Pikeys are cunts.

In the 90s it was my misfortune to rehouse some of these cunts through the local authority. They couldn’t hack the caravans with the onset of winter. One old thick Mick came in and said “Gimme a house I want a feckin house,” On further interrogation as to his needs he said “I want a bungalow but I don’t want one upstairs.” You couldn’t script it.

Sometime later I was called to a vacant property that had someone inside it. Two of us confronted a twelve year old little cunt named Rooney who had stripped out every door handle in the gaff and dismantled them, bagging them up into brass, aluminium and steel. He exited sharpish through a first floor window.

When the weather improved in Spring sure enough we got called out to abandoned properties one of which allegedly had a python in it so the chippies, sparkies’ plumbers etc wouldn’t go in. I entered to find every bit of metal stripped out. No light, fittings, no switches, no door handles, no wiring, no piping, no boiler, no sink, fuck all metal was left in it. All I found was the spare room badly converted to a reptile house and python skin on the floor that I thought initially was bubble wrap.

Now the council paid stupid money to a Travellers’ Lisison Officer which was supposed to make the cunts conform somewhat. Nice but desperately hopeless bint who just took the money and did fuck all especially when the cunts fucked off with massive arrears.

The financial cost of NOT discriminating against these Irish/Gypo/Pikey/Tinker/Diddicoy/Traveller cunts was and is fucking ginormous. Even the local plod referred to them as TGBs (thieving gypsy bastards). It’s like Roy Walker on Catchphrase, say what you see. What I saw was complete cuntery from absolute cunts. But who were the bigger cunts!?

Nominated by: Alan Fistula

44 thoughts on “Pikeys

  1. The twittermongs continue to throw their toys out of the pram about Donald the Cunt winning the Yank election. 120million people cast votes but that’s less important than a few thousand snowflakes shouting twattish slogans in the streets. Apparently.

    These people are to democracy what Joey Deacon is to rhythmic gymnastics.

    If you only recognise elections when your side wins, you are not a democrat. If you don’t recognise the legitimacy of opinions other than your own, you are not a liberal.

    • If these snowflake cunts do not accept democracy and they only want things one way (ie: their way), then they are fascists…

      • Do you not realize that elections only count when your side wins? Otherwise we have more votes until you get the ‘right’ result and then it becomes irreversible.

        Works in the EU…

    • Watching the vox pops this morning I have to ask what the fuck a bunch of students with no real life experience know about anything? B!eating and crying about Trump. Fuck off and get a life then you can complain when you know what the fuck you’re talking about…

    • It’s not their fault! They are petulant children that have never heard the word “no”. Thus the reason they go through life acting like cunts,which is what they are.

  2. That trump win was high energy, I feel like I’ve been snorting pure cocaine for the last 20 hours with no side effects or withdrawal. Lol https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cw2DYTzUUAMw63c.jpg

    Reading guardian/NYT type articles from butthurt democunts, literally blaming all white males for trumps win(always pointing out that they are uneducated or misguided). Hahaha do they even realize how much of the black vote Trump got?! ignorant bastards http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/09/hillary-clinton-failed-to-win-over-black-hispanic-and-female-vot/

    • Another factor is while Kilary paraded about with her celebricunt showbiz ponce pals, Trump actually spoke to real Americans… Did Clinton really think that ‘gettin’ down’ with those coconut cunts, Beyonce and Jay- Zed, would get her black votes?… The woman is a fucking clown…

  3. No doubt Trump will get the expected phone call now…

    ‘Mr.President, sir…There’s a call for you, sir…’

    ‘Who is it, doll (he has a well tasty secretary)?’

    ‘Bono,sir…He wants to give you ‘advice’ and have his picture taken with you, Mr. President…’

    ‘Ahhh fuck! Not that cunt already?…’

    • …. I had a moment to smile the other day,when on Radio Scotland, it was being discussed amongst some women about Bono winning ‘Woman of the Year Award ‘ … The conversation hovered on how much Bono must ‘believe in himself’ if he actually accepts this award. One woman then went off on an anecdote at being in a room in the company of Bono at some party. She was pregnant at the time and in due course Bono could see her ‘condition’ …. came across, placed his hand on her stomach, and said … ‘ I bless this child ‘.

      FFS … How far can a man get up his own arse?

      • “I bless this child”

        Great now the kid will turn poof or be a horrible shit singer in a overrated shite band. He didn’t bless him, he cursed the poor lad!

        I’m sure some faggot pope like pope francis will have this Bono cunt canonized as a saint lol The saint of phony sellouts? or The saint of overly inflated ego’s? perhaps

      • I wish he would get up his own arse then shit himself out down the sewer. We may be rid of him then.

  4. I love the way the meejah continually report Brexit and Trump results as “shock”.

    After the “shock” Brexit vote.
    After the “shock” Trump vote.

    It’s only a shock if you were in the minority of the voters who voted against Brexit or against Trump.

    But as we know from both sides of the pond that minority vote is a lot more important than the democratic majority vote.

