A fucking TV show where people watch people watching TV and talking about it.

Seriously? this is how dumb the masses are these days? what next Googlebox where people watch other people searching Google on TV.

Fuck me does this planet need another black death or plague to thin the herd!

Nominated by: Boaby

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  1. I’d like to nominate identity politics for a severe cunting. Contrary to what some may believe – particularly fuckwitted Twittermongs who swallow the latest BS pumped out by the Establishment paedophiles at Jimmy Saville House – identity politics is not something new and radical and it certainly isn’t left wing or progressive.

    Consider this quote from Tom Watson, a Georgia Congressman who was later the People’s Party candidate for Vice President (he was talking about racial hatred in the Southern states of the USA):

    “Now the People’s Party says to these two men, ‘You are kept apart that you may be separately fleeced of your earnings. You are made to hate each other because upon that hatred is rested the keystone of the arch of financial despotism which enslaves you both. You are deceived and blinded that you may not see how this race antagonism perpetuates a monetary system which beggars you both…’”

    He wrote this in 1892!

    Identity Politics is designed to drive wedges between different groups of ordinary working people to the benefit of the rich. The rich want ordinary working people to be divided so they are easier to control and manipulate. Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, you name it; these are all secondary issues designed to divide ordinary people to the benefit of their oppressors. Class and oppression are what matters. An ordinary white person has far more in common with his black co-worker than with his white boss. Likewise a Muslim worker has more to gain by siding with his Christian colleague than in seeking religious fellowship with his Muslim boss.

    In any given situation you have to ask yourself “Who gains from this?” Ninety nine times out of a hundred it will be the rich fucker. “The only one smiling is the suntanned boss” as The Jam said back in 1979.

    The UK Labour Party and the US Democratic Party are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of the banks. Notice that most of the people pushing identity politics are fucking minted – they are doing very nicely out of the current economic set-up thank you very much. It is easy to care about the toileting arrangements of transgender battery hens or to protest about homosexual whales getting retroviral drugs to protect them from AIDS caused by climate change (or whatever the spastics on the net are getting their gender-neutral knickers in a twist about today) if you have a trust fund and/or a pointless but well-paid media or public sector job that includes an index-linked pension.

  2. And that Scarlett Moffat is a fucking cunt… First seen on this Gogglebox shite, this media whore par excellence is now on that ‘I’m A Celebrity’ bollocks…. Not to mention being all over the papers with her ‘I was a fat cunt! But now I’m a thin cunt!’ bullshit… This silly bitch is described as ‘Gogglebox Star’ when in actual fact she’s good at fuck all, is ugly as fuck, and is a total cunt…

    • She’s also been cheesing off about being bullied.

      We did Bullying a couple of days ago. Do you reckon it was proper bullying or snowflake bullying on TwitBook?

      Maybe if she had stayed off using copious amounts of false tan, transforming her into an Umpa Lumpa, and kept her trap shut maybe folk wouldn’t tweet so badly about her?

      The only cunt I recognise as a “celebrity” for watching TV is Clive James!

  3. Not familiar with Gogglebox, but it sounds suspiciously similar to those cunts that post ‘reaction’ videos on YouTube. If I want to see some cunt have a reaction then I’ll punch a stranger in the face, or maybe feed a ceoliac a slice of bread.

  4. I don’t give a rat’s arse who watches TV of any type, but my set went tits-up some time ago and I haven’t bothered to replace it … Nor do I miss it. Full disclosure, I watch DVDs and Youtube full episodes of the mostly older type of shows that I really enjoy. But as for the programming on the magic fucking lantern nowadays (and I’m referring to the Sydney, Australia version of what’s on) … It sucks dog’s balls.
    Home reno shows, talent quests for the barely talented, food ponces yammering on about unknown ingredients, and hook-up shows where they gather a gaggle of floozies to duke it out for a crack at a horny footballer.
    A sad waste of time as I understand things.

  5. Well boys and girls,I enjoy the laughs this site gives,and often relay the “cuntings”to my rather prude and staid wife.I am now,having worked and paid taxes for 40 years,crippled up and housebound with MS.I just wanted to share a magic moment which cheered me up no end a few minutes ago.I am sat in the kitchen at the old pc,when the wife shouts through……”Who”s been cunted today then?”……….Lovely………….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. Is it new shows, or shows the viewer has already seen?.
    Either way that just fucking daft.

    Did Malcolm McLaren invent this as his last great swindle?

    The missus watches”reality” shows that suck your life out. Cunts choosing wedding clobber, makeovers, wedding wars and cosmetic surgery shows , where they always show the inside of a tit.
    The only ones i watch are storage wars for Brandi Passante and i used to love Alaskan Bush People until i realised its a load of acted out shite.
    I now want to shoot they whole Brown family for being dirty ,lying ,stealing cunts. Especially Bear “extreme” Brown……..

