppo have been running round dressed as Santa (those that support the legitimate government)

      Syria wasn’t the worst shithole in the M.E before various governments including ours stirred up loads of shit and armed the “rebels” (or terrorists as we would call them if they were not doing our evil bidding).

      Saudi is a much worse state than Syria was but we don’t arm no opposition to the Saudi government because they are our friends and we sell them lots of arms.

      So what if most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi’s. so what if Saudi is a states sponsor of Islamic terror.

      Good luck to the people of Aleppo, they have had a miserable existence over the last few years.

      It won’t be hard for the people behind IS to convince the average citizen of Aleppo we are a legitimate target for their anger.

      Now just who is behind IS?


  14. When I write anything on this topic, I keep compulsively scrolling back up to look at that bird’s arse… It is a belter though,isn’t it? Marvelous…

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