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The political elite (self styled) are well at it and proving themselves to be monumental cunts. So up their arses about The Donald’s win, and how this flies in the face of “democracy” their style. All this criticism will bite them in the arse, but what really makes them top drawer cunts is they still don’t get it.

The same with Brexit, the ordinary people have spoken. Hillary lost it when she described Trump supporters as “Deplorables”. She doesn’t understand the ordinary citizen and their doubts and fears.

Well Killary, like our so called elite, the people have spoken – they don’t want you, just as our people don’t want Europe.

The young so called educated are rioting, just as the same Westminster Bubble thinkers are doing all they can to delay Brexit. Bad news wankers, there is an uprising all over – including in Europe, and the world is changing – for the better.

The Political Elite are total cunts and they will be removed as they still do not get it.

That Emily Thornbury is still a cunt

So is Nicola Sturgeon

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  1. Not knowing who she is I’ve just googled Emily Thornberry, Christ on a bike, I truly wish I hadn’t. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

    Please don’t make the same mistake ISAC chums. Believe me on this one.

  2. Every time i put on Al Jazeera, the are slagging trump or telling doss cunts that everything will be alright.
    Even the LA Olympic committee are telling everyone that trumps win wont make it a less enjoyable games.

    One of killtons campaign managers was in Gibraltar the other day telling GiB how to cope “in these challenging times”.

    Also from GiB, they sent some cunts to London last week to decide what to do about climate change issues post brexit, i shit you not……..

  3. The only difference between the political elite and the mafia dons is the Mafia didn’t manage to get elected and change the laws to make all their business practices legal.

    Politicians in a democracy have no accountability.

    How does that serve the people you may ask?

    Shut up pleb you will be told.

  4. “They still don’t get it”
    These are the words that are at the crux of this.
    Every time something happens that they don’t like it is regarded as a one off instead of looking at the pattern emerging and acting accordingly. Well the pattern is well and truly set and it can’t be long before these cunts are yesterday’s news.
    As for that Thornberry cunt she can’t be cunted enough. Snooty and sneering know better than everybody cunt. Fucking socialist with a nice couple of properties. Wonder how many rapeugees she will invite to live with her.
    Sturgeon is a massive anti English cunt and is someone who I would never tire of kicking in the face.
    The so called elite (particularly the EU mob) are totally out of touch and just don’t expect us plebs to do anything other than blindly follow their lead. Well cunts it all changing. Get used to it.

  5. My greatest sorrow is that I will be dead by 2050. That’s when there will be a majority of offended Nando’s customers in England with a vote. I’m excluding Wales, Scotland and NI as nobody wants to breed there unless by accident. I’m sad I won’t be here to die laughing at all the cunts on benefits headbanging Westfield car park Floor when there is nobody to pick up the bill for their lifestyle, It will be hysterical. although 80 lashes for a quick pint will be bang out of order.

    • I’ll be 80 in 2050 and if I am still alive (unlikely given all the booze I chuck down my gregory) Orwells 1984 will be the world handbook of government and the film will be a documentary on modern life.

      And I am in a cheery mood today.

  6. Libs and Dems have a sore cunt from that trump win, those bellends are literally freaking out over in yankland full out panic mode. Thinking trumps gonna kill everybody on day one and go full stalin lol, he hasn’t even taken office yet and they are thinking the worse outcomes already. Well considering the way msm is basically telling them that the worlds gonna end it doesn’t surprise me. Brexit scare tactics & blame white people doesn’t seem to be working…yet

    Also the main american newspapers are in a real rut right now with most republicans outright boycotting papers like New york times(basically the guardian with a dash of DM) and washington post sales at a all time low. Serves them right!

  7. Guinness are cunts.

    Just seen their advert waxing lyrical about GarethThomas coming out as gay.

    What that has to do with Guiness it doesn’t say. Someone from The Guiness marketing team care to illuminate on this.

    If the idea is that the sight of a gay Welsh rugby player is going to send us all rushing out for a Guiness there could be a flaw in that plan.

