Walkers Crisps


Walkers Crisps deserve a cunting.

Not content with employing that Grand Master of Cuntitude, Lineker, to advertise their shit crisps,they have announced a 10% price rise due to Brexit! They say that exchange rate fluctuations are to blame,even though the potatoes are grown and crisps produced in the Uk.

Considering that the bags are 90% air,perhaps they could save their “increased costs” by getting some cunt to squeeze some of the air out before sealing. Or,better still,sack that bell end Lineker. Their crisps would still be shit,but I’d buy a bag just to say thanks for getting rid of him.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

82 thoughts on “Walkers Crisps

  1. Dont eat them anymore theyve been banned from house ,the company are shit and sick of their daft fucking promotions lineker fronts them as well which is why we no longer eat them,fucking sick of the sight of lineker ,the crisp a knock a me a fucking sick and so does he ,hes a fucking traitor and should be a treated as such,hes the type to sniff vazs under garments if he was paid to do so,hes the type to get his kicks from looking at pics of that fuck e,rantzen,he should be put in stocks in parliment square and he should have bags of walkers crisps shoved down his fucking throat ,mind you he would prob enjoy that,that other fucking skank lil allen should suffer similar fate,fucking sick of the pair of em.

    • Gave instructions to Mrs Johnson last night to find alternatives to Walkers. All because of big eared cunt Lineker and his incessant tweets and general cuntishness in his pronouncements about everything have finally got right on my tits.
      Why can’t the cunt keep his views, which are pretty much contrary to the majority in this country, to himself.
      Hopefully Walkers will grow a pair and sack the cunt from being their frontman. If they do then their crisps are back on the Johnson food order.

      • Well said sir,we get golden wonder ,that rory mcgrath has been seen outside the walkers factory i wonder wot a he was doing there ,it beggars belief,linekers well past his sell by date,hes a pure cunt.

  2. What i love about this site , is that anything can be cunted, nothing is too trivial.
    The thing i hate about walkers is, they are the blandest crisps cout there but still managed to overtake golden wonder. When i was young it was GW , Smiths and Tudor , but from the early nineties walkers where everywhere. Sometimes it the only option.
    Its the same in Spain, it’s always Lays, the foreign version of Wankers crisps.
    I’ve even bought Leicester shirts with their massive logo taking over the whe front.
    Fucking embarrassing, cheers Mr Walker, ya crispy cunt……..

    Whod have thought this morning that later on I’d be sat here slagging crisps………..

    Oh i forgot, linekar is a top cunt just for believing in himself……….

  3. Fucking big eared cunt, the more I see and hear of him, the more I want to shove his fucking crisps down his fucking throat. I prefer McCoys crisps, always goes nice with a pint of real ale.

    • Pork Scratchings for me, the food of the gods.
      …and they aren’t even “peaceful” to eat ha ha!

    • I long for the day when I read the news:- ‘lineker stabbed to death in his bath by friendly crazy-eyed, beardy, goatfucker cunt,’ I will grin like that Grinching thing who stole Christmas.

  4. Lego and rumour has it Walkers are among companies to stop advertising in right wing newspapers after a campaign by snowflakes threatening to boycott their products if they do advertise in the right wing press.

    Well Lego and Walkers and any other company that wants to take a stance on what’s acceptable in print and what’s not, I will boycott your products for interfering in free speech and democracy.

    Lineker is a snowflake cunt that thinks every cunt calling themselves a refugee should be allowed in and if they have to lie about where they are from and their age so be it.
    The same snowflake cunts are also cryi9ng like babies over brexit and Trump. Newsflash snowflakes and big eared cunts, Trump doesn’t want to fight wars in the ME, remove governments or nation build. Libya, Syria in particular are the creation of Obama and Hagaly Clitsworn.Your caring liberal progressives are murderous cunts who have fooled you into thinking war is peace.

    • Free speech is only free when the leftards cunts agree.
      Anything anti their view is almost certainly branded racist straight away.
      Cunts have always been the same and will never change.Big eared cunt Linecunt is just the latest in a long line of liberal wankers who don’t think through what the consequences will be.
      The thing these wankers have in common is they all have plenty of cash and live nowhere near the places where the rapeugees end up. Put them within 10 miles and they would sing a different song.

