Brexit judges


So these supposedly wise bunch of bewigged creaking worn out fuckwits have the ‘knowledge and experience’ to ‘interpret’ the so called ‘Law’ and come to an ‘enlightened’ decision based on said ‘Law’ regarding Brexit.

‘The Law’, being (usually) a whole host of rambling rules that are needlessly complicated, written by a similar clump of deceptive retards with the sole reason to keep their fellow ‘besyrupped’ shyster chumps in a job in the first place.

The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.” ― Lao Tzu (Died 531 BC ) ……. How true this is.

In my opinion any cunt that makes a career in Politics or Law have taken this decision due to their lack of intelligence and deep down they know it, but this choice does attract them as they can earn big money with their limited capacity. (How much is this latest High Court case earning these sponging parasitic Cunts?)

Anybody undertaking a path in Engineering, sciences etc has to stick to ‘Natural Laws’ as you cannot ‘argue’ with Nature, as opposed to this man-made trivialty, where the goal posts are always moving.

Nominated by: Gareth Davies

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    • Peter Vaughan used to scare me when i was a kid.
      He could play the bad guy like no other. Even now when I’m older and see him in something, i still remember the fear……..

      • Anyone rember “Fox” with him in it?

        It was a drama in the late 70’s/early 80’s. He was a right cunt in that but the reason I remember it so distinctly was because in one seen the Fox family had received a box of chocolates and when they opened them and undid the wrappers it turned out to be dog shit!

        Just one of those TV scenes that stays with you I suppose.

    • Was superb as Grouty in Porridge… Another thing he was great in was Citizen Smith… He played Charlie Johnson for the first two series, was never the same after he left…

      • Interesting trivia I only just found out.He was previously married to Billie Whitelaw.

        • Two actors that scared me as a kid, Peter Vaughan and Billie Whitelaw, and they were married ?
          Thank fuck i never bumped into the pair of them on holiday……….

      • I was racking my brain trying to remember where he played the good guy.
        He was brilliant in that, especially when his character was ill.
        Watch our friends on YouTube recently and it’s still brilliant.
        The final scene with Daniel Craig walking away to oasis, fucking magic………

          • Vaughan was also ace as the ogre in Time Bandits… One of the maddest films ever… Sean Connery as Agamemnon, John Cleese as Robin Hood, David Warner as the Evil One.. But Peter Vaughan as the ogre and Ian Holm as Napoleon steal the show…

  1. Top cunting.

    However, as a consulting engineer I have to deal with these types of Legal cock smokers on a regular basis, trying to prove that Bernoullis theorem is wrong and liquid flows can be compressed because a bunch of snow flake cunts designed the system wrong and it does not meet the specification, and the client wants his money back.

    Or that Newton is completely wrong and rotary objects can’t be accelerated past 343 meters per second…. to avoid paying compensation to ship owners.

    Whilst the spoken word maybe manipulated to suit the SJW and perennial whinge bags, just talking and supposing that established hydrodynamic theory and the law of angular velocity is incorrect does not cut it in the engineering world, where you can call someone a cunt, and then use science to prove it beyond questionable doubt. These snowflakes don’t like that, god forbid you even say they are wrong, let alone prove it!

    Alas, said snowflake will then turn to these legal cunts because you are (insert phrase of the week here) for proving they are wrong, and they want damages because you hurt their feelings. No mention of the truth or context required, these pseudo intelligent pond life (much like the BBC) have to find away to put a positive spin on absolutely everything, and are now routinely wheeled out to do just that.

    Loathsome cunts the lot of them.

    • Agreed.
      The ironic thing with all this is that currently All EU law presides over UK law, so in effect of voting against brexit, these wig-wearing cunts are undermining the system that they headup (i.e. the UK Legal System).
      Treasonable offence??? I’d say so.

    • they all probably fall asleep while their supposed to be deliberating anyway ancient cunts, all their doing is trawling though old 17th century law books looking for a precedent that will justify them stopping brexit and side with the likes of that rat faced cunt whos head of the lib dims, and that other welsh cunt who nobody even heard of till he challenged corbyn for leadership of the lab rats

  2. Every vote in any election or referendum in this country will be worthless if these cunts fuck us over… One can imagine the next General Election: A party win narrowly but fairly… But there would be squealing from those who lost and calls for a second election simply because they didn’t get their way… And this will not only apply to politics, it will infest everything from sporting events to the workplace… Some cunt doesn’t get promotion? Query the outcome of the interviews and demand a repeat of them (with the usual ‘racist/sexist/homophobic’ chippy shite thrown in)… Lose a Cup Final to a lucky goal? Tantrum until the match is replayed… A very ugly precedent is being set…

    And I think that in 12 months time we will still be in the EU and nothing will have been done.. The only way this will change is if that soft cunt, May, is removed…

    • May and her cohorts have no intention of following through on Brexit,it suits them just fine to drag things out until they can sicken enough people off to the point where the country will accept a watered-down version of what was promised.
      I reckon our only hope of independence is if the whole rotten edifice implodes due to the likes of the Greeks or Italians being forced into total financial meltdown.

  3. As George Harrison said about Allen Klein, ‘He (Klein) loves the letter of the law… He also loves the fact that the law and justice have nothing to do with one another…’

  4. i have been watching some of this Brexit Supreme Court stuff, whatever one may think of the debate there is no denying these are fuckin clever fuckers!. their grasp of tedious detail is awesome! thank gawd someone wants to do it!

