Crowd Funding


Trust the snowfalke media and the social media wankstains to give it a stupid and pretentious name…

It is not ‘funding’ or ‘charity’ in any way, shape, or form… It is begging and mithering for handouts off strangers… And it’s celebrity or has-been cunts, usually with money and high income, asking for handouts…The loathsome Moran is one example, and another is that cunt who used to play the lezzer in Emmerdale… She got lung cancer from a heavy smoking habit, yet gets her expensive treatment paid for by getting cash of others by ‘crowd funding’… Funny how my mother (and so many others) who got this dreadful disease never got money for their treatment, and my old lady didn’t even smoke… The attitude stinks too though… ‘Hey! I deserve to jump the queue! I’m more important than some kid or old lady! I’m an ex-soap star! Don’t you know who I am?! Where’s the money?!’ Fuck off!

The celebrity culture is a disease in itself, but famous cunts actually begging online for money and actually getting it because they are (or were) famous? It’s sickening, and if begging by homeless people o the streets is illegal, celebrity scum begging online should also be against the law… What a bunch of self important scrounging cunts… Fuck them all…

Nominated by: Norman

49 thoughts on “Crowd Funding

  1. I’ve never understood this donating to some cause which doesn’t affect you,or giving to some cunt who isn’t anything to do with you. What do people get out of it?
    I couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else’s problems,and I’m sure that they couldn’t give a flying fuck about mine……Although when Dio goes to pick up his winnings,if he feels the need to contribute to my Grand Tour of European Whore-houses,all donations are gratefully received…. I’ll even send him a photo of me on manoeuvres as a thank you.

  2. Just read that the first online crowdfunded project was apparently in 1997 by the band Marillion. Unable to tour after the bands seventh album release, American fans raised $60,000 so they could play in the good old US of A. It does say though that Marillion were not involved in the first lot of fundraising, but they used it for their following three albums

    PS On a different note that ugly motherfucker of a black bitch Diane Flabbot is on Question Time

    • Let’s all have a guess at her line on Trump.
      All his supporters are thick
      Clinton won’t get slagged off.
      Get used to it you fucking useless pile of blubber.
      Fat cunt.

        • Marillion were alright I have yet to listen to some of their SR-led albums tho but some of the criticisms of the band are completely justified especially the Fish lineup.
          I love their tshirts “marillion uncool as f@#k” not quite media darlings

        • Cunt isn’t on there now. Couple of anti Trump bitches and an anti Trump audience and the cunt isn’t even in office yet.
          Still, why wait for that and see what he actually does.

  3. that’s all we seem to get these days,a ever changing variety of cunts with their hand held out,pay for my lung cancer,or boob job,or water pumps for the sudan I didn’t think anyone was still there now they are being let into the uk,the list goes on blind paki kids,donkys,the homeless,great fucking ormand street hospital,the panda bear,the only thing I would give money to is napalming pikey camps and immigrant camps although is there much of a difference.
    maybe I can crowd fund my continuing alcoholism……pay for my beer you cunts and I cant have lilly the mong apologise on my behalf

  4. True. What sticks in my arse are these slebs who go on these “Go Fund Me” campaigns when they’re totally minted already? My reply to them would be “Have you seen my new paperback…it’s called Are You Taking The Piss or What?”. I pity these poor buggers laying in hospital through either accidents or diseases they didn’t ask for, but when it’s lung cancer through heavy smoking or a fucked-out liver through being a heavy duty pisshead, that’s all self inflicted.
    No doubt these “Artsy” slebs will go down the “tortured soul” routine and all that bollocks, but if it’s brought-on by self excess, it’s still self inflicted.

    I was always told “Look after Number 1, because nobody else will”. The only very few people I help are the ones closest to me, and have genuinely helped me in the past. Everyone else can deal with their life as they want. I couldn’t give a cock. Society has proved it when some poor fucker is laying in the road with limbs busted, and people are there with their phones, filming his life leaking out of him. This Twatter and Cockbook “Do it for the vine” mentality is a load of cunt.

    TwatNav tells them to drive over a cliff…so they do it! Thick cunts. It’s turned people into walking dead zombie cunts.

  5. Just read a very good piece by Brendan O’Neil regarding the sneering liberal elite, which applies both to the US and UK. Have a look at Brendan’s take on the cunts.
    Been really enjoying the post US election bewilderment and shock displayed by the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent (now there’s a misnomer – have you ever read any Ben Chu shite?), Channel 4 and even Sky news. Long may it continue and good luck to Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen in their forthcoming elections. I really despise Junckers and Angela Merkel. Both cunts of the highest order, which is The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Garter (or Thistle if in Scotland). I would happily shove bunches of thistles up their respective arseholes but might damage their brains. Complete fuckers.

  6. Quite right Twat Varnish.Nothing pisses me off more than the brain dead cunts who take pics of some unfortunate, with their fucking Iphones,instead of getting stuck in and helping the poor sod. I am often asked if I am on Facefuck and/or Twatter;and when I reply that they are both a load of shit,I am greeted with looks of disbelief………………Cunts…….Baaaaaaaaaah

    • Me too Mrs Arse.
      Twitter and Cuntbook are for cunts. I really don’t give a fuck what any other cunt is having for dinner or what colour socks they are wearing and if I want to know something I actually talk to people, radical as that is.