    If they are just trying to capitalise on the fact rugby is homoerotic and Guiness suspect that many male rugby fans are in the closet it might be a clever bit of marketing.

    New Guiness slogan?

    Gayness is good for you?

    I could use a drink but it won’t be a Guiness in case drinking that shit is now code for I’ll have an anal chaser……

    • I suppose that when they pull their cocks out of an arse it could resemble a glass of Gayness.
      The shaft all dark shitty coloured with a creamy spunk top………

    • And my dad always said lager was a poof’s drink….
      Wonder if that bird thing (was it a Toucan?) will be back saying ‘Don’t forget the gayness’?….

      • vaz likes a anything he a can a suck johnson ,and sodomise ,he mite as well have his own gay fucka show ,johnson dont try and get into his mind ,thats how they get ta grips with ya,vaz is a sick and i mean a fucking sick guy,look johnson vaz has issues ,fucking big ones at that,the fucker would sell his own wife for a sniff of a cock hes a very sick guy,he needs help.

  8. Same old tick the box to keep everyone happy on BBC Question time tonight. Feminist with iffy hair do, a brexit hater etc… Audience is also primed with a majority of BBC arse slurpers

    • That feminist is one of the thickest cunts they have ever had on the show.She is moaning about Brexit and didnt even vote!And that is saying something.Chris Bryant and that Scots cunt can fuck off two.The other woman on the panel is pretty decent!

      • She didn`t even vote yet is saying how disgusting Brexit is but not disgusting enough to vote against as she was on holiday.Don`t make me laugh!

        • That cunt looks near to tears. Every time she opens her gob she shits in it. She voted in the Jock referendum so that gives her the right to bash on about Brexit when she didn’t vote. Perhaps someone can explain the logic.
          She also just said that when there is an issue where every vote matters people will turn out. Where and how does that square with her view on Brexit ?
          People did turn out in their millions but cunts like you just don’t accept the answer. Again tonight she came out with the bollocks lie that the Leave Campaign said the £350m per week would go to the NHS. They said it COULD go there. There is a difference and an important one but don’t let that get in the way of your remoaning bitching.
          Ugly looking cunt as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was a rug muncher.

          • I bet she is a rug muncher!No man would touch her.Kwasi Kwarteng and that other lady were the only sane panelists!

    • I liked the 2nd Jock lad who pissed on the chips on the first by saying you don’t like it cos you didn’t win! And that he’d “won” all 5 times.

      I was listening to it on R5L. He summed it up beautifully: you win then that’s democratic, you don’t win then we need a re-run.

      I also love the way the anti-Trump cunts keep on wheeling out the “yes but Kilary won the popular vote!” well if by popular you mean as popular as an ebola milkshake made with a pint of elephant semen!

      Now had Crooked Kilary won based on the electoral college vote and Trump won the popular vote do you think the anti-Kilary mob would have any come back on the result? No cos the “Democrats” would say it was democratic.

      That’s the thing – particularly with the left-leaning, libbo, snowflake, SJW brigade – they all love democracy just so long as the result is what *they* want!

      Fucking cunts the lot of ’em! Garner some backbone you cunts and respect the democracy you crave! Cunts!

  9. I always thought the Scots were tough and hard…. But aww didums, they wanted to stay in the EU. Can they not cross a road without holding the hands of the EU Mammy and Daddy! Grow up Scotland! You don’t need the EU!

    • The Scots are tough and hard.

      Tough to understand and hard to get along with…..

      To piss them off, tell them the only time they are on the worlds stage, is when they are playing sports badly.
      Not really a country at all…….

      For any smart arses, Andy Murray was coached in Barcelona……….

  10. That cunt Chris Bryant should lose his seat, Rhondda voters wanted to leave the EU by a fair majority, yet this fuckard says he has a dilemma. No he hasn’t, quit your fucking post or back the people that put you there, you gay cunt.

  11. Fucking BBC did its best to stop brexit and now pushing the attempt to overrule the result. How much longer is this toxic organisation going to keep its charter.

