Queuing outside a Restaurant


Queuing outside a Restaurant is a cunt,

Near where I live in London there is a Restaurant which you can guarantee every weekend there is a queue of cunts waiting for other cunts to finish so they can go and eat in there. Seriously these cunts need to sort their lives out, fucking sad cunts who are so desperate to get in there they wait outside looking in and putting the poor cunts inside off their food. Fuck off to another Restaurant you cunts.

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15 thoughts on “Queuing outside a Restaurant

  1. These cunts need a gragging from the que and taken to a locked room and have fucking pot noodles put in front of em and then be told your a cunt you get what your given ,they knock a me a fucking sick their cunts.

  2. What the fuck? Is this real? Thank the cunt I live in a small town and I don’t need to be subjected to such scenes.

  3. I only ever queue to get into one restaurant – The Magpie Cafe in Whitby.

    Worth it!

    • I like Whitby, having been there on holiday a few times. I especially like the fresh fish & chips and the steam train but the Whitby seagulls are cunts. They dive bomb al fresco food chompers and, if they don’t get anything, shite on you with great accuracy. Feathered bastards.

      • Dracula wasn’t into the auld fish and chips though otherwise he’d be out there midday queuing with his factor 50 on!

        You can go to the Magpie’s takeaway bit and get served quickly but then you run the gauntlet of being dive-bombed by Smeggy’s cunt seagulls.

        Standing in line at an “Ok Yah!” hipster cunt eatery/posh southern-cunt “all decor and no cuisine” outfit could be seen as being pretentious but up north a queue outside a chippy tells it’s own story, a bit like when the aborigines painted the walls thousands of years ago to say there’s “good eating” here.

        Also if you ever go to Yorkshire ask to use the “God Phone” in any church (denomination is irrelevant).

        Have you not heard of the “God Phone”? Well every church in the UK has a direct line to God and you can speak to him on it but it costs £10,000 a minute.

        In Yorkshire they have them too except it’s 10p a minute because it’s a local call.

  4. Queuing for what ?
    Three square plates with a quarter of a portion on each. All piled in the middle of the square plates, with a couple of chives crisscrossed on top and some class of sauce lightly drizzled around the mini tower of nothing.
    Then pay ten times as much as you’d pay for a carvery, that would leave you busting at the seams.
    Get the missus down the chippy, feast on a couple of suppers and as you dont mind being outdoors, get her in the park for a rooting…………

  5. These fuckers are nearly as sad as those cunts who queue up to wave at royalty as they go past.
    When I’d just left school,years ago,I was working on a private estate when the Queen was due to come past on her way to open a civil construction up the valley. The estate was run by a pompous little retired navy Commander who insisted that everybody line up and salute as the Royal convoy went past….only trouble was that the preceding police car told us all to get off the side of the road and stand in the field. I’ve often wondered what the Queen made of a group of yokels,fronted by a Captain Mainwaring type,peering out of a hawthorn hedge,making what probably looked like insulting hand gestures at her as she barrelled round the corner at 70mph.

    • I may be childish, but princess Anne was passing me a few years ago and while everybody was standing waving, i was standing flipping the bird.
      She saw me, looked right at me. And then a portly gibraltarian polis moved me on.
      Two years later she was back, and my salute was repeated.
      She saw me again, and held her stare.
      After that I’ve found a little respect for Anne. Any other pompous cunt would have turned away , but she looked right at me and held a stare both times.
      Fair play to her.
      I bet she remembers me.

      Next time i hope its Beatrice, and hope its more than a fingering she gets…….

      • I don’t really mind the royals,but Andrew and his pop-eyed,porky,lazy daughters drive me mental. I’d put them to work servicing the occupants of Whipsnade gorilla enclosure….I’d happily go and wave a little flag and cheer if I could watch Princess Beatrice getting reamed out by an irate silverback.

  6. theres one near me, same thing,rain or shine day or night theres a fucking mile long q down the road. uncanny thing is its a thai restaurant and not only is there fucking 20 of them in spitting distance THERES ONE NEXT FUCKING DOOR!! and its fucking cheaper and you dont have to q fucking mugs

    • I was once told that if you’re looking at two adjacent restaurants, one empty and one with a queue then you should join the queue because there’s a reason the one next door is empty. Not sure that’s true any more as only cunts too lazy to cook eat out all the time.

      That’s why they can’t afford to buy their own homes. They piss the money up the wall on fags, booze,and eating preprepared cook/chilled shit in restaurants and take always.

      And since when does MacDonald’s qualify as a restaurant??? Or Starfucks as coffee???

      Lazy cunts.

      • Agree. I was taken to one of these posh “eateries” lately where I wa served a quagmire of phospherent green shite on a fucking roof tile ! The main dish was supposed to be what I thought would be beef, and that came ( I’m sure ) on afriggin floor tile. ( Oh and the chips come in little buckets too )
        The food was shite, the decor resembled Allepo central station ( artisan quaint ) and the fucking bill was what I thought was the National fucking debt. ( thank god I was,nt paying ) Now my point is this. All he Bearded fuckers in courderoy’s with Tartan shirts and green jumpers were handing over wads of dosh ( huge sums ) for the privilege of eating some fucking road kill from the debris of a builders demo site! Daft Cunts.

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