      • Old Don and Big Bad Vlad should do a deal over Syria… Off that Assad cunt, wipe out the fighting factions, then split the shithole, a la post-war Germany… The US gets one half, the Ivans get the other half… Same goes for all those other unstable dumps like Iraq and Libya… None of that ‘govern your own’ crap… That’s been tried in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it hasn’t worked… Both places are teeming with savages… So, if occupation wipes out those IS scum and makes the rest of the world a safer place, then I’m for it…

  5. Years ago they said robots would rule the world.
    They were wrong, turns out its Lego.
    Lego was fun as a kid, and even relieved the boredom when baby sitting my little sis, but it seems to be taking over the youngsters brains.
    If they just played with it and became creative with it, then fair enough, but they all seem to be hooked on the animated films.
    Lego superheroes, star wars and other tat. My daughters mates are hooked on anything Lego even though they are eleven. Have they never heard of chap door runaway?
    Also,and i don’t know if its true, but Lego is worth more than gold these days….
    I sometimes feel i don’t belong in this world.
    In the words of Pat Garret ” I’m encumbered by eejits”………

    PS. How do these lefties know that the ads are in right wing newspapers if they don’t read them?
    Maybe these companies will tell them to fuck off as they seem to be the minority rather than the majority they think they are…….

    • seems to be a lot of pervert action around the lego theme parks, whats the fucking world coming to,I watch a movie the other night with boris karlof in it ,the mummy ,im still shitting bricks.i think hammer films are the best love the actress in them their that shit ,but yet so brilliant love em,christopher lee actually witnessed the last public execution in paris when he was a child.

  6. Just heard Gareth Southgates pre match interview.
    I wont tell you everything he said , but it went like this.
    Sound bite, sound bite, sound bite, sound bite, sound bite, sound bite , sound bite with a few sound bites thrown in for good measure.
    Can someone in the media try and act human for once, i would be most grateful…….

    • Gareth Southgate reminds me of the hapless Captain Ashwood from It Ain’t Half Hot Mum… ‘I’m awfully sorry, Sir… I am a fool….’

  7. A big fuck of to walkers cunty crisps. Brexit price rise, my fucking scabby arse. Fuck me, these bastard companies use any excuse to screw a few more mites out of their customer base. Bet in the near future the price of air fresheners will increase due to Russian bombing in syria or some such shite. Many of those who shop are old enough to be told the truth ie. The price goes up co’s we are greedy cunts and want bigger bonuses, tell the truth Iwe can take it; then stop buying your cuntish product. Right up your board you wankers!!!

    • I remember years ago the price of cream going through the roof ,due to the fact marc almond was having it in abundance .

      • Motorcycle accident; an unpleasant sight even for medical professionals. Would advise against sliding along on your backside at 50 mph. Though a while ago can still bring a tear to the eye.

  8. Walkers are shite anyway… At least Seabrooks are nicer and you get good value and seven proper bags per multipack instead of six half full ones from Walkers at an absurd price… In our local Morrisons we get a six bag multipack of cheese and onion Ringos for a pound… So fuck Walkers and fuck that odious arselick, Lineker…

    • Its panto season biggins will be out treading the boards again,biggins looks like he swallowed 700 to 800 bags of walkers in one sitting and lineker looks like hes had his head stuck up biggins shit funnel.

    • Fuck Lineker, it’s the miserable fuck all value for money that a packet represents. About one decent spud to a million packs I’d guess.
      Thieving rip off cunts , made worse by the double rip off cunts in a pub.
      I know most cannot be arsed but oil in a pan a few bacon bits to give it flavour ,slice up a spud thin and fry them for what, five , ten minutes? Absolutely unbelievably yumma loodah.
      Do not share them.

  9. In the above picture, Linekar looks like he’s having a shite in the bushes whilst eating crisps…..

  10. Linekers politics are that of an immature idealistic cunt.

    He has strayed into the realms of the pressure groups trying sensor the right wing or common sense media.

    Ban walkers from advertising in the sun is his idea but I’ll still buy the sun but I won’t buy walkers if that happens.

    He needs to get back in his box with lilly Mong.

    • Linekers politics are that if the hypocritical bastard who treated his first wife as a piece of shit and now needs to mask his awful fucking treatment of a fellow human being by signalling his ‘virtue’ all over social media. A cunt in other words.

  11. Gary head up me own arse Lineker is a fucking embarassment. From the very first time he started advertising walkers crisps it’s been painful trying to watch the cunt act and it hasn’t got any better to this day. Walkers should be fucked right off for continuing to use the hammy cunt meister. And who the fuck does he think he is sticking his oar into matters that don’t concern him. Leave that type of stuff to people with brains son, like us on here! And as for Lego what a pathetic attempt to try to boost sales for christmas using a few kwegs complaints to forward the soppy left liberal moan arses views. The toy is fucking boring an shit. Maybe old Vazeline might buy some to shove up his choccy starfish or down his bummer mates japs eye. Dirty cunts.

    • Just penned a letter to Walkers telling them that due to big eared cunt I am no longer a customer.
      The more the merrier ?
      FREEPOST address as well so costs fuck all to tell them to stuff their crisps down Linecunts throat.

    • ANDZ, a little bit of punctuation in your posts would be appreciated by us other cunts. I initially thought you were asking for someone to shag an Italian, as you couldn’t manage.

