Tony Blair (9)


!!!Emergency Cunting!!!

The war criminal and alleged sex offender Tony Blair is at it again. In an interview with that pop up rag “the new european” he has said remoaners are the “new insurgents” and should organize to overthrow the democratic will of the people. Remember he also said in a previous interview that he may return to front line UK politics.

Cuntitude on a previously unseen scale, even for him and he sets a very high bar indeed.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

57 thoughts on “Tony Blair (9)

  1. Is there any possible way of resurrecting old Peter Cushing, so he can hammer a stake through this fucking monster’s heart?
    Oh, wait a minute…. what heart?

    • Tell you now, if you shave Blair’s head he’s the absolute spit of “Mr Barlow” in the early 80’s Salem Lot mini-series with David Soul in it.

  2. A short list of cunts who said they would leave the USA if trump won;

    Barbra Streisand
    Bryan Cranston
    Miley Cyrus
    Amy Schumer
    Jon Stewart
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Neve Campbell

    Right you are then, cheerio.

    • The only place any of those cunts would leave America for is a tax haven.
      And old Whoopi is best chums with Chuck Norris, so she can’t be that averse to the more “conservative” type.
      All hot air, bullshit and overconfidence, the lot of them.

    • I’m sure Neve Campbell is a Canuck anyway so it’s not like she’s making a big statement, she’ll be to and fro for work taking US dollars I bet.

      Used to have posters of her when I where a teen, would have banged the shit out of her πŸ™‚

      • Neve Campbell the scream girl? almost 3 emotion type actress like scarlet but I suppose she can act better then most.

        Yeah I forgot about her, shame she’s anti-trump cause I really wanted to grab her by the pussy. They let you do it too! πŸ™‚

        • Yeah that’s her, the only other thing I’ve seen her in other than Scream is a tv show back when I was a kid called Party of Five, she always looked dead slutty in her leather biker jacket πŸ™‚

          • Still thought Denise Richards was better in that flick she did with Matt Dillon (where they got them “oot foh tha boys” in the hot tub).

    • I’m going to make a prediction right now. Not a single one of those assholes will leave the US. At the end of the day, they’re all gobshites, who have overestimated their popularity with the American public. If I were Donald Trump, the first thing I would do upon moving in to the Oval Office, is to have Robert De Niro brought before me.

      “I believe you want to punch me” would be my greeting. “Give it your best shot”. And then I would laugh as this Hollywood gobshite simply stood there awkwardly. Then I would bring in a celebrity tax, and all those assholes who mouthed off in favour of Hillary would be taxed to oblivion. Especially JayZ, BeyoncΓ©, Lady Ga Ga, Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

  3. Trump is fucking ace, him winning has cheered me up to a level not seen since, oh, Brexit.

    • been reading the Guardian off and on all day, I have literally been crying with laughter at the self-indulgent blubbing

    • I’ve been working on a Guardian to English converter
      “In the locker rooms of the developed world there is harboured – not among all men but enough – a deep fear about the economic and sexual liberation of women.”

      translates as
      “Men like talking about pussy”

    • Even for the guardian that is absolute cuntery. I think their writers just make this shit up to keep their job. Even worse are the knickerpissing tossers who read and believe.
      The Guardian’ s readership is at rock bottom around 150,000 because even most of the readership understand it’s a feeble pointless voice that belongs in Stalins Soviet.
      It truly is unworthy of shitpaper.

    • Looks like they are in meltdown. First Brexit, now Trump so just the rest of the EU to go bang and the Grauniad cunts will blow up.

  4. A quick cunting for Councillor Dipu Ahad…this cunt wants Newcastle to be the first city to ban President Trump,because he encourages bigotry,as Brexit did,according to the erstwhile councillor.
    Firstly,I can’t imagine that Trump would give a fuck if he never visited Newcastle in his life,and secondly,what kind of “democracy” bans Trump,yet allows any sandwog preacher who fancies coming here,to spout the vilest racism without any hinderance.

    • I’m sure the Toon Army will be totally on board with that just after he’s dished them up a “Curry Hell” at the Rupali.

  5. I think her hub may send me hurling into the next county Sixdog, but that is only a hunch.

  6. Quietly pleased Trump won, shows the great unwashed can raise up from time to time and put some fear into the current bunch of ruling twats.