      • I’m getting bullied at work by my bosses into having a whatsup.
        I don’t have Facebook or Twitter and have just about got away that.
        I also rarely use emails and never answer them ,and have got away with that also.
        But for some reason i must be on whatthefucksupwithyouyacunt.
        I don’t know what my punishment will be, but fuck em……..

    • Very true Jane, Johnson and Birdman.
      These days, people are seen as reclusive freaks if they don’t have any of this social networking toss. I say bollocks on that. People managed perfectly well before any of this crap came out. Once again, it proves the cold facts that social networking has enabled braindead sheep to be even more braindead than they were before.

      Wankbook, Twatter and all that shit is a totally false reality and the biggest global placebo ever created. It proves it recently when some poor fucker about to jump off a bridge and end his life, was actually being encouraged to jump so that these fucking iWank cunts could get decent 1080p footage of him slamming into the waves 200ft below to enhance their status. Society really is broken. Badly broken. Instead of people trying to help him, they were shouting “Go on…jump!”. Fucking ignorant cunts the lot of them.

      “Are you on Facebook?” “No it’s fucking shit…any other questions?” Watch the tumbleweeds roll down the street and a vacant stare on their faces. “He doesn’t have a Facebook…he must live in a cave?”. No it’s just that he doesn’t want to be an effeminate manbunned hipster cunt who wears nail polish at weekends and read the Izzard’s Digest.

    • I agree with you jane, although I still have a Fuckbook account.
      I’m Incognito, never comment and refuse ‘friend requests’, as I’m not on there to make friends, got plenty of live friends, Ta!
      I purely went on there, just to have a nosey to see if my school mates are still slags and knob heads, because I’m a right nosey old cunt.
      I’m not on Twatter, Instacunt or Snapwank and when asked, I’m met with gasps of horror and often get labelled a Technophobe……
      I’m not one of those either, I just let them think that….

    • TwatBook et. al. free here. ISAC is about as close as I get to a “web presence”.

      Several years ago my boss (literally) forced me into joining Linked-In because of the networking connotations with customers, etc.

      I think I looked at it twice in 6 months, again by being goaded to by said boss. I honestly couldn’t give a shit. All that happened was that I was continually contacted by agencies asking if I needed some “expert resourcing”, or “if I was interested in” some non-existent role (so that as soon as I put the phone down they then ring my boss and state: “Oh I hear XYZ is looking to move on…oh you didn’t know, oh, well if he does go we have an ideal candidate to replace him!” – vampire cunts)!

      About a year ago I noticed I had a link request from this boss (now long gone) so I went into Linked-In and deleted my account. I truly hope that reflected my disdain for the cunt. I would have done it years ago but you weren’t allowed to delete your Linked-In account until the last couple of years or so (cunts). So I deleted it and was immediately bombarded by rafts of spam email. Totally coincidental I’m sure…

      Anyway fuck you Linked-In it was a shit two-a-penny Hotmail account that has now also expired YOU CUNTS!

  7. I’m sick of seeing harrowing pictures of little kids and being told that if I don’t give them some money then I’m a cunt.

    “We urgently need donations for children suffering the result of conflict”

    How about showing the pictures of the kids killed by that rape ape jihadi cunt with his lorry?

    And Save the Children is run by Tony Blair so they can fuck off for a start.

  8. As the dust begins to settle on a magnificent victory for The Donald, it’s allegedly a time to heal the wounds, bridge the divides and come together. Allegedly.

    However, since I’m a bit of a cunt, I say this to the cunts who didn’t get aboard the Trump Train – eat shit and die and move to fucking Canada you whiny bunch of lefty, tree hugging, sponging, ill informed, think-as-pig-shit cunts. You lost and we got our country back! Get in!

    Being a member of the ‘basket of deplorables’ (according to Crooked Hil-liar-y), I was more than happy to donate quite a few of my hard earned dollars to Trump’s campaign. Feels good to back a winner. As Trump himself said just before election day, “This will be Brexit Plus”. And so it proved. Joy! 🙂

      • You’re not wrong, Dio. Quite a few of the lefty Demoncrat luvvie slebs were claiming they’d leave for Canada if DJT won. Now ultra liberal California claims it wants to secede from the US. Nauseating cunts. Overlooking the fact the only state which has that option written into their constitution is Texas. Oh well, why let facts get in the way of a good sulk?

        Don’t know if this snippet of intrigue made it over to Blighty news, but there have been protests in several US cities over Trump’s victory. The usual rent-a-mob mouthing off about ‘Not Our President’, Trump’s a racist, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Still, understandable since 1000s of Republicans took to the streets to protest in 2008 and 2012 when McCain and Romney lost their Presidential elections to Demoncrats. Oh wait – that never happened. The Right had to take it on the chin and get on with it like adults. Seems the hissy fit and tantrum antics are reserved for leftie liberals when they don’t get their own way. Ahhhh bless. 🙂

        • The numbers look pretty thin in these protests.
          Seen more cunts at a Northampton Town game.