  12. I having been goading the Spaniards in the bar downstairs from the safety of my verandah, when England have scored ( especially Vardy’s ) , but the missus has just reminded me that I’ve to take the dog out when the games finished……

    Ah well…………

    • Anywhere near Lineker Bar ?
      If so a large brick through window please. Yes, I know it’s his brothers but the big eared one may get the message.

      • I’m not “cool” enough to live near Wankers Bar, but have been in once coz my mates thought it would be “cool”.
        The brother was there , delegating and holding court with fawning twats. Prick.
        Not for me unless i was throwing the brick……

      • Now the fuckers are shouting up at me.
        Counted my chicken too early.

        Regarding the shit bags for dogs, I’ve been thinking that they are a good defence weapon if some cunt wants to have a go when your out with the dig at night.
        Who would want a bag of shite slapping them in the face……

        PS. Type the way you want Andz, it is your voice………

        • Chuck the dog shit at the Spanish fuckers, Birdman…..then give them a verse of Rule Britannia,that’ll teach the buggers.

          • Heard good old lord boothby enjoyed shit and sex and sex and shit,well anyway he would of loved it birdman.

  13. I never eat crisps, I prefer pork scratchings.

    I’m eating all the pork products I can before I get Islamified

  14. Given the ego driven, vain and often highly insecure nature of most celebs, plus the amount of spare time they must have, I wonder if any have ever typed their name into a google search followed by “is a cunt” just to see if anyone is posting unkind words about them on the net. It surely must have happened at some time.
    So if any famous people are reading this at the moment, suck it up you preening overrated overpaid bollocks-spouting fuck-the-proles arsehole cunts.

    Nice to think about anyway…

    • I’ve mentioned this a couple of times.
      You can imagine them all contacting each other and congratulating the latest cunt to be cunted and celebrating the cunt with the most cuntings .
      I would bet my life that Bobbie Walliams checks everyday…….

      Hello Blobbie , you cunt…………

  15. I think i will do the same as johnson has done and email walkers and tell them all my family are not going to purchase walkers crisp any longer,so a fucker a them.

  16. Paul Weller is a cunt…
    Loved The Jam (still one of the best), Style Council were pretentious cunts, and his 90s solo stuff (Wild Wood etc) was very good… But he’s now going to take part in something called ‘Concert For Corbyn’… Anyone who supports that scruffy, IRA loving, terrorist apologist, anti-Brexit, pro-diversity cunt is a cunt themself… Not to mention any supporter of Jihadi Jeremy is also a supporter of the loathsome Diane Abbott… No surprise to learn that those Scouse cunts, The Farm, will be taking part in it too… I wonder if Billy Bragg or Morrissey will make an appearance? Will they all be travelling to the gig in the same Rolls Royce?… Cunts…


    • Some many cunts in one place at one time, I’m hope there is some sort of cunt vortex and they get cunted out to all parts of the known universe

        • With Bono being named Women Of The Year it looks like the unprecedented levels of cuntishness we have been experiencing are showing no signs of abating.

    • The nerve of these ‘socialist’ cunts anyway… I recall Terry Hall saying as the (first) end for The (original) Specials drew near, ‘How can I write songs about unemployment when I can now afford to buy my meals at Marks & Spencer? I’d be a cunt if I did that…’ Tez was spot on… But the likes of Bragg, Weller and Co. still think they are ‘down’ with the people… No doubt Lily Mong with be spazzing about at the Corbyn gig as well.. Then again, there are no (cough) ‘mi-grants’ and publicity won’t be at ‘Calais’ level… So probably not…

      • Funny how none of these “socialists” bang on about unemployment anymore, like they constantly used to when The Empress Maggon was in charge. When my self employed work was going through a quiet patch I applied for dozens of part time jobs to no avail. Most of the fuckers never even replied with a “thanks but no thanks”.

        • The unemployed aren’t touched with a bargepole these days by your ‘good cause’ mob… They are too concerned with poofters rights/marriage, sucking up to muslims, and of course those dear little ‘migrants’….

          I could sort of forgive Weller for doing all that Red Wedge bollocks when he was a younger man… But a 50 something rock star millionaire with a big house doing the Derek ‘Cunt’ Hatton bit?… It is taking the piss….

    • Surely the biggest spiv in music is the cunt who keeps getting gigs for The Farm …….
      Utter,utter shite.

      Can only think of one good scouse band, Echo and the Bunnymen …….

      • The La’s were alright, but nowhere near The Stone Roses (as Scousers like to suggest)… The Farm were/are shite and Peter Hooton is a professional Scouser of a cunt on a par with Cilla, Tarby, Gerry Pacemaker, Macca, Stevie G, and John Bishop…

        • What gets me is, if you ask Yanks, Aussies or Japanese tourists ,where the music capital of Britain is, they’d say it’s Liverpool.
          Surely it’s Manchester…….