    • It is just words. Twisting its meaning and understanding is part of the game and it only takes an average amount of intelligence to do that, the cunts lord it up by referring to each other as ‘learned friend’ and all that shite to create an air of pseudo intelligence, in reality its a ‘my dicks bigger than yours’ contest with words.

      Lest we forget, the whole Brexit debate in layman (sorry, lay-person to use BBC cuntspeak) terms is about how to pick a turd up by its clean end… Anyone who tells you any different is a cunt. Probably a lawyer cunt too.

      • Its arguing irrelevances up their own arseholes. Truly rabbit hole bollocks. Fuck these proceedings and fuck the whole fake sham of a democracy we now live in.

    • Clever fuckers these Judges? ”

      The party of the first part in association with a third party to be exempted unless an exemption is contested by another party, not being the first party, or a party to the third but not in association etc..”

      If this is the dribble to be discussed during Brexit, we’re fucked!


  5. It’s all a fucking charade. Their minds were made up fucking weeks ago. I for one won’t accept that decision. And if we end up not leaving the stinking rotten corrupt club I’ll be knocking on my fucking MP’s door every fucking week till I fucking croak. The whole thing is being blown out of proportion. The shitbag losing remainers act like it’s the end of civilisation, fuck knows what they’d be like if they was told a comet was on it’s fucking way. Go to the almighty all seeing ECJ no doubt to say it’s against their rights!! Cunts. All we are trying to do is change the way we fucking trade with the cunts. If the whinging titty sucking retards would accept it we’d be in a much stronger position as a united country to get a good deal. But no, they are now bordering on the fucking hysterical. I wish they would tell us the REAL reason they are so besotted with the sinking SS EU Titanic. Cunting wanking mother fucking low lifes.

  6. we will leave whatever happens. they might have to enact a new of act of parliament but regardless of the result of this appeal we will leave. thank fuck.

  7. All this argumentative blinkered legal bullshit has been kicked off by a small clique of Libtard snowflakes.

    And why does it take twelve of these Law ‘experts’ to preside over this nonsense (plus the three in the previous Court fiasco)
    I don’t remember Parliament having a vote on the Lisbon treaty (we cunts certainly didn’t) when that Scotch Cunt Gordon Brown
    sneaked off and signed it, so why is this any different?

    The whole scenario makes my shit boil and in a peculiar way reminds me of the scene in Kubrick’s ‘Dr Strangelove’ film, where
    Peter Sellars is desperate to phone The US President to issue him with B52 Bomber ‘recall codes’ which could save us all from
    Armageddon. He desperately needs some coins to make the phone call and orders ‘Colonel ‘Bat’ Guano to shoot off the door
    of a Coca Cola machine to obtain said coins.

    As valuable time ticks away he is met with a stone faced idiotic response, as Colonel Guano warns him that the machine is private
    property and he would be answerable to the Coca Cola company if any damge is sustained to the machine ….. priceless!

    I hope you fellow cunters know this scene – if not look it up.

    • They know full well what they are doing . All this talk about upholding the law and the sovereignty of Parliament is just a smokescreen. The truth is they are just a bunch of snidey bastards out to wreck Brexit. Parliament HAS debated this matter and DID reach a decision which WAS voted on by 6-1 to allow the people to make the final decision in a plebiside. That was Parliaments sovereign decision. What is it that these fucking cunts dont understand. Lawyer wankers. Decieving cunts.

  8. Old Gina fuckface was enjoying another day in the limelight earlier, flanked by her close protection squad, because a few bellends has said some crap on twatter. What annoys me about her is this. If she felt so fucking strongly about staying in the EU, why didn’t she throw her lot in with the remain campaign, and spunk away her cash before the referendum? Supposedly, at the ballot box, her rich vote was as valid as my poor vote. Now, with the result not going her way, she can use her wealth to try and change it. I don’t begrudge anybody being flush, even twats like her, I would rather enjoy it than throw it away trying to overturn lawful, democratic election results. And, look a massive cunt to boot.

    • I don’t think that it’ll be her own money funding the case, I know it sounds over-the -top,but I honestly believe that “dark forces” are behind it.

  9. These cunts would have been buggered sensless whilst at public school so as to corrupt then control them. Thats how it works.

  10. The majority of those cunts have too close links to the EU to be impartial.

    This is going to be a fucking whitewash and a total waste of our taxes.

    • As are all the inquiries that seem to go on forever, with fuck all consequence other than some lord or baroness trousering a very large sum of cash, spouting crap like, accountability blah blah, lessons will be learned yadda yadda. No wonder Chilcot took so long to do his bollocks, three hundred quid a day plus expenses. Bullshit, all of it.

      • Unless you are a hard done by scouse Hillsborough supporter then the inquiry comes out with a definitive result exonerating the lying scouse cunts. And blame the old bill. Maybe the leave campaign should all put on curly wigs and shell suits

  11. I voted out, I’m a 6’6 14 St white skin headed cunt called O’Neill from London, tooting to be precise and a Manchester United fan so Norman might know my old man if he knows the cockney reds……I have two kids who are half French, I knew what I was voting for when I voted out on this basically because I don’t give a fuck and I know my kids have 3 passports to get around any problems and can speak 2 language’s….why can’t these cunts understand we don’t won’t Europe but they probably know that there won’t an uprising as there are too many useless wankers in this country to stand an fight

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