          Northampton Town fans are not cunts…….

          But they do talk cobblers…….

          • Or the Saddlers above or the Hatters below – mind you the Hatters should really now be tagged as the “Little white doily style beany hat-ers” these days…

        • hopefully when they get stuck into some fracking around the san andreas fault california will fall into the pacific – would that be enough secession for them, the cunts

  9. Yet again the true meaning of crowdfunding has been hijacked, along with other well meaning and good ideas, by the scrounging cunts of this God forsaken world.

    I recall watching some programme about this fella, who didn’t quite have enough money to get his business up and running, so he set up a crowdfunding page.

    He offered all, who gave, whatever the amount, some kind of benefit, to show his appreciation.
    If my memory serves me right, the investors got either, all their money back, or some shares in the business, as a thank you for their help.

    I watched The Apprentice last week, I do enjoy watching these top business cunt types, running round like fucking headless chickens, as they haven’t got an ounce of hairyarsed common sense.

    Any way it was a crowdfunding task, they were told, by his Lordship Sugar Lumps, that they had to offer the people donating, something in return, like a big discount on the product they were funding for…………Hence the correct way to crowdfund!

    These people, who want money to pay for an operation for an self inflicted illness, etc, are clearly scroungers, wanting money, hiding under the name of crowdfunding, to try and get people to donate………….yet another rather good idea, hijacked by the fucking scum of the world……….Cunts!

  10. Sick to death of these cunts every time i sit down and have some thing to eat one of them ads come on if it aint fucking african kid scrounge adds its fucking funeral adds fucking sick of em,fuck em all off,cunts thats what they be sir cunts.

    • Is it just me ,or do these help the kids ads look staged ?
      They used to show photos of kids in horrible circumstances, but now its film clips of them posing with a little bit of dust on their faces.
      Always looking straight into the camera without ever gazing elsewhere.

      Maybe I’m just a cynical cunt……..

      Still getting nuffin from me though, ask the fucking pope and Vatican……….

      • All most of it ends up in the corrupt governments accounts they are all the same in africa its always been the same and always will ,arms deals and such lavish life styles ,i do like mugabes suits and i always send him a birthday card and christmas card.

      • As one of my relative’s commented after seeing the advert with the kid walking 8 miles to the waterhole. “Fucking numpties build your hut closer to the water hole” The milk of charity flows freely in my clan. But, if you add up all the money that has been thrown at these shit holes over the past 50 years they should be living like fucking royalty and we should all be trying to get in so we can have some goodies. Does not compute they are still shit holes. What has the money done apart from fill Swiss bank vaults and bail out Mercedes. The moral of the story is you ain’t getting fuck all from me and mine.

      • If they are staged, do you reckon the obligatory fly, lurking around tear duct area, is a placcy one stuck there by a make-up artist?

  11. Bollocks, I need cunting, got it wrong about Flabbott being on Question Time. What a cunt I am.

    • Consider yourself cunted.
      I was looking forward to seeing her as it would give plenty of ammunition over the next few days to cunt her.
      Now she is just a cunt for not turning up.

  12. You are right Johnson, what a bunch of cunts on the panel tonight, apart from Jan Halper-Hayes. Audience are mainly cunts as well

      • I’m so happy for those cunts who threatened to move to Canada if Trumpy got in. Now, they have to suck it up, and fuck off. Bet they won’t though, like the sleb slime here that said they would leave if brexit happened. Twitter is basically a megaphone for a cunt…..

    • Maybe I’m being too harsh? Let’s see… Katy Perry: a stupid slapper, who has never said anything intelligent ever, has made her millions by acting like a trollop, having cream squirting spray cans on her tits, has made a career out of appealing to trouser fumblers, and spends her time bitching about Taylor Swift, is now telling us all about uprisings, taking a stand and revolution…

      No, I was right the first time… She is a fucking stupid fucktard of a cunt….

  13. Crowd funding cunts make me sick, check this cheeky cunt.

    She created a fund asking for £20,000 (cleverly stating that she actually would need double that in the description)

    When it became clear she was never going to get to her target (and as such not receive a penny) she cancelled the funding and started a new one with a target of £5000 just to get the money


    • Cuntstarter? didn’t some shitty band from the 90’s have a song called cuntstarter? or was it fartstarter?! I forget….

      Anyway more proof that the site is for clever con artists, cunts and special snowflakes who want attention. There have been some ridiculous things funded on that site

      • Ah, The Prodigy…. Utterly shite gurn-bang crap for chavs and spazzed up skagheads… That cunt with the bits of lettuce stuck to the side of his head who sounded like Jack from On The Buses was a total knobhead… And trying to appear ‘shocking’ with ‘Smack My Bitch Up’? What a bunch of wankers… Even the public information flim cat (Charley) had a better voice on their records than lettuce head… That’s how shite they were…

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