    Luckily we’ll never know but I’m fairly confident that if Remain and/or Clinton had won there wouldn’t have been all this twisting and belly-aching like we have now from these doyens of democracy!

  5. back to the caravan utilising nomadic tribes.

    I understand the Governments idea that creating traveler sites will glue the fuckers down in one place make them settle, use schools, pay taxes ect, but it dosnt work!
    we have quite a nice selection of Traveler settlments in my area ( I provide equipment for the construction industry and every so often have to go on them and collect stolen equipment that has been ” Dumped” there by members of the general public)
    What I am tending to find is that say MR Butcher from southampton hants, is living in surrey only he is in Ireland right now and cant be contacted and the Weymans are emptying his Van and carting his stuff (and probably mine) off to a site in Essex ready for the Chapmans to move in.
    So really all the Government has created is a load of spring pads for organised criminals, they just move on when it heats up to the next safe haven!
    now in the good old days when we were not so “understanding” they would turn up in a field or a village green and fuck off pronto when the local population got fed up with them.
    Which allso brings me on to Irish pikeys, why the fuck do we let them in? I really hope the Brexit point system kicks in because we have loads of home grown lazy theiving cunts of our own, why do we need to import them?
    More to the point why are we letting them in, I have to admit that I have recently been watching “Border force USA” I love them, I want them, fire ours and bring theirs over here, that would sort out a lot of problems or nip them in the bud for sure.
    So fuck off Irish Pikeys, then the new age travelers, then travelers, then Gypsys, but I will let the fairground and circus lot off for the time being ( in fact the last group can use the first group as lion food)

    • A few years ago I had first-hand experience of these dirty cunts, camping on someone else’s property and turning the whole area into a fucking pig sty. I’ve never understood why they are allowed to get away with it. We don’t need gypsy liaison officers, we need politicians who’ll make sure the police do their job.

    • The cunts come over ere because the irish people fucking hate them and we get fucking stuck with the cunts ,string the fuckers up for me ,shite the fucking lot of em.

      • The fucking do gooders embrace em over ere,are laws are to lax ,try and name one good gypo whos done anything good, i tell you its like trying to think of a new colour .

  6. Oh and on a Pikey-ish theme. I pulled into a car/lorry park for a quick piss and a bacon butty when I noticed a group of signs on a gate to the adjoining field. I didn’t recognise the lingo so did a quick Google Translate and it turns out the languages were Polish and Romanian and the translation was: “Please do not defecate in the field use the toilets provided.”

      • Why not,Birdman? I often take my toast,mug of tea,paper and cigarettes when I go for my early morning dump…..Best to have all eventualities covered.

      • Your real name isn’t Tony Tombs is it? Few years back you could set your watch by the cunt who literally did what you’ve just described every fucking morning.
        Trouble was we only had one toilet. I decided to fuck him up done morning by getting there first. Cheeky bastard had the cheek to bang on the door and tell me to get a move on. I told him to fuck off.
        Bugger all he could do about it as I was his boss. Bugger all I could do about him thanks to the fucking union!

      • No way anybody could follow me…it takes half an hour just for the fugg to clear.
        Once on the train I used the shithouse and the woman outside literally retched as she attempted entry.

  7. The meeja was pushing the idea that it would be Trump supporters who would cause trouble if they lost, but as usual that was just lies. Now it is generation snowflake who are taking to the streets and the meeja are right behind them. Cunts.


    The political elite (self styled) are well at it and proving themselves to be monumental cunts. So up their arses about The Donald’s win, and how this flies in the face of “democracy” their style. All this criticism will bite them in the arse, but what really makes them top drawer cunts is they still don’t get it.

    The same with Brexit, the ordinary people have spoken. Hillary lost it when she described Trump supporters as “Deplorables”. She doesn’t understand the ordinary citizen and their doubts and fears.

    Well Killary, like our so called elite, the people have spoken – they don’t want you, just as our people don’t want Europe.

    The young so called educated are rioting, just as the same Westminster Bubble thinkers are doing all they can to delay Bexit. Bad news wankers, there is an uprising all over – including in Europe, and the world is changing – for the better.

    The Political Elite are total cunts and they will be removed as tthey still do not get it.

    That Emily Thornbury is still a cunt

    So is Nicola Sturgeon

    Big Al

    • To say these elite cunts all went to university they are a bunch of thick cunts. What is it that they do not get? People do not want their open border one world government shite.

      • On Sky News this morning they asked a first time voter what she thought of the result. “I don’t feel empowered “she replied. Another girl who looked about twelve muttered something about starting a revolution.
        Choke on your disappointment you cunts

      • Says a lot about Universities that they produce these molly coddled, can’t say no to them cunts.
        Don’t get your own way so grizzle and moan like the babies you are.
        Get used to it cunts as it is going to spread across Europe. The so called elite are upset as their gravy train is leaving the station and they are still on the platform.
        Self serving cunts.

