Bradley Wiggins


May I humbly suggest we cunt Bradley Wiggins.

Turns out the cunt has taken drugs ‘for a medical condition. ‘ The condition is known as ‘pedallus slowus’ and the cunt is protesting like mad about his innocence, despite a doctor saying he has no idea why he took the drug.

Will the cunt be stripped of his ridiculous knighthood and worse heavily cunted on here together with the cunt who suggested knighting the cunt?

Plus he looks and talks like a cunt.

Nominated by: Trouserbulge

26 thoughts on “Bradley Wiggins

  1. Agreed, ‘Wiggo’ is a cunt and I also hear he was more than a bit of a ‘naughty boy’ (ie: a cunt) in his youth… Yeah, definitely a cunt…

  2. “Sir” Bradderz is a cunt on the fact that he plays the “humble man” bollocks to death, yet struts around like a peacock, with his edgy hairdos and dapper suits.

    His propensity towards throwing his bikes and toys about when things don’t fall into his massively considered plan proves this.Yet he’s still massively keen to kneel before some old privileged posh cunt waving a sword around blessing every “popular” cunt and his dog.

    The aforementioned drug, however is actually very common with pro cyclists as they are inherently more susceptible to asthma. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why. So I’ll have to disagree on why he’s a cunt.

    • This cunts got druggie written all over his face,make no mistake this fucko is a true cunt,wants locking in a broom cupboard with little jimmy somerville m,barrymore ,and marc, almond,that will wipe the smile off the fuckers face,what cunt this one is..

  3. Wiggins is a big head.
    can I cunt lanyards? Especially people who go shopping with there lanyards flapping around there necks thinking it makes them look important while reaching for shit role off a shelf in Asda.
    I have the misfortune of wearing a lanyard for my job and it makes me feel like a fucking branded animal, I try and stuff it in my pocket but get told to wear it by my arsehole shite business manager (whatever the fuck that means) he’s useless cunt. I never where my lanyard outside work cos why the fuck would I be wanting to be reminded about the shit hole that I work at in my own time, so I HATE LANYARDS

    • That’s a good call in my book Mr.Balls. Lanyards are very much the stamp of cattle. Reminds me of Bernie Cuntlestone interrupting and asking a poncy F1 driver where his was, whilst being interviewed by David Cunthard.

  4. I’ve had a drink tonight, think I’ll soak me lanyard in whisky so I smell like a piss head at work. Bloody Bernie Cuntlestone must be 100 now, he reminds me of a troll doll with flat hair.

  5. Bradley Wiggins is a nasty, two wheeled unpleasant little count, other unpleasant two wheeled British cunts,kal crutchlow is an uba count of mushroom cloud proportions and of course the pro count Carl Fogarty who taught kal the apprentice count all he knows, he will never be world champion unless they have a championship for cunts and the he will win hands down,carl fogwog 2nd and the snivelling assssssmatic banker Wiggins 3rd like he always will be without the chemistry….. what a selection of cunts….broom handle through the wheels for these rolling, crashing,whinging cunts….. I can’t be parsed to go back and correct spell check which is also a cunt

  6. Wiggo is deffo a cunt, cannot argue with that.
    But as a cyclist myself it is obvious they are all fucking drug cheats.
    Over 4 hours in the saddle day after day averaging almost 400w

    I am a relatively fit person who has been biking for years, I did over 2500 miles last year and I can average about 170w over 2 hours and 150w over 4 hours.
    To give a rough guide if you do not have a proper power meter, 16mph is about 120w on a flat road with no wind.

    • When i read you done over 2500 miles last year ,i thought fuck me .
      So i calculated how much i done, and I’m probably at 2300-400 km a year .
      You win.
      I’d never counted it before ,so I’m quite impressed with myself.

      Cheers boaby…….

      • That’s pretty damn good though mate, about 1500 miles!

        I’m retired so I can essentially ride every day and I did go mad last year, so far this year I have been slack, pretty much 1200 miles and I doubt I will do much more now the weather is turning.
        Still got my tan lines though haha

        • Pair of lightweights. I did over 50,000 miles last year. You should see my fuel bill, it was horrendous!

          • Haha.
            Cycling aint cheap mate.
            Bike – £2500
            Jersey – £75
            Bib Shorts – £120
            Shoes & Cleats – £140
            Helmet – £65
            Baselayers/arm warmers/leg warmers – £80
            Glasses – £60
            Skullcap – £10
            Gloves – £25
            Tyres every 2000 miles – £60
            New cassette/chain every 4000 miles – £60
            drinks/gels/protein recovery – £60 every few months

  7. Wiggins is a cunt for becoming famous and then getting the obligatory tattoo sleeve……..
    And for thinking he’s in the jam…….

      • Hey Norman, what about that Pogba/Adidas advert?
        Cheeky as fuck, innit?

        Just seen it for the first time tonight while i was watching a bunch of tourists filming the city v barca on their iPhones……..

      • Hey Norman, what about that Pogba/Adidas advert?
        Cheeky as fuck, innit?

        Just seen it for the first time tonight while i was watching a bunch of tourists filming the city v barca on their iPhones……..
        I saw more of that, than the game.
        Why does live football always have to show an Asian tourist or a tart taking photos of the game?
        At one point the camera panned in on a tart taking a selfie with her beau and carried on filming her as she posted it online……

        Not the game i remember……

        PS. Liam,Liam,Liam……

        • Fuck knows why that came up one and a half times?
          Time for bed i think…….
          Toot ,toot am oot…….

  8. Wiggins obviously a standout cunt but nowhere near the massive cunt who thinks giving a fucking cyclist a knighthood is clever.
    That cunt Blair gave the whole fucking English cricket team a fucking medal because they beat Australia and on it goes and now Wiggins and the other pedalling cuntox.
    Meanwhile there’s me ,sitting on my arse all day here or in the boozer doing fuck all for the country and what do I get? Bollocks is what I get, the cunts.

  9. I want to cunt this website because I can’t even figure out how to leave a reply or nominate cunts!

    • Er, you just did reply, you useless cunt 🙂

      Just do what you did to post the message but include the word NOMINATION and make your case, the funnier the better.
      Dioclese will see it and if it’s topical it will go straight-up or it will sit in the queue and get posted eventually.

  10. Wiggo is a cunt and make no mistake.

    He looks like a cunt, talks like a cunt and is a cunt.

    Fuck him, he can poke his gold Poundland medals up his drug fueled ass and fuck off at he same time.

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