    Great day at work arguing with the so called liberal well educated types, some of them are so fucking clueless about world affairs it is shocking. They just swallow the MSM line without questioning any of it, or seeking other possible sources of news that may take a different line. The blokes in particular act like their bollocks have fallen off, seemly forgotten being a man is actually ok (well I like it). The ladies on the other hand were quite happy to voice opinions and seemed open to other views….

    Some fucking dick (IT Manager) saying how Trump doesn’t believe in man made climate change and we are all doomed was amazed when I informed him that the spot he is standing was under a mile of ice less than 10,000 years ago and for most of earths history there were no ice caps. Ok man made emissions will make a difference but the ultimately the worlds climate can change a lot in a short space of time with or without mans influence.

    At least so far, the ‘revolution’ has been without bloodshed. lets hope that continues as there are many more battles to fight.

    Rant over

    • Are you that fucking naive?
      Do you think they would let Trump in to the White House if he was not already part of the Agenda?
      He has been bought in to play the Simon Cowell comedy villain role and push the Agenda for the Zionist cunts.
      You watch, Cuba is gonna get owned, Syria will get a fucking hiding and then on to North Korea before finishing off with Iran.

      The media will spin-it as evil Trump etc, but all the time he is there doing the bidding for his Zionist Central Banking masters

  7. Tony Blair is a closet rump-raider. He should stick to cottaging,perhaps he can get George Michael to come out of retirement and the pair of them can tour public toilets singing “wank me off before you go-go.”

  8. I was pissed in a bar when the result came in.The Liberal tears made me chuckle a bit too much!One yank told me to fuck off when I asked if the score had changed after a piss.The bar went silent at 5:30 am.Still hungover.

  9. Fucking loving Trump winning, the message for snowflakes and professional politicians is pack your bags and fuck off,. we have had enough of you

    • This is exactly what the cunts can’t or won’t understand. Us ordinary folks are pissedboff with same old same old but they will no doubt go on thinking Brexit and now Trump are one offs. Well, I suspect this may become the norm.
      Perhaps a few of you will now start listening to us and our day to day concerns instead of branding us racist or bigoted etc or little englanders.

  10. By the way Blair is a massive cunts and since when have insurgents been a good thing Tony? Been round McDonnells toasting the IRA? You’re a massive cunt, please find a country that will take you as your British citizenship is now voided.


  11. Just need to get Marine Le Pen elected in France, Frau Merkel booted out then things will start to get very interesting

    • Just put a fifty on Marine le Pen for French president. Quid’s in on Trump so nothing to lose! Odds shortened today so only 5/2 although interestingly she’s now the second favourite. Kid you not!

      You can get 10/1 on Szarkowsy. Alain Juppe is favourite at 2/1

    • Fucking brilliant..
      Cheers skidmark…
      What a bunch of fucktards. Years ago people were locked up for theirs and other peoples safety for acting like that
      The sperm of billy ray really showed what a fake cunt she really is.

      Actress ? fuck off…..
      Hang em all…….

      Pissed myself at the funky town bit at the end…..

  12. Can I nominate Christmas a cunting?

    What the hell happened to Christmas?

    Once upon a time, it was the time of year, where the kids would come home from school, with pictures painted in, glitter, and nativity scenes made out of cornflake boxes, bog roll holders and lots of cotton wool and more glitter, oh the little darlings loved the glitter, of the baby Jesus in a manger, with Mary, Joseph, three kings, some shepherds, a few farm animals and a star.
    There was excited talk of Father Christmas, not sodding Santa, coming and a list would follow, usually with the favourite doll or toy car headlining the list.

    On Christmas morning, excited faces of children and adults would tear open the presents, like hyenas at a fresh kill, and be soooo pleased and grateful for the presents that Father Christmas, not sodding Santa, had bestowed upon them.

    Dad got hankys or a scarf.
    Mum got a hat and gloves.
    The kids got one ‘big’ toy each and other toys to be shared between them, mainly a compendium of games, colouring books and pencils.
    The dog, a bone, a real bone and letters of thanks, duly written.

    Fast forward to now……
    It’s all about what presents you going to get, the latest fucking TV, iPad, iPod, iPhone. The latest top of the bollocks fashion, “I want some ugg boots” Fuck off, no you don’t, you’re fucking five!
    “Yeah, but My mate, Chelsea Von Richfuck, is getting an 60 quid Ted Baker bag……for school”. Fucking good for her!

    God forbid you buy one present( a good one, mind) “One present? Where’s the fucking rest, surely this is me socking filler?”
    AND, have you seen the size of stockings these days, what happened to dads old sock, with your orange, some nuts, chocolate and, in my case, a pair of socks in it.
    Now you can get a fucking small car in the size of some of them!