    • The Brexit / Trump double is indeed a timely kick up the arse of the smug Establishment and its hackneyed , delusional ‘ideals’.
      The whingers and whiners , as exemplified by cossetted , hyper-sensitive students, have bought wholesale into the myth that ,by conforming to hypocritically undemocratic values as perpetuated by the meejah and ‘caring’ no account celebrities , they are investing in a society that is an extension of the ‘nice’ cosy bubble world they inhabit. Bollux to that.

  9. The Christmas John Lewis advert is out today and guess what. It features a family of Kermits, a dog and a trampoline. The only white thing in it is the snow. Diversity cunts.

    • I haven’t seen it yet. Does the dog maul the “kermits” when it finds them trying to steal some kiddies trampoline? I do hope so,I like a heartwarming Christmas advert.

  10. well done alan,i fucking hate pikeys the thieving inbred ginger cunts,i was ripped off by one and now whenever a pikey comes near our bizness I can say fuck off thanks to said pikey and name him,the double wammy is if they do a bit of after dark retaliation its my cunt of a landlords problem who I strongly is a fucking pikey…..they are a fucking breed apart…..the police here are only allowed the pikey camp on certain days WTF so as not to convene their human rights and the cunts have a hot shot cunt of a soliciter,who specialises in fucking making sure these pikey cunts can exploit every law in the land,oh a put horses where ever they want……whats the deal with the horses? I don’t understand

    • I was on a job where some specialist gear got stolen overnight. A couple of days later a pikey turned up saying that although he knew nothing about it,if he was paid,he might be able to organise the return of the stolen gear.
      The police said that if we were that desperate to get the gear back,which we were,because we couldn’t get replacements fast enough,to just pay him. Sure enough,he got his money,and our gear was “found”.
      Thieving parasites should all be locked in their caravans and cremated in one huge funeral pyre.

      • we had a stupid scenario of tracked equipment “walking off” fortunatley it was as a driver was out to collect it.
        The equipment managed to lock itself into an ISO container on a traveler site.
        the police were called but refused to do anything until proof of ownership was produced. (this took some time)
        When the container was opened a lot of what is assumed to be “stolen to order” equipment was recovered (including the compressor) so big brownie points for the police, yet no arrests made as no one knew whose container it was nor who had put it in there.

  11. Pikey’s have their own culture and music…..just the other day I heard some little gypo kids giving a great rendition of “The wheels on the house”……

  12. Some Pikey’s turn up at work who then proceeded to badly resurface the staff carpark, then demand £2,500 for the service. Turns out they sent a scout to chat to our thick maintenance man who gave them the names of the company directors and its structure. They then waited till the works manager fucked off out and did their thing. Some managerial bint from customer services went out to ask what they were doing and they said they’d been contracted by head office, and dropped some big names, so off she went quite satisfied.

    Works gaffer comes back, and gets straight on the blower to head office only to find they know nothing about it. Shortly after, a bunch of five or six scary looking pikey’s burst into his office, threatening to beat the shit out of him if he doesn’t pay up. Said bint from customer services was also in there and said she was calling the police, to which they informed her that they’d hold her down and shove the phone up her twat if she went anywhere near it. Payment was made in full.

    I laughed my fucking bollocks off.

    Cunts all round.

  13. Thieving Gypsy Bastards. Pikey cunts. Gyppos. Diddicoys (they hate that one). Whatever you call them there is one word that really sums them up.
    Why do the authorities tippy toe around them ? They are treated better than normal folks who try and do the right thing, pay their way etc.
    What about Bonio and Gobdorf taking a few of the bogtrotters onto their land and helping their countrymen for a change. Fat fucking chance.

  14. I think where the Government has gone wrong (yet again) is their failure to recognise the majority and instead concentrate on a minority in the belife that they can coerce the minority into the swathes of the majority by special treatment.
    Think of child care, you sit a group of children down to eat and one chooses not to join, what do you do?
    A, go to the child with treats and sympathy and sit with it.
    B, feed the children sitting and tell the other one to join them or go with out.

    now try that on adults, as adults we look accross and think that billy no mates is a bit of a twat and say nothing and try and be polite about the heart in right place brain up arse do gooder trying to entice billy no mates over.
    Thing is billy no mates is a bit of a sly git and a nasty barstard on the quiet and will just lap it up and knows that by not conforming he is going to get more rights than the mugs paying for them.
    So maybe the government needs to re think its policies towards its non voting parasitic population, And for fuck sake deport the Irish Pikeys back home to Europe.

  15. usually I am all for some off topic posts, this time however I think the pikey’s are once again going under the radar for the cunting they deserve. If I have to listen to one more cunt defending the “travelling community” on some TV or radio interview I might go bat shit.

    It’s not prejudice or misunderstanding that makes the average person despise pikies, its the fact they act like the most anti social low life thieving cunts going and then plead victim. They are exploiting PC tot he max and laughing at us as they shit in the road outside out side our houses.

    • They are such cunts, despicable thieving illiterate dregs. They are basically outlaws, because as soon as the cozzers find out that pikeys are responsible for a crime, that’s the end of the matter.

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