  12. I think the black death will hit us soon ,this is the time its been a waiting to come a back,the fucking time is right for it now ,wait and see,you heard it here first.

  13. I would like to cunt off Polish workers and infact most foreign workers in England! It seems that we are the dumping ground for all the fucking idiotic snowflake cunts that can’t make it in there own country…..especially the polacks! Lazy fucking tight arsed cunts who would take anything off you if it was going free and complain about you if you tell them that they are not here to stand around and talk and to do some fucking work!!!! I know for a fact that one I worked with is over here because he got caught being a nonce at the school that he worked at because he fucking told me so and he looks like one too! All fucking pile in 3 bedroom houses 8 at a time and fucking our wages up and when I pointed this out to them they had fuck all to say. The cunts.! Also them eastern European shops they have all over the place fucking stink!

    • We have a lot of Poles where I live. Their work ethic is much stronger than the Brits, they pay their taxes, send money back to their families, live packed in houses because that’s the cheapest way not because they want to, and look forward to going home to rebuild their own country after years of communist neglect.

      In my experience you’re talking bollocks…

      • We have loads around here and most seem to work hard like a drink and sort out their own problems with a slap round the head, bit like we used to be before the nanny state took over. Had one come up to me when I had a puncture gave me his can of beer to hold and changed my tyre telling me ” mechanik” gave him his beer back and he was on his way I looked at my missus and we both said the same thing about ” didn’t think that kind of thing happened anymore “. As an aside I’m fit and active and work on aircraft so wasn’t struggling to do it he just wanted to help. Maybe isolated case of kindness but the chav estate kids cause more aggro especially with fucking fireworks.Oh and they REALLY REALLY hate our peaceful friends.

      • Have to agree with Dio on this one….if it wasn’t for the Poles we’d never get any parcels.
        Every delivery is by a Polish driver.
        I wouldn’t do it for the money they receive….

        Romanians on the other hand…..

  14. I don’t think lawyers should be allowed to become MPs.

    I think there is a definite conflict of interest having someone in high office who also knows implicitly what they can “get away with” and as soon as they are found out use legalease to bullshit their way out of being a cunt under the banner of: “I’ve done nothing illegal, it’s all in the rules!”

    Years ago when this shit happened the said shamed politician would invariably fall on their swords for bringing parliament into disrepute. Nowadays if you haven’t had a couple of scandals to your name then you’re simply not trying as an MP!

    I’d also prevent “school to parliament” cunts from taking office. If you look at most of the cunts over the last 20yrs or so, across all parties, the shit that floats to the top (the antithesis of “the cream rises to the top”) have literally walked out of school (with more degrees than a compass – usually law – but with zero life experience) into parliament, and who now think they’re qualified to make national decisions on shit they themselves have never experienced, i.e., poverty, poor job prospects, infrastructure projects that effect few people (and benefit even less), education (while their kids go to private schools), etc.

    Before you walk through the doors of office (in whatever shit-stain capacity) you have to prove that you have “worked” for a minimum of 5yrs, and by “work” I don’t mean being some toady for an existing shit-stain already in office! No, 5yrs in industry, or the service sector, or (in the worst acceptable case) a civil servant – not associated with Whitehall – a teacher, policeman, etc.

    You take those two rules and apply them and within a couple of generations you’d hopefully have a parliament of MPs who realise what cunts they are as opposed to the current incumbents who think they’re great! Cunts!

    • Parliament is an ideal milieu for lawyers as it perpetuates that peculiar , out-moded and arcane brand of legalese and tradition that is peddled to befuddle the plebs , ie non parliamentarians / lawyers .
      All they succeed in doing is in antagonising us proles , who have more gumption than they credit us with.
      Aloof , sanctimonious , elitist cunts who appeal to the kind of übercunts that caused the undecided to vote Brexit – so not so clever after all.

      • My father told me when I was young lad that “If hell is real its gonna be filled with lawyers, politicians, traitors and journalists” If fact he just kept going on with a full improvised list lol 🙂

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