          PS. Not licking arse………

          • They only say Liverpool because of The Beatles… London has had more great artists than that Scousehole: Small Faces, The Who, Queen,The Pretty Things, T-Rex, Bowie, The Kinks etc… If you get past The Beatles, The Bunnymen, and The Searchers, there isn’t much from Scouseland after those…

            And Manchester, of course… The Stone Roses, 10cc, Joy Division, Hollies, Buzzcocks, New Order, James, Inspiral Carpets, 808 State, Railway Children, Charlatans, Smiths, Easterhouse, Durutti Column, Slaughter and the Dogs etc…

          • Norm: OMD and China Crisis are from Scouseville. Not bad. London wins though. Numan and Killing Joke. I rest my case.

          • Apart from Big Country and the 1990’s , i cant think of one half decent Scottish band.
            A whole cuntry , and all they can produce is a band fronted by a suicidal beast and another who are excellent, but got no exposure , even though they were produced by Bernard Butler……

          • “i cant think of one half decent Scottish band.” @birdman

            Not true birdman, what about gentle giant? Fish from marillion is scottish, Ian Anderson from jethro tull is a scot I think..,Jack Bruce, and The Incredible String Band were.

            Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of me head and faves too. There are more as well, so you are wrong my friend

          • Scottish bands , not individuals.
            Fish ! His name rhymes with pish.
            Only Joking, but he’s as crazy as a bag of live fish.
            Gerry Rafferty was alright, but apart from the two i mentioned, there are no bands…….

          • Forgot about OMD and China Crisis… They were OK… Teardrop Explodes as well…

            Good Scottish bands/singers?The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Skids, Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Edwyn Collins, Donovan, and the best Scottish bands ever were Teenage Fanclub, Ultravox, and The Associates…

          • Worst Scottish acts? Simple Minds (in full overblown Mandela arselick/Belfast Child mode), Texas (that Chris Evans cunt has a lot to answer for!), Franz Ferdinand (Spandau Ballet impersonating pooves) and KT Cuntstall (one of the biggest cunts in music today)…

            Altered Images were OK though… Clare Grogan, lovely stuff…

          • Yeah forgot about gerry raff and stealers wheel , Stone the roses were scots, Cocteau Twins too (its good wanking music lol), I’m also fond of string driven thing.

            Even though Ian anderson is in fact a individual he also the bandleader and main writer.

            Fans in the 70’s would mistakenly call him jethro because they are stoned out idiots lol Jack Bruce was somewhat of a bandleader as well and I’m pretty sure ginger baker is half scottish

  17. When the Euro was being adopted by countries across Europe, a survey was conducted in nine British cities showing 98 percent of Brits were adamant we should keep the pound, with Liverpool being the exception, where the majority were happy to keep the giro…..

  18. England players do Mannequin challenge during draw with Spain… England players take part in social media standing stil craze… The game is well and truly fucked… What a bunch of fucking faggot cunts…

    • Exactly what I thought.
      Millionaire cunts more concerned about their hair and image.
      My lot were pretty shit in the seventies but I’d have it back in a heartbeat. Proper fans, terraces, and none of these Jonny come lately cunts who’ve priced me out of going.
      Armchair fan nowdays, but I’ve done my shift….

      • Me too really, JR… I’ll go to the odd away game when I can, but I don’t like to go to Old Trafford any more… Don’t like the idea of funding those Glazer cunts and the place is full of daytrippers, half-half scarf cunts, selfie sticks, and ‘lifelong fan’ chinkies…

        My best times were from The Doc and Big Ron eras… Great days under Fergie too, but the atmosphere didn’t touch the 70s and 80s…

        • Not to mention ‘look at me’ Glazer stooges like Tufty Kilduff, Pete Boyle, and that utter mong, Mark Goldbridge….

  19. On the radio i could hear a loud crowd, but on the telly it looked like a bunch of theatre goers. The stadium was half empty when Vardy scored.
    What ever happened to a pie and Bovril that you took back to your seat coz you didn’t want to miss any of the match you paid to get in to watch.
    When I’m back in UK, i go to Sixfields or King Power when I can (usually Sixfields coz its easier) and i don’t miss a second.
    Apart from the odd moment of madness, when I’m waiting for the replay.
    That’s what telly football has done to my brain……….

  20. Always preferred Golden Wonder myself. McCoys are good too. That’s another thing the Yanks can’t do – crisps or potato chips as they mistakenly call them. The big brand here is Lays. Sliced turds if you ask me. At least we have Cheetos though. Like Wotsits on crack. Yum.

    • Homebaked is better anyway you just need rudimentary knowledge of how to operate a oven.

      Lays chips is horrible… too salty too greasy another nasty transition from the original recipe thanks to lineker

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