    If the tree isn’t groaning under the weight of presents that are getting warmer and warmer under the fairy lights, spilling over the front room, so you can’t see the carpet (or the dog!) bar a bit near the door, it’s a crap Christmas and it’s not fair and forget about sending a text of thanks, why would they do that, the gift wasn’t what they wanted after all!

    It’s all commercial consumerism now……spend, spend, fucking cunting spend.
    It doesn’t matter anymore if you can’t afford it, just stick it on the plastic.

    I’m no Scrooge by any means, and I used to love Christmas, but thanks to the
    “I want, I want, I want, you’d better get it, or else” modern society we live in today, it’s totally took the fucking sparkle out of the true meaning of Christmas and now I fucking hate it……..Cunts!

    I must be getting old…

    Baa Fucking Humbug!

    • P.s, I was having a nosey on fuckbook, incognito, of course, I’m not on there to make friends, got plenty of real live friends.
      I go on to see if some of my class mates are still slags and knobheads, because I’m a nosey cunt.

      I happened upon a pic of a chav, who our kid went school with, I clicked on her pic and photos and was gob smacked of what I saw.
      She’d posted last Christmas on there, with her 3 kids, one of each colour, standing next to a grubby looking 2 seater each with a pile of presents, that could resemble the Himalayas, of one pile that looked like it was going to do a Vesuvius on the unsuspecting chocolate smeared faced toddler beneath it.

      I’ve never seen such a fucking mountainous pile of presents per kid before.
      She’d put the caption, ‘Got this lot brought and wraped before Dec 1st!’


      Her mate had Put, and I quote ‘Fuckin ell babes, you and your fella must be on a good wack’ to which she replied, ‘nah babes, ain’t wiv him no more and don’t work, I gots me kids,ain’t I?

      Serves me right for being a nosey cunt, I suppose, but I stared at the mountain range of presents for ages, after all, I did help to pay for the fuckers….. Cunts.

    • I fucking hate christmas. In the new world order, ANY religious festival should be banned. Its a massive excuse for lazy workshy cunts to do fuck all for weeks end.

      You can only have christmas holidays if you have been to church every week, at least twice a week, for the preceding 51 weeks…. Thought not, so its back to work you lazy fuckers!

      • I wouldn’t say get rid of Christmas altogether, I’m not a totally miserable old cunt.

        Just make it every 2-3 years.

        I’m sure Jesus and his family won’t mind, after all not many people this day and age realise Christmas is about him, caring and being good to one and all.

        A lot of youngsters really do think it’s just about presents, stuffing yourself so much, you have to be rolled in to the living room and not moving until the January sales start, on December 26th.

        Yes, every 2-3 years, will make people appreciate it more and give the likes of me chance to save up.

  13. My daughter has two, yes two Christmas’s. One normal one on the 25th that her friends don’t celebrate (they get one gift at the family dinner on Xmas eve) and then one on the 6th of january coz all her friends get presents.
    It’s a fucking swiz…..

    Ps . the Spanish are cruel cunts coz the 6th of january is usually the day before the kids go back to school, so the little fuckers have to wait the whole school holidays for their prezzies…….

  14. Blair is another EU rent boy, he was totally outmanoeuvred back in the day, with the president of Europe in his sights he ran around like a headless chicken trying to impress the elite of the EU, after all the grovelling and toadying he was over looked and they employed the political colossus that was Herman van rumpoy??? Remember him?? Exactly!!, like A scalded cat Blair was off around the world peddling his wares to assorted despots, meanwhile the British public breathed a sigh of relief thinking they had seen the last of this lying toad, unfortunately they were wrong, it appears this relic still thinks he has a part to play in twisting the will of the British majority, let’s hope people see him for what he is, a desperate has been and send him scurrying back under which ever Rock he came out from under. The only place most people would like to see him is standing trial for war crimes!! One is the biggest Cunts to ever hold office… fuck off!! Nobody’s interested in your bollocks cunt!!

  15. I see super quisling EU loving cunt for hire Blair is over in Brussels having secret meetings??, even having one with EU dud juncker, One is a washed up out of date has been who has been completely rejected by the people, the other is a drunken political Pygmy on steroids who is too frightened to even set foot in the UK as he knows people hate him so much, as the saying goes birds of a feather…. those 2 Cunts deserve each other…….

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