  7. I never thought Barack Obampot could get any more vain.
    The cunt is on a world farewell tour , spreading his message of peace.
    He’s in Greece right now telling the Greeks how to better themselves for free, coz next year they’d have to pay for his advice.

    All this whilst anti American riots are taking place in Greece.

    I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get rid of this cunt……………

    • You called it, birdman. That morally corrupt, false idol cunt Obama will continue to live in Washington after the White House vomits out that piece of shit. Why? Clinton is toast and is more likely than not to be embroiled in legal issues for some time to come. The Demoncrats need a focal point after being kicked in the arse in last week’s election, so they’ll rally round….you guessed it….Obama.

      The media in Yankland is so biased towards lefty liberalism, that they’ll continue to fawn over this failed cunt for years to come. Every time Trump picks his nose, the press will be running to Obama asking him what he would have done and why Trump has got it all wrong.

      There’s a an unspoken rule with the Presidency that the cunt who leaves office shuts the fuck up when the new guy takes over. Bush 1 and 2 did and so did Bill ‘sexist adulterer’ Clinton. Obama will keep his trap shut for about 5 minutes, you mark my words. The man is an utter, shallow, arrogant, morally corrupt, lying piece of shit. In the words of John Lydon, “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

  8. i would like to nominate selfie takers for a double cunting,what the fuck is wrong with these people that they have to take photos of themselves to post online so they can share with other selfie taking wankers,case in point- some silly bitch at the moto gp in the pit lane has her phonecam pointing at herself and then walks backwards whilst still looking at herself into the path of valentine rossi on a moped,nearly causing him to crash before the fucking race and this fucking retard is now talking about sueing rossi WTF she is a weapons grade cunt who needs her phone anally inserted,talking of cunts I see that ubacunt kal crutchlow crashed again…the highlite of the race for me as he is a nasty cunt who can only finish the race half the time and then takes the piss out of his betters…so kal you are a two wheeled cunt.
    back to the selfie cunts same thing has happened in 2 museums recently,cunts taking selfies have demolished to statues,clumsy cunts need a slap

  9. cunts on mobiles full stop,i have a thiery about people who get run over whilsh on the side of the road,if they were conscious of their surroungs rather than engrossed with their phones and possibly would still be alive,eg saw an incidentwhere a car skidded for at least 10 meters near a bus stop everyone jumped out of the way except 2 cunts on phones who didn’t even notice until the car knocked the phone out of the girls hand……so cunts on phones all the time need a cunting aswell as the selfie takers

    • You are spot on, Fug. The ‘phones are smart, just not many of the people who use them. One of the modern day behaviours which really boils my piss is how everywhere and anywhere is someone’s ‘phone box. Restaurants, in line at the supermarket, any shop for that matter, planes. The list is endless.

      Wind the clock back several years when all we had were ‘phone boxes. Do you think the cunts who make and receive calls literally anywhere now would have been thrilled if you’d followed them into a ‘phone box, squeezed yourself in next to them and then stood there while they had a private conversation with someone on the ‘phone? Of course not. They’d have told you to fuck off. Fast forward to the era of the mobile ‘phone and those same cunts will have a ‘private’ ‘phone conversation right in your face and think nothing of it.

      What the fuck is wrong with people?

    • I’ve got a theory that after years of wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie whilst being hypnotized by a mobile phone has made the younger generation lose all sense of peripheral vision…….

  10. It should be called ,shit box,yes shit box that a suits it better,its a croc of shite,why do these people think we need to watch a shit like this,they knock a me a fucking sick their cunts.

  11. Being the ‘doubting Thomas’ that I am, I had to look up this Goggle Box crap because initially I didn’t believe it was real. It is. Apologies to Boaby – I stand corrected. Just when you think the bar can’t be set any lower, somehow some TV exec manages it. Unbelievable.

  12. I sometimes have a wank to Gogglebox.
    I particularly like the big,fat black woman,a well-padded chick built for comfort not speed. Looks like she could crack walnuts with the cheeks of her arse. The only problem is getting the timing right,if you’re not careful you can discover that the voluptuous woman of your dreams has been replaced on screen by a pair of pooves or a family of morbidly obese porkers. Most disconcerting. It’s like playing a version of Wankers Russian Roulette,sometimes there’s one up the spout and you just hope that you’ve got it right when it goes off.

  13. The BBC have been at it again one of their news readers went into labour as she was reading the news,wouldnt surprise me if the BBC induced it to up the ratings ,i wouldnt fucking put it past em,pure cunts,yes pure cuntss.

  14. Bloody hell Dick, but in saying that when Kate Bush was in her heyday the five fingered lady came out

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